German Hot MILF Seduce Stranger Boy at Pool on Holiday

German Hot MILF Seduce Stranger Boy at Pool on Holiday
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That morning, I woke up with a kiss from each girl. I could only smirk when I noticed a slight dried cum spot on Melanie's cheek from her night time maneuver. Hailey spotted it and teasingly licked it off her face before giving me a knowing grin. I guess she really had let Melanie crawl through her legs last night.

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Everybody made their breakfasts, and we caught some game shows on television. Danielle browsed the internet looking for jobs in our new city, and called out ones that sounded interesting for any of us. Still, this was our first full day in the new place, and the urgency to be productive wasn't really there yet.

I flopped onto the couch and Melanie was quick to snuggle up close to me. She little spooned me, and playfully pushed her butt back into my crotch from time to time. A few minutes later, Danielle called out a job that caught Hailey's attention, and the two of them talked about things over at the computer.

"Why don't we go check it out?" Danielle suggested, and Hailey nodded. The two of them were already dressed and made their way to the door. They looked at each other, and then Hailey nodded with a smile. "Alright you two, don't rush to join us or anything" Hailey teased.

"Seriously though, don't worry about it. But, we're going to play a game. If neither of you has cum by the time we get back, we will make things very worth your while. Especially you, Melanie." "Can we trust them?" Danielle chuckled, looking at the two of us huddled on the couch together. "I'll figure it out" Hailey grinned. "I can always tell when that one has recently shot his load, and when that girl is sexually frustrated." "Excellent" Danielle grinned playfully.

"Ta ta, you two. Do whatever you want." The two of them disappeared out the door and Melanie turned towards me, already sighing in frustration.

"Come on, let's just do it right away" she said. "We can fake it, right?" "Let's not lose the very first bet" I chuckled, and held Melanie closer. "It doesn't mean we can't have fun though." I started to kiss Melanie's neck, and dropped my hand into her PJ bottoms. I began to gently rub her clit as I kissed and marked her neck. She was already putty in my arms, moaning and writhing around on the couch with me. After a while, her breathing increased, and she started to shake a little.

"Don't you dare" I laughed, and pulled my hand from her shorts. " on!" she whined. "Please, I can fool them. I know it." "Can't help ya' kid" I teased and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Fine, two can play at that game" she grinned evilly and reached into my shorts. She teased my cock in her soft little hands until it stood at attention for her, and started to rub the sensitive underside. "Yeah, you like that?" she whispered, kissing my neck.

Her hands pumped my shaft and rubbed my head, making me shift every which way on the couch. "Melanie, come on, stop" I chuckled, trying to get a way a bit. But, when I put more space between us, Melanie dropped her head down on my cock and started to suck and pump away. She was attacking with much more power than the previous night's sneak attack, and quickly had built me to the point where I didn't care about the bet. My eyes glazed over with lust and I squeezed her breasts against her top.

I could feel myself starting to build, balls swirling with cum, as a little precum leaked into her mouth. As soon as I started to tense, Melanie backed off, popping my cock out of her mouth and pulling my shorts back over my erection.

"Are you serious?!" I said, tackling her onto the floor in frustration.

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I could already feel the blue balls going as I reached back into Melanie's bottoms. Two fingers quickly found their way into her pussy, and I started to powerfully pump up against her gspot. My thumb rubbed her clit as I finger fucked her strongly. "OH, FUCK, YES" Melanie screamed, bucking her hips up for more. "Yes, don't fucking stop. Almost there" she squealed with delight.

Then I stopped and put my fingers in her mouth.

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"You are so dead" she said, jumping on top of me and starting to rub my balls. She didn't touch my cock this time, but just swirled the already pained orbs in her fingers. I could feel myself losing control, on the verge of fucking her until we both came, but finally managed to buck her off and pin her to the ground.

"We need to truce" I said breathlessly. "Otherwise we're either going to lose the bet, or drive each other insane." "Why don't we just fuck already?" Melanie said, my strong arms keeping her body pinned. "Because I hate losing" I laughed. "But, they did promise to make it worth it.


