Hardcore gay I masturbated myself off while he played with my

Hardcore gay I masturbated myself off  while he played with my
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I'm a Midget (a short story) Hello every one, my name is Lulu-Bell, a midget and this is my story. I was born into a Circus family. My Father was the Circus Giant.

He was seven feet four inches and weighed four hundred and five pounds. Surprisingly even to me was my mother was a Midget. They loved each other very much and I was born out of that love.

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She was a great acrobat and a Clown comedian, very popular with our audiences. The Circus was a fun place to grow up in. With all the animals and circus people who looked out for each other you couldn't ask for a more fun place. I did odd little jobs growing up. When I turned ten Mom started teaching me the tricks of the trade.

Tumbling, acrobatics, and facial expressions which when you were made up added to your performance. My body was fully developed by the time I was fourteen and this is where my story begins. At four feet two, from my crotch to the tip of my head I was like any other person, but my legs were very short and stubby like. My breasts were a 32 B cup and when I was sitting at a table you would think you were looking at a very nice looking normal person.

I use to get a kick out of watching the expression on people's faces when I stood up and began to walk. I had a butt that was a little large. Not fat but sticking out and made me look a little swayback. My whole life changed the spring of my fourteenth year. The circus was in Chicago for the start of the season and we were all set up when a late northern storm out of Canada hit us. I was in love with the circus sword swallower, a handsome dark skinned Spaniard.

I would follow him around and every morning I brought him a cup of coffee. This particular morning they had cancelled the show and everyone was sleeping in.

Like always I brought Juan (that was his name) a cup of hot coffee. I knocked on his wagon door and he told me to come in. He was still in bed. "Hi Lulu-Bell you look cold.

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Why don't you come over here and jump in bed with me and get warm." I only hesitated for a moment. I was cold but the chance to be close to him over whelmed good since. I took off my coat and jumped in bed. He didn't have any cloths on and I had only a cheap little cotton dress and panties with no braw.

I faced away from him and threw my butt into his crotch, not realizing what I was doing. He put his arm around me and held me tight. We laid like that for about fifteen minuets until I was nice and warm. He leaned forward and kissed me on the neck.

A shiver went down my backside clear to the crack of my ass. Juan ran his hand up under my dress and up to my well formed hard tits. He began to massage them and rub my nipples with his thumb. I had never felt anything like it before.

I was trembling and scared but I didn't want him to stop. He continued to massage first the right then the left breast. I could not believe how good it felt.

He continued to kiss my neck and ears while needing my breasts. I got a strange feeling between my legs and my pee hole became real warm. I could feel something real hard trying to slide between my legs so I reached around and took hold of this long hot thing sticking out in front of him. lifting my knee up I let him slid it between my legs right along my pee hole.

I new next to nothing about sex. I had heard my mother and father grunting and moaning from time to time at night. I even peeked in on them a couple of times.

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The first time Mom was sitting on Dad and was bouncing up and down on his stomach. The second time Dad was laying on top of Mom and his butt was going up and down but I really couldn't see what was going on. When I felt Juan's thing sliding along my pee hole a sensation flooded over me that I again had never felt before.

My pee hole felt hot and when I reached down and felt there it was all wet. Inside my belly I felt warm and kind of strange.

Suddenly I felt the point of it slip just inside my pee hole. I jerked away from it and Juan said "Don't be afraid Lulu Bell you're going to like my doing this. It may hurt at first but then it will begin to really feel good, and you will want me to do it all the time," I said Ok, and scooted my ass back up against him as that big hard thing entered about two inches into my pee hole. I felt like it was stretching me down there but it felt kind of good at the same time.

For the first time I realized how heavy I was breathing, as if I had been running. Juan slid his hand from my breasts down to my pee hole and began to rub the opening. I could hardly believe how good it felt and my breathing became faster and faster.

He took his finger and inserted it into my pee hole making his finger go in and out of it. I squealed as a great sensation ran over my entire body. I said Oh Juan you make me feel so good. "I know honey and it's going to get even better when my cock gets inside your pussy." I said what are you talking about. He laughed and took my hand and put it back around his thing and said this is called a cock; and this, as he wiggled his finger inside my pee hole is called a pussy.

He held me real firmly and shoved his cock all the way inside me. I heard something pop and then felt a sharp pain run thru my pussy and stomach. It really hurt me.

