Extremely hot mature makinglove hard

Extremely hot mature makinglove hard
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This is a work of fiction. It involves sexual acts between underage persons and adults. If this offends you, leave now. If you are still here, enjoy. I would greatly appreciate any and all comments about the story, love it or hate it. I will only get better through the help of others. This is chapter two. For the most enjoyment I recommend reading chapter one first. BEST SUMMER EVER 2 (incest, MFmf) By: Scott Winslow The sound of birds chirping woke me.

I opened my eyes and could see the bright sun streaming in through the window beside the bed. It was going to be a beautiful day out. I looked beside me and realized I was alone in the bed.

I was a bit surprised. This was the first time I had woken up to an empty bed since my wife and I introduced our children into our incestuous relationship. You see, my "wife" Katie is actually my twin sister. We began sleeping together when we were 12. As we grew up, we realized our love was more than just sexual and we decided to live together as husband and wife.

As our lives together went forward, we decided to have children. It came as a very pleasant surprise to us when we found out we were pregnant with our own set of twins. We decided it would be great to let our kids in on our family secret and show them how great family sex can be when they were 12, the same age Katie and I were when we began making love. So we took a family vacation to the same lake house we went to as kids and showed our kids, Brandon and Molly, how a real family loves each other.

Katie and I introduced Brandon and Molly to the joys of incest 5 days ago, and every morning since that day I had woken up with at least one member of my family naked in bed with me. I was a bit confused at first, who had I gone to bed with last night? Surely I didn't go to bed alone. What time was it?

Had I really out slept everyone? I rolled over to look at the alarm clock on the night stand. 12:17 it read. Wow, I had slept in later than usual. I then noticed something else. On the floor in front of the nightstand was a pair of little girls panties, pink flowers printed on purple cotton. Now I remember. Molly, my daughter. She is such a cute little lady, and fantastic in bed.

We had a father-daughter night in bed last night. How could I have forgotten that beautiful little face as I slid my penis into her? These memories were starting to excite me again. My penis was creating a tent in the bed sheet. Where was everyone? I decided to go find someone to help with my problem. I got up and slipped into my bathrobe.

I decided not to tie it; there was no need to hide anything. I left the bedroom and walked downstairs. What I found in the living room excited me even more. I came around the corner and the couch came into view. I was greeted by Brandon, my son, facing me. I could see him from about his bare chest up. He had a look of pleasure on his face. As I got closer to the couch I could see what was giving him so much pleasure. Molly, my daughter and bed partner from the night before was on all four in front of her brother.

They were both totally naked and making love doggy-style. "Where did you two learn that position?" I asked. "Oh, hi Daddy!" Molly said, looking up at me. "Mom taught me this last night Dad" Brandon added, answering my question.

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So that is where my wife and son were last night. Katie did love that position. It's no surprise she taught it to her new young lover. "It's a lot of fun Daddy," Molly said, panting.

"We should do it like this sometime too." "We will darling" I said. "We have all summer to try all sorts of different positions. Where is your mother by the way?" I added, slipping out of my robe and walking over to my children. "She had to run to the store" Brandon answered. "Well she's missing out then isn't she?" I said.

I kissed my daughter passionately as her brother slid his penis in and out of her from behind. I broke the kiss then went up and kissed my son as well. I began running my hands over both of their bodies as they made love. My hands eventually reached Brandon's bottom. Both my wife and I have been bi-sexual most of our lives.

Brandon and I had played around some since the beginning of our new relationship, but not much. I thought maybe it was time he and I took things to the next level. I squeezed his butt check. "Ohh yes Dad," he said "play with my butt, it feels really good." Obviously I was not the only one that wanted to have more father-son play time.

I kissed his neck, moving down his back. I could tell I was making him very excited, his pumping into his sister began getting much quicker. As my lips reached the top of his butt checks, Brandon drove deep into his sister and they both had an orgasm. Molly moved out from under her brother and sat on the chair next to the couch, watching what we were doing.

