Teen miley cole rides big cock of boyfriend

Teen miley cole rides big cock of boyfriend
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With the acquisition of the final piece needed, Jordan headed to the storage unit. He had been building a machine that he found the plans for online and assuming it actually worked Jordan was more than excited to try it out. He had been building it in a storage unit in town which provided him the needed privacy and power to run the machine. This machine is supposed to be a cloning system, all that is required is DNA from the intended target, and before you know it, you will be looking at an exact copy.

Now Jordan had contacted the designer of the machine and commissioned him to design an attachment. Seems silly but it was a virtual closet, this allowed him to either have the clone appear in the clothing they were wearing when the DNA was obtained, or he could basically select clothes from a touch screen, and the clone would appear in those.

Jordan had been building this for a while now and had even begun collecting DNA in case it worked. The process was pretty simple. He put the DNA in the scanner, make the selections and the system generates the clone, and when he is ready to get rid of the clone they simply step back into the machine and are converted back into matter for the next project. What was even nicer was that it kept the DNA in the file, so he didn't have to keep obtaining more unless he wanted a newer copy.

Jordan felt bad at first, he has been with his girlfriend for five years, but there was something missing. He thought this was a perfect fit; it wasn't like he was really cheating because the clone was not a real person more or less and could disappear instantly.

Jordan had been hoping for a machine like this since eighth grade and was too excited to turn back now. So once he acquired the plans, he needed a location where he could work. This seemed like the perfect set up for a storage unit. He chose one with temperature control and plenty of space, he set it up almost like an apartment. It had a bed, a couch, a tv, a bed and of course the machine. His girlfriend had gone home for the weekend to visit with her parents, so it looked like the stars wear aligned for Jordan.

He kissed his girlfriend goodbye and watched as she drove home, he then went inside grabbed some things and headed to the unit.

Jordan opened up and turned on the power, let the machine warm up and went to his bag where he had been keeping his DNA samples (mostly hair) and pulled out the labeled bags. He read over the names on the labels, Mia, Sofia, Hayley, Karly, Kelsey, and Mary.

Who to start with was the question Jordan couldn't decide. Once the machine warmed up and was ready Jordan decided to start with the one he was most excited about, Mia. Mia is his girlfriend's little sister who just turned eighteen and is 5"3 with long straight brown hair.


She has a nice tight ass and a full B-cup, she had been dancing for the last four years, and it showed. Jordan stood at 6"2 athletic build with dark brown hair and was gifted with an eight-inch cock.

Mia had come up for a college visit recently and had borrowed a hat and left a few hairs in it. Lucky for Jordan he noticed them before he lost them and had bagged them. He put the hair in the machine, and it began to scan it. Once complete he was prompted to make selections on the screen, and Jordan could not decide what he wanted clothes she should wear first.

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He decided and selected a pair of black sneakers, a nice pair of short jean shorts, a black pair of cheeky panties, and a black cropped hoodie. He opted not to have her wear a bra because it turned him on a bit. With the selections made, he hit start, and the machine began to work. Steam flowed from the chamber and Mia was standing before him. He could not believe it, the machine had actually worked! Mia looked at Jordan with slight confusion, "Hey Jordan, what's going on?

Where are we? Where is my sister?" Her confusion intrigued him. Does it mean she possesses Mia's feelings and relationships too? "Hey Mia, don't worry we are just at my little hideout where I come for some alone time, and your sister went to visit your parents for the weekend." "Oh okay" Mia replied Jordan was anxious to have the fun he had been aching for and looking Mia up and down only made his cock twitch more. "Wanna go grab a bite to eat or maybe a movie?" Jordan asked her.

She seemed excited to go get food, and they headed out. They ended up at a movie that they had both seen, Captain Marvel. There wasn't anything else out really they figured why not. Jordan had been eyeing Mia all night just waiting for the right moment, and during the movie, Mia helped Jordan without knowing it.

She had grown cold due to the short shorts, and although she was wearing a long sleeve, it was cropped and she had no bra on which left her nipples victim to feel the cold air of the theater. Noticing her fidgeting Jordan lifted the arm that divided their chairs and invited her to scoot closer to keep warm. She, of course, did exactly that.

After the movie finished Jordan suggested they go for a walk around town and Mia loved the idea, she loved seeing a city at night. As they were walking, they talked about a lot of stuff, college, friends, exes, and even past sexual experiences.

"woah you are kidding," Jordan said. He was shocked to find out she was not a virgin and had actually lost her virginity in a car. "Oh don't be so dramatic," Mia said slapping his arm playfully.

