Cutie knows how to suck

Cutie knows how to suck
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=================================== Ch 13 It takes both Gina and Summer bouncing on my bed, to wake me. I'm dead to the world, and yet having nightmares about demons tearing part all those I care about, ripping off their limbs, and eating their flesh. Screams echo in my mind, until I notice that it's my own scream, as I sit up in bed. I'm soaked with sweat, and breathing pretty heavily. "'Bout time," Summer tells me with a worried frown. A worry that is echoed in Gina's eyes, as well.

"What are you dreaming about, that has you moaning, tossing, and turning, huh?" Gina follows up, giving me a nudge with her arm, as she winks at me.

I groan again and cover my head, waiting for my eyes to lose their sleep blurriness. As soon as I can see clearly enough, I get out of bed, and only then notice that I'm still in yesterday's clothes. Without even thinking about it, I start stripping with the two women still in the room. "Hey, wait until I get out of here, before you do that," Summer complains, though when I look over at her, she is staring at my well-muscled chest.

I have forgotten that she hasn't seen me completely naked yet. How tired am I that I'd make such a simple mistake as stripping with my sister in the room, while Gina is here? Normally I'm a lot sharper than that, but aftershocks of last night's terrors are still flittering through my mind. "Your brother's built pretty well, huh?" Gina asks Summer, who then turns away red-faced and flees the room. I remember what'd happened in Lela's blue room, and look at my left arm, but there is no evidence of anything having happened: no blue veins, no pain, in fact, other than being quite a bit tired, I feel pretty good.

Not even a hangover, though I wonder how the other two women can be so cheery after as much as they'd drunk last night. Gina stays to watch me get dressed, and then follows me out to the Christmas tree, where everybody else is waiting.


Nancy has out a digital camcorder, and films everybody opening their presents. I've given Nancy and Gina matching blue and green turquoise necklaces with matching earrings, knowing it will bring out their eyes. For Summer, I've purchased some clothing I thought she will like. From those three women, I receive a hug, and a peck on the cheek for thanks, though I feel Gina's tongue on my cheek, before she pulls away with an impish grin.

My gift to mom is always a tradition, a card with a note inside. "To mom, who has always been there for me, whenever I've needed her. One date to any restaurant of your choice, tomorrow night, the 26th of December." This year, I've added one more line, "May the night fill you with new memories, new hopes, and start a brighter future." Mom is in tears as she hugs me, telling me she can't wait.

From Gina and Nancy, I receive a Steam gaming gift card, good for $100. My sister gives me a new book in a series she promises I'll love, and the latest version of the Dungeons & Dragons manual.

The book is from Brandon Sanderson, one of my favorite authors, so I'm sure that I'll enjoy it.

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Mom tells me she never knows what to get me, so she too gives me a gift card, this one to Amazon(dot)com. I shower while breakfast is prepared, and step out of the shower fully awake, and refreshed. Part of my mind is still going over Lela's message to me, and I wonder why she'd had to use the computer voice, instead of her own. And what exactly does she mean my new children, as in plural? I'm going to be a father. . Somehow, that still hasn't truly sunk in. The scent of a delicious breakfast hits my nose as I step into the kitchen, and only then realize just how hungry I am.

I bolt everything down, and then have another serving, surprising everybody with how much I can eat. Even I'm surprised, but I'm famished. "Must be that new body of his," Mom murmurs, and I see the other three women agree.

We play games together, enjoying everybody's company until the afternoon. Gina and Nancy wear their jewelry, and it looks just as nice on them as I thought it would, and Summer slips into her new clothes. I have to admit that my sister looks really hot in her new tight jeans, and T-shirt. Gina and Summer leave to do some shopping for dinner, leaving me with the two older women.

I try to help out in the kitchen, but soon get the boot. With nothing better to do, I go to my room, and load up my laptop, pulling internet through my phone.

I have a new email from Shanna, with the subject, "Thanks!" There is a link to a video, and normally I won't click on any links in emails, but I know that Shanna is smart enough not to send me a virus. It opens a page to a video the twins have uploaded, and I have to enter a username and password that is conveniently in the email. Despite the poor internet speed from my phone, the video starts loading fairly quick.

Shanna must have compressed the video with the right codecs. The video opens with either Shanna or Shannon in front of the camera talking. I can't tell which one it is in the video. "Nick, we opened your present this morning, and can't say thank you enough." I had ordered them a peripheral for one of their gaming systems that I'd noted they don't have.

"Since we can't say it enough, and you're not here to give you our thanks, we think we'll show you." The camera is set down on a flat surface I can't see, and the other sister comes around, and into the view of the camera. I immediately turn my laptop away from my door, as I see what she is wearing; a small little teddy that does nothing to hide her features. The two sisters face each other, and then look at the camera with a smile, before kissing one another. I can easily see their tongues working in and out of each other's mouths, as the one wearing the teddy starts to strip her sister.

The shirt comes off first, and her nipples are then latched onto by a set of hungry lips. By the sounds of the moans the topless sister is making, I suspect that she is Shanna, which means the one in the teddy is Shannon. Shanna looks right into the camera, licking her lips, and moaning while her sister sucks and plays with her tits. She runs her fingers through Shannon's hair, pulling her sister into her own breast, and making lascivious faces to me.

Shannon pulls down Shanna's pants, and then kisses her way down her body, until she can plant her lips on Shanna's crotch. The standing woman gasps as Shannon starts to go wild, moaning and thrashing her mouth against Shanna's labia. I'm getting pretty turned on as I watch them, and have to adjust my crotch, as they continue. I guess they've worked out their concerns about incest. After Shanna has her first orgasm, moaning loudly through my speakers, she strips her sister, and returns the favor.

It only takes a couple seconds with her lips between Shannon's legs, before she too is crying out in bliss. I almost can't believe my eyes when they start to scissor on their couch.

