Rimmed and fingered bear getting barebacked

Rimmed and fingered bear getting barebacked
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The Foster Home Disclaimer: what follows is a work of fantasy. As such, I have chosen to set it in a world where birth control is 100% safe, effective, and available, and all STDs have been eradicated. In the real world, some of the choices these characters make would be extremely risky.

Don't behave like them. Michael's jaw dropped as he stared at the naked woman on the bed.

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He had seen naked women in magazines, but this was his first time in real life, and she was every bit as hot as the professionals in the magazines. Her almost 30 year old body was still tight and firm. Her 36D breasts sagged enough to show they were natural as she reclined on one elbow, her long blonde hair falling down to pool on the pillow.

He hadn't believed this was really going to happen until he saw it with his own eyes, and he half didn't believe it anyway. How had he gotten so lucky? The day had started very differently for him, in juvenile detention. He had been busted for possession with intent to distribute.again.

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The cops had said they would lock him up and throw away the key this time. In his 14 years, he had been arrested countless times, some drug related, some assaults, robberies, car thefts, etc., and he always ended up back on the street, so he figured it would be the same this time.


After spending the night in custody, the guards brought him into an interview room containing three men and a woman. He was informed that the proceedings were being recorded, and the men identified themselves as some kind of prison official, a public defender, and a social worker.

The woman ran some kind of home for troubled youths. The gist of the meeting was the charges would be dropped if he agreed to enter the woman's group foster home. Figuring that as a no brainer, he signed the forms and quickly left the building with the woman. As they walked to her car, she told him to call her Chrissy. He didn't really figure on sticking around long enough to call her much of anything, so the conversation pretty much ended there.

Once they got in the car, things took an abrupt turn. Chrissy told him she was running a very unusual program in her foster home. It was all based on sex.

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With her. If her kids followed her rules they got to have sex with her every night. If they misbehaved, they didn't. That night, he'd get to have sex with her, but after that, he'd have to earn it like the rest of the kids. There was no way it could be true, but he couldn't figure out her angle.

There didn't seem to be much else to do, so he just nodded and said he understood. They drove out of the inner city to a quiet suburb and pulled up in front of a two story house occupying a double lot on a cul-de-sac.

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One of the foster kids was mowing the front lawn as they drove up, sweat streaming down his shirtless chest in the summer heat. Chrissy introduce him as Ben and blew him a kiss as they entered the front door. Inside, other kids aged 14 to 18 were engaged in various household activities - vacuuming, laundry, dishes.

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This was obviously nothing like any foster home he had ever been in before. The only similarity was that all the kids were black. Chrissy introduced him to them all, but the names came so fast, he forgot them all immediately. Chrissy said she had to go to a meeting and left him in the care of the oldest, named Andre.

Andre showed him the room he would share with the other 14 year old, James. Chrissy only accepted two kids each year, making 8 total, and each year had their own room. Andre told Michael that it was really true that if you behaved, you got to have sex with Chrissy every night. And that it was totally worth it. He said it was a hard adjustment, leaving the old life behind, but so far, every kid who had ever lived there had done it and gone on to start successful lives.

Chris was 18, and so no longer part of the foster care system, but Chrissy let him stay on until he started college in the fall. He had a scholarship to Georgetown. All the kids were home schooled, and Andre had earned his GED two years previous, so he had been taking college classes online for two years, so he was planning to graduate in only two years.

Feeling a little intimidated, Michael asked what there was to do for fun. Andre took him out back and showed him the pool, hot tub, half court basketball court, and sand volleyball court. In the basement, there was also a gym, well stocked with free weights, with a Wii in one corner. Michael spent the rest of the day shooting hoops and playing video games. Chrissy returned home just before dinner, cooked by a 17 year old named John. Afterwards, she hit the gym for an hour.

Then she told Michael to give her 15 minutes to take a shower and then come into her bedroom.

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When Michael, frozen in shock, didn't come to the bed, Chrissy got up and walked over to him. His eyes were riveted to her breasts, as they jiggled their way towards him.

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She reached down and lifted his shirt. He managed to lift his arms to help her get it off him. Then she knelt in front of him and pulled his shorts and underwear down, releasing his rock hard 7 inch cock.

