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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

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Chapter 10 If anybody had happened to be passing by the 7th floor corridor, they would have heard a faint cry of joy emanate from within the stone wall itself, opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy attempting to train trolls for the ballet. The voice seemed to belong to Draco Malfoy.


* Long rays of clear morning sunshine shone through the high narrow windows of the 6th year boy's dormitory as Harry Potter awoke from a nice long lie-in. A yawning Harry stretched out his legs, as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, enjoying the heavy, warm blankets surrounding his naked body. Harry slowly reached over to his bedside clock to check the time: 11:30, 10th April. 'Great,' Harry said to himself, 'another two hours in bed.' Harry sat up on his bed-rest, the bed sheets tucked around his waist as he looked around the dormitory.

It was empty; obviously the other lads had gone off to spend their Saturday how they pleased. Harry looked over at Ron's vacant bed and sighed.

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Harry's anger at his friend over the past few months had begun to subside and he was beginning to miss the company of his best friend. Ron on the other hand seemed more than happy to leave Harry alone, and even blanked him when they passed each other in the corridors. Harry eased back into his bed sheets and closed his eyes, drifting away into a half-sleep. * Hermione was sat downstairs in the common room with Ginny, helping her to make her revision timetable. The Grandfather clock in the corner of the room began to chime for midday.

As soon as the bell began to chime, Hermione and Ginny suddenly felt a warm tingling sensation erupt in the middle of their bellies as it quickly spread to every part of their body. Immediately, they dropped the books that were in their hands and looked over at each other. They gave a devilish smile to one another as they scurried quickly up the staircase towards the dormitories.

* Harry jolted out of his light sleep as the door creaked open. 'O hey Hermione, Ginny,' said Harry, 'I'll be up in a minute I promise,' Harry said with a little laugh. Hermione and Ginny would come into his dormitory from time to time to have morning chats with Harry and Ron; well Harry thought, when he and Ron were friends. Harry looked over at his two friends as they walked towards him.

Both were still wearing their pyjamas. Ginny was wearing a tight pyjama top which revealed her midriff and a pair of tiny shorts.

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Hermione on the other hand wore long, baggy pyjama bottoms which covered her feet and a long blue top. Suddenly, both girls grabbed Harry's bed covers and wrenched them down, revealing Harry's morning glory to them. 'What the hell!' Harry blurted out as he went to cover his rock hard cock. Ginny and Hermione laughed girlishly as they jumped onto Harry's bed and pinned him down. 'Ssshh Harry,' whispered Ginny, 'we're gonna give you the best fucking you've ever had, just lie back and enjoy the ride.' With that, Hermione sat on Harry's chest and began to grind her hips while she felt her own body, causing her to bite her lower lip in pleasure.

Ginny meanwhile went down to Harry's crotch and grabbed his hard dick. She peeled back his foreskin, revealing his shiny red head and she began to ravenously suck it with quick, deep sucks. Harry couldn't believe what was happening. Though he had made love to both girls before, he had never seen them so dirty before; they were like two girls possessed. These thoughts though passed quickly as the warmness of Ginny's mouth around his dick brought him back to earth.

'Ahhhh yeah that's amazing Gin,' moaned Harry in delight at Ginny's furious cock sucking. Her lips glided along Harry's cock with ease as with her hand, she twisted and rubbed Harry's cock up and down.


Harry looked up at Hermione, who was still sat on his chest. She playfully began to lift up the bottom of her top, revealing her flat, toned belly.

Her pyjama bottoms hung low on her waist, so that it just covered her young pussy as finally, she lifted up her top and flung it to the side of the bed, releasing her stunning D sized breasts. Harry's breathing became more erratic as his eyes widened in joy. He had never been so turned on before, as he watched Hermione slip her hand down her pyjama bottoms and begin to play with herself.

Hermione then stood up on the bed, so that her legs were either side of Harry's head as she lowered her bottoms down, so that Harry was looking directly at her tight pussy. A little voice in Hermione's voice suddenly appeared. 'Why are you doing this?' she asked herself. 'Because Harry is sexy and I want to fuck him,' said the devilish voice.

