Amber plays with her pussy in foot fetish

Amber plays with her pussy in foot fetish
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Part I PART ONE Chapter One ----------- Harry and Julie fell in love their senior year of high school, they couldn't wait for graduation and as you can imagine one month before the big day Julie discovered she was pregnant. Luck was on their side and no one could tell by looking but eight months after graduation and seven and one half after marriage they had a son, who was the image of his father. They had moved several states away and Harry had a good job with a company installing HVAC systems.

They had purchased a house and furnished it, so money was tight along with the cost of a new addition to the family, but they were happy and in love with each other and their son. Julie was using the pill as they didn't want any more surprises until finances were improved. Sex was their main entertainment and they enjoyed it constantly, evenings, many times twice, as soon as the baby was asleep and again after going to bed. Weekends they usually tried new ways and some kinky things such as light bondage, spanking, and some small and cautious exhibition.

Julie was always on the receiving end as she was submissive and enjoyed being made to perform sexual acts or have them performed on her. One night after putting their son, Jimmy, who was now six, to bed they began to play around on the couch, shedding clothes until both were naked.

Harry began to pinch Julie's nipples and rub her clit and cunt slit until she was breathless, hot, and wet.

Laying her across his lap he began to lightly spank her beautiful butt and then kiss and lick it followed by more spanking. Unknown to them Jimmy did not go directly into a deep sleep and woke up, hearing strange sounds he got up and wandered into the living room and not understanding stood and watched for a short while and then walked to the couch and asked why daddy was whipping mommy. Somewhat taken aback Harry told him that mommy was not being whipped because she had disobeyed, but that she liked the warm feeling that it gave her butt and he always kissed the hurt away.

Imagine their shock when Jimmy asked if he could spank mommy and kiss the hurt away. Julie had her face hidden as she lay exposed with a flushed ass and wet cunt and tried to sink into the couch as she heard Harry say "of course son " and then the soft hand lightly hitting her and causing her to shake all over when the small lips begin to kiss her ass. This became a once a week practice every Friday night and was considered harmless by the parents.

But they impressed to Jimmy that this must be a secret that only they would know. As time went by, months turning into years, the game progressed also, with Jimmy mimicking everything that he saw and so when the family was watching TV and Harry would reach over and place his hand on Julie's leg a little hand would soon claim the other leg. And if in passing in the kitchen with Julie at the sink Harry would casually rub her ass then Jimmy would also rub it.

They all laughed at these little things. Harry began to instigate Jimmy to do other things, take further liberties with his mother's body by going further and then watching Jimmy follow his lead. Harry had taken advantage of Julie's submissive nature ever since they had started dating, and he had continued a slow progress of moving her to complete control.

He had convinced her to not wear bras when she was at home and then moved towards a ban on panties. Julie found that this pleased him and that he could not keep his hands off her which also pleased her. Now that Jimmy was part of these "little games" it seemed natural that he also got to see flashes of her tits and soon it was normal for two sets of hands to be rubbing her tits and ass outside her clothing.

Harry convinced Julie that she should always wear tops that had buttons on front which he at first opened the first two and later cut three off which put her tits on display at all times. Harry began kissing Julie in front of their son and telling her loved her and of course Jimmy would follow and Julie would certainly enjoy the attention.

Soon this had moved to french-kissing and later to kissing her partially exposed breasts. Jimmy was becoming more aware of the happenings around him and came to realize that there were other games being played after he was asleep, he had went to bed early one night as he had played hard that day and was falling asleep cuddling his mother but woke up after four hours.

Hearing sounds that intrigued him he got out of bed and went to investigate. Once again he found his parents playing but this time she was on her knees with him behind and as he moved back and forth she was moaning and hunching back at him.

As Jimmy watched from the dark doorway he somehow knew this was not the time to approach his parents, as both were totally immersed in their enjoyment. As they shuddered to a climax and spent some time rubbing, caressing, and kissing Jimmy saw his father's penis slide from mom's cunt and he realized that was what had brought her such joy. He decided that he also wanted to give her that joy. Julie worked at a part time job at the school compiling records of grades and attendance and worked 8 to 12 on week days.

At noon Harry was usually waiting outside and they would hurry home, eat sandwiches prepared the night before and have 15 minutes of hot sex before Harry had to return to work. This was a normal day's activity since Jimmy started school. Julie's afternoon was spent cleaning, cooking and normal housework. Jimmy rode the bus home and usually arrived about 3:15 and his mom would give him a snack and they would talk about his day at school and any homework he had.

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One day, during the daily reading in which Julie made him read aloud so she could help him with the unfamiliar words Jimmy had trouble. Julie leaned over to see the word and then repeated it for him.

Turning to look at her Jimmy saw that Julie's top had shifted and he could see all of one breast, Julie repeated the word and looked to see why he didn't respond. Seeing where his eyes were looking, she realized what had happened but not wanting to make a big thing of it she did not move and finally he looked up and said, "Mom you have beautiful breasts can I kiss you and them?" Thinking quickly Julie told him that they could not play games until he had finished his reading.

Jimmy began reading again and she returned to setting out the items she had decided to prepare for dinner. Reaching onto a low shelf in the pantry and turning while still bent over Julie could see under the table where Jimmy sat and was surprised to see he had an erection which had tented his pants. She was partly shoked, amused, and excited all at the same time and thought how much he was like his father. Wanting to see if he really was horny after seeing her breast, she moved to his side, pulled a chair close and leaned forward with one shoulder lowered allowing her breast to slide out of the open top.

Looking at the book she told him to read slower pausing at the commas and stopping completely at the periods. Glancing at him she saw he was looking at her breast and waited for him to have time to get a good look before saying to continue. As he continued she looked at his lap and saw that indeed his erection was growing and his reading was labored. She smiled to herself but remained in this position as she knew he would be finished reading soon. Jimmy completed the assignment and closing the book looked at his mother who smiled and told him that he had done very good.

Jimmy asked if he could have his kiss now and Julie leaned forward saying of course, sweetheart and was going to kiss his cheek but he also leaned and placed his lips directly on hers. Julie was taken by surprise with the intenseness of his passionate kissing and thought that she had never been kissed this strongly by anyone other than Harry.

She was further taken by surprise to feel Jimmy's hand grasp her breast and begin to lightly caress it at the same time as his thumb rubbed her nipple which hardened immediately. Julie felt a stirring of her emotions as the kiss continued and the caress of her breast plus rubbing of its nipple made quivers start deep in her stomach. Just as she began to think that she should stop Jimmy she felt his tongue begin to slide between her lips and without thinking she opened her mouth slightly and let it enter, automatically her tongue begin to rub his.

Oh, thought Julie we are French-kissing, this should stop and then she wondered where did he learned these things. The kissing and playing with her tits came from his father, of course she reasoned and if she made a big deal it would certainly confuse him. Moving his other hand up as he rose from the chair and stepping closer to his mother who caused her to straighten up, Jimmy placed it on the unoccupied breast and caressed it through her loose top.

To Julie's amazement she realized that she was responding as if to a lover, her mouth was suckling his tongue and her breasts were expanding and pushing against his hands. She raised her hands and placed them on his, meaning to remove them from her swelling breasts with nipples growing longer and harder with each breath, but Jimmy stopped caressing and squeezed tightly. This brought a gasp from Julie as she had always been easily turned on by this action as it made the blood flow into her breasts and become highly sensitive.

Her hands reached his but did nothing but rest there. As the passionate kiss continued Jimmy slowly relaxed his grip on Julie's breasts and began to rub them again while squeezing occasionally which felt so good that she began to relax letting the mounting passion rise and her body respond to his loving caresses. Suddenly both his hands stopped rubbing and squeezing and he grasped both nipples between thumb and finger and applied pressure gently at first but steadily increasing.

Julie marveled at how good he was at knowing to do things that increased her pleasure but as the pressure increased she began to lose her self control and was squirming her upper body slightly and sucking harder on his tongue. Julie was getting horny fast. Again, Jimmy changed by moving both hands to Julie's shoulders and grasping her top moved it off her shoulders down to the bend of her elbows, her hands had started up with his but then had fell to her lap.

Julie was now bare to the waist with her breasts thrusting out topped by nipples that were a deep pink almost red from the rubbing and squeezing and tingling like mad with passion. Jimmy immediately moved to his knees between his mother's legs and placing his hands back on her breasts began to caress them again, bringing a soft sigh from Julie, followed quickly by his mouth that went directly to her nipple and sucked it in with his tongue moving over it.

Julie moaned and said, oh baby that feels so good, then laid her head back as far as it could go and placed both hands on his shoulders. Jimmy would suck and knead her breast while squeezing the other, pinching the nipple and then switch, going from side to side. Julie's head was rolling slowly from side to side and soft sighs were coming from her lips, she moved her hands from his shoulders placing one on his neck and the other on his head and gently pulled him harder against her breasts.

This went on for a little more than ten minutes, with Julie realizing that she was nearing a climax and really wanting it to happen. Suddenly, Jimmy sucked as much of his mother's breast into his wide open mouth as he could and held it with pressure while squeezing with his hand and the other hand grabbed her nipple and pinched while twisting it. Julie's back arched pushing her breast against his mouth and pulling his head forward, she rocked through a giant climax with moans and oohhhs coming from her lips.

Slowly she relaxed and sank into the chair rubbing Jimmy's neck and head with a smile on her lips, but Jimmy continued to softly suck, lick, pinch, caress, squeeze, and kiss her breasts and nipples. Julie was in a dream like state with the only thing registering was how great she felt and how good it was to be loved like this. Her early morning fucks with Harry had to be rushed and there wasn't time for foreplay or after play and lunch sex was like a fifty yard dash not even time to undress.

Now she felt as though she was satisfied and relaxed and mused that this could become habit forming and a perfect way to relieve the stress and tension of life, in fact she could feel that gentle throb that always began in her breasts as she would build towards a climax. That thought snapped her out of her sex coma and she placed her hands on Jimmy's shoulders and gently moved him back away from her breasts and kissed him lovingly on the lips a number of times and told him that he was wonderful and she loved him and was happy that he loved her enough to kiss her breasts but they should stop as dinner needed to get started.

To her surprise he simply said Ok mom. Then he told her that he loved her and loved kissing her breasts and how beautiful she was, how good her skin felt and that he hoped they could do it again. To her surprise she hear her voice say of course, baby, then she added with a smile that he must let go of her breasts before she could start dinner and they both laughed as he did. As they rose Jimmy placed Julie's top back on her shoulders and gave each breast a quick kiss as they were partially hidden again.

As he turned to go towards his room Julie saw that the front of his pants was wet and realized that he had climaxed also. She thought that they both should shower before Harry got home and remembered she should mention to Jimmy that this must be a secret between them. Julie showered hurriedly and dressed quickly, brushing her hair and checked her makeup then dressed in the same shirt top with fresh shorts and on her way to the kitchen told Jimmy to bring his shorts for the laundry.

He appeared shortly with them balled up and started to put them in the washing machine even as she was reaching for them. Julie told him that it was okay that they had become soiled and not to be embarrassed, that it had happened to her also because they loved each other so strongly. She said perhaps they should not mention this to any one not even his father and Jimmy agreed; he suddenly hugged her and told her she was the best mother in the world.

After dinner Jimmy helped with the dishes and the family watched T.V. for a while on the couch. They watched situation comedies most of the time even though some had a lot of sexual comments and usually they would do a lot of laughing and touching of each other and many times Julie was pulled across Harry's lap with her legs across Jimmy's lap. At this point both husband and son would tickle, pat, and rub her to her enjoyment, but tonight Harry urged her to lie on her side with her head on a pillar on the couch arm.

His arm was under her body and his hand cupped her breast and gently massaged it and occasionally pinched the nipple. Julie knew that this action was partial hidden from Jimmy but asked that the lamp be turned out because it glared on the TV, for if he leaned forward he could see plainly. She could feel Harry's cock pressing against her side and this brought a smile to her lips.

Soon she felt Jimmy's hand which had been rubbing her leg, move down to the bottom leg and slide up the back of her thigh and under her shorts to rub her ass cheek. Her shorts were tight so he couldn't get very high but enough that he was thrilled by the feel of her bare skin and she was pleased to be receiving pleasure from her two loves and then she felt his cock also rising against her leg. Julie was also becoming turned on from the two actions and the realization that she was making two men horny and they both wanted to make love to her.

She felt sure that Jimmy would want more kissing and playing with her breasts tomorrow and she had promised so it would happen and would progress to where he would want to fuck her some day.

She would have to think about that and decide what would be the best way to handle the situation but right now she just wanted to bask in the attentions of both. They played around like that for two hours and then Julie announced it was time for showers and bed and while Harry and Jimmy headed for the showers, she went to the kitchen and got everything organized for school and work tomorrow.

Heading for her bedroom she met Jimmy coming in to say goodnight and followed him down the hall where he paused at the master bath and yelled goodnight dad. Harry yelled back goodnight and finished shaving then started for the shower.

Jimmy took his mother's hand and led her into his dark bedroom and turning to her remarked that she was beautiful and had the smoothest skin he had ever felt and asked if he could touch her as they kissed goodnight. Before Julie could reply he hugged her tightly moving towards the bed and when her legs hit it they laid across it.

Jimmy immediately moved to her and began to kiss her lips as they had earlier and slide his hand inside her open shirt and began to rub her nipple. Julie's first thought was that he was going to rape her as she had felt his hard cock brush against her but rationalized that he just wanted to continue this afternoon's action. She kissed him back and moved away telling him that they shouldn't be doing this his father would be coming out of the bathroom shortly.

Jimmy said yes he knew but that he could not to sleep unless he could relieve some pressure and could he kiss her breast until he came like this afternoon. Julie realized that he was excited from playing with her ass and it also excited her to know he was so turned on by her body. Reaching towards him she laid her hand on his cock and could feel the heat and stiffness, like a chunk of hot iron. "Oh baby, I'm sorry. Take off your PJ's so they don't get stained, we need some tissues I'll be right back." She hurried to his bathroom and yanking tissue from the box returned to him.

Jimmy lay on the bed with his cock standing up like a flagpole. Julie was amazed at how long it was, not yet big in girth but almost six inches in length. She opened her shirt and bared both breasts, paused for a moment to let his see her again as he had this afternoon and lay beside him on her side moving her nipple to his mouth and said here sweetheart.

Jimmy immediately suckled the nipple into his mouth and placed both hands on her breasts massaging them gently as he kissed and sucked. Julie could not suppress the soft moan that came from her upon the contact and placed her hand under his neck to support his head and pull him closer.

She also reached with the other hand and softly enclosed it around his straining cock rubbing the head with her thumb and began to tighten her grip slightly then to move up and down slowly. Jimmy began to make strange noises in his throat and she could feel his cock begin to throb and swell in her hand. Julie also felt her stomach begin to ache and her breasts to throb as passion grew in her. About a minute later Jimmy's body stiffened and he moaned sucking hard on her nipple and as Julie grabbed for the tissue, spurts of cum began to jet from his cock and continued until he was empty and begin to relax, still holding her nipple in his mouth and breasts in his hands.

Julie bent her head down and kissed his forehead several times as he slowly went limp and let her nipple slip from his mouth, telling him that she loved him. She became aware that she still held his cock in her hand and it was coated with his ejaculation.

She straightened her body to a sitting position and began to clean him with the tissue, wow she thought, what a load and it was the second one!

Julie quickly ran to the bathroom disposed of the tissue and grabbed a wash cloth to finish the clean up and went back to Jimmy. Holding his cock again she carefully wiped him clean and marveled as it began to slowly regain some stiffness. She kissed Jimmy and told him to put 'that beauty away before we get caught' and bid him goodnight.

He told her he loved her and again that she was the best Mom in the world and he could hardly wait until tomorrow. Julie smiled and blew him a kiss as she closed the door behind her. She thought as she moved towards the master bath that she could guess what he was looking forward to after school, more of her, and her nipples harden at the thought.

Julie opened the door to the master bath and found Harry in the shower rinsing the soap off of his body. Hearing the door open and shut, he said: "What took you so long? I am almost finished?" "Jimmy wanted to talk about the comedy show and I couldn't just say shut up and go to bed." "Get in quick I'll soap up your back and front and many other places." Julie stripped off her clothes and noticing that her shorts were damp threw them in the wash hamper.

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Entering the shower she told Harry not to wet her hair. He answered baby I'm not looking to wash your hair there are other parts much more appealing. She smiled and called him a horny bastard, they spent the next fifteen minutes soaping and washing each other and of course talking. Harry was laying on the compliments about how sexy Julie was and how she kept him turned on all the time as he rubbed her breasts, ass, and cunt.

Julie washed his cock and just held it as she washed his chest and everything else she could reach without turning it loose. Julie mentioned to Harry that Jimmy was doing everything that he saw Harry doing and asked if he thought that was ok.

Harry smiled and nodded yes, "He's growing up fast isn't he, I noticed tonight that he was playing with your ass while we were on the couch and not kid's play either. Several times I see while we're playing around that he gets a hard on when spanking your ass or kissing it and also while kissing you tits.

I think he loves your body as much as I do and he adores you, it shows in his eyes when he is just looking at you." Julie asked, "But do you think that it's okay for him to play with my breasts and kiss them? I don't want to scold him and make him feel guilty all of a sudden, we've been allowing perhaps encouraging openness since he was a baby." "Sure," said Harry, "I think it is better that he learn sex should be tied to love not lust and shared with a loved one, not something done just to relieve an urge of the body, don't you?" "I think I do, I'm a little confused by my own emotions, I see him looking at my breasts and wonder if I should cover them more and is it my fault when I see him become aroused plus I'm a little excited that he desires me but a little guilty also." Julie kissed Harry's nipples, "Tell me what I should do if he wants to go further than looking, he knows that you go further and he always wants to do everything that you do." Harry grasped Julie's nipples and twisted them slightly bringing a moan from her, "I think we should let him, I will take our games a little further and we'll see what his reaction is but you must go along and submit willingly and cheerfully or it would get all messed up in his mind, we need to remember to tie sex and love together and who better to teach him about love than the person he loves the most, you.

Can you do it?" "Yes, I can do anything for the two of you because I love both of you more than anything else on this earth." "Good and we love you the same, it will be loving, relaxed, and satisfying for all of us and maybe we can just do away with your clothes forever and keep you naked and hot.

Now let's get to bed and me fuck your brains out. And they did. Chapter Two ----------- The next morning was normal, wake up, quick trip to bathroom, turned on the coffee, back to bedroom for a morning quickie, and then Harry hit the shower while Julie laid out breakfast.

Harry would eat after waking Jimmy and Julie would shower and dress for work then she and Jimmy ate as Harry left for work.

Jimmy dressed for school when he got out of bed. Julie would do her makeup and hair and she and Jimmy would do the dishes if they had time before Mrs.

Johnson picked them up, she was a teacher and had volunteered to let them ride to school to save money on gas as she lived in the area. In nice weather they waited at the front entry of their house so not to cause needless delay, but this morning as they were finishing cleaning the doorbell rang and when Julie answered it was Mrs. Johnson. "Good morning, are we late?" "No I'm early, I had to run an errand this morning and it took less time than I imagined so I came on," said Mrs.

Johnson. "You finish and don't hurry, no need to get there before the buses start arriving." "I hate for you to wait we can go in our car, it so nice of you to go to all this trouble and you won't even let me help with the gas. Would you like a cup of coffee?" "I would love one, just point me to a cup and go on and finish what you are doing." "Cabinet on the left, sugar and cream on the counter beside the coffee pot." Julie headed to the bedroom to check her hair and lipstick asking Jimmy to let the dish water out and then get his books.

She went to use the toilet and when she came out found Jimmy coming in the bathroom, he quickly hugged her and looking into her eyes said, "I love you mom and can't wait until school is over so we can love each other like last night again, wear your blue shirt please it looks great on you." He turned and headed for his room. Julie was taken back by the intensity in his eyes and did not know what to say and then he was gone. She sat down at the vanity and with some what shaken hands started putting on lipstick.

As she combed her hair she heard Mrs. Johnson asking if she was dressed as she came to the door. Julie answered yes and turned as she reached the door and leaned against it. "I can't help but notice how fast Jimmy is growing up, he is about six inches taller than most and seems so much more mature, hard to believe he is 15 years old." said Mrs. Johnson. "Oh don't say that, he will tell you quickly that he is 16 next month, Mrs. Johnson. But you are correct he is growing up fast, he was my baby then my little boy, now I guess he is my little man." "Please call me Emily, Julie, I know it is a habit from school but it isn't necessary here." "Ok Emily, I'm ready sorry it took so long." "No problem." As Julie moved to the door Emily said let me get that string on your collar and stepped closer, reaching with her empty hand she picked at something and then smoothed the blouse collar and the back of her hand with the coffee cup brushed lightly across Julie's nipple and lingered for a short moment.

Got it, she said and turned towards the kitchen. Julie was stunned by the contact and what she saw in Emily's eyes, also by her own reaction as she realized that her nipples had stiffen, but quickly recovered and grabbed her hand bag and headed out the door locking up as she left. Jimmy was already in the car and Emily was getting in when she finished and she hurried to the car getting in and showing a lot of shapely leg with the short skirt, she glanced at Emily and saw her looking at her thighs.

Twisting to fasten the seat belt she knew the skirt was riding up but decided not to pull it down and observe Emily's reaction. Backing out the drive Emily had a good observation of Julie's thighs with about eight inches showing above her knees and on the way to school took many quick looks and on several occasions as they discussed school she would place her hand on Julie's knee to make a point in the conversation.

Julie was smiling to herself and one occasion twisted in the seat to talk to Jimmy bringing her knees closer to Emily and felt the car serve and saw Emily gripping the wheel tightly, she kept that position and waited to see if she would take advantage of the position at the next red light. As soon as the car paused Emily turned and started telling Julie about a sale at a store and placed her hand on her knee, patting and rubbing as she talked.

When the light changed they continued on but Julie kept her position wondering if this was just two friends or was Emily perhaps hitting on her, no matter thought Julie but it was amusing and exciting. Arriving at school they parked and started inside, when they reached the entrance they paused and Julie said thanks for the ride, see you tomorrow to Emily, who responded with thanks for the coffee and added we don't drink coffee at home and I really miss it.

Julie said stop by any morning we always have some and Emily said she would probably do that. Julie turned to Jimmy as Emily walked away and said have a good day, I'll see you at home, Jimmy said don't forget the blue shirt please mom, she answered I won't baby. Jimmy went to class and Julie went to the Admin. Building and went to work, however she kept thinking about the blue shirt and Emily's sudden interest in getting closer to her and found both to be exciting and could guess what the blue shirt would lead to and discovered she was looking forward to the bus arrival already.

She also noticed that the principal and vice principal, both male, came by her cubby hole and spoke to her and lingered making small talk. She didn't think much about it until she went to the coffee pot and got a cup, when she turned to go back to her desk she realized that the modesty panel on the front of the desk was missing.

It was there yesterday she thought, at least she believed it was. She knew that anyone standing at the coffee pot could see under her desk and look at her legs and other parts if she was careless.

At first she was annoyed and started to complain to the principal, but after returning to the desk she decided what the heck no harm done and maybe I can have a little fun teasing them, who ever it is. As she continued her data entry she also kept an eye on the coffee area and noticed that the other girls would get some coffee and talk for a minute then return to work without looking her way or if they did only a glance.

