Sister and brother xxx sleeping

Sister and brother xxx sleeping
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The trip to the Chapel of the Bells was a short one. When we arrived the driver opened the door for us and both he and Mary helped me out. Mary took me by the arm and we entered the chapel.

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I found myself with some very mixed feelings beginning to well up inside me. What was I doing? Had I really thought this through? Over the time I had been with Bud and Mary, I had come to love and depend on both of them. Bud has made me feel like no one else ever did and I had begun to almost worship everything about him. I could not wait until we were together and he would treat me so well, like the woman I had almost become.

I even dreamed of having sex with him when we were not together.Every detail of his anatomy and that wonderful thick 8" cock had become a preoccupation for me as I thought about it constantly.

I guess I really did love him. Mary was also so wonderful, when I was not thinking of Bud I had her on my mind as a close friend and lesbian lover. I believe Mary sensed my mixed emotions and gently reminded me that it was normal to get cold feet at a time like this for anyone.

She also told me that both she and I knew I would not regret what I was about to do. I smiled, put aside the crazy thoughts and began walking down the aisle. Next to Bud, at the altar, was a man I had never seen. He was about the same age as Bud and a little more muscular. Mary noticed and whispered to me "This is Buds' closest friend. His name is Manuel and they have been closest friends since they were in school together. Bud once told me they shared everything, including girlfriends.

He is quite good looking and I understand he is bigger than Bud." I did find him cute and wondered what Mary meant about sharing everything. Mary let gop of my arm as my smiling Bud took my hand and we stood before the Justice. The wedding was simple and beautiful and when it cam time for Bud to put the ring on my finger, Manuel handed him the most beautiful diamond band I had ever seen.

Bud placed it on my finger and said," This ring is a mere token of the love I feel for you. I promise you will never want for anything and I will always do everything in my power to insure your happiness and well being." At that point the minister pronounced us man and wife and Bud put his arms around my waist and gave me the deepest kiss I had ever received.

Our tongues intertwined and I felt myself melt into his arms. Our kiss lasted several minutes and I became unaware of anyone else in the room. When our lips parted, Manuel and Mary began to cheer and clap for us. I felt so embarrassed. We walked out into the night air and I became so aware of how sensuous the corset, silk stockings and panties felt under my slip.

I was feeling very hot and horny after that kiss. Bud introduced me to Manuel who smiled and gave me a kiss. "Manuel is my closest and dearest friend. We have been through so much together and are as close as brothers", Bud said. Manuel then complimented Bud on his taste in a partner and told me how beautiful I was.

I blushed and we entered the limo to head out to an exclusive restaurant for champagne and celebration. The champagne was flowing freely. We were seated at a small square table near the back for privacy.


Near the end of the second bottle of champagne, I felt Bud put a hand on my thigh and rub it slightly. This really turned me on and I took this as a sign that we were about ready to leave. Bud was on my right, Manuel was on my left and Mary was across the table.

Suddenly I felt Manuel's hand on my left thigh. Not quite sure what to make of it, I said nothing. We were at the hotel so Bud called the waiter over and took care of the check while the rest of us stood. Manuel playfully smacked my ass and gave me a naughty wink. I smiled back wondering what they had in mind. I brushed up against Manuel and was startled to feel such a large bulge in his pants. Bud turned around, apparently not noticing and told Manuel and Mary that we would see them tomorrow.

"I have something that needs attention and it may take quite a while", Bud said with a devilish smile. Mary gave me a kiss and told me to enjoy as she left for her room. Manuel smiled at Bud and asked if he could kiss the bride. When Bud smiled and said sure, Manuel put his arm around my waist, pulled me tight and gave me a deep french kiss.

My knees became a little weak and he looked at Bud and gave him a wink. Manuel wished us a good night and headed out to his room.

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Bud put his arm around my waist and said,"It is time for you and I to consummate this marriage. I hope you are ready for me." and he kissed me again hard. We headed to the elevator and boarded. When the doors closed I looked at Bud and said," Oh yes, I am ready for you. I hope you are ready.

We need to keep that manhood of yours happy and I am just the one that is anxious to do it. We arrived at our floor and headed to the room. Bud opened the door then scooped me up into his strong arms and gave me another kiss. "I need to carry you across the threshhold. Once inside you are mine and mine alone for the next several hours". "Take me", I said, "I am definitely ready, able and more than willing".

He carried me inside and placed me on the soft king size bed. He closed the door and then came back to me, lifting my dress and slip. He then ran his hands up and down my silk stockinged legs. It felt so good to be with Bud again.

He undressed quickly and I could see his thick 8 inch cock was ready for action. I rolled on my side as he presented it to my willing mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and wrapped my lips around the large smooth head of his shaft. Slowly circling the head with my tongue and then relaxing my throat. Breathing through my nose I slowly began taking the entire length of his shaft into my mouth until the head touched the back of my throat.He grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my throat and began moving in and out, fucking my mouth.

After several minutes he pulled his cock out of my mouth all shiny and wet from my saliva. "Oh my lovely Jennifer", he said," I missed you so much. I need to fuck that tight little girl pussy of yours with my hard cock. Come down off the bed and lean over couch.". I did as I was told and he lifted my dress and slip over my back, pulled my panties down to my knees and I felt the huge head of his cock at my entrance. He was so big it took some pressure until I felt the smooth round head stretch and penetrate me.

