Quiere verga mi amiga catracha

Quiere verga mi amiga catracha
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__I better explain. I was the guy who had the hot sexy mom. I'm Eric. I was use to all my buddy's all making comments about wanting to fuck her. Dad took off with another woman and that's when the fun began.


When the word got out, guys from her work and all around started hitting on her. Mom was smart and could handle it. I didn't know she had some hidden desires of her own she quietly went after. We were close, but she never told me about what she really wanted sex wise. Two of my buddies lived next door. They were country boys and I called them 'donkey 1' and 'donkey 2' I called them the 'donkey brothers'.

They openly talked about who was going to fuck my mom first, now that my dad was gone. I just laughed and told them my mom had tons of guys to pick from. "Dream on you guys." I told them. They ignored me and lusted for my mom. I told mom that 1 and 2 were lusting for her. We laughed…but she said they were cute. I said: "Mom, they're the two dumbest guys in school." She said: "I don't care about that, I still think they're cute." My secret thoughts were if anybody was going to have sex with my mom, it was going to be&hellip.me.

Mom&hellip. …of course the compliments were always nice, but I had a hidden weakness. (I liked young teenage boys.) I had never made a move on Eric when his dad was here, but it was very hard not to.

Now the whole picture had changed, and I was getting horny every time I thought about or saw Eric…and his teen friends got me hot too. Now I was free to pursue what I wanted, but I had to be very careful and not cause trouble for Eric.

Eric had told me many things about his teen friends. Circle jerks, cuming on girls pictures, and of course wanking while wishing they were having sex with&hellip.me. His story's got me so hot, I would have to go in the bathroom and finger myself secretly. I hid my reactions from him and I don't think, he ever knew. His story's made me have dreams about them having sex with me, even Clyde and Jerry, or 1 and 2, as he referred to them.

I loved my dreams as Eric's dad drank to much and ignored me.

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Now I planned to fulfill my wants…starting…tonight. I showered and enjoyed feeling my own tits and gave my a pussy a good soapy rub. I finished and I put on my robe.

I went to my bedroom and started to turn the light when I noticed the light from my side window. I had the drapes open. '1 and 2's bedroom was across from mine. I peeked from the side. I could seem them fighting over a pair of binoculars. Those little shits had been looking in my bedroom window. I smiled and watched them turn out their light. I decided to have some fun. I turned on a night light. I stood by the window and began to feel my tits thru my robe.

I played it up and closed my eyes and moved my head around in ecstasy. I let my robe fall open and started rubbing my blond bush. I parted my legs and stuck my finger inside my pussy. I humped my finger and then moved away from the window. I knew I had given them quite a show. I quietly went to Eric's room. His door was open and he was on his computer. He had his back to me, so I quietly came up behind him.

I was so nervous as I was always perused by guys, and not perusing them. He had the sound on and I watch him click on a 'Mom an Son' video…well…this was perfect. A woman was seducing her son. She had him on a couch and feeling his leg. He was acting shy as she undid his pants. She took out his cock and started sucking on it.

He finally reached over and felt her tits. I watched Eric's reaction. He started feeling his own cock. I froze. What if he started rubbing his cock. He had on his boxers with that Velcro front pee door. I was shaking inside. I had planned to ask him to brush my long blond wet hair to entice him to get horny. That sure wasn't needed now. The video mom and son began to get naked. He began to get her on her back and lick her pussy. She moaned and squirmed. I began to drip, my pussy was so hot watching this.

The young guy put her legs up and began to fuck his mom. Eric paused the video. He turned and jumped as he saw me. "Aw mom, you just scared the crap out of me!" I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him.

He had a big lump in his boxers, which he quickly covered. I sat down carefully on his lap. I whispered: ("…let's watch this together.") He froze. I turned the chair, clicked the video on and leaned back on him. I felt his cock on the underside of my pussy, all warm and big.

I took his trembling hands and put them on my tits.


The guy continued fucking his mom as she moaned and was really enjoying it. Eric&hellip. I was in shock of the best kind. My cock was rock hard and between mom's legs. My hands were feeling her full tits, the tits I had only dreamed about feeling. My balls were moving as she slightly squirmed on my cock. What happened?…all this&hellip.how long had she wanted to do this? I didn't care, she was on me and I so close to cuming I hoped I wouldn't embarrass myself.

