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Chichi Medina Sucks and Fucks
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Daddy's Poker Night 2 To fully understand this story it would be a good thing if you read the first part, however I have included this synopsis for those who either do not want to, or who, for some reason, do not have access to part 1.

Previously on Daddy's Poker Night Doug's twelve year old daughter Callie had all but seduced the men at her father's poker game and they fucked her thoroughly till the wee hours of the morning.

Callie's dad had drunk himself into oblivion before the sexual activity had commenced and had passed out on the couch. Dirk, a so called friend of Doug's, capitalized on Callie's desire to have sex and she has agreed to become his whore.

Dirk had Callie engage in sexual acts with her comatose father and me (Uncle Bill) in order to be able to take pictures and blackmail the two of us into keeping the incident quite. Before the men left they placed Callie's sperm coated body in a sixty nine position on top of me and tied me in such a way that the little girls cum flooded cunt and asshole would drain into my open mouth. He did this to ensure that Callie's father would find us in that compromising pose when he woke from his drunken stupor.

We pick up the story as the men are about to depart Doug's home after fucking his little girl for the past six hours. Dirk sneered at me and warned me to keep my mouth shut about what happened here tonight. Then he laughed at what was my current predicament of not being able to "keep my mouth shut" and all that sperm draining into it. Then they all got dressed.

Dirk left one of the photo's of Doug and Callie on the table and prepared to leave when Fred asked Dirk. "You just going to leave them like that?" "Yea, I will let her father nurse and care for my whore until I am ready to use her again. I'm just sorry I won't be here when her father sobers up and asks Bill what the fuck he is doing with his daughter's pussy in his face. Daddy's Poker Night II Someone was shaking me and I couldn't breathe through my nose.

There was a terrible slimy taste in my mouth and then I suddenly recalled the previous evening. Doug was yelling and straining to remove my bonds. "Jesus Fucking Christ, I get drunk one time and my daughter is fucking raped in my own home. You better have some dam good answers to my questions Bill Krantz. What's my daughters naked body doing tied to your fat ass. Fuck Bill, I thought you were my friend. "I am Doug, probably the only friend you have." I said and accidently blew a sperm bubble.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Doug had my hands free and was trying to lift Callie off of me but she slipped from his grasp, slid off of my belly and onto the carpet like a dead fish on a tuna boat.

I looked at my frantic naked friend and sympathized with his emotional state but we needed to decide what we were going to do about his daughter. That meant clear heads needed to prevail and mine seemed the only one around. I sat up and began untying myself. "Doug, let's get me and Callie cleaned up and I will tell you everything that you want to know. I will tell you the whole story, but first Callie and I need to shower and we need to put her to bed so we can talk.

Ok?" "God Bill, Why won't she wake up? Is she Ok? Fuck, fuck, fuck." "She is fine Doug she is just tired and drunk. She had a hard night that's all." "THAT'S ALL!! God dammit Bill, she's been raped! Jesus, Fucking Jesus, what the fuck am I going to tell Martha. I got to call the cops.

Yeah, that's what I should do, call the cops. Doug had worked himself into a frenzy and was moving in circles.

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I finally finished freeing myself, grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. "For Christ sake Doug. Pull it together.


Help me with Callie and we can figure out what to do." "No," he said. "We would be destroying evidence. We need to call the cops and wait for them to come." I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him over to the table and pointed to the photo of Callie sucking his dick.

"Oh my God. What the fuck is this? I didn't do this. This is some kind of mistake. Shit, fuck, fire, hell." Dirk set this picture up so that it would look like you are molesting Callie and if you ask me it looks pretty convincing from that photo. So you still want to call the police? Because if you do you are the one going to jail and so will I because Dirk has a similar photo of me and your daughter. "You fucked my daughter! I'll kill you, you mother fucker." "NO!" I yelled back at him.

"They set me up just like they did you. Besides there is something else you should know. She planed this. She got herself gang banged by Dirk and the others ON PERPOSE Doug." He swung and hit at me like a girl fights her man.

"You take that back, you son of a bitch. My little girl would NEVER let someone use her like that. You take it back." I grabbed his wrists and the fight left him. I looked deep into his eyes and quietly told him. "She wanted it Doug. As God is my witness, she wanted it." I could tell as he looked away, that even though he didn't want to, he believed me. "Oh, shit, fuck. Martha is going to kill me." Doug exclaimed and started his circle the wagons routine again. Doug was useless to me.

I snatched the blanket off of the table and wrapped Callie in it, hoisted her up and carried her to the shower in the master bathroom. Doug was still mumbling to himself but for lack of anything else to do he followed me like a lost puppy. I laid Callie in the bottom of the shower and propped her up against the back wall. Then I removed the blanket from her body. The Shower had one of those massage heads on a long hose.