"I'm sure you have fucked my sister every which way since y'all have been together," she said. "well, almost every way" Jordan replied. "I mean the only thing she won't do is anal." Mia blushed as the conversation of sex was getting her wet.

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"I don't blame her! I have done it but not with anyone as big as you!" Mia said and then eyed down to Jordan's obviously hard-on. "Oh shit sorry…" he replied "don't worry about it, it makes me feel sexy," she said with a wink. Now she knew she was soaking through her panties and needed to do something about it. " hey I'm gonna run into the restroom really quick" she said and motioned to a nearby gas station. "Oh don't bother" Jordan stopped her quickly, "my place is around the corner and you can go there." As they walked up to the storage unit Mia just a step in front allowing Jordan to stare at her ass the whole way.

Jordan called out to Mia, and as she turned to him he grabbed her face and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. They stood in the middle of the sidewalk next to an empty street, underneath a street light as if time stood still.

"Wait wait, my sister…" Mia began to say. "Don't worry about her, she's gone all weekend, so I say let's have some fun," Mia thought to resist but her pussy was flowing like a river at this point and saying no was not an option. "Okay, but she can never find out!" Mia said, which made Jordan laugh because Mia wouldn't be here when her sister got back.

Jordan opened up the unit and Mia led the way in. She turned the lights on and Jordan closed the door. When Jordan turned around and met Mia's eyes, they embraced into another makeout session with animal like passion.

Jordan pressed Mia up against the wall kissing her neck and feeling her body. Mia's moans filled the room as Jordan's hands found her full breasts under her shirt.

Squeezing them and playing with her nipples while kissing her. Jordan picked Mia up and carried her to the couch where she straddled him and began running her hands through his hair as they continued. Mia could feel Jordan's hard cock pressing against his Jeans as she grinded into him.

This made her even hornier than before and she new she had to have him. She slid off of his lap and got on her knees and undid his belt. Jordan slid his pants off and his eight-inch cock sprung free, almost smacking Mia in the face. Her eyes grew big, she knew it felt big in his pants but staring at it she knew it was by far the biggest and thickest cock she had ever had. Jordan was looking down at the cock hungry look in Mia's brown eyes. She pulled her long straight brown hair into a high ponytail and grabbed his cock.

She licked from the base of his cock to the tip and back down to get him lubed up. She took his head into her warm wet mouth. Struggling to get his full length down her throat, Jordan grabbed her by her ponytail and pushed her head all the way down. Holding her there as she gagged and her throat spazzed on his thickness. He let her up for air and quickly forced her back down over and over.

Mia was soaking wet, she would not be surprised if there was a pool on the floor under her. "Baby, please…I need you inside me" Mia said looking up at Jordan. Jordan stared into her eyes, "You think you can handle it?" He said teasing her. Jordan grabbed her by her throat and pulled her up to him and kissed her, spun her around and smacked her tight ass.

He sat back onto the couch and Mia slowly undid the button on her shorts and dragged them down her legs along with her panties, giving him a show.

She turned back around to face him and pulled her top off exposing her breasts to the cool air. Mia climbed back on to Jordan's lap and kissed him again, grinding her wet pussy against the length of his cock. Mia grabbed his cock and lined it up with her moist pussy and slowly lowered herself down onto it. She was slightly bouncing on his cock taking a little more until it impaled her completely. His cock was stretching her tight pussy, filling her completely.

On the last bounce she rose up and Jordan grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down fast and hard forcing Mia to whimper as it stretched her. Mia had never felt so good before; all the guys she had been with did not even compare. Before she even started to move she felt her pussy clamp down on Jordan and her body began to shake as she came on his cock. "Fuck babe your pussy is so warm and tight," Jordan said as she writhed around on him.

Jordan began pumping in and out of her tight pussy, starting slow and picking up speed until he was ramming into her pussy making her squeal. "Oh…shiiiit, fuck baby keep going!" Mia cried out. She had lost count of her orgasms at this point. "Harder baby, fuck this pussy! Fuck me, baby!" Mia was showing a whole new side that Jordan had no idea existed. All her dirty talk was pushing him close to the edge.

"Get on your knees, Mia! You are gonna take this load all over your face" Jordan said. Mia hoped off his dick and got back onto her knees at took him back into her mouth tasting her own juices. Jordan grabbed her by her hair and began fucking her face hard and fast. He pulled out of her wet mouth and started jerking off while looking at her.

"c'mon baby cum on my face. Use me as your little cum dumpster. Give me all your cum" Mia begged. She stuck her tongue out and looked up at him with her beautiful fuck me brown eyes "Fuck.…" Jordan grunted and shot rope after rope of hot cum across Mia's face and tits.

