Blonde cutie Ellie fucking anonymous guys in a public theater

Blonde cutie Ellie fucking anonymous guys in a public theater
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Once I was settled in, I didn't do too much at all. I was still too scared to do anything, so all I did was go to the gym and school. That was absolutely it. Did I get home sick, only for my baby sister, that was it, any everything and every one else, I wasn't even a little home sick. Like I said, Allison and I spent a lot of time communicating. As time passed I found out that Jennifer lost a lot of her friends as a result of what she did, and for what she had them do to me.

People started turning their backs on that family. Allison started with counseling because of everything that happened, I didn't know that her watching my struggles affected her as deeply as they did.

She eventually went to church leaders and told them absolutely everything that happened. She even had the statement that grandma had from the girls. I don't know what happened after that, and neither did my baby sister.

It was as though the church didn't care because nothing was done. Try as they might, my family tried to contact me, but that was a little hard since they had no contact information for me.

As far as they were concerned, I fell off the face of the planet. I didn't want anything to do with them, I was done with it all, I was done with them, accept for Allison. When I moved to Kansas City, my grand parents insisted that I not pay rent at all. I tried like hell to talk them out of it, but they insisted on paying my rent as I attended school, but they also wanted me to save my money. They wanted me to focus on working out and school and that was it.

Although I didn't want them too, I finally caved and agreed to let them. I had to come up with terms of the agreement in order for me to feel good about it.

I had already started school and holy shit was it fun! I had so much study and gym time that it wasn't funny, but I was getting bored. As I attended they gym I noticed this blonde girl that kept watching and following me around.

She always smiled at me when she saw me. After almost two months of this, I went and sat in the jacuzzi after a long four hour work out. She came out in a small bikini and once she saw me sitting there, she smiled.

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"Mind if I join you?" She asked. "No not at all." I said. "Thanks, you're new, I haven't seen you around before." She said as she climbed into the jacuzzi.

"Yeah I'm pretty new, I've been here for a couple of months now." I said. "Where are you from?" She asked. "Utah." I replied nervous as hell. "Wow, you're a long way from home." She said as she smiled. "Yeah, and I'm glad I am." I said. "How old are you?" She asked.

"I'm 18." I replied. "Hey so am I. How long have you been working out?" She asked. "A long time." I said as I laughed a little. "How old were you when you started?" She asked. "I was probably about 11 or 12 when I started." I replied. "What made you start?" She asked. "It was actually a form of punishment at home. Every time I got into trouble, my parents made me work out in the gym for a long time." I said.

"Well then you must have really gotten into trouble a lot cause, damn. Forgive me for being so forward, but my god you have a very very amazing body. You look really really good." She said making me smile. "Thank you, you look good too. I'm Jake." I said as I extended my hand. "You're welcome, my name is Marissa. So do you have a girlfriend?" She asked. "No I don't." I replied.

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"Are you serious?! You're really hot and you don't have a girlfriend?" She asked. "No and I've never had one." I replied. "Oh my god. Why?" She asked. "Let's just say that I lived an extremely sheltered life." I replied. "I'd say so, we may have to fix that. I know I would definitely jump at the chance to be with you, my god." She said. "So are you like a virgin still?" She asked. "Yeah I am." I replied nervously. "Oh god. Well, don't worry I don't think that's a bad thing trust me.

You're crazy crazy hot, so I'm amazed that you never had a girlfriend and are still a virgin." She said. "Thanks." I said. "What are you doing after this?" She asked. "Nothing actually." I replied. "Well you should come with me, I'm going to go hang out with some friends." She said.

"Are you sure that would be ok?" I asked. "I don't see why not." She replied. "Ok then, I will." I said. "Awesome." She said. "So did you come here just for school or what?" She asked. "Well that and I came here to escape from my family." I replied. "Do you not like them or something?" She asked.

"You can say that. My little sister is the only one I get along with so she is excluded from everything." I replied. "Are you two close?" She asked. "Yes we are." I replied. "That's so cool. I'm not close to anyone in my family." She said. "You have one of those too huh?" I asked. "You can say that. I like you, you're a really nice guy." She said. "Yes I am." I said as we both laughed a little. Marissa was incredibly hot. She had an amazing amazing body too.

She had long blonde hair and was pretty small. She had pretty decent sized tits, about a c cup. As we sat there we had a very long conversation about our families.

Later that evening she came by and picked me up and we went and hung out with her friends. All of her friends were incredibly impressed with my body, so much so that I had a ton of female hands all over me that entire night. Marissa was all over me as though we were dating. She took me home and left. As time passed she and I became really really great friends.

She was a stripper at a local strip bar and I was able to get in for free. I told Allison all about her, and when she found out that she was a stripper, she didn't even flinch. She just said to try to not get her pregnant as she laughed. One day Marissa got really bored and decided to just come over to my place and hang out with me. Her boyfriend was out of town and she didn't have to work.

She came over and she and I watched movies together, but apparently she was bored with that. She and carried on a conversation with me the entire time the movie played. As time passed I noticed that she was rubbing my leg a lot, as in my inner thigh.

As more time progresses she started to make me hard as hell and she knew it. Before long she and I were making out like crazy. After kissing and touching for what seemed like hours, she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"I'm not going to lie, I really want you right now." She whispered. "You do?" I asked. "Yeah, how would you feel about loosing your virginity tonight?" She asked as she ground on me.

"I would love it." I replied. "God I'm so glad you said that." She hissed. "Are you?" I asked. "Yes I am, cause if it's ok, I am going to take your virginity." She said. "It's ok." I whispered. She then slid off of me and started to take her clothes off. She was the very first naked woman I had ever seen and she knew it.

My cock throbbed so hard in my pants once I realized that her pussy was completely shaved and bald. My god her pussy looked so so good! "Stand up, I wanna take your clothes off." She hissed. She took my shirt off slowly as she kissed and licked my chest and abs. She kissed her way down as she undid my belt and pants. She pulled them and my underwear down at the same time. My cock sprung out and hit her in the chest making her suck air through her teeth hard.

"Hhhhhhhhholy ssshhhhhhhhit!" She hissed as she looked up at me. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Oh god nothing is wrong baby. You're just fucking huge!" She said with a very shocked look on her face. "Is that bad?" I asked as she wrapped her hand around my shaft and stroked me slowly and gently. "It's going to be for a lot of girls, I won't lie. Guys with cocks this huge have a hard time keeping girls because they can't handle a real man.

Others prefer them this big, I personally love big cocks. You're not just big, you're huge! Have you ever measured yourself?" She asked. "No I haven't." I replied. "Do you have a tape measure?" She asked.

"Yeah, it's in the kitchen." I replied. "Do you mind if I measure this massive gorgeous thing?" She asked. "No, go ahead." I replied. "Wait here." She said as she stood up and walked to the kitchen. She came out and measured me and laughed once she and I both realized how big I was.

"Holy shit! Oh wow Jake! 10 inches?!" She asked surprised as hell and laughing in shock. "I didn't even know I was that big." I said. "You're really thick too.

My fingers don't even reach for gods sake, look how far they are separated." She moaned slightly as she examined me closely and slowly. "I take it you like it?" I asked as I smiled. "Are you sure you're not black?" She moaned. "Yeah I'm pretty sure." I said as I laughed. "I don't know, I've been with black guys before, you're quite a bit bigger than they were." She said as she smiled up at me. My jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out when she started to lick and kiss my cock.

It felt so damn amazing to feel a woman's lips and tongue all over it. I moaned out as she opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips around me, I just about lost it as she sucked my cock. She started to moan as she played with herself and sucked my cock at the same time.

Finally she popped me out of her mouth and stood up, pushing me onto the couch as she did. She straddled me and slid her slimy pussy up and down the length of my cock as she kissed me hard. She broke the kiss and grabbed her purse. "I'm not sure I have any condoms big enough for your massive cock." She hissed as she grinned.

"That sucks." I said as she continued to grind on me as she dug through her purse. "Oh look! I do have one." She said as she pulled a huge condom out. "Get ready baby." She hissed. I watched her slide back and lift my cock up.

I watched her roll the condom on and groaned because it felt really good. Once it was on, she kissed me again as she lifted herself up as high as she could.

She broke the kiss and grabbed my cock. "Are you ready?" She asked. "Yeah I am." I replied. She tried quite a few times to get me inside of her. She wanted me in her so bad that she didn't give up. She pulled a bottle of lube out and saturated my cock and her pussy with it before she tried a few more times. She and I moaned out as I felt the warm slippery flesh of her pussy encase and squeeze my cock.

I felt her sit all the way down making my entire body tense up. She moaned loud once she felt me stretch her insides. "How does it feel?" She asked. "So, good." I moaned. "Fuck I'm not going to last long." She whimpered. "Why?" I asked. "I've never had a cock this big before." She hissed. "I'm not going to last either." I said.

"Of course not baby, you're a virgin, or at least you were." She said as she giggled. I moaned out loud as she lifted herself up and back down. I already felt my balls start to tighten as she slid up and down again.

She moaned and I felt her insides do something that sent me to a whole other planet. As she rose up for the third time, she started to gasp like crazy and moan out. She couldn't breath and her body started to jerk and shake. She tensed up and trembled violently as I felt this amazing amount of hot liquid pour and squirt out of her and all over my cock and balls.

Her hips jerked and before I knew it, everything went white and my entire body went as stiff as a board. I couldn't breath at all. Then the most amazing sensation ripped through me like massive electrical jolts.

My cock felt like it swelled up more and I moaned out loud. My hips thrusted up jerkingly as I exploded in my condom. It was by far thee best feeling I had ever experienced in my entire life. After she took my virginity, she cleaned up and went to the store to buy more condoms.

