She is picked up in the bar and screwed

She is picked up in the bar and screwed
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It was the beginning of another week on the price is right. Rachel Reynolds and Amber Lancaster were watching off to the side of the stage as Manuela Arbeleaz walked out on the stage to Present an item to the audience.

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She has gotten too big for her shoes amber exclaimed. Yeah Rachel said she's acting more and more like a diva bitch. Looking at each other they said simultaneouslyI'm tired of her attitudewe have to teach her a lesson.

Rachel saidI have a plan to get revenge but it will be harsh can we do it to her. Just then Manuela walked up and told them to clear the way for their betters. After Manuela passed they said yes we can be harsh to that diva bitch. All right Rachel continued this week is sun and sand themed as well as Thursday being father and son day and we are wearing bikinis all week for every show and Thursdays show Manuela is scheduled to present an item to the bidders down among them.

Snickering the two women went off together to fine tune their plan. Thursday finally came and the two woman's plans were ready to implement. The time came and Manuela walked out with the beach lotions on a tray and stood in her tiny purple bikini between the four bidders.

As she stood there Rachel came up on her left side and Amber to her right. Manuela still smiling whispered what are you two doing this wasn't planned.


No Rachel said it's a big surprise for the audience and grabbed Rachel's wrist and the back of her neck forcing her head down onto the stage and placed her leg inside Manuel's legs pulling them apart. Amber did the same to her on her right side but used her one hand to untie her suits top and bottom pulling them off then grabbed the lotion popping the top shoved it first into her cunt and squeezed then into her anus and squeezed lubricating both orifices.

There Manuela stood bent over with her legs spread totally naked showing her beautiful body to not only the audience but to those watching at home since it was live and the camera men and the people in the control room were so stunned no one stopped the broadcast.

Rachel looked at Amber and asked you readyyes Amber replied onetwothree flip and the flipped her onto her back and carried her to the side and held her down on the stage with her pussy at the edge. Now naked and held helplessly on full display Rachel laughed and asked the audienceanyone want to sample this bitch's assets come and get her. Two young men stepped forward pulling down their pants and readied their cocks to use on Manuela.

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No please don't I have a husband and I've stopped using birth control because we're trying to have children. Just think Amber said enough men fuck you it will almost guarantee that you will have kids. The two boys looked at each other then one stepped back saying go ahead I prefer sloppy seconds or anal anyway.

The other boy smiled and stepped between Manuela's legs said thanks and slammed his cock balls deep into her. Manuela squealed as he entered her pussy and started pounding into her unprepared cunt stretching it because of his large size. He pounded into her and it was not long before she had an orgasm. Amber and Rachel stepped up and laughing saidsee Manuela Arbeleaz is such a slut look at her nipples hard and puffyher vagina also puffy and spread open with arousal her orgasm just shows she's a slut.

Then Amber saysfrom now on anyone that wants to fuck her has to throw a dollar onto the stage.

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Rachel looked at her quizzically Amber smiling said that will make her not only a slut but also a whore getting paid for sex. They both laughed as people started lining up to fuck her and threw dollars on to the stage. Finally after about fifty males fucked her the audience had cleared out leaving Manuela laying naked on the stage.

Manuela managed to gather enough strength and stood up leaning on the stage she barely managed to remain standing. The two remaining camera men still broadcasting stood admiring the beautiful young woman.

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She had long straight silky black hair that currently hung down to the top of her ass. A beautiful oval face with thin eyebrowssmall nosefull red lips with a dazzling smile. Her five foot six inch petite frame was perfectly proportioned and beautiful. From her rounded firm smallbarelyb-cup breasts standing out over her firm toned stomach. Down to her small tight smooth shaved pussy then down to her perfectly muscled and toned legs and cute dainty feet. Manuela stood there with her juices and the men's cum running down her legs and her cunt still gaping open from its use.

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Manuela was still standing next to the stage when her husband walked up to hershe turned and started to say something but he picked her up then sitting down laid her across his lap and spanked her until both her ass cheeks were a bright fiery red then he stood up putting her on her feet said to her we are through you will receive the divorce papers next week and walked out of her life. Well I guess that's all we can do to her Rachel stated. Wait Amber said there is one more thing and she ran back stage.

Rachel heard Amber yell out to herget that bitch on her hand and knees which Rachel quickly did and Amber appeared with a large dog led her up to Manuela at which time the dog mounted her thrusting into her cunt and quickly became long and large.

Manuela screamed stop he's too large as he crammed his dog dick into her pussy and started pumping into her. Everyone stood watching the dog ride her small body to massive squirting orgasm. What made it ultimately humiliating was when Manuela started screaming yesfuck mefill my cunt with your doggy dick oh God I'm cummingI'm cumming then she started squirting everywhere.

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After that before every show when the audience saw Manuela they would start barking which made her turn bright red. Amber and Rachel from that day on always told her that she was their bitch and they had adopted the dog that had fucked Manuela and made her take him home and care for him occasionally coming to her place and having dinner watched him fuck her.

It especially turned them on when they discovered she was pregnant and it turned out from a sixteen year old boy and when she started lactating the dog would lick her dripping nipples which they recorded and streamed much of this activity. Manuela had a very popular x-rated web site and lived very well on the money from the web site as well as her income from the price is right it turned out they couldn't fire her because she was way too popular.

The price is right had ten million daily viewers because of her but she didn't let it go to her head she had learned her lesson no more diva bitch for her.