Sexy airbnb guest doggy style fun thong fucking fetish latina booty

Sexy airbnb guest doggy style fun thong fucking fetish latina booty
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She was lying on the bed on her stomach in front of him, presenting herself. Her arms and legs spread wide and taught by ropes lashed to each bedpost. Marshall walked up to her pussy and slid his finger up and down her perfect folds. If her mouth wasn't biting down into her pillow she would have let loose a shrill cry of ecstasy. Marshall looked back at his friend, who was sitting on the couch nearby, watching his best friend play with his woman's cunt.

"Tyler, are you sure about this? Man, I don't know." "Of course man, Bev loves it. You know that pussy looks fucking perfect." Glancing back, he watched her just ooze more juice, beads running down her inner thigh.

The anticipation for another man's cock was just too much for her. She started grinding against the bed. The little movement she could do was enough to sate her while the men worked out their insecurities.

Two hours prior, the three had met for drinks at the local watering hole, The Mucky Duck.


It wasn't the cleanest place, but Marshall and Tyler had sort of a history of going there when they were younger. Marshall had noticed that Beverly was acting a little strange. She wasn't normally a talkative girl, but tonight she wouldn't shut that hot little mouth of hers.

But while that thing was moving, Marshall managed to get a good look at her assets. Her breasts, which kept "falling out" all night, were perfect C's. The nipples were everything you could ask for, not ovular, not too big, and just pink and half dollar sized.

Out of the corner of his eye, Marshall noticed Tyler watching the two of them flirt. Tyler took another swig of his drink and looked down. Bev twirled her finger through the longer side of her asymmetrical hair and sighed, cocking her eyes to the side.


"Tyyyler, let's go dancy hun!" He grumbled something about being too drunk and tired from work. "Oh you're no fun," she said her green eyes flashing over to Marshall. "Will you take me dancing since Grumpy Gus over here won't?" An important thing to note about Beverly is that she's only 19.

She barely looks it, but bars never card women anyways. Tyler never had trouble getting women, and this led to him nabbing this piece of ass a year back.

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He had no qualms going after younger girls, but Marshall had a little reservation. She puffed out her lips. He was butter and before he knew it they were already in the thick of people dancing.

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She kept grinding her ass right up against his cock and kept flashing little smiles. Still not fully comfortable with all of this, Marshall kept looking over at his friend who was still watching them every so often, but more so sipping his scotch. Bev grabbed his head and whispered in his ear, "Wanna know somethin' dirty?" "What's that?" She giggled a little, "No panties," she finished, biting her lip as she lifted her skirt just so.

Her perfect ass hung just in plain sight.


"Ooh Marshall," she cooed as she wrapped her hand around his cock right through his jeans, "Someone's got a lot of pressure built up." Beverly held him closer again, and whispered again in his ear. "Tyler told me you haven't had any in such a long time and I just felt so bad.

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I mean look at you," she said, raising her eyes up to his. Marshall had never considered himself ugly, but to hear her talk about him like this was definitely helping the massive hard on fast growing in his pants. "We can't do this. Not with him right here," Marshall blurted out, committing to this affair before he was even sure, his dick getting the better of him.

"Let me worry about him, " she leaned up and planted a firm kiss on his lips. "Come over at around eight tomorrow. I'll be waitinggg." Marshall arrived the next evening a few minutes early.

He sat in the car for a moment really considering what he was about to do. Was he really about to fuck his best friend's woman, and when were they going to tell him?

Images of the night prior flashed across his mind. Her eyes flashing at him, that hint of that perfect ass under the dress, the thought made him just as hard as he was that night. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he got out of the car and knocked on the door. To his surprise, Tyler answered the door. "Uh, I-" "Relax, Marshall. I know what's going on, follow me." Marshall led him to the master bedroom, where his wife was already tied down to the bed, and blindfolded. Tyler sat on the couch and Marshall approached Beverly's soaking pussy.

Sliding his finger down it, he turned back to Tyler. "Tyler, are you sure about this? Man, I don't know." "Of course man, Bev loves it. You know that pussy looks fucking perfect." Marshall pulled down his pants and Tyler followed soon after. He eyed up Marshall's cock, as it was easily twice as large as his own. He wasted no time plunging it deep in Bev's cunt.

He thrust in and out, faster and faster. She kept up her moaning with his pace. Tyler tugged slowly at his little penis, and leaned back for a better view of his wife's face.

"Is this what you want, Bev? Is this enough cock for you?" This sent her overboard and she slammed her cunt onto Marshall's dick, letting him stand there off the bed while she did all the work. "Good little whore isn't she Marshall." "Yeah she is, you told me how good she was but goddamn I didn't know" Tyler let out a little laugh and started pulling on his dick harder, and got it to its pathetic full mast of 5 inches.

He made his way to the bed and pushed into into his wife's open mouth. "Take a second one you slut, is that enough?" "Mmm-mmm," she said, spitting out his dick. "I only take big ones now. Take that little piece of shit over to the couch and watch a real man get his dick serviced." Marshall pulled out, and made his way over to her mouth, which was more than ready to take him in.

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She slurped loudly and made loud Mmm sounds directed at Tyler as he was coming close. Tyler came all over himself and lay back smiling.

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This was too much for Marshall and he shot his load immediately into Bev's inviting throat. She spit it up over her mouth, and swallowed the rest. "Tylerr, get over here and lick up this cum. Look at a real cum shot, not that piss poor fucking dribble I get from your little dick." Tyler crawled on all fours and obliged immediately, lapping up the thick strings that she let bubble out of her mouth.

Marshall quickly put on his pants and left before things got any stranger today. *If you are interested in more, let me know