Guys fucked cheeks in sexy poses striptease and hardcore

Guys fucked cheeks in sexy poses striptease and hardcore
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HOT TUB HEAVEN, REDUX When I shared a true story about the hot tub in the Astoria Holiday Inn Hotel, I barely believed it myself but it actually happened in 2009.


Ben & Cheryl were the sexy couple whom I met in the hot tub there at the hotel. I fingered Cheryl to two huge climaxes as her husband sat next to us, not knowing that he was secretly watching the whole time. Then when he joined her three kids in the pool, she jacked my cock with them only a few feet away. She stroked me hungrily until a huge load of cum began boiling out of my balls.

She kept pumping and just leaned over and sucked all the jizz right out of my cock head, swallowing as much as she could. We eventually got together for an incredible threesome. We ate, licked, jerked and sucked each other all night. I even tongued her asshole as she jerked Ben's dick and I was rewarded by her having five giant orgasms. Ben blew his third load while he was sucking all the juice out of her pussy, then he ate my cum too.

We agreed to continue the arrangement back in Portland once I discovered that she was multi-orgasmic, that her husband enjoyed watching his wife be eaten out, and that we both enjoyed licking her asshole as much as she enjoyed having it licked. Over the next couple of years we continued our ménage-a-trois as I worked my Astoria medical practice two days a week and my group practice in Portland the other days.

Then Ben was transferred to Milwaukee so we had to resort to Skype webcam sessions where Ben would eat her pussy or ass as she sucked his cock and I would jack off onto the computer for them while they watched me. Eventually it became too difficult to maintain the relationship so we ended up just sending each other yearly Christmas cards with lewd pictures enclosed. What a shame to see it end but what an incredible time while it lasted.

I still don't think they know that during this period, their sixteen year-old daughter, Angie, eventually found out about us and came to confront me at my home. She had a request that I teach her a few things of a sexual nature that we were doing and that she wanted to try. She was a vixen, horny as hell, just like her mother. She graduated High School and had enrolled at Portland State when her folks got the notice to move east. She decided to stay in Portland so she found an apartment with two of the three girl friends from her group but, when she wanted cock…often I soon learned…she would come and stay with me.

What a contrast, a middle age guy having raunchy sex with a late teen. Actually, the relationship worked out great since she was keeping me young and I was keeping her satisfied. On school breaks or long weekends all the girls would use my place to crash from school since I had both a functional sauna and my own hot tub. Plus I let them enjoy my wet bar, with the proviso that they would never confess that I was supporting their underage drinking.


I strictly forbade any wild parties however…other than those when I could enjoy the sex with one, two or all three girls at my pad. Anyway, now it was early in 2012 and I was passing my 150th stay at the Holiday Inn, the event memorialized by them with a free night in their Executive Suite and a basket of treats. I was thankful but it really was no big deal since I had to stay somewhere and they had a great free breakfast, a killer hot tub and some excellent porn on their cable channels.

I stay every Monday and most Tuesday nights, eat in town and sometimes scout out the available singles or recently dumped women.

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Since I have a boatload of money from a wrongful-death suit I won because my wife was killed and also since I am licensed to practice medicine, women flock to me.

I am very selective and want sex but only sex, so on many nights I just eat and return to my room to beat off.

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Tonight was one of those nights. And tomorrow was my birthday too."Crap," I realized, "I am turning 55 with two grown and gone kids, a dead wife and a medical practice." So, I ate a burger at the Wet Dog Saloon along with two flagons of their excellent Poop Deck Porter, chatted up my waitress who let me know she was available by giving me her cell number and a smiley face on my receipt, then returned to my room.

I put on my trunks and headed down to the hot tub to soak for a while before returning to the masturbatory salon my room becomes every week. Did I mention the Holiday Inn has great porn? The pool area was empty--Yea! I sank into the bubbling steamy waters and closed my eyes.

After no more than five minutes, my reverie was interrupted by a woman's voice, "Excuse me, sir." I opened my eyes and beheld a goddess leaning over the tub edge.

She was a red head, long flowing hair hanging over her shoulders and a set of tits that made my eyes bug out, green eyes and a smattering of freckles over her cheeks.

