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Schaffrath michaela filme
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Kristy's New Owner - ch 01 I never thought I'd be writing this down, never thought I'd be exposing all of our deep, dark secrets to the world but at this point, I have nothing left to hide.

Nothing left to lose either. Isn't that right, Alex? Is that good enough for you? Is that what you wanted me to say?


Does that make you feel like a big man? I have to be careful. Naw, fuck it, why bother? What else can he do to me now that he hasn't already done? What can he take from me that he hasn't already taken? I can hear them right now. I can hear them in the other room.

He likes it that way. I know it and he knows I know it. He just fuckin' loves knowing that I'm here, sitting upright on this stool in the kitchen, wearing nothing but this apron and high heels, waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for someone to call me, waiting for.well, just waiting. Both of the doors between the kitchen and the bedroom are open. The sound comes down the hall and is amplified by the high ceilings and wooden floors. Darryl and Tyrel are laughing and hollerin', cheering Alex on as he pounds his big cock into my wife's pussy.

I look up at the clock. Three-twenty. Darryl and Tyrel got here at ten this morning and the three of them have been at her non-stop since then. At a little after noon, Tyrel rang the bell. I got up and made my way down the hallway, wobbling on the fucking high-heels.

Tyrel told me to bring them sandwiches and coffee. I went back to the kitchen and prepared Alex's favorite for all of them, BLT on wheat bread. I stumbled on the high heels as I brought the tray into the room and they all laughed. "Don't worry, she'll learn," Alex said.

Alex came up with the high heel shoes today. Evidently, it isn't enough that he keeps me naked and wearing an apron while he fucks my wife in our bed, he has to dress me in high heels too. He brought a pair with him this morning when he got here at nine. He had Kristy come into the basement and unlock the tool room.

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I've been sleeping on a cot in the tool room in the basement since Alex moved into our bedroom three weeks ago. Kristy stared at me with disdain as I folded up the single dirty sheet they let me have and lay it flat underneath the pillow. I knew that I looked laughable, I slept naked except for a pair of black socks.

Alex saw me that way once and thought it was hysterical, so he keeps me that way when I'm not busy with other duties around the house. Kristy was wearing a very sexy white nightgown, knee length and very, very sheer. My wife's body was nearly perfect, 38D, 26, 36, with short-cropped blond hair and a flawless all-over tan. She was 29 and had a body that was ten years younger.

She'd always been into health and maintaining her looks and it showed. When we met, she was spending six days a week at the gym, running, swimming, weight training, and doing yoga. After we married, she kept it up for a while, but then work got busy and she started cutting back. She picked it back up when Alex came into the picture about two years ago. She wanted to look good for him. And she did. She saw me staring at her as I walked toward the small sink and toilet at the end of the tool room.

She gave a contemptuous sneer and a small laugh. "Hurry up and pee and brush your teeth," she said. "Alex brought you a present." I did my business and came quickly up the stairs. Alex presented me a box. I opened it and inside was a pair of three-inch heel, black women's shoes. Alex made me try them on while Kristy sat in his lap and nuzzled his ear. The shoes fit, though they were tight.

"They're always tight," Kristy laughed. "Stand up," Alex ordered. I got to my feet, wobbling and waving my arms to keep my balance. They laughed and I blushed. "Get used to them, Shirley," Alex teased. "You're going to have them on a lot." I just nodded. Alex had taken to calling me Shirley after he and Kristy watched "Airplane" a while back.

"Now, make us some breakfast." I'd wobbled to the stove and cooked them scrambled eggs and sausage, which I served them on our wedding china. Alex insisted on nothing but the best for "his" Kristy. I look at the clock again. Three-thirty. The sounds from the other room have quieted down a bit. There's no laughter and cheering from the men, only a single sound and it's even worse. I recognize it immediately. It's the sound of my wife being fucked. She's moaning and calling his name.

"Alex, oh fuck, yes! Deeper! Deeper!

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Pinch my nipples! Darryl, twist them, pull th.aaaaahhhhHH!!!! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming! I'm cummmmmming.AAAHHHHH!!!!!" I want to put my hands over my ears but I can't. As much as I hate the sound, I love the sound.

I feel my cock getting stiff, rubbing against the fabric of the apron. I want to stroke it but I know better. If Alex catches me, he'll punish me.

As it is, I rarely have access to my wife but he could make it even worse. I can't take the chance. The bell rings. I swing my legs around and slide off the stool, getting my balance more quickly this time and walking down the hallway.

I can feel the strain in my calves and thighs, understand why women hate these shoes and why men love them. I feel my ass tight and high in the air and I want to puke. When I turn in through the door, I just stare. My wife is laying on her back, legs splayed flat against the sheets, kissing Alex's chest, her tongue playing with his nipple.

Alex is propped up on a stack of pillows, his big, muscled body slick with sweat, his face a wide smile of satisfaction. I see his cock in my wife's hand, ten inches long and still semi-stiff, the head and shaft glistening with his cum and my wife's pussy. "Hey, looka here," Darryl laughs. He stands up and walks behind me, flips up the hem of the apron.

"Little Limp Man." He pats my ass and pushes me forward onto the bed, my hands gripping the footboard. I feel him pulling my ass cheeks open. "Anybody want to fuck the faggot? He looks *good* in those heels, don't he?" He gives my balls a flick with his finger and I grunt from the sudden shock.

"Yo, Little Lim Man," Tyrel says. I turn to him. "Come clean me up." He's sitting on the easy chair I used to use for night time reading. He has one leg out straight, the other one up over the arm of the chair. It's unusual for one of them to do this and I always dread it. Usually, they're happy to have me suck their cum out of my wife's pussy, but once in a while, it's this.