'But you love Ron?' said the voice in the back of her mind. 'Yeah but Harry's hot,' replied the voice in her mind. Without realising it, Hermione was struggling against the spell Draco had cast on her. On one hand, there was nothing more in the world she would like to do then fuck the Boy Who Lived, but then again she loved Ron. With a lingering kiss on Harry's lips, she left the bed and went and sat on a chair. So turned on by the display she was witnessing however, Hermione continued to play with her pussy as Ginny continued to suck Harry's cock.

Harry now had a clear view of Ginny sucking his cock as he heard Hermione groan in pleasure from the corner of the room.

Ginny's head was like a blur as she engulfed more and more of Harry's cock until finally her nose hit Harry's trimmed pubic hair, as she rested there with all 7 inches of Harry's dick in her mouth. Ginny stayed there for a few moments, her tongue swirling around Harry's dick as she began to shudder against her reflex to breath. Finally, Ginny broke free with a gasp of air, saliva clinging to the edge of her mouth as once she caught her breath; she took Harry's cock once more and began to lick it, this time focusing more on his head.

Harry had never experienced a blowjob like it; his cock felt like it was on fire as Ginny started to suck his balls whilst she jacked off his cock at a furious rate.

'Oh my God.oh my God.Ginny stop.stop,' pleaded Harry weakly as he felt his orgasm fast approaching. Ginny did as she was told. As she stared up at Harry, she let his balls fall slowly from her mouth. She crawled up towards Harry like a tiger on all fours, giving him a playful growl as she finally reached Harry.

'Wow Ginny, I've never seen you so kinky,' Harry said, as Ginny straddled Harry's chest, her thighs squeezing lightly against his ribcage. Ginny smiled as she placed a finger on Harry's lips to silence him. Harry placed his hands around Ginny's pale tummy as she lifted her top from over her head, so that her C sized breasts were exposed to Harry. Harry absolutely adored Ginny's round tits, the way they hung there, as if defying gravity; her areolas, a beautiful pinky-red colour.

Harry let his hands travel slowly up Ginny's, long pale body till his hands came to rest on her breasts. Harry took them in the palm of his hand and bounced them a couple of times, admiring how her soft mounds rippled and altered at his touch. Ginny lowered her head and began to kiss Harry passionately, her breasts resting against Harry's chest as she instantly let her tongue enter Harry's mouth. Harry let his hands travel down Ginny's smooth back until they were firmly placed on Ginny's amazing ass.

Harry tried with difficulty to remove her pyjama pants. 'For God's sake Harry just rip them off,' said Ginny impatiently as her animalistic kisses started to travel down Harry's neck towards his chest. Harry smiled as he took the thin material in his hands and ripped it apart, exposing Ginny's beautiful, pale ass. Harry spanked it hard quickly, letting his fingers dig in to her firm ass, as Ginny quickly went and sat on Harry's groin.

Quick as a flash, and before Harry was ready, Ginny grabbed his cock and placed it in her pussy, letting all 7 inches enter her instantly.

'Bloody hell.ahhhhhhhhh,' moaned Harry as Ginny's warm pussy wrapped around his dick. Ginny was sat up-right, Harry's dick balls deep in her young pussy as she quickly picked up a fast rhythm. Her upper body flailed around wildly as Harry hung onto the sides of her tummy, his facing straining with the effort it was taking to keep Ginny on his dick. Ginny's pussy was soaking wet as it lubricated Harry's cock that lay inside her.

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She was soon bouncing up and down on Harry's dick with ease, her hands resting on Harry's strong stomach for support. 'Yeahhh.yeahh,' said Harry lustfully, as he continually spanked Ginny's firm pale ass with his hands.

This caused Ginny to ride him even harder, the bed creaking alarmingly as the two teenagers continued to pound each other. Harry then grabbed her breasts roughly, tweaking at her now erect nipples and jiggling her mounds about in his hands.

Harry soon became exhausted as he lay back in the bed, letting the soft sheets take his weight as he closed his eyes in ecstasy as Ginny rode his dick frantically. * Ron sat alone at the Gryffindor table as he finished his late breakfast. Ron sighed as he looked about at the other students, chatting away to one another and laughing.

Ron was missing his friends greatly and had decided he was going to apologise to them later that day.

