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"Take it you little bitch.

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that's it swallow all of my cum." I gulped down rope after rope of his creamy spunk trying to take it all in without gagging on it. There was so much. How could one guy produce so much jizz? I was barely able to gulp down his tangy spunk before it forced its way out of the corners of my mouth, but I managed to swallow it all like the good little sissy I am. My wife leaned in an gave me a deep kiss, exploring the insides of my mouth for any trace of his spent seed with her tongue.

Not finding any she curled up next to me on the bed. "That was amazing. I have never cum so hard. Who knew that watching my husband take a strangers cock in his ass would be such a turn on." I lay back on the bed and chuckled to myself as she continued, "I never knew you could suck a dick like that." "I mean there is absolutely no way I could fit that monster all the way in my mouth, I tried, but gagged on it, but you swallowed his cock all like you have been deep throating men your whole life." "That was so incredible.

You two wore me out. I don't have the strength to get a glass of water I'm so spent." "Thank you both for one of the best and most pleasurable nights I ever had". With one final kiss from us both she drifts off to a contented slumber. Our friend from the bar began gathering up his things while we made small talk.

"I hope that's what you wanted? I mean you said to treat you like a little sissy faggot but I wasn't sure if I was going over the line." "I just started getting into it. And you didn't give me any type of sign to stop, so I treated you how I thought a panty wearing wanna be girly-boy needs to be treated. With authority." You were perfect.

I assured him.


She never suspected a thing. As far as she knows you were just a guy in a sleazy hotel bar that picked us up for the night. "I'm glad you liked the performance." He said as he grabbed me for a lingering kiss. "I had a great time last night myself, lets do this again soon. But maybe we could meet up with out her next time? I mean your tight boy pussy is going to need a good fucking again real soon and she would be a distraction if she was there.

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I mean how are you gonna learn to please a man properly if you are trying to please her too. He stated as he glanced at my wife's sleeping form. "You are one of the best cock suckers I have ever come across, pun intended." He laughed and I don't want to give that up just yet.

He pulled out a business card and said here's one with my private info on it. "Give me your wife's number, if I don't hear from you soon I'm going to call her and and let her know just what you've be up to you naughty girl. I breathlessly agreed, took his card and said I would call him in a couple of days.

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He made his way over and tried to kiss me goodbye. I turned my head to avoid his lips and he grabbed me by the collar of the fluffy pink robe I was wearing, turned me to face him and forced his warm tongue into my mouth.

I gave up any pretend resistance and responded to his attentions. We kissed like lovers for a few moments before much to my disappointment he broke away and said "Call me soon, you little sissy bitch" and headed out the door into the hotel hallway. Rushing out of the room to catch up to him strangely finding myself not wanting him to leave. After a lingering good-bye and a promise to call him soon I return to the room, close the door and head to the shower to clean myself up.

I guess I should back up to the beginning of the story. My wife and I have been married for nearly three decades, during that time we have explored many different sexual avenues and fantasies. We tried the BD/SM scene but the local players were too intense for our liking, we have role played, pretended to pick each other up as strangers, wife swapped with close friends, we even attended local swingers events.

But nothing really seemed to excite both of us.

That is until one night when everything changed for the better. I've always had a panty fetish and liked to crossdress in secret. My wife knows about my hobby and tries to be helpful. Things like picking out my outfits, taking me shopping with her. I'm lucky that we both wear nearly the same size so no one suspects anything most of the time. Shoe shopping however presents its own challenges since she has tiny feet and I do not. Fortunately there is the internet.

We were supposed to go for drinks with Dave and Wanda a couple that we like to go out with but have never brought up wether or not they were interested in playing our bed room games with us. When we got there only Dave was at the table.

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It seems Wanda was not feeling well and wouldn't be joining us this evening. We had a multitude of drinks and eventually it came out about how bad Chrissy wanted to fuck Dave while I watched them.


After making sure Dave was a willing participant and after a quick confirming call to Wanda. (No need to ruin a friendship) who was surprisingly accepting, even sounding excited. She told me me to give her every nasty detail in the morning.