The same couch I'd played games with them not so long ago. "You know, you don't need to watch porn, to get off," a voice says from my doorway, and I curse myself for getting so engrossed in what I'm watching, that I'm not more careful. I probably should have turned the volume down as well. I immediately pause the video. Nancy stands in the doorway looking at me, a small smile on her lips. "Sorry," I tell her. "I wasn't thinking." Nancy saunters into the room, "Don't be.

I understand the desires of youth. At least you have my daughter to help you out. I'm kind of jealous, actually. You've been ignoring me." She sits next to me, and I have just enough time to close my browser before she can see the twins.

She smiles as she places her hand on my thigh. "Your mom decided to take a bath, so it's just us right now." She leans forward and kisses me. I can't say it's completely unexpected, from the look in her eyes, eye so like Gina's and enhanced with her new jewelry, and I gladly kiss her back. I'm extremely turned on from having watched Shanna and Shannon, and this will provide just the release I need. "I don't think I thanked you properly for the jewelry," she says as her hands starts to work at my pants.

I lift my hips to allow her to take them off, and then moan as she drops her head to my lap, swallowing a few inches of my cock. Nancy is very talented at giving head, as her tongue swirls around my knob, and her hand works up and down my length, using her saliva as lubrication. "Oh, fuck, Nancy," I tell her, moaning, "I'm not going to last long if you keep that up." She quickly pulls her mouth away, and smiles up at me.

"Not yet, young man. It's been too long since I've had this baseball bat in me, and I need to get fucked. I need more than what Gina can do for me alone." I'm shocked to hear that Gina and her mom still do stuff together, as she'd never mentioned it to me, but then I can't see why they wouldn't, either. Nancy stands, stripping, and I pull off my shirt, and then think I'd better get up and shut the door.

The older woman lies down on her back, and I think I'll warm her up a bit before slipping my stick it into her, but when I start to move my mouth to her vagina, she stops me. "We don't have time for that, right now.

Just shove it in me, quick." Not one to argue with such a demand, I move my mouth up to hers, and start kissing her, while I rub the head of me penis against her already slippery lips. Nancy's legs wraps around my rear, and with one powerful pull, she forces me into her, fairly deep.

"Oh, God, I've missed this. My daughter is a lucky woman to have you in her so often." She sets a pretty quick pace with her legs, alternating between kissing me, and moaning as she starts to cum around my penetrating tool. I'm able to sink my full length into her, and can feel my balls slapping her ass as I slam into her again and again.

Lifting my back, I bring my lips down to her hard round nipple, sucking it between my teeth, as I nibble on it, making her cry out, as her nails dig into my back. She digs me deep enough, I know I'm going to have scratch marks, but just then she starts to cum again, and I don't care. Her pussy squeezes my cock so hard, I think she is going to crush it, but luckily she is wet enough, I'm still able to move inside her.

Between the twins' video, Nancy's magnificent blowjob, and the quick pace she's set, I only last a couple strokes past her orgasm, before I'm loosing my load deep into her twat. "That's it, Nick. Give me your cum. Fill my womb with your hot young semen. Oh, God, I can feel it leaking out of me. It's too much, I can't hold it all in." She starts to cum again, making me moan even more into her tit.

My rod seems to twitch forever, sending volley after volley of spunk into her, before finally subsiding. I roll off to her side, and she gives me a quick peck on the cheeks, before pleasantly cleaning my penis with her talented mouth, getting dressed, and going to the guest bathroom to get herself cleaned up.

While she's in there, I send a reply email to the twins, thanking them for my present, and telling them I can't wait to see them again. I also can't wait to see how the video ends. I go to the mirror in my room to see how badly Nancy scratched up my back, but I can't see anything. It probably felt like more in the moment, I conclude.

Mom is just coming out of her room, as the girls get home from shopping, and they all go to the kitchen to finish making dinner. Gina pulls me aside, at one point to have a talk with me. "So you told your sister about your abilities?" From the look in her eyes, I'm not sure if she is angry or not. "I guess I'm not the only special one anymore." "I had to," I explaine. "Somehow she magnifies my ability, and at the same time she can see everything I do.

And you ARE special to me." "I guess I understand," She tells me in a tone, which tells me she still isn't happy. "She's your sister, after all. She has special abilities too. She also told me about what you did to your dad." She pauses while she looks up at me, and I wonder just how much Summer told her. "I wonder if we will ever be that close.

I know I can't claim you for myself; that you are meant for something greater. I'm just glad you're willing to share yourself with me." She smiles a little smile then, before getting on her toes, and giving my lips a light peck.

"Oh, and by the way," she says as she starts to walk away, "I have another present planned for you later." I laugh as she leaves, wondering just what she has in mind, and hoping I'm up to it, after that powerful orgasm with her mom. I'm not allowed into the kitchen, but I watch the four women as they cook, and notice Gina flirting heavily with my sister. Summer is an avowed lesbian, and she seems to be taking to the flirting quite well from the blonde.

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At one point, Gina looks at me, winks, and then pinches Summer's bottom. I can only laugh at their frivolous behavior. After dinner, I build a fire in the fireplace, and we all sit around talking about Christmases past, drinking spiked eggnog, and just enjoying one another's company, until late into the night. I crawl into bed, expecting Gina to make good on her promise of another Christmas gift, but fall asleep before she arrives, only to find myself in Lela's room. My vision goes fuzzy for a moment, before it comes back into focus.

I really hadn't expected to come back up to this room, since last night had supposedly been my last treatment with the white light. Sure enough, no light envelops me, but something more unexpected happens. Words appeared before my eyes.

'Initializing. . Done' 'Synchronizing. .Done' 'Powering up. .Done' I have no idea what is going on, as the words scroll across my vision, very much like a heads-up-display from some video game.

