Zwei Männer lecken eine Muschi zusammen Compilation 2

Zwei Männer lecken eine Muschi zusammen Compilation 2
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Catness sat by the poolside in her bikini watching her older brother and his friends laughing and joking and drinking, they were old enough but mom would go crazy if she could see. well if they can so can I she thought she wandered inside being careful not to be seen she opened the fridge to see it well stocked even better she grabbed a bottle and started to hunt the bottle opener, cat had seen them use it but where did they put it?

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she checked all the drawers and the cupboards but it wasn't there and then she felt someone behind her, as their hands moved to her hips she turned to see Jake her brothers friend they go way back and she'd always had a crush on him, she explained she was just fetching it for her brother he stepped forward and she moved back against the counter he grinned 'oh really?

then how come I'm fetching everyone's too?' 'I um.' yeah that's what I thought.


you shouldn't be drinking!' she shuffled nervously 'but i.' 'c'mon upstairs .or ill tell Tom what you're up to' he took the bottle from her and followed her up. when they got to the top he said good girl as he put his bottles down and pushed her into her room hands on her hips he lifted her against the wall she gasped and he told her how he'd seen the way she'd looked at him over the years and watched her grow into a gorgeous young lady she blushed he pushed her hair from her face and sat on her bed he asked her to come sit next to him but pulled her to his lap as she sat she felt him hard through his shorts and her bikini she giggled nervously having never been even in a room with a boy alone before and Jake he was so handsome he ran his hands over her stomach and told her to lock the door.

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'i don't have a lock on my door.tommy does. but I'm not allowed' 'that's fine I doubt anyone would come upstairs anyway.but tom's room would be better he has a bigger bed' he grinned and grabbed her hand pulling her into her brothers room he took of his shirt not that she hadn't seen him shirtless before but today he looked gorgeous with his cheeky grin he started rummaging around the room.

'what are you doing' cat asked 'lock the door i know he has booze in here somewhere she' locked the door when she was done Jake had poured two drinks and handed her one she hadn't drank this before but she knew tommy liked it.

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Jake lay back against the cushions and he told her to lie back and relax she lay back one of his strong arms around her shoulder as he turned on his side to look over her body she was only fifteen but she looked older and she was so innocent.

her blonde hair curling around her face and those bright blue eyes he ran a hand between her boobs and over her flat stomach and down to her bikini bottoms soft and still damp from the pool or something else he grew hard thinking of her getting wet when he touched her she moved nervously 'shh little cat I know you want me and I know I want you' .but I.


I've not.done anything before she said embarrassed. 'that's okay you'll learn from the best lean forward.' she did and he unlaced her bikini top her nipples were hard he kissed her neck her shoulder and worked his way over her boobs nipping at her nipples as he climbed on top of her kissing further and further down until he got to her bikini bottoms he licked over them at first and she giggled he kept licking until they were soaking and he knew she could feel every lick as if she had no underwear on the moans gave that away and the confessions of how she'd always fancied him but her brother would go crazy but that seemed to make her moan louder he spurred her on with he'd go even crazier if he knew I was licking your soaking pussy on his bed dripping juice everywhere dirty girl she squealed and he slipped a finger under her bikini then came a gasp and he fingered her slowly while he licked she's so tight he thought, he stopped licking and saw her hips grinding where his face would have been he licked his lips and kept fingering her she was slick wet when he asked her little cat do you want another in there she opened her mouth to say yes but all that came out was a moan he grinned and slid another in she got even louder he laughed and pulled them out 'shh girl you'll get me caught' sorry she whispered he came between her legs and kissed her neck are you ready cat?

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she nodded and he pushed inside her she bit her lip and he let out a half moan half growl he slowly eased into her he started getting a rhythm going her breath catching as he slid back in she was still tight her nails were dragging down his back but that only made him fuck her harder she squealed with pleasure he nearly lost himself but he knew it was cats first time so he took her easy 'purr little kitty' he said when her legs started to shake.he smiled down on her as her eyes rolled back he felt his cock throbbing as he was about to finish when the door opened tom stood there half drunk leaning on the door 'got lucky did we J?

who's the lucky lady' catness covered her face but it was too late Jake moved off her and started to look for his shorts, cat pulled the duvet over her 'Tommy.I I'm sorry please don't tell mom please I'm sorry' she mumbled that wet patch doesn't look like you're sorry you little slut he said seething he locked the door behind him Jake saw how angry he was and he knew toms temper he told cat to find some clothes and tried to explain to Tommy but he was having none of it, don't get dressed slut if he can have you so can I Catness was scared hoping he was joking she'd never seen Tommy angry especially at her he'd always looked after her she went for the door but he caught her wrist she held her by the side of him she was so tiny against him Jake said no and tried to pull her away but Tommy said no you're going to show me how you fucked my sister and then I'm going to fuck her better and harder aint that right cat?


she was trembling now pleading 'Jake make him stop he's scaring me please' he wrapped his arm around her and whispered in her ear ' just go with it baby he'll leave as soon as he see's me on top of you ' she nodded he laid her back on the bed and he kissed her the same way as before she opened her legs to let him in and took a glance to see if Tommy had left but he hadn't he was standing there rubbing his cock as Jake came between her legs and went to push his cock inside her Tommy shouted 'no I want her on top I want a good view' so Jake lay down and pulled cat over him he held her hips and stared in her eyes trying to keep her focus on him he lowered her down on top of him she was just as tight as the first time and he had to pull her firmly she squeaked out of pleasure he hoped he moved his hips up and down slowly but Tommy disagreed again make her work for it he told them but I don't know how she said close to tears jakes cock was hard inside her, she tried to move her hips but couldn't get it right she was getting wetter and it became easier she had to sit up to get it right it felt so good but Tommy was still there staring at them she could hear him breathing she wished it was just her and Jakey alone he was so sweet to her now it was ruined he was still guiding her hips and looking up at her she finally when found her rhythm she looked down to see his eyes rolling Tommy just stared watching her ride him watching jakes cock go in and out of his sister cat had forgotten all about him it was just her and Jake he was moaning and she knew she was pleasing him now and then his hands would tighten on her hips and she'd feel him throbbing inside her every so often she would moan with him when it was just right then she heard him moan harder and he closed his eyes his hands gripping her hips hard it almost hurt when he released both his hands and his cock he was breathless she felt happy he pulled her down and kissed her cheek 'good kitty' she blushed and leaned into him he was so warm.

'very nice ' Tommy butted in they'd both forgotten about him 'my turn get off him .nowait just pull him out of you I'll fuck you over him like you both fucked me over tbc C x

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