Kenyan girl taking a bottle

Kenyan girl taking a bottle
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The car pulled up outside breaking Dan's trance from his sisters butt cheeks. One door closed first then a few seconds later the second car door closed. Jeff came in first. His face told the whole story how their night had progressed. ' I'm done with your mother!

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' Sarah and Dan just looked at each other with grim faces. With a sigh, Sarah got up and went after her father trying to calm and ask what had happened. Dan watched his sister's butt wiggle out of the room in that short nightie she had chosen to wear, Dan's penis was getting semi erect. The front door opened and closed then a few seconds later Dan's mum appeared, her make-up messed up due to her crying.

Dan got to his feet dropping his game controller to the floor. ' Mum! What happened? ' Dan's mother just looked at him with glossy eyes. ' I think this is it, Dan.

' Walking over to his mum, Dan took his mother's hand then walked her over to the couch to sit down. ' What happened? ' Dan asked in a quiet, calm voice. His mother was crying too much to speak, so Dan did the only thing he could think of and that was to hug her till she calmed. Sarah went quickly after her father asking him to stop and calm but her father wasn't listening. Up the stairs Sarah chased after him into her parents bedroom.

Pulling off his tie and letting it drop to the floor he finally stopped ranting and collapsed onto the bed. Sarah sat next to her dad. ' Dad! What happened? ' With a sigh Jeff looked at his daughter.

' I just can't do right with your mother anymore. Everything i try is just a waste of time! The meal tonight was to iron out some differences but instead all she can do is.' Jeff trailed off before he finished the sentence. ' What dad? What is the problem?! ' Jeff rubbed his eyes and face, again sighing. ' I shouldn't be telling my eighteen year old daughter this but i just can't satisfy your mum in bed anymore. ' Blushing, Jeff looked to his daughter then quickly away.

He could see the stunned silence on her face. A few moments went by for Sarah to take in the information before she spoke. ' Dad, do you still love mum? ' A quick answer flew from her father's lips. ' Yes, of course i do! That will never stop. ' A few moments went again before Sarah spoke. ' Have you tried seeing a doctor about this issue you have? ' ' I have sweetie. He gave me, viagra.

' Sarah was being very grown up talking about this subject with her dad. ' Dan and i just want you and mum back the way you use to be. Did the tablets help, at all? ' Her father looked straight into his daughters eyes with little tears in his own.

' To be honest, i read up on the side affects and got scared to take them. ' Sarah felt sorry for her dad. ' Oh, dad. With time and help i'm sure you'll get through this. ' Sarah rested a comforting hand on her fathers leg. With a smile he put his hand on his daughters bare leg noticing how rucked up her nightie was. His eyes slowly raised up his daughters body glancing over her shapely hips to her well endowed bosom then back to her face. His daughter was a younger version of his wife.

Jeff looked his daughter in the face. Sarah positioned herself closer to her father. He felt a little nervous. ' Dad, i'm going to try something with you so just chill and don't freak out.

' Jeff was startled when his daughter gave him a kiss on the lips. With both looking each other in the eyessimultaneously they both started to kiss each other.

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For the first time in months Jeff felt some movement down below. Liz had calmed down as her son continued to comfort her. ' Your dad and i have been having trouble in the bedroom.

I don't think your dad loves me anymore. ' A few tears started flowing again but Liz was much calmer. ' Why do you think this, mum? ' Liz gave a strained laugh. ' I can't believe i'm talking to my son about this. Don't tell your father he'd kill me. ' Liz pulled herself away to look at her son's face as she explained the problem. Your dad and i haven't had sex in months because he can't get an erection.

It's been months since we've had sex is why i think he is either having an affair or just doesn't love me any more. ' Dan was a little shocked. ' I'm sorry sweetie. I know i shouldn't be telling you this.

' Liz looked down blushing but on doing so noticed her son's penis straining through his pj's! Liz couldn't quite believe how big it must be and suddenly felt a strange urge to see it. Months without sex was finally getting to her. Dan noticed how much his mum was blushing and started to feel a bit uncomfortable with this topic. Blushing himself he looked down to notice how much skin his she was showing.

Her dress a dark red and strapless showing off her white shoulders.


