Hot chinese gay twink Kellan Lane Fucks Caleb Reece

Hot chinese gay twink Kellan Lane Fucks Caleb Reece
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Samantha Lockhart stretched, pushing her C cup breasts out, arching her back and moaning in pleasure. It had been a long and tiring day. Her boss was a ass, demanding and never pleased with anything she had done. Readjusting her skirt that only fell mid-thigh she walked out to her car.

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She was a beautiful 26 year old female. Her breasts were perky and bounced with every step, her stomache flat and defined, legs toned and long, acented by her heels. Samantha had long blond hair that fell in gentle waves and bright green eyes. She knew she fit the bill of every man's dream girl, she worked her looks to get what she wanted; so far no matter what she did she couldn't get that damn boss of hers to go easy on her.

She figured he was gay. Fumbling in her small purse for her keys and cell phone, she didn't hear the person approaching her from behind. "Damn it, where are my keys?" The man was slient, as he approached her, eyeing her cute little ass and hourglass silhoutte.

She was a cute little package. He knew why his boss wanted her, hell he wanted her just seeing her hips sway gently his dick was hardening. But he had to get the job done first. He looked for his partner, John was in the van and prepared to swoop in and get them both as soon as he had the slut in his arms. Nodding and waving to John the man took a bandanna from his pack pocket and soaked it with a drug to make the little whore sleep.

He broke into a run and before the woman could scream or even turn around he had the bandanna over her mouth and hauled her up against his rock hard body. Mark heard the van screeched around and the van door was thrown open. Mark pushed the unconcious woman into the van and jumped in closing the door behind them. "Drive damn it." Mark shouted to John. John laughed. "Damn this gets easier and easier. She is a pretty little thing ain't she Mark?" John stated turning to look at the woman.

"They always are, Mark. You remember where to go right? Get us there, remember no cops. Just drive like nothing is happening, nothin is wrong." Mark said grabbing some rope to tie the woman up.

"I remember. You going to take the sluts clothes off?" He asked licking his lips. "Just drive, John. Just drive.

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You'll get your fun too." Mark tied both of the woman's hands behind her back, looping the rope up over her elebows to ensure limitied to no movement from her hands.

He then gave her legs the same attention, Mark noticied that she only had on one black heel, the other one must still be back in the parkinglot.


He shrugged and continued to tie up her legs. Once that was completed to his satisfication he looked her over. She still slept, almost peacefully it appeared. Mark laughed, she wouldn't be peacefully for long. He produced a sharp knife from somewhere within the van and ran its length across her face.

She didn't even stir. Lowering the knife he ran it down between the perfect mounds of her chest running the broad side across her nipples that were hardened from the chill in the air, he flicked the other one with his fingers and proceeded to lower the knife down her stomache.

Suddenly wedging the knife under her soft silk shirt he cut the material up revealing a black lace bra, he made quick work shredding the shirt so it fell completely off her soft body.

Mark licked his lips in anticipation as he saw her sexy practically see thru black bra. Her nipples grew even more distended and hard, as the biting air touched them.

The nipples were a light coral color large cicles. Her stomach flat, beautiful skin that was a very light color, the woman didn't tan much. She was sexy, only about 5'5 and he bet she didn't weigh much of anything. Finally he looked to her skirt. It was almost cute, he thought.

Like she was begging to be fucked, it was short but not indecently black in color. He wondered if her panties matched the bra. Bruteally he sliced the skirt down the middle, and sucked in his breath sharply. They matched. Black lace panties encased, protecting her cunt from him. He could see she had little or no hair around her mound.

She was a little slut he laughed to himself. "Is she pretty? What does her pussy look like?" John called from the drivers seat. "Just concentrate on getting us there." Mark snarled, not wanting to be interupted by his retarded brother.

Mark grabbed some duct tape and placed a generous amount over her mouth, as it appeared she was begining to stir.

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He smiled and leaned down kissing her mouth thru the tape. Her green eyes blinked open, wide like saucers and fear filled them as she tried to scream and thrash. Mark wasn't worried of her fighting, she couldn't escape the bonds he put her in. He ran the knife under her bra and cut it open. Putting the knife down he pushed the cups over to the side and bruteally took both breats in his hands. Rolling the nipples with his fingers he smiled at her. "Your beautiful. Your new Master will love you.

I think I love your breasts, they are full. Your nipples are begging me to taste them. Do you want me to taste them? Love them?" Mark asked softly leaning over her, whispering in her ear. She tried to scream and shook her head no fearfully. "You want me to? My dear, you don't have to beg me too." Mark lifted himself up and took one nipple in his mouth biting it harshly, and licking it, he tried to suck the entire boob into his mouth.

She thrashed trying to move away from him, screaming and crying hysterically, which only just turned Mark on more. He continued his assult of her breasts. Fondling, pinching, biting, sucking and licking. He gave every inch of her breast attention, knowing that they were never going to look like this again, once they got the slut to the House.

He loved women's breasts, they fancinated him. So soft, so tender the slightest bit of pain could bring tears to a woman's eyes. He looked up at the woman's eyes. They were beautiful, green, filled with fear and hate for him. He loved it, loved scaring the women he captured for his boss, loved the thrill he got from it not to mention the perks. He kissed the soft flesh under her left breast and began to lick and bite his way down her stomach.

Mark was careful not to leave a mark, the Boss wouldn't be pleased. Boss didn't care if Mark sampled the girls before they got to the house, but there couldn't be a mark on the new slut.

