Vers Jap tgirl gets her cock pleasured and creampied

Vers Jap tgirl gets her cock pleasured and creampied
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My name is Bob. I had completed my doctorate in geology and accepted a position as a medium-sized university in the Midsouth. I was the fifth member of the department. The others included the department head, Matt, and two other guysNate and Arturo, and the only female in the department, Barb. All of them were married, so I was the only single guy in the bunch.

Although Matt was the boss, he was only three years older than I. Barb was about 60, and a pleasant woman. Her husband Jack was an o.k. guy, and made me laugh a lot when he and Barb had a welcome dinner in my honor. Nate was about 45, and had a Filipino wife. Arturo told me they had been married quite a while and that he though Nate had ordered her through a mail-order outfit.

Nate's wife, Ginger, was not a bad looking girl, and was probably in her early 30s. Arturo and his wife Angie were my age. Angie was not a friendly woman, but she and Matt's wife Heather were good friends, especially good drinking buddies as they really put away the booze at Barb and Jack's house. The third week of the semester Matt informed me that the department was going on a retreat and that he had rented a house for us.

He told me I could bring a friend if I wished, as all the others were bringing spouses. He said, "but it is a working retreat." Matt rented an old house in the mountains with five bedrooms. There were three bedrooms on the first floor, and two on the third. Matt and Heather took one of the third floor rooms, and I was assigned the other. Both were very similar in size and decor, and were side by side, with a beautiful view of the mountains. After dinner the first evening of our stay, we all gathered in the great room and began to drink some wine.

Barb and the other women moved to one side of the room and appeared to be having a good time. It looked like they were drinking more wine than the men. Matt and Art were also drinking quite a bit. We sat and drank for a couple of hours, enjoying each other's company. Finally, Matt got up and staggered to his room. Shortly afterwards, I excused myself and went to my room. After showering, I read a little, then fell asleep. Sometime later, I was awakened by someone entering my room.


I raised up, and saw that it was Heather. "Sorry" she said, "but I need to take a shower to sober up." Thinking her shower was broken, I mumbled "o.k.". I went back to sleep until I felt the bed move as someone was getting in bed with me. It was Heather.


Still groggy from just being awakened, I said nothing. I sleep naked, so when she spooned against me, I felt her nakedness as well. She pushed her ass against my cock. As I became aroused, she said "I'm sorry I awoke you Matt, but the girls and I finished off the wine, and I am tipsy." With that she rubbed her ass against my cock some more. My precum had already started flowing, and my cock slid to the mouth of Heather's cunt. I could not believe my luck.

I reached over to grab her tits and began to caress them. She turned on her back, grabbed my cock, and began to play with it. I then kissed her left tit, and felt the nipple harden. Then I began to move south, kissing her on her stomach and finally reaching within a few inches of her mound.

"Matt, this is so nice. This is the first time you have ever done that." I said nothing and moved my lips to her pussy lips and began to lick them. She gasped, and opened her legs wide.

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I now moved to her clit, and began to massage it with my tongue. "God, Matt, why have'nt you been doing this before?" I said nothing, content that I was eating some good clean pussy and that Heather thought I was her husband. After a few minutes, I could tell Heather was about to have an orgasm. I sped up my tongue action, and she erupted in a major orgasm.

With that I crawled on top of her, placed my cock at the opening of her vagina, and she pushed her hips up and I shoved my cock in to her soaking pussy She was moaning 'Matt, Matt, this is so good" and then we rolled over and she got on top.


She was fucking me hard, the slapping of our flesh as it met seemed to arouse us both. I felt my cum moving through my cock at about the time she finally looked at my face and said, "Bob, what the hell are you doing? I thought you were Matt?" She tried to move off, but I had my legs wrapped around her and finally my cum shot deep into her cunt. "God damn, it. I am going to have you arrested for raping me," Heather said. "And also, this is my most fertile timeyou better hope you did not get me pregnant." I replied, "if any rape occurred, it was youyou are the one who came to my room, to my bed." She looked confused, and recognized that she was not in her room.

"Oh God, I came to the wrong room. I thought this was my and Matt's room. What am I going to do?" We sat for an hour or so and discussed the situation in a calm matter. It was decided that she would slip into her room, and just in case I had impregnated her, she would fuck Matt.

Sitting on the bed naked, talking, had aroused me again. She saw my hard cock, and I said, "look, you have just been unfaithful for the first time, but it is done. You have to admit it was good." "It was" she said, "but I don't know." I got on the floor and pushed her back on the bed and began to kiss her thigh, then once again moved to her cunt.