Let's just say that it's a good thing that I didn't have school the next day. Even though I spent a lot of time on the phone with my sister, Marissa and I had sex pretty much all night long.

I was even deep inside of her while I talked to my sister. That night she took a bunch of selfies with my hard cock against her face or in her mouth.

Which came in handy for her because her boyfriend cheated on her too. So she just sent those pics to him to show him that he wasn't the only one cheating. Marissa taught me a hell of a lot of things, like how to eat pussy, and a few sex fun positions. By the next morning we were both sore as hell. From that day on, she and I became friends with benefits, or fuck buddies.

We never actually dated, but we met up at times for a good hard all nighter. Apparently I was a good fuck, because she always told me that I was. It showed too because she would come over often just to get fucked.

She got me addicted to eating pussy too, so I was constantly licking and eating her. It was weird having a friend with benefits at first, but after a while I started to love it. I started to love sex quite a bit, and the more I had sex, the better I started getting at it. I told my sister about Marissa and what we had been doing and she seemed to take it quite well. I was worried that she would get mad at me, but she didn't.

In fact she was jealous that I was having sex and she wasn't, in fact she came right out and told me that she was jealous. A month passed and even though Marissa and I were having sex regularly, we never actually dated. She dated other men and all, but she would always want my cock. There were even times that we would meet up in the locker rooms at our gym just to have sex.

We used a condom every time we fucked without fail, even though we both knew we were clean. But because of her cheating boyfriend we had to play it safe. Marissa taught me so many different sex positions, like the weaver, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, the bridge, the folding chair, the double worm, stand up, spooning and the straddle.

Oh my god were those amazing amazing times, and I loved that she had so many massive orgasms. I never had to worry about getting laid, if I got horny all I had to do was call her. That went on for some time and there was one day I was hanging out with her and her friends when Marissa walked up to me with a flier. "Look at this." She said. "What is it?" I asked. "Just read it." She said. I looked at the flier and read it. It was an advertisement for men's amateur night at the strip club she worked at.

Any person can do it and there were going to be a few judges, all female. It was a ladies only night and they were going to have amateur males dance and strip for them.

They had a third, second, first and grand prizes for the contestants. It said that the guest judge was a very very famous porn star. I'll call her Cynthia for the sake of this story, and to stay out of trouble. I had never seen porn once in my life so I had no idea who she was.

"Ok so why are you giving this to me." I asked. "You should totally do that." She said. "You want me to dance and strip?" I asked. "Well yeah but only if you want to. You have the perfect body and you're really hot, so I don't think you'll do all that bad." She replied.

"Do you think I'll do ok?" I asked. "I think you'll win actually." She said. "Ok, why the hell not?" I asked. "So do you want me to sign you up?" She asked. "Yeah what the hell. When is it?" I asked. "Next month, but you only have a week to sign up for it." She said. "So let's go sign up for it." I said. She took my hand and we went online and signed me up for the contest.

From that day until the contest, Marissa taught me how to dance like a stripper and had me do a few parties just to practice. Apparently I was really good at it because I got a bunch of blow jobs. Every party I did, I ended up having quite a few mouths on and around my cock. Marissa then told me to shave my cock and balls, and since I had never done it, she came over to my house the night before and helped me shave my junk. Oh my god did we ever fuck hard that night!

The next day we got up and went to the gym like always, then I went to school and took a test. I passed it with the highest score in the class, I was happy as hell about it. That night I went home and later went to the club. I was ushered in by Marissa and taken back to a room where her and a few of her friends were. They had me put some sexy clothes on and they rubbed oil all over my body, then we waited. After a several over confident dudes, I went on stage and did my thing. I wasn't all that nervous because I didn't know Cynthia or who she was.

All I knew was that she was a small hot brunette. I had so many women screaming and yelling at me as I stripped down almost till I was completely nude.

That brunette looked at my bulge and her eyes opened wide as did her mouth. I saw her mouth the words wow as she looked at it. Needless to say, I won the grand prize, which was the very last thing that I was expecting at all. Part of the prize was a full night out with Cynthia. Marissa thought it was a good idea to show me some of the films that she was in so I would know who she was, and why she was so famous.

I couldn't believe what I saw, and yes, Marissa and I fucked like rabbits after watching those films. Later the next evening a limo came to my place to pick me up. I was nervous now, I was going out with a damn porn star. It turned out to be a really great night actually. I found something out about her. She was a member of the church that I was excommunicated from.

I actually told her about everything that happened to me and why I was so far away from them. Her story was similar to mine, we clicked really well. We became friends really quick. She was very impressed that I didn't try to fuck her like every other guy she went on dates with. I some how earned a hell of a lot of respect from her. She told me that I was unlike any guy that she had met.

She respected me so much that she said that she was going to help make me famous. She told me that I was a natural as a stripper and that I was really good. She even told me that she was impressed with my package. She and I hung out all night long, and she loved that she didn't feel like she was on a date.

She felt like she was just hanging out with a friend. She came over to my place and we actually sat and watched a movie. When she left she gave me her number and made me promise to keep in touch with her. From that day on, I started stripping as often as possible. I traveled around and stripped for various parties and clubs, however, my schooling remained my first priority, that was the one thing I wanted to get done.

I wanted to be a helicopter pilot really bad, so that was my main focus. As time passed I had become fairly famous, and I became the most requested stripper in the KC area. Mainly because Cynthia made posters and cards for me. She had me strike a few poses with her, and she even endorsed me on my card itself.

I didn't realize that I would be making so much money doing that at all, until I was in the middle of it. I made so much money that I was able to pay my grandparents back the money they spent on me. As my 19th and 20th birthday passed, my fame as a stripper had grown quite a bit. Why you ask? Because I started to film and star in a bunch of porn flicks, everyone of the films I did were all teen hardcore films.

I starred with mostly brand new starlets who were no older than 18 or 19. I did do some with seasoned young starlets, but my all time favorite ones were with Cynthia, mainly because she and I were really really good friends by this point.

She and I were as close as Marissa and I were, only I fucked Cynthia on camera. I was amazed at how they made me look so different in the photos and movies. Cynthia was the one who got me started in all of that and made me as famous as I was. I also did a lot of hardcore photos in pretty much all of the teen porn mags out there. That also furthered my fame as a stripper like crazy. I was working out like crazy, doing hardcore photo shoots, stripping, and filming porn during the winter months and tornado season when it stormed it ass off since I couldn't fly.

I had my private pilots license by then so I was actually able to fly, and did so regularly weather permitting, to add hours to my books if you will. I still spent more time in school and the gym than I did as a stripper / porn star, so I could hopefully get my commercial license. By the time I was 23, I had my commercial licensing and was working to get my instructors license. I was making great money by the time I was 23 years old.

Between my job as a pilot and stripper/porn star, I was making a hell of a lot more than my dad did and he was an orthopedic surgeon. Since I had my commercial pilots license now, I was flying rich people around for a private company, so not only did I get to fly a lot, I was adding a bunch more hours to my flight time, furthering my experience level. Of course I had to learn a bunch of different types of panels and instruments as I went. I saved every single dime of money I had.

I started doing porn and stripping at 18 years old and by time I was damn near 24, I had saved up to almost 8 million. I never spent a dime all of that time, I saved everything except to pay rent and other bills. So not only did I pay my grand parents back, I purchased a huge place for just over one million. It had two floors, but each floor had huge and very tall ceilings.

The second floor had a balcony that wrapped around in the shape of a u. It had a huge out door balcony that over looked the city and a big roof top lounge, at one point it was an exclusive, incredibly ritzy restaurant/art gallery. Only the crem dela crem of society, as in the elite, multi millionaire CEO, judges, doctors could afford to even enter that place.

It was like those restaurants that think they're feeding ants, you know, the portions that were so small that you could eat it in one bite, then leave and go to Wendy's to buy a triple cheese burger and a large fry because you're still starving.

It was a black tie place. No "normal" person in society could afford to so much as darken the 15 floor buildings entrance doors, much less go inside. Below this snob restaurant, were actual condos and lofts where a lot of the "elite" lived. Look, I have no issue with those who make a lot of money, I don't. They worked hard for what they have, and they deserve to enjoy it, it's the way some of them treat those who are less fortunate that I can't stand.

They are the ones I absolutely hated. That was the huge reason I decided to purchase the place. The way they acted when I walked in pissed me off. I had so many incredibly rich people who made fun of me because "there was no way I could afford that place".

A number of them literally came to me laughing in my face as they told me that I shouldn't even be there. They even made fun of the suit I was wearing because it wasn't a 20,000 dollar suit. I wanted to punch them in their throats so bad my teeth hurt. "Fuck you mother fuckers" I thought as I left, raced to the bank, got a cashiers check as fast as possible and went back.

They all stared at me like I was a retard and even started talking about how sorry they felt for me. "Has it sold yet?" I asked as I looked at the realtor, who also hated those pompous fuckers, I could tell. "No sir, not yet." She replied. You should have seen the faces of those arrogant, pompous fuckers when I dropped the cashiers check with the full asking amount, and then some on the table of the realtor who was selling it. The pompous fuckers just didn't know that I had that much there, or that it was a cashiers check.

"Please tell me this is what the sellers were asking for. I can't let them have it." I said as I pointed my thumb to them. "As a matter of fact sir, this is 500 thousand dollars over the asking price." The realtor said, so everyone could hear.

"Hmmmm, looks like I do have the money after all." I said pompously, looking and mocking every single one of them. "I can't stand them either." She said as she smiled. "They're fucking assholes, do me a favor, tell them that you need to check with the seller, and can we get the paper work here, as in now? I want to tell them to get the fuck out of my house." I said as the realtor got really excited.