That might mean more opportunities to do this." "Okay, okay, fine" she said, still regaining her composure. "Truce." We both climbed back onto the couch, and cuddled as we watched an afternoon football game. Not too much later, Danielle and Hailey came back through the door, finding us in a similar spot as when they left, but with very frustrated faces.


"Oh yeah, they're clean" Hailey said, bursting out laughing. "They're both in pain though." "Very good job guys" Danielle said with a smirk. "Here's a reward for both of you" she continued, holding out a bag for Melanie. Melanie reached in and pulled out a Victoria Secret bikini. "That's something everybody can enjoy" Hailey chuckled, as Melanie quickly got up to head to the bathroom and try things on.

Less than a minute later, she emerged wearing a black bikini. The top was a push up, making her perky breasts look fantastic. She spun around and showed off the bottoms, which showed her great ass. My eyes never left her body, and my balls continued to ache from the teasing.

"We figured we might as well treat the bath like a hot tub sometimes" Danielle laughed. "Make you work for it a little." "Can we please give it a test run?" I asked, so desperate for release. "Yeah, he definitely did not cum" Hailey laughed. "But this one teased him for sure." "She might have gotten teased herself" Danielle responded, noticing Melanie's nipples sticking through her bikini top. "Alright, early bath party it is" Hailey instructed, leading the way to the bathroom.

Everyone quickly followed in. "I forgot my bathing suit" I said playfully, quickly stripping down to nothing and heading into the bath as soon as the water was ready. "We actually didn't get any for ourselves either" Hailey laughed, and her and Danielle started to strip. "Hey, I'm proud to wear mine" Hailey smiled, sitting right on my lap as water filled the tub.

"We won the bet, we can fuck now, right?" "It's only fair" Danielle smiled, and it still felt so good to have her approval with all of this. I admired Melanie in the bikini, but didn't waste any time taking it off her. As soon as she was naked, Melanie sank right down on my cock.

"Fuck yes" she screamed as she impaled herself. She moved all the way up, and then sat herself all the way back down. She bounced wildly on my cock, and I knew the early teasing wasn't going to allow me to last long. My attention did move towards Hailey and Danielle, who were fiddling with another bag of stuff from their trip. Hailey finally got it free, and showed me a slim vibrator.

She turned around and pointed to her own butt, playing charades with me until I figured out they wanted to get it inside Melanie. I nodded and grabbed a hold of her, keeping her buried on me but rising myself to sit on the edge of the tub, giving more access.

Danielle and Hailey worked some lube onto the vibe and then entered the tub, with Melanie too distracted riding my cock. Hailey came up behind Melanie and started to kiss her, turning her face towards her own. It was enough to slow down her pace, and Danielle moved in with the vibe. Melanie didn't flinch when something touched her tiny ass, but she shouted when she dropped down on my cock, and took the vibe into her asshole.

"Oh my god what are you doing?" she asked breathlessly, no longer moving much. "It's weird at first but just go with it" Hailey instructed, grabbing Melanie's hips and making her bounce again. Now, when she dropped, her pussy took my cock deep, and the vibrator stretched her ass. She couldn't move herself anymore, and soon went limp in a full body orgasm, shaking violently on my cock.

Her pussy went off in a crazy spasm around me, and her asshole puckered around the inanimate vibe. My breathing increased and before I knew it, I was building at an unstoppable rate inside her. "Is he going to cum already?" Danielle asked, surprised by the speed. "Oh he's definitely cumming" Hailey grinned and cupped my balls. "Empty 'em. Don't hold back, baby." I grunted as my load quickly painted Melanie's pussy from the inside.

I don't remember the last time I came this quickly, or had such a huge load, but the teasing had certainly done the trick. I held onto Melanie's body as Hailey worked her friend up and down my cock and the vibrator.


My load was already spilling back out around my cock before I had finished unloading inside Melanie, and Danielle moved into lick the remains from my shaft, even as Melanie's contracting pussy clung to me. "Yes, I did get teased for a while" I said, defending myself against Danielle and Hailey's grins. "And, he's down!" Hailey teased, giggling as my spent cock slipped out of Melanie's depths, a trail of cum following down her thighs.