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'Morning Weasley,' said Draco suddenly, as he walked towards Ron. 'What do you want Malfoy?' Ron said coldly. 'Ooo attitude,' Draco sneered, 'I was just wandering where Potter is. Strange, how whenever he's not here, neither is Granger.' 'What's that supposed to mean?' Ron said suspiciously.

'Nothing.nothing,' Draco said dismissively, 'maybe you should go look for them, I've noticed you three don't seem to hang out together much anymore,' said Draco as he casually walked away. Ron sat there for a few moments before deciding to head off to the dormitory, to go and apologise to his two best friends.

* Hermione rubbed her clit quickly as she watched the show that Ginny and Harry were putting on. Hermione loved the loud smacks that were caused by Ginny's pussy hitting Harry's groin as Ginny continued to ride Harry like a woman possessed. Ginny loved the feel of Harry's cock in her tight pussy, and felt so honoured that Harry would want to fuck her.

Without taking Harry's dick out of her pussy, she spun around, so she was facing away from Harry as she let her ass rock to and fro along Harry's cock. Harry smiled; loving the fact he could just lie there and watch as Ginny's fine ass engulfed his cock. Harry reached out and placed his hands on Ginny's ass cheeks, forcing them up and down as he watched his cock disappear in and out of her pussy.

Ginny suddenly let out a high moan as Harry felt her hot juices cover his cock. 'That's good Gin,' Harry panted as he slapped Ginny's ass cheeks, leaving a faint red mark on her white skin. After a good ten minutes in this position, Harry grabbed her by her middle and brought her back towards him, so she was lying on top of him; her back resting on his torso. 'Hold on Ginny,' Harry whispered as he bucked his hips and began violently thrusting upwards, deep into her.

'Ahhh yeah Harry,' moaned Ginny as she felt Harry's cock go deep into her. Harry grabbed hold of Ginny's tits and began to feel them once more, occasionally giving them a slap as he thrusted hard and deep into Ginny.

Harry loved seeing Ginny's flesh ripple each time he thrusted into her; her young pale body quivering in delight at the pleasure Harry's cock gave her. Harry and Ginny were soon covered in a light sweat with the exertion of their fucking as after a few minutes, a red faced Harry soon felt an orgasm approaching. Harry quickly stood up by the side of the bed, as Ginny eagerly positioned herself at the tip of Harry's cock. She placed one hand on Harry's bum, giving it an encouraging pinch whilst with her other hand, she fondled and stroked Harry's tightening ball-sack.

'Cum in my mouth Harry,' begged Ginny as she opened her mouth wide. Harry stood legs apart at the foot of the bed, one hand on Ginny's head while the other was pumping his dick at a furious rate.

Suddenly, Harry felt the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt flow through his body. His back arched and he stood on his tip-toes as Ginny looked into Harry's eyes encouragingly, her tongue lapping around Harry's head.

Harry groaned loudly twice before unleashing wave after wave of cum into Ginny's mouth. 'Yesss.ahhh yes Ginny.ahhhhhhh,' Harry groaned in ecstasy as a fountain of his young, white cum splashed into Ginny's mouth.

'Oooooooo yeahh,' Harry moaned as Ginny deep-throated his cock as his orgasm began to subside, causing the last few drops of his semen to leak out onto Ginny's expecting tongue. Ginny quickly let Harry see her swirl his hot cum around her mouth before swallowing it in one. Suddenly, the dormitory door crashed open. 'Harry, I just wanted to come and say I'm sorr.what the fuck is going on here?!' said Ron as he looked up and saw the scene.

His satisfied sister was lying naked on the bed with flecks of white cum pasted on her chin while Harry stood over her, his hand still slowly rubbing his softening dick.

'Hermione.,' said Ron in a far-away voice as he noticed the love of his life, sitting on a chair in the corner playing with her pussy, oblivious to Ron's presence. Ron's angry eyes turned back to Harry, who remained frozen to the spot.

'You bastard!' Ron screamed as he quickly left the room. 'Ron.wait,' Harry shouted as he hurriedly grabbed his robe and flung it over his head. Harry finally caught up with Ron in the Entrance Hall.