We just laid there for awhile until the pain began to subside and then Juan began to slide his cock in and out of my pussy. Oh god how good it felt. I felt that wonderful sensation flow over me again. I said Oh Juan what is that beautiful sensation I keep getting.

He said, "You are having an orgasm, something women have when they have been well fucked." But I have already had two, will I have more? Yes Lulu Bell we are just getting started. Juan turned me over and spread my legs apart. I looked down and my eyes grew wide as I looked at his cock. It was at least seven inches and as big around as my wrist. I marveled how I was able to take something that big all the way inside me.

Juan inserted his cock head into my pussy, lifting my legs over my shoulders he drove his cock all the way to his stomach. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Juan that feels so good, don't stop Juan I think I'm going to have another one of those orgasm.

Yesssssssss, there, there it is Oh Juan I'm, yes, yes, yes I'm dooooooing it Oh god, Oh god Yessssssssssssssssssssssss. I just collapsed on the bed. I could hardly move or get my breath as Juan kept ramming my pussy with his big magnificent cock. In and out he went, faster and faster. Then he stopped and grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against him. I heard him groan just as I felt his hot liquid squirt inside my pussy.

He just kept squirting and squirting Oh Juan you made me have another orgasm I cried. What was that you squirted inside me I asked? He smiled, that was my love juice Lulu Bell I came inside your wonderful tight cunt." What's a cunt I said? "It's your pussy, vagina, twat, or cunt. They are all the same thing. He then began to explain to me all the different terminology regarding sex and fucking. Can we do it again Juan it felt so fantastic. "Sure, just give me a minute or two.

After about ten minuets he said, "If you want to speed it up take it in your mouth and suck it like a popsicle." I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that, especially since it had been inside my pussy. "Go ahead it won't hurt you and I think you will enjoy it. I bent over and slowly put it into my mouth. It had a pungent smell but not offensive. A little of his cum was on the tip so I licked it off as I inserted him into my mouth. It tasted like weak custard and I realized I was tasting my own pussy juices and it excited me.

He said, "That's it honey suck it, move it in and out just like I was doing to your pussy." He put his hand on the side of my head and began to force my head up and down. I could feel him slide his hard cock in and out of my mouth. Faster and faster I went. When it hit the back of my throat I would choke but I kept going. He grabbed my head and pushed his whole cock all the way in; pushing against the back of my throat and then I felt his creamy liquid splatter againt the back of my throat.

He held me there even though I was choking and could do nothing but swallow that warm cum. I felt it ooze down my throat as he emptied it in me. I could hardly breath because I was choking on that huge cock. He said "I guess I'm going to have to teach you sword swallowing so you can take a big cock without choking. We were in the middle of my fourth climax when I heard my mother calling me to come in for lunch.


For the next two weeks we fucked at every opportunity. He taught me how to swallow a sword and to take a cock all the way down my throat without choking. He taught me the correct way to suck a cock by having me suck one of those rainbow popsicles until I became proficient. I had to suck all the juice out without showing any teeth marks. I becamet real good at it. One night about a month later we got careless.

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We were fucking in the big tent after the last performance for the night. We thought everyone had gone to their wagons. Suddenly Juan was jerked off me and his dick was whipped out of my pussy. I looked up and said "Oh shit" it was Dad. he picked him up like a rag doll and began to beat the crap out of him. Don't dad I screamed it isn't Juan's fault, I wanted him too. He wouldn't stop, he just kept hitting him.

Finally a couple of our roust-a-bouts came and grabbed my Dad. I think my Dad would have killed him if they hadn't gotten there when they did. Juan took off running bleeding like a stuck pig. Dad combed down a bit and grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and marched me back to our wagon.

Every one was looking as we went. Once inside he took me into their bedroom and thru me onto the bed. So you like to fuck do you? He screamed.


I'll teach you what it is to be fucked. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. His cock was huge, close to ten inches long as big around as a kids bat. My Mother said. "No Bill (that was my father's name) you can't, she's your daughter. I cried please Daddy don't do this, you're my Father and besides you're too big for me. He didn't listen, as he took that big cock that had suddenly gotten hard and came over to me. Mom was hitting him on the back with a broom but it didn't help.

He spread my legs wide and shoved the huge cock into me. I screamed as he split my pussy open and I fainted. When I came too he was pumping his cock in and out of my pussy.

I stopped screaming when the pain seemed to stop and I realized I was started to like it. I was amazed that I was able to take his entire cock into me, all ten inches.

