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Pete couldn't hold it in anymore, his cum squirted in his hand and land on his stomach. Wow, it was intense. He just kept thinking of that cashier at the gas station.

His dirty blond hair falling perfectly over his dark brown eyes that screamed to Pete "fuck me". He was only in there to go to the bathroom. He had just drunk an entire bottle of Pepsi and it took all he had to not piss in his pants. As he walked through the door and the bell dinged signaling his entrance he was drawn to the tall, medium build guy that stood by the register.

He soon found his name to be Mike and after taking a long, well overdo piss he walked through the store, pretending to interest himself with the candy bars but really just watching the sexy employee. After the last of the other customers cleared out his eyes met Mikes and silent sexual tension passed between them. Before he knew it, Pete was in the employee only bathroom with his cock partially down the cashier's throat. God he was good at sucking cock.

His hands came up from his side and grabbed the blond hair, pushing it down in between his legs. Pete was loving the head this guy was giving him. "Yeah, that's it. Suck my cock Mike, take all of me, suck me dry." The cashier moaned around Pete's cock causing a sting of pleasure burst through him, taking him over the edge.

"Oh god, I'm cumming. Oh&hellip. oh gosh please Mike. Take it in. Swallow my cum, drink every last bit of me" he said. He did as he was told, drinking the cum as it poured into his mouth and after Pete stopped he slurped up what he couldn't get before.


He looked up at Pete and smiled, "Man you taste good", licking his lips, like trying to savor the taste in his mouth. "Yeah, you're fucking good at that", Pete said as he captured the lips of the employee, grabbing both sides of his face and moving his tongue through his mouth, fucking him with the kiss. The cashier moaned and Pete could feel his cock hardening again as his partner began to move against his hips, moving their naked cocks against each other and causing another orgasm to start up again forcing another load of white semen to squirt out, all over Mike's cock.

Mike began to cry out, feeling the semen connect to his cock and causing him to hit his orgasm in an intense heat. "Oh god… Pete, oh. Oh god have mercy, yes, YES! That's it" he exclaimed as his cum continued to squirt out, giving Pete a pleasant feeling. Both of them started to come down from their high and looked at each other. "Wow, that was incredible." Mike said.

Pete had to agree that his two orgasms were wonderful and he would be jacking off to this memory, which he did, right when he got home.

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" Yeah, thanks…well, see you around" he said, grabbed his clothes and took off. Now here he was thinking about that amazing time but still knew it wasn't what he wanted.

Something was missing. Something was always missing when it came to love and sex in Pete's life, he needed someone mature and someone constant. That's who he was holding out for. He was still technically a virgin, only let people rub their cocks together or suck him but never let it reach to the point where a cock was in his ass. He wanted to wait for the right person, and so far at 19, that person hasn't come yet, but he still had more than enough time.

As Pete just finished cleaning up from his jacking off, he heard the front door. His Dad must be home. At this time, his mom was still at work, she was a professor at the nearby university and often stayed late to grade papers cause she says, "I can't get any work done with you two bugging me every five minutes", and although Pete would like to say it wasn't true, it was.

Both he and his Dad were very dependent on his mother loved her, relying on her for dinner, cleaning, waking up in the morning, and so forth. So after she realized we would bug her every time we entered the room she finally quit it decided to stay in her class until late so it was just him and his dad and they were learning to be less dependent on his mother.

Learning to actually cook a few simple meals, found out where the vacuum was and finally set alarms to wake up in the morning. He loved his dad; they always had a special connection that his mother never knew about. And ever since his mom started to stay late at work, their connection has grown.

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He ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbing two bears and met his dad in the living room just as he sat down in the chair. Even though Pete wasn't of age his father allowed him to drink one beer a when his mother wasn't around. Pete handed the beer to his dad and noticed how distant he was. "Thanks son," he said. Usually when Pete came in with his beer, their usual weekday routine, his father joked that he was one beer closer to a heart attack which was far from the truth in his case.

His father at a nice 42 was the picture of health. He had one of the best bodies Pete had ever seen, with a noticeable six pack, hard abs and a cock that thought Pete had never seen naked looked very well through his tight trousers. His hair a dark, almost black shade that made him look even younger with his lack of gray hairs. But his father's best trait, by far, was his dark blue eyes that were, as cliché as it sounds, the color of the sea.

He worked out every morning in which kept his six pack hard and as sexy as ever. What someone wouldn't do to be able to look at him when he did that every day? To stare at his perfect, crisp face features and look down to his chest and abs that glistened with his sweet sweat that traveled down into his waist and hips to see a few dark hairs from his cock.

