Muscular gay guy pounds straight ass after massage

Muscular gay guy pounds straight ass after massage
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The Preaacher's Daughter I never imagined in my worst nightmares that this would be happening to me. I was a good girl from a good family. My family and I lived in a small rural area on a small farm. My father is a preacher at the local church. He is a fire and brimstone preacher, if you stray you are damned type.

My mother is a stay at home mother and believes every word my father has ever spoken. I am an only child. Boys have all been watching me and my father constantly tells me that they are evil, only wanting one thing. I have no idea what he is talking about because no one has ever taught me about sex.

My name is Emi.

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I am 5'4" tall and very petite. My silver blonde hair is almost to my waist and really sets off my ice blue eyes. At almost fourteen, I am just barely starting to get my breasts. Little did I know that when my breasts started to form, that it would be the beginning of the worst nighmare of my life.

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It all started when I was getting ready for bed. My mother came in to braid my hair for the night or it tangled to much when I slept. When she finished I stood and she saw the wet spot on the back of my nightgown.

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Recognizing what it was, she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom. "Look at what you did!" she ranted at me as she pulled the nightgown from my body and showed me the blood on the back. Horrified, I stared at it and felt tears running down my cheeks. "I'm sorry mother. I didn't know." I whispered and she slapped me hard across the face, sending me crashing into the edge of the sink.

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Yanking my bloddy underwear off me, she shoved them in my face. "You are filled with evil. You have to beg your father to save you." Dragging me naked from the bathroom, she pulled me down the stairs to where he was in his den working on his sermon for church in the morning.

"What is this?" he said seeing her dragging me naked behind her. "She is possessed. Please save our daughter." she said and he saw the blood on my inner thighs. "Leave us." he said to her. "Do not come back in until I come for you. The demon may try to possess you if you are here." Quickly she left and closed the door behind her.

Walking over to where I knelt on the floor in front of his desk sobbing, he said to me,"You must repent." "Please Father, forgive me. I am sorry." I begged sobbing. Holding his hands over my head, he said a quick prayer and then grabbed my shoulders.

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"You are not sorry. I feel the evil in you." he said and pushed my shoulders to the floor so my back was exposed. "Do not move." Going over to his desk, he opened a drawer and took out a couple different items and walked back over to me. "I knew this day would come someday.

Evil possesses all girls around your age." Seeing me still shaking with sobs, he said another prayer as he sprinkled holy water over my back. Emptying the small vial, he put it down and then picked up a long wide strip of leather.

Starting to pray again, he slashed the strap down across my back and I screamed in pain, collapsing to the floor completely. "Get up on your hands and knees."he ordered and lashed my back again, knocking me back to the floor. Over and over he whipped me until my back was crisscrossed with huge welts and I was unable to move, barely conscious from the pain.

Feeling his hands on my arms, I slowly started to open my eyes and saw him appear above me as he turned me on my back. Getting both my hands, he tied them together to the center leg of his desk. Looping a rope around each ankle, he tied them spreadeagle to the top corners of his desk.

Taking another vial of holy water, he poured it across my spread cunt and then picked up a thin cane. Praying as he savagely whipped my slit, he didn't notice when I had passed out and finally stopped. Feeling the discomfort in his pants, he opened his fly and was surprised to see how huge his cock was, never having been that excited before.

Leaning down, he pushed his nose into my fiery red slit and took a deep breath.

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Slowly his tongue slid out and he licked the entire length stopping at my clit. Flicking it with his tongue, he continued to eat me out as his hands squeezed my cheeks and felt his balls tighten as he exploded all over my ass. Untying me, he lifted me unconscious onto a table. Leaving me laying there, he went back over to his desk and cleaned himself. Kneeling down he prayed feverently for the strength and power to save me.

Waking an hour later, I couldn't belive how badly my back and between my legs hurt. Slowly my hand moved down between my legs and I whimpered as I touched the welts on my lips. Hearing me, he came back over and saw where my hand was. "Evil girl." he roared and grabbed my hand. "Touching yourself is evil.


God has given me the power to save you. Do you believe?" he asked. "Yes father." I whispered. "Please save me. I believe." "You must pray to God to save you." he said and moved between my legs. Softly I began reciting prayers as he sprinkled me with holy water again.

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"Louder." he ordered and I raised my voice a little more. "Do not look at me. Concentrate on the Father." Staring at the portrait of Jesus off to my right, I felt him spread my legs and hold them wide.

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Feeling the cold water splash against my spread cunt, I prayed even harder as tears leaked down my cheeks. Suddenly I felt something hard pressing against my tender lips and tried to pull away.


"Don't move. The demon will win." he ordered. "Pray!" Crying, I kept praying "-- I believe in---AAAAAAHHHHH!" I screamed as he pushed his swollen cock in me hard, just barely getting the head in. Pulling back just a little, he grabbed my hips and slammed through my tight canal to my hymen and through it as I continued to scream and thrash in pain on his cock.

"Pray!!!" he yelled as he pulled almost completely out again only to slam into me again so hard that his groin touched mine. Brutally he pounded my cunt and felt his balls tighten as I continued to scream and cry hysterically in pain. Feeling his balls tighten, he held me tight against him and shot rope after rope of cum deep inside me.


Fucking me longer, he felt his cock filling again and continued to pound me as all I could do was grunt as he slammed against me, dazed by the pain and brutality of the act. Filling me again he finally went limp and pulled out of me. Exhausted, he dropped to his knees thanking God for the strength to save me. Looking up, he was the blood and cum running from me. "Please Lord, tell me how to save my daughter."