Fisting fat white girl her first time)

Fisting fat white girl her first time)
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Fbailey story number 301 My Sister-In-Law Runs I am a twenty-five year old male and my wife is twenty-two. However, my wife has the most beautiful eighteen-year-old sister that you ever wanted to see. Desiree is tall, slender, and has a ponytail that hangs halfway down her back. She graduated from high school in May and was hired right away as a fashion model for one of those rich stores where someone else tries on the clothes for you so that you can see if you like it or not.

Just because everything looks good on Desiree doesn't mean that it will look that good on the customer. Who care? They have too much money anyway.

To say that Desiree likes to run is an understatement, she loves to run. Every morning she gets up early and goes for a ten mile run before breakfast. About every month she runs in a marathon race somewhere.

My wife is concerned for Desiree's safety so every morning I go over to her house and run the first mile or so with her, then I rest for a while and wait for her to come back so I can run the last mile with her.

The eight miles in between are out of town on a hardly ever-used dirt road. It wasn't hard at all to figure out that Desiree doesn't wear any panties under her tight little shorts along with a jogging bra for support. Her tits might only be a B-cup but they are spectacular.

As I jog behind her I can't help but stare at her fine ass. The way it twitches inside her skimpy shorts would make a priest cry, unless he is into boys, that is. As I await her return she almost always has a camel toe and hard nipples.

By then she is fairly wet from sweating too and things can get very interesting. I especially like her pastel colors. White is my favorite but yellow, pink, and peach are fine too. I know just from staring at her crotch that she leaves a little vertical landing strip over her slit. One day I told Desiree how beautiful I thought that she really was. I also told her what an effect she had on me as she ran.

She just smiled and said thank you, but that she already knew that. Then I told her that we should start a web site and charge guys to see pictures of her in action and maybe some video clips too. Desiree said that she liked that idea and that if I did all of the work that we could split it fifty fifty. Okay! So I made arrangements to meet with her after work. She still lived at home so my wife said that she would keep my mother-in-law occupied while I kept Desiree occupied changing outfits for pictures.

Desiree had the perfect bedroom for photographs too. It was girly without being over done. I had my wife get us invited to dinner so that I could get started early. I had explained everything to my wife already so as to avoid any problems. She already knows that I have been in love with sister the three years that we have been married and even the year before that when we were dating.

At the time a fourteen-year-old girl did not appeal to me no matter how beautiful she was because in prison I'm beautiful too. I went up to Desiree's bedroom and the door was wide open. I said hello and asked when she would like to get started. She said that right then was good for her. She informed me that she had gone to the bathroom, douched, and showered before fixing her hair and her makeup. Douched? To feel clean all over. She had on my favorite white outfit.

She knew it too. I set up a few lights that I had brought with me and got out my video camera. She said that she thought that we were just taking digital pictures.


I told her that if I took both I could get some video clips for the web site too. She was uneasy about that but I couldn't figure out why. Then I produced a model release for her to sign stating that she was at least eighteen years old and that I could do anything that I wanted to do with the pictures I took. Again Desiree was uneasy. I told her that it was a standard release form and that I could also crop the pictures, alter them, or post them on the Internet if I wanted to.

Finally she said okay and signed it. So I started taking pictures of her standing up, doing some very sexy stretching exercises, and then of her sitting and lying on her bed.

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I took full body pictures, half body, and close-up pictures. She started to warm up nicely. Then I suggested a wardrobe change and said that I could step out of the room to give her some privacy. She asked me how I would get the nude pictures of her if I stepped out. Nude pictures? Yes, she knew full well that sex sells and unless there were nude pictures of her on the web site that no one would pay to join it.

She was absolutely right. Then I realized why she was so concerned about the video camera. She looked right at it, took a deep breath, and then she removed her top. She looked simply magnificent topless. I took another bunch of digital pictures. Her little nipples were quite hard and her areolas were tiny too.

I could almost cover them with a penny.

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Desiree confessed to me that posing nude was both frightening and exciting at the same time. Nude was coming just as soon as she peeled those bottoms off. She had marks in her skin from the tight shorts and from the tight top that I hadn't realized earlier. I asked her if there was any way to take pictures without those lines.