His body was perfection and, lucky for Pete that he was blessed with fathers body. However, he had every other one of his mother's features with his sandy brown hair and vibrant green eyes. He and his father didn't even look related. He looked more like a distant uncle or cousin but not even close to looking like a dad. Anyway, forget about what his dad looked like, even if he did look like something Pete could eat up.

Back to why was his father so sad. "Dad is there something wrong, you seem kinda depressed" he said in a concerned tone. His dad looked up at him and said, "I got fired from my job". This took Pete as a surprise, his dad was amazing at his job, he was the best lawyer in our city.

"Why dad? Your such a good lawyer, you have the best record in the state!" He stared into Pete's eyes in a kind way, "That's very nice of you to say son, but that's not why I got fired…" he looked away, "they think… my uh. my bosses think I did something with one of the witnesses." Pete looked at his father confused, " What?

Did they think you had the witness lie to help win your case?" "Um. sort of, they think I uh… they think I fooled around with him and convinced him to lie on the stand." Pete was taken aback. Fooled around? As in, sex… with a guy? His dad was not gay, was he? He would never cheat on his mom, would he?

Pete hasn't told his dad he was gay, he was going to wait until he found a guy worthy of meeting his father, of gaining his approval. But now, he just didn't know what to say, so he asked a question that popped into his mind the second his father's sentence was over. "Did you? I mean, did you fool around with the witness?" Pete asked. He wanted to know, he NEEDED to know. "Well, I uh&hellip. I kinda…well&hellip.i did&hellip.

I was, I…" is what is father said. Pete stared blank faced at his father, unable to form words. Just as he was starting to form a "what" in his mouth his father started to talk. "Now it wasn't my fault Pete. I came in early today to get caught up with some of my paper work when he showed up, his name his Danny." He looked at me as if asking for approval to continue and when I didn't nothing he kept going.

"Well I was the only one in the office so when he showed up I got the scare of my life. Anyway, Danny said he wanted help on what to say on the stand, how he was supposed to act. I told him it wasn't my place since we were on opposite sides of this case and I tried to say no but he looked so sad for some reason and I felt bad so I said I would help him." He took a deep breath "I was sitting in the seat next to him, trying to go over the when I felt his hand on my lap, inching its way to my cock.

He said he lied about needing my help with the case but that he needed my help with something else. He took my hand and brushed it over his cock and said that he has had a hard on since the case started because of me and that he needed my help to fix it.

I, well I never really thought about being with a guy so I told him he should go and that I couldn't help him but he kept trying. He pushed me onto the table and rubbed his cock over mine with our clothes still on. I realized I had a hard on and was longing for him to fuck me but I still tried to stop it. I told him to stop and that it was extremely unprofessional for us to do and that I was married and shouldn't cheat on my wife." Pete's dad stopped looked at his son and motioned for him to sit down next to him and Pete complied.

He noticed that he was getting turned on by his father's story but he tried to hide it. He sat down next to his father and before he knew it, his father was up rubbing his cock against Pete's.

He groaned and did it a little faster now. "Now tell me son," he said in a breathless tone, "if someone was doing this to you, would you be thinking with a clear head? Would you be thinking of consequences? Would you even be able to tell him no?" Pete's father was now fully humping Pete with aggression, with clothes and all. He continued with his story. "I sure as hell couldn't.

Danny had me lied down on the table started to take off my clothes and I just couldn't think anymore." Pete's father then proceeded to remove Pete's shirt, pants and boxers. He took in a good long look at his son's cock and hunger filled his eyes. He then started to remove his clothes as well and didn't stop until both men were butt naked. He leaned toward Pete and started to talk again but now in a more hushed tone.

"He grabbed my cock and started to give me a hand job and before I knew it, it was thrusting my cock into his hands, begging for more." As his father talked he also consisted to do exactly what Danny did to him.

He grabbed Pete's cock and started to give him a hand job. "Then, out of nowhere, the most wonderful sensation happened. Danny leaned forward and started to suck my cock. I've had my cock sucked before, but only by women. With a man, with Danny, it was hard, harder than I've ever had it done before and it felt amazing. That's where I gave up. I stopped thinking, I didn't even think about your mom once. I didn't feel guilty, I felt like everything was right. And then, just when I thought it couldn't get better, Danny started to fuck my ass.

I mean really, Pete.

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He FUCKED my ASS! And oh did it feel good, so good. It hurt like a bitch at first, just like it will for you but man is it worth it." Pete's dad was vigorously jacking Pete off while telling him the story and when he insinuated that Pete would get his ass fucked it caused him to go over the edge. He came and just kept cumming and feared he wouldn't stop. God, hearing his dad do dirty talk just made Pete excited in all the right ways.