So I unhooked it from its perch and adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature. Then I climbed into the shower with her, then slid her forward and slipped in behind her. Doug screamed. "What the fuck are you doing?" I looked up at him dumbstruck. "I am cleaning her up. What the fuck do you think I'm doing? She drank awful lot of alcohol last night. That's why she's so out of it." "You let her drink booze!" he screamed at me.

"Look you stupid fuck! I tried to stop it. I tried to stop the whole dammed thing, but Dirk knocked me out and tied me up! What more do you want from me." He seemed not to hear me. "Christ Bill! You are in the shower naked with my twelve year old daughter!" Even though I had told him that Callie had instigated the sex.

Doug had not witness the previous night's debauchery, therefore Callie, was on some level, still an innocent little virgin to him. "Trust me Doug this is the best way. Do you want to trade places with me? We have to get her cleaned up.

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She can't do it herself, so we have to." Jesus, fuck, fuck, fuck." He sputtered and stomped from the bathroom. In an instant he was back just as agitated as when he left. "Doug!" I shouted to get his attention. "Think about this! If we leave the sperm in her vagina she might become pregnant so we have to get it out as quickly as possible!

It is an emergency Doug! Emergencies call for extreme measures! He sobered up. He seemd to be buying my premise. The truth was that If Callie was going to get pregnant she had probably already conceived and flushing her out now was not going to alter that fact.

"Ok, ok, what do we do Bill?" Doug said getting down on his knees next to me just outside the shower.


"I'll rinse her off you take the soap and wash her." "Oh, God. Doug cried and reached out to her pale body with shaking hands.

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Tentatively he lifted her arm closest to him lathered up his hand and gently scrubbed the cum from her limb. I sprayed her off and turned her so that he could get to the other arm. We continued this way until the only things left to clean were her pussy, tits and asshole.

Doug was torn between his obligation to care for his daughter and his moral responsibility to protect his daughter's virtue. "Do you want me to do her breasts Doug?" I asked. He paused, "No," she is my responsibility, I'll do it." He began cleaning her tits and what started out as a fatherly duty soon became a simi-lustful endeavor. "God she's beautiful, isn't she Bill." "Yes Doug, she's just about the most beautiful female that I think I have ever seen." I rinsed Callie off and laid the shower wand on the bottom of the tile stall.

I will hold her legs up so that you can get at her vagina and rectum.

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Ok Doug? Doug looked at me swallowed hard and gave the tiniest of nods.

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I scooted her down so that her back was pressed to the tile floor and the back of her head was pillowed against my cock. I grasped her ankles and pulled them up and out exposing her gaping cunt and asshole. Doug gasped. "Oh my God. They have ruined her. She's nothing but a whore now." He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and with lips trembling, he repeated, "just a whore.

A twelve year old slut." He picked up the soap and lathered his hands. Reaching over into the shower he inched two fingers gently into her pussy and after a few moments began pressing harder and harder. Soon he had three fingers in her cunt and was punching them deep into her tiny body. He rammed her over and over before I realized what he was doing and yelled for him to stop. "Fuck her Bill." my friend shouted, with spittle flying from his lips. "If she wants to be a whore then I'm going to treat her like one." In that moment, I saw something inside of my friend snap and it turned him from a loving doting father to a lust filled maniacal heartless beast.

He reached in the shower and twisted his fingers into Callie's hair, drug her from my lap and onto the bathroom floor. She squealed and her eyes fluttered when her back met the cold tile. Then he fell upon her and began brutally fucking her simi-conscious body until his nuts tightened and he shot his daughter full of incestuous sperm. I sat in the shower with my mouth agape. I was shocked to see my 'friend', who I thought I knew, act like a crazed cave man. After gaining his breath Doug stood and sneered down at his flesh and blood and started pissing on her.

"She's no daughter of mine." He said as he directed his piss stream at her face and mouth. "She's just a cum dump as far as I'm concerned." He shook off the last few drops of piss from his cock, marched from the room and slammed the bathroom door.

The only sound in the room was the spray of water and the gurgle of the drain. I don't know what I expected to happen next; perhaps Satan would explode up through the bathroom floor and drag Callie down into the fires of hell, but I don't think that would have astonished me more than what my friend had just done. Slowly I got up and stepped over to the urine soaked girl and hoisted her back into the shower.

It wasn't easy but eventually I was able to get her clean. I through a towel over the puddle of piss on the floor, carried Callie to her parent's bed and lay her down. I got another towel and dried her off. As I worked over that perfect little girl I still could grasp the reaction that Doug had displayed.