His mum's large breasts, which certainly showed how much of them there were, tightly imprisoned inside of it. The length of the dress came down to her knees to show off her white shaved legs. Dan looked up to his mums face. Liz still had her eyes glued to the one area Dan didn't want them to be. His erection! Liz suddenly looked at her son and Dan looked straight at his mum.

Liz had this look in her eyes and Dan wasn't sure if she was going to get mad at him. ' Dan, would you stand up for me? ' Blushed in the face and one final gulp, Dan did what his mother asked very slowly. His eyes never left his mums and neither did her's. fully standing up his penis was level with his mum's face. Dan tried to speak but before the words could leave his mouth his mum reached to the sides of his pj's and pulled both sides down bouncing his erect penis into view!

Liz, startled at how large her son was and how much of a man he had become, without hesitation engulfed the whole length into her mouth and greedily started sucking back and forth.

A shocked Dan was suddenly in bliss! Meanwhile, upstairs. Jeff couldn't believe how expertly his daughter kissed him, totally in control and passionately. Jeff had taken his daughter by the hips by this time and was slowly stroking her. Sarah's hands had wondered from her fathers legs to his zip and button. Pulling the zip down and undoing the button, Sarah blindly pulled on her fathers underpants trying to unleash his penis. Jeff stopped kissing his daughter with breathless excitement as he lay back on the bed to let his daughter easier access to his pants.

climbing over her father Sarah, also breathless with excitement, pulled down her fathers trousers then yanked his pants down to expose his hairy testicles and very erect penis! Sarah's eyes lite up on sight of how big his cock was and how aroused she had made her father.

With saucer like eyes and a wet mouth, Sarah quickly tied up her long red hair with a spare hair band around her wrist, exposing her bullet nips and round breasts through the fabric of her nightie, leaned down and took her fathers erection in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Sarah slowly slide her lips up and down the shaft crushing her nose in her dads mound of sweaty pubic hair then licking his purple gland like a lolly pop.

Jeff was overcome with sexual desire as he thrust upwards to meet his daughters sweet down coming lips. His large testicles started filling up with hot sperm as Sarah sucked on each one in turn while pumping her dads penis with her hand.

Jeff's penis hadn't been this erect in as long as he could remember but was certainly enjoying his new found form as his eyes glanced from his stiff penis to his daughter who was in sexual bliss upon seeing her father in such joy. Sarah gave her dad a seductive wink with her right eye while she expertly tickled his urethra with her long wet tongue.

Jeff was hypnotized and thankful that his daughter had such a long tongue!

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It was so long and wide he was sure it would hold a pint of larger! Sarah's breasts were practically on view as her nightie hung down to show off how big they were.

Jeff reached forward with his big hands and gently squeezed them as they swayed back and forth in her nightie. Sarah licked harder as she felt her pussy dripping it's natural juices down her thighs. The bed rocked gently as the mattress springs squeaked a little. Blindly Sarah pulled her knickers to the side and started rubbing her wet vagina up and down. Her fingers, sliding between her wet virginal lips, saturated with her natural juices.

Whimpering a little as she spat out saliva over her fathers testicles and penis, Jeff suddenly thrust harder into her mouth. 'Oh, sweetheart! I can't stand it no more!! ' Pulling her hand from her aroused vagina she took hold of her fathers shaft and pumped down harder and firmer then she did before. Jeff suddenly couldn't hold it much more and jerked violently into his daughters mouth!

He watched in total dis-control as his daughter tightly wrapped her lips around his penis not spilling a single drop of his sperm! A moment went by when Jeff's body started to calm and feel his testicles empty and relax.

He watched as his daughter released his penis and a squelch while kissing his wet gland as a final finish. Jeff's breathing was fast then fell in a more relaxed momentum.

Sarah climbed up over him to stick her long tongue into her fathers mouth. He could taste his sperm on her lips but the whole experience was too much for words. With a final peck on her dads lips she looked down at him. ' Wow, dad. That was sure a lot of spunk you just shot out then.

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' Both had smiles on their faces by this time. ' Do you think i have helped you out with mummy, daddy? ' The word "daddy" should have made Jeff feel guilty but instead he felt a tingle of more life in his penis. ' You sure have sweetheart. ' Suddenly both seemed to remember where they were and the fact that downstairs was Dan and his wife!


A sudden cry of ' OH MUM, i'm going to cum!! ' Quickly, Sarah and Jeff got to their feet to investigate.