She took it in one hand and stroked it a few times before licking the underside and engulfing the head with her mouth.


Michael groaned with pleasure, and Chrissy struck up a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down. After only about 30 seconds, Michael began to cum. Chrissy opened her mouth wide with her tongue out touching the bottom of his dick to catch every bit of his cum, as she gazed up into his eyes. When he was done, she sealed her mouth around the tip and milked the last globs out with her hand.

Then she opened her mouth, showing how full of his cum it was, closed her eyes, and swallowed it all down in one gulp. Taking his hand, Chrissy led him over to the bed. She lay down on her back and spread her legs. Michael's eyes followed her landing strip down to her slit, which had gaped open when she spread her legs. She grabbed his head and pulled into place, telling him to lick her slit. He went to it with a will, discovering that the taste pleased him.

She started to moan and squirm as she held his head in place. Then she told him to stick a finger in while sucking her clit.

Somewhat clumsily, he nevertheless obliged. Her breath was coming in short gasps and her whole body tensed up. Then he felt a flood of warm liquid wash over his finger and felt her pussy contract around it as she screamed with each wave of her orgasm.

When her breathing slowed down again, she said she needed something bigger inside her and pulled him onto the bed next to her. Then she rolled him onto his back and straddled him. His cock had gotten hard again, so she rubbed the head along her slit to lubricate it, then slowly eased down on it.

Her cunt was incredibly tight, and she had to let him in slowly, just a little at a time. Eventually, his shaft was fully inserted, and she started riding him up and down. He reached up and grabbed her breasts with both hands. Then she sped up her pace and he let go, instead watching her breasts bounce up and down as she fucked him.

He lasted a little longer this time, but very soon, he was spurting his second load, into her cunt this time. After he finished, she rolled off him and told him to go out and send the next boy in.

He pulled his shorts and shirt back on and went out the door. In the hallway were James and John, wearing only their underwear and sporting obvious erections. John went in, and fucking sounds started floating out immediately. James said that every night, as a special reward, three kids got to have one on one sessions with Chrissy, and that there would be a group session later, after John and him were finished.

Michael should be sure not to miss it. His head reeling with the mindblowing experience he had just had, Michael went back to his room and lay on his bed. He thought about what had just happened and what the group session might be like, and he felt himself getting hard again. He reached into his shorts and started stroking himself. After a while, he was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Andre to fetch him for the group session. Since he was the guest of honor, Chrissy said everyone had to wait for him.


Michael and Andre walked to Chrissy's bedroom, and when they entered, they saw Chrissy spread eagled on the bed with cum leaking out her pussy, and 7 other naked black kids with their dicks in their hands. Andre grabbed Michael and moved him into position between Chrissy's legs. Michael dropped his shorts and plunged into her. He slipped in easily, but her cunt felt just as tight has it had earlier. Andre knelt next to Chrissy's head and she turned to suck his dick as Michael started plowing away in her pussy.

Two boys started sucking on Chrissy's nipples while another reached down and rubbed her clit. This time, Chrissy came before Michael, but the feeling of her cunt squeezing his dick during her orgasm sent him over the edge.

As soon as he withdrew, another kid took his place.

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Then Andre groaned and came in her mouth, only to be replaced as well. Then another kid got out a dildo and some lube and started working it into her ass. After Chrissy and the boys in her pussy and mouth all came, one of the boys lay down on his back. Chrissy straddled him while another boy fucked her in the ass doggy style and she sucked on a third dick. Watching all this, Michael's dick got hard again, although it started feeling a little bit sore too. He started stroking himself as he waited for another turn.

Soon there was another series of moans and groans and screams as boys came inside Chrissy's three holes, sending her into another orgasm of her own. After that, she lay on her back again and said Michael should have the last turn. Willingly, he stuck his dick inside her again and started plowing her sopping wet snatch. The other kids stood around the bed, jerking off as they watched.

One by one, they started dropping their loads on Chrissy's face and breasts. Chrissy scooped up their cum with her fingers and dripped it into her mouth.

This turned Michael on so much that he couldn't hold out any longer and exploded deep inside Chrissy one last time. As he went to bed exhausted, Michael knew he would do whatever he had to do to keep having sex like that every night.