"Shut up!" I laughed, spanking Hailey harder than I ever have. "Yow!" Hailey yelped and rubbed her butt. "Do it again baby" she laughed, quickly returning to her playful mode.

"How much does it suck to not be able to get it up right now?" Danielle said, joining in on the teasing, as she finally slipped the vibe out from Melanie's ass. Melanie was the only one not teasing, but she still seemed to be in a bit of shock from cumming with both holes stuffed. Seeming to realize they were the only two ready at the moment, Hailey and Danielle finally started to go at it.

It started with groping of each other's breasts, and then proceeded to tribbing. The gorgeous sisters rubbed their clits together, as Melanie and I watched hungrily from the edge of the tub. "Plenty of room in my mouth" Danielle teased again. I moved towards her and spanked her butt nearly as hard as Hailey's. I had almost forgotten how perfect Danielle's ass was.

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I made my way out of the tub and grabbed the lube. My cock was quickly coming to life from Danielle and Hailey's display, and I rubbed some on as I watched them. Nearly as subtly as Danielle had been with Melanie earlier, I slowly moved in behind Danielle as she grinded her clit against Hailey's. Then, I grabbed her hips, and before Danielle could turn around, my cock head was disappearing into her asshole. "HOLY shit" Danielle screamed as I stretched her tightest entrance, then lost her breath as I started to move inside her.

My hands reached around and cupped her breasts as I fucked her ass, Hailey not slowing the movements against her sister's clit. "Fuck her ass good" Melanie cheered from the sides as she had a great view of my cock finding its mark again and again. "Ohhh FUCK" Danielle shrieked and started to cum from all the sensations.

I nearly lost my load watching that perfect ass completely impaled on my cock, with her tiny opening contracting around my thickness. The orgasm took a good amount out of her, and her movements definitely decreased as I went back to taking her ass deep.

Danielle had slowed so much that Hailey had given up on the tribbing, and started to rub her own clit quickly. You could see on her face how much she needed the release, and she pinched her own nipples as she went over the edge.

Her beautiful body bounced in the water, sending waves everywhere as she came on her own fingers. Her nipples were as hard as rocks as she teased herself through the orgasm.

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Melanie finally had recovered enough to come over, and made her way towards me. Her hands massaged my balls as I bounced in and out of Danielle's ass. "Is he getting there?" Hailey asked, coming down from her high. "Oh yeah" Melanie purred. "I can feel him swirling. Won't be long now." "Plus, who could last in that perfect ass?" Hailey added, drawing a smirk from Danielle.

They were right. A few deep thrusts later, and my seed was unleashing into Danielle's ass. After a few pumps, I pulled myself from her depths, and shot my load up her back, and onto Hailey and Melanie's faces.

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My cum sprayed all over the girls, and the load in Danielle's ass slowly dripped. "This bath is perfect" Danielle finally sighed, as everyone came down from their orgasms. "We knew we were putting an offer in as soon as we saw it" I chuckled in response. "So what job did you guys look at?" Melanie asked, as the four of us finally relaxed on the bath.

"There's a job at a clothing store at the mall" Hailey said. "Bit of a drive, but the store discount would be pretty sweet. They have adorable clothing." "If that doesn't work out, we could always use a discount at Victoria Secret" I laughed, laying back with one hand outstretched on Danielle's firm body, and the other on Melanie's breasts.

"He makes a good point" Danielle said, and everyone laughed. "I guess we're all going to have to find something pretty soon, huh?" I said.

"We're going to have to pay this place off, and Melanie has already been a life saver. Hopefully, there are some other opportunities not far from here." The four of us had decided to start things pretty low key.

With money clearly going to be a priority, we resisted temptations to go out often, check out sporting events or shows, or buy overly expensive items. But, staying in suited all of us, with more than enough to do with each other.

It was only the second night in the house, but the arrangement had already proven to be good for everybody, beyond just the sexual stuff. Melanie and I turned on the football game that night, Hailey got dinner together, and Danielle hung with her sister, learning a few tricks. Part of the reasoning to do this arrangement was to have Melanie as a sports companion, and for Danielle and Hailey to grow closer as sisters. "What a throw!" Melanie exclaimed, little spooning into me once again.