She had an oversized sweatshirt over a pair of short shorts and toned legs ending in gorgeous feet with pink toenail polish on her delicate toes. I couldn't tell about her waist or hips with the attire but she presented me a close-up view of a nice camel-toe in the crotch of her shorts.

The overall effect was stunning as I gulped and said, "Hi. Can I help you?" "That depends," she smiled. "Are you Rob White? Doctor Rob White?" "Oh, oh!" I thought. "Is she someone I met recently and should remember? Is she from the hospital looking for urgent medical consultation? Is she a spurned lover I bedded years ago and is now seeking revenge? Who the hell knew but, with her beauty, I should have remembered her even if years had passed. "Yes, I am he," I replied, wiping my eyes with a towel.

"I hope I can call you Rob," she smiled broadly as she squatted down in front of me, making the camel-toe extremely prominent and right at face level. I almost reached out my hand to caress the muff in view. Then she said, "You don't know me, but we have a mutual friend who told me that I needed to get to know you." "And who might that be?" I replied, trying to look away from her pussy and failing.

"Angie Morgan," she said as she reached up and pulled her sweatshirt over her head, exposing a pair of drop-dead beautiful tits, encased in the thinnest and skimpiest bikini top I had ever seen. Then, before I could catch my breath, she shimmied out of her shorts, dropped them around her ankles and stepped out of them to reveal her suit bottoms, a sling with barely enough fabric to cover her mound and a thin thread running between her ass cheeks.

"You don't mind if I join you?" she smiled as she stepped into the water. I beheld her lovely full lips and brilliant white teeth as she smiled and then gave a full laugh with a sweet voice saying, "You need to catch your breath, Rob." "Uh.uh.uh," I stammered, not able to think clearly any longer as I watched this goddess glide into the tub. My cock had been gradually awakening as I sat in the swirling hot water but now stood at full attention, straining against the confines of my trunks as I watched her lithe long legs step in next to me.

"My name is Beth Jacobs," she finally said as she slid onto the bench right next to me, our thighs pressing into each other. It wasn't like there was no room for us to sit near each other without touching but she clearly wanted the fleshly contact.

"I am Angie's Psychology teacher at Portland State," she began. "Angie has been in my Freshman Psych 100 class all semester and she is such a cute bubbly kid that I couldn't help but notice her." I was enthralled by her voice, the accent suggested Australia but not completely that. I wanted her to continue speaking and pressing her leg against mine. Actually I wanted her to press my boner sitting just a few inches from her fingers so I asked, "Where are you from originally?" "My folks emigrated from Sydney when I was eight.

Do you recognize my accent?" she replied. "I do and I love the sound of it. I have been waiting for a sabbatical from my practice to take a temporary medical position in Australia," I answered.

"So far, it hasn't happened but I still have a few years left on this old body." "Anyway," I continued, "Angie gave you my name?" "Yes, but this whole encounter today has to be our secret," she replied.

"She must not know I sought you out. I like to get closer to certain of my students during the semester and Angie caught my fancy early on. I asked her for a coffee date, then had her over to my home for some wine and to better get to know her. I know she's a minor, but I give my 'special kids' a taste of booze since I know they're drinking on campus anyway. They might as well learn to enjoy classic wines instead of the rot gut the frat boys serve, often laced with Roofies." "Well, I certainly won't tell anyone your secret, Beth," I added.

I actually had a number of secrets of my own regarding Angie that I don't want to be shared. "So, that's why I'm here," she said as she smiled wickedly. "To be perfectly honest, Angie is still maturing in her sexuality and I was privileged to help her explore some aspects of her sex life that she hadn't been able to experience yet." What an erection deflator she'd turned out to be. I just couldn't believe that this beautiful woman was a dike.

"OK, I know where this is going," I stated. "You have introduced her to the lesbian lifestyle which she now loves and you're here to brag about it!" She grinned and then said, "Why Dr. White, I think you of all people should realize by now that Angie is bisexual and is very thankful that she has had some of her greatest early sexual experiences with you and her girl friends.

She talks about you constantly when we are trying something that is new for her." I was flabbergasted to hear this twenty-something PSU professor talk openly about my sexual escapades with a minor. My 'lessons' with Angie initially had to have been kept private both for legal reasons as well as that her parents not find out.