She signed and opened wide so I could get a good approach to her once again moistening cunt.

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I got on the bed, and we got in 69 position. She took my cock, but not before she said "Matt is such a prudehe will not eat my pussy or let me suck his cock." "I will," I said, and pushed my cock into her mouth and began to eat away at her pussy. We rolled over until she was on top.

She began to shove her pussy into my face and although she had little experience at cock sucking she soon had me nearing climax. I could tell she was close too. I began to squirt cum into her mouth, six shots, and she swallowed it all. Then she came, and sprayed me with some of her juice. We laid there, exhausted.

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Finally, she got up, still naked, and left my room. As she closed the door, she said, "want to watch me fuck Matt?" "Why not," I said, and followed her to her room. She went in, left the door open, and got in bed with Matt. He was sound asleep, not aware that his wife had been fucking my brains out for the past two hours. She finally got him awake, removed the bed covers, and crawled on top of him.

His cock sprang into action, and soon it had entered the cave I had warmed up for him. He fucked her hard, and I could hear her say, "this is the day to make a little Matt" as he shot her cum into cunt. I went back to my room, and jacked off. The next morning Barb had prepared breakfast. As Heather and Matt entered the dining room, Barb said softly to Heather, "you look like hell. Matt really worked you over, huh," and giggled.

Heather blushed and said, "yes, he did." She looked at me and winked. It was surprising to me that I could talk so easily with Matt without feeling any guilt.

Heather and I joked, and all had a good time. None of them realized what a great time Heather and I had had earlier this morning. My cock got hard just thinking about it. After breakfast the faculty got together and we began to discuss departmental goals and plans. It was difficult for me because I was trying to conceive of a plan of how I could fuck Heather again tonight. At five o'clock, we wound down the educational crap and went outside to prepare the grills for cooking out.

Matt said he would do the grilling, but others would have to find him some hickory wood. Heather volunteered Barb and Jack and myself.

The remaining crew would prepare salads, etc. We all headed out in different directions, but I made it a point to see where Heather was going. I soon caught up with her and we quickly looked around, then fell into each others' arms. In no time, her shorts and panties were on the ground, as were my shorts and underwear. I stood behind Heather, put a hand on her cunt and began to rub her clit. No need to, she was already wet. I bent her over, and rammed my cock into her waiting pussy. We fucked like dogs in heat until we both came.

Damn, it was good fucking her in the woods. We hurriedly dressed and found wood, and entered the gathering area from different directions. Barb and Jack had already returned when we got there. "What took you two so long, " Jack asked. Heather said I got lost and I replied that I had found some interesting formations with good cleavages and crevices.

It was no lie, my cock had just explored a great little crevice. Heather and I did not get another opportunity that weekend, but a couple of week after she brought me a dish of lasagne.

"Well, I have some news. I am pregnant.

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As you know it could be yours, or Matt's. You both have same color hair and eyes, and other similarities. The only way to be certain is for a blood test, but I am not inclined to do that. If it is o.k. with you, we will operate as if the baby belongs to Matt.

That will save your job, and my marraige." "Good, as long as I get to fuck you at least once a week." I said. "That should be no problem. Matt thinks you are a queer anyway, and will not suspect anything," Heather laughed. The bastard, I thought, oh shit, no matter what he thinks, I'm fucking his wife, and she is enjoying it greatly.

Months later, Heather gave birth to a baby boy and Matt was so proud. But one look at the little guy's ears and I could see my own ears when I was a baby. A few weeks after she gave birth, Heather and I were back at it, fucking like bunnies. She surprised me, though, when she said she and Matt wanted another baby. I had been fucking her without condoms, but thought she was on the pill. "I could help you out" I said. Heather said no, that she did not want to betray Matt like that again. But after I explained that I was certain the baby boy was mine, and that it would be better if another baby looked similar.

She thought it over for a few minutes, and then agreed that we would make it a point to fuck at her next ovulation time. We did, and she became pregnant again. Another boy, making Matt really proud. Our fucking continued for six years, and two more babies, until Matt took a job in the Northeast. I occasionally meet Matt and Heather at national conventions, and Heather and I manage to get in a session or two of fucking, as well as cock and pussy eating.

Last year Heather and I had the kids DNA tested, and sure enough, all four of them have the same dad, me!