"Oh son, your cumming, your cumming in my hand!" Pete's dad exclaimed in a excited voice. Then something that Pete didn't expect, his father bent forward and started sucking his cock, swallowing the semen as it squirted out of Pete's cock. Pete's father moaned around his cock, showing how much he enjoyed sucking him. He took his mouth off when the cum stopped but continued to lick and slurp up everything on Pete's cock.

"Oh god son, you taste mind-blowing! Can I have more?" he asked as his tongue licked up Pete's length. And though he just came, Pete began to get hard again and groaned at the touch of his father's tongue. "You like that, do you son? You want me to keep going?" Pete nodded. His father continued, taking Pete hard in his mouth, sucking the life out of him, trying to get him to cum. He grabbed the sides of Pete's ass, feeling around and finally, using Pete's cum as lubricant he pushed a finger into his crack.

Pete groaned at the feeling, having never gone this far with any one of his lovers. His father then placed a second finger into Pete's ass. God, he could probably cum just like that. Finally, his father pushed in a third finger. Pete cried out in ecstasy, loving the way his father's fingers moved in his ass. "Oh god, yes." He sighed. The fingers in his ass began to move again. They moved in and out of his crack, causing him to shudder. "Yes, yes, yes!

Oh god yes dad!" he screamed. "Yes son, that's it. Cry out for me. Beg for me to fuck you, I need you to beg for it." Pete just needed his dad's cock in him, he didn't care about what would happen afterwards, he just needed that cock and he needed it now. "Daddy please, god I need your cock, I need you to fuck me, I need my ass filled with you. Please, oh god please, dad," Pete's father's fingers disappeared from Pete's ass and in place of it was his father's cock.

As soon as his ass was filled with his father he began to cry out. "Yes, oh dad yes. That's it dad. Fuck me, thrust your 8 inch cock in and out of my crack. Yes, move it!

Oh daddy it feels so good". Pete was thrusting backwards, meeting his father in the middle where they slammed against each other. "You like it Pete? You like when daddy fucks you? Well I'll give you my cock, son. I'm gonna make you explode and feel pain because I fucked you so well. Beg me to fuck you harder son, beg daddy to thrust his cock into you and cum in your ass." "Dad it's getting late, what if mom comes home?" His father didn't look the least bit worried.

"Pete I don't know, but what I do know is that this isn't a one-time thing and I will want to fuck you again after this. Right now, let's not think about it." His father chose then to reach out in front of him and grabbed Pete's dick. He gave it a good tug, rubbed it with his eyes and gradually increased the speed of his hand and Pete was getting close.

"Beg, beg for me or ill stop right now." "Dad, please fuck me hard in the ass. I need your cock--" Before the he could finish the sentence, Pete's father started to slam his cock in and out of Pete. "Oh yes, dad.

Yeeesssssssss, keep going. Don't stop. Oh yes that's it. Oh, dad I'm&hellip. I'm gonna, oh dad I'm gonna CUM!" As Pete said his last word his climax hit him hard and his white cum squirted out onto his dad's hand. It had to be the most intense orgasm he'd ever experienced. Just as Pete was enjoying his cumming his father slammed into him one last time and then climaxed cumming into Pete's ass.

It felt so good, have the cum fill him up from behind. They both started to calm down and they just looked at each other. Even though both of them had just emptied themselves out, they were both still semi-hard.

Pete's father then leaned forward and forced his lips onto his son's.

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He then spoke against his lips. "You see now? Do you understand how I couldn't stop myself from fucking him?

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I had to and I had just hit my climax when my boss walked in on us and promptly fired me. But it was so worth it. To have that experience because without it, neither one of us would be here right now." He then stopped talking and started to feel Pete up, rubbed his hands all over his body, feeling anything he could of Pete. Their kissing began to increase they started to rock their bodies against each other.

Their cocks grinded against each other and Pete's father cried out against his lips, intensifying their bodies motions. Pete couldn't hold it in any longer and his fifth orgasm of the day hit him.

He groaned in pleasure, "Yes dad, that's it. That feels good. It feels so good. Yesssss." His gather had cum shortly after that and now both of them laid next to each other, fully naked, and exhausted from the amazing sex they'd been through. God, Pete didn't know how much he'd wanted to fuck his father until it happened.

Now, he didn't think he would get enough to satisfy him, ever. Then, everything that he decided to put off came rushing back to him. First, he still couldn't believe his father was gay, he looked like a perfect straight guy, which now that Pete thought about it, made it seem like he was trying to hard to be straight. Next, they just committed incest. He just fucked his father, his own flesh and blood, the guy who helped create him. He should be disgusted by the thought alone yet he actually let it happened and he was happy about that.