Even though she was now of legal age and her parents lived in another state, I still wanted secrecy to remain. Over the months that we were together I taught her what it felt like to have her pussy eaten and to have us pee on each other, although I also drank her piss to show her there was nothing taboo about that act. After trying the things she originally feared might be perverted, she eventually relaxed and we had some incredible experiences. She wanted to have the full deal from someone with experience and knew that her mom was ecstatic with my treatment.

Later we had safe sex so that she could experience what it felt like to have a huge prick completely filling her up. She had no interest in the immature boys in her High School. We pledged to keep these lessons secret but I soon found out that she had blabbed to her closest friends and she shocked me to no end by bringing three of them over to experience from me the same things that she had.

Eventually that led to several incredible sessions of water sports, sucking and even ass licking. But here was Angie's college teacher knowing all this stuff that I assumed was shared only between Angie, her three friends and me. Now I feared everyone would know and I'd be ruined professionally. The Oregon Medical Board takes a dim view of one of their licensees having sex with a minor.

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So does the Multnomah County District Attorney. I was fucked with a capital F, big time. "Rob," she smiled. "I can see from your expression that you are worried about what I know. Please don't be. Here's what Angie has shared with me. You had oral sex with her and her closest friends, you guys all peed on each other and eventually you popped Angie's cherry. I also think she said you liked to use your tongue in various places." She knew every damn thing we'd done.

Yep, I was truly fucked. She finished by saying, "Rob, I will never share your secrets with anyone. I came down here today to tell you that I think you are incredible and I'm actually jealous. Angie is a fabulous lover and I am thrilled by her sexuality. I have you to thank for her early experiences which taught her to explore the whole gamut of her sexuality without fear or shame." Oops, here comes my cock, springing up again as I thought about what she'd just said.

I had a sudden vision of Angie, bent over at the waist holding her ankles and shaking from yet another climax, with my tongue deep in her ass. My god, was my cock ever throbbing now. "So, you have bedded Angie and learned her secrets," I said. "But, you're here to tell me there are no hard feelings? That I was a good teacher but you've taken over now? Well, don't worry, Beth, I have no hard feelings about you now eating her pussy instead of me.

And you have now given me a huge erection thinking about this whole situation and remembering how tasty Angie was." "Well, we shouldn't let our hard feelings keep us from feeling hard ons," she laughed at her clever word play. But I wasn't listening any longer since, while she was speaking, she'd reached over and was rubbing my erect cock through my trunks.

"So this is why Angie was so pleased with her first experience with the opposite sex," she grinned as she felt along the length of my cock. "Rob, you have an amazingly large cock from what I can feel. Let's see what it looks like." She reached both hands over to my hips and pulled my trunks right down over my thighs, my calves and down onto my feet.

Of course, I lifted up my feet to allow them to slip off. She grasped my boner with both hands as she said, "Wow, this is more than I expected.

What is it…nine inches long? And so thick." I looked at her and said, "Yes on both accounts, but why would a lesbian care about prick sizes?" "Oh, I'm not strictly a lesbian," she smiled at me. "I like to take pleasure wherever I can find it. How about you?" she continued smiling as she slowly stroked me from base to tip, stopping at the tip to rub her thumb over the head. "Does this give you pleasure?" I suddenly had a vision of another woman, Angie's mom Cheryl, stroking my cock in this very hot tub the first time I met her.

It felt as great with Beth now as it did then with Cheryl's hands. "Oooh yes, that feels wonderful," I groaned, trying to make the feeling last but knowing the swirling hot water and this goddess would soon bring me off. As Beth continued slowly pumping my dick, I began replaying all the Morgan family episodes in my mind.

I especially remembered the fateful evening when Angie caught me during a phone sex encounter I had with her mom, where Cheryl had a huge orgasm with a bottle of lube stuck in her pussy. That led her to track me down and confront me about the sexual relationship I had with both parents. But Angie was not angry with me, she was just incredibly curious about things sexual and knew that I had the experience she needed to teach her.