She seemed very interested. Brandon leaned farther forward, sticking his butt in the air more. I reached around and started to fondle my son's penis as I kissed his butt. I used my other hand to spread his checks. His little hole looked amazing. "Does that feel good Brandon?" Molly asked her brother.

"Uh-huh" was Brandon's only reaction as my tongue tickled his anus. He started moaning very loudly. I started to press my tongue against his butt whole. I pushed into him. His moaning got even louder as I rimmed my sons little whole. After tongue fucking my son for several minutes, getting both of us very hard and excited, I moved away from his butt. I looked over at Molly sitting next us in the chair. She had one leg spread over each arm of the chair.

She was lightly rubbing her hairless slit. She appeared to be enjoying the show Brandon and I were putting on.

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I grabbed each of my son's butt checks in each hand. I leaned in and kissed his butt whole again, then slid my finger toward his whole. I gently pushed my middle finger into him. Brandon moaned again and leaned backward onto my finger. I started moving in and out.


"You like that Kiddo?" I asked him. "Yeah, it feels good Dad" he answered, looking back at me with a look of pure pleasure on his face.

I pulled my finger out of his butt whole. "Wanna try something a little bigger?" I asked. "Sure" he said looking down at my hard penis.

"Ok, buddy, hold on." I knelt on the couch, aiming my penis as Brandon's little butt whole. I used one hand to spread his checks and the other hand to guide my shaft toward his opening.

I could not believe what I was about to do. I placed the head of my penis against his waiting butt whole. Just before I pushed in I looked over to my daughter. She was using the two middle fingers on her right hand to masturbate. This sight sent me over the edge and I pushed my penis into Brandon's butt. I went slowly at first, only going in about half way.

He was very tight, it felt amazing. He was moaning very loudly and started pushing back against me. I put my hands on his hips and pushed him forward as I pulled out and then pulled him toward me as I pushed in farther this time.

He caught on quickly and started moving in unison with me and we were soon fucking very hard. "OH DAD, this feels sooo good" Brandon moaned as I made love to his butt.

I could not handle myself for very long and knew I would be cumming soon. I pulled out one more time, almost all the way, and then pushed in deep. My penis erupted as I shot my load in my son's butt. I slowly pulled myself out. We were both panting and short of breath. "Wow that was really neat.

You two really seemed to enjoy that" Molly said. "Well I know I did, how about you Kiddo?" I asked Brandon. "Uh-huh, just give me a minute" he answered.

"I know I enjoyed it, at least the little bit that I saw" My wife Katie said from the doorway. She must have arrived home while we were making love, but were too pre-occupied to notice. "Now that you are all done, would someone like to help he put the groceries away?" She asked. "Sure thing baby doll" I answered. "Why don't the two of you go get cleaned up while I help Mommy" I said to the kids. Molly took Brandon's hand and the two of them ran upstairs as I went into the kitchen with Katie.

There was a large pile of grocery bags that needed tended too. "I will get these, Darling" I said to Katie. "Why don't you go help the kids clean up?" I said with a wink. "That sounds like a fantastic idea" she answered. She turned and started to go up stairs. She already had her top off and was working on her bra before she reached the top. I know the kids were likely to get a little dirtier before they got clean.

*** Later that day, the family and I decided to go out on the lake.

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We loaded up the pontoon boat, and set out for some riding and swimming. After riding around for a little while, the kids wanted to pull the boat up on a beach somewhere and go for a dip. We had been out on the water several times and had found a secluded little cove where we had a lot of privacy. This was exceptionally good because Brandon and Molly had become accustomed to skinny dipping. They loved the feel of the water on their naked bodies.

"It felt so naughty on their privates" they would say. It was nice that even though they grew up very quickly in these last few days, the kids were still young at heart. "Better get your suits on!" Katie called to the kids who were swimming and splashing each other in the water next to the boat. I had begun to snooze, and was startled awake by my wife's comments. "What's wrong Darling?" I asked. She nodded out toward the open lake as she tossed the kids swim suits onto the shore beside the boat.

