Teen kat hunter devours stepbros huge cock

Teen kat hunter devours stepbros huge cock
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Chapter 2 - Dungeon of Love So the couple had been back to the pillbox a total of 5 separate occasions. Mostly on schools nights although they did have one Saturday night. Each visit had brought incredible sex. Each visit Dan had pushed the boundaries a little further. The handcuffs attached to the bed were used regularly. Dan had tried a little light slapping which had been received well the first time and each subsequent time he went a little harder, wanting to push to find Gemma's limits whilst not scaring her off.

He was loving having this gorgeous teen as his fuck buddy who so far has tried everything he has suggested and more so enjoyed it. On driving home from their latest visit Dan decided was now time to move things up a notch.

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He knew what he wanted but really wanted it to be Gemma's idea. "So what next?" He asked the blind folded teen schoolgirl sitting in his passenger seat as he drove her to school. "What do you mean?" She replied "Well at the beginning you said you wanted me to teach you! What do you want me to teach you next?" "I don't know. We have done lots already" she replied "I think we have only just scratched the surface" "Ok, what do you want to teach me?" "Thie list is endless but I really want you to control this" "Ok, but I don't really know" she replied "Well the way I see it, you are kinky.

You like to be chained up and like me to take control and you to be helpless. That said, You also love it when the roles are reversed and you are in control" "Indeed" she replied with a smirk on her face. "You like the slap and tiggle and a little bit of pain turns you on" "Again, indeed" she said as she could feel a warmth in her knickers.

"So, come on, what are you thinking? I think you already got a plan." "Do you trust me" Dan asked "You know I do, totally" she replied without thinking. "Well I think it is time to turn things up a gear. We have the pillbox this Saturday coming and I think it is time we push the pleasure pain thing further" "Ok" "You got to be totally on board with this. If you say yes, then I am going to roleplay a whole session. There will be no turning back, probably no safe word. I will inflict pain on you for the sake of pleasure.

I won't hurt hurt you, but I'm not going to go easy either" "Ok" the whole conversation scared Gemma but also turned her on in a way she never thought possible. Her knickers were now soaked through with the images rushing through her head. The pair fell silent for the rest of the journey. Both excited for what lay ahead at the weekend and Gemma feeling nervous at the same time. As they neared her school, Dan reached over and untied the blindfold one handed.

"Knickers please" he demanded and without questioning, as had become the routine, she kicked off her shoes, lifted her hips off the seat, slipped her little white cotton knickers down her legs and over feet. Knowing they were really wet, she waved them under Dans nose and then dropped them in his lap. They arranged for a pickup at 8pm on Saturday, which is the earliest they had been out to the Pillbox yet.

Gemma knew from the previous weekend visit, they would still have to be away early. She wasn't really sure why but guessed maybe dog walkers or runners also used the land. Dropping her at the school gates, the pair kissed and Dan had a cheeky grope of her bare wet pussy. With a raised eye brow and a final kiss he bid her farewell until Saturday. The next few days went so slowly. Gemma was quite nervous of their next outing but she totally trusted Dan and knew he wouldn't actually hurt her.

She spent the time preparing for what she thought might happen.

She kind of guessed the crucifix that stands to one side of the bed might come into play. She also felt maybe a whip or something as Dan did love slapping her arse and biting her nipples during sex.

The gorgeous red headed teen planned her weekend outfit with the help of her friend Sarah. She shared everything with Sarah. Told her all the details of the steamy sex sessions and even showed her the photos of Dan laying spread eagle on the bed in handcuffs or whatever pose she had snapped.


Sarah loved hearing the stories and seeing the photos. She never told Gemma but the whole thing turned her on and she would imagine herself with Dan when she was in her room fingering herself late at night.

Gemma told Sarah the plan for the weekend and Sarah said she had just the outfit. If was a fancy dress outfit she had used one Halloween. The next night Gemma popped over to Sarah's to collect the outfit. It was just perfect. There wasn't much to it. There was a short leather mini skirt that barely covered Gemma's bum, a black pvc boob tube that left her gorgeous flat stomach and her perk boobs on show. There was also a wig and long black lacy vail. Gemma considered the vail and then decided against it.

Both girls were feeling horny unbeknown to the other as Gemma tried on the outfit. Sarah was so jealous of Gemma but on the other hand couldn't wait to here all the details on Sunday afternoon. Saturday finally arrived but again the day dragged. Gemma took a long shower, cleared herself from head to toe including shaving her pussy so she was hairless, something she knew Dan would like.