She was a virgin and had never had actual intercourse nor even experienced anything besides masturbating, as well as occasionally joining her three best friends as they all masturbated themselves. I almost had a heart attack the night she showed up at my home asking me to eat her pussy just so she could feel what it felt like. Of course, I obliged her desire only to find that she was also curious about urine and what it felt like. So we peed on each other and I actually sucked the pee out of her pussy just to show her there was nothing verboten about that act.

Even though this was strictly taboo, she was sixteen after all, I was willing to show her how tender a lover could be. I knew as soon as she hit college she'd meet guys who wanted her snatch just to please themselves and I wanted her to know there were still gentlemen in the world who would cherish what she had to offer.

But I prayed that these lessons would be kept from her parents since I was still sucking and fucking her mother and her father was getting off watching me please her mom. It would be a real shame to ruin these delicious sessions with her parents. As far as I knew, Angie, kept her promise and never divulged our relationship to her parents.

Too bad the same couldn't be said about not telling her three friends. She was so delighted to find that sex was wonderful and that nothing which felt good was taboo that she blabbed right away to them. Those girls were insatiable and damn near wore me out during, not one, but multiple sessions. So, I was dreaming about all of this while Beth kept stroking my cock. She reached down and I could see her pull aside her thong and then three fingers disappeared into her cunt. "I think you're about to cum," she said, "I can feel your cock throbbing in time with my strokes." She lifted my hips and engulfed my cock head in her mouth as she said, "Cum a lot, Rob, I need to taste your hot jizz right now." She stroked harder as she kept time with her fingers in her snatch.

Soon she jerked and exclaimed, "Ooooh yessss, Rob, I'm cumming.are you?" As I felt my balls boil, I shot a tremendous wad of jizz out of my prick head and screamed, " it all.suck it all down you sexy bitch!" Wow! I don't think I've ever unloaded quite so much but she kept swallowing and stroking until my balls were drained.

Oh, my god, that felt wonderful. I laughed as I realized here was a lesbo who enjoyed eating my cum. "Wow," she exclaimed, licking her lips.

"What a huge load of spunk you shoot. Do you always release that much in a single orgasm?" I said, "Consider the source. You suck like a pro and your stroking technique is excellent. But, no, I haven't shot that much cum in a long while. Are you sure you're a lesbian?" I asked laughing.

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"Rob, I told you I enjoy pleasure wherever I find it. I guess I'd describe myself as 'multi-sexual' if there's such a word," she added. "I just love to cum and make others cum along with me. Hell, I even love to watch someone else cum." "Well, I've had my treat, what about you?" I asked.

She grinned, "Can we step into the changing room right here? I want to see for myself what Angie was so excited about." We pulled our suits on and climbed out of the tub.

The bathroom was large with an overhead stall shower, a toilet, sink and a pull-down changing table. Beth slipped her top over her god, she had perfect tits, the nipples sticking straight out.then slid her thong down to reveal a bare pussy with pouting swollen lips and the biggest engorged clit that I had ever seen.

She looked at me and said, "Rob, I'm tingling all over. You have really turned me on like no man ever has before." "Well, mam, I aim to please you so what's your wish?" I asked as I felt my cock begin to swell, really weird to be stiffening so soon after that huge cum.

But she seemed to have that effect on me. She looked at me and said, "Angie just gushed with pleasure as she described now you ate her pussy while she was peeing. Believe it or not, I've never had anyone do that to me. Would you consider doing that?" I was dumbfounded to hear this confession from a gorgeous 28 year-old bisexual with lots of experience which I gathered from her revelation about her 'special students'.

But she'd never fully explored the exciting gamut of water sports. I just love to eat pussy while she is peeing; I have ever since my first girlfriend who loved to pee all over my face and mouth as I lay underneath her. I also love to tongue ass while she cums with my fingers deep in her cunt.

I sat down cross-legged on the floor and said, "Step over here, Beth, and put your legs over my shoulders." She walked over, stood over me and put each leg over a shoulder as I sat with my mouth staring right into her bald pussy. I grabbed each ass cheek in a hand and pulled her onto my mouth. She shook with pleasure as I stuck my tongue deeply into her slit. "Oh, my god, that feels so good," she said as I increased the speed of my tongue thrusts. I slipped a finger onto her puckered ass and then, without waiting, pushed it in to the first knuckle.