'Ron! It wasn't what it looked like,' pleaded Harry. A large crowd of students had formed a circle around the two of them as they argued. 'You bastard Harry, and to think I was on my way to YOU!' shouted a red-faced Ron who withdrew his wand from his robes, 'STUPE.' started Ron. 'Expelliarmus!' countered Harry as Ron's wand flew high into the crowd. 'Argghhhhh,' Ron bawled as he charged at Harry, fists raised. Harry managed to dodge Ron's punch as he turned Ron and aimed his wand at him.

'Levicorpus!' Harry cried. Suddenly, Ron was hanging upside down over the crowd, as if an invisible rope had pulled him up from his ankle. The crowd began to laugh hysterically at Ron as he hung there over them. Eventually, Ron fell to the ground with a crunch as the students congratulated Harry and mocked Ron. Draco Malfoy looked on from the shadows, a wicked grin forming along his mouth.

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'I hate you!' Ron screamed, spit flying from his mouth. Harry looked on worriedly as a flash of red crossed Ron's eyes. Ron quickly got up and ran towards the dungeons, knocking students to the ground as he went. Draco quickly stalked after him. Draco eventually found Ron in an empty classroom dungeon, his breathing heavy as he held his head in his hands. 'Ron.' said Draco softly as he put an arm around his shoulder, 'how much do you hate Harry Potter right now?' At the sound of Harry's name, Ron raised his head, his teeth clenched in rage.

'I hate him! I don't care if he dies!' shouted Ron as Draco smiled back, realising his plan had been fulfilled. 'Come with me,' Draco said simply. * Draco took Ron up to the Room of Requirements as they both went through the now repaired Vanishing Cabinet. They emerged in a dimly lit Gothic styled dining room. A long dining table lay in the middle of the room and high, narrow windows dominated the side of the wall. At the end of the table, sat a high, throne like chair, which was facing a fireplace where a roaring fire was burning.

Though the fire was burning, Ron still felt a chill go down his spine as he and Draco walked towards the chair. 'Who is that?' Ron whispered to Draco. 'Our Master, Ron,' said Draco with a smile. 'Ronald Weasley,' a voice hissed from the chair.

Suddenly the chair rose into the air and twisted 180 degrees, before landing again so that it faced the two boys. Lord Voldemort was sat in the chair. 'Voldemort!' Ron gasped, as Voldemort's pale, snake like face twisted into that of compassion. 'Ronald Weasley,' Voldemort hissed again, 'the boy who's always been in the shadow of his brothers, and his friends. What if I could change that?' 'Yes.' said Ron weakly. 'What if I could give you all that you have ever wanted, power, popularity, wealth.the one that you love.' As Voldemort said this, he waved his hand which caused shadows to appear above his head.

Ron saw a vision of himself as Head-boy with students chanting his name in joy.

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Next, a vision of Ron appeared, lying down in the middle of a room full of gold and jewels; his ghostly self throwing fistfuls of gold galleons into the air. Finally, a vision of a stunning Hermione looking at him adoringly appeared. She slowly approached a shadow figure of Ron (one more impressive and handsome then he was) and gave him a passionate kiss. 'Yes,' said Ron more definitely. 'You will have all this and more,' continued Voldemort, 'all I ask is for you to join me.

I have reason to believe the fool Dumbledore and Harry will be leaving the school soon together. You will befriend Harry Potter once more and find out when this is. Your friends never loved you. They always abused your friendship and love. Join me and you'll be part of a family who will always love you Ronald Weasley.' 'Yes!' Ron shouted in joy, as he fell to his knees before Voldemort and bowed his head.

Draco grinned wickedly at Voldemort behind Ron's back. 'Gooood,' Voldemort hissed, his eyes closed as a cruel smile formed on his lips as he witnessed the fall of Ron.

* Harry lay anxiously in bed that night as he heard the door creak open. After a few moments, he felt his bed sheets move as somebody came and lay next to him in his bed. 'Harry.,' said Ron's voice softly, 'I'm sorry, please forgive me, I've always loved you.' Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he turned to face Ron.

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'All is forgiven Ron. I'm sorry too,' Harry said as he grabbed Ron in a hug, 'oooo I've missed you,' said Harry into Ron's shoulder, tears starting to form in his eyes. 'I've missed you too Harry,' said Ron, his face turning to that of disgust as Harry touched him.

Eventually, the two boys fell asleep together. All, seemed to be well.