She dressed in Sarah's outfit and again as had become the custom, went knickerless. She found her 3 inch black high heels. She hated walking in them but felt tonight was a special occasion so she would go the extra mile.

She put on her long winter jacket despite being the middle of summer and slipped out the house without anyone noticing. Her Mum had got used to the regular sleep overs with Sarah and didn't even question it any more. She had more important things on her mind with her much younger new boyfriend, that Gemma found quite creepy. As the sexy redhead tottered down the road in her high heels, Dan was parked up waiting as always. As she neared the car, she removed her jacket.

Dans eyes popped out of his head. She was always sexy and always wore no knickers when he picked her up, but today she looked like a slut, no actually as prostitute. Instantly giving him hardon "what have I created" he thought to himself. Gemma opened the door, throw her bag and and coat on the back seat, climbed in and kissed him.

Dan's jaw was still on the floor. "You like?" She asked in a mocking tone "What do you think?" The normal routine was followed, Dan drove to a nearby lay-bys and put on the blindfold. This time he tied it a lot tighter than normal to the point Gemma questioned it and asked for it to be lossened.

"Shut it bitch" came a stern reply Gemma was taken back by his tone and words but guessed he was now in roleplay. Not sure what to say or do, she stayed quite for the rest of the journey.

Again, as per normal, a little before they arrived she felt Dans hand on her knee.

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She had been anticipating it for the last 10 minutes or so. Instead of working his way to her pussy, he took her right hand and placed it in his lap. His cock was out and standing to attention.

"this is new" thought Gemma.

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She wrapped her fingers around it and started wanking him off. A minute or so later, the car slowed and turned into the unmade dirt track that led to their destination. Gemma heard a seatbelt unclick and then realised it was hers. "Suck me off bitch" came the same demanding tone "and don't you dare start rubbing yourself either". Gemma quite scared but also very turned on, lifted herself off her seat, turned 90 desgrees and knelt on her chair, probably showing her pussy to the world out of the window in doing so.

She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking. The salty pre-cum tasted good. Wanking the base of his shaft and sucking she soon felt him build to a climaxe. As normal she reduced down pressure and speed to make him last long "Make me cum you bitch, don't you dare tease me, you little slut"! Again taken back by the vocab and tone, she did as she was told, sucking and licking and tigglingplaying with his ball sack in one hand and wanking him into her mouth with the other.

Building up speed, sucking for all her worth, again she could feel him build, just as he was about to come, her head was grabbed and pulled back and the first thick stream of warm cum hit her face, the second stream landed on her boobs before her head was jerked back down and the third and fourth stream exit the back of her throat, which she swallowed.

Slightly dazed and confused, she gave Dans cock a final suck and lick and straighten up. "They you go cum slut, just what you deserved" With that she felt a hand start smearing the cum into her boobs and then face. Gemma wanted to cry. She felt humiliated. How could he say those nasty things to here.

She wondered if the safe word would work. He had warned it wouldn't but she could try. All that said, she was horny and needed her own release.

All this before they had even got inside. She bit her lip and pushed back the tears. She stayed seated and said nothing.

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After a few minutes she realised they were sitting in the car and not going in. Again she wanted to ask what was going on but was a little scared to even open her mouth. After a couple of minutes she heard Dan open his door and told her to stay put. Helpless, dressed as a slut, covered in cum and blindfolded she didn't see she had much choice. She heard Dan get her bag out of the back and something out of the boot.

Next she heard a suitcase being rolled / dragged up to the pillbox. Minutes later she heard footsteps and hoped and Prayed they were Dan's. He opened her door. In his normal soft and gentle tone "ok, I am going to ask you one last time, are you sure you want to do this? Once we go inside, I am going to teach you things you didnt even know we're possible.

I have given you a taste of what is to come, if you want to back out, say so now" Gemma thought long and hard. Her mind and heart were screaming at her to back out. She had been genuinely scared when he had demanded she suck his cock and then humiliated her when he showered her with his cum, but she was as horny as hell. Like never before. In a weird way she had been turned on by it.

"Let's do it" she replied after a good few minutes. Dan reached in and helped her out the car. Her took her arm and lead her up the hill to the Pillbox. The door must have been opened as he lead her down the four steps inside still blind folded, which was a first. Thoughts flashed through her mind but each one she dismissed quickly as she trusts Dan totally.