My hands were up the front of her shirt, and she was nice enough to be braless. Of course, I couldn't resist playing with her breasts as we watched the game, and my erection pressed against her butt nearly constantly. Honestly, it was a pretty comfortable position, and I enjoyed the closeness.

I was so glad to have Melanie as part of this life. "Just need to let that sit for about 20 or 30 minutes" Hailey said, putting a cover on a pan on the stove. "Isn't this cozy?" she teased, walking over to the couch, and looking down at the two of us. "You know, Hailey is the only one who hasn't been fucked in the new place" Danielle said, coming over to join the three of us. "Poor girl even had to get herself off earlier." "Well somebody stopped moving" Hailey teased back and gave her sister a quick smooch.

"That needs to change!" Melanie smiled, moving out of her position and rolling me over onto my back fully. Danielle moved in and tugged off my shorts, leaving my cock with easy access for Hailey.

"Long overdue!" Hailey grinned, not even bothering to take her top off.

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She peeled off her bottoms and underwear, and put a leg on either side of mine. She grabbed a hold of my cock, rubbing it up and down a few times before sticking it between her lips, stretching her walls out around me. Melanie climbed up my chest, stripped off her own bottoms, and spread her legs over my face.

I hooked my arms into her legs and brought her closer, licking and sucking on her clit, moving my face back and forth. Both Hailey and Melanie started up with loud moans. I couldn't see Hailey from around Melanie's pussy, but I felt her crashing down on me in desperation. "Ride that cock sis" Danielle cheered on, coming over and rubbing Hailey's clit as she bounced up and down.

Danielle sucked on her sister's breasts, paying special attention to her nipples as she rode me wildly. Still, even with all the sensations on Hailey, it was Melanie who climaxed first, experiencing one of her clitoral orgasms as I lapped between her lips.

Instead of letting her rest, I slipped two fingers deep inside her and started to rub them upwards against her gspot. My tongue wildly flipped back and forth against her clit, as my fingers roughly pounded away at her gspot. Melanie started to unravel, shaking violently, legs bouncing around my face as her pussy started to leak.

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Her cum ran down and onto my face as she finally couldn't take anymore, collapsing onto my chest in a heap. Now, I could watch Hailey riding me, with Danielle applying pleasure to her most sensitive spots. It happened just in time to watch Hailey cum on my cock, her beautiful breasts bouncing perfectly as her stomach contracted with her spasms. Melanie didn't have much left in her, but she still crawled down to where the action was taking place, and started to rub my balls.

"Cum in this tight pussy" Hailey pleaded as she rode me through her orgasm. "Flood her" Danielle chimed in. "Show her how much you missed being inside her." "Don't worry, this is going to be a big one" Melanie said.

She moved even lower down and popped one of my balls into her mouth, then the other, rolling her tongue around as Hailey grinded with me deep inside. I felt Danielle slip a finger against my underside vein, rubbing it lovingly every time her sister bounced upwards. "Almost there, keep going girls" Danielle cooed, watching my face and body starting to tense up a bit. With a tight pussy around my cock, a finger gliding along the underside, and my balls in Melanie's mouth, it was a miracle I had made it this long.

I tried to hold back, but each time I tensed more, the girls just increased their efforts. "You're not making it another minute" Hailey teased, running her hands up and down my chest. "Especially not with the way Melanie is going down there" Danielle chuckled, her finger with longer strokes up and down, whenever she had the room. "Fuck, I can feel him stiffening" Hailey said with delight. "He's gonna' make me.make me cum again" she grunted, barely getting the last words out before her pussy went wild, spasming on me again.

Two seconds later, my cum was rapidly spurting into Hailey's depths. My hands groped Hailey's breasts as she rode out both of our orgasms. She put her hands over mine, keeping them against her chest as we both moaned and grunted in ecstasy.

Melanie didn't stop moving her tongue around my balls until I stopped shooting into Hailey, and Danielle came over to give me a kiss as I lay there exhausted. "Oh shit, dinner is ready" Hailey said as the timer went off. She stood up off my cock, and let Melanie lick some of the cum that dripped from her lips, before finishing the prep work on food.