Recalling the way they fucked, the way they made each other cum caused Pete's cock to twitch alive again. Finally, what about his mother? His father just cheated on his wife 2 times today, once with his own son and he made it clear that this was not going to be the last time.

He never, in a million years, thought his father would cheat on his mother, add on the fact he cheated on her with guys, not other women and it just put icing on the cake. Oh well, Pete had to except what he had done and learn to live with the consequences. Yet, he didn't have any regrets, even after thinking back to everything that could happen because of what they did, he still couldn't conjure up an ounce of guilt or remorse about his day with his dad.

"Dad?" he said in a low voice. This caused his father to shiver and pride raced through him that he was able to do that to his father.

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"Yes son?" he said in his deep voice. "What are we going to do now? Are we going to keep doing this?" His father looked at him and said "We're going to live by each day and with figure out what we're going to do along the way. However, I don't give a fuck what your mother knows about this." Pete was about to ask what he meant when is father grinned and grabbed Pete's cock in his hand and started to jack him off.

Pete let out a low moan and completely forgot about what he was going to ask. "You know, I always wanted to wait to lose my virginity to a guy who was worth bringing home.

Someone I wanted to meet your approval. I guess I don't have to worry about that with you, huh dad?" he said with a laugh which turned into a low groan as his father played with the head of his cock rubbing it between his fingers.

"You knew you were gay before today?" his father asked in surprise but continued to play with Pete's dick by feeling up his full length, up and down.

Pete moaned and sighed from the action. "Yes, actually, I played around with the cashier from the gas station downtown earlier today" he said in a low chuckle. His father was so surprised by the words as he took a sharp intake of breath and was distracted from his incredible hand job and yank Pete's cock. God, even though he knew his father didn't do it on purpose he still was unable to stop the loud groan that escaped his lips.

"Oh god, dad. Do that again, oh god please do it again." He said with a low begging voice as he tried to move against his dad's hands but his father wouldn't let him move. "I'll do it again… only if you tell me about this guy and what you let him do to you" he said in a low, intimidating voice.

"Hold on, are you jealous?" Pete asked. His father's cheeks turned the slightest shade of pink that you would even notice if you weren't looking directly at them. "A little.


Thinking of another man touching you like this gets me heated and all I want to do now is punch him. Strange huh?" "To be honest…yes it's extremely weird but it's also kind of sweet. I'll tell you exactly what happened." Pete said in a hushed tone and proceeded to tell his father every detail about his morning with Mike.

Whenever there was a part he enjoyed, his father would reward him by yanking his cock once and causing a zing of pleasure to wash over Pete every time.

Once he was near the ending Pete was close to exploding. "I'm about to cum dad" he said in a warning ton. Then, just as he hit his climax, his father's hands were replaced by his mouth and Pete sat there, emptying his cock as his dad swallow every last bit of his cum.

He put his head back on the pillow of the couch and let himself be taken over by his father's touch. He let out a soft moan as his dad took one last swallow around his cock and finished cleaning up his semen.

"Your amazing at th-." He was cut off by the front door shutting and his mother close to walking in to both butt naked men. Both Pete and hid dad looked at each other, trying to figure out their next move but his father took over and put them into their previous position, with his father's head between Pete's legs. Although Pete loved this position he couldn't help but wonder why his dad put them that way when his mother just got home.

His father then proceeded to take Pete back into his mouth and caused him to turn hard again. He then lost his train of thought and just felt his father's mouth on him.

He was so lost he didn't realize when his mother walked in and gasped as she took in the scene. Pete knew his father knew she was in the room but he still continued to suck his son off and though Pete tried to leave his grasp he started to suck harder. Pete's mother watched the action and anger and betrayal passed over her face.

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"How could you, you disgusting pigs! You fucking your own flesh and blood you repulsive men!" she said. Pete couldn't help but notice how her bra strap showed outside of her shirt, her skirt was twisted to the side and her hair was a mess.

Pete put the pieces together and figured out what was going on. His mother was having an affair. Her staying late at the university had nothing to do with them bugging her and he realized his father knew and that's why he chose to ignore the fact she was there and continued to suck his son's cock. Pleasure rocketed through Pete and he groaned so loudly he knew the neighbors could hear as he reached his climax. His mother just stood there, watching their encounter, watching as his father swallowed Pete's cum for the umpteenth time today.

He finally released Pete's cock and looked at his wife, "I want a divorce" was all he said he then grabbed Pete and brought him into the hottest kiss Pete ever had. They lost themselves in each other and when they came up for air, Pete's mother was gone.

They looked at each other and his father looked at him saying, "I guess you found your answer to what we're going to do after today", he smiled and brought his lips back to his sons. "I love you dad, and not as my dad, as my lover." Pete said "I love you in the same way Pete, and call me Jake." His father said.

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