I sat down as the other realtors sat there in shock. The realtor did as I asked and soon all of the paper work was there and the seller was notified. They took the deal without hesitation and that was that.

I spent the next few hours signing the paper work needed to complete the transaction.

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By then, they were all back to mocking and making fun of me. They were all saying that I didn't really have the money and that the check I had, had to be fake, if not, then it was going to bounce. They all stood there drinking their high dollar wine mocking me. Luckily I couldn't hear them since the realtor and I moved to a more secluded place. Before anyone could object or offer more money to take it from me, it was legally mine.

It was done it was officially mine. It took forever, but it was official. We hid in a board room to do it so no one knew that it was being done. After several hours in that room doing paper work, they gave me the keys, and congratulated me. The realtor and I walked out onto the balcony and I looked at the pompous fucks who had returned to try to make deals, not knowing that I had just bought the place. "Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention?" I asked making them all shut up and look up at me.

"I would like to ask you all to kindly get the fuck out of my house." I demanded. "This isn't your place poor boy." One ass said as they all laughed. "Actually, it is.

The seller accepted his deal, money has been exchanged, and all of the paper work is done. It is officially his." The realtor and the company lawyer said.

"Congradula." One said as the rest started to clap. I interrupted them. "I said, get the fuck out, you fake ass pompous fuckers." I demanded making them all place their wine glasses down and walk out. Holy shit did my realtor and the company lawyer get incredibly excited and happy as hell about that.

I let them hang out and celebrate as I went to the gym to work my aggression out. I was excited now, I had a place now, it was a restaurant and art gallery but I was going to turn it into a massive kick ass loft, I was going to live there.

The only thing was that now I had an HOA, type of fee that I had to pay every year now. That was fine with me since that place was mine now, no mortgage, no nothing. Just utilities and those damn fees. I then hired a contractor and designer and paid another two and a half million to turn that place into my dream loft, sadly I didn't really have a dream loft. So three and a half mill later and three weeks later, the construction began, demo first of course.

I went to the drafting office a lot to tell them what I wanted. I hired my grandpa to make all of the cabinets and wood furniture for my place. A month later, my loft was being built!! The best part was that all the money I paid for it, all included the interior design of the place, furniture, fixtures, paints, workers, you name it, it was all paid for. I had no debt what so ever and I still had over 4 and a half million left, that, I left the hell alone and didn't touch it.

I started to save again and not touch a dime of it whatsoever, except to pay my bills and that's it. As time passed, I started to get really excited about my new home. My contractor sent two semi trucks to Iowa to get all of the furniture and cabinets my grandpa made for my new place. He made so much money from me from that, that he was able to pay the mortgage for the hundreds of acres of land he had, and his and grandmas house off completely, they were debt free now.

I couldn't wait until I got to move into my loft. I stopped by that place often just to see how it was coming along. My baby sister didn't know that I had a new place yet even though she and I kept in close contact. Every single year, I made sure to send a card with 200 dollars to her for her birthday. We called every single day and sent text messages back and forth so often that it was a good thing I had an unlimited data plan.

There was just one thing I never told my sister, and that was that I was a porn star and that I was stripping on the side. She knew that I had my commercial pilots license and that I flew helicopters for a living, but had no idea that I had a second life in the adult entertainment industry.

She started talking about leaving home after she turned 18 and graduated. The family started to try giving her a dose of what they gave me, but my sister grew to be a really strong willed and a very out spoken person.

Every time they tried to point all of her sins out, she would always fire back with sins they committed. They just started to ignore her as much as they could.

They stopped trying to hang her if you will, like they did me. For her 18th birthday, I sent her a thousand dollars for her to do what she wanted to do. I called her several times through the day and sent her texts when I wasn't in the air. The thing that surprised me was that our parents and siblings threw her a big party for her birthday. By then Mary, and Jennifer were married and had families of their own and Joseph was engaged to be married. I didn't attend any of their weddings per their request.

To them I was still the worst person to live and was a sinner. I mean I really was a sinner, I was a male dancer and I fucked young teenage girls on photo and video camera, so they were right about that, so now I was giving them a legitimate reason to say that I was a sinner. They just didn't know I was doing all of that. Every holiday, my sister and I spent hours on the phone with each other, which worked out because I couldn't fly due to the harsh weather.

Like I said, that was when I spent most of my time dancing, modeling, filming, and working out. She planned on leaving the house and family after her graduation, and since I bought her a new car for her graduation, she planned on driving to Iowa. She was going to go to college there and she was staying with grandma and grandpa. She had a boyfriend before she left but she wound up breaking up with him for cheating on her a number of times. I also knew that she had lost her virginity to him and had sex with him quite a number of times within the year and a half they were together.

No one in that family knew about that but me. Like I said, we remained really close. We only had one secret that we each kept from each other, and I was soon to find out what hers was, and she was gong to find out what mine was. Here is the thing, she suspected that I was a porn star. She never said a thing about it, but she had been looking at, and watching porn on the phone I bought her, which by the way I upgraded for her regularly.

She saw my pics and photos, but they did my make up wardrobe so well that she couldn't quite figure out if it was me or not. I didn't get to see her after she moved to Iowa since I was doing a lot of flying by then. I was bummed because it had been the better part of six years since I had seen her. Well, that was going change and sooner than either one of us expected. Her and her friends had booked a trip to northern Missouri for spring break, and they were just going to hang out and have some fun.

I was getting close to 25, and had been dancing and doing porn since I was 18, so I had been doing that for a long time, 6 years. I had a show booked and I was the guest of honor for that show I guess you can say. It was in northern Missouri and it was going to be my last show, I was still going to model and film from time to time, not often, just every once in a while.

However, I was going to stop stripping and start nursing school. This bar that I was dancing at was a fully nude bar, so I was going to be getting completely naked for this show. That was no longer anything new for me because I had done plenty of fully nude shows. I hopped into my truck and headed to the downtown airport. The company I worked for let me take the bird I used all the time to fly up north. It only took me an hour to get there. I flew to their small airport and was taken to my hotel by limo.

Once there, I checked in and went to my room to shower, making sure my junk was completely smooth and bald. The next night I had a limo pick me up at the hotel and drove me to the club. It was a ladies only night so there were no males there, except for us dancers. The line went all the way down the street and around the corner. They were all there to see me, but they only knew me by my stage name.

We went to our dressing room and there stood Marissa and Cynthia, I couldn't believe that Cynthia came out! She ran up to me and gave me a big hug. They had quite a few other girls in there to celebrate my last night as a dancer, I was still going to do porn, but I wasn't going to dance anymore.

They all got me ready as the show started. After a while I was ready to go do my thing. I looked out into the crowd of females and my heart stopped. "Oh shit." I whispered as I looked out. There was this girl out there who caught my eye, but not in a way that you would think. She was about 5'4, had really long, really gorgeous, dark brown hair. I could see that she had light blue eyes and a very cute face. I could see her milky white skin really well because of what she was wearing.

Her ass looked amazing, oh my god! She had on a pair of tight low riding jeans and this halter top type of shirt.

I'm not all that up on fashion so I don't know what the hell to call it. It was really tight and hugged her skinny and very nice body.

It looked like a lingerie top I guess. It looked like it was laced up her back and had some really cool designs on the front. It was a midriff and it had no straps or sleeves. So from her shoulders all the way to her chest, and an inch or two above her belly button and down was just bare creamy white skin. It also showed her lower c cup cleavage incredibly well. All of the male dancers seemed to focus on her during their routines for some reason.

Here is the thing that made me feel scared and mortified, it was my little sister Allison. I felt a surge of panic hit me like a train. I ran to my dressing room and grabbed my phone, hoping to god that she would answer me. Me: hey, please tell me you're getting this!!

She didn't answer at first and I started sweating, so I kept texting her, "please tell me you're getting this!" The I breathed a sigh of relief when she texted back. Allie: yeah I am, are you ok? Me: sort of. Just promise me something.

Allie: you're starting to worry me Jake, what's going on? Me: just promise me you won't freak out, please I can't loose you too Allie: Jake, stop fucking around you're scaring me! I promise I won't freak out, just tell me what's going on Me: you're going to see in a minute or so, what ever happens, please don't freak out. "Allie: you're my brother, I will never freak out on you, what is going on????

Me: you're about to find out. Allie: look I promise I won't freak out, I can't loose you either Jake. As far as I'm concerned you're the only family I have. I love you Jake and I always will. Just tell me what's going on. Me: I'll just say this, there is one thing that I have been keeping from you Allie: what? Me: you're going to see it for yourself in a few minutes. Allie: I don't know what you're talking about Me: you will in a few minutes.

I love u kiddo. Allie: I love you too! I then put my phone down and walked up to one of the bouncers. "Hey, you know how we have a no touch policy here?" I asked. "Yes I do." He replied. "That girl with the dark long hair with the purple and pink top right there, do you see her?" I asked. "Yeah what about her?" He asked. "That rule doesn't apply to her as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to go say hi to her when I'm done.

I know her really well she is my baby sister and I haven't seen her in six years. I plan on saying hi to her after my set and there is a possibility that I'll want to hug her." I said. "Isn't that going to be weird dancing like that in front of her?" He asked. "Incredibly, you have no idea, but I've already signed the contract, I can't back out." I replied.

"Got it bud, since your set is the last one, I'll have the guys line up and make a hole for you so you can go say hi." He said. "Thanks man, but wait until I'm half way decent, I'm not going out there naked to say hi to her." I said as I handed him a roll of 100s. "Got it." He said as I turned and walked away and waited for my set. I won't lie, I was nervous as hell and I was freaking out! My own sister about to see my dick! Although she promised me that she wouldn't freak out, I was still worried that she might.

