Twink movie of The making out is very sensual and as they kiss

Twink movie of The making out is very sensual  and as they kiss
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"That's right you naughty little bitch" I yelled at her. She was on her hands and knees in front of me and her cute ass was an angry mottled red from my repeated slaps.

I had her hands handcuffed above her head and her head was resting against the cold stone floor. I stood up and walked over to my toy chest to select which instrument I would use on her today. A massive, flesh coloured strap-on caught my attention.

"You're in for it today, you slut. I'm going to stretch you pussy wide open." I heard her whimper behind me. I buckled on the dildo and walked over to her, sticking it right in her face so she could see how much she was going to be forced to take today. Her eyes widened with surprise, but no sound escaped the gag I had tied firmly around her mouth.

I sauntered over to where her ass was sticking up in the air, my stilettos clicking against the cement. I could see her juices dripping out of her pussy. My fucker liked it rough, I thought to myself. I grinned.

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Well, she was definitely about to get what she deserved. I knelt down behind her and spread her pussy lips with a few manicured fingers. With my other hand I slipped one, then two, then four fingers inside of her tight little cunt. I heard her moan into the fabric silencing her, which only encouraged me.

I removed my fingers and positioned the enormous cock at the entrance of her twat. She was whimpering again, and her whole body had tensed up in anticipation of what was about to happen to her. With one mighty shove I buried inside of her half of the length of my plastic cock. She screamed and I smiled at her pain. With another thrust I was buried to the hilt and I stayed there for a few moments, letting her adjust to my size.

Her body sagged down towards the floor as she could no longer hold herself up. I pulled back out, almost completely removing the toy from inside of her, and then plunged back into her wet depths. With increasing ferocity I pounder her pussy.

Over and over again I penetrated her tight snatch, taking pleasure in hearing her screams.

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"Take that you bitch. This is what you deserve!


I'm going to make you cum so hard that you cry" I yelled at her. She had fallen onto the floor from exhaustion and supporting myself with my hands, I raped her sorry ass. Realizing that I had forgotten something, I pulled out of her with a wet squishing sound and went back over to the toy chest. Finding what I was looking for, I hurried back over to where she was laying.

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Without hesitating, I pushed the entire cock back inside of her as she gasped in surprise at being entered again so quickly. Then, still inside of her, I took the small vibrator I had grabbed and turned it on as high as it would go.

She tried to turn around to look at what the sound was but with one I hand I held her head in place. With my other hand, I reached underneath her and found her clit with my fingers. I felt her squirm so I pressed my body down on hers, preventing her from moving. Having found her pleasure button, I took the vibrator and pressed it hard against her clit.

She jumped and yelped at the sudden, intense feeling that was generated from this little toy.


I started moving inside of her again, thrusting my hips against her ass harder and harder as she moaned louder and louder. For a split second, she stopped moving and I knew she was about to cum. I rubbed the vibrator vigorously against her clit and bulldozed her cunt as hard I was able. She screamed out and her body convulsed underneath mine.

This was it. I reached behind me to grab the other surprise that I had found in the toy box.

Another vibrator, much larger than the first and well lubricated. She was still groaning from her enormous climax, and had no idea that I wasn't finished with her.

I took the vibrator and positioned it in front of her asshole. I heard her trying to talk through her gag, but ignored her.


My thrusting into her pussy had slowed down some, and synchronized with my thrusts, I pushed the toy into her ass until it was buried completely inside of her tight hole. And now it was my turn. I turned on the vibrator in her ass and started pounding her again and again. Every time my hips banged against her ass I could feel the vibrator brush my clit.

I shuddered and increased the tempo of pounding.

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I was going to cum. With one fierce shove into her cunt, I held my clit against the vibrator in her ass and cried out loud as I came hard.

She was moaning again as she climaxed for a second time and her hips were humping against the giant dick still embedded deep inside her love hole.

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Exhausted, I leaned back and the cock slipped out of her pussy with a loud pop. Her juices dripped from her pussy. I reached forward and removed the vibrator from her ass. She sighed in relief.

I could hear the other vibrator moving along the floor underneath her stomach.

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"You liked that a little too much, slut." I told her. She curled up into a ball in front of me. Damn that bitch. She won't be so smug tomorrow…