God did she hope she was right to trust him. He sat her on the bed and poured her a whiskey. She downed it in one, growing accustom to the burning sensation. Dan poured her a second one and handed it to her "I think you might need another one tonight" he told her. Again, she had a foreboding in the pit of her stomach and again quickly dismissed it. She downed the whiskey in one.

As soon as he had taken the glass from her "ok bitch, tonight is about me, about my pleasure" he barked loudly. "You do everything I say. To the letter, or you get punished!

You understand?" Gemma nodded. "I didn't hear you cum slut, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" He barked again Slightly feebly she replied "yes" "You do everything I say and nothing more. You do not cum without my permission, you got it?" "yes" she replied. Roughly, Gemma felt her arms pulled behind her back and some sort of rope tie wrapped round, it was pulled tight and double knotted. Next she felt the blindfold being removed. Her eyes stung with the light and it took her a minute to adjust, the room looked as it always did, except there was some sort of harness of black strapped attached to one of the ceiling clips.

Her eyes widened as she saw an assortment of virators and dildos that had been laid out on the bed. Lastly there was a strange and quite scary looking contraction laying lengthway head to foot on the bed. Looking closer. Gemma realised it was actually attached to the head and foot board. In was a long wide board possibly 10 inches wide with two, what could only be described as seats. Each one padded and covered in leather.

It looked like a seesaw except the seats were too close together and there was no pivot. There were straps on both seats and what looked like restraints at top and bottom. "Seen enough bitch" Dan barked. Gemma nodded and then followed it by a yes remember what happened last time. Dan picked up the blind fold and recovered her eyes, once again tying it tightly.

With her hands still tided behind her back, Dan pulled her to her feet and barked "on The bed, on all fours, head facing the door" Quickly Gemma followed the instructions. She felt Dan climb onto the bed and before she knew it she had been lifted in the air, still in the all four position and put down so she straddled the contraction on the bed.

One seat pressed into her stomach and the other into her boobs, still confided to the boob tube. Now quivering at the thought of what was coming next, she felt a strap go over her lower back and pulled her stomach in tight to the seat.

She tried to lift her hips to no avail. Both her ankles were strapped left and right, both tightly. Next she felt Dans hands on her shoulders pulling her up. The boob tube was unclipped at the back and discarded. Both her boobs were pushed up and she was manhanded to lay back down, the cold leather being a shock to her warm skin. Her boobs now pushed up. Another strap went over her back and again was pulled tight, pushing her tits further forward still. The position was uncomfortable, especially as all her body weight seemed to rest on her boobs as her hands were still tied behind her back.

Feeling totally exposed with her arse and pussy in the air she then waited, and waited, and waited some more. She couldn't hear a sound, couldn't hear Dan moving around. It seemed like forever. The anticapation of what might be coming, the unknown was scaring her and making her horny at the same time.

Without warning, her hair was pulled back which made her jerk her face up and for the second time tonight a rock hard dick was presented to her open mouth. Without orders she was not sure what to do, but in the moment took it in her mouth. WACK came some sort of hand whip down on her back. It wasn't particularly hard but still stung as it was so unexpected.

In that split second she let the cock fall out of her mouth. "Consider that a warning, I told you, you follow my even instruction to the letter" "Hold you head still, DO NOT MOVE IT!" He barked The rock hard cock was reinserted into her mouth. She felt both his hands on the side of head holding it steady and without warning he started face fucking her. Sliding his entire 7" in and out. Each thrust hitting the back of her thought.

Not holding back and being as rough as hell he fucked her pretty little mouth for all his worth.


With Each thrust she gagged but he didn't care. She held her tongue to one side but clamped her lips around his mighty shaft as each thrust entered her mouth.

Her pussy was sopping wet and aching to be touched and played with. Dan built a rhythm and speed very quickly.

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He felt his orgasm building with every thrust, faster and faster, harder and harder, Gemma's gorgeous sexy body rocking in its bound position. His climax built and just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of her mouth and again sprayed his thick goo all over for face, hair and tits.

He popped his cock back in her mouth for a final clean up. "Suck it clean BITCH" which she happily did. Dan stood back and admired his handy work. He knew he was getting this all on 4 covert cctv cameras all posited pointing at the bed, but took his phone from his pocket anyway and snapped a photo. Gemma heard the shutter and groaned internally knowing she was covered with now two lots of cum. The room fell quiet and Gemma waited with anticapation. The wait seemed to last forever. After what had only been a few minutes, She felt her blindfold being removed.