I was afraid that she would hate me. Not only that, but now I was going to be getting completely naked in front of my baby sister. So not only was there a degree of fear, there was also a feeling of, weirdness I guess you can say. She had seen me with no shirt a lot of times, but she had never seen me naked. I had to push all of that fear out of my head because I had thousands of girls that I had to dance for. Before my set was to start they had a set where the other male dancers went out on all of the different stages to do their thing.

Man it was so loud that you couldn't think much less hear yourself talk. There were so many girls in there screaming and hollering at the dancers. Finally when it was done, the lights all dimmed and the other dancers walked off of their stages. The announcer started talking about me and told the audience how lucky they were to be there because it was my last dance and told them why. I walked out on the stage as the music started as he called my stage name.

The lights came up and I started to dance. I looked out, and as I did, I saw my sister standing there with her mouth and eyes wide open in shock. She looked at her friends as they all screamed my stage name and told me they loved me. She looked back at me with that same look with her hand over her mouth. As I continued to dance, I didn't look at her that much because I didn't want to see the look of disappointment that I was expecting. I was dancing like I normally would, but I was freaking the fuck out!

I glanced at her and she was talking to her friends as she pointed at me with a look of total and utter shock. Her friends all looked at her like she was crazy, but I don't know what was said. I wouldn't be able to hear them if I tried.

After that my sister started cheering me on and throwing money at me, that was not the response that I was expecting. I was expecting her to get disgusted and walk out, but she didn't. I did four sets that night after several costume changes, and my sister was my loudest cheer leader, again, not expected at all.

The fourth set is when I got completely naked. The look on my sisters face was priceless. Her mouth opened really wide as did her eyes. She started at it before she bit her lip and made her eye brows jump.

My sister started to get that same look on her face as every single girl in there had on theirs as they watched me. Though she screamed at me too, she didn't say anything about wanting my cock. She did look at it a lot and stared at it at times. A lot of them were yelling that they loved my cock and wanted it.

I was as a hard as a rock mainly because I took a Viagra before I started my sets, that and I always got incredibly horny when I stripped for a bunch of girls. After I was finally finished, I went back to my room and changed. I grabbed my phone and found several texts from Allie.

Allie: O M G!! Allie: I had no idea u were a stripper!! Allie: wow!! Allie: I really, really shouldn't say this but, god damn! Very very nice! Allie: you better come say hi to me or I'll be mad. Me: I will I need to get decent first, trust me I wanna say hi to you!!!

Allie: why, I just saw you naked. Me: true but still. Allie: I get it, I'm your sister, it's ok, hurry up and get out here to say hi. I put some pants on and walked out to the club.

The bouncers all crowded around me and walked me towards my sister. They the made a hole for me and pushed a bunch of screaming girls back. My sister looked at me as the bouncers made me and my sister a path to each other.

My sister pushed past them and ran to me as she started to cry. As she was crying, she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. I held her so tight as she and I cried. "Oh my god Allie!" I said as I held her tight.

"Hi jake! Oh my god!!" She said as she cried. "You're going to get oil all over you." I said as she all but sobbed. "I don't care about that, I don't care, oh my god, I didn't think I would see you this soon." She whispered as she sobbed onto my shoulders. "God I missed you so much kiddo." I whispered.

"I missed you too." She said as I held her in my arms. We stood like that for well over two minutes before she lifted her head and pressed it against mine with a huge smile and tears streaming down her face.

"My friends don't know you're my brother." She said as I wiped her tears away. "Do you wanna keep it that way?" I asked. "No, why would I hide that? I don't care what they think, or what anybody else thinks for that matter." She replied. "That works for me." I said. "Oh my god I can't believe you're really here." She said as she held onto me tightly crying as she did. Finally, after a total of almost three long minutes, I put her down and she took my hand and led me to her friends who were staring at her completely shocked.

Their jaws were on the floor and their eyes were bugged out. They didn't even know what to say. The looks on their faces as they pointed at both of us was priceless. "Ladies, this is my older brother I've been telling you about." My sister said as she sniffed and started wiping her tears and smeared make up off her face.

"Nuh uh!" One of her friends said. "No sssshit?!" Another asked. "Oooohhh cccool!!!" Yet another said. All was said at the same time. "Yep, I told you that I knew him, you guys didn't believe me." She replied with a huge smile. "You're brother is a stripper?!" Another asked. "Apparently, I didn't know he was a stripper until tonight when he came out on stage." She said.

"Nice to finally meet you. We've heard a lot about you." One said. "You're so so hot, oh my god I love your huge cock." The first one said. "If you were my brother and I found out that you were a stripper with a body and cock like yours, I'd say fuck it and fuck you anyway." Another friend said.

"Yeah Allie, if you fuck him we won't tell anyone." Another said. "You guys are drunk, he's my brother." Allie said as she laughed. "Who cares, he's hhhhot!" One said. "If you don't fuck him we will." Another said as she laughed. "She's my sister for crying out loud, cmon show a little respect." I said laughing a little.

"Can I fuck him?" One asked as she looked at my sister.

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"Uuummmm, you guys are making this really awkward." My sister said. "Yeah." I said as we looked at each other. "Not as awkward as it is knowing your brother is a stripper." One girl said, "Yeah that was incredibly awkward and oober weird seeing him naked, but he's my brother and I support him." My sister said as she smiled and hugged me from the side.

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"You thought it was awkward?" I asked. "Yes I did, but it was probably more so for you huh?" Allie asked. "You can say that, I mean you did see me get naked and you saw and heard all the girls screaming obscenities at me.

So yeah, extremely awkward for me." I said as she and I laughed. We had to yell because there were so many girls that were screaming and yelling at me. We had a bunch of wet panties and quite a number of bras that came flying at us. Some of the girls were giving my sister the stink eye as she and I sat down together.

"It's still awkward since we have bras and wet panties flying at us." Allie said as we laughed. "You're going to have to tell me more about this." She yelled. "I will, trust me!" I said. "So are you just here for spring break or something?" I asked. "Yes I am, just don't tell mom and dad." She said as she laughed. "Like I'm going to tell them that I was stripping at a club and Allison was there." I said as we both laughed. "You look amazing." She said. "So do you! You look really good, you're all grown up now, you're amazingly gorgeous!

I'm very impressed." I said. "You're impressed? I'm impressed god! How long have you been doing this?" She asked. "Six years, I started when I was 18." I said.

"Can we go somewhere quieter? I can't hear you very good." She yelled. I stood up, took her hand and took her to the back.

We went into my dressing room and she started looking around. I left the door open so no one would get the wrong idea. "So you've been doing this for six years?" She asked. "Yeah I have." I said. "Yeah mom and dad would freak out if they knew what we were doing." She said as she giggled. "They'd kill me, they already hate me." I said.

"I wouldn't let them, you're all I have as far as I'm concerned." She said. "How does it feel to be out on your own?" I asked. "It feels so good oh my god you have no idea. I feel so so free, I love it. I love doing what I want to do when I want to do it. I got lectured so bad when I told them that I was leaving." She said. "Of course, they don't want you to live your own life. And yes I do know how good it feels to be out of there." I said. Just then Cynthia and Marissa walked into the room.

They looked at my sister and smiled. "So you finally decided to break your own rule I see." Cynthia said as she smiled. "Wait, isn't that." My sister started as she pointed at Cynthia. "You know who she is?" I asked in shock. "I'm not the innocent little girl that I use to be Jake, there is a thing or two that you don't know about me." She said as she gave me a little grin.

"You know her?" Marissa asked. "Yes that is Cynthia Allie, and yes Marissa I do know her. Girls, this is my little sister Allison." I replied. "Oh my god!! You're thee Allison!!???" Marissa all but screamed as her eyes opened wide and she ran to my sister. "Oh no way!! You're his little sister!!" Cynthia all but screamed at the same time, pointing at her as she did. They ran to her and hugged her tightly making my sister look at me with a huge smile. "You're so so gorgeous, oh my god!" Marissa said as she backed off and Cynthia hugged her.

"We have heard so much about you! It's so awesome to finally meet you!" Marissa said as Cynthia broke away from her. "He talks about you all the time! I think it's so so awesome that you never turned your back on him!" Cynthia said. "I never would, he is my brother and I love him." Allie said as she wrapped her arm in mine. "So you know who I am then huh?" Cynthia asked. "Yeah I do, I'm like a huge fan." Allie replied. "I'm a huge fan of yours too.

I've been asking your brother here when I was going to meet you." Cynthia said. "She's amazingly gorgeous Jake, wow." Marissa said. "I know." I said.

"So what do you think about what he does?" Cynthia asked. "How honest do you want me to be?" Allie asked. "You didn't like it did you?" Cynthia asked. "Well, he is my brother so it was really weird to see him naked but, I didn't not like it." Allie replied as she giggled. "So you liked it?" Marissa asked. "A little." Allie replied as she smiled really big. "It's ok if you liked it." Cynthia said. "It's really weird, sick and wrong for me to like it but I did, even though he's my brother." Allie said as she laughed and blushed.

"All those girls out there fucking hate you right now." Cynthia said as she laughed. "Why?" My sister asked. "You're the only girl he has allowed to touch him in a club." Marissa said. "So did you go through what he did?" Cynthia did.

"They tried to do the same thing to me, but I had too much shit on my brothers and sisters that they stopped trying." Allie replied. "I just think it's so so cool that you two are so close." Marissa said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, like I said, she is the only family I have besides my grandparents." I said. "You two really really look cute together." Cynthia said.