I could never dismiss her like that. No matter what she had done. I kissed her forehead and gently traced her face with my fingers. To me, there was nothing more beautiful in the world than this twelve year old child lying naked before me.

I picked her up and cradled her in my arms and carried her to her room. After I pulled the covers over her, got dressed and went looking for Doug. He was not in the house and his car was gone from the driveway. I called Doug's cell phone and I heard it ring. I followed the sound to the couch where I found it under a cushion.

I was at a loss as to what to do. Should I stay in the house until he came back? I could call Martha if I knew which hotel she was staying at but I didn't. Maybe I should just leave and wash my hands of the whole incident but I knew that I could never leave my friend like that, not to mention that devil/angel down the hall. No, I would wait. Three hours later Doug's house phone rang. I ran to the kitchen where it hung on the wall. It was one of those portables that have caller ID.

It read 'Dirk Benson'. It rand again, I debated whether or not to pick it up. Fuck it, I thought. "Hello Dirk." I said stiffly. "Hah, you still there pencil dick." "Yes," I said.

"and the shit has hit the fan." "Oh? Do tell." Dirk chided. "Doug went nuts, did some crazy things and stormed out of here.

I have no idea where he went or what he will do. He's been gone for more than three hours now and I am worried about him." "What kind of crazy things?" Benson cautiously asked.

"I think he had a psychotic episode of some sort." "What the fuck did he do cocksucker!" the big man demanded. "He raped his daughter, called her a cum dump, disowned her and pissed on her while she was still comatose from last night. Then he left." The phone was silent. Then I heard a little chuckle.

"Sounds like things are working out better than I had hoped." The bastard smirked. "So why are you still there? "I'm not sure. I just couldn't leave Callie here alone and Doug needs some help.

By the way do you know where Martha is staying?" "You leave that cunt out of it asshole, besides she won't help you anyway. "How do you know?" I asked. "I know." he rasped. "When you see Doug tell him I will be picking my little cunt up at nine. Have her ready." I looked at the clock; it was one in the afternoon.

"She will be in no condition to fuck around with you for several days Dirk. For Christ sake, she's still passed out from this morning." "Just tell him to tell her to be ready at nine sharp." And then he hung up. I stood there looking at the dead phone in my hand. I still had no idea what I was supposed to do other than wait.

So I did. Around three pm I was getting hungry so I ordered a pepperoni pizza from Dominos. That Mama John's pizza is crap. Better ingredients my ass. When that dick head left Dominos I heard that he took the list of vendors with him. I bet he uses the same ingredients that Dominos does.

The pizza arrived and as I was pouring my drink I heard over my shoulder. "God, that smells good." Startled, I spilled my diet coke as I turned to see a naked vision of loveliness standing in the kitchen doorway.

"Can I have some?" the vision asked. I smiled and nodded. "Don't you think you should get dressed first?" "Why you have seen me in worse condition." She said as she pulled out a chair and sat down. I handed her my plate and went to get another. She pulled a section of pie out of the box and blew on it. "Mmmmm she moaned as she bit into the hot cheese.

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This is almost as good as the sex I had last night. "You sure seemed to enjoy that." I said Do you think they realized that I was not actually virgin? "Nope. They bought it hook line and hymen." I told her.

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I'm glad that you recommended the plastic surgeon put a new cherry back in me. "Yes, I guess that they would have been disappointed to learn that I have been banging you for over two years now." I responded.

"By the way, Dirk called and said to be ready at nine as he will be picking you up. She clapped her hands and squealed her delight. "So," I said. "I take it you are happy with the way things turned out." "Yes, very happy. When you let me know that you could not treat me the way that I needed to be treated and suggested that we hook Dirk into dominating me I was skeptical, but now I think things will be perfect. "It must have been hard for you to pretend to be passed out in the shower?" I asked her.

"No, not really.


I'm a good actress. I couldn't believe when daddy snapped like that. Do you think he will be ok?" "Yea," I replied. "Just keep flashing that pink cunt at him and he will do the rest." "I will tell you what was hard to do.

Not fucking daddy back when he was pounding my pussy, now that was hard. Pun intended. And then when he started pissing on me, oh God I was in heaven." "I'm glad you are happy." I told her with a long face. I'm losing my little pussy. She looked over at me and smiled. "Cheer up. Uncle Bill. You are not losing anything; First off this pussy hasn't been little since you poked that big cock in it when I was ten. Second off you will still get to fuck it as much as you want and lastly it gets you as hot as it does me when other men use my body." I smiled at her.

"So how are you going to convince Dirk to take me with you guys tonight?" I asked her. "Worry not my favorite uncle. I have a plan."