In fact, as I turn my head, the words move with me. 'Systems check. .Passed' 'All systems functional' No further words appear, and the other words disappear. "What's going on?" I call out. "Lela?" 'Go through the door' The words appear, and this time there is an arrow, pointing to my right. As I turn, I see an opening that looks the same as the one from when I'd last seen Lela; rectangular, filled with a pitch black darkness that I can't see through.

The arrow moved as I turned and is pointing right at it. "But I can't see in there," I protest. "I need you to guide me." 'Go through the door' The words blink a few times. Heaving a sigh, I figure I might as well see what's up. I step through the midnight portal, and am immediately blind. I stop, hoping she will come along and guide me, but then something else happens that is the most shocking yet.

My eyes adjust, and I'm able to see. It's still dim, and everything has a deep red glow to it, making objects stand out oddly. Looking around, I'm able to see that I'm on some sort of walkway, and an arrow appears in front of me, pointing the way. I can't see any walls, only the path before me. Shrugging, and not knowing what else to do, I follow the arrow, turning when they tell me to turn, and soon I'm hopelessly lost.

It's like a GPS in my head. The arrows lead me to another doorway, but I can see through this one, and am able to see Lela seated on top of something cylindrical.

'You may enter, but do not speak' The doorway opens, and I step through, about ready to exclaim my happiness at seeing her, but the words flash again, brighter this time, as if they're yelling, and I shut my mouth.

'Think your words to me, and I'll see them' Lela doesn't move, doesn't even open her eyes to look at me, as I stand by her. I wonder what is wrong with her, and if there is anything I can do to help. 'I am fine, thank you' My thoughts must have reached her. I wonder if this is some effect from whatever I'd injected myself with last night, only to have the words confirm it a moment later. 'Yes. Those are extremely small robots, you would call them nanites. They have linked our minds together, and will be able to help you in your coming battles with the demons.' I nod, thinking "Thank you," to her.

'Please, be seated' An arrow points to a spot on the floor in front of where Lela sits, and I do as she asks.

Her eyes are still closed, and I wonder what is going to happen now. 'Close your eyes' My eyelids drop, and suddenly I find myself on a beach with red sands, azure waves lapping at the shore under a sky with two moons.

"This is my home planet," Lela's voice says right behind me. I spin around to look at her, and notice a glow to her skin I haven't seen before. "I am sorry that I have worried you, but I have been so weak from laying our hatchlings, that I couldn't see you." She steps up next to me, and keeps her eyes on the horizon.

I turn to look with her, wondering at the beauty of it. "Children? And we're really here?" I ask her, thinking she has somehow teleported us to her home planet, despite knowing how impossible that is.

"No. We are only in our own minds. I can talk to you in this way, that I can't out there right now." For a split second I see weakness and weariness cross her features, and then it vanishes. "I understand your people have a custom of giving gifts on this day. My gifts to you are the robots in your blood, and the clothing that can help to protect you. The robots will work from now on, but the suit will only be wearable when you are on my ship." "Ship? So. . we're in space?" I ask, amazed.

Somehow I've always known we had to be, but the confirmation still sets my heart to beating. What geek doesn't dream of going to space? "We are in low orbit now.

You would not consider this space, but it is close." Her words from earlier come back to me, and I have to know. "You said children. . I thought we weren't compatible. Genetically, that is." She nods, and as she speaks, I realize that she isn't taking the time to translate before talking.

We are talking in perfect sync. "Somehow you changed me. I felt it at the time, but didn't understand, until I felt my eggs being fertilized. I had been told what to expect. . But it's different." She looks up at me then with her large silvery eyes, and I see fear in them. "We don't have our young the way you humans do.

After the eggsare fertilized, it takes only a couple days, and then the females lay and incubate them. That is what you saw me doing in that room. Our children are under me. But with you, it took longer. It wore down my body and made me weak. I'm afraid our children even weaker." She turns back to the water, and stares at the two moons. "I had to report what happened to my superiors.

They didn't like it, and demanded that our children be destroyed as abominations. I never thought of my race as violent, but they showed me a side of themselves in their fear that I never knew existed.

"They put us on trial, that is what you experienced with those questions. They determined that the human race isn't worth saving, that you are too wild. I was ordered to submit and allow our children to be destroyed." I can hear the sadness in her voice, and I even see a tear appear in her eyes.

I don't dare speak though, too filled with shame for my part in their decision to abandon Earth. "Our race is very different from yours, in how we treat our offspring.

Once hatched, the children are taken to facilities, where they are taught and raised. But with you. . I feel for these offspring. What we made together was good. Not abominations. I refused to go, or submit. As punishment, they erased all flight data on my ship, so that when the demons arrive, they can't use it to find our new planet.

It also means I can never go home. They intend to let us die with your planet." She pauses, and I walk behind her, putting my arms around her from behind.

Even in our minds, I can feel her soft smooth skin, as she shakes in my arms. "This comforting you humans do, is nice. There is much we can learn from you, but I fear we are doomed. Your planet will be used as bait, while my race flees to another, unknown planet." I hear her pronouncement, and shudder. What chance do we have against an advanced alien race, with superior weaponry and armaments?

I still have no idea how I'm going to stop them with my switches. It's almost laughable, the thought of me facing a fleet of the demons, with my mind as Earth's only weapon.

Even with the extra power I get from my sister, I know I'm no match for the demons. Summer. . "Is my sister one of your experiments," I ask, fearing to hear the answer, but I have to know.

"Yes, she was a failure. You both have the dormant gene, but when it was activated in her, nothing happened." I feel myself getting angry with how callously she talks about Summer.

How easily she can risk human life. "You said some of them die. She could've died!" I realize how ludicrous I sound then, but I don't care. It doesn't matter that she is alive, and survived; I don't like that she had been in any danger at all. "What is one life, even that of your sister, compared to the rest of the human race?" I feel dirty for my sense of self preservation, but logic prevails.

"She wasn't a failure. She magnifies my ability," I tell her. "Hopefully it will be enough," she replies calmly, and I marvel at the strength that must lie below the skin of this angel. Abandoned by her people, and left behind with an alien race, she still has the fortitude to stay strong. My mind wants to avoid the thought of the demons, and my sister, and latch instead back onto our children.