"You're not the first person to say that." Allie said. "We've heard that a few times." I said. "Well it's true, I know you're brother and sister, but you still look really cute together." Marissa said. "Gross, but thanks." My sister said as she laughed. "You have autographs to sign." Cynthia said. "Yeah I do huh, come with me." I said as I looked at my sister. "You should pretend to be a couple." Marissa said.

"He's my brother, that's just weird, and gross." Allie said unconvincingly. "Yeah but think of it this way, you'll be helping him out. I use to go to all of his shows and pretend to be his girlfriend because if I didn't, he would get raped for sure." Marissa said. "Yeah, I'm not going to let that happen. Just don't expect us to kiss and, well, you know." Allie said.

"Oh come on, as hot as you guys are and how sexy you look together, that would be really hot!" Cynthia said. "Especially since you're brother and sister, that just makes it so much hotter." Marissa said.

"You'd be surprised at how many people are involved with family members." Cynthia said. "Seriously, you'd be really really surprised. More people than you will ever know do dirty things with their family, but one ever admits it because it's so taboo and wrong. I know, my cousin and I play from time to time. We have been since we were really young." Marissa said.

"Seriously, she's my sister " I said as we all laughed. "Wow, ok. Um, we better get out there you have autographs to sign." My sister said as she started breathing hard.

She started looking really really horny. "You guys are thinking about it aren't you?" Cynthia asked. "Maybe." We replied my sisters smile disappeared and her face turned red. "We better get out there." I said as my cock started to get hard again. We all went back out to the bar area where I ended up signing a bunch of tits, posters, pics, DVDs, magazines, shirts and asses.

I had photo sessions with a bunch of the fans. Not once did my sister leave my side and I could tell that she was getting turned on by all of the girls that came up to us. She started to hang all over me as she watched all of the girls throw themselves at me.

One particular young teen walked up to us and stared at my sister for a second, and I watched her look at my sisters tits. My sister just grinned and bit her lip as she watched the girl undress her with her eyes.

"You're really hot, how do you get that huge cock inside of you?" She asked as she looked at my sister. My sisters reply shocked the hell out of me. "I don't know, it was pretty difficult at first." She replied. "Did it hurt?" She asked. "It wasn't all that painful, he was very gentle for our first time." Allie replied. "What was you reaction when you first saw it?" She asked.

"I was scared, I never saw one that big. But at the same time I got so horny that I had an orgasm before I even touched him." Allie replied. "Did it take long to get use to his size?" Another asked. "Yeah it did at first but now I'm use to it." She said as she started to breath hard. "Have you ever had a threesome?" The girl asked. "A few times." Allie replied. "I'll bet you have multiple orgasms every time he fucks you." She said.

"Every time, I can't tell you how many multiple orgasms I've had." My sister half whimpered. "Your so fucking lucky, god." Another girl said. "Are you going to fuck her when you get done here?" One girl asked. "What do you think?" My sister asked as she pressed her body against mine tightly. "Can I join you two?" The girl asked.

"I don't know we'll see." I replied as I grinned. After another hour my sisters friends walked up to us and we started talking. She backed off a little but kept her hands all over me. It was obvious that she was incredibly horny, and she knew I was horny as well, mainly since my cock was rock hard making my shorts tent really far out, pulling the elastic band of my shorts away from my body.

I was wearing a pair of loose gym shorts so my cock went right down the leg of my shorts. You could clearly see my entire length especially since I wasn't wearing any underwear. She kept looking down at my tent trying to look into my shorts, either biting her lip or her pinkie nail in the process. I caught her staring at it at one point and she knew it.

When she looked up at me, I just smiled at her. She leaned up and whispered in my ear. "Sorry, I can't help it, I've never seen one that big. That and all that talk about incest in the back just did something to me. I'm actually thinking about it." She said looking worried. "It's ok, you can look all you want, you've seen me naked anyway. Plus all that talk about incest got me thinking too. I love that top by the way, your tits look amazing." I whispered making her sigh.

"You can look at them all you want." She hissed. It took a while, but we were able to cool down a lot. We knew incest was very wrong on so so many levels, we knew it was really disgusting, incredibly sinful, and very very gross, so we both tried to not think about it at all.

We pushed as much of our incestuous thoughts we were having about each other out of our heads as we could. It was very difficult especially since she couldn't keep her eyes off of my tent and I couldn't stop looking at her tits that were all but falling out of her top. After an hour or more of signing movies, magazines, pics, posters, asses and tits, it was finally all over.

Everyone started to leave as I sat with my sister and her friends. We were finally sitting there carrying on a normal conversation.

Thank god because it allowed my cock to deflate. Her friends turned out to be really really nice girls with amazing senses of humor. Then we decided that it was time to leave since everyone except for the staff and us strippers had left. As I stood up, my sister grabbed my arm and looked at me with a smile.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" Allie asked. "Hell yeah you can! I would love it if you did." I replied. "Ok, girls, I'm going to spend the night with my brother, we have a lot of catching up to do." My sister said. "I wanna go!" One of her friends said. "I'd let you, but I want to be with my sister for a while. I haven't seen her in 6 years and I really want to spend time with her." I said.

"That's ok, we understand." They said. "When do you guys go back?" I asked. "On Monday, so in two days." They replied. "Do you mind if I steal her from you for a day?" I asked. "That's perfectly ok!" They said. "Are you ok with that?" I asked as I looked at my sister. "Well that's a stupid question, what do you think smart guy." Allie replied with a sarcastic grin. "You should ride with me." I said. "What do you have a limo or something, I mean you are really famous apparently." Allie said.

"Actually I do." I replied. "Ok then, I'll ride with you, but can we go back to the hotel so I can get some stuff?" She asked. "I don't see why that would be a problem. I have to go get changed first, I'll hurry." I said. "Ok, I'll wait here." She said as she smiled.

I went back and changed as fast as I could. I couldn't stop smiling at all. I was excited as hell to finally see my baby sister again. I was beside myself, I was not expecting to see her for a little while longer, but I was wrong. As soon as I finished dressing I came out and Cynthia and Marissa were talking to my sister and her friends. All of a sudden I heard Cynthia scolding my sisters friends, I didn't hear much except for when she said, "show some respect, he is her brother." "Ok, I'm ready." I said as I approached them.

"Seriously Allison, it was amazing to finally meet you." Marissa said. "Nice to meet you too. Thank you for taking care of my brother for me." My sister said. "You're more than welcome." She replied.

"Cynthia, thank you for everything you've done for me. I really do appreciate it, I would not be where I am if it were not for you. I owe you big time." I said. "You're a great guy, it was my pleasure." She replied as she hugged me. "Good luck in school, and I expect you to keep in touch or I'll kick your ass." "Yeah whatever, more empty threats." I said.

"You know I can." She said as she backed off and punched me. "You're a lucky girl to have him as a brother, I'm serious. I know that this doesn't mean much coming from a porn star and all, but he is unlike any guy I have ever met. He has respect for women, more than any guy I have ever met. He is a great great guy, you take care of him and make sure he doesn't date any bitches." She said.

"I will." My sister replied. "Take care of yourself." Cynthia said. "You do the same, thanks again, and stop acting like this is the last time you'll see me. I'll still be working with you." I said. "You're right you are, I don't know what I was thinking. This is for you Allison, you said you were a fan, so this is all yours." She said as she handed my sister a huge gift bag.

Cynthia leaned in and whispered in her ear quietly enough that I couldn't hear her at all. She backed off and my sister nodded her head yes. "Does he know?" Cynthia asked quietly. "No, not yet I'm a little nervous about telling him." My sister replied. "Don't be, trust me, you have no reason to be. Just tell him." She said. "I will in fact I am going to later. Thank you." My sister said as she hugged Cynthia. After that the bouncers escorted me and my sister to the limo.

We got in and we told the driver where my sisters hotel was before he closed the divider. As we drove she looked at me with a huge smile. "God I can't believe that I'm seeing you again. You don't know how long I've been wanting to see you." She said.

"Oh trust me hun, I do know. I've missed you, god I've miss the good old days with you." I said as she hugged me. "I do to. You were the only normal thing in my life. I thought I was going to go crazy after you left." She said. "I feel bad that I did that to you." I said.

"You shouldn't, if I were in your shoes I would have done the same thing, in fact I did leave because of what they did to you. I couldn't stay around those hypocrites anymore.

I had to get out." She said. "I'm sorry you had to find out that I was a stripper like you did." I said. "Don't be, I know I really, really shouldn't say this, but my god you're really hot. I didn't know your dick was that huge." She said. "Was that the only thing you noticed?" I asked teasingly, laughing as I did.

"Well, it was kinda out there swaying and bouncing around, how could I not. No wonder Marissa fucked you so much." She said as she laughed. "You liked it didn't you?" I asked teasingly. "Yeah I did actually.

I won't lie, you have a really huge dick, and it's very very beautiful." She said as she grinned. "Did you just say that?!" I asked as I laughed.

"What?! I'm not kidding, brother or not, you have an amazing dick! It's huge, oh my god. You don't want to know what went through my head when I saw you up there on the stage. Especially when you got naked." She said. "What went through your mind?" I asked. "Very disgusting and dirty things, you really don't want to know." She replied. "Are you being serious?" I asked as we laughed.

"Yes, I am. Like I said, I'm not the innocent little girl I was when you left." She said using air quotes when she said innocent. "Ok, I never expected to hear that from you." I said as I smiled in shock. "We've always been honest with each other, and that's not going to change." She said. "Well, since we are being so open and honest here, I almost didn't recognize you. I looked out and saw you and thought, I would break my rule for her in a millisecond." I said.