However next time the men came out they leaned on the counter looking in her direction and talking only glancing at each other occasionally. She smiled and thought, well now we know who the likely culprits are, lets give them a little high blood pressure.

Julie rose from her desk and turned to the file cabinet opening the bottom drawer, bending over so her rear was protruding, she pretended to look thru the files, until she found one and sat back at her desk making sure her skirt rode up her bare leg then crossing one leg over the other. She started entry in the computer and with lower head glanced towards the coffee pot. She almost burst out laughing at the strained look on their faces as they tried to appear not to be looking.

After about five minutes they left to go to work or something but returned to get more coffee regularly. The rest of the morning went by quickly and Julie closed down the computer at noon and went to meet Harry in the parking lot. She was a couple of minutes late but Harry's truck was nowhere in sight. She waited by one of the columns at the steps and heard someone call, "Mrs.

Cole, do you have a minute?" Turning she saw the principal coming towards her, "Of course Mr. Hale," she answered. Walking up he told her he just wanted to tell her how much he appreciated her diligence at her job and the atmosphere that she created with her positive attitude and cheerfulness. "Why thank you, Mr. Hale, that very nice of you," Julie said taking a step closer and laying her hand on his arm, "I really enjoy my work and it is so pleasant working with you, the vice principal and all the teachers." Smiling broadly and turning slightly to bring himself closer, Mr.

Hale said, "Please keep this in deepest confidence, I am going to ask the board to grant me permission to authorize a raise of twenty cent per hour for you and I am sure I can convince them. But they do not meet for another two weeks so I must ask your patience." "Oh, thank you sir, I am flattered that you would go to bat for me like that as I am only a part time employee and I am very gratefully." Julie wanted to release his arm and step back but hesitated not wanting to seem distant.

The principal quickly raised his hand, grasped her upper arm and squeezed it lightly. "Well you should know that I would love to make you full time any time you wish. I expect to have an opening next school year due to retirement and if you would promise to consider it I would be ready to start preparing the paperwork." "Thank you again, I will keep it in mind but presently I still feel it is best and the proper thing to do to concentrate on our family and a full time job requires a lot of time." "Yes I understand, I agree with you and admire your wisdom but don't be surprised if I come into your office everyday and try to woo you into changing your mind.

I know a good thing when I see one. Have a good evening and I'll see you tomorrow." "Bye Mr. Hale and again thanks." "Don't mention it, and you can call me Charlie." "Charlie, I can't be that familiar in the office Mr.

Hale, what would the other girls think?" "Call me Charlie when we are alone, bye." As he turned and headed for his car Julie turned and checked the driveway, no Harry yet. She was thinking; wow my heart almost stopped when he said he would love to make me and paused like that, I thought, raped right here on the entry steps!!!

I bet he would like to woo me into bed and a full time job, what is it about these men, they can't keep their hands off me! Four dollars a week wow in fifty years I can buy a mink scarf! I wonder if this short skirt had any thing to do with this. Maybe I could wear a pink thong tomorrow and flash a little a of it and go for twenty five cents, she giggled. Where is Harry we're going to have to rush to get lunch now, hope he didn't have a fender bender.

There he comes down the street! Harry pulled up to the entry and Julie hopped in and they exchanged kisses, then Harry started telling her why he was late. The boss had asked him to come to the office and he and his crew chief had went in together wondering what was happening.

The company had bid on three large jobs hoping to get one of them to increase business. The boss told them they had opened the bids on one this morning and they got it. Then the next one to have an opening had called and said they only received three bids and one bidder had asked his bid to be withdrawn as they had made a mistake on calculating the cost.

They were informed that the other bidder usually bid very high because they had a lot of federal business and really didn't want low profit contracts and when they opened the bids they were expected to win. But, Harry went on, the bid laws stated that the low bidder must be able to show proof that they could complete the job on time and had the capacity to handle along with their regular work load.

Harry's boss said he was going to hire three more HVAC men and split the work force into two crews and wanted Harry to be the crew chief of the second crew.


They would work on completing the jobs they had going and then one crew would start the bid job just awarded and the second crew would be available for the new award. Harry and Julie had reached home by now and Harry jumped from the company truck and ran to the house telling Julie that they had to hurry and eat as he had to get back to work.

Julie yelled, "What did you say?" Harry yelled back, "I said hell yes I'll take it, they're going to raise my salary one dollar a hour." "Hurry, I'm starving." Julie almost fainted but ran to the refrigerator and grabbed the sandwiches and drinks while Harry found the chips.

When she set them on the counter Harry grabbed her and began to kiss her mouth, chin, eyes, nose and anything else available. She laughed and said you are excited! Harry told her he was, that this was what they needed to get ahead and have some extra money for things they were unable to afford. Julie asked as they ate what were the jobs and where.

Harry said the one they got was an addition to a school about fifty miles away and the potential one was an additional annex to a factory two hundred miles west. Harry said that he would learn more in the next few days as they were going to meet with the school and the building contractor and learn about the construction schedule.

"Baby, I've got to brush my teeth and go and might be later than normal getting home as we are going to try and finish the installation we're working on unless it takes to much time.

Sorry but we won't have time to make love." Harry finished his sandwich and gulped down his drink and said come with me to the bathroom. Julie finished her lunch and went after him arriving just as he was rinsing. "You haven't had time to get any sun lately and your tan is fading, why don't you relax until time to prepare dinner and lay in the sun?" "Harry I've got a lot to do, cleaning and washing clothes." "That can wait one day, you need the sun and you work to hard any way, so you relax today and tan that beautiful body for me, ok, please." "Ok master, I'll do it just for you and I assume I should be naked." "Of course, no one can spy on you because of the fence and if they could wouldn't hurt anything except a few heart attacks maybe.

Take off your blouse and bra, baby let me feel your tits I need you right now but don't have time except for a quick kiss or two." Julie hurried and as she was removing the bra Harry already had both hands on her breasts and was massaging them and rubbing the nipples with his thumbs.

Harry pulled her body tight against his and sought her lips rubbing his chest against her breasts, Julie arched up against him as his hands moved down and cupped her ass squeezing and rubbing. Breaking away he said take off the rest I want to see your beauty hidden by those clothes you were made to be naked and I am the luckiest man alive to be able to see it all. Julie was almost panting as she quickly removed the skirt and panties and then stood proudly with smoldering eyes in front of Harry, taking a quick step she again arched her now naked body against his.

Harry immediately began to kiss her moving from her lips to her throat, shoulder, eyes, and back to her lips, Julie was moaning softly as his hands roamed her body. Suddenly Harry bent his head and engulfed a nipple in his mouth making her gasp in passionate delight and moved one hand to her ass rubbing up and down the crevice with the other hand going to Julie's cunt and a finger rubbing over the clit and down into the slit. Julie felt the ache start in her stomach and knew she was secreting lubricating fluids and began to get that weak feeling in her quivering legs.

Harry started kissing down Julie's body and turning her until she was backed against the vanity top and then went to his knees quickly licking her clit which was protruding from her slit covering with a finger sliding into her ass cheeks crevice and touching her anus.

Julie again moaned and leaned back thrusting her hips forward to give him better access to her clit and holding to the counter behind her as her legs opened and bowed out at the knees. She had never felt so good so weak so helpless so vulnerable so alive in her life. "Oh Harry! Baby kiss me! Oh no. we should stop you are going to make. Me. Come. Harry. oh yes. sweetheart.

oh oh. oh ohhhh." Julie began to thrust forward for Harry's tongue and back for his finger, shaking, quivering as a massive orgasm tore through her. Harry continued to lick her clit and rub her anus until she began to slump and then raised up and gathered her into his arms giving her deep kisses and holding her body against his by her ass and rubbing her back and neck with the other hand.

When Julie was finally able to hold her head up and smile at him and return his kisses Harry asked her if she was ok and Julie nodded smiling. "Will you do me a favor sweetheart." "Anything." "This afternoon shave all the hair around your slit and trim that above until only enough is left to be hidden by a thong. I want you hairless, smooth, and very sensitive tonight so I can finish this job that I only have time to start now.

Will you do that for me, please." "Yes, baby I'll do anything for you, anything and anytime, you know that." "Remember that for I may hold you to it, you know that I adore you and will do anything to you that makes you happy.

Walk me to the door I've got to get out of here before I lose my senses and take you to bed, job or no job." They walked with their arms around each other to the front door and kissed saying bye. "Stand here in the door while I back down the drive and until I pull away I want the image to last until I get home." "But Harry I'm naked." "All the better to see you my dear, said the big bad wolf." "Get out of here, you're insane, they need to lock you away." As Harry was walking to and getting into the truck Julie peered cautiously out the door up and down the street thinking I'm so glad we don't have any close neighbors and not seeing anyone stepped in the doorway as Harry backed ever so slowly into the street and then sat there looking at her and grinning.

Julie waved, waited then motioned for him to go and Harry slowly begin to pull away. Julie quickly shut the door when he was out of sight, locked it and leaned against it. She could feel her moisture running down her leg and realized she was secreting as she stood exposed in the doorway. Doesn't take much to turn me on she thought as she slowly pushed away and started to the bathroom. Gathering up a razor, soap, scissors, and water she sat on the edge of the tub and began to trim the hair at the top of her love mound in the shape of a vee and as close as possible around her slit.

Then she soaked it for a while and began to shave the excess, unable to stop from giggling occasionally. Also she began to feel that tightening in her stomach that preceded the ache and watched in awe as her clit stiffened and rose from the hood covering it as though looking for a tongue to lick it.

Julie could not resist the temptation to reach down and rub it which brought a shock to her whole body as if she had touched a live electric wire. But she continued and put the razor down so she could also grasp the nipple of one tit and roll it between her fingers. I've got to stop, she thought, here I am playing with myself like a hot teenager and I just had one of the best cums in my life.

Reluctantly she slowed down, finally stopped, and sat looking at her clit as though it had her charmed, she began to wash away the soap to inspect her progress. If I can keep my hands off you I can be finished in another minute she thought, so behave yourself and stop growing you never were that long before. She made it to completion, put away the stuff and jumped in the shower to wash away the soap and cool herself down.

Patting herself semi dry she hastily rubbed on lotion so it would soak into her damp skin and grabbed a towel heading for the chaise lounge on the back sun porch where she lay on her stomach to tan her back but jumped back up and ran to get the small clock in the kitchen.

As she lay in the warm sun she expected to relax and sometimes would doze but today was different as her clit rubbed the cushion and immediately seemed to get harder. Julie groaned and tried to shift her body but it didn't help and she almost cried, as she felt her nipples begin to swell as they filled with blood. What is wrong with me, she wondered, I got excited this morning when Harry made love to me, when Jimmy told her he couldn't wait for them to love this afternoon, when Emily touched her knee and thigh, the men looking at her legs, when Mr.

Hale touched her arm, and Harry licking her to orgasm plus making her stand naked in the doorway. It's like some one turned on a switch and forgot to turn me off, I'm hot and horny and about to die. Julie kept looking at the clock and finally thirty minutes passed, thirty minutes of squirming against the cushion in frustration, she turned over to her back and swapped ends and after settling down looked around to check that no one was near.

Then looking down at her body she saw that her nipples were extended to almost an inch long and stiff, pointing to the sky. She moved her hand to her cunt and felt the wetness plus the projectile like clit which throbbed when she touched it. Oh no I'm dripping like a bitch in heat, no wonder all these men hang around me they can feel the heat rising from me, dogs will be howling around the house soon she was thinking.

Sinking back on the lounge she wanted to cry but knew that what she really wanted was for Harry to come back and fuck her into a coma. As she lay there waiting another thirty minutes to pass she could hardly keep her hands off her tits and cunt finally sliding a finger in and wiggling it as she rubbed and squeezed one tit. The wetness continued to run from her cunt and wet the cushion beneath her ass seeping into her anus crevice until finally she came and reached a little satisfaction.

She lay there breathing hard and tears streaking her cheeks because she was shamed by having to finger fuck herself and also knowing that the small relief wouldn't last for her stomach still quivered and her nipples and clit were erect and throbbing. She rolled over and saw that the time had passed and jumped up grabbing the towel for the washing machine and rushed to the shower. Julie ran the shower as cold as she could stand it, taking the hand spray she washed her cunt and held the lips open and sprayed cold water inside as though she could put out the fire burning in her.

Patting dry and applying lotion again, Julie grabbed her short bathrobe, which barely covered her ass, and rushed to the kitchen.

She poured herself a glass of juice and drank half without stopping and started getting the meatloaf mixed putting it in a loaf pan and inserting in the refrigerator. Next she got the instant mashed potatoes ready to put on the stove, opened a can of string beans and placed in a pot, and prepared a salad returning it to the refrigerator.

Rolls could be heated just before eating and dinner was ready to cook so Julie started setting the table so every thing would be ready as soon as Harry got home.

"Oh no," she said looking at the clock, "Jimmy will be here in twenty minutes and I have to change into that blue shirt and better do something to my hair, as she went to the bedroom." When she removed the short robe she noticed a wet streak on the inside of her thigh. Grabbing the wash cloth she wiped it away and inspected the shaved area of her cunt and decided to put more lotion on it to keep it moist and smooth.

That was a mistake as soon as she touched it the tingle started again and she moaned her frustration. Better wear some dark shorts or wet spots will show through was her thought as she opened a drawer and found a pair of denim cutoffs and slipped them on feeling them pull up into her cunt slit.

But all her shorts were tight and this was the first time she had wore any with her cunt shaved so better get used to it was her reasoning. Julie went to the closet and the found the blue shirt which had a bare midriff with a band bottom held in place by two buttons and fit just under her breasts.

With the low riding shorts she was showing about fourteen inches of her mid section and that always drove Harry crazy and must do the same to Jimmy.

The shirt had buttons up the front but Harry had removed the top three so she would show lots of cleavage and his hand could roam around unimpeded. Julie slipped the shirt on and started to button the remaining buttons but couldn't find any, she went to the mirror and looked closer and realized that they had been cut off as the thread was still there.

Jimmy, you little imp, she thought, now I know why you wanted me to wear this shirt. She tried to smooth the shirt down over her breasts but it was made of a stiff material and would flare open as soon as her hand left it. Julie looked in the mirror and turned to see how much would show and bent over at the waist gasping when her breasts came out into full view and she had to tuck them back in when she straighten other wise they would be in full view all the time.

As Julie twisted looking in the mirror and seeing that almost all her breasts could be seen and from the side all of one was in view, she realized that the tingle was getting stronger and she liked the feeling of being exposed and remembered standing in the door nude waving to Harry and the excitement of thinking someone might see her. She decided to try it for a while and see if she could cope with the shirt at least until Jimmy got home and she told him that she had to change.

Going back to the kitchen she stopped to unlock the door and heard the school bus grinding along the street. Well this will be interesting she giggled and opened the door just as the bus stopped in front of the drive. Standing back with the door partially open she looked out and saw the bus door open and the driver looking towards the house and all the kids looking out the windows and yelling goodbyes to Jimmy as he got off.

Trembling she stepped behind the door afraid to be seen even from that distance and then leaving the door only partially open she went to the kitchen, still shaken not sure if from fear or excitement.

Chapter Three ------------- Julie felt her nipples rubbing against the shirt as her breasts swayed and jiggled as she walked and the tingle became stronger and her clit was hardening again and beginning to protrude from touching the crotch of the shorts. When she reached the kitchen she immediately went to the sink and leaned forward on the counter which hit just above her cunt and as she cleaned the sink she was rubbing against the counter.

Julie heard Jimmy enter the front door. "Mom where are you?" "I'm in the kitchen, sweetheart." "Gotta hit the bathroom, be there in a sec." Julie wiped the sink dry and wiped the counter top, placing the cloth away underneath the counter, as she raised up she suddenly felt very dizzy. She turned and leaned back on the counter placing her hands on the edge, looking down she saw that the shirt was gaped wide open and both nipples were extended and rigid.

Reaching for them she tried to insert them back inside the shirt and realized her breasts were hot and the nipples were beginning to throb, she couldn't stop her hands from squeezing them which made her groan. She heard the flush from the bathroom and quickly removed her hands and pulled the shirt together hoping it would stay. She felt of her face and realized it was also hot, I must have caught a virus that explains why I'm feeling so weird, I'd better take something, she reasoned.

Leaning back on the counter she tried to relax placing her arms across her stomach to help hold the shirt in place. Jimmy entered a few seconds later, stopping at the entry he looked at Julie leaning against the counter with her legs slightly apart and her wedge heels making her legs look fantastic with muscles tight and those low slung shorts accenting her mid section and he gulped. "Mom, you are absolutely ravishing, I missed you meeting me at the door," and he rushed forward and wrapped his arms around her.

"Well, I had a slight problem with this blue shirt I was requested to wear as it seems to have lost a few buttons making it like walking around naked, do you know anything about what might have happened to them?" Jimmy looked at her with a big grin on his face and said," No, let me see if I can determine what happened." He took the lapels of the shirt and pulled them forward looking closely at the place where buttons should have been, "Must have come off in the washing machine." Leaving the front open he again wrapped his arms around Julie and said, "Thanks for wearing it anyway, you are the greatest, Mom." Then he kissed her chest between her breasts and squeezed her tightly.

Julie put her hands on his back and slid one around and up to his face rubbing it gently. "I love you Mom, you are the best, the most beautiful, most understanding, and loving mom that there ever was or will be." "Oh thank you sweetheart, I love you deeply and am so proud of you." They broke the hug and Julie slid down by bending her knees slightly and Jimmy stepped between her legs and they began to kiss, Julie holding his face and shoulder and Jimmy rubbing her breasts through the open shirt.

This was not a mother and son kiss this was two lovers kissing and Jimmy was dominant with Julie a willing submissive and Julie began to weaken as her nipples and tits were now throbbing with need. She began to lean back taking her hand from his shoulder to place on the counter for balance but continued to stroke his face and neck with the other. However as she leaned against the counter Jimmy moved forward to press his lips harder against hers and caused her to slide ever further down until his jean covered cock was pressed tightly against her erect clit.

Julie froze as she knew that the shock she experienced earlier was coming and it did causing her to quiver and shake and her legs almost gave way causing her to press harder against his hard cock. Julie whimpered and tried to hold herself still hoping to gain back some strength but their lips were still glued together with Jimmy's tongue in her mouth and she realized that she was sucking it with passion. Jimmy broke the kiss and as Julie opened her eyes she saw things as though a thin cloud covered it.

What she saw was like a slow motion: Jimmy's hands left her breasts and moved to grasp the lapels of her shirt, moving the shirt over her shoulders and downward freeing her breasts from any covering, his head turning slowly towards her left breast and then moving for the nipple, his tongue licking the nipple all over and then his mouth engulfing the nipple and sucking it hard against his tongue.

Julie began to moan although she did not realize it, and to speak without knowing what she was saying. "Oooooooohh yes yessss suck suck suck it. oooooooh. so good good. ahhhh ooooh." Her left hand was behind his head and she pulled him harder against her tit as she rotated her shoulders mashing and grinding her breast against his mouth, her body was on fire with her need to reach a climax.

"Yes yes baby I love you suck harder, the other one pinch the other nipple pinch it hard." And she saw his left hand move up her right breast and the thumb and forefinger close on her nipple and mash it together twisting at the same time. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she felt the pressure building in her lower stomach and suddenly it hit her like a fist to the mid section and she gushed her secretions as the climax started.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh ooooohh baby I'm cumming yess yes oooooh." Julie's legs hooked behind Jimmy's knees and she began to hump and grind against him banging her clit against his cock, her head rolled from side to side and her hair swirled about. She began to lose all sense of balance and things began to spin and she was getting limp but the climax kept building. "Cumming it so good fuck me fuck me keep fucking me oohh oohh oh." Jimmy had stopped sucking Julie's nipple when she started to hump his cock through her and his clothing, and as she began to go limp he had put one arm around her back and the other around her shoulder and was supporting her body as she was in the throes of climax and he thrust his tongue in her mouth which she passionately accepted and sucked.

Julie was near unconsciousness as her last pulsations waned and felt like she was floating as Jimmy carried her with her legs still wrapped around his to the couch and lay her down. She felt him putting pillows underneath her head and she slowly began to return to a state of dazed consciousness, feeling her arms being freed from the shirt and hips lifted as her shorts were removed and a towel inserted beneath her ass.

"Relax mom, and breathe normally, keep your eyes closed." Julie reached to feel her face and it was hot, she slid both hands down over her breasts and they were also hot and felt swollen her nipples were still hard as rocks. She sighed as she rubbed them then slid one hand down to her cunt and found the clit still protruding and tingling and she rubbed it also.

She realized she was naked and it felt good to be exposed and pleasuring herself. Jimmy was again at her side with a wash cloth and was amazed to see her rubbing herself and her head slowly moving from side to side. With her eyes closed Julie didn't realize he had removed his clothes and was naked also with his cock hard and standing straight from his body. "Mom, let me do that for you, just relax and I will dry you and rub your breasts." he said as he moved her hands and arms above her head.

Then he leaned to her tit and kissed the nipple going from one to the other and licking them all around kissing some more, gentle loving kisses. Julie continued to sigh and occasionally moan softly. Jimmy moved to her hips and raised her leg putting it bent at the knee against the couch back and lifting the other slid under it and let it rest on his thigh as he turned toward her. He began to lightly clean her cunt slit with the warm cloth and each time he touched her clit she would jump, twist, or lift her hips as she continuously rolled her head.

"Is that better now." "Yes baby that feels so good, you are so good to me I love you so much." "I love you also, Mom, it makes me feel good to make you feel good like this." Jimmy placed the cloth on the coffee table and put his hand on Julie's cunt inserting his middle finger slightly in the slit and his thumb on her clit beginning a circular motion.

Julie moaned louder and he could see her neck muscles strain as her body went rigid and he felt her clit jump and hardened even more. He moved to his knees between her legs and positioned himself over her and let his cock rub against her mound as he again kissed her nipples and moved up to kiss her lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth which she opened willingly sucking it and making mewing sounds.

Jimmy raised up so he could rub his cock against her clit and the smooth shaved cunt lips. Julie cried out, "Ohhh baby so good. we must not let your father know we play like this but it's heavenly." "Yes Mom, it is our secret, Dad will never know we are fucking." Julie, in her dazed state took a good twenty seconds before his words sunk in. In a small voice she asked, "Baby are you going to fuck me?

Are you going to fuck me now?" "Yes Mom, I want to fuck you and I have been wanting you a long, long time. I love you and want to make you happy like daddy does, make you cum as you just did and cum inside you.

I going to fuck you now. " Julie opened her eyes and raised her head, seeing his hard cock rubbing against her clit and now knowing that it was what was giving her so much pleasure she just looked at it and him not knowing what to say. Finally she spoke, "Baby you're much bigger than I remembered from last night, oh it's so handsome and feels so good." She moved her hand down and touched his cock with her fingers and saw it stiffen.

Jimmy slid his index and middle fingers into Julie's cunt bringing an oooohh from her and her eyes hazed over as her passion began to soar, she began to rub his cock against her clit, opening her eyes and staring at his hand and cock as though transfixed by the sight and feelings.

Jimmy felt her cunt lubricant wetting his fingers and running into his palm, he pulled them out and looked at the abundance of fluid and put his finger to his mouth and tasted it and looking at Julie saw she was staring at his action.

He moved his middle finger to her mouth and rubbed her lips, Julie opened her mouth still looking in his eyes and waited until he dipped it into the puddle in his palm and slid it into her mouth before closing it and sucking the juice off it. She was still rubbing his cock on her clit and up and down her cunt lips.