"So those are our children you're sitting on. . In eggs?" I don't know what to think of that. I wonder what they will look like when they come out. I only hope they survive. Making us genetically compatible, doesn't mean that our offspring will be viable.

"Yes. They are susceptible to light and noise right now. That is why we have to meet like this. I can't leave them, and we can't talk around them. I don't know how long it will take before they hatch. You humans have a longer gestation period than we do. They will be a new race. A new species." She turns in my arms, and looks up at me, her silvery eyes sparkling in the imaginary light.

"I used to wonder at how humans can mate for pleasure. Why you do it. As I have told you, with us it's a mandatory compulsion. The males derive some pleasure from it, but it's brutal for the females. It is the only thing I ever thought about our race that was violent, until now. "And yet, with you, it was beautiful. I have never felt such feelings before, and none of my race has either. When I presented this to the council, they called it blasphemous. Demanded that I deny what I'd told them.

They can't understand, and don't want to. The council is mostly male, and they are stuck in their ways." She lifts her body higher, and I feel her small mouth reach for mine. With all that I've learned, and everything I've experienced, I'm overwhelmed. Her lips on mine, though, seem to act as a pressure relief valve, and I find myself kissing this odd angel ardently. The slight alien reacts immediately.

Her arms, wrap around my waist as I pull her tighter to me, allowing my whole world to be right here, centered on the here and now. I don't want to think about the demons, the others of her race, or anything other than the pleasure and comfort we can offer one another, here within the imaginary world, connected by our minds. "This kissing, it's better than I remember it. If only they could understand." Her voice is sad, and I want only to make her happy once more.

I easily lift her up, and lay her flat on the soft sand. Last time, she had shown me what she could do with her two tongues, this time I hope to show her what I can do with my one tongue. I kiss down her body, spending a few seconds on each of her pink nipples, before heading for the juncture between her legs.

"This is something new. Thank you, Nick," She tells me, her voice going soft, and almost dreamy. I kiss her sex lightly, marveling at how similar it looks to a human's vulva, only pinker, and think that her eggs had come out of here not that long ago. Well, not here, actually, as this is all in our minds, but it all feels real enough. I wonder how real this will feel.

Will there be any lessening of sensation because it's imagined, or will it be increased because it's directly linked to our minds? Her gentle sighs as I lick around her labia, tell me that regardless of the answer, she is enjoying my attentions. I drive my tongue into her with abandon, causing her to cry out in pleasure. I nibble on the clit at the top of her labia, and her legs lock around my head, surprisingly strong, as she comes in my mouth.

"This is good," I hear her say, glad I can understand her his time. Last time she had cried out in her own language, but with this mind-to-mind connection, the understanding is immediate, and I can almost feel her emotions.

"The sensations going throughout my entire body are new, and yet very pleasant." Pleasant? Only pleasant? I wonder. Oh, hell no! I shove my tongue in as far as it will go, and can feel her outer barrier slip tightly around my penetrating oral instrument.

With my tongue in her, I press my nose against her clit, and while I can't breathe like this, I know she will enjoy it. I rub my face back and forth, as fast as I can, allowing my mouth to work her labia, while my nose works her clit.

It only takes a couple seconds until she has her second orgasm. Her breathing is heavy, as she lifts her head off of the sand and looks down at me in wonder.

"Is that what it feels like for you when I put your sex in my mouth? That is almost as good as full intercourse." As analytical as her comments are, I can accept that compliment. "I think it feels different for me, as we have different parts," I tell her honestly. "I can only imagine how it might be for you if I had two tongues." I start to kiss my way back up her body, until I'm kissing her mouth again, her tongues sliding around mine, and turning me on more.

"You have a skill with your one tongue, that I don't think can be matched with two," She tells me, but I have my doubts. Brushing the sand off me, I rub my phallus against her crotch, wondering that she wants this without being in heat. She had told me that she'd enjoyed it last time, but she is getting wet, and enjoying everything without the mandatory compulsion that comes with her being in heat, or me manipulating her switches.

It's a good ego boost. "I want to feel connected to you again. I want to have you inside me." I press the head of my cock against her opening, and steadily increase the pressure until I break through her outer membrane, sliding all the way in, in a rush, before I can stop my advance. She grunts as I moan with the completion of our two bodies, and her three-fingered hands grip at my back.

I drop my head back down to hers, and she meets my kiss with a hunger that is mutual. Our tongues dance in time with our bodies, as I drive into her again and again. The tight outer ring of her vagina feels fantastic, and like no other woman (though it's somewhat reminiscent of when Gina allowed me into her ass), as it slides up and down my hard penetrating shaft. "Good. . So good. ." she pants in time to my thrusts, as I take her tit in my mouth again. I roll us over, and sit her up, allowing me to go a little deeper in her.

Her pelvis rests against mine, and I grab her hips, pulling and pushing, until she catches the rhythm. We both start moaning loudly, as I hit the deepest parts of her. With her steady rocking, I move my hands up to her smallish breasts, squeezing the firm flesh. I'm coming close, but since she isn't in heat this time, and since this is all in our minds, I don't worry, as I unload into her, my body locking up as wave after wave of pleasure crashes over me. When I open my eyes, I'm lying naked in my room, a mess in my underwear.

=================================== Ch 14 I step out of the shower, only to find Gina waiting for me in my room. I wonder if she came into my room last night, only to find me gone? She'd said she had another present for me, but if she had, she doesn't say anything.

"Remember to open the door for her, and do everything you can to treat her like a lady," she tells me, as though I don't already know. I'm getting ready for my date with mom, and for some reason, Gina has gotten it into her head that I don't know how to treat a woman, properly. "You may be tempted to use your switches on her, but avoid it if you can." There is only one switch in my mother right now, and I can't move it, unless I'm in physical contact with my sister, as that was when I'd made the switch.