"What rule was that?" She asked. "I don't ever have sex with the girls I dance for. I let them give me hand jobs and blow jobs, but I never have sex with them." I said. "But you would have broken that rule with me?" She asked. "Yeah I would have of I didn't realize that you were my little sister. You look really really good Allie. You're sexy." I said. "You think so?" She asked. "Uuummm, yeah I do. You're amazingly beautiful." I said. "I've always thought you were really hot." She said.

"Really?" I asked. "Yeah, even when you were home I thought you were the hottest guy ever." She said. "Is this getting weird?" I asked. "Not for me." She said.

"Good, I don't want to come off as a perv." I said. "You can, I don't care." She said with a grin. "So am I still hot to you?" I asked. "Yeah you are. You're hotter now than you were then, you're really sexy." She said. "Wow, you're sexy too." I said as I looked at her milky white cleavage to see it rise and fall from her breathing hard. "It's getting really hot in here." She said. "Yeah it is." I said. "Too bad you're my brother." She said. "I know." I said as we pulled up to her hotel.

"We should probably get out huh?" I asked. "Yeah, I may have to take a cold shower before we go to your place." She said as she laughed.

"God I can't believe that I am having dirty thoughts about you." I said. "I know, me either. It didn't help that Marissa and Cynthia kept talking about incest. That's so so gross, but for some reason, it doesn't sound so disgusting right now." She said. We got out and went to her room and went inside. We were both horny as hell again, but the lust that was building between us started to subside.

We went to her room and she grabbed a back pack full of things before we went back out to the limo. We rode to my hotel and went up to my room. During that ride we started catching up like crazy. We talked about everything that we didn't talk about on the phone. We got to my hotel and went up to my room. We both took showers and cleaned up. This time I made sure I was decent before heading back to the living area.

She didn't bring anything to sleep in, well as far a pajamas or nighties, so I gave her one of my t shirts to wear around the room. My god she was gorgeous!! I couldn't believe how much my baby sister changed, and how amazing she looked.

I had to all but kick myself to keep from becoming attracted to her in a way that I shouldn't be. Although I think I was a little late for that. "You have a nice room." She said as she walked out and plopped herself next to me on the couch. "I didn't have to pay for it." I said as I laughed.

"You're really really famous, that's so so cool. My big brother is really famous." She said. "Yeah, I guess I am." I said. "Modest too, I like that." She said with a smile. "So you said that there were things about you that I don't know." I said. "Yes there is." She said.

"Well, now you know one of the things you didn't know about me." I said. "Only one thing? Really? There is more?" She asked as her eyes widened. "Yeah there is." I said. "So tell me." She said with a little grin. "I tell you what, I'll tell you everything if you tell me everything." I said. "You first." She said as she scooted closer.

"I model too. I do it regularly during the winter months when business slows down at work." I said. "What do you model?" She asked. "Are you familiar with the teen porn mags that are all over the place?" I asked. "I KNEW IT!! THAT WAS YOU!! OH MY GOD!!" She yelled with a shocked look on her face. "Apparently you are familiar with them." I said. "Uuuuuuuu, yeah I am. I love porn, I love it. You're in a hell of a lot of porn movies too aren't you? I think I've seen a few of your movies." She said.

"Yeah I am." I said. "Yum.god I can't believe I just said that." She said as her face turned red. "Your turn." I said. "Ok, I'm wow, first I'm a big fan of yours. When I saw your porn, I didn't think it was really you. I mean, it wasn't that obvious that it was. All I remember thinking was that yummy guy looked so much like my older brother." She said.

"Now you know it was me." I said. "I can't believe that my hot brother is in porn, So hot." She said as her face started to fill with lust. "I did quite a few scenes with Cynthia." I said. "I know, I've seen a few of them." She said. "So I guess we know everything now huh?" I asked. "No, not exactly." She said. "Ok then, spill. It's your turn." I said. "Don't freak out, wait who am I kidding, I don't think you will given that you've had threesomes with a bunch of girls on film.

I like girls too. I'm bi." She said. "Holy shit. God that's, that's really hot." I said as my cock began to swell like crazy. "Yeah, I figured you like it. I guess we both are on the same boat now huh?" She asked. "Yeah we are. Welcome aboard the ship to hell." I said. "Glad to be aboard." She said as we shook hands jokingly. "What made you like girls?" I asked.

"Ok, when I tell you this, you're going to find out how hypocritical they all really are. Jennifer and Mary both like girls too. They would never admit to it but they proved that they do to me. They use to molest me and make me do things to them.

It wasn't until I was a junior that I realized that I really liked girls and boys. They all tried to hold me to the fire like they did you, but I had the fact that they molested me a lot to hold over their heads so they never said a word about anything I did.

If they did I would tell mom and dad everything. That's why I didn't want anything to do with that night everyone disowned you. I use to hide in the basement and play with my friends while my sisters covered for me. Just before I left, they tried to tell my parents that I was a lesbian. Mom and dad bought it at first until I threatened to tell them everything.

They told mom and dad that they were lying about that and it stopped. Jennifer and Mary both know I like girls and boys." She said. "Way to stand up to them." I said. "Thanks, I wasn't going to let them ruin my life like they did yours, or I was going to ruin theirs too." She said. "Do you still talk to them?" I asked. "Nope. I stopped talking to them all together after they left.

I didn't even go to the family reunions, at least not mentally. It really sucked because my favorite brother wasn't there." She replied. "So now that we both know our deepest secrets, I'd say that we are pretty well caught up." I said.

"Yep we are. I love the films you're in." She said. "Thanks." I said. "You're welcome. You're a good actor, not to mention that fact that you look like you're amazing in bed." She said. "If you weren't my sister I'd let you find out first hand." I said as I smiled really big making her mouth drop. "You shouldn't say things like that." She said. "You're right, you're my sister." I said as we both laughed.

"Well, yeah that's true, but that's not the real reason." She said. "What's the real reason?" I asked. "Because it turns me on, and my brother shouldn't do that to me." She said. "I shouldn't be turning you on." I said. "No you shouldn't, you'll make me think about committing incest." She said as she smiled, making me open my mouth wide in shock. "You're still thinking about that aren't you?" I asked. "Well, yeah I am.

It's Marissa and Cynthia's fault. I've always been disgusted by the word incest alone. It's grotesque and the thought of it made me sick because of what Mary and Jennifer did to me. But after Marissa and Cynthia talked about it, and seeing you all naked and oiled up tonight, it's not so grotesque to me all of a sudden." She replied.

"Then don't act like you don't like me talking like that." I said making her giggle. "That's the problem, I do like it. I love talking about sex." She said. "Me too." I said. "We are in so much trouble then." She said as we laughed. "Yeah we are." I said. "I wonder what Cynthia gave me." She said as she opened the bag. She started pulling some things out. I was shocked to see at least five or six dildos that Cynthia had had autographed for her, one of which was a huge 8 and a half inch one.

She pulled quite a few little outfits that Cynthia gave her out of the bag, and a few of her newest videos that hadn't come out yet. "I'm in those." I said. "Really?" She asked. "Yep." I replied. How she and I didn't end up fucking that night is still a mystery to both of us. We did spend a lot of time talking about sex and showing each other pics of us having sex, posing nude, or being involved with things that we both knew would get us in so much trouble if our family knew about it all.

My favorite picture she showed me was of her under a girl as a dude was sliding his cock inside of the other girl. It was x rated and it was taken with her cell phone. She saw all of my porn pics that night and it somehow urged her show me more pics. "Is that your boyfriend?" I asked. "Yeah it is. His cock isn't quite as big as yours.

Look." She said. "In fact it's tiny compared to yours." She said. "Wow, that's really sexy, you look sexy with a cock in your mouth." I said before I knew I said it. "I'll bet your your cock looks better and sexier in my mouth." She said as she glanced into my crotch. "I can't believe you just said that." I said as I smiled. "Well, can you blame me? I mean I did see your cock earlier, besides, you started it by telling me how sexy I look with a cock in my mouth." She hissed.

"Do you wanna know what makes you so incredibly sexy?" I asked. "What?" She asked with a sexy grin. "The fact that you look so damn innocent.

If I don't know you I wouldn't think you were like this. That and you're my sister, I can't have you." I said. "Do you wanna know what makes you so yummy?" She asked. "What's that?" I asked. "The fact that you're my brother, the fact that I can't have you." She said. "I know the feeling, god do I ever know that feeling." I said. "It just makes me want you more." She said. "I know, the fact that I can't have you is making me want you more too." I said.

"Oh look at this one, I love this one." She said as she showed me a picture of her boyfriends cock half way inside of her. "You shave." I said. "Yeah I do, just like my big brother, it's hot isn't it?" She asked. "Very." I said. "God I'm so wet right now." She said.

"I'm really hard." I said. "You're fucking hot, you have a really hot cock." She said. "You have amazing tits." I said making arch her back, pushing her tits forward. "You like em?" She asked. "I love them." I replied. "I love your body." She said.

"We should probably change the subject before we do something we shouldn't." I said. "Yeah we should, I'm going to go and get myself off, you should probably do the same." She said as she looked right at my bulge. She walked off and when she disappeared, I pulled my cock out and started to jerk off.

My cock seemed harder than it had ever been and it felt better than I ever remember it feeling. Those images of my baby sister sucking and fucking started to drive me crazy. After only a few minutes, I blew the biggest wad I had ever blown. It was then that I realized that wanted my sister. I knew how wrong it was and also knew that it would never happen because she was my sister.