"Aaargh.oooooh, god, I can't believe I'm already cumming," she shouted. And suddenly my mouth was filled with both sweet cum and salty pee. I swallowed as quickly as I could but there was too much and it cascaded down my chin and chest. She heaved and bucked for a minute as the pee kept coming, then she literally collapsed forward onto my head and shoulders as her legs gave way. I tumbled over backwards but, in this position, her pussy was still firmly pressed onto my mouth.

I spread her legs and resumed my licking, this time stretching my tongue back so I could reach her rear hole then up through her swollen pussy to her engorged clit where I'd give it a quick flick. Over and over my tongue travelled as she began to buck against my face. She finally shuddered and said, "Ooooh, nooooo, I'm going to cum again!" And I felt her sweet juice cascade into my mouth, this time with no pee.

She jerked for a bit on my face and then rolled over onto the floor.

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After a few minutes she looked over at me and smiled, "That was exactly what Angie described. I have never felt such a rush like that before, Rob. You are truly a Doctor.a Doctor of love. Oh, god, my pussy is throbbing, my legs are weak and I can't focus. What did you do to me?" I replied, "I did what any red-blooded man should do for the woman he valued.

I don't know who your lovers have been in the past but I suspect they were dipshits to not bring a sexy woman like you the pleasure she deserves." "I've had other women and men eat me and I've also eaten them in return, but this was so much better than anything I've ever experienced," she sighed. "Why?" "Because my only care is that you experience the pleasure.

I'll catch up to you eventually," I said. "Right now, it's all about you!" We lay on the bathroom floor for a while then turned on the shower to wash off.

I grabbed the bar of soap and began washing her back and up onto her neck as she snuggled her beautiful ass into me. Then I slid my hands around to cup her breasts in my hands.

They were simply perfect orbs and I felt her nipples stiffen under my touch. "Oooh, don't stop," she cooed, "I love to have my nipples rubbed." She gently shook her ass against my stiff rod so I spread her legs and stuck it between her cheeks and began rocking the head against her pussy lips. She rocked with me for a moment, then leaned over, took my cock head in her hand and guided me right into her steaming hot tunnel.

She was so wet, it only took one thrust for me to sink totally into her, my cock completely embedded and my balls slapping up against her. I slid my hands down her waist to grab her hips and just kept thrusting my cock deeply into her hot, hot pussy. She writhed with pleasure then reached down to furiously rub her erect clit as I kept pumping.

I felt her shake with the beginning of yet another orgasm. "Aaaarg.oh god, Rob&hellip.oh, my god…oooh.oooooooh…I'm cumming again!" she shouted and I could feel her pussy juice begin cascading down over my over my balls as I fully impaled her on my tool. Actually, her climax brought me right over the edge and I just exploded massively into her.

"Oooooh, Beth.oooh yessss…feel the pulses of my cum filling you up&, so fabulous!" I moaned. We stood under the cascading water until a there was a knock on the locked door. So, we hurriedly dried, dressed and walked out. I had my usual Monday night room, Beth only down for the day, so we headed up to my room.

As soon as the door closed we ripped off our clothes like a couple of teenagers and proceeded to explore every inch of each other's body After a while until she got this wicked smile on her face and said, "Uh, Rob, there's one other thing Angie loved, she described it in extreme detail, that I've never tried." "And what would that be," I queried as my cock was already in full erection after rubbing and exploring this Greek goddess for the past hour.

"Well," she began and I could see her blush, "Angie said you also were a connoisseur at licking the other end." I decided to play along and said, "The other end?" "OK, I'll say it," she gushed out, "I've never had anyone lick my ass." "Really," I leaned over to massage her butt cheeks and teasingly said, "Why would anyone want to do that?" I then began squeezing each cheek and gradually moved closer into the center where her puckered hole lay.

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She turned flat onto her stomach so that her ass was completely open to my fingers. I spread her legs wide open, licked my finger and then circled around her hole with my finger, moving ever closer to the center of pleasure. She began to lift her ass up toward my fingers until there was no confusion as to where she needed me to quickly go.