The kids walked up onto the shore, water dripping off their naked bodies. "Yeah Mom, how come we gotta get dressed?" Brandon asked. I looked where Katie had nodded and saw a boat coming toward us. This was the first time since we had found this cove that another boat had approached. The kids had finished dressing, and climbed onto the boat.

"Looks like we have company" I said to the kids. I could see a look of disappointment on the children's faces. Unfortunately this was a public area, and there was not much we could do to stop other people from beaching next to us. The boat floated up next to us and started to pull up on shore.

The boat was large and expensive looking. "Let's give them a hand" I said to Brandon. He gave me a disappointed look, as if to say "let's push them back out", but reluctantly he got up to help.

We hopped off our boat and helped pull the larger boat onto shore. The captain of this vassal was a large bear of a man. He was tall and all muscles. He had dark hair and a thick beard. He appeared to be in his late 40's. "Well thank you'all" he bellowed in a joyous manner. "Names Jack, Jack Kirby." I looked to my son. We were both surprised. This man's appearance was obviously the complete opposite of his demeanor.

He came to the front of the boat and jumped down to shore. He pulled a rope from the boat and tied the boat to a tree up on shore.

I offered him my hand; he shook it vigorously, squeezing it tight. "I'm Dan" I said. "This here is my son, Brandon" I pointed to my son, then up to the boat "and up there is my wife Katie and the little lady is Molly." "Howdy ma'am, kids" Jack said, nodding to all.

"This here is my wife, Lisa" Jack said, helping his wife down from their boat. Lisa was drop dead gorgeous. She could be a model, if she wasn't already one. She was very tall, and all legs. Blonde hair topped her head. She had deep blue eyes and was pencil thin. Her chest almost over filled the top of her tiny bikini. After getting down from the boat, she turned and was handed a lounge chair by a young man.

"That there's my boy, Jack junior" Jack said. Jack jr. hopped off the boat. He looked to be about 15. He was cute. He had light brown hair and was very fit. He then helped a young girl off the boat. "And that's Sarah" Jack said, concluding the introduction of his family.

Sarah looked adorable. She appeared to be about 9. She had the same dark hair as her father. She was thin like her mother, and looked like she would be just as tall one day. I caught myself looking at her a bit too long. Her body was lovely, so sweet and innocent looking. She wore a small bikini that did not leave much to my imagination, but covered just enough to be incredibly sexy.

I realized I probably shouldn't be looking too much or else I might begin getting hard, especially with her father right there, so I quickly looked away. The kids all went off to go swimming, all becoming fast friends. Katie and Lisa both sat out sun tanning. And Jack said he was going to do some fishing, so I decided to join him. As we fished, we talked about our families and got to know each other.

Jack, and the rest of the Kirbys, seemed to be great people. I couldn't help myself, though. My mind kept drifting to dirtier thoughts. I began wondering if the Kirbys might possibly be as close as my family is.

I watched the kids playing in the water. There was little Sarah. I started to picture Jack sliding his cock into his beautiful little daughter. I wondered if his member was as big as the rest of him and if it would fit into her tiny hole. I looked over at the ladies sun bathing.

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I had an excellent view of Lisa. She was facing me, her legs slightly parted and I had a great view of her crotch. I imagined seeing her naked, her beautiful sweaty body glistening in the sun. I began thinking of seeing her and Katie make love together, or maybe her making love to her attractive son. I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not even notice the rain. "Hey mate, you better head in too, looks like a big ones coming" I heard Jack say as he was getting onto his boat.

I was snapped back to reality. The sky was turning dark, and a light rain had started. I could tell it would be a much harder rain soon.

We quickly got everything put together and started heading out to the open water. I heard Jack call out as we started our separate ways that we should meet up back in the cove again soon. I would be looking forward to another opportunity to see that family again, but for now I was looking forward to getting back to the house and relieving the pressure that had built in my pants.