I was getting aroused and my pussy started to secret my fluids. About two minuets into his fucking I had a climax, then another and another. Mom was still beating him with a broom but stopped when she heard me begin to tell Dad not to stop. I shouted "Oh Daddy you feel so good inside me." That seemed to make him madder and he started hammering his massive cock into my by now completely wet and sopping cunt.

Oh Daddy yes Daddy fuck me I cried yessss yessss Oh god I can't stop Cuming. He was now fucking me like a jack hammer. Finally I guess he decided I liked him fucking me like that and there was nothing he could do about it except stop fucking. I think he suddenly realized he liked what he was doing, because he slowed down and began to give me long slow even strokes.

It was then that I became aware that as he slid in and out of my pussy I could feel his cock up and down my pussy walls and I came again. We must have fucked for over an hour and I can't count how many times I came. Finally he pushed my legs over my shoulders and drove his mammoth cock all the way in and I could feel him pushing against my cervix. He exploded straight into it. I felt that hot creamy liquid go into my cervix and up into my uterus and I came two more times.

Mom helped me clean the blood, cum and my own juices up. She handed me a pill and told me to take it. "We don't want you getting pregnant do we" she said. I was soar and completely spent. I could hardly walk to my bed and I slept the sleep of the dead. The next morning Juan's wagon was gone and I never saw him again. If I ever see him I will thank him for introducing me into the wonderful world of fucking and giving me the ability to take a large cock all the way.

We did nothing for the next two nights but on the third night myy Dad came into my bed and after only a minuet or two of foreplay before he shoved that huge beautiful cock of his into my waiting cunt.

I could feel every inch of it sliding into my wet pussy. I came within a half dozen of his strokes. I soaked that big cock with my cum. My Dad was using long easy strokes now, not like the previous time. I could feel every inch of him as he slid in and out of me. Oh daddy you feel so good inside me. You fill me completely, please never stop fucking me. I felt another orgasm coming and I moaned, yes daddy yes, don't stop I'm going to cum. I felt that urge well up inside my pussy and I cried oh daddy I'm there, yessssssssss oh god yessss and my pussy exploded in hot cum all over his cock.

He grabbed my ass and lifted me up and then plowed his enormous shaft straight down into my pussy hitting my cervix hard. He exploded his thick creamy offering directly into my cervix just like the first time. I felt his hot cum drain into it and up into my uterus. I started Cuming and couldn't stop for over a minute and a half. My pussy finally subsided and began to return to normalcy. Because my Dad is so big It took awhile for my hole to close up. My Mother came into my room after my Dad went to sleep.

She was naked and she got into bed with me. I had never seen my mother naked and I felt kind of funny looking at her as she walked across the room. She looked like an older me except she had shorted arms and smaller tits. I asked her if she was mad at me for fucking Dad, She smiled and said no and whispered that she loved me and wanted to show me that love. She began to fondle my breasts; at first I was scared and didn't know what to do, but as she kneaded and squeezed my tits I began to get hot so I took her little tits in my hands and duplicated what she was doing to me and began to squeez and rub her nipples.

My pussy was getting wet as my Mother took my right breast into her mouth. She took her hand and inserted it into my pussy and proceeded to finger fuck me. I came when her finger began rubbing my clitoris. She really new what she was doing. Then she slid down between my legs and put her mouth onto the lips of my vagina. She spread my lips and inserted her tongue. Oh did it feel good. She had a thick tongue and she used it to scoop out my juices and run it over my clit.

She was almost driving me insane. I began to wiggle all over the bed, raising and lowering my hips. I would grab her head and bury her face into my pussy hair every time I came.

When she finally stopped I could see my juices all over her face and tits. I french kissed her and she kissed me back before slipping out of bed and went back to her own bed. I was exhausted and I laid there awhile thinking about what had happened and was happening to me. Finally I smiled, accepting it and went to sleep. The following night Dad didn't come to me. He got a little drunk and passed out. I hoped it wasn't because he was feeling guilty.

I wanted him to enjoy fucking his little girl without guilt. How ever Mom came to me almost as soon as Dad fell asleep. As she walked toward me stark naked I really gave her another once over. I noticed that when she walked her stubby little legs made her rotate slightly causing her little titties to sway. She had much larger areolas than I did. And her nipples were huge. Mine are big but Mom's are huge. Her stomach was completely flat, even flatter than my Fourteen year old stomach.

