Sensational Latina Amateurs Make SexTape

Sensational Latina Amateurs Make SexTape
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Hi everyone :-D I would just like to thank you very much for choosing this story to read. This is my first time posting anything like this up on the web, but not the first time I have ever written anything like this. This may seam bit too long for certain people, but like I said: I'm a relative noob to this Genre. In fact, I'm a relative noob to this whole sex thing to boot.

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The farthest I have ever gone with a girl was a slow dance and a hug at my Junior prom (Yep, this is a Junior in High School who is writing this :-D ), so if some of my, errr, facts, seem to be out of place, please accept my most sincere apology.

And believe me, I'm working very hard on it as we speak (well, as you read) If you have any questions, comments, any suggestions, or maybe if you just want to hear more of my writings (namely poetry and Horror), then you can email me at [email protected] or if you want to learn more about me, then you can just visit my website at Thank you very much for reading my story and I hope you enjoy it.

GL, HF :-P ~ Stephen "Gondi" *** Note*** All people in this story are not real nor have these events ever occurred (with me or my friends anyway to the best of my knowledge).

If you were to use this for anything else (I.e. put it on a P2P, print it out and share it, etc.) I ask that you PLEASE do not edit it (simple spelling and grammar mistakes are OK though, but no content and/or name changes) and PLEASE give me credit for my&hellip.errr…labors. Thank you for understanding ===================================================================================== I sat in the living room looking out the window, waiting for any sign of a car.

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We were going to meet and play paintball at my house instead of going to the paintball place because it was reserved all day Saturday and i would be gone by 3 in the moring on Sunday. I had felt like there were butterflies in my stomach for the last half an hour, but now they seemed more like Lunar Moths than small butterflies.

I was waiting for my girlfriend, Crystal, to come over for a first date. We had been going out for about two months now, but this was the first chance we had at doing somthing together. You see, me and Crystal had one of those online relationships. She was my friends friend who she had met at summer camp. Now her brother was driving her over to my house so that we could eb alone for awhile. I heard a crunch of gravel, and looked up quickly.

I ran to the window to see if it was her, but it was just my neihbor pulling into his driveway. Dissapointed, i got back up and started to pace. I was wearing my camo hunting jeans, the macthing t-shirt, and my blue vest over the t-shirt.

I had the vest zipped up, and my hands in my pocket while i was pacing around the living room. I heard another crunch of gravel and i looked up.

There was a car pulling into my driveway! I wasn't focusing on the cars type, all i was trying to do was get a glimpse into the passengers side through the window,but i couldn't see anything that clerly. Suddenly the passenger side door opened and someone walked out. When my brain finally excepted what i saw, all i could say was "holy shit." There, standing in my dirveway looking around, was Crystal.

She was wearing a thin white shirt, a black tank top underneath, and a pink skirt that came halfway to her knees. She turned aound and i saw her face. She probebly coulnd't see in because it was dark inside, but i could see her perfectly.

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I looked into her eyes and they told me everything. They looked nervouse and scared, but at the same time they looked happy and excited. She started to walk closer and i snapped out of it. I went over to the door and waited for her to come to it. I heard her walk up the steps and wait for a second. Then i heard the door bell ring. For some reason it sounded abnormally loud in my still and quit house.

I opened the door and looked right at her. "Hello, my names Stephen. You must be Crysatl, right?" I said with a smile "Yeah, I'm Crystal" She respnded. "It's nice to finally meet you. Can i come in?" she said with a smile "Oh!

Of course" i said, kinda embarresed. I looked up just in time to see the car pull out of my drive way. Still entranced by her beuty i followed her into my house We stood there for a minute, she looking at the room and I looking at her out of the corner of my eye.

Suddenly she turned her attention to me. She saw that i was looking at he and i quickly averted my eyes to the furniture in the room. I quickly looked at everyhting: the Lazy-Boy couch that could turn into a bed, the T.V in it's T.V stand, the white couch, i couldn't look but i knew that there was a green padded chair behind me and behind crystal was the love seat.

I dared a look and i found that she was still looking at me, probing me with her eyes. Suddenly she took a step towards me, closing the distance between the two of us in half. "You know what" she chided "Your not hat bad looking" I tried to keep my voice steady as i replied, but i couldn't. " Your still prettier though" i responded, my voice waverying noticably.

I was hoping she didn't notice it, but she did. She could see my overlly obviose discomfort and her eyes changed, even as i looked into them. Her eyes went from nervouse and happy to caring and loving. "Relax, it's only me. No one important" At this last statement she lowerd her gaze and looked at the floor and started to bite her lower lip. I saw my chance, but i hesitated. She saw that i was trying to make a move, but she didn't do anything. She was waiting for me to act.

My pulse quickened, my breathig became more shalow. A part of me was screaming do it now, beore you loose this chance!! another voice wsa screaming don't! You don't wanna seam like your coming on to hard! I looked into her eyes, trying to find an answer. Now it was my turn to probe.