Her eyes adjusted to the dim light quickly and she saw Dan standing in front of her, wearing just his shirt and boxers, his semi erect dick poking out. She watched as he unzipped her overnight bag and rummaged around for a while. Her found what he was looking for and pulled out her knickers. He walked around the bed and rubbed the thin white cotton knickers over her sopping wet pussy. Once they were nicely wet, he walked back into sight and held them to Gemma's nose.

The restrained teen wanted to protest but she knew it would do any good. She sniffed at her panties taking on her own sweet smell. "open up" Dan demanded and Gemma followed the order. He roughly pushed her knickers into her mouth almost making her gag.

Next a fall length floor standing mirror that Gemma hadn't even noticed when she first walked in was positioned at the foot of the bed so she could see herself laying on this weird seasaw contraction.

The cum was all over her face, tits and hair. She could see a red mark where she had earlier been whipped. The seats were now numbing her stomach and chest and Gemma found the position most uncomfortable. Not that she was about to complain. Dan walked around the bed and climbed on and admired her exposed arse and cleanly shaven pussy. He picked up a pink vibrator. It must have been a good 8 inches long, fairly thick and had a wire running out of the end of it. Gemma's eyes gawped at it.

They had played with vibratory before but nothing this big and certainly nothing with wires. She watched intently as she felt the sensation of Dan running the vibratory up and down her pussy lips.

He smeared her juices all over the shaft of the plastic pink item and made she both her and the vibrator was well lubbed. He moved it to her ass and smeared more of her pussy juices over her tight anus.

Gemma's eyes widened in horror at the this. Dan continued to probe her bum hole and then slipped it down and straight into her wet pussy. Relived Gemma tried to give a little squeal at the sensenation of the virbrator entering her but could to due to her gag.

The virbrator was worked back and forward a few times until she had taken a good 5 inches. Dan pressed a button on the controller and a sharp virbration pulsed for a second though the vibrator and through Gemma's body. She wanted more, she needed to cum. Holding Dans eye contact in the mirror, she waited, desperately willing for more, but nothing came. Dan took a strap, attached it to the end of the vibrator and around the upright of the bench and tied it, plunging another inch of the vibrator into Gemma and holding it tight inside her.


Still watching what he was doing, she saw him pick up another sex toy. A dildo or something she though, black and shiny. It was like cone shapped. thin at the top and then widened base with like a plastic foot plate. This time Dan picked up some lub and smeared it on his cock.

Slightly perplex Gemma though she knew what was coming but wasn't sure and if she was right the idea scared her. Over the past visits, Dan had used a finger in her arse and it had always felt good, but she didn't think she could take either the dildo or his cock.

Dan positioned himself on the bed and wrapped his now hard cock up and down the arse crack, leaving the slimy lub all over. His teased by pushing his cock head up against her anus but didn't enter her. He lubbed up the sex toy and repeated the process making her arse and anus very wet. The pink vibrator held tight in her pussy, sitting dormant. He held the butt plug to her anus and gentlely pushed and twisted. Gemma relaxed her anal ring but wanting to refuse the object so not to hurt herself.

The butt plug started to go in, and with one forceful push, Dan pushed in all the way in and the cone disappeared, held out only by the base plate. A volt of lighting ripped through her young body, pain like never before made her arse burn. She had been invaded, violated.

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She tried to scream. Nothing came out, tears rolled down her cum smeared face. Dan admired his handy work and once again pulled his phone to hand and took a couple of photos. One of her arse and pussy filled with the toys. A fall length of her body restraint, and another the same except with her tear and cum smeared face looking back in the mirror. Gemma just lay there, not being able to do or say anything. He pussy ached for action, her bum burn with pain but also pleasure, just not knowing what might come next.

Dan maintained his position, kneeling on the bed behind her. "You have been a good fuck toy so far, let's keep it that way please. Now I am going to switch on this vibrator but you are now allowed to cum, got it" Gemma nodded "I SAID, GOT IT?" He barked Gemma nodded again, more vigorously this time. Dan took the control to the vibrator. "if you cum, there will be serious consequences" he told her as he turned the a dial on the controller from 0 to 1! The vibrator sprang to life and started gently buzzing deep within her.

If felt so good. It was only gentle but it was what she needed. No actually what she needed was to cum but she knew she couldn't, well shouldn't, well must try not to. The vibrating deep inside her was only gentle, almost hypnotic, she could cope with this.

