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It was a saturday after noon and I was sitting in front of the computer. I was the only one home so I was in my boxers with a beer beside the monitor and I was reading the page on the internet. I got an instant message from an old friend and she was telling me about her new boyfriend. I got very aroused and started to rub my semi erect toy.

I had not had any in about a week due to the fact my feince and I had been fighting alot. See I am going to the army and she is not happy about that. So I am sitting here in front of the computer reading my friends sex life and I hear nothing going on.all of the sudden my feince's sister is standing right in front of me and I have my cock in my hand looking her right in the eyes.

Ok they are twins.


We will call them twin feince and twin married. Yes her sister is married also. The first thing I do is look at her beeautiful breast. She has the best looking rack I have seen in over a year. So I am embarrassed, but yet I keep stroking my know rock hard cock.

I thought she would have stoped and turned around, much to my enjoyment she walked right to the door and stood there watching me.

She told me "My sister told me you had a nice cock but I did not realize it was that nice." I told her thank you and at this point I see her nippels getting hard and her face is getting a bit flushed. I looked at her and said "So, are you going to watch or join in or call your sister and tell her that I am jakcing off in front of you?" She told me that she wanted to join in.Ok at this point I am ready to shoot this load and let her work up her own so as soon as she said that and I hit it one more time I shoot a load all over her foot.

She looked down and said " Looks like that would be ok with you." I stood up and walked over to her and reached out to her fine hard erect nippels and rolled them ever so softly.

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she closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. I knew that it was going to be a great day. I have dreamed about this for about three years and came real close one night when we were all playing truth or dare.I was to suck her tits in front of everyone but to keep the peace in the house I declined the dare.

I pulled up her belly shirt and saw those two beautiful fully erect breast and went right to the job at hand. Get her so worked up that she would have to let me eat her pussy.

I love to eat pussy and I had smelled her panties before. So I knew that it smelled ever so sweet and I wanted it.

So i guided her to the floor as I was suscking on her breast all over them and grinding my know erect cock again on her leg. She had on shorts and sandels. The belly shirt and bra were know off and I was in just my boxers but hey they were not covering anything for my cock had found it's way out and was leeking pre-cum on her leg.

I ran my hand down the front of her belly and got no resistance what so ever so I made the charge that I had wanted for three long years. I went for the button and I found it so easy to get off that I was surprised to find she had no pnaties on and I was looking my destiny right in the eye. I sliped down her belly sucking and kissing the entire time.

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I didnt touch her pussy yet I wanted my tounge to be the first. I started to kiss the outside of her lips and run my tounge up and down where her leg and torso meets. I had her sguirming so much I lost my own concentration. I grabed her by the hips and sank my tounge all the way in her pussy and in her honey hole.

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I had a blistering orgasium right then. I felt her tighten up her legs and grab the back of my head and pull me into her.I then took my arms and ran them under her legs and to the top of her lips. I spread them wide with one hand and took my other hand to her nippel on hte right side, it was heaven to have her fucking my face and it smelled so good. I took her clit inside my mouth and sucked on it. At the same time flicking it with my tounge. She was rolling around so hard and actually panting and screaming at the same time.

She started to grind her pussy into my face so hard it was hard to breath.

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I didnt stop I knew what I was wanting was right there. It seemed as if time stoped at this one moment and she took both hands on the back of my head and pulled me in tight and wrapped her legs around my head tighter and all at once she screamed "OH my Fucking God, I am cumming" I had this wonderful heaven tasting cream entering my mouth at a gusing full a second it seemed like, she pulled me up on her and said."you have to teach my husband how to eat pussy like that." I told her I would not do it.

I wanted to be the only one she knew that was able to do that. She laughed and said ok I see how it is. We got up and moved to the living room because my feince pulled in the drive way and there was no way I wanted to lose this situaton. I did wisper to her in her ear when my feince got in ."next time I am going to fuck you right before you cum, So I can cum in that sweet smelling pussyof yours." She looked at me and smiled and said well he's gone till the end of the week.


Just make your way to the house. Id love to have your cock inside me."

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