Mia scooped up the cum and sucked it off her fingers and then took Jordan's fading cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. Jordan looked at Mia's sweat covered body and said "This is gonna be a fun weekend" Mia smiled, she was addicted to his cock and was gonna spend as much time as she could being filled with it.

They crawled into bed and passed out.

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The next morning Jordan woke up to the sound of slurping. He lifted the sheet up and saw Mia going to town on his morning wood. She was giving him the best sloppy blowjob he had ever had. "Damn, you are a hungry little cock sucker aren't you," Jordan said slyly to Mia. She looked up and slowly slid her hot, warm mouth off of him leaving a loud pop as his head popped out of her lips.

"When I wake up with a package that big jabbing me in the ass it gets me pretty horny," Mia said. "Well then get that hot little ass up here and hop on this dick!" Jordan said and pulled her up so they were face to face and she reached down and grabbed the base of his cock and slid it into her wet slit.

Mia bit her lip as his cock slid in, stretching her pussy again and she began riding him, grinding against him.

Jordan took Mia's breasts in his hands and squeezed them while she rode him. She squealed in excitement and began to feel her body warming up; she knew she was gonna cum soon.

"Yeah, Mia ride that dick, cum for me baby" Jordan growled at her. Just hearing him talk like that threw her over the cliff and she gushed on his dick rolling in ecstasy. She didn't even have time to catch her breath before Jordan manhandled her and all of a sudden she was on her knees on the bed with Jordan behind her.

Jordan looked at her nice dancer's ass and her pussy that was still dripping with her juices stepped up behind her and slapped her ass. -Smack- Mia yelped in surprise and shook her booty taunting him.

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He slammed his cock in hard in her glistening pussy and kept going hard and fast. Jordan looked down and saw her asshole while he was fucking her and decided to push her further.

He spit on her ass and pressed his finger up against her starfish until it slid in a little. Mia gasped in surprise but wanted to try to give him the one thing her sister wouldn't.

"Yeah, Jordan? You wanna fuck this ass? Huh, Baby?" Mia said. "I am gonna fuck every hole you have slut, you are my cum slut and ill fuck you however I want!" Jordan said as he grabbed her hip with his free hand and fucked her pussy harder and pushed his whole finger into her ass. Mia was nervous and excited at the same time, trying to relax to help ease into the ass play.

She heard Jordan grabbing something in a bag behind her but couldn't see what. Jordan pulled out a medium-sized stainless steel butt plug that had a blue gem on the end of it. He held the plug in one hand and kept working her asshole with his other. When he had two fingers fitting easily in her he knew she was ready. Jordan felt his cock twitching and his balls tighten and he pulled his dick out of Mia's pussy and he shot his load onto her ass and used his cum to lube the butt plug and pushed it into her ass.

Mia moaned as she was filled. She had never used toys like this before and was loving the new feeling. "Fuck!" Mia exclaimed "Go clean your ass up and get dressed, let's go grab some food" Jordan said "But what about this?" She asked pointing to the plug in her ass. "Keep that where it is. It will get you used to something bigger than my fingers in your ass so when I fuck that ass later you will be used to bigger things" Jordan said, winking at her then slapping her ass. Mia loved the idea, and it made her feel naughty as hell.

Nobody would know what was going on but she would. She pulled her panties and shorts back on then threw her top on. Jordan found his jeans and got dressed himself. They climbed into Jordan's car and drove around till they found a nice brunch place. Once they were seated and ordered the food, Mia began to stir. She was getting horny, the feeling of being plugged was turning her on more than she thought. She was worried people would see her juices running down her leg and began to fidget.

Jordan was not oblivious to this and he was even enjoying it more than he though he would.


Seeing her wiggle and thinking about the plug up her ass made his cock hard and press against his pants. They finished their food and got back into the car. Mia saw how hard Jordan was and reached over to help him out.

She unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. She leaned over and spit on his dick to lube it up. They flew down the highway as she jacked Jordan off. The car was filled sexual tension that could be cut with a knife. The car pulled up to the storage unit and both of them jumped out.

Jordan pressed Mia up against the hood of the car kissed her and turned her over. She stood with her ass hanging out of her short shorts and her breast pressed against the hood.

Jordan smacked her ass with sent a shiver through her butt plug and made her let out a small moan. When they got inside Mia wanted to leave an impression on Jordan so she pushed him onto the couch and began playing music on his phone. <Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls begins to play> Mia began a sexy dance performance for him using her body to excite him even more. She knew he would enjoy this dance because it was one of her new twerking routines and emphasized her ass even more.