I pressed one finger onto her hole and she bucked backward until it was completely buried to the first knuckle. "Ooooh, yesss.that's just right," she moaned. I kept the finger in her ass as I slid my other hand under her hips, cupped her sex gently and began rubbing her clit with my fingers. I pulled her up so that she was kneeling on hands and knees and climbed in behind her wide open legs so that her back side was completely open to me and my hands.

I thrust two, then three fingers into her wet hot cunt as I continued to rub her clit and pressed my finger further into her ass. She began to rock forward and back as my fingers in both holes brought her closer to another climax. I kept pressing deeply into her ass and soon two knuckles were completely embedded. I could feel her sphincter squeeze against my digit as she now started to writhe around my finger.

I thrust my finger completely into her rear tunnel as I flicked her precious clit with my other hand. She suddenly jerked on my hands and shouted, "Aaaagh, I'm cumming again&hellip.oh my god." As she finished jerking, I pushed her arms out and her face down into the pillow so that her ass was sticking straight up in the air.

I said, "You're not done yet, I still have a treat you will love." Then with her ass in the air, I kneeled closer in behind her and pulled her cheeks apart.

I leaned in and sniffed the great smell of aroused sex. I began slowly licking at the outside of her cheeks, gradually licking closer in. She was writhing and trying to move her hips so that my tongue would connect with her hole but I was in charge of this orgasm. As I continued moving in closer to her butt, she began moaning, "Oh, god, Rob, help me out.I'm dying here. Please…please, lick me!" I knew she wouldn't literally die, at least not yet.

Finally I worked my tongue into the center of her pleasure, just barely flicking the tip of my tongue on her entrance. I continued to lick around her ass and then I began to lick directly onto her puckered hole. I thrust my tongue in only a tiny bit but that was enough for her to scream out with another orgasm.


Now I pressed my whole hand, all four fingers, into her pussy and still had my thumb circling her clit. As I pumped into her with my hand, she shouted out with her next quick climax but I was not done with her yet. I began pressing my tongue deeper and deeper into her butt so that she was thrusting against the tongue in her ass as she pressed backwards and then against my hand deep in her cunt as she rocked forward.

She shuddered as yet another wave overcame her but I kept licking and thrusting. Soon she said, "Oh, god, Rob, please stop. I can't cum anymore!" "No sweetie, you can cum more and I'm going to show you how!" I responded, briefly pulling my tongue out. Meanwhile I had another huge boner that needed attention. So as I continued to tongue her ass, I began to vigorously stroke my cock.

I could tell that we both had climaxes building so I pressed my tongue in as far as possible as I squeezed her cheeks. Her clit was so big and hard that I could almost pinch it between my fingertips. She again began shaking as she quickly approached her orgasm so I reared back to pull my tongue out then pressed just the head of my pulsing cock into the open hole my tongue had just vacated.

I could feel her sphincter close tightly around the head as I shot my load of hot cum right into her butt. "Aaaaagh…" she moaned.

"Aaaagh, indeed," I mirrored. We both collapsed on the bed. I was nearly unconscious but she was even more wasted, having so many multiple orgasms in such a short period of time. I don't know how much time passed but we eventually both recovered and turned to hug each other. We just floated in our bliss for a while, then Beth turned to me and said, "Rob, I may have to rethink this whole lesbian thing. This is the best sexual experience I've ever had, bar none." "You have had pretty piss poor heterosexual experiences in the past then," I responded.

"I bet you've even had pretty piss poor homosexual experiences, too. Beth, you are a gorgeous and extremely sexually responsive woman. I can't believe you've been so mistreated." "Mistreated?" She questioned. "Yes," I spoke. "A precious woman like you needs to not only be respected but cherished.

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I think your previous 'lovers' totally missed the point. You need more than just sexual gratification, you need your whole persona to be appreciated." "Thank you for tonight," she finally said.

"I never knew sex with a guy could be this great. I will rethink the lesbian thing but I do like to explore women too." Then she grinned that wicked grin and added, "Maybe I could come over sometime when Angie is visiting you and we can all explore each other." "It's a date," I laughed as we snuggled in to get some sleep.