"Mom I want to fuck you now. I need to fuck you." "I know, sweetheart." Jimmy leaned forward and kissed her lips tasting again her cunt fluid on her lips and mouth with his tongue.

"Mom, I need you to ask me to fuck you so I will know it is alright to fuck you. I need to know that you want me to fuck you, that you need me to fuck you, I love you to much to take you." "Ooohhh baby, I love you too, I want you too, I want you to fuck me, I need for you to stick your cock in me and fuck me until I cum and I want you to cum in me and fill me with your cum, please baby, fuck me now, please." Julie suddenly knew that she really did want him as a lover and that she had kept it hidden from herself for a long time.

Jimmy moved his hips forward and Julie still holding his cock guided it to her slit and the entrance to her cunt and it slid in easily due to all her lubricants and previous cum, as though it had always belonged there. The feeling to her and him was so wonderful that they both moaned at the same time. Jimmy thrust forward sinking his cock as far as it would reach into her and began to move it in and out getting faster, but Julie grasped his arms and told him, "Take it slow and easy, sweetheart, we got time and let's enjoy just loving each other like this until we can't take it any more." She pulled Jimmy down to her body and he squirmed against her tits feeling the hardness of her nipples digging into his chest, they began to kiss, wiggle, squirm, and push their bodies against each other, feeling that they would never get enough of this blissful feeling.

Breaking their long tongue kissing they both gulped for air. "You're hot Mom, you're almost burning my cock off." "You make me hot baby, I been hot all day and know it was you this morning that started it. I didn't think we would fuck today but I knew we wanted to and it would happen and it is so good. Why didn't you throw me down and fuck me long ago?" "I wanted to for ages but didn't think you would go for rough stuff.

Oh Mom this is so good, I want to fuck you again tomorrow, please." "Yes, baby, please." "I would like to fuck you everyday and any time that dad is at work or we are alone." "Yes, sweetheart." "I want to keep you naked and hot, feel your body against mine like we are now." "Oh yes, I'll be your lover anytime we can, oooohhhh stop talking like that you're making me cum." "Me too, hurry I can't hold it much longer." "Cum with me baby, right now yeeessss I'm cumming sweetheart." With a lot of oooohhh and ahhh's Julie began to buck and hump her hips trying to get more of his cock into her as she reached the peak of passion and Jimmy began to spurt his semen into her willing cunt with a lot of grunting and groaning as he felt as if his cock head was bursting.

Slowly they began to slump and lay a time plastered together, Jimmy occasionally kissing Julie's cheek, neck, shoulder and licking her like sugar with Julie kissing him also and both hands grasping his firm muscular ass cheeks as though she was afraid his cock would escape her still sucking cunt. "Mom am I hurting you, you're breathing hard." "Partially from your weight and partially from exhaustion, sweetheart. Let's lay on our side and see if that helps." Julie said unwilling to break their embrace this quickly.

She twisted her upper torso as he raised up and put her back partially on the couch back and partly on the cushion giving him half the couch pillow, holding his ass with her hand and his legs with her legs she moved both of their lower bodies onto their sides and now they were lying facing each other and their lips only inches apart.

Julie kissed Jimmy on the lips and moved her mouth around on his, opening hers and accepting his tongue as far as it would go, sucking it like it was a cock. Jimmy began to massage her breast with the hand on top with his other arm under her body and hand cupping her ass.

Julie would pull him into her by his ass and with her legs and was experiencing a mini fuck as his cock was smaller than before he came but still half hard. Like lovers that hadn't seen each other for months they kissed, rubbed, and squeezed for five minutes before breaking the kiss and lay looking at each other with adoring eyes. "Mom, did you really mean it when you said we could be lovers and have sex all the time?" "Yes lover, I meant it.

We love each as mother and son and also now as lovers, I could never turn you down if you wanted to have sex with me because I also want to have sex with you. But we must be careful and not take chances that would give us away to any one so we must make sure that our love as mother and son is all that any one sees. Can you do that?" "Yes lover, I can and will.

You are my mother and I will always do what you tell me and call you Mom when we are around other people but when we are alone I want to kiss you, undress you, suck you, and fuck you. Can you agree to that?" "Yes baby, anytime you want to fuck me I will want to fuck you. But you must not ever get jealous of your father, he is my husband and I love him and when he wants to fuck me I will want to fuck him also." "I understand maybe someday we can both fuck you at the same time, would you like that?" "I think that would be heaven on earth.

I feel your wonderful cock growing in me and getting hard, do you think you could fuck me again?" Jimmy didn't answer instead he kissed Julie with passion and began to move his hips back and forth while his hand on her tit started squeezing and his fingers closed on her nipple.

Julie matched his movement with her own and returned the kiss with matching passion. Jimmy's finger found it's way to her ass crack as she moved with him back and forth and she moaned in his mouth when it touched her asshole. Julie tore her mouth away from his and said in that small shaky passionate voice. "Oh baby, you can play me like a violin, you know what it takes to turn me into jello, fuck me, I will never get enough of you and your wonderful cock.

Fuck me. I am yours to do with as you wish you can kiss me, spank me, tie me up, make me suck your cock, any thing just fuck me like this every time we are alone." "Can I fuck you from behind like a dog, would you stand in door naked for me, Mom." "Yes baby anything anytime I will be your fuck slave, can you cum I am almost there." And they continued for a few seconds longer and Julie began to moan and strain her body against Jimmy as she came for the third time with Jimmy stiffening and adding more hot cum to her already overflowing cunt.

This time they lay still and limp completely drained of sexual energy. After a time to regain their strength they got up and using the towel Julie wiped the excess cum from Jimmy's cock and wrapped the towel under her like a diaper and told him to come take a shower with her. They showered and played around with each other's body and then dressed. Julie told Jimmy to do his homework and she gathered up all the messed up clothes and the drenched towel and put them in the washing machine.

Julie checked her hair and makeup, sprayed air freshener through out the house and set down to think about the fast turn of events. She remembered that she promised to be Jimmy's sex slave, that he could fuck her anytime, and anyway he wants.

And she knew he would want her everyday, she thought, he wants to fuck me from behind and I go crazy when Harry fucks me from the rear, and why does he want me to stand in the door naked.

Does he want me to prove that I will do anything as I said? And will I? She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts and then realized that her nipples were beginning to tingle, oh no not again I've got to get busy and forget about sex. She jumped up and went to check the laundry and then checked the clock and knew she should start the meatloaf in the oven and let it cook slow so it would be moist. She asked Jimmy how the homework was coming and he replied only about ten more minutes to go.

Julie turned the oven and put the meatloaf in, started the beans and water for the potatoes heating and got every thing else ready.

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Jimmy came in the kitchen from putting his homework and books away and walked up to Julie who was at the stove stirring the potatoes, placing his arms around her and his crotch against her ass he reached around to her breasts and began to rub, her nipples responded immediately starting to enlarge and protrude.

"Oooooow sweetheart, you shouldn't take advantage of me like that, you know that I can't resist you when you play with my breasts and ass. A big strong man like you makes an innocent girl like me get weak in the knees and swoon as he ravages her body." Jimmy recognized the humor in Julie's answer and responded in the same playful mood. "But Princess, no man can resist the beauty of your face or your sexy body, even a glance of your perfect legs would drive a normal man wild and the chance to feel your beautiful breasts would be reason enough to start a war." "Well I can see you will be not have many problems charming young girls out of their clothes and offering their bodies as tribute." "Can I charm you out of your clothes now, Mom?" "Sweetheart, we don't have time, Dad will be here shortly and dinner is almost ready and pinching my nipples won't stop time and rubbing your cock on my ass won't keep dinner from burning." "Then I guess we will need to wait until I get home from school tomorrow and start again but I sure am going to miss it." Julie started to reply but decided that was a dangerous commitment and she should keep some measure of control and mystery so instead she just smiled as she turned and kissed him on the lips.

At that precise moment they heard Harry blow the truck horn as he turned into the drive. "There's your father, get out of here, run to your room and don't come out until you have lost that hard on, go!" "Ok, meet me at the door tomorrow in the blue shirt." "I might as well be naked, at least topless." "Ok that would be fine." "Oh no you pervert I'm not falling for that, get out of here." Julie had to smile at Jimmy's attempt to box her in and how fast he could come up with solutions to make things work his way.

She checked the dinner and headed for the door, opening it just as Harry started in the entry. They didn't speak just put their arms around each other and kissed, long and passionately with Julie arching and pressing her body against Harry from knees to lips and squirming slightly.

When they broke apart Harry said, "Now that's the way I like to be welcomed, think I stay here awhile if you got room in your bed-lady." "Sorry it's all filled up with a horny husband but I will offer you a bite to eat and a shower, looks like you could use both." "Throw in a short beer and you got a deal." They kissed again and Julie told Harry she would bring the beer to the bathroom and that dinner would be on the table in twenty minutes.

During dinner Harry told Jimmy about the changes at work and then said he had additional information and some was good and some bad. Give us the good first they said. Harry was going to turn the work truck with all the tools over to one of his crew and the company would buy a new crew cab for him since the crews would be bigger. This means that our car will be here for you to use and you won't have to worry about picking me up or a way to get home after work.

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And they wouldn't have buy another car. The bad news was that he and his crew would have to start on the school tomorrow as they had added an addendum to the contract to replace the entire HVAC system with one chill water and steam system that would provide the entire complex rather than one for each building.

The lines must be dug and laid now so the conversion could be done during the summer when the buildings were not in use. The school was in another city fifty miles away and Harry said that he would not at home for lunch of course so Julie would have to take the car to work each morning.

Also he would be late arriving home in the evening due to the long drive. He added that they would be paid for the travel time and a cell phone would be provided that he could use to call if he was going to be really late. When dinner was over Julie told Harry and Jimmy to watch the game and she would clean up the dishes but both insisted that they would help, however they were playing around and in the way most of the time. Finally they got every thing finished and Julie started getting breakfast lined up so it could be prepared quickly and Harry and Jimmy piled on the couch to watch baseball.

Julie decided to call Emily and tell her that she would go to work in the car so she would have a way home at lunch. She explained that Harry would be working out of town for a while and she would need to go in the car each day. "Oh Julie, I was looking forward to that coffee in the morning and the chance to talk to you." "Well Emily you can still stop for coffee it will be here but you will think we are crazy the way we run around getting ready.

But if you can stand it come on by." Ok, I will, and I promise to not think you're crazy, oh I have a few things to do tomorrow so I am going to leave after my first three classes and thought I would just take the rest of day off.

Why don't we meet for a light lunch and save us both from having to make something." "Sounds great as long as it's light where do you have in mind?" "There's a deli in that strip mall we pass just before the school and they have great coffee and sandwiches, not very crowded at lunch either, how about there?" "Ok see you right there and I'll keep the coffee hot in the morning, bye." Julie went to the master bath and checked her makeup and brushed her hair and returned to the living room settling on the couch between Harry and Jimmy.

They watched the game a little but Harry and Julie also talked about him working out of town and that it might last a long time but Harry said that there would be times when they wouldn't need to be there until the builder completed additional construction.

Harry stroked Julie's arm and face as they talked and occasionally would rub against her breast with the back of his hand. Julie enjoyed the attention and looked forwarded to moments like this when they could show their love for each other in ways other than sex, but with sex not far away.

Jimmy had put his hand on Julie's thigh when she sat down and rubbed it lightly but she became aware that he had stopped and his hand just lay there. She looked and found that he had gone to sleep with his head back on the couch.

"Jimmy's gone to sleep, he must have been tired, do we wake him to go to bed or wait," she asked. "I'll wake him you go turn his bed down, I want to go to bed also but not to sleep right now, I want to check out a certain place that got some sun today." "Well I wonder where that might be, and what makes you think that certain place might be open this late at night?" "If it's not open then I'll just have to go around back and try the back door." "Harry!

You dirty, dirty man it's soap for your mouth." Julie got up and headed to Jimmy's room and Harry turned down the TV and shook him saying, son get up and go to bed, mom's turning down your bed. Jimmy raised up and looked around dazed and murmured good night and headed to bed. He went to the bathroom and then into his room, Julie was sitting on the edge of the bed.

He walked up to her and started removing his shirt, Julie reached and unbuttoned his shorts and after he removed the shirt she pulled them down his legs and removed them from his feet. Julie was looking directly at his cock which hung down and was a good size even soft, Jimmy stood in front of her knowing what she was looking at and waiting to see if she would touch it.

Julie wanted to touch it, she wanted to pull him forward and take it into her mouth, she could feel her nipples hardening.

Finally she asked him if he wanted his pj's and he said no, without taking her eyes off his cock she pulled the covers back and told him to slip into bed, he did not move. She looked up at him.

"Kiss it mom." Julie looked at him and wondered if he was reading her mind or if the lust was showing in her eyes. "You'll have to go to bed, baby." "I know," he said and took his cock and held it out straight towards her lips and moved closer to her, "kiss it." Julie looked at the head which was only six inches from her mouth, then at his face and back to his cock, she slowly leaned forward and kissed the head leaving her lips on it, fighting the desire to open her mouth and take it in.

Slowly she broke contact and looked up at Jimmy. "I love you Mom, tomorrow when I get home from school I'll kiss you down there and let you kiss my cock as long as you want." Then he slipped into bed and Julie rising up tucked the covers and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you also Jimmy, goodnight." "Goodnight Mom, will you be waiting at the door?" "Yes sweetheart I'll be there, walk slow so the bus will leave while you still walking up the drive." Jimmy smiled.

Julie tuned out the light as she shut the door and went to the kitchen checking to make sure everything was ready for breakfast and making a check of all the doors. She continued to the master bedroom and bath where Harry was just finishing shaving and starting to brush his teeth. Julie went to the toilet and then got her tooth brush to do her brushing, she finished as Harry was heading for the bed. Julie removed her clothes and used the wash cloth to make sure she was clean and put a dab of cologne on her body, checked her hair and the small amount of makeup she had on.

Entering the bedroom she partially closed the bathroom door leaving a little light to see and went towards the bed where Harry was sitting after turning it down. Harry looked at her and gave a low whistle. "Babe, you get more beautiful everyday, come over here and let me see you up close and personal. I want to lick and kiss every inch of that sexy body, I've been thinking of you all day." Julie walked over and stood between his naked legs and saw his cock was already stiff and standing out so she rubbed it with her knee.

Harry put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer and began to kiss her lower stomach as he rubbed her hips and moved his hands to her ass rubbing the cheeks. Julie felt the tightness start in her stomach and her nipples begin to ache as they stiffen even more, she put her hands on his shoulders and slid them up his neck and back down. She knew that a climax would not be far away as moisture was beginning to coat the outer lips of her cunt.

"You look and taste good enough to eat and I intend to do just that but first I want to see that beautiful cunt, lay here on the bed and give me a few minutes to just look and feel." Julie lay down across the bed on her back and watched as Harry kneeled on the floor and pulled her closer to the edge. He turned on the lamp took her legs at the knees and spread them apart pushing one knee down on the bed as he pulled the other up which caused Julie to shift to one hip and gave more light on her cunt which was slowly opening.

"That is beautiful baby, I should have asked you to shave long ago, thank you for doing this for me, is it okay did it hurt is it sensitive?" "It didn't hurt but it is sensitive, my shorts rub against it more or I can feel it more. It makes me horny and aroused and I thought of you all afternoon and wished you here." Julie watched in fascination as Harry slowly moved his hand along her thigh until his thumb reached her cunt lips and began to rub them. She immediately began to tremble and felt the knot start in her stomach, she sighed as he rubbed with both thumbs and could feel her clit rise from the protective covering.

Harry leaned forward and licked her cunt from the bottom up to the clit and licked it several times repeatedly. Julie moaned and jerked, her body stiffened as the pleasure was almost like a pain shooting through her. Harry spread the cunt lips open and placed his tongue inside and again licked deeply up to the clit and repeated the process. Julie was shaking and raised up placing her hand on Harry's head and along his face not pushing or pulling just caressing.

"Oh Harry. oh oh no you better stop Harry ooooow. Oooooooh oh please. please. it's so good. I'm about to come. Stop Harry ooooh ooooow. it's to late it's to late. yes yes Harry now . Ooh yes yes aaahhh." Just as Julie reached the point of highest ecstasy Harry moved up and captured her clit in his mouth and sucked furiously, sending her into a prolonged series of climaxes that kept coming like waves to the beach in an angry sea.

Once again this day Julie subsided into a almost unconscious state where she was vaguely aware of things happening but had no will to help or hinder. She felt wonderful and only lay waiting as she slowly came down from her heavenly bliss. Harry gathered up a mouth full of Julie's cum juices and then rising straighten her on the bed and placed a pillow under her head.

He spread her legs and moved between them placing the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt then slid slowly into her as she moaned. "Oh Harry, you're so wonderful, take me baby, your cock feel so good in me.

Fuck me slowly I can never get enough, sweetheart." Harry went in easily as she was dripping wet, he could hear a squishing sound as some of her juice came easing out as his cock hit bottom and his balls rubbed into her ass crack. He moved her right leg up and lay on it, rolling her slightly to him and pulling her other leg over his hip with his hand on her ass pulled her tightly against his cock. Julie was sighing and moaning as she felt his cock reach deep into her cunt, hard and hot, then he moved up which placed his pelvic bone against her clit and she knew she would come again shortly as the ache in her stomach begin to increase rapidly.

Harry ran his arm under her body and pulled her upper torso hard against his chest holding the lower tight against his cock. Placing his mouth against her lips he waited until she opened hers to accept his tongue and then plunged his tongue coated with her cunt juices into her mouth. Julie began to suck his tongue and realized she was getting her own juice, she tasted it and found it to be good and so erotic then Harry opened his mouth and let her juices run into hers.

Julie whimpered and sucked harder as she swallowed the juice and when it was gone she broke the kiss and began to lick Harry's lips and face until she had cleaned and swallowed all that was there. All this time her cunt was squirming against his cock and she was rubbing her breasts against his chest. "Did you like the taste of your cum baby?" he asked. "Yes." "Would you like some more, there plenty running out of your hot cunt." "Yes." Harry, using the hand on her ass reached down and cupped her cunt which was sopping wet and pulling his cock partially out let the juices run onto his fingers and pool in his palm.

Pushing back into her, more ran into his hand, and he raised his hand to his mouth first and dipped his tongue into the juice and leaned to her. Julie watched in fascination as if mesmerized and opened her mouth taking in his tongue and sucked it clean still looking into Harry's eyes, he repeated this action twice again. Julie taking his tongue the third time moaned aloud and began to lick his lips.

Harry moved his mouth away and offered his still wet hand to her lips, she moaned again and licked it clean sucking each finger until all traces were gone. "Fuck me Harry, fuck me hard and make me cum, I'm on fire inside I need your cum in me." "I'm trying to make it last baby. You make me so hot I'm about to pop, can you cum again now?" "Yes now, fuck me." Harry started banging at Julie's cunt and heard her squeal, she was meeting every thrust with thrusts of her own.

They went this way for almost two minutes and both suddenly stiffened and poured out their cum juice in unison. Slowly they slowed down and holding themselves together at the hips were kissing and caressing, finally stopping and lay holding each other.

"You're so sexy baby, I've been thinking of how you looked standing in the door naked all afternoon. Thanks for doing that for me." "Harry I love you so much it scares me sometimes, I will do any thing you want me to.

I go around the house half naked to please you and I have come to love the feeling that I get knowing you will come home and lust after my body. I am becoming whatever you want me to be, the few times we get to go out and you make me walk around other people without panties I get so wet and excited that my heart beats like crazy. I will do any thing you want to because I love you and want to make you happy." "You do make me happy sweetheart. And I am glad that it makes you hot and wet to do those things for me, would you stand in the door naked next time we get the chance?" "Yes." "Would you flash your tits at people in the mall bending over without a bra?" "Yes." "Would you suck my cock while riding down the street?" "Yes." "Would you turn your ass to me to be fucked when I want it?" "Oh Harry yes.

Any time you want. We haven't done it like that for a long time and I love it when you fuck my ass, I turn into jelly when you stick it in me." "Would you let me undress you in front of Jimmy and let him fuck you and cum in your cunt while you suck me and then turn around and suck him while I fuck you and let both of us fuck your ass any time we want?" "Do you want Jimmy to fuck me, Harry?

Do you want him to be my lover as you are? To make love to me and cum in me, I need to know if that is what you want." "Yes baby I want you to be submissive to Jimmy as you are to me and when ever he wants your cunt to fuck or your mouth to suck his cock you will be there for him naked and hot.

Will you do that?" "Oh yes yes yes, you and Jimmy are my whole world I will do anything for both of you, my body belongs to you and if you want Jimmy to have me as a lover I will do it for I love him also." "Thank you baby, for your love and willingness to please us.

I will show him your body and tell him you are his the same as you are mine as soon as we have time to do it slow without rushing, this weekend will be best. When I do you must be submissive, just lay quiet with your eyes closed and let him explore, ok?" "Yes, but Harry what if I like it, what if I get carried away and cum?" "Sweetheart I expect you to like it, I expect you to cum, in fact I think you will love Jimmy fucking you.

It would be terrible if you didn't. I want you to cum and you will because you love Jimmy and his cock should excite you just as mine does." "Harry thinking of all this is making me excited.


why would I get excited just thinking of Jimmy fucking me and you telling him that I am his sex slave, for that is what I will be just as I am to you." "Because you are the most sexy person I have ever seen and want and need sex constantly, there is an aura that surrounds you that attracts men and women.

They look and then they want to touch and then they want to fuck you. You must be aware of the way men follow you with their eyes even when their wives are with them. There's something about you that says I love to fuck, you most likely aren't aware of it but it excites you to know, want or expect to get fucked." "I get hot when people stare at me, I know they want my body, sometimes I see men looking at my legs or ass and they have a hard on, it excites me but I never encourage them or let them know that I noticed.

I belong to you, I would never flirt intending to be unfaithful but I do flirt sometimes when I feel it is safe and harmless. Is that okay with you?" "Yes you can flirt, it makes me feel good to know other men desire you and women also I would like to see you naked with another women especially. If one comes on to you I would like for you to encourage her and see how far it goes and I would want to see her caressing your body and sucking your cunt.

Also it is okay to show men your legs and glimpses down your top even if I am not around, are you okay with all this?" "Yes Harry as long as that is what you want but if you ever decide that you are unhappy with it just tell me and I will stop it immediately." "Lets turn out the light and go to sleep sweetheart, it's late and we have to get up early." Julie wasn't sure that she would be able to go to sleep as she had a lot to think about.

First was the things she had promised Jimmy and how they could keep it secret if she was to be his lover and fuck slave as she had promised. Next she was excited and stunned by Harry's revelation that he wanted Jimmy to fuck her and soon also the thing of flirting with men and encouraging women was entirely unexpected and had stirred her sexually. She knew that Harry liked to show her off in public but it never went very far but could be things were changing.

Julie got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, grabbing a cloth she wet it and scrubbed her face thinking my mouth is all sticky then washing her cunt as she sat on the toilet letting the sperm run from her and then finishing at the vanity.

Harry came in and used the toilet and when he came out she used the cloth to wash his face and then slowly washed his cock as he stood with a smile on his face. She told him that she needed to use mouth wash as she had a funny taste in her mouth and did he need some, he said no he wanted to keep that taste for ever.