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I saw her eyes, no longer loving and caring, but sad and depressed. That is what i made my decision upon. I will act to make her happy again, i thought to myself. I took a step forward, closing the gap between us. She didn't look at me: she was still biting her lower lip and looking at the rug.

I took my hand and put it on her rihgt cheek: the side that she was looking too. I had my four fingers under her ear, and my thumb resting on her cheek. She brought her hands up and pressed my hand harder against her face. I tilted my hand so that she was looking right into my eyes.

I looked into those brown orbs, and startd to get mesmorized. Before they pulled me in i told her: "But you are important to me." Instantly the sadness dissapeared from her eyes and she stared at me, Loving and caring back into her eyes. 'thats the only thing that should be in her eyes' i thought to myself. She opened her mouth a bit to say something, but she never did. I took my rihgt hand (the free hand) and put it on the small of her back.

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She released my other hand, but i left it there for a second. I twisted it and pulled it across her cheek, gently carressing her with the back of my hand. I thought i felt a very light shiver go through her body, but i wasn't sure because i too shook. i was abou to take my hand away, when i realized why her lips weres still parted. I pulled my hand back so now my fingers were carressing her cheek, running towards her ear. I went past her ear and planted my hands behind her head.

I started to pull her closer and she threw her arms around my neck. I looked into her eyes and saw a slight twinkle in them right before she closed them.

I bent my head slightly to the right and leaned forward. She felt me coming and instinctivly pulled her head back, giving me easy access to her lips. I took one last breathe and made contact with her. I pressed my lips against hers, thinking about what the inside of her mouth would feel like with my tounge. I breathed through my nose, no longer caring for air, but her scent.

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'Smells like roses and Lilacs' i said to myslef. 'Must be from her shampoo.' i heard her breathe out of her nose too, but in shorter, qucker breathes than normal.

I decided to do some probing. ' You only live once' i said to myself So here i was, standing in my living room with a hot girl that likes me. My parents aren't home, i'm getting my first kiss, and i wantred to see if i could french her. To all of my friends, they would think that this wasn't me: their shy, reluctant Gondi. The kid who sits in the room, reading while everyone else is talking about what they did with their girl friends.

The kid who who has never shown any love. 'But I have' I thought bitterly to myself. ' I have shown love, but it just got denied or ignored.' Set and resloved, i was ready to go for it. I opened my eyes just a slit, looking for any reactions as i slowly moved my tounge out. I touched her lips with it, outlining her whole mouth. I thought i had heard a soft moan, but i didn't now if it was me or her.

Suddenly her hands shot up from around my neck and went to the back of my head. She pushed us together as far as we could go. I fully opend my eyes in shock and saw her face. Her eys were closed tight with red underneath them. I was wondering why she would be blushing when i staterted to feel my own heat emminate from my body.

I pushed my tounge betwenn her lips slowly.

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When i got to the other side, i didn't know what to do. 'I have never done this before and i have got no clue what the fuck to do!' i screamed at myself. Suddenly i remembered a love scene in a book i read. Better than nothing, i thought I took my tounge and i put it as far to the right as i could. Then i moved it aolng the front of her top teeth. She fully opend her mouth and visibly shuttered. I pushe my tounge to hers and she went wild. Her tounge startd lashing around, and all i could do was pull it back inot my mouth.

At the same time she tried to push us even closer together, but she couldn't. I looked behind her and saw the love seat. It was my turn to push back. I took my hand off of her head and put it around her waist. I pulled her body closer to me and we both shuttered: i had accidently pulled her close enough to me so that our crotches had touched.

She stiffened and pulled her head beck, breaking our kiss. But that didn't matter to me. I kissed her neck on her right side, just below her jaw. I then went all over her neck. She moaned softly and hugged me. She brought her head down and looked at me.

"enough" she wispered softly. 'but i just got started' i thought dryly. Placing one more kiss on her forhead i hugged her back. We stood there for a good 5 minutes hugging, absorbing each others warmth. "I guess this is what heaven feels like" i said while she started to rub her left cheek agianst mine.

I decided then that i could spend the rest of theday like tha, holding her in m arms, but i didn't know if she wanted to do anything else. "You know" i said "It would be alright with me if we spent the rest of eternity like this, but i don't know if you want to do anythign else." She lloked me in the eyes and gave me a wicked grin. "I could stay like this forever too Baby," at this she pushed away form me.

I never felt so cold before. Even though we were seperted for a second, i still felt a yurning to be with her, to feel her warm body press against mine, to have her lips touch mine. I lowered my arms and looked into her face. Her eyes were those of a happy little kid, wanting to play. "But i gotta kick your ass in paintball first" and with that she tuck out her tounge. I walked over and kissed her. "I don't know if i can bring my self to shoot you" i said.

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"Don't worry", she replied. She started to walk towrads the 3 fully filled backpacks that were lined up on the couch.


"besides,if you hesitate at shooting at me, then ill start to aim at your nuts" ''It's gonna be a long day'' I muttered under my breathe, desperatly trying not to lick the last of her from my lips infront of her.