*** Ever since Katie and I first introduced our kids to sex, she and Molly have had a tradition. The morning after our first night, the two ladies in the family took a shower together to clean up. Since that morning Katie and Molly always showered together. I usually left them alone during this time. I can't be certain about what goes on behind that shower curtain, but I do have an idea.

Katie used to love taking showers with me, and we would always wash each other, both inside and out, before the shower was over, so I assume that she is teaching our daughter to get clean in the same manor. Typically after a day on the lake, the ladies would go take one of their showers right when we arrived back at the house, and this time was no different. After getting back Katie and Molly started up the stairs.

I was very worked up after spending the day imagining the new family we met, the Kirbys, in different sexual encounters. I decided to go see what really happened during mother-daughter shower time.

I went up the stairs after Katie and Molly. They were in the bathroom getting undressed as I walked by on the way to the bed room. I decided to let them get in and get started, then check and see what was going on.

I went into the bed room and slipped out of my swim trunks and t-shirt. My penis was beginning to get hard thinking about what I was going to be seeing.

Quickly I heard the shower turn on. I waited two more minutes then walked to the bathroom. There were two bathing suits on the bathroom floor, one much smaller than the other. The mirror above the sink was already starting to fog up. I heard slight moaning and the sound of water splashing coming from behind the shower curtain. I crept up to the shower and peeked around the side of the curtain. Molly was standing with her back to her mother. Katie had her hands around her daughter, one on her chest, the other moving down between her legs.


There was soapy lather running down Molly's body. She had her head tilted back, kissing her mother. Katie moved the hand that was on Molly's chest around to her back side, washing and caressing her bottom. Just then Molly looked up and saw me.

She jumped slightly, and her mother caught her and kept her from falling. "Oops, sorry ladies" I said. "I didn't mean to scare you." "It's ok Daddy" Molly answered. "Enjoying the show?" Katie asked. "I sure am" I said. I opened the shower curtain more, and sat down on the toilet seat. "Please, continue. Don't mind me." "Well I think you are all clean sweetheart" Katie said to Molly.

"I believe it's my turn." Katie handed Molly a bar of soap and smiled at our daughter. Molly used the water from the shower to get the soap wet, and then started to wash her mother. She started with both hands on her hips then lathered her smooth belly; she then used both hands and moved up to cup Katie's breasts.

She was clearly doing more squeezing and playing then washing. After "washing" her mother's breasts for a few minutes, Molly's hands began moving down Katie's body. My penis was rock hard, and I could hardly wait to watch Molly play with my wife's pussy.

As Molly's hands reached Katie's crotch, my hand went to my crotch. Molly began to rub her mother's pussy. I started to stroke my penis. Katie, who had had her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation, but she opened her eyes when she heard me start moaning. She saw what I was doing then whispered into Molly's ear. Molly turned and looked back at me and giggled then nodded to her mother. What was going on? "What's wrong?" I asked. "Why don't we take this to the bedroom" Katie said. "Sounds good to me" I answered.

Molly and Katie rinsed all the soapy lather off each other then turned the shower off. I was waiting with towels when they got out. I helped them quickly dry off. We all walked to the bedroom.

Katie lied down on the bed and spread her legs. "Now, where were you Sweetheart?" She asked Molly. Molly crawled up between her mothers legs, rubbing them with her hands as she went. I sat on the bed next to my wife with a great view of what was going to happen.

Finally Molly reached her mother's crotch and began rubbing her pussy lips. She started to slowly slide her fingers into Katie's hole. Obviously she had experience in pleasuring her mother. Eventually she was using three of her little fingers to fuck my wife's pussy. This was making me even more excited.

I decided that with two beautiful naked girls in my bed there was no need for me to pleasure myself. I got behind Molly and placed the head of my penis against her little bald pussy. She pulled her hand out of Katie's pussy and leaned down to lick it instead. Just as her tongue entered her mother, my penis entered Molly. She moaned into Katie's pussy as I slid my penis in and out of her little hole. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to me as I made love to her from behind.

