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My name's Neil. I am 18 years old & currently attend a REALLY SUPER religious catholic all boys school. Oh & I'm gay. 3 of my 4 closest friends know I'm gay & all were pretty good about it. I'm nervous to tell my fourth friend Jay- mostly because I have a crush on him. We all call Jay gayjay mostly because it annoys him. One day while we're walking to the mall I finally decide to tell Jay that I'm gay.

I tell him & he's pretty cool about it & we don't really talk about it for a while. A few weeks pass One day after school, we go 2 the locker room. He's changing- which I can't help to look at. He's very very cute. He's tall & nice & tan.

He has a lot of hair under his armpits(which I find kinda hot). I can't help but to look at his chest & stomach- his bright red nipples & tan chest with the slightest tint of muscle. I feel myself getting an erection so I turn away. I sit down on the bench but glance over at him.

He takes his shorts off(still has his underwear on tho) & I can see a small tent in his boxers.

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This really gets me excited!! When I turn around, I see him standing behind me- shirtless & with just his boxers on. "Neil this may sound weird but like since you're gay & everything would you consider maybe giving me a blowjob?" Jay cautiously asks. I had a stunned look on my face. "Are you serious???!?!??!?" I exclaimed. "Yea," Jay started to say, "I haven't masturbated in like a week & I'm just really horny right now." "Okay". I said I was about to bend down but I instead attacked his nipple.

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I furiously kissed & licked his nipple all over. First the right one then the left one. Jay started moaning which only encouraged me.

After a few minutes I started to kiss down his chest. I kissed his hard chest & stopped when I got to his dick- which was already hard. I slowly pulled his underwear off & revealed his 8 inch dick.

I kissed the head of his dick & a soft moan escaped from his lips. I continued to kiss it until he shoved my head onto his dick. I gagged at first but began to suck him very slowly. After a few minutes of playing with him, I decided to ramp up my actions.

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I began to suck him harder & faster. "Suck my dick!!" Jay exclaimed with a cute smile on his face. His breathing got faster & I started to suck even faster. A few seconds later he shouted "I'm gonna cum!!" & he came all in my mouth- nearly 7 ropes of cum. A little bit trickled down my lips.

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He took his finger, cleaned up the cum & put his finger in my mouth. I stood up & pushed him against the locker & kissed him. We began to make out & he was grabbing my ass while doing so, making me moan. He took my clothes off & revealed my 7 inch Dick. He bent down & put his mouth right on my dick. My whole body trembled & I shouted out "oh fuck!" He began to suck me hard & fast.

I was barely able to contain myself from cumming. I told him to stop & told him to kneel on the bench. He did & I immediately rammed his cute ass with my tongue. I licked his hole all over. My tongue went in & out. I couldn't get enough of his taste. He was screaming & moaning the whole time. "I want you in me NOW!" Jay said.

He grabbed me, put me on the bench & Impaled his hole with my rock hard cock. The feeling of me entering him was amazing! He began to slowly ride me but soon increased in speed, both of us were screaming in pleasure. "God yes!

Ride my dick Jay! Fuck." I shouted. This encouraged him as he began to ride me even faster.


The look on his face was one if pure escasty. I slowly began to jerk him off, which led to him moaning even more.

"Enough" I said "I want you to fuck me now" Jay happily agreed. I kneeled on the bench(doggy style) & he began to slowly rim me. God did his tongue feel incredible! I whimpered & moaned. He put his finger in my hole & began to finger fuck me, After a minute I was begging him for the real thing.

He pulled his finger out & slowly put his 8 inch dick in my ass. He moved ever so slowly- putting his dick in, pulling it out & putting it back in. I was whimpering with pleasure but begged him to fuck me hard. He did what I wanted & fucked me hard. After a few minutes I flipped & was laying on my back. I was jerking my cock while he was fucking me hard. Seeing his face enjoying every minute if it & his cock hitting my prostate in just the right ways sent me over.

"I'm cumming!!!!" I shouted as 10 ropes of cum flew out of my dick- even hitting me in the chin. This sent Jay overboard as he soon yelled "I'm cumming" & came in my ass. He used his finger to take the cum out of my ass & fed it to me. We kissed "We are gonna do this again right??" I asked "Of course!!" Said Jay. THE END(part 2 to cum later) Please comment!

(Somehow I need like 300 more characters so I'm gonna type random bullshit here so that goes down) tghfhfhftuffguvugffgufgfgh.

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