Her lust for me was extremely obvious, but I just decided to rationalize it all. She just had a bunch of naked men dancing in her face, so she was just horny from that. I cleaned my mess up and after another few minutes, my baby sister came out breathing hard with a red face and a huge smile. "Wanna know what I was thinking about?" She asked. "What we're you thinking about?" I asked. "You." She said as she giggled. "God we are sick, I was thinking about you too." I said.

"Good. We can't actually have each other, but we can fantasize." She said. "So you're saying I can fantasize about you when I jerk off?" I asked. "Yes I am, I'm going to be fantasizing about you all the time now, even when my boyfriend fucks me." She said. "Jesus, you're going to make me hard again." I said. "Well, we can't have that now can we?" She asked. "Not if we are sleeping together." I said. "Yyyyeah, you have a point." She said. The rest of that night we hung out and tried hard to not talk about sex.

Her boyfriend called pissed off that she was with another guy. She put his fears to rest when she told him who the guy was. Apparently she had been talking about me a lot to him also, because he actually got excited for her that she was hanging out with me.

She and I eventually went to bed and fell asleep. It felt so amazing to have her in my arms again, you have no idea. When we woke up, we both got excited as hell when we realized it wasn't a dream. Before we went to bed, and all day after, she took a bunch of selfies with me.

I flew her to Kansas City and she even took a bunch of pics and videos of me flying. When we got to Kansas City, I took her all over the city. I took her to the Westport, Plaza, Power and Light District and the Crossroads Districts.

I spoiled her absolutely rotten that day. Oh my god did she ever look sexy as hell. She knew that I loved her tits so she wore a shirt that showed them well. She even told me that she wore it just for me, so I could look at them.

She told me that I could look at them as much as I wanted. While we were in Kansas City, she didn't want me to introduce her as my sister for some reason. She wanted me to introduce her as my best friend from home. I didn't care, I was way too happy to be hanging out with her again. Not only that, I was loving the fact that she was hanging all over me as though she were my girlfriend. We held hands and everything. I had a hell of a time keeping my hands off of her, and my eyes away from her creamy white cleavage.

She knew it and smiled a lot as I looked at them.


She even deliberately leaned over so I could look down her shirt. She would nonchalantly slide her hand across my junk quite a bit and she would look down at my bulge often. I would thrust my hips just a little so that my bulge would show better.

She would notice and make her eye brows jump as she looked back at my bulge. I hated that our day was ending because I was loving the sexual tension that was building up between us. I know I shouldn't like that since she was my little sister, but I couldn't help it, and neither could she. It was a tension I had never experienced before in my life, and I was in porn.

This was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I know she felt the same way and we both knew that we each had an inner battle that were raging. Our incredibly religious upbringing, society, and the law ran through our heads. But what's worse was that our family still haunted us despite the fact that we were now thousands of miles away from them. We already knew how they would react, she would be committed to a mental hospital and I would be sent to prison.

We both had that same battle going on in our heads, that was also the reason we didn't give into our desires for each other. Early that evening I took her out to dinner before I flew her back to her friends up north. This time I called ahead and made the legal and necessary arrangements to fly her straight to her hotel. They had a helipad on the roof of the hotel. She called her friends, who had no idea that she was in Kansas City with me, and told them to go to the roof and wait for her.

It would be an hour before we got there. Apparently it wasn't a normal thing for a helicopter to land on that pad at all, mainly because when I circled the pad I saw quite a few hotel workers trying to get people off of the pad. I had to hover for a minute or so before we got the all clear to set down. We had a pretty decent sized audience as I set the bird down.

I shut it down before we got out, and I helped her get her things from the chopper. Her friends were incredibly jealous, let me tell you.

They all found out that I flew her to Kansas City and spent the entire day there. My sister seemed so so happy and I was loving that. She knew I had to leave so she gave me a huge very long and amazing hug.

"Thanks for a very amazing day Jake, I had an amazing time. I don't think my boyfriend will ever be able to top this." She said as we held each other. "Then maybe I should be your boyfriend." I said jokingly as I laughed a little. "Oooh I wish, I wish you weren't my brother, I hate that you're my brother right now." She said. "Boy do I know what you're saying. I feel the same way." I said.

"I love you Jake. Take care of yourself." She said. "I will, you do the same. I'll see you again soon." I said as we let go of each other.

"Don't be surprised if you get a few nude pics from me by accident." She said as she grinned using air quotes as she said accident. "You might accidentally get a few from me." I said.

"Yum." She whispered. "Seriously, you're sssssoooo hhhhhot, I won't be mad at all if you did accidentally send me some nudes." She said. "So are you, I hope I accidentally get a few nudes." I said as I smiled. "You just might." She said. "You just might also." I said. "I better go, love you big brother." She said as she turned away. "I love you too baby sister." I said as I watched her friends walk up, grab the bags of stuff I bought her and the stuff she took to my hotel and walk away.

I got back in the bird and flew back home. I got there and took a long long shower and slowly jerked off while I thought of my little sister Allison. All of the flirting and the way she had her hands all over me played through my head. The way she said she liked my cock drove me insane. I stopped and dried off and headed to my room. I took my phone and took a bunch of nude selfies of myself and saved them to my phone.

I laid on my bed and took a few pics with my cock sticking straight up. I then took measuring tape and measured my cock taking pictures of my measurements of my width and length. I made captions for some of them, saying that I wished she was there, waiting for you, and look how hard I am for you. I didn't send them to her, but I did text her. Me: are you sure it's ok if I fantasize about you?

A few minutes later. Allie: yes I am, I'm already fantasizing about that ok? Me: like you said, we can't actually have each other, but we can fantasize. Allie: mmmmm, you shouldn't but you drive me crazy. Me: u drive me crazy too. Allie: good Me: should we pretend we aren't brother and sister? Allie: no, it just makes it sssso so much hotter to know that you're my brother Me: good cause I don't want to either. Allie: incest is gross and disgusting but its sounding so so hot right now.

Me: I'm going to cum just thinking about it with u Allie: so am I! I've already had incest not by choice, but it's different w u Me: how so?

Allie: I actually want it with you Me: my god!! Allie: I almost wish we would have while I was with u Me: we wouldn't be apart rite now if we did Allie: no we wouldn't. We'd still be fucking and I probably wouldn't go home. Me: I would be so deep inside of u Allie: u r going to make me cum Me: you're going to make me cum Allie: I wanna sin with u so bad.

I'm watching your movie right now and I'm sooooooo jealous of Cynthia right now. Me: why not, everyone already thinks I'm a huge sinner, why not give them a reason to think that? Allie: you are, you're a porn star, porn model and a stripper, but I think it would be so so hot if we sinned together OMG!

Me: why not Allie: I'm so tempted! God I hate that we can't!! Me: me to Allie: hold on I'm going to cum Me: I hope you thinking about me.

Allie: yes As I waited for her to respond again, I jerked off furiously. I had the most amazing orgasm of my entire life. I couldn't breath as my cock exploded all over the place. After what seemed like a long time I picked my phone back up. Allie: we are so going to hell. I just had the most amazing orgasm!! Me: so did I, OMG!!

Allie: God I really hate that you're my brother right now!!! Me: I hate that you're my sister, so so many things I would do to you!! Allie: don't I know it! I used the huge one! Me: did it fit? Allie: it almost didn't, it's so so big, I had a hell of a time getting it inside of me thank god I was so so wet! Me: at least I know what it would be like to try to fuck you baby sister. Allie: oh god!!! Seriously?! You're going to make me want to do dirty disgusting things to you talking like that!

Me: how do you know I won't like it? Allie: you're such an ass lol! You're making me hate being your sister more! Me: in a good way I hope. Allie: what do you think sexy??? Me: God I wish I wasn't your brother We flirted like that for another hour or better. I couldn't believe that my baby sister and I were actually flirting like we were. We eventually stopped texting each other after we said our goodnights to each other.

The next day she called me and we talked on my way to the airport. We hung up and I flew some clients to Oklahoma.


I spent a couple of days there before flying them back. She got home and she let me know that she had made it safely. For the next month or more after she got home, our lust for each other had begun to fizzle out, or at least I thought it did. I only thought that because she and I didn't sext a lot, but still would at times. Even when we spoke on the phone, we would still flirt a little, making very inappropriate sexual jokes and comments at times. On the days we did flirt, she started to get really graphic on the things she liked, things she loved doing, and things she loved to have done to her.

After more time, she began to periodically send me her favorite pics of me fucking new young porn stars. She especially loved the ones where my cock was stretching the girls pussies like crazy.

After that she started to randomly send incredibly sexy non nude pics to me, pics that showed just enough to get me hard without being completely naked. God she loved showing me her amazing cleavage!

I responded by sending her half nude pics to her, even one where I wore a pair of tight boxer briefs and that was it. We did it randomly every two months or so, so we could surprise each other with them, so it was only once every couple of months. I had a girlfriend by now but she and I hadn't had sex yet.

Allie and I flirted like crazy too and sent racy photos to each other regularly, but that was pretty much it. One day I just decided to send my girlfriend a completely nude photo of me, only I was hard hoping that would get her to want me. My sister and I had been texting back and forth that day so when I clicked on the messaging icon on my phone and I wasn't paying attention.

It took a while before I got a text from her, but it wasn't my girlfriend, it was my sister that I sent it to. After about ten minutes I was afraid that I had crossed the line because she didn't even reply. I just fucked up, I thought as I started to feel disgusted. Then I got mortified when my sister replied.


Allie: hey stud, I'm pretty sure you meant to send that yummy pic to your girlfriend Me: oh god did I send that to you? Allie: yeah you did. Now I'm leaving school right now. Me: why Allie: because I'm incredibly wet and need to get off.

