Practice makes me feel good

Practice makes me feel good
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He suddenly slams his cell phone into the ground. There is an audible crunch as it strikes. He has ruined his phone but he is too angry to care. He continues walking without bothering to pick it up off the ground swearing under his breath as he goes.

He's fuming at the text he has just read from his now ex-girlfriend that read "You just don't satisfy me the way he does".

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He couldn't believe it. Not only had that bitch cheated on him but when he confronted her she did nothing but insult him. She was a cunt and a whore just like the rest of them. He stomped blindly down the street with no real destination.


Deep in thought about what he was going to do the next time he saw him, hell he wouldn't mind taking his anger out on his bitch of an ex either. Forget that she's a woman; he would still beat her ass even if it meant jail time. He swung at the air unable to contain his anger. It was a hot and humid night and the street was eerily empty. His damp shirt sticking to his sweaty skin did nothing but fuel his rage.

His car had run out of gas a few miles back and he had been walking for who knows how long in search for a gas station. The road was dark without so much as a street lamp to light his way. His only company was the corn field and the noisy midnight crickets.


He was picturing tying his ex down and showing her exactly how he could satisfy her. He imagined taking off his belt and beating her with it while he fucked her the whole time. Then he would wrap it around her neck and watch as her face turned purple from lack of oxygen. He was sure the fear in her eyes would only make violently fucking her more pleasurable. Suddenly he was taken out of his revere when a pair of headlights swung towards him.

A car had pulled over next to him. He watched as the window rolled down to reveal a young woman. For one infuriating moment he thought she was his ex.

She had the same oval face and blonde hair, hell she could have been her sister. "You okay sir?" She asked.

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He looked around in the car, there was no one else with her. Her small voice pissed him off. Who was she to try to sound so innocent, she was probably a whore too just like the rest of them just like his ex. He said nothing as he slowly approached the car. He needed to take his anger out on someone and this bitch looked like she had probably cheated on someone before too. He could hear it in here tiny voice full of deceit.

"Sir?" She asked again with a twinge of fear this time.

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His cock twitched at the sound of it. He lunged at the car door and swung it open. Her eyes widened in fear, too shocked to react.

He grinned. she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. He grabbed a handful of hair and ripped her out of the car before she could react.

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She began screaming and thrashing but there was no one for miles to hear her. It was like everything had aligned perfectly for this to happen. She must deserve this otherwise fate wouldn't have brought her here, he thought as he threw her facedown on the ground. She coughed and spat out dirt and grass before drawing in more air to continue her futile screaming. "no one can hear you, whore" He spat at her as he pinned her down with his elbow and used his other arm to wriggle her shorts down.

She was tiny, couldn't weigh more than 90 pounds and all she could do was kick her legs. He laughed. "Please no! Take my money! Take my car!" She gasped tears running down her panicked face. His cock hardened at the sound of her begging.

"Shut the fuck up. You deserve this, and what's more, you want it" He held her head down pushing with all his weight and ripped her panties off. He could hear her frightened whimpers as he pushed her knees up so that her ass was sticking up into the air. He held her in place with his hand pushing her face first into the dirt and his hip preventing her from scooting down while he quickly pulled down his pants.

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He held her there for a bit enjoying her struggling. "I'm going to fuck you now" He whispered in her ear before unceremoniously slamming his cock into her pussy. She screamed and managed to pull her head out from under his hand. She desperately tried to pull away from him but he had a firm painful grip on her hips.

He quickly grabbed ahold of her arms and pulled them back and up unnaturally and painfully.

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He used his new "handlebars" To begin thrusting into her hard. Her throat was raw from screaming as she was forced to take his big dick again and again. He suddenly picked her up off the ground only to slam her back down.

She grunted as the wind was knocked out of her. He chuckled and began to slap her ass to the rhythm of his thrusts, each time drawing his arm back further in order to gain more momentum. Her little ass jiggled slightly with each slap as his hand became imprinted on it with a big red mark. She had gone from screaming to silently crying.

This wouldn't do at all. He wanted to hear the cunt scream. Wanted to know exactly how much pain she was in so that she would never cheat on anyone else again. He pulled out for a moment and ceased spanking her. He took a minute to wait for her to calm down, just long enough for her to begin to hope it was over.


And just as her shaking began to slow he took his cock and slammed it straight into her ass. The scream that escaped her throat did not sound human; in fact it was closer to the sound of a mortally wounded animal.

He grinned like a Cheshire cat and thrust himself into her to again and again up to the balls. He suddenly had the urge to watch her face as he raped her ass and without pulling out he flipped her onto her back. By this point she had ceased to fight and instead sobbed with the occasional scream.

He looked into her eyes as he continued to fuck her. She had the eyes of a whore.

His fury built right alongside his pleasure as he wrapped his hand around her throat. Her gasps for air were exquisite as he slowly tightened his grip. Tears streamed down her face as it turned from red to purple. He moaned as he began to climax, he pulled out and made sure to cover her in it.

He released his grip on her and it was all she could do to gasp for air. "Forget my face bitch" He spat at her as he kicked her aside and climbed into her car. Now it was time to find his ex and teach her a lesson too…