Hot BBW with big butt got fucked to orgasm by friend

Hot BBW with big butt got fucked to orgasm by friend
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What a long day! I had been walking forever it seemed, miles definitely, to get to a certain secluded inn to meet with you. I arrived hot, tired, and dusty, only to find that you had been delayedbut had reserved a room for us. I was delighted to be taken to our hideaway, thinking I could have a nice hot shower before you arrived. Talk about quiet! Our room opened onto a lush balcony, almost totally hidden from the outside world by a forest of tall plants and trees.

I thanked the bellhop, and tore my clothes off as I raced into the bathroom for that refreshing shower. only to find no shower, but a huge, sunken tub. A hot bath would simply have to do. As I filled the tub, I unpacked the few things I needed. still no signs of you. The tub was heavenly. I could feel the warmth sinking into every pore and cell of my body, cleaning the grime of the street from me. I emerged all pink and rosy, my tits standing at attention.


As I still had not heard a word from you, I decided to relax on the bed while I cooled down before slipping into something more seductive.

I laid down on the huge king size bed and gazed out at the cool, green balcony.

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I have no idea how long I dozed, but I woke to your warm breath in my ear and your eager hands at my tits. what a wonderful feeling. I stretched and arched my back to greet you as you in turn took one of my excited nipples into your hungry mouth.

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You had had ample time to slip into the room, get out of your clothes, and get cleaned up. My juices started flowing in a fevered response to your presence. As I turned onto my back, my legs naturally opened to allow you to further tease me into a wild frenzy. I love the twinkle of passion in your eyes as you eagerly suck and tease my tits. Your left hand is now cupping my hot wet pussy. You gently spread my lips and caress my clit with a finger.

I watch the slow smile cross your face when I moan with delight. You ease a finger into my dripping pussy, then two. Teasingly, you pull them back out, and suck my juices from them.

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As you pull your mouth from my tits, I know I am about to be driven crazy. You lower your head to my pussy, spread the lips with both hands, and take my clit into your mouth, sucking and gently nibbling. I want to scream with delight, but restrain myself for the moment. You begin to enter my hot box with your tongue, all the while teasing my clit wiht your fingers. Then you change off, fucking my pussy with your fingers while you suck on my clit.

You know you are driving me insanely close to an orgasm, and you decide to stop for a few moments. It is not time for me to come yet. You lay back on the bed, and I know it is my turn to please you. I reach for your semi-hard cock and wrap my hand around it.

I know exactly what you want now. and I bend down to take that gorgeous cock into my mouth. You moan deeply as I caress your cock with my tongue. up, down, all around. You know how much I love this. Holding your cock with my hands, I kiss and nibble all up and down the length of it. When I get to the now engorged head, you know I will play with that small ridge of tissue at the base of the head.


I know just how to drive you crazy. cupping your balls with my hands.

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taking first one, then the other into my mouth. You are so huge and hard by now. Finally, you can take no more. You place your hands on my shoulders, and shoot a huge load of cum into my mouth. I eagerly suck and swallow every precious drop, then gently clean your cock with my tongue. I delight to see that you are still very hard.

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Those warm hands on my shoulders push me back onto the bed, part my legs, and guide that cock deep within me with a strong thrust. I gasp with surprize, then begin to match your thrusts with my own.

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It has been so long, I can't get enough of you, and I beg you to fuck me harder and deeper. I feel the beginnings of my own orgasm, and can feel that you are close to another. Your pace increases, and then you shudder and fill me with another huge wad of cum just as I reach the pinnacle of a huge orgasm. You hold me, and keep that pulsing cock deep within me, flicking a finger across my clit as my orgasm subsides. Finally, it passes, and you pull out of me gently, lay down beside me, and say, "Hi.

I have really missed you." before we both collapse with laughter. We lay together, quietly enjoying the closeness for about an hour. I have to supress a giggle as I feel your cock stir once again. I notice you looking at the cool green shade of the balcony. You get up, then take me by the hand, leading me outside. The air is nice and cool on our skins. The balcony is furnished with a couple of comfortable chairs, a chaise lounge, and lots of plants. You back sit on one of the chairs, holding your hard cock in your hands, and guide me onto you.

I begin to ride that cock, impaling my self deeply with each thrust. As I pick up the pace, you reach out and pinch my nipples lightly. I can feel another orgasm beginning to build. You decide it is time to change positions, and have me stop just short of cumming. You lead me to the chaise lounge, and tell me to get onto my knees. Your fingers enter me once again from behind, and I spread my legs for you.

I wait for your hard, throbbing cock to enter me, expecting to you to thrust in like the last time. Instead, you only insert the head of your cock into my wet pussy, and wait. fingers teasing my clit. You ease gently in, then slowly pull out. You can tell it is driving me crazy, so you do it again and again.

Just as I am getting used to your pace, you suddenly speed up, your hands on my hips, pulling and pushing me as you ram that rigid cock deep within me. You are almost too big for me in this position, filling me completely, making me moan with delight. Again, I am treated to a rush of hot cum into my already dripping cunt.

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My own orgasm crests a few moments later, but I stiffle my screams, remembering we are outside. You pull your cock out, and walk over to me. I take that beautiful monster into my mouth, and gratefully clean our combined juices from it. I think a bit of sleep is in I lay on my side, close my eyes, and feel your breath in my ear, and your warm hands on my tit.