My daughter's pussy was so tight, and watching her lick her mother's pussy was too much to handle. I had been worked up all day, and could not hold back any longer. I pulled her toward me and drove into her one last time and shot my load deep in her little pussy. She and I both moaned as I pulled my satisfied penis out of her. "Did you fill our little girl up, Dan?" Katie asked me. "Oh yeah" I answered. I could see some of my cum leaking out of her. "Let me see" Katie said.

Molly turned her body around, and placed her crotch in her mother's face, all the while still licking her pussy. Katie dove in and started licking my cum out of our daughter. The two girls 69ing was a fantastic sight. Soon they were both moaning very loud, and they both made each other cum at the same time.

I thought to myself that my showers with Katie used to be pretty steamy, but they were never that hot. *** It was a few days later and we were once again going out on the water. We typically tried to get out on the water early, but today we got a late start.

Brandon and Molly did not seem to want to get out of bed. Kids will be kids. Eventually, though, we were able to get them motivated, and we were jetting through the water by a little after noon.

We drove over to our cove, but when we came around the corner, we noticed another boat already pulled in there.

I noticed that is was the boat of our new friends, the Kirby's. I asked the kids what they thought I should do. I knew they loved going skinny dipping, and they would not be able to do it in this cove today.

We all agreed, though, that it would be more fun to spend the day with the Kirby's, so I drove the boat up next to theirs on the beach. "Ahoy there!" Jack called out as we pulled in. "How are y'all today?" "Were doing great" I called back and we all traded greetings. I had been thinking of this family ever since the first time we met.

I could not get the idea of this family possibly being involved in incest like my family out of my head. They were all so attractive and uniquely sexy.

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Jack was built and muscular. His wife Lisa was drop dead gorgeous, and their kids, Junior and Sarah were both very beautiful and the thought of them making love was very arousing. Lisa was sitting in a lounge chair near the water, tanning her beautiful tanned body. Junior was farther down the beach holding a fishing pole.

Jack and Sarah were sitting on their boat very close to each other. I could not help but think they were a bit too close, but it could just be my imagination. My kids got off our boat and immediately jumped into the water. "You kids go play." Jack said. "I'll take my rod back now Junior" he said getting off his boat and walking over to his son. Junior handed his father the fishing pole with a bit of a giggle.

I joined Jack with my one pole, while Katie sat herself next to Lisa. The day continued on mostly uneventful. Jack and I chatted while I kept having indecent fantasies about the Kirby's. I just couldn't help myself. We had been at the beach for a few hours when I heard the kids ask the women something. I couldn't quite make out what it was, but I heard Lisa and Katie tell the kids to ask their fathers. Jack and I turned to each other with an inquisitive look as the children came up to us.

"Hey Dad" Brandon said. "Yes son?" I responded. The kids had all gathered around us. "We were all talking, and we are all getting to be really good friends, and umm." He started. "Can Sarah and Junior come back and spend the night at our house tonight?" Molly finished for her brother, looking up at me with those eyes that I couldn't say no to.

"I suppose if it's ok with their parents, it's fine by me" I said, looking to Jack. "It sounds like a good time to me, pal" Jack said. "They won't be any trouble for ya'll. They are pretty great kids." "I know they are" I said. "Sure kids, they can spend the night" I said to the kids. All of the kids seemed extremely excited as they ran back to the water to play.

A little while later it was getting pretty late. We loaded all the kids onto our boat and started to pull off. We made arrangements with the Kirby's to meet up at the cove the next day so they could pick their children up. Before long we were back at our lake house and Brandon and Molly gave the Kirby kids a tour of the house.

