Straight mexicans gay fuck movie Here at we have

Straight mexicans gay fuck movie Here at  we have
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When I turned 18, I had this sudden sense that I needed to experience more. I had been openly gay since 14, and had been in relationships ever since. Now, I was in college and I wanted to experience hookup culture.

I wanted to have as many physical experiences as I could before settling down. One night at a party, I met a guy who said he could give me those experiences. We were dancing on the floor, and he came up behind me, caressing my body, grinding against my ass. "What's your name?" he asked in my ear. "Jason," I yelled back to him. "I'm David," he yelled back. "Well, Jason, you're one of the cutest guys in here. I'd love to take you home." I was excited. "Sure," I said. And I let him guide me out of the house and down the street to his apartment.

When we got to his front door, I finally got a good look at him. He was a bit older, probably late 20s, but still super hot. He leaned down to kiss me and I kissed him back.

"So I've got a proposition for ya," he said, breaking the kiss. "Um… yeah?" I asked nervously, wondering what I had just gotten myself into. "I'm having a little party of my own tonight," he said. "I promised the guys a little… extra fun. If you're willing to indulge them… I could make it worth your while. If not, that's fine as well, we could just have so fun just the two of us." I thought about it for a few minutes.

What exactly did he mean?

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"Um…" I started. "I guess I'll see." "Nice," he said. He opened the door to his apartment immediately there was a party. Music blaring, men dancing all over the place. David led me in. As we walked across the huge living room I noticed most of the guys were no younger than 30, the majority in their later 30s to early 40s.

I liked older guys, but I wasn't sure about this much older. David led me to a back corner of the room, slightly up on a platform overseeing the whole room. "So, what do you think?" David asked, tracing his hand down my body.

"Sounds fun!" I said, not sure how the enthusiasm left my mouth that way. "Perfect!" he said. "Don't' worry, everyone here is clean, you won't get anything." David reached up my shirt and pulled it off, leaning down to kiss my chest. "Get undressed… and wait," he said, winking and dancing off. I shyly took off my pants and underwear and waited.

For a while nothing really happened. I stood there, naked, near the wall for a good thirty minutes while everyone else drank and danced.

Soon I gave up waiting nervously and started dancing as well. I bumped and grinded to the music alone, feeling my exposed cock move with every movement. Running my hands over my body feeling the music. Finally, I felt another set of hands moving over my body.

His hands on my waist, then his clothed crotch grinding against my ass. He reached around and pulled my face towards his so me could make out, him still grinding against me. He reached down and started stroking my cock. Then he let go of me and turned me around to face him.

It was David. He bent down took a hold of my growing cock. I expected him to just suck it, but then he placed a cock ring on me. "I don't want you to cum until everyone else has cum first," he said.


Then he stood back up, gave me another kiss, then turned me around and bent me over. I felt his tongue on my hole. I gasped as he licked around it and up and down my crack. After a while he stopped and left my hole, until I felt the head of his cock pressing against me. I relaxed and pushed back against him feeling the head pop inside. I moaned and then he moaned as he pushed in farther, immediately fucking me in and out pushing more in with each thrust. I pressed my palms against the wall bracing myself as he started fucking me faster and harder, grabbing my hips to pull me into him with each of his thrusts.

"Oh yeah baby," he moaned pounding me harder. I moaned louder as he pounded my ass harder and harder until finally he slowed down I felt one last powerful thrusts and then a warmth as he shot his load deep in my ass. "Oohhhh yesssss!" he groaned into my ear as he emptied his balls into me.

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He stayed there a moment before pulling out. "Fuck that was great," he said, turning me back around to face him. "Hope you have fun with everyone else." Then he kissed me, pulled his pants back up, and walked back out onto the floor leaving me with his cum leaking out of my ass. I was so incredibly hard at this point I needed to cum.

All I was thinking about was who would fuck me next. I stood there lightly stroking my restrained cock trying to make eyes at anyone to come fuck me. After another couple of minutes another guy waltzed over, unzipping his jeans as he walked. He was taller, a bit more muscular, and pretty hairy.

He must have been in his forties. The second he got to me he turned me around and pushed his cock inside. He immediately started fucking me against the wall. I reached back and held onto his thigh, scraping him as I moaned. "Oh fuck me, yes!" I moaned into the wall. "Oh yeah take daddy's cock you little boy slut," he moaned into my ear and started pounding into me. We both moaned as he fucked me harder and deeper.