Without warning, Dan switched the dial to 2 and the vibrating was taken to the next level. Dan picked up the flogger tail he has used before on her. It had a leather handle and then lots of thick leather stranded that looked a bit like a horses tail.

The rythem was building inside her, as the vibrator continued to hum softly. Gemma had closed her eyes and was trying to consentrate on not cuming, which felt wrong as she desperately wanted to. Pain ripped through her body and a new burning session on her arse as Dan brought the flogger down on her.

Her eyes shot open and more tears rolled down her face, as he brought it down on her other butt cheek. The second time the pain wasn't as bad but still burned. The third landed on her right butt check and the fourth her left. The flogging wasn't heavy but each slap left a red mark and burning sensation. Omg Gemma had totally forgotten about the virbrator and found the pain and pleasure was building her to an almighty climax.

She desperately fought it, as the paddle landed more blows. Her nipples felt so sensitive again the leather. She could feel her pussy juices running down her leg. Without warning, the virbrator got turned up again, the paddle still raining down on her now red raw arse. Her climax built and built until it was no good.

She bucked against her restraints but couldn't move, her orgasm ripped through her body. Dan watching on with sheer pleasure deciding to teach her a lesson, he put down the paddle turned the vibrator up to 5 and watched as she continued to buck against the restraints. Dan positioned himself behind her, twisted and pulled the butt plug leaving her anus gapping open. Kneeling down he entered her anally plugging all his 7 inch cock into her.

She was so tight but also still wet from the lub and opened up by the butt plug. He could feel the vibrator buzzing away inside her as he pumped her arse, hard and fast. Gemma's climax just wouldn't subside, she needed it to, it was hurting she couldn't take it any more and now she had Dans cock deep inside her taking her virgin anal cherry. Within a couple of minutes, Dan felt his own climax build what with the tight anal canal, His gorgeous girlfriend restraint at his mercy and the violent vibrations coming from the sex toy still locked into her pussy.

He thrust deep and hard and felt his first explosion fill her.

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He held deep whilst more and more cum gushed into her, the virbrator still sending ripples though both their bodies. As he pulled out, his cum dripped out of her arse and ran down her pussy and legs. He turned the vibrator off but left it in situ for now.

He smeared his cum all over her arse and pussy, sending more ripples through her body. Gemma lay in the uncomfortable position, exhausted and spent. After a few minutes, Dan climbed off the bed and looked at the pretty teen and admired his own handy work. Her tears had dried as had most of the cum. He makeup had run down her face. Taking a couple more photos on his phone of the ruined teen. He removed the vibrator and released all the straps. He lifted Gemma off the hobby horse and placed her on the bed.

The pain had been aweful but the pleasure had been off the scale. She rolled herself into a ball, hugging her knees tight to her chest. Dan got a towel and gently cleaned some of the cum from her face.

He laid down next to here and cuddled her. The pair fell straight to sleep until 3am when Gemma awoke. She got out of bed, when to the shower and tried to clean up. As she came out of the shower area her heart sank when she saw Dan sitting on the bed, still wearing his unbuttoned shirt.

"Are we still roleplaying?' she asked in a meek voice. "Only if you want to." Came the reply to her relief. "No, but I do want you to fuck me" With out a word, Dan pulled Gemma towards him, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply.

His cock stood straight to attention, poking into her stomach. "You were fantastic" he told her between kisses. Gemma didn't reply, just savoured the tender loving kisses that she had missed so much on the previous session. With Dan sitting on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor, Gemma climbed up and stood on the bed, offering her pussy to his face.

He took the invitation and lapped up at the silky smooth pussy lips. Within seconds her juices were flowing and Dan was teasing, licking and sucking on her pussy flaps and the gorgeous pink flesh within. Gemma could feel her climax coming and now desperate for the cock, slide herself down until she impaled herself on his seven inches.

Dan leaned back on the bed, arms stretched out supporting himself in a half sitting position and the sexy nymphamanic bobbed up and down on his cock. He was so tempted to slap her arse or tweak her nibbles but after last nights session and knowing she was still red raw in places, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead he just enjoyed the ride. Gemma build up rhythm and could feel her climax coming. Her pussy tightened around Dans shaft as an electric shock pulsates through her body.

Feel his cock being sucked into her pussy send Dan over the edge and her filled her with more of his cum. Gemma still bobbing up and down savoured every second and made both their orgasms last as long as possible She finally flopped on top of him, still with his cock inside of her, their sweaty bodies met. They kissed and cuddled and after a while fell asleep again.