With Sarah's nightie still half exposing her thighs and her father without trousers or pants Sarah guided her father out of the bedroom by his semi erect penis. Meanwhile, downstairs. Liz took her son deep into her mouth leaving a prominent trail of saliva covering her son's penis.

Liz had reached behind her son clutching his butt with both her hands squeezing while digging her nails into his soft flesh pushing him deep into her mouth. Her nose inhaling his rich sweaty mound of dark pubic hair on impact. Dan just watched his mother work his penis as he felt it throb and harden than ever before, it was truly a wonderful first time experience for him. Liz's red curly shoulder length hair was shimmering under the light and smelled of some hair spray she had used earlier.

Wearing red lipstick to match her dress making her lips seem bigger than what they were reminded Dan of many pornographic films he had seen. Actresses with large lips and large breasts.

His mum wasn't that much different to some of those beauties. Dan felt both his testicles being sucked on one at a time while his mum used her right hand to pump his foreskin up and down. Liz's dress had raised quite considerable since her sexual act on her son's penis began.

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Her dress end had risen enough to show off her wonderful thighs and a little of her white knickers. Liz glanced occasional looks at her son to notice him staring at her large trapped breasts, an idea came to her mind. With both hands, she quickly pulled her dress top down to bounce into view her very large breasts! Dan's eyes lite up as the two beauties swayed from left to right. Her nipples were the biggest he had ever seen Poking out from two large areolas!

The amount of pornographic material he had watched they were quite something. Seeing how much he was looking at them, Liz took hold of her son's hands and guided then to her breasts. Dan started to feel giddy as he massaged them, squeezing them together and pinching her long nipples. Liz continued to suck blissfully, whimpering with joy, saliva leaking from her mouth onto her legs and carpet.

Liz felt her vagina turning into a swamp saturating her white knickers. Dan's attention now focused to his mum's crotch as she opened her legs apart to expose more of her white knickers plus red pubic hair poking out the sides. Dan's penis throbbed more at the sight as he started to feel his testicles fill with red hot sperm ready to be exploded out towards his mother.

' OH MUM, i'm going to cum!!! ' Feeling her sons penis throb inside her mouth just that bit more released him with a popping squelch with spit falling from her mouth. Pumping hard with with right hand and rubbing her damp crotch with her left Liz aimed his penis at her breasts just in time to see shots of sperm shooting from her son's penis drenching her breasts.

Dan's body jerked and withered as he delivered each shot while his mum sat there with mouth wide open licking her lips. Dan stood there breathless and sweating. Liz looked up at her son with a breathless desire and wanting more! ' Oh, Danny! I want you inside me! ' As Liz got to her feet she noticed something from the corner of her eye. Quickly looking she caught Jeff and Sarah both watching on with somewhat shocked faces. What shocked Liz was that her husband wasn't wearing trousers and that her daughter was holding her fathers semi erect penis!

Dan was quick to notice the two of them standing there, also. Sarah looked at her brother then down to his penis which was still hard. It was a look of pleasure she gave her brother.

Jeff with saucer eyes was in disbelief as to what he had just witnessed, his son shooting his sperm all over his wife! Liz stared, rooted to the ground like a statue. There was a dead silence then Sarah looked up at her dad. She whispered words into his ear as she stroked his penis up and down. Liz noticed how big Jeff was and how he was being stroked by their daughter.

It should have made her mad but instead the opposite. Sarah stopped her whispering and gave her dad a cheeky grin. With one last pump on her dads penis she let it go with a little reluctance and allowed her dad to walk to her mum. Liz looked a little worried now as Jeff took her by the shoulders. He leaned down to her ear and whispered.

' Lets go get you cleaned up, i want some of what our son just had. ' Jeff leaned back to see a sudden look of joy and pleasure on his wife's face. With sharp nodding of approval, Liz and Jeff both started to walk out the room. Dan feeling a little pushed to one side called out to his mum in a boyish, "i want my mammy" kind of way. ' Mum? ' Liz looked back briefly but Sarah was already on the case. ' Don't you want to spend some time with me little brother? ' Sarah gave Dan one of her seductive, cheeky looks.

Dan felt his penis getting stiff in front of his big sister. ' Liz and Jeff quickly disappeared upstairs while the children had idea's of their own downstairs.

Part two, coming soon.[/b]