Finally he fucked me even harder and moaned even louder as he came in my ass. Once he stopped cumming, he pulled out. He pulled me away from the wall and bent me over.

Then I felt his tongue on my hole, licking his and David's cum out of me. I moaned and reached around to grab his hair. He licked up my crack, then my back and then my neck. Then he left. Tired at this point, I got down on my knees. But I was hard as a rock and still needed to cum. I got down on my knees, spread my legs, raised my ass in the air and waited. I felt some more cum slowly leak out of my hole.

Suddenly without warning I felt another cock push into my ass. He immediately pounded me, giving no mercy. I reached forward, trying to find something to grab and brace myself with, but there was nothing as he mercilessly fucked my ass, grabbing my waist to get even more force. "Oh my god, yes!" he moaned behind me. "You like my cock in your as you little whore?" "Oh yeah fuck me!" I screamed as I felt another load empty inside me.

He groaned and pulled me closer as his cock pulsed inside. He pulled out and at first I expected to wait another five minutes to be fucked again, but immediately there was another to take its place. He also fucked me without mercy. Pushing my face into the floor and calling me a whore every few seconds.

I didn't mind though. His cock was huge. I felt it in every nerve in my ass. Finally he also exploded inside. This went on for a while. I lost count of how many guys. Maybe ten? I wasn't complaining. All I knew was my ass ached from being fucked and my cock ached from not being able to cum.

Some were gentle and slow, stroking my cock as they fucked me, others were rough, pounded and slapping my ass. After the, probably, 15th load emptied in my ass, someone turned me around onto my ass.

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It was David again. He sat me up and placed a dildo behind me. "Fuck yourself with that," he said, and then leaned down to take my cock ring off, "and you can cum. I reached around and grabbed the dildo, lifting myself up and started riding it, stroking my cock fast, aching for an orgasm.

I looked around to see about half of the guys stroking their cocks around me. I closed my eyes and fucked myself faster, stroking and stroking until finally I moaned and came, leaning back and shooting my load all over my chest. Then I felt something on my face. I opened my eyes to see one guy cumming on me.


Then another and another and soon about five guys were cumming on my face and chest. One guy leaned down to lick some off my cock. David walked over to me and kissed me, picking me up off the floor and pulling the dildo out of my ass. "Go take a shower," he said, handing me a towel. He walked me down the hall to the bathroom. I took a shower, cleaning off all the cum from on and inside me. I had no clothes to put on, so after drying myself off, I just walked out with the towel around my waist.

I found David down the hall. He directed me to the guest bedroom. "You can sleep here," he said. "but only under one circumstance." "Um, OK," I said. "Some of the guys are staying here tonight, and will probably want to fuck you again." "OK." "But you'll have to be willing to do it without warning. Like being woken up to a dick in your ass," he laughed. I hesitated a moment, thinking about it.

"Alright, I guess that'll be cool," I said. "Good," he said. Then he left. I took the towel off and lied down in the bed. At first I didn't know if I could sleep, but soon I curled up in the blankets and dozed off, exhausted.

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I started waking up, a bit groggy. You know that moment when you can't tell if you're awake or asleep? I felt like I was moving, but I couldn't tell how. Then I felt moving back as forth, and then finally felt something in my ass. I jumped and suddenly realized I was being fucked. Hard. I looked forward to see his hand gripping the mattress to get more force into my ass. Then I heard him moaning into my ear. "Oh. Oh yeah.

Oh fuck take my dick baby." Then I felt the familiar warmth as his cum shot inside me. "Ooohhhhh yeah baby. Mmm take daddy's cum. Oh yes." I moaned, barely awake, as he came inside me. I must have dozed back off because next think I knew I was alone again, lying on my back. I noticed I was rock hard again so reached down to start jerking off. I was close to cumming until a hand pulled my hand off my cock. I opened my eyes to see another guy over me.

"Let me," he said before nestling between my legs and licking my cock head. I moaned and closed my eyes again, letting him suck me off. Then I felt another cock at my mouth, so I opened up and took it in.

