Blonde babe sofi goldfinger blows hung fake agent

Blonde babe sofi goldfinger blows hung fake agent
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It has been months since i last wrote and i was not getting much business trip nowadays. We are a asian cpl living in the states and its new for us here. My wife is a very conservative lady and it took me alot of effort to get her spread her legs for my friend mark.

However there is a twist to it. Both of them are not aware that i i know everything from both ends. meaning mark doesnt know my wife tells me about it and my wife doesnt know mark tells me about it. its is more like a cat and mouse thing going on. I encourage mark to fuck and pursue my wife with lots of time alone which i arrange for it to happen.

And i got my wife thinking she has to make an effort to fuck mark because i want her to do so and she is doing it for me. but in all the case. my wife is reluctant but she do agree to do it becasue i kept encouraging her to.

Mark needs to travel for work purpose and he was away for 2 months in London.

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he is finally back and he told me if im still open to the idea of him and my wife. I told him yes! i was wating for you to be back. he says he has been in touch with my wife via msg and she seems to miss him too. the wildest we ever had was getting my wife drunk and i got him to fuck her with me watching it.

with that arrangement, i will get to watch and my wife wont know mark is talking to me about fucking her openly.


mark is very excited about the idea that he could continue fucking my wife and i told him to date her. not to worry about me as i will pretend to be busy as usual to allow them to have the place and time alone and make sure it was long enough for them to do a full fuck. Days go by and one day my wife called me on the phone and told me taht Mark called her to go to his place after work.

She ask me if im ok? i told her im ok if she is willing to allow him to get into her pants. she went silent and she said, yes. that is what mark wanted. so i ask her if she is willing or she want it.She replied me.


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i think it can be nice but only if i allowed her. i told her yes. I would love it if she wants to fuck him as much as i wanted him to fuck her.

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And i believe Mark really wants to fuck her badly. she ask me if im serious and totally alright with it. I again ensure her. yes. Karyn was bit different now. she is more confident and she came home after work and greeted me. she told me that she wants to change before meeting mark. I was happy to see her face glowing and she went to shower and put on a lovely flair skirt and a blouse. she was all ready and i told her to take her time as i know she will be in good hands and having a good time.

she said ok and she left the house about 7pm. i went out for some drinks with freinds to kill my anxiety of watiing for her to be back. i reach home about 2 am and she wasnt home yet. i was thinking to myself. wow. my wife is really enjoying herself. so instead of messaging my wife i message mark instead.

Are u having a good time? he replied me. Yes. fucked Karyn nicely and can i have her for the night? so i replied.

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yes. give her many good fucks today. i went to bed and i heard hy wife coming home. about 7am. she came up and kissed me. i ask her how was it and she said it was very nice.

she whispered to me saying that Mark is downstairs. she says maybe we can go for breakfast together when im up. i told her maybe let me sleep for any hour more. she said ok and she told me she will company Mark downstairs. i woke up about 20 mins later as i could hear someone was moaning. i slowly open the door and heard My wife and mark was in the room downstairs fucking! i didnt want to stop them and i was just listening to them for another 15 mins or so.

i heard that my wife was talking to him and says she will go wake me up. i quickly went back to bed. my wife came up and was wearing a long tee. i grab her hand and pull her into the bed. i ask told her that i heard her fucking. she was surprise and thought i was sleeping. i kissed her and i pull her tee up to to expose her and she wasnt even wearing her panty. her bush was gone and i said. wow .

u shave for him. she said no. he shave her yesterday and he wanted to see his cock sliding in and out of her clearly. i went down on her but she push my head away. telling me to stop. i ask why. she said mark just finish fucking her bare. she didnt even wash her pussy yet. i force myself to lick her and she start to relax and let me lick it.

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he start to moan and moan. she was even calling out marks name when i lick her.


she volunteered to BJ me and she did till i cum in her mouth. we went out for breakfast and we were hangin out the whole day.

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in the evening. i told mark. maybe it is time to do a 3p. he was so excited. he ask me if im sure. I said.

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yes. i told him to walk in when we are back home. We went home and mark pretend that he wanted to use the restroom and my wife went upstairs to change. so i went up few minutes later and she asked me if mark has left. i said yes. but i didnt get to know how it went yesterday night and i wanted to know everything. so she started to tell me about him taking her out for dinner and went back to his place. had a few glass of wine. kissed and he went down on her in the sofa.

and fucked her missionary on the sofa. they rested and went into the room where she gave him a long BJ and strip naked and continue to do 69 and went on. i told her i can imagine she is having a good time and i wanted to fuck her so badly now. she told me she has so much sex in 24 hours and if i could do it tmr. I told her. please let me. she agreed and i lay her down. i begin to lick her abit and i left the door open.

she was dry. maybe she had a very good fucked and it could last her urge for weeks.

LOL. i begin to lick her and i told her to continue telling me how mark felt inside her. after about 10 mins. i was sitted at the bed with my back against the headboard and she was on all 4s sucking my cock. mark tip toe and i signalled him to come in. he walk quietly behind her and took out his cock and ready to fuck her. i held her hand and head and marks touch her ass.

she was shock and she turn around to see mark. and she was shock. she was shouthand ask Mark. what are u doing. i told her since Mark has fuck you yesterday. i want to watch him fuck u today too. she wanted to jump out of bed and take her clothes but i hold her and make sure she doesnt leave the bed.

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she said no but Mark was adjsuting himself and it took a few moment before his cock was partially in her pussy from behind. Mark manage to get his cock in her and started fucking slow strokes. she was moving with the rhythm and i lean forward to kiss her and whisper to her.

pls suck my cock. she slowly lower her head and started sucking my cock again and Mark was fucking her from behind. and that moment. my wife offically doing a 3some for the first time. Mark was ricking her harder and harder and he accidentally pull out too much and came out of her. he was trying to get his cock back in but the angle wasnt helping him much. she was sucking me and she took her hands and reach out to his cock and adjusted it for him.

that minute i knew we had her. i knew we can take our time from that point onawards. she rasie her head occasionally to catch her breath and enjoy marks cock fucking her. after a few minutes. I move to the side and turn her around to lay on her back. i went to the other side of the bed and i told mark to fuck her for me. she look at me and mark went to position himself over her and left her left leg over his shoulder.

i was beside her and i kiss her while mark was fucking her. she kised me back but moaning at the same time. she closed her eyes and start to enjoy mark fucking her and she moan passionately.

i ask her if she love the feeling now. and she was moaning and moaning. mark cum a moment after and he want down to the chair and she was panting for air. so i was so satisfied after all taht and i told her. Karyn. U finally did a 3 some. first for all of us. mark looked at me. and said. Hey. the truth is. First for u but not karyn. Brandon and me gave her the first 3some. I was shock and Karyn was shouting Mark!!!!


more to come.