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Alrighty, this is my first story. If you have any comments or questions then please send me a message and I can try to help as much as possible. ALSO! Please note that this particular entry does not have any HOT action. But if I get good feedback then I'll repost the same entry with the out-taken hot scenes. ALSO! This is a short excerpt of the main story. If you want this series to continue, do above! Constructive Criticism is very greatly appreciated!

A storm rages outside a large log cabin. Thunder rumbles loudly and vibrates the weak glass windows of the silent house. Lightning strikes quickly, illuminating the dense forest for a brief second before dissipating.

Inside the wooden abode, a boy of 16 is sleeping in a small bed. The blanket is made of a soft cloth and the mattress is cotton lined with feathers. The boy tosses about in his bed, still asleep, not paying any attention to the torrent and light show that is occurring not a few feet from him.

Suddenly, someone knocks at the door and an exceptionally loud bang of thunder rouses the boy to wake up. He stands and displays a naked body, thin but not unhealthy. He quickly finds a pair of simple cloth pajamas before sleepily walking to the door.

A strange man with a wild look in his eyes appears before the boy. "Who in the hell are you?" The boy asks with irritation in his voice. "Never mind that you damn brat! I was the owner of this freakin' house before you took over. It doesn't matter if it's your land by inheritance, it's still MY house!" The man shouted. "You illegally stayed on my family's land, therefore that's good enough reason to evict you.

This cabin was made from the trees on this property, therefore ours. Everything around here was taken from our property, thus EVERYTHING HERE IS OURS!" The boy yelled even louder. "Arrgh! I'll get my rightful property back, just you see…" And the man just suddenly disappeared.

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The boy looked outside and saw no departing footprints in the soaked mud. He shrugged and shut the flimsy wooden door. Scared that the man would return and perhaps more furious, he locked the pathetic entryway with a thick piece of wood.

"There." He said and then trotted back to bed. The sun beamed brightly through the transparent windows that were, just a few hours ago, drenched with raindrops. The boy woke back up and stretched back to life. He rubbed his eyes and thought about what had happened what felt like a few minutes ago. "Why was that guy so mad? How did he know I would be here? Who was he exactly! And what right did he have coming to my home! My parents told me this would be a good place to get away from everything at the main house.

I'm wondering if they caused his rage. Damn it! Come on Ryouichi! " He thought. "I can't believe I'm just a pawn to them. I should have seen it faster." Ryouichi ran outside and saw one of his friends, Akira Kazuki. "What's up man?" Ryouichi asked, running to his friend with outstretched arms. "Not much, Ryo. How about you?" Akira said, hugging Ryouichi.

"I've missed ya, where have you been?

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I was starting to get lonely…" Ryo trailed off. Akira laughed and looked deep into Ryo's eyes. "I'm sorry, I had to take care of something with the family. My parents got into trouble and I had to see them out of it." "Well, it still wasn't fair.

You could have at least told me where you were going. You were gone for a complete year! And don't look at me directly in the eyes, you know what that does to me!" Ryo replied hesitantly. "Ryo, had I known I would've been gone so long, I would have told you.

And besides, your beautiful silver eyes are amazing." Akira winked and giggled. "Oh! What did you want to do for your 17th birthday? I mean, if you wanted to do anything with me. I just didn't get the opportunity to send you anything and what I wanted to give you at least was a cake.

But that can't be mailed…" Ryo asked, sort of embarrassed. Akira hugged Ryo and they both were held tight by each other. Ryo could hear Akira's heartbeat from his soft black shirt. Akira could feel Ryo's breathing become faster. "Don't be nervous. I won't leave you again." Akira whispered into Ryo's ears.

"I.I'm not nervous! I was just worried. And I told you I missed you. Anyway, you did make me think of something though." Ryo popped back. "What's that? Did the thunder scare you last night? Considering the storm, I figured you would have been terrified." Akira mused.

"The storm wasn't what scared me.

It was the guy that appeared during it." Ryo said blankly. "What guy?" Akira asked, beginning to imagine a silhouette of a man in his head. "Well, there was a really weird guy that knocked on my door last night. It was when the storm was at its worst. I only knew he was knocking because of a super loud thundering. It made me bolt!" Ryo exaggerated. "Well, what did he look like?" Akira interrogated. "Uhm, I didn't really see him. I mean, I saw a guy in front of me. But I didn't see any specifics.

His voice was that of a guys, but it wasn't outstanding from any other voice. It was a generic guy." Ryo informed. Akira thought to himself. "Why would a random and completely generic guy come to Ryo's house and scare him?" "Akira? Akira!!!" Ryo yelled. "What?

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What?" Akira wondered. "Geez, this kid's a lot more trouble then I last remembered." He thought. "I remembered something, now that I think of it, it's pretty important and I don't understand how I missed it before! He was really angry that my family took his house. I didn't even know who he was. All I know is that I started yelling at him for taking our resources to make the house and stuff. I raged just as much as he did…if not more…" Ryo confessed. "Ryo…you have to control your temper.

It's cute that you got mad, but you gotta be careful! That guy could've had a knife and killed you last night. I'm lucky to see you now!" Akira said, concern bursting from his voice.

"Geez Akira, I thought you would have been happy for me. And look at yourself, you're not much better. Running off to help your family and stuff, it's not fair leaving me here." Ryo looked at Akira. Ryo really looked at Akira. His wavy, dusty, brown hair covered his bright blue eyes. His skin was pale tan, but it looked great.

He was skinnier, not as much muscle as Ryo had previously seen from Akira.

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It was almost like Ryo and Akira tried to have the same body style. They were both thin with a swimmer's build.