The marking would be done later, at the House. The sluts stomach tensed at the touch of his lips and toungue. Nipping at the tender flesh under her belly button but before the soft touch of her low rising underwear. He touched lightly the top of her womans center she lurched and arched wriggling screaming thru the tape and crying still. Mark ignored her, he was centered on her pussy, wondering what it would look like.

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Roughly pulling her black panties down to where the ropes were he stared at her tender center. Her lips were a pink color, the lips puffy and full.

He licked his lips and looked back up at her. "You are such a slut, your asking me to lick you? You really are a horny little cunt arn't you? Hush now, I'm here to give you what you want. I'll lick you I'll prepare you, then you what? I can't hear you slut, speak up. You what? Oh, you want me to fuck you? Now stop, you little whore, I can't do that the boss wouldn't like it. I'll lick you and fuck you with my toungue, I'll give you what you want.


Then I will jerk off and spill my seed for you, all over your cunt and boobs. Is that good enough? What? It is, for now? Good little slut." Mark said toying with her pussy lips. Samantha tried to scream at him, tried to kick out, nothing worked. This man was crazy, she was going to be raped and there was nothing she could do.

She knew that, but yet Samantha couldn't accept it. She wouldn't. The man continued to talk to her, calling her a slut, Samantha screamed at him that she had a damn name; he didn't or couldn't hear her.

She cried out when he touched her center, his toungue darting out flicking her clit. She tried to keep her thighs closed tight but he was strong and pulled them part, as far as they could with the ropes around her ankles.

Mark lapped at her slit, massaging her clit with his thumb.

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He laid on her legs keeping them secure at the same time. He fingered her slit as he licked and bit at her clit, he felt her tense as he forced one finger inside her, wriggling it around and thrusting it hard. Fucking her with his finger, one inside her then two.

The woman screamed at him from under the tape. He pinched her nipple with his free hand in response. Finally he had enough of her pussy.

He sat up and stared at her.

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She was hysterical. Beautiful in her misery. Mark unzipped his pants and withdrew a large thick dick, it was heavily veined and the head of it was large almost purple in color.

Mark knew it was larger then most men, it was 12 inches long and very thick. It could cause emense pleasure or terrible pain. Right now it wouldn't cause either. He'd get the chance to fuck this slut later, right now he would only allow her the pleasure of recieving his spunk on her breast and outside her whore hole. Throwing back his head he back jerking himself off, picturing him fucking the woman infront of him. One hand was wrapped tightly around his throbbing dick the other was still finger fucking the slut, faster and faster.

His breathing was getting labored, muscles tightening and he knew he was close.


The slut was crying, she tried to scream and that sent Mark over the edge. He watched as he spurted his sperm across her breasts and he let a trail follow down her stomache to her pussy, removing his fingers he sent a major burst there. Watching as the white goo dripped over her clit and slid down the small slit.

"Hey Mark, I'm almost there. Boss'll be happy with this new slut! I heard her screaming up here." John laughed from his front seat. "Think he'll let me fuck one of the cunts he's got in the House?" "You did a good job, John he might. After you park come around and carry this whore inside and take her to Room 1.

She starts there." Mark stated, he bent over and kissed the woman thru the tape and smiled at her. "You are going to be a great fuck." Reaching out he rubbed his cum into her nipples and lifted the fingers to the tape and rubbed it on the tape, letting her smell his seed. He zipped up his jeans as he felt John park, watching his deformed brother jump out of the van and open the door. "Mark, she is beautiful. Can I touch her?

I want to fuck her ass." John said his breathing becoming labored already. Mark climbed out of the van and stood next to his brother. "Calm down, John. You'll get your chance you know you will. Boss is very generous. But you can't right now. Pick her up and take her to the Room, room 1. Tie her to the board and leave her there.

I'm going to report to the Boss and let him know what happened." Mark watched John and the new slut disappear into the house. He quickly shut the van door and followed behind. He took the stairs two at a time and walked down the hall briskly knocking on the door at the end of the hall and waited on permission to enter.

"Mark is that you? Come in if it is. If it ain't, leave me the hell alone, I'm fucking busy." The voice shouted from the inside of the room.

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Mark smirked and opened the door and shut it quickly behind him. Mark looked at the man he was sitting on a over stuffed couch. The whole room was furnished over the top, silk curtains, many pillows were thrown throughout the room, lush carpets and candles were lit. The man sitting on the couch was nakid and had a beautiful woman between his thick muscled legs, the woman was kneeling and sucking his cock. "Jason!

Looks like your having fun." "Always am. Did you get the slut, I wanted?" He asked running his hand through the female's hair. "Of course, do I ever come back empty handed? The cunt is in Room 1, with John. He is preparing her.

She is beautiful, I'm going to enjoy this." Mark said leaning against the wall. "Is she as beautiful as I saw from the distance?" Jason asked shoving the woman's head further down on his dick. "She is magnificent." Mark nodded. "Good. Go put the slave marks on her, I'll be down shortly to begin the training of this slut. Let this slut finish me first." Jason laughed.

Mark smiled and left the room. He slowly made his way down to Room 1, where he would proceed to pierce the sluts nipples and brand her thigh. She would be fucked and stuffed with toys for the rest of the night. This bitch would never again look at the world the same.

Once her training was complete she would be sold off to become a sex slave to some rich fuck, until he tired of her. Damn, he was getting hard just thinking of her training.