It's horrible and is usually a prelude to something else. I never know what and it frightens me. I get off the bed and walk toward Tyrel. I look at my wife and see that she's not even watching, her eyes are on Alex's cock. She moves her head further down his belly, bringing the bead closer to her mouth.

I feel my cock stiffen again. Tyrel notices. "Hey, lookit Little Limp Man. He's getting a stiffie." Darryl laughs. "I think he wants to watch you fuck his wife again, Alex." I feel ashamed as I watch Kristy's eyes get wide.

"Are you ready already, baby?" she whispered, her voice full of eagerness and heat. I see her mouth heading for Alex's cock at the same time Tyrel's hand grabs my hair. "Come on, queer little motherfucker," he said, pushing my head into his lap. I smell his crotch and want to wretch but timidly, I open my mouth and push out my tongue, licking a glob of cum off of his thigh. I feel the bile coming up and want to puke but manage to keep it down.

He reaches in his lap and grab his cock, holds it to my lips. I can't do it, still. I hear slurping sounds behind me and I know my wife's sucking Alex's cock and then I open my mouth but as soon as the tip of Alex's cock touches my lip, I clamp shut and pull back. I turn my head around and see my wife staring at me. Our eyes lock. She's full of disdain and condescension, showing off her cocksucking skill to me on this other man's cock.

I want to be in her mouth but I know that's Alex's decision now, not mine. "What's wrong, Little Limp Man? Don't want to suck cock?" Tyrel taunts me. He pushes me onto the floor and stands up, stroking his cock.

"How about I fuck you up the ass, huh?" I feel Darryl's hands grabbing my arms and picking me up. He throws me on the bed, my head inches from my wife's face. Her lips are tight around Alex's cock, her eyes still staring into mine. I feel my stomach twist, don't care what happens to me now, feel Darryl's hands spreading my legs. Then, I see my wife's eyes go wide and she's gulping and Alex is cumming in her mouth.

"Keep it, baby, keep it," he whispers. Then, he's done and he pushes her up and she has her lips pressed together and Darryl's turning me over and I'm on my back and Kristy leans over me and I feel Darryl's hands on my head and he pulls my chin down and my mouth is open and Kristy leans forward and opens her mouth. A thin stream of Alex's cum splashes against my tongue and then she's pouring all of it out of her mouth and into mine.

My mouth is filling up, he cums like a horse, and it's between my teeth and down my tongue and all over my gums and then she's done and she moves around on the bed and her pussy is pressed against my face and I feel her lips move as she flexes down there and then another stream of Alex is gushing out of her and into my mouth, then I taste Darryl then I taste Tyrel then I taste Alex again.

She pushes and pushes and my mouth is overflowing and their cum is running down the sides of my face and into my hair and ears and pooling on the bed around my head. "Finish," I hear Alex say and I know immediately what he means.

I swallow everything I can, used to but not used to the taste by now, then I lean up and push my tongue into my wife's cunt, licking and sucking and cleaning out the rest of whatever's up there and swallowing it and swimming in the humiliation.

I lick her clean, lick her ass and her cunt and her thighs and finally she climbs off of me. I watch eagerly as Alex inspects my wife's crotch. He wipes a finger along the inside of her thigh, sniffs it.

I am anxious. If I did a good job, a satisfactory job -- up to Alex's criteria -- he might let her give me a handjob or maybe (maybe!) a blowjob or maybe caress my balls while I jerk myself off. I watch his finger as it comes away from his nose and he leans down and sniffs my wife's crotch.

The image of her naked body fills my head and my cock stiffens again, my balls swollen and aching. I haven't been allowed to cum in nearly ten days. Alex looks at me, then turns and starts kissing Kristy.

Her body squirms and her knees open. She grinds her titties against his chest, wraps her arms around his neck. I see her mouth open and eager, her tongue pushing into his mouth. I see his hand between her legs and her grinding against him and my cock goes fully stiff now.

I twitch it up and down against the apron, wanting desperately to cum right there. Alex play with her a few more minutes, then turns and looks at me. His eyes crawl down to my stiff erection underneath the apron and he smiles.

"Your wife's pussy is." he pushes a finger deep into her cunt. She groans and starts kissing his neck desperately, ".soaking wet. Show us your cock." I pull the apron aside, my pathetic little cock waving in the air. "Touch it," he said. I'm almost delirious with excitement and I wrap my hand around it and start pumping quickly. "Did I tell you to do that?" he asks calmly. I freeze, panicked.

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I fucked up. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. He pulls my wife's head back a few inches. "I'd like to see your husband's cock in your mouth." He pauses. "Do you want to suck his cock?" She looks at me, then at Alex, then at his crotch. "I'd rather suck your cock," she says, looking at me.

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The men all three laugh. "You heard the woman," Alex says. "No pussy for you." I stare at him, my hand still jerking my cock. I don't care anymore. I just need to cum before I fucking explode! "You've got to five," Alex announces. He's played this game with me before. I look at my wife, begging her with my eyes to touch me. "One." Anywhere. Any fucking where! Just a fingernail, "two", just a fingertip. "Three." I slap my balls now, pinch the scrot.

"Four." I jerk faster but it's no use. "Five." "FUCK!!!!" I scream. The four of them all laugh. "Someone walk Shirley back to the basement.

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She can get in a nap before cooking dinner," Alex says to Darryl. Darryl stands up and heads for the door. "And, Darryl," Alex says.


"Yes?" "Make sure you do something with his hands so he can't touch himself, OK? I don't want him making a mess in the basement."