Yuk she said. Harry went to bed and Julie was not far behind. Chapter Four ------------ Julie awakened and rose up to see how much longer she could sleep before the alarm went off, she jumped with a start as she saw it was fifteen minutes pass time when the alarm should have sounded, she realized they had forgot to turn it on last night.

She shook Harry and told him they were fifteen minutes late and explained why, jumped out of bed and hurried to the kitchen, turned on the coffee, turned on the stove top where the pan was and put four sausage patties in it. She got the toast ready but did not start it yet, broke four eggs in a bowl and scrambled them with salt and pepper. She realized she was naked and ran for the bedroom looking for her short robe, finally discovered it was under the covers and pushed all the way to the foot.

She thought the bed looked as if a war had taken place in it and started to straighten the covers, seeing a large stain in the middle she groaned as memories came flooding back from the night before. "I really promised all those things, I can't believe it, every time I get a hot cock and cum I can't say no to anything.

Harry and Jimmy made me promise to do those things, well they didn't actually make me, and I know I'll do them because they asked me, really Julie you know you will do them because you really want to." she muttered to herself as she rushed back to the kitchen.

"Now I'm talking to myself and answering also, time to lock me up to protect the public good." Breakfast went off without a hitch although somewhat hurried, Julie started stacking the dishes and Harry was washing with Jimmy drying and putting away. She kissed both of them and thanked them even though they did it every morning and headed for the shower.

As she was drying off and sitting down to blow dry her hair Harry came in, kissed her, and rubbed her tits saying he was off to work. She told him to remind Jimmy to review his home work and to get out of here before you get into trouble, at which he smiled and left.

Julie dried her hair, combed, and styled it, then did her make up. She chose a demi-bra and put it on and opened her panty drawer looking for a pair and decided to wear a light blue thong.

Jimmy came to the door and said that Mrs. Johnson was driving up the driveway and he thought that they were going to go in their car. She said we are, she just stopped by for coffee. "Mom, I finished reviewing my homework can I sit in the car and listen to the radio?" "Yes dear, get the keys from my bag and take all your stuff so we don't forget anything and let Mrs. Johnson in please." Julie put her short robe on and went to the kitchen to get Emily a cup and was pouring it as she came in the kitchen.

They exchanged good mornings and Julie told Emily that she should help herself that she needed to finish getting ready. She went to the bedroom and chose a skirt and blouse to wear, lay them on the bed and went to the vanity for lotion to put on her legs.

Emily appeared at the door and asked if it was okay to come in. "Sure but there no place to sit." "No problem, I love your bathroom it's so big compared to mine. That lotion makes your legs look fabulous, the men will go crazy today." "Thanks, the oil soaks in your skin and makes them look shiny and it lasts until lunch.

That's a nice outfit you have on I don't think I've seen it before, is it new?" "Well I've had it a couple of months but I haven't wore it to school before." "The skirt is just the right length to make your legs look great and it accents your hips and waist but still looks professional. You have a talent for choosing clothes that always add to your natural beauty." "Can you see my head swelling, keep on I love compliments that's one reason I like to be with you.

You are always cheerful, kind, and build people up." Julie had finished the lotion and replaced it under the counter, as she bent over she felt the robe shift and knew her ass was in view, as she rose up she leaned towards the mirror to inspect her lipstick and the robe stayed up.

She glanced in the mirror at Emily and saw her eyes were looking straight at her exposed rear and the thong, remembering Harry's instructions she decided to see if this would go a little farther.

Turning to Emily she saw her face was flushed and said, "This bra is tighter than I remember, either I am getting fat or its drawing up." "Baby there's not a ounce of fat on you, your body is just perfect, maybe the straps are to tight." "Well, it's in the last notch but maybe if I loosen the shoulder straps that would feel better." Julie loosen the belt holding the robe and slid it off her shoulders, looking at the straps by glancing in the mirror she said, "Oh they're in the back could you give me a hand and loosen them just a bit?" "Sure, no problem." Julie turned to face the mirror and let the robe slide down to her waist as Emily approached setting her coffee cup on the counter and reached for the straps.

Emily pulled the strap up and held it as she began to slide the adjusting buckle to lengthen the strap which lifted the bra cup in front causing Julie's breast to lift and budge above the top as it only covered half of the breast. Julie watching in the mirror saw Emily's eye were fixed on the mirror image of her breasts.

Emily moved to the other strap and repeated the procedure taking her time adjusting. Julie thought to herself that this was unbelievable but that Emily appeared to be turned on and fascinated by her breasts and touching her. Also Julie felt excitement rising causing her to breathe deeper making her breasts rise and fall.

She thought maybe I should stop this now, but she was reminded of Harry's words and her promises and decided to let it continue for a while. Emily finished adjusting but not looking at anything other than Julie's breast so Julie let her hand move down and pull the robe apart below the counter to the side of her hips and waited. "Turn around," Emily said with a strained sound in her voice.

Julie turned keeping her eyes on Emily's face placed her hands on the counter behind her. Emily moved a step closer and took one strap in the fingers of both hands and smoothed it across Julie's shoulder then down to the bra cup causing the back of her fingers to brush the top of Julie's breast. She did this twice and then moved to the other strap and did it the same also.

Finally stepping back she said, "Does that feel better?" Her eyes widen as she saw Julie standing with her hands on the counter behind her the robe now down to her hands and gaped open in front with only the belt across Julie's flat stomach and her thong in full view. "I think so, if we loosen it any more it will be flashing my nipples at you." Emily laughed and the tension was broken.

She looked at Julie and said, "You look absolutely ravishing in that half bra and the thong, do you always wear them?" "Oh no, only when I wear a skirt that would show a panty line, the thong doesn't show and makes the men guess, is she or isn't she.

I'd better get dressed or we'll be late." Julie went to the closet and got her strap heels and went to the bedroom and sat down on the bed to put them on. "Do you want some more coffee, Emily?" "No, it is delicious but I don't need too much before facing that first class." Julie dressed quickly putting the blouse on first and then the skirt.

"I'm ready believe it or not, do I look okay?" Emily stepped up to her and pretended to check the clothes but was looking mostly at Julie's face, walked behind her and brushed at an imaginary speck on her butt and announced, "Magnificence even better perhaps." "Then it's off to work we go, hi ho." Julie cut off the coffee pot, checked the back door and they headed to the front, reaching the door Julie paused, looked at Emily and suddenly hugged her.

"I'm glad you came by this morning it made me feel like a teen again, you know, having a best friend to talk to, share things, and giggle together." Emily hugged her back, Julie's arms were around Emily's shoulders whose arms were at Julie's mid section one hand in the small of her back and the other on the upper swell of her ass. They both looked at each other smiling and then Julie moved her arm and hand down to Emily's ass and gave it a few circular rubs.

Emily just looked into her eyes and softly let out a whisper of a moan. Then Julie released her and stepped back opening the door and said see you at lunch. Emily nodded and went to her car very slow and unsteady. On the way to school Jimmy asked his mother what took them so long to get ready, Julie told him that they were talking about clothes and stuff. They rode in silence for a time and then Jimmy reached over and rubbed Julie's knee and asked if she remembered her promise, Julie answering yes baby I won't forget.

Arriving at school just before the bell rang for class, they hurried on their separate ways. Julie entered the office and spoke to all the other ladies as she went to her little enclosure in the back corner and put her handbag away and turned on the computer. She went to the coffee area and got the last cup and made another pot returning to her desk. As she started to set down she looked straight ahead and saw that the blind in the glass of the principal's office was open and she could see Mr.

Hale standing looking in her direction. Seeing her look up he quickly looked away. Well, she mused, so the plot thickens, those blinds have never been open before, I think I'll keep an eye on this. She wondered if any of the other girls had noticed and what significance they would place on it. Not very cool Mr. Hale. She went to the outer officer and collected the grade assessments that were already in the basket and returned to her desk and began to enter into the computer.

She worked about an hour occasionally glancing with her eyes only at the open blind and a few times saw the principal standing where he could see into her area. She was careful not to separate her knees knowing that she would get an opportunity to blow his mind later.

Let him stew a little she thought with a smile. She continued the data entry and realized that she was almost finished with the daily reports from each teacher and was ahead of the usual necessary time to complete. Great she thought, I can take a break and saved her data then went to the coffee pot. While she was stirring cream and sugar in the coffee Mr.

Hale came out of his office and came to the coffee pot with cup in hand. "Good morning Julie, how are you today?" "Good morning Mr. Hale, I'm fine how about you?" "Okay, except I need a cup of coffee and your help, do you have a minute?" "Sure." "Let's go to your office and discuss it." Puzzled Julie waited until he had poured his coffee and then as he started walking she went by his side to her office. Reaching it he waved her behind the desk and said sit down and pulled the extra chair around to the end of the desk and sat looking directly at her.

Julie had put her hands on her skirt as she was sitting and smoothed the bottom of the skirt and pulled it slightly up exposing a extra two inches of her legs above her knees.

Mr. Hale's eyes automatically went to her legs when he sat down and up to her breasts before making it to her eyes, he took a deep breath. "Julie, Mrs. Coan, Al's mother called me just now concerned that Al's grades seem to be dropping and she and Al's father are coming at 10:15 to discuss this and I need some data to look at to see if there a plausible explanation.

Can you run a report on just Al and see if there is something that points to an area that we could concentrate on and/or comments by teachers. You know more about our data programs than I do, tell me what you can do." Julie could see that Mr. Hale was agitated and nervous with a problem blind siding him and sought to provide him some comfort. "Yes, Mr. Hale, I think we can put together a report that might tell us if there is a problem, I think we should look at the entire picture and then perhaps each individual subject and see what is revealed.

I will do that as quickly as possible." "Great Julie, I knew you could help, when you get it come to the office and we'll review it together if time gets short and they arrive before you finish I will delay as long as I can and you burst in when ready, ok." "Shouldn't be a problem unless the computer main server get bogged up." The principal rose from the chair and left for his office, and Julie started finishing her data entry as swiftly as possible.

In fifteen minutes she was though and after saving her work she clicked on the reports menu and entered the proper report type and then entered Al Coan.

After the record came up she leaned forward and studied the data but could not see any trends so she quickly added a column and entered the formula to compute averages by month.

When it finished she could see a slow downward trend, she printed two copies and then she compiled the data by subject and to compute averages and sent to printer. As the printer clopped away at the pages of data Julie glanced without moving her head out the door and saw the principal standing at the window where the blind was pulled up looking directly at her.

Why not she thought, she slowly raised up from the desk leaned over to get some papers from a basket on the end and placed them on the desk. Still leaning she placed her hands on the desk wide apart and studied the papers which made her breasts budge against the blouse and show additional cleavage.

She stayed in that position for about a minute and then straighten up looking directly at the window, he was still there so she smiled and waved and he smiled and waved also. Turning to give him a side view she took a deep breath and looked at the printer as she held the air in, turning back she flashed Mr. Hale her hand with five fingers wide three times and mouthed to him fifteen minutes.

He smiled and mouthed the word great. Julie sat back down and slide forward in the chair causing her skirt to ride up her legs and let them spread apart a little.

She went to the chart menu and keyed the average data for a line graph on total subjects and individual and looked as those as they appeared then sent them to the printer. Finishing she looked down at her skirt and thought well that is a little more showing than I realized and looked up at the window. To her surprise the principal was at the coffee pot trying hard not to be seen staring at her office.

Julie put her hand down on her skirt and pulled it turning the hem back to inspect it for loose threads and looked directly down so he could have a good look and held that for a while then smoothed her skirt back to her legs.

Julie felt her heart beating rapidly, wow I'm getting excited she thought and realized she enjoyed this small bit of exhibition even though it was on her own but just as exciting as when Harry made her wear revealing clothes in public.

She checked the printer and saw it was printing the graphs and would be finished soon so she gathered the reports and begin to sort them in two piles in the order that would best show the results. She checked her watch and saw that there was plenty of time, she sat back down and kept her knees together in a ladylike manner then slid forward in the chair to reach the keyboard as if she was going to type but just to look busy really. Looking down she checked her skirt as she knew it didn't slide with her body and saw she was exposing about half of her upper thighs.

Glancing to see if Mr. Hale was still watching she saw he was and no longer was trying to pretend that he wasn't in fact he appeared to be in a trance. Julie spoke to her inner self, oh you are a bad girl, Harry will have to spank you tonight, no that is fun not punishment, I want to open my knees and give him a look at my thong but better not, got to save something to use in case the raise is slow in coming.

The last graph fell into the printer tray and Julie got up managing to keep her thong a secret and finished sorting the report. When finished she started towards the outer office and Mr. Hale met her half way, she smiled and told him it was ready. "Great, let's go to the conference room and lay it out and you bring me up to date, that's where I will meet with them." They proceeded to the conference room and Julie put one copy in front of the principal and the other in front of her as they stood at the table.

"The first page is a record by week of all subjects and the grading by teachers averaged. The second is a line graph of those averages showing a slight downward trend but not any thing to be concerned about." She paused to allow him to look at those then continued.

"Next five pages are individual subjects with graphs of each, math, science, and English all show a steady and constant average indicating no problem. Computer science shows a steady start increasing to a higher average for the last two months but history shows a steady start but falling slowly after mid year and rapidly for the last two months, enough to bring the combined averages down only slightly when CS is factored in.

So history is where the bad grades are and that is where you need put your attention." It was silent for a while as the principal pondered this information and looked at the sheets. He said, "Let's look at the history report." As Julie removed all the others sheets and laid the report and graph side by side in front of them, he moved closed and put his hand on her back and leaned forward placing his finger on the graph and following the line across the page and then the same with the report.

"Hummm, plain as day, but not a failing grade, hummm, but if you intend for your child to go to Harvard even a B minus could sink the whole ship, normally nothing to worry about but in this case I can understand the concern of the parents and guess we need to offer some advice." Julie waited for him to continue when he didn't she turned her head and looked at him, he looked at her. "What would you suggest, Julie?" "I would discuss it with Mr.

Simmons and see if he had an observation, he mentioned in his report that Al appeared to be preoccupied perhaps he might have a idea why." "Excellent suggestion should have thought of that myself, I will do that immediately." Mr.

Hale slid his hand down from her back to her waist and asked her to put the reports in folders and place them on his desk and he would pick them up after returning from Mr. Simmons room. The he began to tell Julie that her work on this was excellent and he really had high regard of her and her proficiencies. As he spoke his hand slid down to rest on her ass, Julie gathering up the papers and keeping them sorted, looked at the open doorway to see if anyone was in the hallway and wondered what she should do.

"And I shall not forget that you quickly came to my aid and provided a solution and did so calmly and without fanfare." Julie again turned her head and looked at him, and said, "Thank you Mr.

Hale, I enjoy working with you and the staff here. I am always ready to do anything within my ability to help this school run smoothly and accomplish the task of educating the students." She paused and with a smile said, "Mr.

Hale, we really shouldn't be doing this. Someone might get the wrong impression." He quickly removed his hand, "I apologize Julie I forgot for a moment where we are, I must confess to you that I am drawn to you and am pleased that you are so understanding and forgiving. I constantly must guard against following my desire to be near you and touch you and the few times that you have touched my hand or arm floods me with teenage like feelings. This was a lapse, again I apologize and hope you are not offended." Julie smiled brightly showing her boss that she was not offended and said, "Why Mr.

Hale, to borrow a teenage expression I do believe you are coming on to me. I am flattered that a man of your statue would find me attractive and it is exciting to be flirted with again, but we can't allow people to suspect that we are anything other than employer and employee, don't you agree?" "Yes, most certainly, Julie.

Perhaps we will get an opportunity to explore our relationship under more favorable circumstances at a later time." "You know I can't answer that, besides you need to run or your meeting will be here before you are ready." "Of course, right again." Julie took the report and went back to the office area, as she went behind the divider Mr. Hale's secretary Mrs. Lucas rose from her desk and said, "Did you help him with the complaint, is everything alright, your face is flushed." "Yes everything is fine, we have good data, Mr.

Hale has gone to gather insight from Mr. Simmons, he wants the reports in two folders on his desk, and then I've to run to the powder room, been needing to go for thirty minutes, that why my face is flushed." "You poor dear, men are so inconsiderate, give them to me and I will put them in folders and on his desk. You run to the teachers lounge and while you are there take a break you deserve it!" Julie did as she was instructed, the lounge was deserted so she got a coke from the vending machine and sat down to enjoy it.

She wondered if she had made the right decision in the conference room as that had left the door slightly open for future advances by the principal. But it was to late now, she would have to deal with that if it happened. Every body seems to think I am a push over, she thought, just touch my ass and I'll fall on my back and spread my legs, then she smiled as she remembered Harry and Jimmy and had to admit that maybe she was.

Haven't had a lot of experience maybe there's a slut inside me just screaming to get out and I've been feeding it Harry's cock to keep it quiet.

As she sat pondering all this Emily walked in and seeing her came straight over, "I'm glad you are here, I was going to come by your office and make sure we were still on for lunch before I left." "Sure, looking forward to it, was sitting here thinking how good a cheese, ham, turkey, chicken, and beef sandwich was going to be." "Wow, you must be hungry, can you stay a minute, I've got to hit the bathroom before I burst?" "Sure." Emily ran to the bathroom and as Julie waited several other teachers came in and spoke to her and all piled in the bathroom.

Emily emerged and grabbed a cup of coffee returning to sit by Julie and whispered to her that she had a story to tell her but it would have to wait until lunch since they might be over heard. Julie said okay, is it a funny story or sad one? Emily said wild and rolled her eyes. Julie told her that she should get back to work and she would meet her at a little after noon. When Julie arrived at the central office Mrs. Lucas asked her did she feel better, and could she do a memo for her about the in service day on Friday to all teachers reminding them and stating attendance was mandatory.

Julie said of course and realized she had forgotten that there wasn't school that day and thought maybe she could catch up on her housework and replenish the food shelves. She finished backing up the computer and then did the memo and took it to Mrs. Lucas for approval and started the printer on making copies.

Mr. Hale came out of the meeting and gave her and all the ladies a big smile and a thumbs up. Julie finished the copies and put them in the teachers' information slots and then helped everyone with filing until lunch.

She clocked out and went to her car heading for lunch at the deli to meet Emily. Emily was already there waiting outside and they went in and chose sandwiches and some chips then found a table away from entrance tucked in a corner almost hidden by a divider with plants in it.

The table was small and the fixed seats were close, when they sat down their knees were jammed together and they had to twist so their left knees were rubbing and overlapped by about four inches. As they ate they made small talk and then Julie asked about the wild story Emily had mentioned. Emily became animated as she talked. "You won't believe this, during P.E. this morning the cheerleaders had a short argument and got upset and all were either crying or mad" "What happened." As Emily began the story she got excited leaning forward and placed her hand on Julie's knee under the table.

"It seems one of the boys on the football team who goes steady with one of the cheerleaders had called another cheerleader and asked her for a date, can you believe that?" Emily was patting Julie's knee for emphasis and resting her hand on it with an occasional rub. "Well the cheerleader he asked said no that he was going steady with her friend, he said they had broken up and they both were free to date but she said she was busy. Well she asked another cheerleader if she knew that they had broken up and she said no, that he had called her also with the same story.

This sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it?" Emily took a couple of bites of the sandwich and a swallow of coke, Julie waited as the two were eating and looking at each other intently. "I don't want you to starve but if you don't tell the rest I'm going to strangle you." Emily laughed and leaned forward and Julie leaned closer also and felt Emily's hand slide to the inside of her leg and forward pulling her leg tight against Emily's. "The two discussed this and decided to check with the first cheerleader and just asked her if they were still steadies.

Of course she said yes and wanted to know why they asked, they tried to make it sound like just casual inquiring but she insisted that they come clean so they told her and she got mad, called them a liar, trying to cause problems between them.

When they backed each other up she lost it slapped one girl then starting crying and hugged her saying she was sorry soon all three were crying and then the whole squad learned what was happening and they are all crying and hugging." Emily paused as a diner walked close looking for a seat and continued as he moved away and they both leaned across the table and slid forward in the seat to talk lower, Emily's hand slid a little farther up Julie's leg.

"The cheer coach comes in and finds the squad an emotional mess when she learns the story she tries to comfort them and she is crying too. Last I heard before I left they were all huddled in the gym trying to get everyone calm enough to get back in class.

I told you it was a wild story." "I can't believe a guy would be that stupid he must have known that he would get caught, you know cheerleaders are a like a clan of bears they may bicker among themselves but someone else say something about one and they all jump on them like hornets." Julie said.

Julie looked at another customer approaching and straighten up, Emily snatched her hand from under Julie's dress where it had wandered and looked down at her plate.

The diner passed by looking for a seat and Julie took a bite of her sandwich and looked at Emily and saw she looked strange bent over hiding her face from Julie. "Emily are you okay?" Emily looked up with her lips quivering and eyes brimming with tears. "Oh Julie, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize what I was doing, you're my best friend and I messed it up, I always mess up please forgive me, please.

I will die if I lose your friendship, you're the only friend I have and I love you and now you will hate me." Julie was stunned and just stared at her seeing a tear starting to roll down her cheek.

She thought, what happened? "Emily what are you talking about, why would I hate you?" "I always get to close to people, I always want to touch them and I forget that they don't want me touching them, smothering them with affection but I do it every time I've just about ruined my marriage, and now I have done it to you, my best friend, my only friend." "Emily, you haven't done any thing wrong, you haven't messed any thing up, I'm still your friend now just as I was five minutes ago.

I don't understand, are you talking about your hand on my leg is that what you think you messed up on?" Emily nodded her head as another tear slid down the other cheek, "I'm sorry." "But Emily there's nothing wrong with that, putting your hand on my leg only told me that you liked me and that's a good feeling.

I didn't feel violated, I liked it, I liked it this morning when you helped me with my bra. Your hand on my shoulders and back felt good because you are my friend and it's like having a sister that you can be yourself around.

When I realized that my robe had fallen opened I didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed that you looked at my bra and thong because you weren't critical and turn away, you complimented me and that made me feel good." Julie paused and watched to see if Emily was getting control of her emotions and then she decided to take a chance and hoped it would work.

"Give me your hand, no under the table, go on, now put it on my knee." "Julie I don't want people thinking we are lesbians and ruin your reputation." "Emily, our friendship is much more important than what a bunch of strangers think, isn't it?" "Yes much more." "Then put your hand on my knee." Julie put her left hand under the table and placed it on Emily's left knee on the inside and pulled her leg tight against her own.

She heard Emily let out a soft sigh and moments later felt Emily's hand on her knee and it slowly moved to the inside and slide up her thigh. "I like to feel your hand on my leg, it makes me feel good, do you like my hand on your leg does it feel good?" "Yes oh yes." "See there's nothing wrong, there's nothing messed up is there?" "No." "Okay leave it there and let's eat our sandwich." "I can't eat anymore my heart is pounding and I feel funny my stomach is aching." "I don't understand, tell me what's wrong.

Do you want to move your hand?" "No, I. I'm not a lesbian, I. I'mm. I'm just. just horny." Julie looked at Emily and saw a woman struggling to keep her problems inside but needing to let them out at the same time. She decided to try and bring in a brighter note to the situation.

"Yeah these aren't the best sandwiches I ever ate so what say we get out of here and go to my house and I'll make you a good strong cup of coffee and you can try on a black thong and see what you think, it might make you talk a little higher but I think you will like it." Emily giggled and said, "Sounds good to me and we can get you out of that bra so you can relax." Julie said in return, "Like we used to say at pajama parties, I will if you will." "You got a deal." Chapter Five ------------ Arriving home Julie is exiting the car as Emily as stopping behind her, she waits until Emily is getting out and tells her to hurry in as she is going to start the coffee and rush to the bathroom.