"I know, I know," I protest. "Now are you going to get out so I can get dressed, or do you plan on watching me?" I should have known the answer before I asked. "I'm staying, of course. Look, I just want to make sure everything goes good for her tonight. She is a strong woman, but I can see she is still hurting inside." How can she tell that?

I've tried to keep an eye on her myself, but she seems to be handling my dad's leaving better than I'd thought.

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Is it some kind of feminine intuition? "I promise I will do everything in my power to make tonight a good night for her," I realize what I've said a moment after her eyes go wide.

"I mean I will do what I can, WITHOUT using my powers." Gina then spends the next twenty minutes critiquing everything I try to wear, until she's finally satisfied with my raiment.

When I finally make it out of my room, mom is nowhere to be found, and an idea occurs to me, to try to make this more like a date. I slip outside; catching my breath in the frigid cold. I go to my car, and grab a small bouquet I'd purchased earlier, and then ring the doorbell. Gina and Summer both answer the door, and grin widely when they see it's me.

"Hello young ladies," I tell them, unable to hide my own mirth, "I believe I have a date with the lady of the house?" "Mom, your date is here," Summer calls over her shoulder loudly, and then turns back to me. "You'd better treat her right, tonight, Mister." We all laugh, but the laughing stops when mom walks out. Mom looks absolutely stunning, in a black shimmery dress, that hugs her curves all the way down to her ankles. She is wearing matching high heels, but I can't seem to pull my eyes away from the low V-cut of her dress, that shows her cleavage nicely.

She does a little spin when she sees us looking, spreading her arms out and smiling. It's also a backless dress. "You like?" She asks, with a small sparkle in her eyes. "Summer helped me pick it out." My throat is dry, and I can't get any words out. Summer had helped her pick that out? She looks like a mature sex goddess, ready to ravage the town! She looks ten years younger. She looks. . She looks. . Dammit, she looks delicious! I have to clear my throat a couple times, to get it working again which sets the two younger women to giggling, and mom to blushing.

"Shall we, milady?" I ask as I hold my arm out to her. She takes it in her hand, and we go out to my car. "We really don't need to go there tonight if you don't want to," she tells me as I pull out of the driveway. "I know how expensive it is, and it was the girls' idea, more than mine." I know it had been the two other women, helped some by Nancy, who had come up with the idea of going to the fanciest restaurant in town, and while it means I will have to dip into my savings, I don't mind at all.

She really does need this right now. As promised, when we arrive at the restaurant, I make sure to open the doors for her, and the reservation is under Mr. Xavier. My dad's name is rather well known, so it had been no problem getting us a table.

When I open the menu, however, I have to stifle a groan; it's more expensive than I'd thought. "We really don't have to eat here, son," mom tells me as she looks over the menu, and I can feel her happy switch lower a bit. I may not be able to affect the switch, but that doesn't stop me from sensing it. "I promised you a date to anywhere you wanted, so this is fine," I tell her, meaning it.

My savings can handle it. "Besides, when was the last time you got to go out, and have a good time?" She thinks about it for a bit, before looking me in the eyes, and telling me, "Last Christmas, when we had our date then." I smile, remembering the simple date at the local fast food joint, and then ice-skating afterwards. "I remember. You skated circles around me, and laughed every time I fell down." Mom smiles then and I know it's genuine, as her 'happy' switch tilts upwards, and we both laugh, till she looks back down at the menu.

"Everything looks so expensive, son. I don't dare order anything." I reach out, and pull the menu from her hands, which unfortunately reveals her cleavage, and I have to look away before I get caught staring. "Then I will order for my beautiful date tonight." She tries to protest, but I'm not going to have it. When the waiter comes and takes our order (and stare at my mom), she complains again.

"I saw that on the menu. That's too expensive, son. And the champagne? Son, I know you can't afford this." She looks around at those close to us, before leaning over and whispering, "We should go, now, before he comes back with our food." To say I'm shocked to hear my own mother recommend ditching after ordering would be an understatement.

To see her bending over in that dress sets my heart to pounding. I'm surprised she doesn't try to rush me off to the hospital, my heart seems to be thudding so loudly. "Relax, and enjoy the night, mom. I've got this." But she doesn't seem to want to listen.


"At least let me pay for some of it," she insists. "Don't you dare!" I reply quickly. "Mom, if this are a date with dad, would you be so worried?" She shakes her head. "Then enjoy the food, and hopefully my company, and let me take care of the woman that has meant the most to me, throughout my life." She sits back then, and looks at me wide-eyed for a few seconds, before saying, "The most.

. What about Gina?" I heave a sigh before answering. "I won't deny we fool around," it feels odd talking to my mom so openly about it, but she has to know by now that we've been doing it, "but other than that we are just friends." The waiter arrives and pours us the champagne, and then leeaves the bottle with us on ice. That bottle is as much as half a paycheck for me.

I take a sip of mine, and smile, before continuing. "You have loved and cared for me, my entire life. Even when I was a kid and screwed up, you are there for me. When I was hurt, or alone, I could always count on you." I look her hard in the eyes, and smile, "So just sit there, and let me take care of you." She meets my gaze for a few seconds, taking a sip of her drink.

"And what about Nancy?" I choke, trying to take a swallow. "Nancy?" I splutter. "I'm sorry," her cheeks are turning red. "I shouldn't have said anything. It's just, well, she told me about what you all did. Oh, don't give me that look.

I'm not so innocent, myself." I look at her curiously, still trying to clear my throat, but to no avail, "At first, I admit I was shocked, but when Nancy explained how close it had made Gina and her. . Well, I couldn't deny the temptation. I know who tucked me in that first night and I remember what I did." Thankfully I don't have anything in my mouth at that moment, because I would have likely spewed it all over the table.