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It was then that we decided to head back to our house. I I drove while Chrissy and Dave began getting friendly in the back seat. While I had seen her fooling around before, I was never in the room when she had sex with another man.

My partners and I always removed ourselves to another room for our own fun. By the time we reached the house Dave had managed to get her skirt up and her panties to the side and was fingering her bald pussy with one hand while his other hand was under her blouse squeezing and and playing with her breasts. I pulled into the garage and parked. I shut the car off and watched the scene going on in the back seat.

Chrissy was rubbing Dave through his pants and I could tell from the bulge that strained the seams of his jeans she was having an effect on him. I watched them through the rear view mirror for several minutes before Chrissy made eye contact with me, I could see the lust burning in her green eyes, I knew what coming. This would be a night for the books. She would have fucked him right there had I not suggested we move somewhere a little roomier. We adjourned to the living room and I poured more drinks.

I needn't have bothered, the moment the curtains were pulled closed they were all over each other. At first I was a little annoyed, I mean it's not like I had Wanda there as my playmate. I sat down to watch the show. I have only seen my wife with another person once before, and she was a pudgy little ginger cutie that looked like she could have been her little sister.

Chrissy brought her home from a bar one night. Trying to surprise me with a lesbian show.

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I watched the two of them go at it, but I knew that Chrissy wasn't really into other girls so it was kind of a half hearted attempt on her part. But she sucked and licked and fingered fucked that little slut to a thundering orgasm before spreading her new friends pussy open and guiding my cock in.

I guess I should have payed attention to how much fun Chrissy was having with with the girls ass. Before I realized it she had worked her entire hand into the little slut. I could feel it rubbing against my cock as I fucked her. Our guest must have come to her senses and realized she was being fucked by a stranger and anally fisted by some chick she met in a bar.

I believe that she got scared as she began to sober up. We decided that it was time to put an end to the festivities. I called her a cab and with promises to meet up again she left. We had a lot of fun that night but sadly never got to hook up with her again, The two of them acted like I wasn't even there while they pawed at each other.

I was surprised at how hot watching them got me. I never thought that watching my wife being kissed and touched by another man would have this effect on me. I could feel my cock struggling to break free of my pants as Chrissy got on her knees pulled his jeans open and started giving Dave the blowjob of a lifetime. She tried to pull his pants down out of the way while she gobbled his cock but he kept hold of them like he was embarrassed with a little more effort she managed to get the jeans down a few inches in the rear when I figured out what Dave was trying to hide.

He was wearing a black nylon panties that if seen casually, say at a urinal, would just look like black underwear.

I could tell the difference instantly. As a guy who has been wearing panties for ages it was easy to spot. The material for one, the narrow waist band elastic, ect. I decided to make a move to see what his reaction would be.

"Those look like sexy little panties you have there why are you hiding them?" Dave had a shocked and busted look on his face. He no longer struggled with Chrissy to drop his pants.

He tried to pull the panties down with his pants but I would have none of that. While he was lost in the blowjob he was receiving I came up and pulled up his panties. Chrissy seeing what I was doing removed her mouth from his cock and slipped the silky fabric back over it before resuming her work on his cock. "Does your wife know you wear her panties when you go out?" I asked playfully. The look on his face told me Wanda was completely aware that she shared her most intimate of items with her husband.

"Don't worry Panty Boy your secret is safe with us as long as you show me what a good little sissy you are." Chrissy who had been dutifully working Dave's panty covered cock to the near boiling point decided at this point she needed a cock inside of her.

She lay down on the couch and Dave moved to his knees between her spread legs and began eating her soaking wet pussy. "You eat pussy just like a girl." Chrissy said between moans.

Dave worked her like an expert for what seemed like forever bringing her to several orgasms. "Enough, get up here and fuck me." Dave's cock bobbed up and down as he worked his way towards my wife smooth slit. I couldn't help but wonder what it would taste like.