She is already filling the pot with water and coffee grounds when Emily comes into the kitchen area. Telling Emily to use the master bath if she needs to that she will be there in a minute and finishes the coffee and turns the pot on. Entering the bathroom just as Emily is adjusting her clothes she says, next, and goes in. As she finishes and comes out Emily is waiting at the vanity checking her make up.

"Emily, you can't improve excellence, make up will only hide your beauty, you always look so clean and fresh." "Oh keep it up, make my head swell even though I know you are lying, I love it." "Coffee should be ready in a minute, we can sit and relax while we wait, let's go to the living room." "Great but first we need to get you out of that bra so you can breath, I'll help you." Emily stepped to Julie and reached to her blouse and started unbuttoning it down the front, pulling it from the skirt she slid it off Julie's shoulders and before Julie had time to even think about it she stood before Emily in her half bra for the second time that day.

Emily looked into Julie's eyes and told her to turn around, Julie slowly turned watching Emily in the mirror and saw her hands reaching for the catch on the back of the bra, her hands trembled slightly but the hooks came apart easily and the bra straps slid off her shoulders and Emily removed it placing it on the counter with the blouse.

Julie watched the mirror reflection as Emily began to rub her shoulders where the straps had left marks. "Oh, that feels so good, I hope you don't charge much an hour I need about an hour of that." Emily continued to rub her shoulders, back, and ribs where the bra straps and band had been, and then she also looked in the mirror at Julie as she watched.

Stopping rubbing she said in a low husky whisper, "Turn around." Julie hesitated and then slowly turned to face Emily whose eyes were riveted on her breasts. "My god, they're beautiful," she whispered as if talking to herself, then she looked directly into Julie's eyes, "I've got to touch them." Julie wasn't sure if Emily was waiting for her to give permission or just making a statement and she didn't know if she should or not, so she decided to let Emily make the choice and she closed her eyes and just waited.

Emily watched Julie's face and then reached with one hand for a breast and put the other on her waist just above the hip. As her hand closed on the breast cupping it with her thumb near the nipple she heard Julie expel her breath in a long sigh and realized she had been holding her breath at the same time realizing she was also holding hers.

Emily began to lightly squeeze Julie's breast and rub at the same time and saw the nipple begin to stiffen and enlarge.

She took her thumb and forefinger and grasped the nipple rolling it and squeezing, Julie moaned, she whispering also, said, "Oh yes that feels so good Emily." Emily brought her other hand from Julie's waist to her unoccupied breast and began to rub, squeeze, and excite the nipple with her fingers as Julie moaned and began to twist her torso against her hands.

Finally Julie straightened and put her hands on Emily's hand to stop her. "You're making me horny also Emily. But you promised to remove your blouse and bra, remember? Put your hands at your side, I'm going to strip you naked and torture you like your doing me.

And you have to stand there and take it like a slave, a sex slave. Don't say anything, don't touch me, you have to ask permission to move, understand?" Emily was in shock, no one had ever treated her like this, but also she was excited and wanted to see how it felt to be dominated. Also she wanted Julie to strip her and play with her body, oh she wanted that badly. She nodded her head with shining eyes and dropped her hands to her side.

Julie began to unbutton Emily's blouse which had buttons down the back requiring her to reach around Emily with both hands making her nipples touch the front of Emily's blouse exciting both of them. She pulled the blouse open and undid the clasp of Emily's bra and then pulled both of them off her shoulders and out of the skirt placing them on the vanity.

She began to unbutton the skirt waist and unzipped the zipper on the side placing her fingers in the skirt she slid skirt, slip, and panties down to Emily's lower stomach and stopped just as the hair of her cunt began to show.

"Emily, I think some of your problem is due to you feeling that you have to meet everything over half way, do more than your share, give more than you receive and never just wait and let someone give to you. For example, imagine you giving someone a gift because you want to please them and seeing them happy makes you happy, but they always give you a bigger gift and more gifts than you give them.

Soon you stop giving because they destroyed the happiness of you seeing them happy, and they always top your gift so that you feel your efforts are inadequate. You begin to wish that you were not around them a lot anymore and try to ignore them whenever you can. Are you listening? Do you understand?" "I'm not sure, I think I do." "Ok another example, when you are explaining to students how a math procedure, like equations, works and you see them grasp the concept and discover how to apply it, you get a rush like taking a drug as they go from confusion to joy of solving problems and enjoy working equations, right?" "Yes." "Then think how you would feel if they couldn't enjoy your gift of learning for wanting to give you a bigger and better gift, soon you would tire of trying and get frustrated and want to just quit teaching.

Don't you think that could happen?" "Yes, that happens with a few students every year and I feel like I failed them somewhere." "Then try to understand how a man feels when he wants to give his love to a woman though sex and she tries to match him and give back more than he gives until he feels that she is unsatisfied and he is inadequate in giving what she needs.

He begins to feel less masculine and would rather not have sex than be reminded, at least in his mind, that he can't satisfy the person he loves the most." "You're telling me that I'm driving my husband away because I try to love him to much?" "Almost right Emily, it's hard to understand because all men are different as are women. But all men have one thing in common just as women do, to women sex is an emotional thing, it's a sharing of love, expressing your deep feelings, and giving of yourself to another.

To a man sex is a mental thing and a visual stimulate can get him in the mood but if he isn't stimulated he doesn't, no can't is a better word, have sex. Women can anytime although it may not be enjoyable but not men. And the biggest thing that will destroy his mental capacity is when his masculinity is threatened or humiliated, take away his masculinity and you no longer have a man just a wimp." "I understand that but Julie what should I do to change it?" "Well, I'm not an expert that's for sure but I will give you a suggestion that you can try if you wish and see if it helps.

But first get out of those clothes and come in the bedroom, we're still got to try the thong on you." Julie walked into the bedroom, Emily waited a few seconds then slid her clothes to her ankles and stepped out of them, picking them up she entered the bedroom and put all her clothing on the bed. Julie was straightening up from the dresser, where she had been looking in a drawer, with a pink thong in her hand.

"This one is new and will look nice with your skin tone, try it on." Emily reached for the thong and hastened to put it on, pulling it up but not sure how high the sides should go, looked at Julie.

"It's french cut and the sides straps should be pulled over your hips, come to the dresser mirror." Emily stepped to the mirror and looked at her almost nude reflection and gasped.

"Oh heavens, Julie you can see right thru it." "Yeah, wow you look hot that way, don't you think that is a great improvement over those granny panties? All you need to do is trim some hair and shave your bikini line a little further and all the hair around your lips and you will be ready for listing as world's most wanted." "Shave my lips?" "Don't play innocent with me, those lips between your thighs." Emily giggled, "Do you shave yours?" "Of course, come on our coffee is getting old in there," "But Julie, I'm almost naked and this thong doesn't hide anything." "There's no one here but you and I and I like looking at you, and the way your eyes are shining I think you like the way you look also.

Here I'll take off my skirt and we'll both be almost naked." Slipping out of her skirt Julie took Emily's hand and pulled her towards the door and to the kitchen. They got coffee and went to the living area, settling on the couch. They sipped at the coffee and looked at each other, Julie smiling, Emily giggling. "Are you okay, Emily?" "Yes, I'm just slightly embarrassed." "Me too.

I'm going to try to give you an answer but be patient if I jumbled it up, ok?" Emily nodded and Julie took her coffee cup along with Emily's and put them on the end table, she moved closer until her hip was against Emily's then made her turn her upper body slightly and lean against the couch.

She took her finger and closed Emily's eyes. "Now listen intently and remember what we just talked about. Guys seem to be born with and are encouraged by their parents and society to develop a role as master of everything in life, but strongly in home life. They are expected and expect to be the major provider for the family and all the things that go along with that. In the sex side of things, from a young age they become aware of what people call penis envy and grow up thinking that all girls want a penis.

They are proud of theirs and believe if they can just show it or get a girl to touch it she will be enslaved and do any thing just to see or touch it again." As she spoke Julie slowly put her hand on Emily's stomach and rubbed upward to the bottom of her breasts and back down to the thong top.

"Relax, let the tension out. This penis envy thing might be partially true, I know I sure like them, they can bring a lot of pleasure to you.

I see you smiling so you agree. Anyway while all men are different the majority of them feel that they are required to be masculine in sex and that the woman is weak and vulnerable. If they find a woman that is aggressive, and takes the lead in sex they are at first overjoyed but quickly become uneasy and feel that their masculinity is being taken from them." Julie's hand had worked itself unto Emily's breast and she was massaging it softly and rubbing the nipple with her thumb and she was amazed at how hard it was.

"If that appears to be the case in your life then perhaps you need to introduce a little more submissiveness into your relationship. Men don't normally read romantic novels but they think that way in that the hero is always strong, not given to a lot of chatter, and always takes what he desires or walks away from it. The woman is always overcome with her desire to be loved and belong to a strong man and she swoons whenever he removes his shirt and presses his hard muscular chest against her heaving bosom.

Sounds corny but in real life that is what each desires. Sure, in daily living when working, playing, cleaning, buying groceries, and mundane life they may be equals and enjoy being together as partners but when it's comes to sex they fall into the expectant romantic novel roles. Or else there will be problems." "Julie, your making me feel so good, I understand what your talking about but how and what should I do to be more submissive?" "If your husband, Kurt, was massaging your breast and nipple as I am now what would you be doing?" "I would be undressing him, kissing him, rubbing his, his err, penis." "Why aren't you doing that now?" "Because you told me not to touch you, I want to badly, to give to you the same pleasure as you are giving me.

Oh no, that's what you just got though explaining to me that causes problems, role reversal and that giving back a gift is the same as refusing it." "Emily, you darling, you just said it better than I could so I know you understand, all you need to do is practice, practice, practice.

Now we have one last thing to do, a practical demonstration and you must yield your will to me. I am your husband and we are warming up on the couch before going to the bed for some hot love." Julie continued to massage Emily's breast as she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, with her eyes slitted she watched her reaction and saw Emily's eyes open and her hand start for Julie's body but stop and go back to beside her as her eyes slowly closed.

Julie slid her tongue between Emily's lips and heard her whimper as she opened her mouth to take it in and then Emily started to suck the tongue gently and rub her own tongue against it. Julie put her other hand and arm under Emily's shoulders and slightly turned her and slid her bent leg behind Emily's back which placed Emily in a reclined position with her shoulder pressed against Julie's breast and her arm and hand on Julie's leg.

She removed her tongue and lips from Emily's mouth and kissed her nose and eyes then licked Emily's lips as she continued to massage her breast and rub the hard nipple. "Your husband is giving you a gift of love and just as you have to reach out to receive a gift with your hand you must reach out with your body and accept his attention.

Just react to whatever he does to you, let him take the lead and don't deny him anything or any part of yourself. You belong to him and he wants to protect you, provide for you, love you, and give you pleasure while taking his own pleasure with your body and he wants to hear you so he will know that you are enjoying sex and will know that you reached climax." Julie returned her lips to Emily's and found her mouth opening and ready for Julie's tongue sucking it deeply into her mouth.

Julie rubbed her thumb over Emily's nipple and then grasped it with her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it steadily increasing the pressure as Emily moaned and began to arch her back thrusting her breast upward as she surrendered herself to the slight pain. Emily's hand on Julie's leg began to rub and slide the fingertips against the skin and Julie recognized from her own experiences that Emily was nearing a climax and losing control.

Realizing this, Julie removed her tongue from Emily's mouth and shifted her head down and engulfed the nipple she was squeezing in her mouth and sucked it as she rubbed her tongue on it. At the same time she moved her hand to Emily's cunt and rubbed from top of the mound downward until she had it cupped in her hand and applied pressure pressing inward.

Emily's breath exploded from her lungs at contact and she arched her hips upward from the couch, Julie grasped the thong and pulled it down Emily's legs to her ankles and as she moved her hand back up Emily opened her thighs giving full access to her hot and now very wet cunt. Julie pulled Emily higher by placing her hand on Emily's crotch and lifting there and with the hand and arm under her back, Emily assisted pushing with her feet until she was in Julie's lap with her head laying on the couch back.

Julie rubbed her finger over Emily's clit and then between the lips of her cunt, repeating the movement. "Ohhhh, yes, yes, yes, ohhh please oh please Julie please, do it, please Julie. ooohhh, fuck me please. oooohhhh fuck me, fuck me." Julie felt a odd sense of power that she had never known before as she continued to tease Emily's clit and cunt with her finger.

"Are you willing to submit your body to me, to do with as I wish, anytime I wish?" "Yes, please." "Will you strip naked and stand proudly knowing that you are beautiful and sexually desirable as I caress you, kiss you, and make you cum until you faint from exhaustion?" "Oooohhh yes Julie, I love you, I'll be your sex slave if you want me to, I'll do anything at anytime all you have to do is tell me when you want me." Julie realized that she had gone to far and Emily was expressing things that she would not have told except at a moment of extreme desire.

She turned Emily's head towards her and saw that her mouth was open and ready to accept her tongue, she kissed her and slid her tongue in as Emily began to suck it. Julie thought, how submissive she had become, this quick could only mean that she really wanted to be submissive but it was hidden inside all this time. Julie slid her index finger into Emily's open cunt and felt moisture trickle out and run down her crack and onto Julie's mound and to her cunt.

She moved the finger slowly in and out and Emily began to moan softly and roll her head from side to side and murmur yes yes and please please, over and over between moaning into Julie's mouth and around her tongue.

Julie pulled her finger almost out and added her middle finger as she slid them back in and Emily immediately raised her hips to meet them and began to pump against them. Emily's head was moving faster and rolling to far for the kissing to continue and Julie lifted her head and watched Emily's face. Emily's hips were pumping faster and higher and Julie realized she was cumming and she pushed harder against the wet cunt moving her fingers in to the knuckles.

This caused her ring finger to slide down to Emily's asshole and as Emily raised her hips thrusting against the fingers that finger touched the entrance and pressed against the pucker. Emily feeling this moaned louder and raised her hips holding against the finger and rotating her ass. Julie was amazed and knew that Emily wanted it badly, she wondered if she had been fucked in the ass before as she slowly applied more pressure against the passage.

Just as her fingertip began to enter Emily's ass, which was soaked by her secretions, Emily hunched three times hard causing the finger to slide in about half of an inch and Emily froze her movements pressing upward as hard as she could.

Julie felt Emily's cunt milking and grasping at her fingers and also her asshole was squeezing the invading finger as if trying to suck it in further, Emily was gasping for breath and Julie knew she was still cumming. Julie held still as Emily's head thrashed from side to side until finally she began to sink down and the upward thrust began to diminish.

Then Julie slowly began to move her hand causing the ring finger in Emily's ass to slide deeper in and she began to thrust in and out. Emily's hips rose again to meet the fingers and she rotated her ass and humped upwards. "Do you like it sweetheart, do you want it deeper, tell me what you want." "Yes ooooooww yes I love it, you are making me feel so wonderful, do it please, I want you to do it to me." "Do what baby, do what to you, tell me what you want me to do to you." "Fuck me Julie, fuck me with your fingers, fuck me with any thing, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass.

Do anything you want to me, I never felt so good in my life, I am yours, you can have any thing and do anything to me. Ohhh I can't stop cumming, my stomach hurts and I'm getting dizzy, but I keep convulsing and cumming, I love you, fuck my ass as far up as you can, I never been fucked in the ass it's wonderful, ooohhh yes yes." Julie slid her fingers as far as she could get them into Emily's cunt and ass wiggling them and moving in and out.

Emily immediately stiffened and began to thrash her head and pump her hips moaning and cumming. She began to slow down and finally slumped her head rolling to the side and was lifeless. Julie fucked her fingers into Emily a few more times but realized that she had fainted and pulled her finger from Emily's ass leaving the two in her cunt.

She called Emily's name twice but did not get a response, she eased Emily down on the couch as she got up and put a cushion under her head.

She went to the bathroom and got a hand towel and wash cloth wetting it and returned beginning to wash Emily's face as slowly the color was returning to her cheeks.


As Emily began to stir and moan Julie slid back on the couch and placed the hand towel under Emily's ass and returned her fingers to Emily's cunt sliding them in all the way.

Emily opened her eyes and smiled at Julie who put her arm under her and pulled her body against her own and kissed her inserting her tongue in the automatically opening mouth and holding the kiss for a long time. "Are you okay Emily, how do you feel?" "I feel wonderful, I haven't felt this good in a long time, you gave me a wonderful present and I will love you forever for that." "Isn't it good to just relax and let yourself be given pleasure without trying to make sure you do your part?" "Yes it is, I understand what you are saying, to be fucked without trying to earn it." "Exactly." "But what about you, can I do the same for you that you did for me?" "Not today Emily, you need to rest and build up your energy for tonight, besides I can get satisfied tonight, some other time, ok." "Promise?" "Emily do you really want to?

Your don't have to repay me it is a gift remember." "I really want to, really, really want to make love to you." "Ok, I promise, I'll find another time when we can get together." Emily's face brightened and she leaned the four inches that separated their lips and kissed Julie opening her mouth. This was not a passionate kiss rather a kiss of love and Julie gave her tongue to Emily's mouth to be sucked as she slid her fingers in and out again of the sopping cunt of her female lover's cunt, Emily moaned.

Julie felt the cum of Emily's cunt covering her fingers and she pulled them out and brought them to their lips and removing her lips from Emily's she waited until she opened her eyes and showed her the cunt coated fingers and then licked part of one finger.

"Mmmm, you taste good baby." She then licked some more, coating her tongue and leaned towards Emily's mouth which opened immediately and placed her tongue on the lips, Emily sucked it in opening her mouth wider and Julie licked around her mouth and tongue and as she pulled it out felt Emily sucking trying to get all the cum.

They looked into each others eyes as Emily swallowed, then Julie raised up and coated her nipple bringing it towards the hungry mouth which parted and leaning forward sucked the nipple, Emily began to breathe hard and make small whimpering sounds in her throat.

When she finished Emily looked at Julie's fingers which still had a coating of cum. "Do you want it, lover?" Asked Julie, as she moved the fingers closer to the now shining mouth. Emily nodded and looked at Julie as she first brought a finger to her mouth and licked it and then to Emily's mouth and let her suck the fingers until they were clear of any cum.

They continued to look at each other and then kissed. "I think we both could start all over again but we are running out of time. If Jimmy comes in and finds you lying here hot, horny, and naked you will have a cock in your cunt in a flash.

These teenagers are horny most of the time as you know and you are sexy as hell with your clothes on, naked you wouldn't stand a chance of getting to your feet without a load of cum in you." Emily smiled, "Right now I feel so good I wouldn't put up a fight and you couldn't make me stop with a bullwhip once he got his cock in me." "Here's a wash cloth to clean up with and you know where the bathroom is, I'll bring you a cup of coffee." Emily swung her feet to the floor and raised to a sitting position seeing the hand towel beneath her ass she looked at Julie and asked, "Did I pass out?

I thought I imagined it but you went for a wash cloth, hand towel, and washed my face without me knowing it. Oh my, I'm embarrassed." "Maybe you didn't faint perhaps you just moved to a different dimension for a short time, maybe you swooned like in the romance novels." "No I passed out, I remember getting dizzy and the room spinning and then something hit me in the lower stomach and next I knew was we were lying on the couch.

You said you were going to make me cum until I fainted and you did! God, I love you, Julie!" "Need any help?" "No I'm okay, oh I messed up your thong, I buy you another to replace it." "It's your thong, I gave it to you and you can't refuse it or give me another, remember?" "Yes ma'am." Julie smacked Emily on her bare ass and squeezed it, "Get your beautiful butt in that bathroom and stop enticing me with it, we both got dinners to fix and no time for licking and kissing beautiful naked asses." Emily laughed and kissed Julie's lips and quickly walked to the master bath swinging her butt and glancing over her shoulder at Julie with a smile.

She cleaned up and dressed sipping the coffee Julie brought her and ran to the kitchen to say goodbye and see you tomorrow at school. Julie was getting things from the refrigerator to prepare dinner dressed only in her thong.

"Want to walk me to the car?" "Sure, but call 911 first as there will be strokes and heart attacks up and down the street." "But what a way to go! Bye see you tomorrow, love you." "Love you also, call me and let me know how it goes, don't forget to shave and no bra." "Yes mommy, may I kiss your nipples?" "No my lips only, ohhh you demon, you disobeyed now look at them, get out of here." Chapter Six ----------- Julie hurried to get things ready for dinner so she would only have to turn on the stove, when it was all prepared she poured herself a cup of coffee and went to the bathroom.

She drank the coffee as she got ready to shower, removing her thong she was not surprised to find it wet and as she checked to see if she had a stubble of hair around her cunt lips she could see and feel more seeping out. She had been aroused most of the day, first Harry, then Emily rubbing her tits as she adjusted the bra, then Charlie Hale's hand on her ass, Emily again at lunch and here. Now she had to shower before Jimmy got home and be at the door naked, that really had her excited both being naked and exposed at the door and what they would do after she was safely inside.

She grabbed her razor and touched up around her cunt so it would be smooth and shaved her legs as they would need it by morning. As she showered, being careful not to wet her hair, she was thinking about what Jimmy said last night. Would he want her to kiss his cock? Would she if he told her to? Was he going to kiss her cunt and how, just a peck or stick his tongue in?

Did she want him to? Julie realized that the shower spray was stinging her nipples and she looked down at them, they were sticking straight out looking swollen and she realized her tits were feeling as if they were swollen and tight against the skin.

She washed her cunt and ass to make sure they were clean and would smell fresh and saw that her cunt lips were also puffy and the clit was sticking out from the hood that normally covered it. She turned off the shower and begin to dry her body with the towel, walking to the mirror she turned on the vanity lights and surveyed her body, even through her medium tan she could see that her tits, chest, and stomach were flushed pink.

She dried her legs and then her ass, she dreaded to dry her cunt as she was afraid to touch it and start it dripping again. Finally she placed the towel against it and gasped as a shock sent through her body and the ache started in her lower stomach. She gasped as she looked at herself in the mirror, the person she saw was almost a stranger, eyes clouded with lust and her body flushed pink with nipples extended twice the length normal.

She suddenly was hit with the realization that she wanted, no needed and had to have a cock. With that thought her cunt twitched and she could feel her clit slipping out of its hood and she spread her legs and watched as the tip slowly came into view. "Oh no, I'm nothing but a slut wanting to fuck all the time, I wasn't like this, what has happened to me? Hurry Jimmy, I need your cock now, I'm going to explode if I don't get fucked I can't wait for Harry to get home it is way to long." As she murmured to her mirror image she came to the truth about her questions, and the answer was yes, yes, yes.

She wanted Jimmy to tell her to kiss his cock and she would, she wanted him to kiss her cunt, lick it, and put his tongue in it. And she, above all wanted him to put his cock in her and fuck her until she could not hold her head up and just lie lifeless as cum after cum rocked her body. She reached up and cupped her tits finding them hot and feeling swollen. Slowly she smiled as she looked in the mirror and thought, it won't be much longer Jimmy will be home and we can do all the things we want to, we will have a least a hour and a half to make love.