I sucked his cock while the first guy sucked mine. I moaned and gripped his hair and almost came again, but then he stopped. "Let's switch," he said to the second guy. So they switched, I was now sucking the first guy's cock while the second guy was sucking mine. It didn't take long for me to get to the edge again. "Fuck I'm gonna cum," I moaned louder than I expected. The one sucking me sat up and started jerking both of our cocks, one in each hand. The guy I was sucking started jerking himself over my face.

"Oh fuckkk" I moaned before blowing my load all over my chest and stomach. "Oh yeah baby," the guy moaned also cumming on my stomach. The first guy moaned and shot all over my face. "God you look so sexy with cum all over you," he said, then leaned down and kissed me. I kissed him back, shoving my cum-covered tongue in his mouth. We moaned into each others' mouths as the other guy licked our cum off my cock and stomach.

When they left, I searched around the bed for my towel and wiped off the rest of the cum from my body. It was starting to get closer to morning, so the influx of people into my room died down. Eventually, I fell back asleep. But I was woken up again by being pulled up on top of one of the older guys.

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I was straddling his hips and his cock head was pushing against my asshole. I pushed down and then slowly slid down his huge cock. "Oh yeah, boy, ride daddy's cock," he moaned, gripping my hips. So I started to slowly ride him. At first just a bit, but gradually I got to riding up to the tip and down all the way to the base in one swift movement. We were both moaning and both close to cumming until another set of hands grabbed my hips. He stopped me from riding, and I felt a second cock pushing at my hole.

"Wait-" I tried to protest. I'd never had more than one cock in my ass before and I was worried it was going to hurt. "Ssshhh," I heard from behind, and he pushed harder until I felt that familiar pop as his cock also entered my ass.

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"Oh my fucking god." "Oh fuck it hurts…" I groaned. But he paid no attention. He pushed further and further inside me, stretching me beyond my limits. Then he started fucking me. I gripped the bed as firmly as I could, trying to brace myself, but it was still uncomfortable. As one cock went in, the other pulled out. It repeated for what felt like forever. I asked a few times for one of them to pull out, that two cocks was too much, but they both kept going.

Eventually the one above me groaned in my ear, "Fuck I'm cumming baby!" The one below me stopped thrusting, allowing the other guy to fuck faster until his load shot inside me ass. He moaned louder than ever, directly into my ear. "Oh yeah, you like daddy's cum don't you" he moaned. Once he stopped cumming, he pulled out, and the guy below me immediately started fucking me faster again. IT didn't take long for him to cum also, moaning out and pulling my hips closer to him as his load shot deep inside me.

When he was done, he threw me off of him to the foot of the bed, and both of them left. I curled up and fell asleep again, with the feeling of two loads of cum dripping out of my asshole. When I woke up again, David was standing over me. "So did you have a good night?" he asked. His hand was in his pants, obviously stroking his cock.

"Yeah," I said sitting up. "It was kind of weird. Nothing I've ever expected before… but I'd probably do it again." "Good," he said.


He reached a hand out. I grabbed it and he pulled me up. "Just one last thing." He started walking out of the room, and I followed. We walked out to the living room.

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Me naked. I saw every guy who was at the party last night, plus it seemed like a few extras. When we got to the middle of the room, David turned around and kissed me.

We started making out. Him caressing every inch of my naked body, grinding his clothed cock against my naked one. Eventually he made his way to slowly pushing me down onto my back on the floor. He removed his pajama pants and started circling his cockhead around my entrance. Then he pushed in, and immediately started fucking me.

He was close to the biggest of the group, but was also the most passionate. He was rough and sensual at the same time. I felt him deeper than anyone else. I moaned and groaned, feeling him in every millimeter of my hole. I started stroking my cock and opened my eyes to see all of the other guys above us jerking off.

David leaned back and pushed my legs farther up, exposing my ass to everyone else as he fucked me harder. "Oooh yeah you want me to cum in your ass, baby?" David moaned. "Mmmmmmmm yes pleeeeaaase," I moaned back, jerking off faster. I could feel both of us getting closer and closer until I couldn't take it anymore and shot my load all over my stomach and chest.

Soon after, David moaned also and came all in my ass. I heard periodic moans around us as each guy came all over me, all calling me combinations of "boy" "baby" and "slut." I was a while ride, but I enjoyed every second of it. I think every second of my next chance.