I gasped as it hurt just a little and then he began to slowly push deeper inside me. I could feel every vein of his engorged cock as it made it's way deeper and deeper stretching me in such a delicious way. I felt his huge balls against me as he buried it to the hilt. He stopped and held it there exclaiming how hot and tight I was.

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"You are and have always been the best fuck I have ever had", he said, "You may not be able to walk well in the morning because I have a feeling this cock may just like being where it is for the night." That is when he began to slowly slide that wonderful cock in and out of me.

I whimpered and exclaimed how good he felt. As he picked up a rythym I began pushing back each time he thrust and slowly rotating my hips to make the most of every inch he had inside of me. It felt so good as he continued fucking me, hand on my hips. After what must have been 15 or 20 minutes his hands gripped my hips harder as he began to pick up the pace.

I was telling him how wonderful he was, how I wanted him so badly and how I wanted to be filled by him. Suddenly he rammed his cock in as far as it would go and I felt his cock spasm and leap as it began pumping his hot seed deep inside me. "oh yesss, oh yesss", I said as I felt my own clitty begin to spasm and I felt my whole body jerk with the pleasure of knowing my man was cumming inside of me.

He had cum so much I could feel some of it leaking out around his cock which was still hard and filling me completely. I did not want him to pull out. It felt like were were one. Attached and he was part of me while I was part of him. He collapsed on my back, kissing my neck and ears. "Oh my dear", he said, "I could think of nothing else for the weeks we were apart.

My imagination was still nothing compared to being with you and being in you." "I never realized I could miss someone so much", I exclaimed, almost out odf breath, "I need you all of the time". I could feel Bud soften slightly and he slowly pulled out in spite of my protests.

He went and grabbed a wash cloth to clean off the cum that had leaked out. "Let me help you remove that dress before we ruin it", he joked.

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He unbuttoned my dress and we let it fall to the floor along with my panties. I slipped the straps from my slip off my shoulders and let the full slip fall to the floor as well.

I stepped out of the heap of clothes and stood before Bud with my waist pinching corset, garters, white silk hose and white 4 inch heels. Bud looked at me admiringly and I could see his half erect manhood begin to rise again.

"Excuse me for a minute, darling" I said, I need to freshen up and will be back right away. When I cam out of the powder room, Bud was sitting in a chair with no arms. His erect member pointing to the ceiling. ""Come here my little vixen", he said, "I would like to have you sit on my lap so I can kiss those luscious lips and play with your erect hard nipples while I ram my hard cock home in your marvelous tight little girl pussy." I walked over to him still wearing my heels the corset and the silk stockings.

They felt so good as my legs rubbed together. I placed on leg next to the chair and swung my other leg over so my hard clitty was inches from his face. He took me in his mouth and began sucking hard while pushing first one then two fingers into my waiting hole.

Releasing me his hand took my hips and lowered me until the smooth round head was positioned at my entrance and then proceeded to pull me down onto his waiting cock. He was so deep inside me I gasped as he filled me so suddenly. My mouth was open and his suddenly covered it while he stuck his tongue deep into my mouth.

I sucked on his tongue just like a small cock as he began to move me up and down on his cock with his hands gripping my hips. He took one hand and slid my corset down off each breasts and began sucking on my now hard nipples.

Slightly pinching them with his teeth until I yelped as he continued pistoning his cock in and out of me. I was still full of his cum and I could hear the sucking sound each time he withdrew partially. "You are so wet and still so tight my sweet", he exclaimed, "all the better to take my cock so deep." I was moaning and occasionally screaming out in pleasure as that wonderful large cock slid in and out of me.

I felt myself cumming hard again and he just smiled. "I want to completely drain you my dear.

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Tonite is ours alone" he said as I became limp in his hands. He did not stop fucking me, instead began to move faster and faster.

"You are so hot and wild my lovely creature that I am going to cum again", he shouted. As I felt him start to swell again and his cock jump inside me I found myself cumming again as I scream out in pleasure, "Yess, Oh Yesssss.". He began pumping even more into me until I could feel it leaking out around his still engorged cock.

I collapsed onto him and he wrapped his strong arms around me while kissing my breasts shoulders and neck. He looked up and put his hand under my chin kissing me long slow and deep.

"I am not done with you yet my darling but I will give you some time to catch your breath".

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With his still raging hard on buried in me he put his hands under me and stood up. Walking over to the bed he lay me on my back and slowly withdrew from me. He picked me up and lay me down fully on the bed and began kissing me all over. He removed my heels and kissed up and down my legs, inside my thighs, took me into his hot mouth and sucked the last bit of cum from me.

He moved his kisses up over my corset and to my breasts while his busy hands continued to stroke me all over. As he leaned over to kiss me he said "Rest little one. I will clean you up and let you rest before I continue my assault on your wonderful little pussy" He went into the bathroom and came out with a warm washcloth and proceeded to clean all of the cum from me and wiped his own half erect cock off as well. I closed my eyes for a fem minutes while he poured himself another glass of wine and sat back to watch me as I lay there.