Mom&hellip. …now Eric was getting use to what was happening. I closed my eyes some to enjoy his hands on my tits. I could feel his heart beat and both our gasping for breath.

I could feel his pulse in his cock between my legs. The son in the video pulled his cock out and began jacking it. He shot cum on his mom's pussy. She was moaning and squirming. I felt Eric jump. I felt an added wetness between my legs. He had cum in his boxers. I pulled my robe up and reached down and stroked his wet cock. The feel of warm cum on my hand took my breath away.

I stroked and play with it as he shot one more time on my fingers. This was hot as I squirmed and orgasmed. It had been a very long time since I had orgasmed that good. I leaned back and enjoyed Erick feeling my bare tits now.

I just let him play and drift down to my wet pussy. His fingers found my clit as he rubbed it. I opened my legs wide as he slipped fingers in my pussy. I was finally getting my desires with a great start. I stroked him as he felt deep in my pussy.

I felt so good I got light headed. A teen feeling me and making me feel so excited was a great start.

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The time was right to take Eric to my bedroom. I got up and took his hand. I led him into my room. I left just the night light on and&hellip.wait&hellip.I'll leave the drapes open. I got a big pussy jolt thinking about 1 and 2 spying on us and about what was going to happen. Eric&hellip. The change in mom was my fantasy coming true. She whispered: ("…undress me.") Oh god I was excited as I took her robe off.

She pulled my boxers down and off. We now stood facing each other.


My cock was rock hard as she stroked it. She sat on the bed and pull me to her. My legs trembled as he started kissing my cock. I reached down to feel her beautiful tits. She slowly licked and started sucking my cock. She played with my balls and then stopped. She scooted back on the bed and pulled me on top of her.

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She put her legs up like the mom in the video. She guided my cock into her warm wet pussy&hellip. Number 1 and 2.&hellip. 1 "Oh jez&hellip.damn…Eric is fuck'in his own mom! That lucky bastard!" 2 "Let me see&hellip.oh fuck…he's don'in her. If she'll let him fuck her, she'll let me fuck'er. Mom&hellip. I wonder how 1 and 2 liked the new show they were getting. The thought of them watching was just making me all the hotter. I was finally feeling Eric's cock in me.

I felt his strong arms and felt his excited body, as was mine. He held my tits tight and started pumping me deep. I adjusted so his cock rubbed right on my G spot. I rubbed my clit and let him kiss away on me. Our tongues went wild as we both started to peak. This was what I wanted all along. Lots of teen energy coming my way. I squeezed my pussy tight on his cock and held it. We both moaned as I felt what I wanted. Hot cum being shot in me…over and over.

I started to black out a little as it felt so damn good. A hot teen body pumping on me was awesome as I shook and squirmed to enjoy it over and over. I loved the feeling of hot cum running down my slit. Oh god yes&hellip.I was on my way to get all the teen cock I wanted. Erick went weak on me but kept pumping all his cum in me…I squeezed his cock until I couldn't get another squeeze out&hellip. We both slowly fell asleep with his wet cock deep in me. Eric told me way later about how 1 and 2 reacted to us fucking.

He laughed and said they had jacked off watching us and shot cum all over their bedroom floor. That story made me so hot, I planned ahead for them both. Eric&hellip. I became possessive of my mom some. I wanted her all to myself&hellip.but&hellip.I could tell she wanted more things.

She would ask me about my friends What their sex life was and the girls they were fucking. I noticed she would get hot when I told her stuff. She wanted to know about gang bangs, easy girls and football guys fucking lots of girls.

(I made stuff up too, just to get her hot before we fucked.) She asked me about 1 and 2 and their girlfriends. They both got country girlfriends, but I think they lied about fucking them. All they talked about&hellip.was my mom. I didn't know till later about them watching us fuck that first night. Mom…… I waited until the time was just right. 1 and 2's parents were away for the weekend and Eric was gone to camp for over night.

I put on my shortest shorts, no bra, and went to see them. They were both sitting in their garage.