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Not much muscle was definite, but no fat was found on either of their bodies. "Ryo! Are you staring at me again?" Akira joked. "N-NO! I just wanted to size you up. You've changed quite a bit, I'm not used to seeing you in a thin body." Ryo quickly responded. Akira stared directly into Ryo's eyes; this always made Ryo nervous and drove him to tell the truth about anything.

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Akira noticed Ryo's blonde hair was starting to get in front of his eyes. "Are you growing your hair out like me?" Akira asked, genuinely curious. "Nope, I saw it in a magazine. It's a pretty cool hairstyle." Ryo said casually, handing Akira a simple magazine with a bunch of cute boys on the cover.

"Hmm, these are pretty interesting…" Akira trailed off. Ryo's eyes were widened when he realized what Akira had found in the magazine. "So…Ryo. You took pictures so you wouldn't have to forget me, huh?" Akira asked, laughing hysterically on the inside.

Ryo blushed a bright and deep red. He sighed "I just didn't want to have to go without seeing my best friend.

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I hate when you leave. I just miss you too much." "Ryo, you have to know something though." Akira said, with boldness in his eyes and daring in his voice. "Akira, please don't make fun of me. I mean, I'm already embarrassed enough as it is…" Ryo said softly, feeling defeated. Akira sighed and retreated back a bit. Ryo sat down on the soft and fluffy grass. It seemed brilliantly greener since the rain. Akira sat down with Ryo and ran his hands through the grass, like he was playing with someone's hair.

Ryo just stared into the sky and wished Akira hadn't said anything about hair. Ryo and Akira both knew that Ryo was growing his hair out to be in likeness. Ryo reached up and grabbed a hold of some of his hair. "Silky…" Ryo said. Akira laughed out a bit, and he received a strange and intimidating look from Ryo. "I'm sorry Ryo. I just thought of something funny." Akira lied, trying to cover up his tease. He pulled a small notebook from his pocket. "Ryo, will you take a look at this?" Ryo looked at Akira quizzically, wondering what he wanted.

Ryo knew that Akira liked to string him along and always antagonized him. He never knew why, but Akira was always different from anyone else when mind games were being played. Something about the whole situation felt funny to Ryo. "What's going on, Akira. I mean, something isn't right about you. I've noticed it from the way you're playing with me. You've been making more "romantically implying" jokes than before. I don't know how to take them." Ryo carefully questioned as he took the notebook.

Ryo's eyes widened as he stared at the first picture. It was of Akira and Ryo when they first met over nine years ago. Ryo was six at the time when he moved to Solaria. He met Akira when both families were helping to unpack the Hachiro's stuff. "Akira, what's your last name? You never told me, and you said you would a couple years ago." Ryo questioned, trying to look cute.

Akira sighed and looked at Ryo in the eyes. Silver met Blue. Everything went still around them. Trees didn't move, leaves didn't fall, not even a bird made a tweet. It seemed like everything in that small forest was mute for a few minutes. Ryo, now locked in ocular battle, started to squirm and move his butt unintentionally.

Akira, without moving a single eyelid, outstretched a finger to poke Ryo in the side of his thigh. "I'm sorry, but I think I'm in love with you!" Ryo turned his head and blurted out. Akira, never missing a beat, turned Ryo's head to maintain eye contact. Everything was silent for a few minutes. Ryo was beginning to feel tears form in the corner of his eyes.

Akira slowly developed a devilish smile on the ends of his lips. Before Ryo knew, Akira had pushed Ryo down and was hovering on top of his body. Ryo blushed a deep red again and Akira brushed his lips lightly against Ryo's own. "Ahhhhhhh, why are you doing this Akira?" Ryo questioned as he gasped. He couldn't believe what was going on.

"Isn't this what you wanted? I knew you wanted me to kiss you for a long time. Now that I have, what do you think?" Akira responded emotionlessly. Ryo stared into Akira's eyes. He reached for Akira's neck and pulled him down so that that Akira was lying on top of Ryo. "I think, and it may be selfish, but I think I want to just lay here for a while with you." Ryo said. He wanted nothing more but to kiss Akira more, there was something aching in him.

Akira whispered gently "Do you really just want to lie down together? Don't you want to do something a little more&hellip.filling?" Ryo thought about what Akira just said.

Why would he want to move so fast if he didn't really seem that much into the whole thing? And besides, everything seemed like it was moving very fast for him. "Akira, I really like you. I may even love you. But I don't want to risk our friendship. I loved it that you kissed me, but I knew it wasn't what you wanted. So I'd like to just lie here and be with my friend. If that's ok with you… then I'd prefer to stay as is." Ryo stated confidently, heart beating rapidly.

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"Alright Ryo, if that's what you want." Akira said blankly. He was rather shocked at Ryo's cautious and caring words. The whole moment was getting to Akira. He could feel the heat from Ryo's 16 year old body radiating onto him. He could feel the fast heartbeat of his nervous friend as he lay upon him.

Akira could even smell Ryo's unique scent. Akira always hated how Ryo affected him. Ryo slipped his hand in between Akira's thin and hugging black shirt and his bare skin. He rubbed his friend's back and traced his spine up to his broad shoulder blades. Ryo brought is other hand and began to massage Akira's tense back, trying to calm him down.


Ryo wondered what Akira must be thinking about to get him so tense. Akira was getting nervous; he could feel himself getting excited and slightly harder down there and he didn't know what to do. Akira, attempting to look causal, quickly stood up and attempted to "adjust" his falling, loose, thin pants. Ryo just stared at Akira with suspicious thoughts and wondered what he was really doing.