I'll be at the door naked and hot, we won't waste any time I'll kiss his cock and suck it in my mouth, lick it, take it down my throat, and let him cum his first load and swallow every last drop. Then he can love my cunt until he is hard again and we will fuck and cum and cum. Julie squeezed her tits and grabbed the hair brush using it on her hair until it shone, then she quickly applied a light coat of pink lipstick to her lips, nodded ok to herself in the mirror, went to the closet and got a pair of black strap heels and put them on.

She grabbed the towel and took it to the living room couch just in case they continued their love making there. Checking the clock she saw she had a few minutes before the bus came, but went and opened the door cautiously peeking out but she didn't see anyone so she stepped out to the end of the entry looking up and down the street. There was not a person in sight and she could not see any houses as most on this street were a least two hundred feet apart and you had to walk down halfway to the street to be seen.

However it was thrilling to stand at the entry naked and she was beginning to quiver with excitement. Julie returned to the kitchen then remembering she had left her cup in the bathroom she retrieved it and poured the last of the coffee in it, sitting at the counter she sipped coffee and absently rubbed her nipple against the warm cup.

Glancing at the cup she was surprised to see a sticky substance on the cup and her nipple, it was not milky nor was it clear, cloudy or murky maybe, but she knew that in her excitement she was lactating a substance. Rubbing her finger against her nipple she placed it in her mouth and thought, it doesn't taste bad, Jimmy is in for a surprise when he sucks my nipples today, hurry damn bus.

After another five minutes she heard a straining motor and knew it was the bus, she downed the last swallow of coffee and smeared the lactate around her nipple, squeezed the other nipple and took her finger and smeared the drop that appeared on the end around that nipple and started towards the door.

Each step she took made her breasts bounce and hurt as they were tight with desire and her heart was beating rapidly, as she neared the door she was mumbling to herself that she was a slut, a horny, hot, fucking, insane slut and she felt moisture from her cunt running down her leg. Stopping just short of the door she waited as the motor noise grew closer, then she rushed to the door and stood behind it peering around it and watched the bus stop at the driveway.

The bus door opened and in a few seconds Jimmy bounded down the steps and was looking towards the house. He turned and waved to some friends as the door closed and the bus moved slowly away and down the street, Jimmy waved one last time and turned his attention to the house. Julie waited until the bus pulled past the entry and out of her sight and taking a deep breath stepped through the door and out onto the entry, walking as far out as she knew she could without being seen, Jimmy had not moved from the spot he was in still looking intently at the house.

Julie stopped and raised her hand and waved at Jimmy, he waved back but did not move just looking, Julie didn't know what to do with her hands and finally just put them on her thighs which were slightly parted. She wanted to yell at him to come on but fought down the desire and just stood waiting, in what seemed to Julie to be an hour, Jimmy began to walk towards the house getting a little faster the closer he got. Julie legs began to quiver and she could feel the strength starting to leave them, as he got close to the steps up to the entry she turned and backed to the brick wall and putting her hands behind her leaned against it for support and spread her legs a little more for balance.

She could not tear her eyes from his crotch as his cock was bulged against his pants, her lips parted as she remembered the feel of the velvet head against her lips last night. She wanted it! Jimmy peeled his book pack from his back as he approached her and dropped it on the floor of the entry, he walked up to Julie and place his hands on her hips and leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her parted lips and let the tip of his tongue run across them.

He looked at her and said, "You're beautiful mom, thanks for being here for me." Then he dropped to his knees and looking at her cunt leaned slowly forward towards it, Julie was mesmerized she could not move or speak and just watched as his mouth grew closer.

Jimmy opened his mouth and his tongue extended and licked Julie's clit which was extended from her cunt lips, at contact she moaned a low throat groan and began to shake. He licked the clit a few times as Julie spread her legs more and bowed her back offering him her cunt, Jimmy licked and kissed her cunt lips then back to the clit and suddenly sucked her clit into his mouth sucking and licking at the same time.

Julie was fast losing all control of her body and began to sag into him and he was holding her hips to keep her from falling, she had completely forgotten that they were still out in the entry in full view should a car come by, all she was aware of was that his mouth on her cunt was wonderful and she was cumming!

Jimmy rose up and held Julie plastered to his body and placed his wet mouth on her lips which she parted and licked and then accepted his tongue inside and tasted her cum. Jimmy broke the kiss and said to her. "Do you want to suck my cock, mom?" Julie nodded and he began to help her walk to the door placing his arm around her waist and holding her tight as she walked on wobbly legs back into the house.

Jimmy shut the door and locked it as Julie still dazed stood looking with her eyes focusing slowly on his cock, he turned to her and stepping closer began to remove his shirt. Julie sank to her knees and began to undo his belt, unfasten the slacks and pull them down, she looked at the bulge in his shorts and placed her hand on it and rubbed slowly.

Jimmy knelt down and untied his shoes slipping them off along with the socks kissing Julie at the same time, when he finished he arose and removed the slacks and his shorts. Straightening he stood in front of Julie with his cock which was stiff and pointing up slightly only six inches from her mouth, for a long moment she looked at that which she had lusted for all day and finally spoke.

"It's beautiful baby, I've been wanting it all day, I could hardly think of anything other than your beautiful cock and how good it makes me feel.

I admit that I am enslaved to it and the pleasure it gives me, you can make me do any thing that you desire for I can not resist you but please let me love it and never keep it away from me, please baby." "Yes mom, it is always yours and I will give it to you any time we are alone. I will make you do things for me, wear sexy outfits, go naked in the house, tie you up, spank you and others.

If you do those for me I will kiss, suck, and fuck you until we both can't walk in any part of your body, can you go with that?" "Yes baby, any time." Julie leaned forwarded and kissed the end of Jimmy's cock as though to seal a bargain.

The tip was wet with thin fluid and she licked it and marveled that it tasted like his father's, placing her lips over the tip she lightly sucked and was rewarded with more, then she licked the head and moved her lips over the crown taking it into her mouth until her lips passed the rim.

Holding there Julie sucked just enough to provide pressure and placed the palm of her hand under his balls cradling them and massaging slightly. Jimmy was gasping and moved his hips forward so she took another two inches into her mouth and raised her chin to align his cock with her throat opening. Slowly she began to allow more into her mouth and was rubbing her tongue on the underside of his cock.

Finally she had all of it in her mouth and throat and she began a swallowing motion in her throat, Jimmy stiffened and pushed his cock against her throat and began to shake.

"Oh mom, stop stop quick stop I'm going to cum." Julie slowly pulled her head back until his cock came out of her mouth. "It's alright baby, I want you to cum so I can taste you and swallow your cum. Fill me with your wonderful cum, squirt me and let me feel it spurting in my mouth." Julie slid her mouth back over Jimmy's cock running her tongue over the head as it returned to her throat and she began to swallow and suck on it, cock fluid was running in her throat almost constantly, she backed away to get it in her mouth so she could taste it and thrilled at the taste and the warmth.

She sucked gently so as not to hurt her son's cock and was rewarded with a copious amount which she let flow across her tongue and into her throat trickling into her stomach. Jimmy stiffened and his cock seemed to swell in her mouth signaling he was fast approaching cumming, Julie moaned in anticipation of being filled with her son's sperm and the vibration in her mouth sent him over the edge, she moved his cock head to the front of her mouth and clamped her lips firmly around the head placing her tongue on the underside of it and rubbing.

The first spurt hit the roof of her mouth with force and cascaded into her throat followed immediately by the second with almost the same force. Again Julie moaned as she tried to hold the cum in her mouth and she moaned almost a humming sound, a sound of great pleasure and satisfaction, which increased Jimmy's sensations in his spurting cock as he continued to fill his mother's mouth with hot and pungent sperm.

Julie felt the intensity of his spurts begin to diminish and finally stop with the young cock twitching in her mouth. She looked up at her lover son and saw he was swaying in the aftermath of his passion and with a smile on his face.

She let the cum from her lover's cock slide slowly down her throat swallowing it in small amounts savoring the favor and the satisfaction of having given Jimmy his first and possibly the best oral sex he would ever get. Also she came to the realization that she had cum as she was wet between her legs. "I love you mom, you are the best that there will ever be, I was thinking of you all day and hoping you would suck my cock but I didn't know it would be that good." "I love you also Jimmy, I love sucking your cock and I'll suck it any time that I can and you want me to.

But please fuck me, I'm so hot for your cock in my cunt that I can hardly breathe. I've been waiting all day for this moment so you could fuck me again and make me cum." "You've been hot and horny for my cock, mom?" "Yes baby." "Are you my slut anytime I want to fuck you?" "Yes baby." "Tell me like you did yesterday so I will know you really want me to fuck you, that you really are my slut, so I will know that it's okay to fuck you, make you suck me, and do anything I want to, beg me if you are my slut." Julie looked up at Jimmy from her position on her knees holding his cock and balls in her hands and instinctively knew that if she did as he asked she would not be just giving permission to fuck her today, she would be committing herself to be her son's sex slave, he would become her master just as his father was in all things sexual.

She looked deep into his eyes and searched them for any sign of gloating or power struggle but all she could see was love and need to love shining there.

"I am already your father's sex slave as you know, I would love to be your sex slave also if you can share with him and he with you because I love both of you. I want you to fuck me now and anytime we can, I will give my body to you anytime you want it, you can use me any way you want to, fucking, sucking, or anything, I will be your slut always ready to please you with my cunt, mouth, tits and any other way you wish.

Please allow me to be your slut, please say that you will accept me as your sex slave, please fuck me, please let me be your lover, please let me cum before I burn up." Jimmy didn't answer her instead he reached down and taking her wrists helped her to her feet and kissed her on the lips, Julie pressed her body against her young lover rubbing her breasts against his chest and opened her mouth in surrender for his tongue.

Jimmy slid his hand down to her ass and inserted his finger into the crevice between her cheeks rubbing as it slid closer to her asshole. He put his other hand on her shoulder and turned her body freeing one tit from his chest and grasped it with his hand squeezing the swollen globe, Julie bent her back thrusting the breast out for him and felt his finger reach her asshole and gently rub it causing her to moan and arch her back so the tit and her ass both were available for him to use as he wished.

Jimmy kissed Julie with his tongue in her mouth as far as it would go then broke the kiss and kissed both eyes her nose and cheeks. He continued to squeeze and fondle her breast as he probed her ass, then realized he needed some lube for his finger so he brought his hand around to her lips and touched them. Julie opened her eyes and looked at his finger on her lips and then into his eyes, as they looked at each other silently he moved his hand from her tit to the nipple and began to pinch it between his finger and thumb steadily getting harder.

Julie began to quiver as the pressure became painful and she whimpered in her throat and her eyes began to glaze and lose focus, when she began to shake she opened her mouth and moved it over his finger sucking it and coating it with her tongue and the moisture in her mouth. Jimmy eased the pressure on her nipple and began to roll it between his thumb and finger.

When it was as wet as she could make it she stopped and opening her mouth let it rest on her tongue until Jimmy removed it and as he moved his hand and wet finger back to her ass she stepped to him and put both arms around his neck placing her body in complete surrender against his and laid her head on his chest rubbing her forehead on his neck.

When Jimmy's finger began to move between her cheeks Julie spread her legs and raised up on her toes, when he touched it to her asshole she whimpered and raised her head and opened her mouth for his tongue kiss. Jimmy slowly moved his finger in a circle wetting the opening and then pushed it tight against soft tissue which slowly began to give way then he stopped!

He moved his pelvic area away from Julie's body and placed his cock between her legs and along her very wet cunt lips and moved his pelvic area back against her. His hard cock was fully recovered and fully aroused.

As it slid along Julie's cunt lips she sighed and sucked his tongue as her stomach began to ache once again. Jimmy moved his finger forward and it went in to the first knuckle, he broke their kiss and looked into Julie's eyes until she opened them and asked her, "Are you ready, for this?" Julie answered, "Take your slut, lover, fuck her until she passes out, she's yours." Jimmy pushed into her ass slowly as far as he could get with his middle finger, because of her beautiful ass cheeks he could only get in to the second knuckle a little more than two inches.

Julie with her body pressed against him her legs spread and on her toes still looking into his eyes sighed, "Oh yes lover yes fuck my ass, it's feels so good, you know how to turn me on and make me weak as a rag. Treat me like the slut I am, put your finger in my ass it is yours anytime. I love anything you do to me, oh I feel oh. oh. oh. a climax building you haven't even put your cock in me and I'm going to cum already." Julie let her head fall back and let the wonderful sensation of a building climax overtake her.

Jimmy bent down to her lips and licked them, "Cum for me, I want to watch you as you squirt your love juice on my cock as it slides along your cunt and when you are finished I will put it in your mouth and let you suck and lick your cum from it.

Then I will fuck your beautiful cunt and make you cum so many times you won't be able to hold your head up. Cum for me, slut." Those words were the push over the top for Julie and she began to shudder and whimper as Jimmy kissed her and slide his finger in and out of her ass, she tried to pump her hips sliding her cunt on his cock but was to far gone and only managed a couple of jerks before she exploded and could only grind against him as she came yet again.

Her legs were hurting from the strain she was in and losing strength, as she reached the end and began to come down from the high she slowly melted and sagged to the floor with Jimmy holding her and easing her down, putting her head on his thighs as he knelt with his arm under her neck and supporting her shoulder.

Julie smiled and said, "Thank you baby, that was wonderful, I love you." "I love you too sexy slut mom." Jimmy grasped his wet cock and placed the dripping head on Julie's lips, she automatically opened her mouth and turned her head and began to suck and lick it, he pulled her farther up on his thighs and more cock went into her mouth until she had it all.

She was humming in contentment as he rubbed her breasts with his free hand. Jimmy could wait no longer, Julie seemed to be content just to lay in the afterglow of her cum and suck his cock but he was anxious to get her to bed and fuck her properly and fill her with his cum. He eased his cock back out of her mouth with her sucking harder trying to keep it. "Please lover, please just a little more I love it." "We are going to my bed so I can fuck you, let me help you up." "Oh baby I'm dizzy, I feel like I've been drugged hold me ." "You're drugged on fucking and I don't intend for you to ever get over it, I want you hot and begging me to fuck you every day, I want you to take off your clothes and come to me naked when I get home, I want you to come into my room every night and ride my cock before you can go to sleep.

You are a sex starving slut and you want to be fucking a cock, sucking a cock or begging for a cock to fuck you. You can never say no to a hard cock, just the sight of a cock makes you get horny and wet and you will want it in your cunt. You can't live without a cock fucking you." Jimmy talked as he helped her walk to his room. He was hoping to keep her horny and in the mood for fucking as he needed to relieve the pressure building in his balls.

Julie in her dazed state heard the words and thought yes I want that also, yes I'll do that, yes I am a slut I fuck my son, I must have a cock, I want a cock, no I can't say no to a cock, I can't live without a cock.

As they neared his bathroom Jimmy stopped and moved Julie against the wall and reached around the corner and grabbed a towel from the rack, thinking we shouldn't mess up the bed she would get upset. They continued to the bedroom and he turned her with her side to the bed and spread the towel across the bed.

Jimmy kissed the dazed woman's lips and she opened her mouth expecting a tongue or cock to be inserted. "Slut are you ready to be fucked? Feel this hard cock that is going to bring you so much pleasure, are you ready, put your hand on it, tell me how much you want it." "Yes I'm ready, ohhh it's hard, yes I will love it fucking me, yes ready, ohh lover give it to me I can't live without it." Jimmy pinched both of Julie's nipples and she became more confused but she remembered when she felt pain before it bought her great pleasure, a finger in her ass and a wonderful cum.

"Do you want this cock in your hand to fuck your cunt or your ass or both?" "Oh yes, I want you to fuck my cunt with it, I need it deep inside me, please fuck my cunt and put your finger in my ass again, pinch my nipples I'm going crazy, I need to feel you in me, I'm a slut, I need to be fucked, please fuck me and cum in me I need your cum in me I feel empty without it, let me be your lover, please." As Jimmy helped her on the bed he was thinking how confused she became when she was hot and had cum, how submissive she was and how easily she believed the things he was telling her.

Maybe he could suggest that she must submit herself to anything he wanted, and it would be great to have a sex slave at his command. He eased his body between Julie's legs which opened and invited him to her cunt that was wet with the clit protruding.

Julie still held his cock in her hand and her eyes were looking at it with lust and anticipation. Jimmy looked at her nipples, hard and stiff, he took one in his fingers and began to pinch it hard. "Look at that cock, slave, it is going to fuck your wet hot cunt and make you cum. Rub it on your clit. You want it, you will do anything to get that cock in your mouth, ass, or cunt, anything that I tell you to do you will do because that cock will bring you great satisfaction and you love it." "Yes oooohhh it feels so good, yes anything yes anything, I love it, please fuck me." Julie centered the cockhead, after rubbing her clit, at the opening to her cunt and again said please as Jimmy moved the head just inside her, he paused and said again, any thing I tell you to do, and Julie answered immediately, yes anything anytime, and he slid it in another inch and said, you are my sex slave now, she answered, yes your sex slave.

Jimmy pushed his hard cock all the way in Julie's wet and hot cunt and ground his pelvic bone against her clit, she moaned and began to cum immediately wrapping her legs around him and humping to meet his thrusts. As soon as Julie's climax would begin to descend another would start and she came constantly as Jimmy fucked her moaning, whimpering and grasping at the height of every climax.

Finally Jimmy could take no more and he came with a rush filling her with hot cum and they lay still and limp. Jimmy rolled to the side to get off of Julie and turned her with him, he kissed and she kissed him smiling a small satisfied smile. He rubbed her tit and nipple gently and kissed her eyes, nose, and cheeks as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her slopping cunt as his cock slowly deflated.

He whispered in her ear telling her how beautiful she was, how much he loved her, how hot and horny she made him, and how glad he was she was his slut, sex slave, and that she had promised to let him fuck her and anything else that he wanted to do to her.

Julie lay quietly, almost asleep, and listened as he kept on talking convincing her that she must have a cock all the time and she could not ever refuse to fuck if she saw or felt a cock, that she would be submissive any time that she was told to undress and suck a cock or fuck a cock and would beg to be fucked any time she had an opportunity.

Each time Jimmy kissed her lips or close to her mouth she would open it waiting for him to put something inside. Jimmy's cock had returned to normal size and he was satisfied so he slipped out of bed and kissed Julie telling her to rest that he would wake her in thirty minutes. He got a blanket from the closet and spread it over her, he took her heels off and covered her feet and kissed her but she was already asleep, content and with a smile.

Jimmy went and gathered up his books and clothes and put them away and washed his cock and used the commode, got a pair of shorts and a T shirt and dressed, then he went and checked his homework and saw he only had to read one chapter in history so he sat down and did it.

After Jimmy finished reading his history chapter he checked the clock and went to the master bath and drew a tub of hot water putting some of the bubble bath in it and then he went back to his room to wake Julie.

She was still in the same position he had left her in, he kneeled by the bed and uncovered her and began to rub her shoulders, back, and arms gently. "Wake up beautiful, wake up I have a nice warm bath ready for you to soak your beautiful body in and relax for a while." Julie stirred and opened her eyes looking around to see where she was and smiled at him.

"Why am I in your bed baby? What time is it?" "It's not quite four thirty yet you have time for a tub soak, you were resting so good after we made love that I just covered you and let you rest. I wanted to lay with you and cuddle but was afraid that we would over sleep so I did my home work and kept an eye on the clock.

How do you feel?" "I'm okay, a little groggy and sleepy headed, that feels good rub my back it itches a little, oooo, yes that's the spot." Jimmy was surprised that she was not upset, if she didn't remember why she was in his bed did she remember what had happened, he decided to talk to her after getting her in the tub.

"Come on, I'll help you get in the tub before the water gets cool." He pulled the blanket from her and took her hand helping her to sit up, Julie realized she was naked and memories began to flood her mind. She looked at Jimmy and saw he was looking concerned so she smiled and he smiled back. "Wow, you are beautiful I wish you could go naked all the time so I could just look at your beautiful body and face.

Your breasts are perfect and your skin is also there's nothing about you that isn't beautiful." "Thank you baby." "Lover, I'm your lover." "Thank you lover, but you shouldn't lie, I'm a mess, a sticky yucky mess. My breath must be horrible and my hair is everywhere. But, thank you it makes me feel better." "Come on I'll wash your back after you have soaked for a while." Julie took his hand and let him help her up, Jimmy put her arm over his shoulder and his arm around her waist with his hand low on her hip and they went to the master bath and she eased in the tub.

"Ohhhh, this does feel good don't let me stay to long, dinner needs to be ready by five forty five, and the pork chops will take about thirty minutes." "Tell me what to do and I will get everything ready." Julie told him what few things needed to removed from the refrigerator and how to start water heating for the veggies and he went away to start them.

As she lay in the water Julie wondered again what was happening to her, she hadn't been so horny and excited in years as she had been in the last week. She had grown accustomed to the playing around that she, Harry and Jimmy did after dinner, the playing with breasts and kissing but since Harry had told her she should let Jimmy go further even to extent of fucking she was hot all the time.

And now she was going crazy just thinking about what would happen when they were alone and Jimmy had suddenly taken over as if he knew she wasn't going to say no to anything he did to her. And she loved every minute of it, twice now she had cum so hard and multiple times that she was lifeless and almost passing out from passion.

She remembered the time and grabbed the wash cloth and begin to clean her body paying close attention to her cunt. She washed and then let the water drain and as she was drying Jimmy entered the bathroom. "Do you feel better after your soak." "Yes sweetheart, and I feel a lot cleaner." Julie sat down on the side of the tub and began to dry her legs and feet, she asked him to hand her the lotion from the vanity and he got it and squirted some in his hand and began to rub it on her legs.

Jimmy rubbed her feet and she leaned back picking her feet up so he could do the bottom, and then he began to rub higher on her legs until he got to her crotch area and was rubbing lotion on her upper thighs. "Open your legs lover" "Oh no sweetheart, not there." Jimmy pushed her legs apart and moved between them, getting more lotion he rubbed her cunt tenderly with it and parted the lips rubbing along the inside.

Julie closed her eyes and leaned her head back enjoying the sensation of having her cunt played with for that was what was happening and she had not resisted. She could feel the excitement rising in her and the hardening of her nipples plus the ache starting in her stomach. "Oh baby it feels so good but we mustn't start again, daddy would come home and find us fucking like wild beasts and no dinner." "Just a little more, I love your cunt, and it would be good for you to be hot and wet when he gets here maybe he will take you on the couch so I could watch, I love to see you come.

Could we tell him tonight that I want to fuck you so that we will know that's alright?" As he finished saying this Jimmy slid a finger inside Julie's cunt as far as he could go. "Oooooo your fucking me, oh baby you must stop, please stop don't make me cum again I won't have any strength to fix dinner. Arrrooooh, don't rub my clit, it's so tender and hurts, it's swollen and very sensitive." "You love it don't you, tell me you love it, do you really want me to stop?

You need this don't you, you need to be fucked, tell me why you need it." Julie heard her voice responding without realizing she was answering. "Yes lover, I love it and I don't want you to stop, I need your finger in me and I need your cock to fuck me, I'm a slut and that is why.

But we shouldn't, ohhhh you're killing me with your finger and with your love I don't care anymore, do to me what ever you want I'm your slut, baby." Jimmy hasten to pull his shorts down with his free hand and moved between Julie's legs moving them farther apart, feeling him against her legs Julie opened her eyes and raised her head looking at his cock which he was holding and aligning with her cunt.