She remembers kissing me? And by the sound of it, it had been no accident. I'm saved from having to say anything immediately, by the waiter bringing our food. He gives mom a little more attention than is necessary. I start to get a bit annoyed by him, but he finally leaves us to eat.

It smells great, but I'm a bit disappointed by how little there is on the plate. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you that," mom says, after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence. "You probably think less of me now, and I've ruined our date." She looks down at her plate, and suddenly I feel terrible for her. I reach across the table, and grip her hand in mine, but she continues to look down at her open cleavage.

"Mom, you are a beautiful woman. I would have to be a fool to be upset by a kiss from someone as hot as you." She finally look back up at me, and I can still see some worry in her eyes. "I'm not, son. You don't have to lie to me. I'm old, and used. That's why your dad did what he did." Her voice is soft as she speaks, but I have no problem hearing her.

I can feel her 'happy' switch dropping lower, and curse myself, for this date not going so well. I'd be tempted to adjust the switch, if I could without Summer, but as I think on it more, that would be a temporary fix. I need to cheer her up the old fashioned way. "No!" I exclaim indignantly. "Haven't you noticed how the waiter stares at you? He can't stop staring. Look, he's even staring now," I wave to where our waiter stands, looking at our table, before turning back to mom.

I can't claim she is young, not with the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes, but I can't stand to hear her get down on herself for what dad did. Especially, when her self-image is so far off from reality. I know I promised not to use my abilities on her, but I figure this will be forgivable.

I make two quick switches, one for the elasticity of her skin, and one for her aging. I turn up the former, and slow down the later. I can't touch her 'happy' switch, and the two new switches won't take effect immediately, but it should help in the long run.

"Dad is an idiot for what he did to you," I go on. "You look absolutely stunning tonight. Any man would be lucky to sit in my seat right now, across from you. But it just so happens to be that I'm the lucky one and I WILL NOT complain." I try to sound forceful, willing her to understand what I'm telling her. She smiles tremulously at me, her 'happy' switch shuddering, before dropping her gaze down to her plate. "Let's eat," she says, and I figure she just wants to change the subject.

The food tastes as good as it smells, and thankfully it's a little more filling than it looks. Mom fills up her glass of champagne one more time, but otherwise refrains from drinking more.

Since I'm driving, I only drink the one glass. "Did you really mean what you said," mom asks as she finishes up her plate, "about you being the lucky one?" I look at her, across from me, at the way the dress hugs her curves, and her beautiful cleavage, the shape of her lovely face that I have known my entire life, and answer honestly and with all sincerity.

"Do you want to know what my first thought was when I saw you come to the door? I thought you look like a sex goddess. You're smart, beautiful, and sexy. I absolutely meant what I said about me being lucky enough to be here with you tonight." As I speak, I watch her face for signs of anger, but only notice her cheeks reddening slightly. The waiter returns, asking if we want anything for desert.

"No," mom says, keeping eye contact with me and her tone level, "I think we're fine, if we can have the bill please?" The waiter nods and walks away. "Son, hand me the keys, please. I will go wait in the car." I've over done it, I fear. I nod as I reach into my pocket to draw out my keys, and hand them to her.

She stands, walks over to me, and leans over to give the top of my head a kiss. I've a great view of her cleavage, but right then, I can't think of anything but that I've somehow hurt her. Her next words only serve to confuse me. "Thank you, son, for a wonderful date." I pay as soon as the waiter brings the bill, and he gives me a dirty look when he sees that mom is gone.

The meal wasn't cheap, but then again, I'd known it wouldn't be. The tip is probably worse than he deserved, but he HAD annoyed me. I grab the bottle of champagne as I leave.

When I walk out, I'm surprised to see mom in the driver's seat, and waiting for me with the engine running. I get into the passenger seat, and mom puts the car in drive. I don't know what to say to her, and she doesn't try talking to me either. It takes me a bit to notice that she isn't driving home. When she finally does stop, my heart is racing, and even my hands feel sweaty.

We are in a motel parking lot. The same motel I'd found dad cheating on mom in, and later that afternoon fooled around with Summer. The silence drags on for a while, but I don't know what to say, or even think. Mom is the one to break it. She is alternating looking from the steering wheel, to the motel office, as her voice comes out, cracked and hesitant.

"This was a mistake. . We should go." I don't know what makes me do it, but I reach over, and before she can put my car in reverse, I pull out the keys. "I'm going to go pay for a room," I tell her, wondering what she might say or do.

"I'll leave you the keys to my car, and you can either come in, or go home. I won't think any less of you, no matter what you decide." Without looking back, I walk to the office, and pay for a room for the night. When I walk back out, mom is still waiting in the car, and I can feel her eyes on me as I walk to my room and unlock the door. I look back at her one last time, before I walk in and turn on the lights.

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I sit on the queen-sized bed, as I wait. Have I overstepped m y bounds? She had all but said she'd intentionally kissed me that first night. After a few minutes pass, I turn on the TV. Have I made another mistake?

Did I misunderstand what she had in mind? As the minutes wear on, I wonder if mine and mom's relationship is forever damaged. Or did I read the signs wrong, and I'm just some demented pervert? When the knock finally sounds on the door, it scares me half out of my wits.

On shaky legs, I stand and walk to the door, half-afraid that it's room service, or the manager telling me my date has left me here. Even the absolutely absurd thought that it is the police, coming to haul me away. Opening the door, I'm almost tackled as mom throws her arms around my neck, and presses her lips firmly to mine.

The cold air follows us in, until the door closes, but I barely notice it, as her tongue slips between my lips, to be met by mine. I can taste the champagne on her mouth, and wonder if there's any left in the bottle. For a second I worry that she is only doing this because she is drunk, but I remember that she'd brought us here while still sober. Her hands aren't idle while we kiss, and she soon has my shirt up over my head, and then off.