As the kids were off in the other room, Katie turned to me. "They really are great looking kids, aren't they?" she asked. "You think so too?" I answered "I sure do. Too bad we can't join their little slumber party" She said, giving me a little wink. At first I was shocked to hear my wife say something like that, but then I realized that she was just as kinky as me. She obviously had been having some of the same fantasies as me. "You don't think they um. you know." I began. "Fuck?" Katie asked, finishing my statement.

"Well, yeah" I said, laughing. "Do you think their family is anything like ours?" I asked. "I don't know" Katie said. "But they all do seem very close. Who knows, maybe we will find out someday." "Or maybe we could show them how much fun incest could be" I said, pulling my wife/sister close to me and kissing her passionately. I began running my hands over her body, feeling her smooth curves. One thing led to another and before long we had found our way up to the bedroom.

As I began kissing down Katie's body, sucking on her nipples, she began moaning. "Imagine Lisa's body, baby" She said. "She's beautiful isn't she?" "Uh huh" I responded, closing my eyes and thinking of our new friends body. "Or maybe this being little Sarah's pussy" she said rubbing her bald lips, spreading them open for me.

"I think she might be a little tighter" I joked while sliding my cock inside. "Not if her father has been making love to her. I'm sure Jack's got a huge cock' she moaned into my ear.

"Yes Daddy, fuck me!" "Yes Sarah, my little girl." I moaned back. Katie and I typically didn't role play like this, but thinking about making love to the pretty little girl was driving me wild.

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I think the thought of making love to Jack was having the same effect on Katie, because before long she had her legs wrapped around me and panting very loudly. I could tell she was about to cum. I started driving in deeper. She grabbed onto my arms and pulled me close as she shivered with a powerful orgasm. The clenching of her pussy around my cock sent me over the edge and I filled her with my cum.

We collapsed together on the bed, cuddling together. "That was amazing" Katie said. "Yes it was" I responded, catching my breath. "I hope we can experience that for real someday, now that would be amazing" she said.

"I hope so, too. Think we better go check on the kids before we fall asleep?" I asked. "We probably should, just in case they do need something" she said. We got up and threw some clothes on. We held hands as we walked down to the children's bedroom. We expected to find the kid's sitting around talking, possibly playing games or something along those lines.

We approached their door and found it closed. There hadn't been a closed door in the house for quite some time, so I found this a bit odd, but since we did have guests, I decided it wasn't all that strange. Katie obviously found it odd as well. "Do we knock or just open it?" she asked, looking at me confused.

I reached for the knob. "Come on, you don't think they are doing anything, at least not yet, do you?" Maybe I should have knocked. I opened the door and was shocked by what I saw. There was not a spot of clothing anywhere. Sarah was leaning back on the headboard of the bed; Brandon was between her legs, licking her pussy. Molly was facing the door, on all fours. Junior was behind her, sliding his penis into her.

Katie and I were in shock for what seemed like a lifetime, but was more than likely all of a few seconds. Then Katie gasped. All of the kids looked up at us.

None of them seemed the least bit concerned about us seeing them. "Hi Mommy, hi Daddy!" Molly called. "Look, the Kirby's are just like us. They all make love too!" Katie and I turned and looked at each other.

Huge smiles came to both of our faces. Just as I was about to go in and join the children, Katie turned and pulled me into the hallway. She pulled the door closed behind us. "You don't want to go in?" I asked, confused. "I would love to," she said "but don't you think we should wait?" "Wait for what?" I asked. "To talk with Jack and Lisa first" she said. "How would you feel if our kids stayed over there and they had sex with them without asking us first?

Wouldn't you like to know who is sleeping with your kids?" She had a point. I couldn't imagine Jack fucking my daughter without me knowing about it. "You're right. Ok then what do we do?" "We wait till we meet on the lake tomorrow, and we tell them we know about them and want them to join us for another slumber party for the whole families." Katie said. "That sounds like a great idea" I said. We went back up to our room and went to sleep, dreaming of the things that were to come.

TO BE CONTINUED Please drop me a message at [email protected] and tell me what you thought about the story. I hope you enjoyed.