As he touched the head to her and rubbed it up to her clit and down to her opening cunt a few times, Julie arched her feet to rise up on her toes and slid forward on the tub edge. Jimmy inserted the head into her cunt then twisted to get the lotion and squirted some on her breasts beginning to rub it in sliding his cock all the way in until their pelvic bones were against each other.

He held it there not moving continuing to massage lotion onto her tits and chest. "Does it feel good, slut, to have my cock in you? Would you like to have a cock in you all the time?

I am going to tell dad that I need to fuck you tonight and ask if it is okay for us both to fuck you any time we can because we both love you and want you and you need a cock. You have to admit to him that you need a cock fucking you regularly so he will know that you are willing and want to fuck us both. Can you do that, tonight?" "Yes sweetheart, yes to everything, I will tell Harry that you sucked my tits and got a hard on that hurt bad and you wanted to fuck me and I wanted you to because I needed it and he should talk to you about sharing my body.

Ohh baby I want you to fuck me now but we shouldn't, I need you to be strong and stop because I can't, please fuck me just a little it's feels so good in my cunt. I shouldn't cum but I want to so bad help me lover, fuck me until I faint make me a slut, cum in me and make me cum, please." "No you can't cum, you must promise and then tell dad before you can cum, do you promise?" "Yes, I promise I will tell him to let you fuck me and that I must have his cock and your cock." Julie was trembling all over her tits ached, her stomach felt like a big knot was inside it, she had lost all control again and would have promised any thing to any body.

Jimmy starting pulling his cock back out of her cunt slowly. "No baby, no, don't take it out." She reached down and held his cock trying to slide back on to it. "Please fuck me, if you can't at least leave it in me, it feels so good and I need it so bad." "It will be okay mom, we will clean up and finish dinner and then we can fuck if dad says it's okay, let me take it out and get you a wash cloth, you know that's what we should do." "Yes I know, I want it so bad it hurts, push it all the way in and then pull it out, please." Jimmy started forward and Julie released it and sighed as it went all the way again, he stopped when their pelvises met and leaned forward kissing her and giving her his tongue to suck.

Breaking the kiss he pulled his cock out slowly feeling Julie's inner muscles grasping and trying to hold it inside. Finally it came out covered with her moisture and she stared at it as if she might never see it again, as he rose from his knees and leaned over the tub to get the wash cloth she quickly kissed the wet head and tried to lick it but he straighten quickly.

Jimmy looked at his mother as he cleaned his cock of her moisture, she was looking at his cock with raw lust not trying to hide her desire for it, she wanted it and the pleasure it could give her.

When he finished he moved closer to her and as it approached her face she parted her lips wanting it in her mouth. "Just a kiss lover until later when you can have it all, anyway you want it." Julie moaned deep in her throat and kissed the head running her tongue up the slit hoping for some cum. Jimmy gave her the cloth and went to the closet and got her robe laying it on the vanity.

"Wear this and your heels, nothing else for dad. Meet him at the door and let him hold you and feel your nakedness as you tell him, I will stay in the kitchen and watch the food." Julie nodded and Jimmy knew she would do it, he also knew that she was his lover and would do any thing for him just as she did for his father. Julie had given up to her desires and was willing, in fact eager to be a sex slave to both of them.

Chapter Seven ------------- Jimmy went to the kitchen and started setting the table, Julie came in about ten minutes later and she got the chops from the refrigerator turned on the oven and put them inside. She got all the other food ready along with the rolls, started the rice and then went to the counter to prepare the salad.

Jimmy helped her as much as he could, she told him that everything was going good all that needed to be done was the salad and that he should put on a tee shirt.

When he went to get one she leaned on the counter and took some deep breaths trying to clear her mind as she felt dazed like she was half asleep then went back to work on the salad. "Is this shirt okay mom?" Asked Jimmy upon returning. "It's fine baby." Jimmy walked to Julie and put his arms around her from behind pressing his cock against her ass as he slid his hands inside her robe and held her breasts.

"I love you mom." "I love you also Jimmy." He rubbed his cock against her ass and squeezed her breasts gently, Julie stopped mixing the salad and placed her hands on the counter arching her back to stick out her breasts and push her ass against his cock.

They did this for a couple of minutes and he could hear her breathing in gasps. He rubbed her nipples with his fingers and found them stiff with lust. "Oooohhh lover, you're driving me crazy, everything you do to me is so good but it keeps me hot and dizzy." "Turn around and let me suck your nipples just a little to keep them stiff." "You're doing this to keep me horny," Julie said as she turned around, "I shouldn't let you suck my nipples for you know that it makes my breasts swell and I get wet," She pulled her robe open to free both breasts for him, "But your mouth on them feels so good and I need it, kiss them first and be tender when you suck, they are getting sore." Jimmy did as she requested kissing her nipples, the sides, bottom, top, and licking then sucking them into his mouth.

Julie watched breathing heavily with her hands on the counter top thrusting her tits forward for his mouth and when he begin to kiss downward towards her stomach she undid the robe sash and opened the robe pulling it all the way around behind her hips baring her body to him for whatever his desire would be.

Jimmy stopped at her navel and straightened up looking her in the eyes, he placed his hand on her cunt and pressed inward and could feel her clit throb each time her heart beat. Julie looked back at him with smoky eyes and parted lips, she had never been so mesmerized in her life never so completely controlled by anyone, never so willing to allow anything to be done to her even wanting it to be done.

She realized even more fully than earlier that she was giving over her body maybe even her life to Jimmy and she wanted to, she had to, she felt as if she would die if it was denied her. "I'm not going to put a finger in you mom." "I know that you're not, your going to drive me crazy so I will never refuse you any thing that you want, so that I will be hot and wet and lusting for your cock all the time, so that you can whistle and I will come running to be fucked, so that you can snap your fingers and I will fall to my knees and open my mouth to suck your cock; well it's working." "Will that please you mom?

If not I can stop for I want you to be happy." "Yes baby it will make me happy if you are happy too, all I want is to see you and your father happy forever. I will do anything for either of you or both of you if it makes you happy. And I love to be fucked and made love to anyway you want, just tell me and I will do it." "I have to fuck you again tonight no matter what dad says." "Yes baby I want you too, I'll come to your room when dad goes to sleep and you can fuck me.

Baby you can slip your finger in me now I wouldn't mind if you did." "I don't think we should, look at the time, dad should be arriving any minute and you need to be calm as you can be but horny and wet when you tell him." "Oh baby I know, but it would feel so good and I'm going nuts with your hand on my cunt." "Then we'd better stop mom, but I don't want to, I love seeing you like this, hot and excited wanting to fuck, willing to do anything to get a cock in you.

Do you like being this way?" "Yes it is a great feeling to know that you are lusting for my body and would fuck me and give me pleasure by making me cum time after time and filling me with your hot cum, I love being a slut." Jimmy removed his hand from Julie's cunt and moved it around to her ass and pulled her forward as he kissed her lips which were parted and ready for his tongue.

He only licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and rubbed her ass cheeks sliding his fingers up and down the crevice, she shuttered as he moved away and looked at her exposed body. They heard the blowing of the truck horn.

Julie pulled her robe together and tied the sash starting for the door she told Jimmy to finish the salad and put it on the table. "Don't tie the robe to tight mom, it needs to be loose enough that it is accessible." Julie nodded and continued to the door going out onto the entry and closing the door, it was there that she met Harry coming up the steps.

She stopped and got close to the wall hoping no one would come by and see her. "Wow baby this gets better every time I come home, let me put a hug on that beautiful body. I need a kiss from those sweet lips and feel those boobs rubbing my chest." Julie put her arms around Harry's neck and plastered her body against him and kissed him with her mouth open, he responded with his tongue and his hands on her ass pulling the robe up so he could get both naked cheeks and press her against his crotch.

Pausing for breath he asked, "What brought on this great welcome home and did Jimmy see you dressed like this?

I'm surprised that he hasn't already raped you." "Oh Harry, it's been an awful day, I missed you and our lunch loving so much, actually it was Jimmy that suggested I meet you like this. He came home, the bus was late and he was excited or nervous, I'm not sure which, after home work he came in the kitchen and started hugging me, I got kind of excited, he was putting his hand inside my top and rubbing my breasts and I let him and was enjoying the attention.

Then he started kissing my breasts and I, I let him, he opened my top and was kissing my nipples and then sucking them and I couldn't, I just couldn't say stop. "Suddenly I realized he was trying to unbutton my shorts, Harry, he was almost in tears, his, his thing was about to burst his pants and must have been hurting him bad.

I told him we couldn't, couldn't make love. He said he wanted me badly that he had always wanted me, wanted to fuck me like you did, and Harry I wanted him badly too, I couldn't tell him that we had already discussed this and you wanted it to happen, and I realized then that I wanted it too, to happen too.

I stroked his, his cock through his pants and he came a quart, after he calmed down I told him that I had to discuss it with you. Now he's nervous, a little afraid and waiting, that's why he suggested that I wear this robe and heels, to soften you up I guess so you won't kill him." Harry still had his hands on Julie's ass rubbing and squeezing, she had her arms around his neck with her body from her cunt to her tits pressed tightly against him and her head back looking into his eyes.

He leaned forward and kissed her lips, a long lingering kiss, a lover's kiss. "You wanted him to fuck you? I have been afraid that you wasn't looking forward to it, that you would do it because I said it was the best thing to do but not enjoy it and that would make it bad because once he fucks you there won't be any way to stop him from fucking you every day.

You realize that don't you and are you prepared to take him in your cunt every day and most likely he will want to experience different things like blow jobs and fucking your ass, do you want that also?" "Ohhh yes Harry, just thinking about it makes me ache, I want to do with Jimmy just like I do with you, my body belongs to both of you, if you agree but I belong to you first and whatever you decide I will do." "You want this bad?" "Yes baby, real bad I've been refusing to face it and admit it until today." "If I give him permission you will have to fuck him tonight, after I have you first can you do both?

Do you want it that bad?" "Yes I would love both of you fucking me tonight." "Ok it's settled then I will talk to him while showering, come on I'm about to starve for some food and some of your cunt, you sexy sweetheart." "Thank you baby you are the best husband and father in this world." Harry grabbed Julie's hand and dragged her in the house and to the kitchen where Jimmy was finishing getting the table and everything ready for dinner. Jimmy looked at them with a look of worry.

"Hi Jimbo, how was your day at school?" "Great Dad, how about yours?" "Rough son rough, working in and out a ditch, dirty and hot; even I know I smell bad.

Got to have a shower or you won't be able to sit at the table for the stench. Do me a favor while mom gets dinner ready, in about five minutes bring me a beer I should be getting out of the shower by then." "Sure dad, count on it, five minutes." Harry headed for the shower without another word pulling his shirt from his pants as he went, Julie went to the oven to check the chops, rice, and vegetables seeing that everything was only about five minutes away from ready.

Jimmy watched his dad's retreating back and then looked at Julie. "Mom?" "I think Dad will talk to you after his shower and fill you in, baby." "Mom, can you give me a hint?" Julie smiled at Jimmy and his face brightened immediately. He rushed to her and hugged her so tight that she grasped for breath, he was kissing her hands, arms, robe, and any thing he could get to.

"Mom you are the greatest! You are my good fairy godmother, you make everything turn out good for me, I will love you forever." "Thank you sweetheart, I hope it will be that way as long as you and I live." "Can I kiss you?" "Only on the lips baby, we mustn't let dinner burn and we can't lose track of time. You can't get aroused either as I told dad that I jacked you off to give you some relieve." "Don't worry I've got my eye on the clock, I want to suck your nipples and slide my finger in your cunt but for right now kissing will be enough." Kissing, Julie felt the desire building in her again as she sucked Jimmy's tongue and she got excited when she thought about being fucked by both Harry and Jimmy tonight and she mused that maybe soon it would be both at the same time.

She wanted Jimmy to cup her cunt again but knew that he would get a hard on that wouldn't go down easily so she broke the kiss and told him to be patience and wait for later that night when they could be naked together.

Jimmy moved away and she could see the desire and lust in his eyes and knew that hers were the same. He got a beer from the refrigerator, opening it he headed for the master bathroom. Julie worked in the kitchen doing small things but she was wondering what was being said in the bathroom. She thought it was strange and it felt strange to have two men discussing fucking her while she was preparing dinner, it was also exciting then she wondered it she could hold up as she had lost count of the number of times she had already cum since lunch.

Dinner was getting finished and Julie checked the clock realizing that Harry and Jimmy had been talking for more than ten minutes maybe as many as fifteen. She guessed that Harry was giving him some pointers and she smiled thinking he don't need any he seems to know as much as we do about sex. Finally she heard the door open and they can out looking serious, she looked at them questioningly.

Harry and Jimmy walked up to Julie and one on one side and one on the other they put their arms around her hips, she turned around and leaned on the counter lightly.

"How's dinner progressing, sweetheart?" "Every things ready except the chops and they only lack about three minutes." "Good I'm hungry.

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Jimmy and I have worked out a solution that gives him a more mature role to play in the family, when I am away at work or what ever he will assume my responsibilities as man of the house with all the authority and benefits that it carries. He understands that none of us are slaves to any other, that we share benefits and duties and that a family and marriage are partnerships and the things we do for each other is out of love and respect for each other. He will fulfill the duties of husband and enjoy the benefits and you will be entitled to the same as wife to him." "When I am home we will revert to the same family status as always which is sharing of duties in the household and sharing of ourselves in love and respect.

Each of us will continue our activities outside our home with the confidence of all that we are working for the betterment of each other. If problems arise we will work them out as we go. Jimmy will also begin to assume more responsibilities around the house such as lawn mowing and upkeep of the house outside." At that moment the alarm on the oven sounded and Julie said that dinner was ready in the silence. Jimmy said, "Thanks dad, thanks mom." Julie hugged them in turn and went to the oven removing the chops and placing them on top on the stove: "Bring me your plates and I will put one on it as they are hot." At dinner they talked about little things, Jimmy told that baseball practice would start tomorrow with tryouts and the coaches would evaluate players for position, Harry brought them up to date on the construction at the school and that his crew would have to work Saturday, all day or at least most of it.

Julie said it was a normal day at school that she and Emily had lunch at a deli and talked over coffee here at the house. After dinner they stacked the dishes and Harry and Jimmy begin to wash, dry, and put them away. Julie started a load of clothes in the washer and they settled down for a little TV time on the couch. Harry sat at the end and Jimmy was in the middle, as Julie approached Harry held out his hand so she would get between them and as she sat down he twisted her so she would lean against his chest and Jimmy pulled her legs up and across his lap.

Julie had to hold her short robe down as she reclined to prevent it being pulled above her cunt area. Harry asked Jimmy to hand him the throw pillow for Julie's head and she settled in a reclined position with her head and shoulders supported by Harry's arm and the pillow resting on the couch arm. Harry's free hand immediately found her breast covered by the robe and squeezed it gently, Julie smiled at him and then she looked at Jimmy still smiling as his hand found her thigh and moved inside and upward slightly.

"Well son," Harry remarked, "this is the nearest thing to heaven that we'll find here on earth. A wonderful meal and the most beautiful woman on earth lying in our laps that we can love forever." "Gee guys, talk like that makes me giddy and my head swell what do I do for an encore?" "Just lay here, relax, and enjoy a moment of rest, a well deserved rest by the way for you do much more than your share.

We are going to use you for a teaching aid and all you have to do is just lie back and relax, you can even nap if you want to." "Hmmmm, so how, I don't think that will be possible but I will try." "Jimmy, most likely you have already studied anatomy in school but maybe there are a few things that were skipped over, if not, suffer your father to fumble through some of the high points." Jimmy just grinned.

Harry gripped the edge of Julie's robe and pulled it uncovering her breast and repeating with the other side. Julie's breathing quicken, her nipples were already hard and rising as if to point out the way to the sky.

"You have noticed that you and I don't have these, besides being beautiful and an source of amazement to us, making us want to touch, rub, and kiss them, they are a very sensitive area for all women. The nipples are for sucking and they give pleasure to the man and the sucking gives pleasure to the women. So when you get the opportunity treat them with love, be gentle kissing and lightly sucking them, as she becomes aroused you can be a little stronger with pinching and biting but be careful to not hurt her as they are very sensitive." Harry placed his hand on the breast furthest from his body and massaged it, Julie closed her eyes and sighed as she felt Jimmy's hand reach up and massage the other.

Harry nodded to Jimmy and begin to rub Julie's nipple with his finger and Jimmy did the same, then they both grasped the nipple and pulled it upwards gently, Julie couldn't stop the moan from coming out of her mouth.

They continued massaging and rubbing and Julie would occasionally grasp, sigh, or moan. Her body felt as if it was catching on fire as the heat built up in her and she began to slightly arch her back offering her breasts to their hands. Harry moved his hand down and pulled the robe apart down to below her navel with only the belt across her stomach, Julie still held the robe at the bottom.

He began to rub her from the breasts to her lower stomach were the small patch of trimmed hair began. He nodded to Jimmy again and Julie felt Jimmy's hand begin to also rub at the same time his other hand on her inner thigh moved up to within a few inches of her cunt slit.

Harry pulled at the end of the belt undoing the bow that held it and moved it away, Jimmy moved the other end and they both rubbed Julie's lower stomach sliding under the remaining robe lower and lower towards her cunt. Julie knew they were waiting for her to turn loose of the robe bottom and she knew that this would be the ultimate submission, a complete surrender of her will, she whimpered, not because she didn't want to or was afraid of the outcome nor that she had second feelings on fucking her family.

She whimpered because she knew how badly she wanted it, actually how bad she needed it and that she would need it time and time again, as if it was an addiction to a powerful drug that she was now hooked on. Julie whimpered again and then she let go of the robe and took one side pulling it open all the way and repeated it with the other side, moving her hand and arm away from her body she spread her legs as far as the confines of the couch would allow exposing her nakedness to Harry and Jimmy.

She felt the moisture wetting her cunt and her stomach begin to quiver along with the ache in her breasts. Neither of them moved, their hands still resting just above her cunt.

"Well what do you think son?" "She's beautiful Dad, there's no words to describe how beautiful she looks. She must be the most women in the world." "You're right son, there aren't any more beautiful than your mother and my wife." Harry slid his hand down and rubbed Julie's cunt. "This is the called many different things, commonly called a cunt or pussy, look closely, this is the slit, the sides are called the lips, at the bottom is the opening where you insert your cock.

Put your thumb there and slide it in slowly, slide it in and out a few times and get the feel of it, leave it in, up here at the top of the slit is the clit. I will open the lips and you can see it covered by a hood and it is beginning to extend out which indicates that mom is getting excited and turned on by your thumb in her cunt.

Take your thumb out very slowly and rub it on the clit like you did her nipple and it will get harder and longer, be tender with it, you can rub it and also kiss, lick, and suck it like a nipple just remember to be tender." Julie was about to come apart, Harry could see the signs, she was flushed pink around and on her tits and her breathing was irregular with her body quivering and he wanted to take her right there but knew that a threesome was way to early now.

He also could see that Jimmy was ready but decided he would make him wait for a while. "Got any questions, Jimmy?" "No sir." "Ok here's the plan, mom and I are going to the bedroom and make love, you do your shower and other regular bed time things and go to your room and go to bed, sleep if you can or listen to the radio mom will come to kiss you goodnight and stay with you until midnight.

If you fall asleep she will wake you, by the way she will be nude so you should be also. You can stop rubbing her clit now. Ok!" Jimmy took a good look at the beautiful nude body before him and then slid out from under Julie's legs and went to his bathroom. Harry gathered Julie up in his arms and carried her to the master bedroom and lay her on the bed, he hurriedly stripped off his clothes and climbed between her legs, placed his cock at her cunt and slid it in to the hilt not stopping until their bodies ground together.

Julie came immediately, twisting and moaning and continued as Harry began to pump in and out and she came until he reached his climax and spurted his cum into her. She lay limp and lifeless as Harry continued to move inside her and finally she reached up and pulled his head down to kiss him and said, "I love you baby so much, fuck me again." Harry continued his hip movement in and out while kissing Julie and running his hands over her body and soon she began to lift her hips to meet his drawing her feet up to gain leverage and widening her leg spread to allow him as deep as possible.

She could feel his firm cock beginning to harden and extend in length. Harry slid his hand down to her ass and sought her asshole with an extended finger as he knew this always drove her wild, he rubbed upwards until his finger was wet and slick from the moisture and cum from her cunt and then returned it to the waiting rectal opening. Julie moaned when his finger touched her there and lifted her ass from the bed to make room for his hand.

She tore her mouth from his and gasped, "Yes sweetheart, give it to me, give me all of it, fuck me with your finger I need you so bad. You have turned me into a slut I love every thing you do to me. Please baby, put it in me!" "You love my finger in your ass, don't you? Tell me how much you want it, I'll give you all of it if you will beg me to fuck your ass with my cock, do you want it bad enough to beg?" "Yes, I'll beg, I'd love for you to finger fuck my ass it is a feeling that is hard to describe.

Please put it in as far as you can, loosen it up and please fuck your cock in my ass, it's big and it hurts but I love it, fuck my ass with your big hard cock and make me cum, sweetheart.

Treat me like the slut I am and fuck my ass, please." Harry eased his finger in Julie's tight ass as she held still and he watched her eyes lose focus as she concentrated on the sensations of his entry. He knew that he would never last to fuck his cock in her ass more than five or six strokes because he could feel the tingle in his balls that preceded the eruption of his cum, he held still in her cunt hoping that he would cool off. He began to move his finger inside her ass sliding in then back out and twisting it, Julie's legs began to tremble and her head rolled from side to side.

"Oh yesssss, fuck me in the ass it's good, ohhhh you haven't fucked my ass in a long time, please baby fuck me, I need to feel you in my ass making it burn and I need your hot cock deep in me and filling me with cum. Please baby, I'll do anything for you please fuck my ass." "Will you find a woman and let me watch her make love to you as you promised?" "Yes baby, I'll do it, please," "Do you have someone that you can get?" "Maybe I'm not sure yet, please fuck my ass." Harry removed his finger from Julie's ass as she gasped and rolled her over to her side.

She knew the position necessary and drew her knee up and rotated her hips bringing her ass up and sticking back. Harry eased behind her and placed his wet cock at her asshole smearing the wetness from her cunt around it and then began a steady pressure inward. As the tip began to enter slowly Julie whimpered and pressed back trying to relax her muscles and open her asshole for his cock. Finally the head slipped pass the ring and Julie moaned clenching her fists at the burning pain but still pressing back.

Another inch slipped in and Harry stopped pressing allowing her to adjust and the pain to cease. "Are you okay sweetheart?" "Oh Harry it hurts so good, I've missed this. Give me more I want it all, it's feeling better but I need it deeper because I going to cum and I want it all the way in first, put it in my ass and fuck me as long as you can." Harry knew it was always like this, neither of them could last long ass fucking.

He grabbed her hip and started pushing inward hard and his cock slid in until his body was plastered to her ass cheeks. Julia started moaning low in her throat and when he was in all the way she rotated her hips in a circle pushing back against him. "Fuck me, fuck! Fuck, fuck! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm cumming." Harry responded and began to fuck Julie's ass with long strokes retreating half way out and back in and he felt his cock began to throb as his climax drew near.

When it came it felt like his cock was bursting and he jammed in her and held it there groaning as the cum spurted into her ass, Julie was steady moaning as she felt the hot cum in her and his cock convulsing and her empty cunt was milking and grasping with nothing in it. They both slowly sank to the bed and lay spooned together until Harry's shrinking cock finally slipped out of her and he rolled over on his back.