The bed hits the back of my legs, and I fall backwards. Without saying a word, the older woman's hands start fussing at my belt, and she nearly rips my pants off of me. She stands there, staring at my manhood, her mouth slightly askew. "Forgive me, Nick, but I want this. I really need this." I stand back up, and hug her still clothed body to mine. "There is nothing to forgive. I want this. . I want you, too." Her eyes look wonderingly into mine, and I see tears starting to form.

I kiss each of her eyes, as I let my hands pull the zipper in the lower back of her dress down. It soon puddles on the floor with a soft sigh, as our lips meet again. Our tongues fight desperately against each other, both vying for dominance; neither willing to submit. I grab the back of her head, and fall back, pulling her down on top of me. She grunts at the impact, but it turns to a moan, as my hands freely roam her back, and drop to her rear.

At first I think she isn't wearing any panties, but then I feel the thin bit of thread, and realize she is wearing a G-string. For some reason, the thought of my mature mother in that type of sexy underwear turns me on even more.

"Love me tonight, Nick," she says breathlessly. "Love me like I haven't been loved in years." "Always." Mentally cursing my father for mistreating this wonderful woman, I roll us over, and start kissing down her bare chest.

Her nipples are hard, as they top her tits, and I take one between my teeth, while I let my left hand drop down to her covered vulva. Even after two kids, her breasts are firmer than I would have imagined. The way they'd held up in her dress should have been a giveaway.

She starts to moan softly, but as I continue to lick and nibble her bosom, and rub her pussy, her volume increases. I break away from her nipples, and kiss my way down her smooth stomach, to the tops of her panties, and then further. I can easily smell her arousal, and see where her panties have a wet spot already growing. I give her panties a quick kiss, before pulling the cloth aside, and diving in.

She tastes so sweet and warm, that I start to moan as I drive my tongue in as far as it will go. "Oh, Nick, thank you! Oh, Nick, oh Nick, OH NICK!" Her hips are lifting up and down against my mouth, and I pull my tongue out, and suck hard on her clit, bringing her over the edge. Slipping two fingers into her, I feel how tightly her muscles squeeze the invading digits.

I crook my fingers, trying to find her G-spot, as I start to pop her clit between my teeth. Her words are unintelligible, as she moans, and soaks my fingers in her juices. "Oh, son. I never knew. I never knew it could feel like this," she tells me as I start kissing my way back up her body. I bring my wet lips to hers, and we start kissing again. I rub my cock against her panties, but she breaks the kiss, and pushes my chest away a bit.

"We don't have to do this," her voice is uncertain and tremulous. "You have already done more than enough for me tonight. More than is proper, really. Maybe we'd better stop before we do something we'll regret." I look deep into her eyes, and can easily see the desire there, screaming to get out, and know that she has a tenuous grip on her control.

"Do you want this?" I ask, bumping my cock against her vulva. "Mmm, yes I do. God help me, but I want this. Ahh. . But it's wrong. It's incest. . Hmm. . Please stop, Nick. .ahh" As she talks, I continue to rub myself against her.

"You feel so good. I. . No we shouldn't. It's wrong. . Ungh. But. .Nick," she grows quiet for a second, and I barely hear her next words, "make love to me, son." Hearing her give into her desires, I pull the thin cloth of her G-string aside, and slip a couple inches into her before she can change her mind.

"Whenever, and wherever you want," I whisper softly into her ear. Her insides feel like they are on fire as they wrap around my member. Her head rolls back, and her fingernails dig into my ass, as she tries to pull me deeper. I pull out a little, and then slide a bit further in, loving how mom moans with every movement. "No," she pants, "Only for tonight. We can't, ungh, do this again.

But for tonight. ." I look down to where the two of us are joined, and can't believe that I'm actually in the hole that I'd been born from. I'm making love to my mother, and she loves it at least as much as I do.

"Oh, yes! I can't believe I have my son's cock in me," she cries out, as I slide most of my length back into her. "I can't believe I am going to cum with his penis fucking me!" Molten lava leaks from our mutual connection. I drop my head to her neck, and nibble lightly on her sensitive flesh. I feel the last of my cock slip fully into my mothers' tight, burning hot, pussy, and moan at how wonderful it feels. I hold still there for a few seconds, reveling in the completeness I feel with her; in the feeling of being home.

I feel her teeth on my neck for a second, before her lips brushed my ear. "No regrets, tonight, son. Just please love me. As long as you love me, there can be no regrets." I lift my head, and look down at her.

"I will always love you, mom. Always." I drop my mouth back down to hers, and start to move my hips again. I move with fast, powerful strokes, and soon mom has to break away from the kiss in order to breath and moan. I roll us back over, not breaking our connection, and then pull her chest to my mouth. I latch onto her nipple, sucking hard on her delightful breasts, while I grip her hips, and force her to rock back and forth on top of me. "So deep. . My son is so deep inside of me," she cries out.

I reach between us, and start to play with her clit. The sudden stimuli against her already sensitive organ triggers another fiery orgasm and she collapses onto my chest, panting heavily.

I'm close, and I know there is no slowing down, so I grab her cheeks, and start to thrust upwards as fast and hard as I can. I begin to jerk and thrash under her, as I empty my balls into her hot, wet, demanding womb. Out of breath, we just lay there, cuddling with one another, and enjoying each other's warmth. Mom is the first to talk again, breaking the blissful silence. "You shouldn't have cum in me," she says placing a kiss on my chest.

"Next time we'll need to use protection." She is still breathing heavily, as she talks. "It felt good, though. It felt so very good. And right." Horror struck, I begin to worry. Did I just get my mom pregnant? Why hadn't I pulled out? I just acted without thinking, and.

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. . I've always been so careful. Wait, did she say next time? I thought she wanted this to be a onetime thing. The thought that there may be another night together, fills my mind, leaving no room for other worries. "I'm sorry, mom," I tell her, wondering how or when we can be together again. "Mmm, don't be, son. It felt good, and I needed it. You made me feel young and desirable again." I wonder how young she will feel when my switches start to truly take full effect in her.