I slinked in and said: "I'm lonely, why don't you guys come over and see me tonight." They grinned and looked at each other. I walked behind them and passed my hand over their shoulders. I put on my sexiest wiggle and walked out. I heard them say: "Ok, we'll be over at dark." At dark I had my robe on and the house all ready for them. They came and sat on each side of me. I started in. I told them how I really needed a good back rub by two strong guys.

I dropped my robe off my shoulders as the both went for my back. I moaned and led them up to my bedroom. I loved the way they were grinning and breathing hard, all excited. I sat on the bed and said that I gave a good back rub myself and why didn't they take their shirts off.

We all got on the bed and I had them face me as I was on my front. I put my arm around them and started rubbing their backs. They both rubbed mine as we all got very aroused. I ask them to rub my butt and legs too. I felt two hardons on the side of my legs as they felt me up good.

I slowly turned over and open up my robe. I whispered: ("&hellip.I need my front rubbed too.") I felt four jittery hands start feeling my tits. I started moaning and played with their hair.

They were really warm now as I said: ("&hellip.lower.") Their hand drifted down to my wet pussy. They took turns slowly fingering me. I slowly slid over on top of number 1 on my back. I said: ("…undo your pants.") They did as fast as they could. I pulled number 2 on top facing me. I felt two hard hardons. Both between my legs. I guided one into my pussy, then other one. They didn't know what to think, but both soon started to fuck me at the same time&hellip.just what I wanted.

This was a first for me but an old fantasy of mine. To be fucked by two guys, both in my pussy. It was a shock how tight it was but felt oh so good. We all adjusted and they went for it as I moaned and they panted. They went wild in me.

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Fucking deep and speeding up. The bed was jumping off the floor with the action. I was feeling euphoria like never before. I tried to squeeze their moving cocks but it was so tight I didn't need to. Their fingers and mine dug into our skin as could feel what was coming. Two hard thrusts and groaning and I got the blast of a lifetime.

My pussy immediately got hot with their cum shooting in me hard. To have four hands feeling me, and two cock's in me caused me to yell out something as I climaxed my first double fuck ever. I shook all over and gasp for air.

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They held me tight and squeezed my tits hard. We all groaned and felt us. I could feel their cum squirting out the sides of my pussy in pulses. I&hellip.I&hellip.lost it and just held on tight to us all squirming hard. The two brothers kept pumping me slowly and kissing my face and neck. I had found a new high I was totally into now.

I liked this and my pussy did too.

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I tried to squeeze their cocks but I was to weak. They had fucked me out and I was already planning more. I managed to hold them tight and start moving my pussy back and forth. I wanted seconds and they did too. They traded places on me and my pussy was coming alive again. In the two cocks went again. I was so hot I thought I would pass out.

They loved to kiss me and feel my tits. I was in heaven for sure. They now knew how to get me hot beyond my wildest dreams. I twisted my body in joy and excitement as they teamed up on me in their drive to fuck me again. It was a win win win driven fuck that we all were going for. I moaned crazy things as they groaned and fuck me hard and deep.

Could I take what was coming?…I ask my self. Damn!, these guys could fuck! I held on as they went into a double frenzy fast fuck. I moaned in spurts as they pounded my pussy hard. I was seeing stars as I felt a double load of hot cum shoot in me. We all groaned, squirmed and thrashed.

I saw a bright light&hellip.then black as I passed out a little. It was the peak of all climaxes I'd ever had. Their hands were all over me with soft squeezes as they kissed me softly. --------------- "Mom&hellip.Mom, wake up. I heard Eric's voice.

"How was your weekend?" he said. He pulled down the covers. He saw a huge wet circle in the middle of the bed. He smiled and said: "Wow, that good." He carried me to the shower.

We ended up in his bed. He started kissing me and his hands feeling my tits and pussy. Eric&hellip. &hellip.by now I knew what mom liked. I said to her softly. "I have a lot of my teen buddies who want to meet you mom." She open her smiling eyes and said: "Bring them all." I slipped my cock in her and we began to fuck. She was a wild woman, thrusting and squirming as her pussy squeezed my cock hard. I emptied my balls in her with a mind bending good cum. She yelled with joy as she climaxed hard, dug her fingers in me, held tight and shook.

I guess that news made her happy. She kept fucking me until I passed out…… .