She jumped into bed and we immediately began to fondle each other. Squeezing and kneading each other. I beat Mom to the punch and started sucking her titties first and then slid down between Moms legs and took my fingers and opened her pussy lips wide. Her cunt was already dripping with her juices. She had a strong pungent smell. Not offensive just strong, musky like.

I took my tongue and ran it up and down her pussy, savoring the taste. I flicked her clitoris with my tongue and felt her jump. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and proceeded to scoop up her juices. I was a little surprised how big Moms pussy opening was. I could put my face into her until her lips were on the sides of my cheeks. I licked and scooped and scooped and licked that pussy for about a half hour. Moms was moaning and squirming and each time she came she would grab my head and bury my face deep into her cunt.

I started finger fucking her, first one, then two and suddenly I realized I could put my whole fist into her pussy. I began to shove my fist in and out of her hole like a piston in a car. She began to cum one after the other. She was shouting "Oh god honey, what are you doing to me? I can't stop Cuming. Oh yessss, Yessss, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh christ yes. She shot her short stubby legs up in the air and collapsed sobbing like a baby. I was glad Dad was drunk because otherwise she would have woke him up.

I'm not at all that certain that some of the circus people didn't hear her. Dad was fucking each of us at lease twice a week and in addition Mom and I were making love two or three times a week. One night Mom told me why she had never gotten upset about Dad fucking me. She told me that for the past few years my father would only fuck her once or twice a month, That it had become hard for him to get excited enough to get a full hard on. She said half the time he would fuck her when it was only half hard.

But now he was fucking her at least twice a week and had a full hard on every time. She giggled and said that I really excited him and for that she was thankful because she was also getting the benefits from it.

About a month after My Dad first fucked me I started having morning sickness. Mom couldn't understand how I could be pregnant after taking the pill. She didn't realize I had been fucking Juan for close to a month when Dad caught us. She took me to the Dr. and sure enough I was pregnant.

While examining me the female Dr. commented that she had never seen a girl so young with a vagina that deep. She had put on an oiled rubber glove and inserted her hand into my vagina. Her hand and arm went almost to her elbow before she found my cervix. The Dr. arranged for me to go to an abortion clinic the following week and I had an abortion. We never told Dad and because I was so soar from the ordeal Mom got Dad drunk three nights in a row to give me a chance to heal. For the next four years Dad kept fucking me twice a week and Mom almost twice a week.

If he ever skipped a time it would be Moms night. I think it was because Mom could not take all of him. She could only take about eight inches. I also started having an affair with the trapeze star. He was not near as big as Dad, but he would make love to me and he loved the fact I could take all of him down my throat.

He must have mentioned my talent because his partner cornered me one day by the elephant hay pile and forced me to suck his cock. He had about nine inches and I swallowed every inch. I really enjoy the feeling of cum draining down my throat. Two of the elephant handlers saw us and made me suck their cocks too. I started meeting all three a couple of times a week between shows and I sucked all their cocks.

The two handlers had six and a half and seven inch cocks. I don't remember their names. One afternoon while I was sucking the trapeze's seven inch cock on my hands and knees the guy with the six and a half inches pulled up my dress and started finger fucking my pussy, I got real hot and stared Cuming.

He took some of those juices and rubbed it on my ass hole. I didn't understand the significance of the act at the moment. He shoved his cock into my wet pussy and took half dozen strokes before pulling out and jamming it up my butt. I stiffened my butt because it really hurt.

I almost bit the trapeze's cock. He stopped for a minute or two and let my ass hole get use to having something in it and then began to move in and out of my ass. He fucked me like that for about ten minutes when I felt him shoot his hot seeds into my ass cavity. After that one of the guys would sit on a bail and let his legs dangle over the side.

Then one guy would lie on his back on the ground and I would sit on his cock and take the guys cock sitting on the hay bail into my mouth while the third one shoved it up my ass. I couldn't not take the larger cock up my ass because it hurt too much. I would really cum a lot when I was doing three at a time, but when the nine inch guy was in my pussy, the six & half inch guy in my ass and the seven inches deep in my throat was when I really came the most.

The first time it happened I think I came for over two and a half minute's without stopping. I had one of those "G" stream orgasms and flooded the guy I was sitting on. My Dad died of a heart attack a few months after my eighteenth Birthday.

He was only forty six. I was born when Mom was 22 and dad was six years older. He had a great funeral. The whole circus attended including many of the general public where we were performing.

They made a parade out of it; the animals in their cages and the clowns and performers. He was cremated and his ashes scattered over the circus tent.