"I hate to do it, but we'd better get cleaned up, and home, before everyone wonders what we're doing." Thinking about how Gina and Summer had acted, I don't think they will be too surprised, but I don't argue as mom sits up, and my semi-limp member slips out of her. Mom looks down at it for a moment, and I wonder what she is thinking, only for her to tell me a second later. "I still can't believe we did that, but we agreed, Nick.

No regrets." She smiles dreamily, and whispers, "Thank you, again." She leans forward, and I can feel her nipples on my chest as she softly kisses my forehead.


"No regrets," I agree, before standing up, and kissing her softly on the lips. I start to get dressed. "Thank you for one of the best Christmases ever." We both laugh as we get dressed, and I have to zip up mom's dress, but soon we find ourselves back in the car, driving home, with a half empty champagne bottle as the only witness to our kissing in the car. Summer greets us as we walk in, and from the twinkle in her eyes, I wonder if she knows what we'd been up to. It would be hard not to, with mom's hair messed up a little, and the smiles that we both have on our faces, but she doesn't say anything and neither do we.

I check my email before going to bed, and see that I have one from Gina. There is a video attached to it, but with my phone as my internet service, it will take too long to download this one and watch tonight, so I start the download and go to bed. I find myself back on Lela's ship, just outside the reddish room that Lela is incubating our children in. As soon as I walk in, her words flash across my vision. 'The demon scouts are in orbit around your planet. What is your plan?' The words show up before me, like they had the night before.

Oh, shit! I think. With everything else going on, I've completely forgotten about the demons arriving tonight. How can I have been so stupid, to get side tracked like that? I didn't realize that I'd been projecting my thoughts, until Lela answers. 'If you don't have a plan, then we are doomed.' 'No,' I think to her, trying to figure something out fast. 'Can you take us close to them?' I hadn't given up when I went up against Gannon three different times before defeating him.

And I sure as hell didn't give up when I went toe-to-toe with that techno-demon. No way am I going to just roll over now! I ignore the fact that there is no reset switch this time. Never give up, never surrender!

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I see a brief, almost imperceptible nod, before her words appear before me. 'I can't get us too close, or they will destroy us. Sit and close your eyes.' I sit in the same spot I'd sat in last time, and hope that she doesn't want to have sex at a time like this.

I needn't have worried though, for as soon as my eyes close, my vision is replaced by an inky blackness, filled with stars. I feel movement, and know that the ship is moving, and I'm seeing through its eyes, or sensors.

After a few seconds pass, I see the demon ship in a lower orbit over the Earth than we are. Despite Lela's caution, I sense that the other ship is immediately aware of us, as it turns to face us. 'Lela,' I think, knowing my words will reach her, 'put the healing light on me, and I will see what I can do.' 'If I use that light in here, it will hurt our children,' her response comes back to me, fearfully.

'They are sensitive to the light.' 'Aren't you covering them up? If that ship kills us, our children will die too,' I plead with her. Suddenly I feel tingly, despite not being able to see my body, and know she has done as I've asked. With the extra energy, I reach out with my mind, and create a switch for their weapons. As soon as I feel it take hold, I flip it off, and sigh as I feel it move.

They can no longer shoot at us. Despite how close they appear, I know there is some distance between us and them, by the headache this switch causes in me. If it had been more than one ship, I wouldn't have been able to do anything, despite the healing greenish-yellow light.

I create a 'self-destruct' switch, or try to, but my head throbs, and no switch forms. Cursing, I watch as they draw closer, and try to figure out some sort of strategy.

Obviously my switches have an effect on their ships, but I have to create one for something that is actually there. Where's Summer when you really need her? 'Should I get her?' the words appear to me, and I ponder that for a few seconds, then indicate no. I don't want her up here in danger right now. Maybe when the main fleet arrives, but not now. Right now I just need to find their weakness, and exploit it. Hell, maybe I'll even level up.

Wouldn't that be nice? The enemy ship appears to be picking up speed as it approaches, and I realize it's trying to ram us. 'Lela,' I cry out, but she notices too, and is already moving us out of their path. The other ship changes course and continues to barrel down on us. I know their hull is more heavily armored than Lela's ship. Ramming us won't hurt them in the least. I make another switch to turn off their steering, and am gratified when that one forms, despite the subsequent headache.

When Lela moves the ship again, the demons continue on, unable to change course now. I have to think of something to stop them though. Up to this point I've been reacting to what they're doing, and not being too proactive. It occurs to me that I might be able to open their external hatches, and perhaps suck them out into space.

A quick headache later, I'm gratified to see one demon shoot out from their hull, but my elation is short lived, as I realize they must have sealed off the hatch, internally. I know I can't sit here all day, and open each hatch one by one, as I need to finish this quickly. Already, despite the healing light, I'm over extending my ability, and know that I will pay for it dearly tomorrow.

The ship is lazily spinning now, from the force of the small hatch that had opened. Somehow the demon ship turns and stabilizes itself, and is now facing us again. I check the 'steering' switch, and see that it's still turned off.

It takes me a second to realize what's happened. These demons are smart. They're using their other hatches, expelling air at precise moments, to control the ship. They're approaching us again, and while they are still slow, and can't ram us, I don't feel like I've much strength left in me for many more switches. Healing light, or no, I'm as good as done.

Then one last thought occurs to me, as we sit between the demon ship, and Earth: a hell-Mary of a move. It takes all of my effort to create one last switch, and completely turn off all of their power. It feels like someone is using my head as a dwarf's anvil, and it takes all of my concentration to keep myself conscious, but I watch as the derelict ship floats past us, caught in Earth's gravity. It takes a few minutes, but I'm gratified as it enters the atmosphere, and becomes a fiery streak.

It starts to burn up upon entry, going in at the wrong angle. Lasting only a few seconds, a beautiful explosion fills my vision, and I lose my fight against oblivion.