Gay sex with young boys xxx I checked his heart and lungs then tested

Gay sex with young boys xxx I checked his heart and lungs then tested
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This is a story about Male/ older male oral sex, do not read this if you do not like one male giving an other male oral sex.

I hope you all enjoy it, please be nice because this is only my second story I have written.

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I was on an adult fetish hookup site's IM and I was hoping to find a cock to suck. I had been looking for a t-girl or couple to make it an easier process to discover if I was bi-sexual.


Having been unsuccessful over the last month I could not wait any longer. I got a message from a guy looking to hookup, I was very upfront, after a long time of trying to find a cock to suck, I told him I wanted to suck a cock today and did not want to wait. He was very happy to have me come over to his place and suck him off. After talking a bit on IM and the phone we agreed to meet up.

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He was much older then me but i could care less about that. I got in my car and drove to his place I was getting a little hard in the car thinking about sucking him off, so I started to play with myself just enough to get real hard. I found the drive way and drove up and saw this beautiful house, it was tucked in the woods and I was in shock out how nice it was.


I parked my car and walked up to the door and knocked on it. A few minutes later was greeted by him in his robe. He greeted me and told me to follow him to the bedroom; we walked up the stairs chatting about ourselves as I got into his bedroom he had some porn playing on the TV.

It was a beautiful house and lovely bed room I got undressed and laid down on the bed and started to play with myself. He came back in from the other room and was playing with himself as well.

I had a real hard on already after not having jerked off or been sucked off for almost a week I almost came when he stood next to me and he pulled his robe apart revealing a big, thick, cock.

It was all natural with pubic hair on his balls and at the base of his shaft, I started to rub it and lick it waiting for it to stiffen up so I could get my mouth around it. After a few seconds I started to suck it with no second thoughts, he started to play with my dick jerking it and rubbing it. I came faster than I ever have, I could not believe it, I was in such pleasure cuming and sucking a big cock.

He started to rub my cum all over my chest, it was so nice.

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Since this was my first cock sucking I had a hard time getting my mouth around it and kept having his cock rub against my teeth. I felt so bad, but kept trying to get the hang of sucking it without my teeth scratching his dick; once I did he started to get real hard.


I started to deep throat him and was struggling to breath, I quickly learned it helps to breathe through my nose when the cock is in the back of my throat. While sucking his cock he let out a moan and before I knew it, cum was pouring into my mouth. I was trying to swallow it as fast as I could, I never sucked a cock before and here I was sucking a cock and then swallowing his huge hot load of cum. I licked his cock up and used my fingers to get my own cum while he walked out of the room.

He left the room to go and get a drink; meanwhile I played with myself some more until I came again.

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He came back into the room and sat down next to me on the bed and stroked his cock some more, as soon as he was hard again he asked me if I wanted to suck him off again. Without thinking about it I said yes and he spread his legs while I moved over to lie down in front of his cock, I wrapped my lips around it and started to suck him off again.

I could not believe it, I was giving two bj's in one day I was so happy and excited. I was slobbering all over his cock and sucking him as best as I could.

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I was trying my best to imitate porn stars I had seen. I could hear him moan ever now and again and tried to keep it up. Every now and again he would move his hips up and down fucking my mouth nice and slow. He asked if I liked his cock, and I told him that I loved it and how big and thick it was.

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I was sucking and jerking his dick waiting till he came again; I wanted to take it all in again and try not to miss a drop.

I was unsure whether to lick his balls and decided to take it slow and focus on the dick for now. He told me he had to cum and asked where I wanted it, I told him in my mouth.

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I kept sucking until I felt his hot load shoot into my mouth, I gaged a little and my eyes squinted and watered a little bit but, I kept sucking and swallowed his cum as best I could. I did not miss any of it and kept sucking till there was no more. After I licked my lips and used a towel to wipe down some of the cum left on my chest, I had to be at work in an hour so I sadly told him I had to go and got dressed.

I started to walk out, he told me thanks for the blow jobs and I said no problem licking my lips and savoring the taste of cum.

I got in my car feeling like such a slut, I could not believe it. I drove home and the images of sucking him off fresh in my mind, I could still taste the cum and even got a little hard thinking about the great experience.

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Hope you guys liked the story