I have had man on man sex before, well man on boy, and boy on boy sex rather, while I was at boarding school. I was sent to a strict military boarding school at the age of 13 as I was a bit of a handful. The exploits that happened there would shock anyone who heard what we did to each other and what some of the instructors would do to us. But that is a whole different story. After the first couple of weeks of being passed around and used by nearly everyone from the Commandant to my bunk mates.

I discovered I enjoyed it, both pitching and catching. I actually preferred catching. I never let any of the boys in the dormitories know that or I would have been face down, ass up more often than I wanted. Since I always preferred the fairer sex, once I left boarding school never really explored my bi tendencies in anything other than fantasies and my dress-up sessions. Dave began working his cock slowly in and out of Chrissy's puffy lips.

His cock was definitely longer and thicker than mine. I could see Chrissy stretching out to take him. It was such an erotic sight watching my wife's pussy being stretched to the limit. She gave me a come hither look as her head lolls back on the arm of the couch. I take that as a sign to join them. As I drop my pants, my rigid cock springs out exposing the purple satin bikini panties that I have on. I walk over to Chrissy and place my cock head on her closed lips smearing my pre-cum over them like lip balm.

She reaches out and grabs Davies hand and places it on my cock. He immediately begins to stroke me and reaches over to rub my butt.

The feeling of his rough hands on my pantied ass reminded me how much fun I'd had at school. I wanted more. I moved my cock towards Dave mouth he bent down and greedily took my helmet into his mouth and began swirling it like an ice cream cone all while filling my wife's pussy with his tasty looking cock meat. The feel of his warm mouth expertly working on my cock while watching him piston in and out of my wife made me think Dave has done this before.

It didn't take long before Dave cock began the telltale twitch that said he was ready to spill his salty prize. He groaned around my cock as he started sucking like it was the best taste in the world. His near expert manipulation of my cock had me ready to cum as well. "I'm cumm." Was all I could get out before flooding his mouth with spurt after spurt of my man seed.

That was all it took. Dave tensed up and began shooting into my wife. He was so distracted by his own pleasure he failed to swallow and gagged on my cock sauce but to his credit he didn't spill a drop. He swallowed hard as he kept spurting into my wife. He pulled out and finished unloading his creamy goodness all over Chrissy's well fucked pussy. We all took a moment to catch our collective breath.

It only took a few moments of my wife sitting there with another mans cum dripping from her well stretched cunt before I had to kneel down and lick it off. I hesitated slightly it had been decades since I'd eaten cum but dove in telling myself if I didn't like it I'd work her clit and tongue her like only I know how.

I was surprised at how quickly the flavor came back, the salty tang that harkened me back to my youth. What surprised me even more was how much I liked and sort of missed it. I began licking and sucking every speck of his cum I could. I began to tongue inside her and found the last of Dave's seed.

I sucked it out like a drunk trying to get the last taste from an empty bottle. Once I had cleaned his spunk off I began working on Chrissy's freshly fucked pussy. I was amazed at how much better she tasted after being fucked.

I love going down on her after we have fucked ourselves into a sweaty stupor.


She tastes so good it's really hard to explain why. But she tasted even better after being pounded by Dave. Dave came up behind me and started rubbing my upturned pantied ass. "I had no idea you two were so much fun" he said before sliding down my panties and spreading my ass cheeks and leaning in began to give me a wet sloppy rim job. His tongue assaulted my asshole with a passion. Before long I can feel myself begin to loosen up and allow him further access to my rapidly relaxing hole.

After a few minutes of this Chrissy began cumming. "That's it toss his salad. Make him want to slide that beautiful cock deep in his tight ass." "Punish the little faggot with your cock" she screamed as she began to cover my face with her sticky nectar. "That's it you little queers show me how you like it." On and on she went berating both of us until with one final guttural moan she clamped her thighs down on my head holding me still.

She finally quieted down pushed me away from her pussy. "Let me catch my breath. Why don't you you two play by yourselves while I watch." She said. End chapter 1 Chapter two is in the works should be posted shortly.

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