Julie also rolled over and they kissed and loved on each for a long time. "Oh baby you are wonderful, I really have missed you fucking my ass, baby I've missed you the last couple of days.

I get frustrated when we aren't able to make love regularly like we used to. I'm sorry you have to work so hard but I'm proud of your getting the promotion and the recognition but I miss having you at lunch to talk to and make quick love." "I miss you and all that also, I'm afraid it may be this way for a while until we can finish these jobs but don't let yourself get frustrated, I know you a highly sexual woman and need sex every day more than one time.

Now you have Jimmy to help you and you can have a woman lover also, who do you think might be interested enough to allow an audience?" "Well baby it's to early to tell but Emily and I are real close but we don't enough time alone to see if any thing will develop. School is out Friday but she has to be there for training classes and Jimmy's around and in and out on Saturday's when we could lay in the sun and get to know each in private.

I just don't have a opportunity to see if the relationship can go any farther." "Well maybe I can help a little since you are doing this for me, what if I took Jimmy to work with me Saturday that would give you and Emily all day to tan and shop and any thing else you wanted to?" "That would give me a opportunity to get us topless and take away the first embarrassments of being nude together and we could see what happens.

But if she is interested how can I get to the subject of you being present?" "You couldn't at first, you would have to develop the affair slowly so that she would want your body so bad she could be worked into a threesome, so just work on getting her to make love to you and your making love to her." "Ok, I'll talk to her tomorrow and see if she is free Saturday and wants to tan for a while.

I've got to clean up, if you need the bathroom hurry, I really need to go." "You go ahead I can last a minute or two, but promise you will turn on your charm and make it work with Emily tomorrow." "Yes I promise." Julie hurried to the bath room and relieved herself got a wash cloth and wet it with hot water and went back to the bed where Harry was lying and began to wash his cock.

He groaned and closed his eyes whispering he told her that it felt great and he might need that every night. Julie cleaned it and his balls also wiping beneath them and his legs. She played with it and rubbed it paying a lot of attention to wiping the head then lay the cloth on his leg and rubbed her fingers over the smooth head as it began to swell and lengthen.

She leaned down and kissed the head and tasted cum which was oozing from the slit, she licked it with her tongue and placed her lips over the slit and sucked gently getting a drop which was about to come out. Sliding her lips back over the head she rubbed the underside with her tongue and glanced at Harry watching her with his head up. "Sweetheart that is fantastic take a little more in your mouth." "Would you like me to suck you off baby, I would love to have you cum in my mouth your cum tastes so good and I get turned on with your cock in my mouth and throat?" "Yes suck me baby, oh it feels so good for you to do that, to good in fact I can't take much with out blasting off, take it all." Julie leaned and kissed Harry's cockhead licking it and then kissing and licking it all over with lots of kissing the underside and licking the bottom of the head getting her reward of more cum and some pre-cum as his cock and balls prepared them selves for another emptying of sperm.

She engulfed the head with her hot mouth and began a downward journey until the head bumped against the back of her throat. Pausing there long enough to regulate her breathing through her nose she tilted her head and took Harry's cock into her throat and continue to encase it there until her lips reached his pubic bone.

Harry was groaning and trying to hump his cock deeper into her tight throat. Julie tightened her mouth and tongue and began a swallowing action making her mouth and throat into a vacuum around his cock. She only had time for three or four swallows until she felt Harry's cock stiffen and swell and knew he was going to cum, she backed off holding the suction until she had his cock locked in her mouth with her lips just behind the head and her tongue rubbing the underside.

She wanted to taste the cum and feel the spurting against her mouth and the sensation of the cum running into her throat to be swallowed. Harry came in a blast and the cum was hot, he groaned and humped into Julie's hot suctioning mouth and he could hear her whimpering and swallowing. She continued to suck and rub her tongue against the cockhead even as the cock began to wither in her mouth.

She massaged his balls as if she wanted to get every last little drop of cum from them and finally allowed his cock to slip from her mouth and licked the head to clean it kissing it and running her fingers up and down milking out the last of his sperm licking it up.

Julie looked at Harry sprawled on the bed, limp and totally relaxed, with a smile on his face. Julie smiled also and kissed his cockhead one last time and pulling the sheet over his body she kissed him and whispered goodnight, he didn't respond as he was already asleep.

Julie went to the bathroom and leaning on the counter looked at herself in the mirror: "Hello slut, you look well fucked tonight, well one down one to go, you better rest a little while or you will never make it alive." She went to the toilet and relieved herself trying to get all the cum out of her cunt and ass, then back to the vanity for Summer's Eve and a good long douche.

Turning on the shower she jumped in and got the water as hot as she could stand and let it run on her body for a while before using her body wash to scrub herself. She turned off the shower and dried herself returning to the mirror and brushing her hair, cleaning her teeth and gargling with mouth wash. She rubbed lotion on her body and got some cream applying some to her cunt lips and inside her cunt then repeat the process with her asshole.

A dab of cologne and she felt she was as good as she could get tonight. Julie returned to the kitchen and saw the empty coffee pot and prepared it for turning on in the morning, she got everything arranged for breakfast, got herself a small glass of milk and drank it standing in the kitchen thinking of thousands of things and nothing at all and realized she was tired.

Better to hurry so she could get some rest, she reasoned as she turned out the light and started towards Jimmy's room.

She was startled by the amount of light coming in the living room window and realized they had forgot to close the blinds, she walked over to pull the cord and she thought, oh no I been walking and standing in the kitchen completed naked and anyone walking by could see every inch of me. She went to check the front door and it wasn't locked either so she went to the back door and it was ok, for some reason she was drawn back to the front door where she hesitated for a moment and then opened the door and looked out.

Julie walked out into the entry cautiously and to the wall where she had met Jimmy earlier, naked as she was now, she looked out to the street and up and down it but could see nothing or no one. She leaned against the wall and spread her legs as she had done for Jimmy and a tremor went through her body with the memory of his cock tenting his pants front as he jogged up the steps. Suddenly all the tiredness seemed to have left her and she felt alive, excited, knew what she wanted and it was waiting for her in Jimmy's cock.

Julie took one last look around secretly wishing that some one was walking and then she saw a burred shadow shape at the end of the drive near some shrubbery, looking closely she did not think it was a person as it was low near the ground. She watched but it did not move so she dismissed it as just something growing that she did not remember, she turned and returned to the door and slipped inside closing and locking it.

Julie went to the doorway to Jimmy's room and heard the radio playing but not the music he normally listened to, she smiled, how thoughtful she thought, he has turned on romantic music. She eased though the doorway and closed the door behind her. She could see as the night light was on and he appeared to be asleep but as she approached the bed she detected a flutter of his eye lids and knew he was only pretending.

She decided to go along with his deception and sank to her knees beside the bed and observed his cock which was about half aroused as he lay on the bed naked and uncovered.

Julie laid her hand on his stomach rubbing it lightly and reached with her other hand and grasped his cock feeling it lurch in her hand, she rubbed it lightly also and placed her thumb on the head to rub it. She leaned closer and looked at the head seeing dried pre- cum on it and around the slit, he has been hard ever since he came in here most likely, she decided. It was steadily growing as she rubbed it and was already close to full hardness and length.

Julie's breasts begin the familiar ache and she could feel her stomach tightening as she continued to rub and look at his cock as the ache in her tits grew stronger. She leaned resting her tits on his leg and began to lick the head of Jimmy's cock wetting the dried pre-cum and tasting it, then she kissed it lovingly all over and moving her hand to his balls she cradled them in her palm and slipped her mouth over the cockhead compressing slightly and began to suck.

Jimmy groaned and raised his head with wide open eyes to see her actions better and then he reached down and rubbed her tits resting on his leg. Julie looked at Jimmy but did not stop her sucking and licking, she went down a little farther taking more of his cock in her mouth, she sucked a while and then pulled off and smiled at him. "Hello baby, you looked so good lying here naked that I couldn't resist loving your cock.

Did you nap baby?" "Only dozed lover, I couldn't sleep I was so excited about you coming to my bed and I could hear you and Dad making love, you were moaning loud and then Dad was moaning.

He fucked you hard didn't he?" "Yes, we always fuck that way, just as you and I did this afternoon, you aren't jealous are you?" "No, I just wish I could have been there and fucking you also." "We need time alone as lovers and as friends, it is important in a marriage that both can happen together and you and I need time alone as lovers.

Your Dad realizes this that's why he sent you to bed with a promise that I would come to you alone and naked to be your lover. If we can't be alone while making love then it becomes just sex and I might as well be a paid whore come to relieve your sexual tensions without any feelings between us. "You're beautiful naked and clothed but naked is the real you, I would like to have you naked and hot to fuck all the time." "I know, you have already expressed that and then you fucked me half to death.

Do you want to fuck me now or me finish you in my mouth again, I am naked and hot for you now and willing to do any thing you desire, I am your slut, a hot slut, I want your cock, tongue, finger, or anything else to fuck me, I need to cum lover." "I want to fuck you with my cock in your cunt, my finger in your ass, and my tongue in your mouth, come and lay your hot body up here." Julie compiled immediately crawling over Jimmy and lying next to him on her side facing him and as he turned to face her she held his cock and rubbed it on her stomach, as he moved down in the bed she rubbed it along her body until it was at her cunt.

She moved her leg against him and he lifted and pulled it under his body until his hip rested below it and his cock was against her cunt.

Julie rubbed the cockhead against her clit and along the slit of her cunt, she raised her other leg and placed it over his pulling him closer so that his cockhead would go partially in her slit. They lay that way with their faces six inches apart and staring at each other with lust filled eyes. "Oh baby, that feels so good your cock is hot and hard and I want it so bad. I want to feel it in me again, please fuck me now.

I still remember how it felt this afternoon making me cum so many times and I want that again.

I don't think I will ever get enough of your cock." "I want your tit in my hand so I can squeeze it and pinch your nipple when you cum, I am going to pinch it hard and make it hurt when you cum." Julie wiggled her body until her tit was in his hand, their lips were touching and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, whispering; "It's yours lover." Jimmy's other hand was on Julie's hip, he whispered also; "Take my hand and put my finger in your mouth and wet it real good then place it at your asshole and beg like a slut for it to slide in you." Julie whimpered, she wanted it but she didn't want to do it herself, she knew why Jimmy was doing these things he wanted to change her into a submissive slut and it excited her for she wanted that also, but it was his demanding rather than just doing it and letting her go along with it that was conflicting her mind and will power.

However, her hand moved down and took his and brought it to her mouth, she looked at it and he extended his middle finger the longest one and she looked at his face as she opened her mouth and inserted the finger licking it and wetting it as much as possible.

Removing his finger she moved it to her crotch and reaching around her ass she grasped it and placed the finger at her asshole.

Julie looked in Jimmy's eyes and hesitated for a while before speaking. "Your slut, wants. wants. your finger in. her ass, please. fuck. my ass. with your finger, I need. it, please. fuck. your slut. slut's. ass, please." Jimmy leaned forward and kissed Julie and slide his tongue in her open mouth, she sucked it and moaned as she felt the finger begin to slide into her asshole.

It kept moving in until his hand was against her buttocks and could not go any farther, Jimmy twisted it gently in her ass and Julie felt her stomach start the ache low and moving towards her cunt and knew she was going to cum. She stopped sucking his tongue long enough to gasp: "Fuck me, put your cock in me and fuck me I'm going to cum, I need your cock in my cunt, ooohhh please fuck me." Jimmy gave her his cock and it slid in her wet cunt easily and she began to moan and rub her tits against his hand and chest.

He fucked her cunt as hard and fast as he could and felt her cunt convulse as she began to cum around and over his cock. He continued to pump into her and began to move his finger in and out of her ass and Julie cried out as her climax was renewed and intensified. They fucked against each other for a long time with Julie gushing about every ten seconds, as she began to slow down Jimmy tighten his finger and thumb on her nipple and steadily increased the pressure.

"Yes, yes, yes. lover fuck me ooohhh. I can't stop cumming. ohhh aaaaagggg, oh. it hurts it's. hurting oooohhhh my nipple, aaaagggg, your killing me, fuck me.

fuck meeee, ooohh my. nipple, nipple. Fuck mmmmeee pinch it yes. ohhhh my stomach. I'm gonnnaaa beeeee. sick pinch it harder, aaaagggghhhh, I'm starting again. Assss deeper oooohhhh." Julie was thrashing against Jimmy's body, kissing his face and rubbing her tit against him, she kept her lips against his even when talking and moaning. Suddenly Jimmy lost it and blasted his cum into her cunt and when the hot sperm hit her cunt wall she stiffened and came one last large convulsion and fell back completely lifeless and in a near faint.

Jimmy was breathing hard, he held Julie tight against his cock with his finger embedded in her ass, as he regained his breath, looking at her and marveling at how submissive she was when she got hot and wanted to be fucked which seemed to be all the time. He wondered how far she would go and wanted to take her there, but didn't want to go to fast and make a mistake, losing all he had presently.

He knew when to push and when to just coast and it was time to coast. He pumped his cock in and out to see how hard it was and knew if he was careful he still was firm enough to fuck again without resting. There was no movement from Julie, she lay as in a deep sleep but he could feel her heart beating where his hand still held her breast.

That to was amazing to him as he never knew that she came so hard as to faint but he didn't know much about what happened when she and his father closed the bedroom door except that she moaned and cried out a lot. Jimmy remembered what the papers, that his friend David had gotten from his father's collection that they had read dozens of times until they were memorized, had said about the power of suggestion to a person sleeping or passed out.

He thought, it seems to work so I will try it some more, most important was to whisper softly and start with praise and then suggestion. He leaned to Julie, kissed her mouth and began to whisper, telling her how beautiful she was, that her body was sexy and hot, her hair was like dark silk, she was wonderful, her breasts were sweet as honey, her nipples were made to be caressed and kissed, she loved to have her breasts played with, she was hot and horny all the time, she wanted to fuck all the time, she needed to be fucked every day, she got wet every time she was touched, she wanted to show her breasts off, she loved to be naked.

He repeated these over and over watching Julie's face for signs that she was awaking and kissing her, she began to stir her mouth moved when he kissed her lips. "You need to make love every day, you must make love every day, you will make love every day, you want to fuck, you will spread your legs when touched." Julie sighed and then a soft ohhh came from her lips, she was reviving slowly and she seemed to hear some one talking but wasn't sure as she couldn't concentrate.

She opened her eyes and saw Jimmy close to her face and he was watching her intently, she smiled, it was ok he was taking care of her again. "Mom, are you ok? How do you feel?" "Yes, a little tired but ok." "You are so beautiful mom, I have been lying here looking at you and thinking that you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world." Julie smiled.

She became aware that she felt as though her cunt was full and there was pressure in her ass. She tried to move and felt Jimmy's cock slide out a little which he slid back in again. "Oh baby, your cock is in my cunt, are you fucking me again?" "We haven't stopped fucking mom, we just took a little break." "Oh yes I must have dozed off, I guess I was dreaming that I was listening to someone but didn't know who it was or what they were saying." "It must have been me, I was telling you how much I love you and how I loved kissing your sweet lips and licking your nipples, and how wonderful it was to be able to lay here with my cock in your cunt and that I wanted to make love to you now that we were both satisfied and calmed down.

I want to love you slow and sweet and for a long time so it will last until tomorrow when we can be like this again." "Oh baby, that is so sweet and romantic, I would like that too." Jimmy pulled Julie tight against his lower body and caused his cock to go in a little more, she turned her upper body to him and they were again tight against each other with their lips only inches apart.

In moving, Jimmy's finger moved in Julie's ass and she was startled that it was still there and how accustomed she had come to it, her leg was still hooked around his and she pulled him tighter to her and kissed him.

"Fuck me baby, I want you to fuck me now and every day we can. I love you and I love what you do to me." "Mom, I don't know much about how to love a woman I just know how to fuck, help me learn to love you so you will always be satisfied by telling me what you like and don't like, please." "Yes sweetheart, I will.

I love you more everyday you are so sweet and caring and I love everything you do to me." "I know I'm supposed to be a man and be forceful and authoritarian but I love you so much that I could just cry when you kiss me and let me rub your breasts." "Oh baby, you make my heart burst with love you can be any thing with me and I will still love you." "Mom when we play the games like calling you slut and you saying you are a slut, I don't want to hurt your feelings or degrade you but I do want you to tell me that you want me to fuck you so I will know that you are doing it because you want me and not because you think I need to grow up." "I understand please know that I want you all the time and forever and try not to grow up to fast you have a lot of time to be grown up and not many left to be young.

Playing games is alright, that's how we learn a lot of things. I want you to be strong and in control but also like we are now soft and loving and sharing our love and feelings. If it gives you confidence for me to beg you to fuck me I will do it willingly but only because I love you and really do want you to fuck me.

So if you don't tell me to beg for your cock then I won't but I hope you know that I do want it by the way I accept it and spread my legs for it and put it in my cunt for you." "Mom, I've said it many times, you are the greatest I'm the luckiest guy alive. I love this just lying here and talking and kissing, it's great." "Don't forget that along with the talking and kissing, your wonderful cock is in my cunt and it's hard as a rock.

Your finger is in my ass, been in there so long it's not going to come out and we'll have to go through life like this. I want you to fuck me, make love to me, let me make love to you and just be lovers tonight.

Tomorrow you can make me beg, plead, and anything you want to but now please just love me with your cock, finger, and tongue." Jimmy responded by kissing Julie and sliding his tongue into her accepting mouth and beginning to move his hips slowly, sliding his cock in and out of her cunt occasionally moving his finger in her ass. Julie kissed and sucked and ran her hands over his body and helped his movement with her leg over his. As they had done the day before they were two lovers sharing their bodies in sex.

They would stop kissing and just look at each other smiling and touching their lips lightly with a tongue tip teasing the corner of a mouth or tip of the nose.

But hips continued to move slowly and in unison like a slow dance with partners in prefect step. Time had been forgotten. "Mom, I think you are getting wetter, I can feel it running off my cock when I pull it out." "Well, I'm full of your cum baby and my own plus I'm having some mini climaxes every few minutes.

I should be dehydrated with all the times you have made me climax today." Julie glanced at the clock and exclaimed." Oh baby it's after eleven we have been fucking for over an hour and you are still hard and hot. We will be dead in the morning if we don't get some sleep." "Ok, let's finish, clean up, and lie together naked, can you sleep with me tonight?" "No only till midnight and we shouldn't for if we are lying naked we won't sleep we'll be playing games again." "You're right mom, I could play with you forever, I love this.

Can you cum soon?" "I don't know baby, I may not have any thing left but we can try." Jimmy and Julie continued to move in unison with a little more urgency and they continued to kiss, suck, and lick each others lips with Jimmy wiggling his finger in Julie's ass and twisting it. He saw her eyes begin to shine and become more intense when she looked at him indicating that she was beginning to be aroused as the intensity level increased.

Jimmy pulled his free hand and arm from around her shoulder and back and placed it on her left breast massaging it and rubbing the nipple. Then he moved it to the other and gripped the nipple with his fingers.

"Oooohhhh baby no! It's sore and hurting don't squeeze it anymore!" She looked at her nipple between his fingers, leaned forward and kissed him, "Please baby, it's painful it's going to hurt for days." "Do you remember cumming when I pinched it before and begging me to do it harder?" "Yes, I remember." "Every time it hurts when you touch it or your clothes touch it remember how wonderful it was to have a cock in you and cumming and you'll want it again." "Yes baby, I will remember." Jimmy moved his hand back to Julie's left breast and massaged it rubbing the nipple, Julie sighed but was startled when he gripped the nipple and began to squeeze.

She looked him but did not protest as he tighten the grip between finger and thumb. "Do you want to cum again like that?" "Yes." "When both nipples are sore and hurting will you want a cock and get hot and wet remembering how good it felt to be fucked to multiple cums and be ready to fuck?" "Oh yes, baby are you going to hurt my nipple and make me cum?" "Yes and so you will have something to remind you all day that you are hot and want to fuck." "Kiss me and fuck me, lover, I want it." Jimmy kissed Julie and slid his tongue in her sucking mouth, he began to twist her nipple and pull it away from her breast holding it stretched and increasing the pressure, she moaned and sucked at his tongue.

Her hand came up to her breast but she did try to stop him instead she cupped the tit and held it squeezing lightly, she was offering it to him. He squeezed harder and Julie pumped her hips into his cock faster, she tore her mouth away from his and leaned back to look at her abused nipple and then into his eyes. "Ooooooo, your hurting me, ohh, my nipple aches, the pain is making the other nipple hurt, but it's wonderful.

even my clit aches, I can't stand it, more. any more and I'll faint, aaaagggg, yes I feel it building. I'm going to cum, harder harder pinch it harder hurt it lover. Aaaaggg fuck me, fuck it fuck my ass, hurt my nipple, ohhhh cumming baby cumming.

now. now. now.

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Jimmy knew she was cumming, her cunt was clamped around his cock so tight he could hardly move it and she was milking it with her cunt muscles pushing him through his rising passion until he was spurting his cum into her, he clamped down hard on her nipple as he froze with his cock rammed as deep as he could get it in her cunt.

Julie was arched against his cock holding her tit with a gargling sound rising from her throat like she was drowning as she kept cumming in long and almost painful convulsions, she could feel her clit rubbing against his pubic bone and throbbing. "Ohhhoooohhh, my nipple, my nipple is killing me, I can't stop cumming, ohh you're filling me with cum hot. hotttt, oooooowwww, please baby please my nippleeeee." Slowly their passion began to subside but Jimmy couldn't move his cock, her muscles had locked on it causing the head to swell and it was hurting with all the blood accumulated in head and not able to escape.

Julie was writhing in pain from the pressure on her nipple, she finally released her tit and reached up and rubbed Harry's face crying out to him: "Baby, lover, sweetheart, please let go let go of my nipple, it's hurting it's hurting real bad, ohhhh oh please, Jimmy, Jimmy, sweetheart, you're killing me." Jimmy came to his senses and realized what Julie was saying and released her nipple, she slumped back on the bed and the rigidness faded from her body releasing Jimmy's cock and he sagged down on her.

They both lay still breathing heavily and recovering from the insane passion that had gripped them. Jimmy looked at Julie and saw tears in her eyes and on the side of her face, he knew that he had caused them.

He crawled to her and began to kiss the tears sucking them into his mouth. "Oh mom, I'm sorry so sorry, I didn't realize that I was hurting you. Please forgive me, I don't know what happened I was cumming and I just seem to freeze up, it felt so good that I couldn't think of any thing else, please forgive me." Julie reached for Jimmy and stroked his face, she smiled and kissed his cheeks as he licked at her tears.

"It's okay now sweetheart, it hurt bad but it's getting better now that the blood return flow is over. I forgive you, we both were carried away by our passion and I wanted you to make me cum and you did, wonderfully, that was even better than the first time and I loved the time we spent just making love, it was a beautiful ending to a perfect evening, I love you!" "Thanks mom, you're great, I love you." "Sweetheart, we must clean up and get to sleep, it's eleven thirty." "Okay I promise not to touch you anymore tonight so we can get to bed." "Baby?" "Yes mom." "You're forgetting something." "What?" "You have to take your cock out of me and it's going to make a mess on the bed plus your finger is still in my ass and although it feels like it belongs there it would make life complicated unless you take it out." Jimmy grinned, "Damn, I hoped you wouldn't notice." "Naughty, naughty boy, you shouldn't say nasty words."