Watching Mia move her hips and bounce her ass to the music made Jordan's cock ache with anticipation; he could not wait to pound her into a coma of ecstasy. Mia's twerking performance turned into a strip show as she slowly removed her clothes one piece at a time.

Mia slid across the floor and crawled up onto Jordan on the couch. She was completely nude and gyrating on him. She undid his pants and pulled them off along with his boxers and kept to the rhythm of the music with a lap dance. Jordan's heart was pounding in his chest watching Mia use her body in ways he never thought about.

Mia looked into Jordan's eyes and slid two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out showing him how visibly wet she was. Jordan grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to him, he took her fingers into his mouth and sucked her juices off.

Mia trying to keep with the music pushed away from Jordan and jumped onto the bed with her back to him and continued to bounce her naked ass to the music. Jordan could not handle it anymore and gave into his primal urges. He got right behind her and grabbed her moving hips and slid effortlessly into her warm snatch. She twerked on his big cock causing his eyes to roll in pleasure. Jordan leaned back and watched her bounce on his dick while smacking her ass till it was red and hot.

The song ended but both of them were too focused on each other to notice, Jordan heard Mia start trying to say something but could not make it out. "Fu…ck…me…immmm…Cummmmmmmming!! Jor.dan.Don't&hellip.stop&hellip.Fuc…k…me&hellip.Har…der!!" Jordan felt her teen pussy clamp down on him like a vice. Jordan grabbed Mia's ass and pounded harder. The intense pleasure caused Mia's pussy to erupt like a volcano.

She squirted all over the bed and Jordan's cock. As she began to come down off her climax, Jordan reached down to the sapphire gem in her ass and pulled the plug out. The plug left Mia's ass with a loud pop and left her hole more stretched with a little gape. Jordan took his primed tool and began to push into his girlfriend's sister's ass. Mia screams quickly turned from pain into pleasure as Jordan tried to fit his whole dick in her ass.

Once he got his dick to fill her up he stood still behind her to let Mia get used to the bigger tool inside her. Slowly he started to pump in and out of her ass grunting with each thrust. Mia looked back over her shoulder at the man who was fucking her ass, "Yeah baby fuck my ass! Give it to me please baby!" Hearing this almost sent him over the edge. "Whose fat cock is in your ass Mia? Tell me whose ass this is!" Mia knew exactly how to get him over the edge and looked at him the best she could and began talking dirty to him.

"Ugh…It's your cock Jordan! Your fat cock is filling up my ass! It is yours baby! My ass belongs to you! Please fill my ass up with your cum, cum deep in my ass baby, Jordan FUCK MY TIGHT ASS WITH YOUR BIG COCK!!!!" She began to cum as she said this herself. Hearing Mia talk like that was what he needed and he grunted as he slammed his cock completely up her ass and came hard with what felt like his biggest orgasm ever.

She felt him pop inside of her ass and she tightened her ass as he began to pull out trying to milk every last drop of cum from him. After they finished cleaning up Jordan walked up to Mia with scissors and cut off a little hair. He was hoping the machine would keep this Mia almost like a save state, so when he wanted to fuck her again he would not have to convince her.

Jordan told her to stand back in the machine and pressed a few buttons and then Mia was gone. He cleaned up the storage unit and headed home. He jumped in the shower to rid any leftover DNA or smell of sex before his girlfriend got home. While in the shower he thought he heard a noise but brushed it off until he felt a hand reach around him and grab his cock. Jordan turned around to see his girlfriend naked in the shower with him. "Hey babe, did you have fun with your parents?" He asked.

"Yeah, but I missed you more," She said while slowly jerking his cock to life. Jordan smiled and grabbed his girlfriend's bare ass and lifted her and pressed her to the wall of the shower and slid his dick into her. He fucked her hard with renewed energy. The thought that not more than a few hours ago he was fucking her sister's ass turned him on in a new way.

He gave his girlfriend an intense orgasm as she dug her nails into his back almost drawing blood. Jordan felt his balls tense up and told his girlfriend, "I'm about to cum babe!" "Oh cum on my face babe!" She said.

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She never let him do it but he was not about to ask. He put her down and she got on the shower floor. She jerked his cock with one hand and played with his balls in the other while sticking her tongue out giving him a target. She felt his balls tense up and then shot after shot of hot cum hit her face and tongue. The raining hot water from the shower washed it down her body and made her feel a new way of sexy.

After the shower, Jordan asked," You never let me cum on your face.what changed?" She smiled slyly " To be honest It was my sister's idea, she said guys really like that stuff, and I wanted to surprise you." Jordan told her that he loved it and laughed thinking that her sister had helped him out in more than one way this weekend.