I left a puddle in my chair lol Me: I'm so sorry I didn't mean to send that to you. Allie: it's ok big brother, I loved it!! Me: you did? Allie: yes I did.god I'll never get tired of seeing that gorgeous thing! Me: I'm glad you like it Allie: I loved it! Are you still not getting any Me: no I'm not but that's ok Allie: if I wasn't your little sister and I was there, you'd get laid a lot trust me! Me: I would always be hard for you! Allie: you have to stop, I'm trying to drive Me: id hate to make u cum while your driving Allie: that's exactly what's going to happen if you don't stop Me: I'll stop.

Allie: I'll call u later tonight if you're not busy. Me: ok love you kiddo Allie: love you too! Don't feel bad if you accidentally send more pics like that. We stopped texting and I went about my business. A week after that my girlfriend broke up with me. Marissa was right, some girls don't like guys with dicks as big as mine. We tried to have sex, but I was too big, she wouldn't let me touch her with it. After that she found another guy and that was then end of it.

I told my sister about it and she laughed at her. A month or so passed before I got a call from my sister who was crying. She and her boyfriend broke up. She had a key to his place and was going to surprise him, but she caught him with another girl in his bed at his apartment.

It turns out that the girl he cheated on her with was my ex, the girl that dumped me because my dick was too big. The thing was that somehow my sister never showed pictures of me to her boyfriend. He knew that she had a brother that she was really close to, but he had no idea what I looked like other than what she posted on her social networking page.

Even then she didn't even elude to the fact that I was her brother. As far as he knew, I was her best friend from school. He had suspicions that she and I were involved sexually, but beings how I was in a completely different state, he didn't have much to go on.

But he cheated on her anyway. After she and I became single again, she started to send me more selfies. Only this time she was wearing next to nothing and posing in certain ways that got me going. She knew what I liked so she sent me as much as she could. Oh my god I loved the ones where she was topless, using her hair to cover her tits.

Then she started sending selfies of shots down her pants and her panties. I could see her bald mound, but not quite her pussy. Me: oh my god, why are u sending me those? Allie: what, don't you like it big brother.

Me: that's the problem, I love them! They drive me crazy Allie: what's the matter, did I get you all hard? Me: I don't know, what do you think? I then sent her a pic of my straining bulge. Allie: god that's so hot Me: I wish u weren't my sister!!! Allie: so do I, I would be on my way there right now! Me: God. Allie: are u ok? Me: I'm fine, I'm just incredibly horny right now thanks to u Allie: can you send me a pic of your cock so I have something to stare at while I fuck myself?

Me: do you want it bare back or covered Allie: fuck!.Bare back, I want it bare back Me: only if u send me one of your pussy. Allie: deal I then went to my photo album and sent her quite a few pics of my bare cock. I even sent the ones that I had with the measuring tape so she could see how big I actually was. After that I started getting a bunch of her soaking wet, glistening bright pink pussy. I could clearly see her juices all but pouring out of her and dripping down her taint and onto her asshole.

I throbbed so hard in my pants as I looked at them, I almost started to cum just from seeing that. Allie: mmmmmmm, such a nice hard cock big brother. Me: you look so so tasty baby sister, I wanna taste you so bad.

Allie: oh god. I wanna taste you too. Me: at least we can fantasize. Allie: yeah I am already Me: if u weren't my sister, I would want to watch your face and body as I enter you Allie: oooohhh god!! I'd cum the second you did Me: did u get all of the pics I sent u?

Allie: how many did u send Me: 6 Allie: no I only got 4, wait they're cumming in now. I waited for a few minutes and then got another text. Allie: 10 INCHES???!!!!! Please tell me you're home!! Me: I'm getting ready to leave the airport Allie: hurry. I wanna call u Me: ok I'll hurry.

I went to log all of my paper work in and once I was finished I got into my truck and headed for my place. Once there I went inside. I had to take my pants off because I was so hard that I was actually hurting, and boy did I feel a great sense of relief when I did.

I dropped my pants and took my phone out of them. I realized that I had several more pics from my sister. I opened the pics and my cock throbbed so damn hard. She was on her back on her bed. She was completely naked and her head was hanging off of the bed. She had her mouth wide open and her tongue was sticking out really far. I knew she had a long tongue, but I had no idea it was that long. I went through more where she had placed her phone on her tits and took several shots down her body.

I could clearly see her glistening fingers and there were a few of her dildo inside of her. I called her immediately. "Hey sexy." She said. "Hey, I fucking hate that I'm your brother, oh my god baby." I hissed as I fell into my chair and grabbed my throbbing cock.

"I hate that you're my brother. But we can fantasize." She said half moaning. "You're playing with yourself aren't you?" I asked. "Yeah I am. I'm pretending that you aren't my big brother." She hissed. "Yeah?" I asked. "Yeah, I am." She half whimpering. "I'm pretending you aren't my sister." I said.

"Are you stroking that 10 inch cock?" She asked. "Yeah." I hissed. "I'm pretending you are here right now." She said. "I want to fuck you so bad babyhhh." I moaned as I stroked my cock. "Put it inside of me babyhhhh." She moaned. "Go slow, I don't want to hurt you." I moaned as she moaned. "Ffff.feels ssssoooo good." She moaned. "You like that baby?" I asked. "Mmmmm, uuuu, fuck me." She whimpered.

"Do you want me hard and fast or slow?" I asked. "Slow, I'm not use to how big you are." She moaned. "Go to your computer." I said. "Why?" She asked. "Because I wanna watch you." I hissed. "Oh god, that's a great idea." She said. I went to mine and logged on. I went to our favorite chat room and waited for her. I turned my webcam on, a minute later she turned hers on and joined me in the chat room. She was naked as hell and so was I, she hung her phone up since we both had audio.

"My god baby, you have the sexiest body." I said. "So do you." She said. "What would you do to me if I wasn't your brother?" I asked. "First I would take your amazing cock and stroke it like this." She said as she brought the dildo up and showed me. "God that would feel so so good." I hissed as I stroked my cock the exact same way she was stroking her dildo. "I would be slowly sliding my finger up and down your wet slit." I said making her jump. "I would start sucking your cock." She hissed as she opened her mouth and started to suck her dildo.

"Oooohhh god baby." I hissed as she watched me jerk off at the same time. "I would be sliding my tongue up and down the length of your pussy." I said making her moan with her dildo in her mouth. I grabbed my flesh light and started to lick it the way I would lick her. I saw her body move as she watched me stroke and lick my toy.

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After a little while of that, she leaned back a little so she could keep watching me. "Watch and do what I do." I said as I placed the head of my cock at the opening of the flesh light. "Mmmmmm." She moaned as she pressed her dildo against her opening. I slid my cock along the length of the slit in my hand and she rubbed her dildo against the length of her pussy. "Stop teasing me baby, I want it in me." She said after a minute or more of teasing her.

Her back arched as I entered the toy and she slid hers inside of her at the exact same time and pace. I slowly fucked my flesh light and she fucked herself at the exact same pace and strokes as me.

We fucked ourselves in front of each other for quite a while before we watched each other cum. I pulled my flesh light off of my cock and used my hand. She went crazy as I stroked myself until I was shooting strings and globs of cum in the air.

I watched her fall back and her body roll as it shook. She pulled her dildo out of her and her hips jerked up one time before she sprayed her cum. She was a squirter, oh my god that was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I mean Cynthia was a squirter and she was pretty famous for it, but this was my baby sister. After several minutes she sat up with a huge smile on her face. "Who needs a boyfriend when I have a brother like you?" She asked as she laughed.

"I know the feeling." I said as I smiled. "I can't believe we just did that." She said laughing more. "Neither can I, but god it was the hottest thing I've ever done." I said. "I've never cum like that before. I swear to god that was the best orgasm I've ever had." She said. "I'm still shaking." I said. "So am I." She said. "Just don't tell mom and dad." I said as we laughed. "Yeah, like I'm going to call them and say, yeah me and Jake got off together." She said laughing. "They would freak." I said.

"Yeah they would." She said. "So now we can go back to being brother and sister now I guess." She said. "Yeah, even though I don't want to." I said. "Me either." She said. We stayed up and talked for a while that night. We didn't even bother to get dressed at all.

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I finally saw her completely naked and oh my god was she gorgeous. I loved her tits! They were a smaller c cup and had bright pink nipples. Her areoles were only about a quarter size and her nipples were about the size of a pencil eraser. They were perky as hell! Her pussy looked like a little creamy white slit when she was standing with her legs apart. She did in fact have that gap between her legs. Needless to say, she and I pretended to not be brother and sister a few times that night.

We eventually logged off and went to bed after cleaning up our messes. I slept like a baby that night. From that day on, my sister and I did that a few times a month. I started to love the little game we were playing. It was pushing me towards the idea of actually committing incest with her. Later she actually started dating a girl, and my god my sister had great taste in women.

Her girl was a sexy little blonde. What I loved was the pictures my sister sent me of the two having sex. That relationship didn't last long and I couldn't figure out why. My sister was the one who broke it off with her after only a few months. Apparently the blonde had a boyfriend who found out about her and my sister. He flipped out and went psycho on my sister. I had to call him and threaten to beat his ass if he didn't back off and leave her alone.

By then things between my sister and I hadn't cooled off at all. We still talked to each other all the time, and had our chat room incest sessions once every few months. Her 19th birthday was coming up and I wanted to spoil her rotten like I always did. The problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to get her. She did say that what she really really wanted she couldn't have. She and I flirted for the next few hours before we went to sleep that night.

God if she only knew the dreams I was having about her that night, good god!!