Mom was devastated because it had come on so suddenly. When Mom finally settled down we went back to having sex and sleeping together. I remember this one night Mom had been kissing and licking my pussy for about half an hour. I was so hot my pussy was dripping wet and oozing cum all over her. She put two fingers in, then three and then the whole fist.

She began to drive her fist in and out of my pussy just like I had done to her. I could feel her knuckles sliding up and down the walls of my vagina. I looked down and my Mom had her Short little arms buried clear above her elbow. When she took her middle finger and inserted it into my cervix I lost all control. As she shoved it up to her knuckle I began to vibrate and my ass started bucking an I shot a stream of pussy water out of my cunt and up into my mothers face and chest.

I collapsed and was completely exhausted. We fell asleep covered in Pussy water mixed with pussy juice. A number of times during those four years before Dad died several different movie companies would call and need some midgets for a movie.

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Mom and I would always volunteer. One such time I met a camera man who asked me if I would pose for some pictures. Over the next couple of days he took all kinds of pictures. I really liked him and we started to date.

He was six feet tall and weighed a hundred and ninety pounds. I new we were only going to be in town for two more weeks so I let him fuck me. He took many pictures of me nude and talked me into letting him take a picture with his eight inch cock buried deep in my throat. Without my knowing it he took the pictures to a famous porno director.

The guy liked what he saw and invited me to the studio. I was mad at first because I never gave his permission to do that. He said I could really make some big money if they liked what they saw, and that he would give me the negative and the pictures if I decided I wasn't interested. I was really nervous when I arrived at the studio. It was about three thirty in the after noon. The director made me feel right at home and we began to talk. He asked me if I would be interested in making porno films.

I said I didn't know I had never thought about it. Well you can make five hundred a day with a thousand dollars a week guaranteed. If you are as good as I think you can be based on your pictures you could double and even triple that. Let me think about it I said. When I got home Mom was crying. I said what's the matter Mom? She said, "Things are getting real tight. What with your Dad dying and all, I'm just not making enough to make ends meet. I guess you will just have to go work honey.

I already talked to the ring master and he is willing to hire you. Not a lot of money at first until you learn the ropes. Talk about timing, I told Mom not to worry I think I have a job making a lot more than I could at the circus. Doing what she asked? Modeling, I said. I interviewed for the job today and they are willing to pay me a thousand dollars a week.

Why would anyone pay you that kind of money to model? Well from the waist up I'm very good looking and they like my face. They told me they model different parts of your body like lips, eyes, and hands I lied. My first film I was just kind of an extra.

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While the two stars were fucking at a orgy party I was deep throating this guy with a seven inch cock in the back ground. The camera man was my friend who had submitted my pictures to the Director. He made sure that when he had a close up of the stars he got me in it.

I guess it triggered a lot of mail asking who was gal with the cock down her throat. Enough so that in my next film I was the co star. I teamed with the star that was famous for his nine inch cock. He had been in films for years. When he fucked me I took every bit of him. I also was able to get his whole cock down my throat, right down to his balls. He told me after we were done shooting that I had given him the best blow job he had ever had in all the years he had been in the business; And that he loved fucking me because I was able to lubricate so well.

I didn't tell him that he had made me cum nine times and wasn't faking it. My next film is what made me a porno queen. They brought in this famous black guy from New York.

He was featured as having the longest cock in the world. It was fourteen inches. Lucky for me his cock was not very big around. It took three extras close to an hour of sucking and jacking him off to get him real hard. The plot was set up for him to first fuck me doggy style, followed by fucking me standing up.


It was kind of comical because I could just stand there with his cock up my cunt and he didn't have to squat or anything.

He would only squat down to bring it out and then he would straighten his legs and shove it up inside my pussy. We then fucked missionary style. What really got me the stardom was when I laid on the bed and put my head slightly over the edge and he stuck his cock in my mouth and shoved it all the way in.

I could hear the gasps as he drove his whole cock down my throat. I could feel him in the edge of my stomach. I think the guy was in shock because he just stood there for a minute or so and then he became so excited his cock got really hard and he began to fuck my throat as if it was a pussy. He came within about five minutes. I felt his cum shoot directly into my stomach.

I had learned how to breathe from Juan the sword swallower. The star told me told me it was the fastest he had come since he was a teenager.

I have made over a hundred and fifty movies and earn a quarter million dollars a year. My Mom quit the circus and we live in a nice home in Malibu. Maybe you've seen me?

The End (all rights reserved to the author)