Yes! Invite her to say over at my house that night and take them first thing in the morning. Okay! So we went back to posing in various outfits. Then we were called down to dinner.

Desiree put on a nice pair of cut-offs with a man's shirt tied just under her breasts. I took several pictures of her in that outfit too.


I was going have a great time photographing my gorgeous sister-in-law in all of her sexy outfits. She said that I should see her in the dresses that she models at work. Okay! After dinner I took picture of Desiree in several of her running outfits and then told my wife that she was going to spend the night with us. At home I had Desiree get in a bubble bath with not too many bubbles in it.

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My wife looked over my shoulder as I worked. At first I thought that she might be mad but then she suggested that I get Desiree in the shower too, on the toilet, and naked applying her makeup and fixing her hair.

Then she smiled and said that I ought to get her masturbating too. Desiree liked all of her sister's suggestions and so did I. When I suggested that I get the two sisters together too they both liked that idea also. Desiree told her that the pictures were for our web site but my wife already knew that.

So she undressed and got in the bubble bath with Desiree. I was amazed when my wife started to soap up her sister's tits and wash them. She lifted Desiree's fanny up so that she could wash her pussy too. Then she finger fucked her sister, rubbed her clit, and gave her a very good orgasm. Then my wife bent down and licked her sister's pussy.

Desiree told her that she had missed that. I was then informed that the two of them used to satisfy each other's sexual needs even after we got married.

Wow! Well taking pictures of them together took on a whole new meaning. They showered together too and then they took turns peeing, douching, and fixing their hair for me. I was glad that I had gotten it on video too. After a little makeup they tried on every sexy nightie that my wife owned. Then they tried on every pair of panties for me too, topless no less.

Without any lines on their bodies I took hundreds of nude pictures of them both alone and together. I could almost see the response with two sisters on the web site. I made sure that my wife signed a model release too. It was getting pretty late but they wanted to make love for me. At just about the end of it my wife told me to fuck Desiree while she took pictures.

She said that it would be good for the web site. Hell, it was good for me. I was ready to burst after what the two of them had put me through. Sinking my cock into my sister-in-law's pussy was just what I needed.

It was the reward for a whole day of torture, it was the reward for lusting after her for all those years, and it was the reward that would keep on giving. Once I had been in that sweet hole I knew that I could get back in it any time that I wanted too.

I followed Desiree around the next morning on a bicycle taking pictures of her coming and going. She wore the white outfit for me and she was sweating pretty good by the time she got back home. I went home to my wife and breakfast. My wife was in a really good mood and I got to fuck her on the kitchen counter with her totally naked and shouting out in pleasure. She was hoping that the neighbors would see her like that. Huh! Maybe I could talk her into some outdoor nudes too. Maybe!

Desiree had gotten permission to allow me back in the dressing rooms. She told them it was for her portfolio. I could only photograph her and no one else not even in a mirror. With Desiree's permission I could stay in there while she changed too as long as I didn't photograph anyone helping her get changed. Okay! I had to wait in there for almost an hour before someone wanted Desiree to model some dresses. Wow, were they ever nice dresses. Every one was slit high on the sides, low in the front, or back less with her butt crack showing.

She was not allowed to wear any underwear or nylons. The woman helping Desiree get dressed, said that she didn't mind if I got her in some of the pictures too. I had her sign a model's release to prove it. After that anything went.

In fact the helper would run her hands down Desiree's breasts and her ass to smooth the material.


She would do other sexy things too. Then we would both wait patently for Desiree's return. The woman had picked out about twenty dresses for Desiree to try on and the last three were almost transparent.

Desiree said that those were for the husband's benefit.

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If she showed him her almost nude body then he might purchase an extra dress for his wife. She knew what was going on and she accepted it. After the last dress was shown the girls got to take a break. After all it had taken about an hour and a half without a pause and the clients had been served Champaign and hors d'oeuvres in the process.

The helper grabbed us some of the leftovers and brought them back to the changing room. The helper's name was Pauline. Pauline drank two glasses of Champaign a little too quickly and got giggly. So Desiree took advantage of her. As it turned out Pauline was the same age as my wife at twenty-two.

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Desiree got Pauline to try on the last three dresses for me so that I could take pictures of her in them…and out of them too. Desiree removed her short silk robe and posed nude with Pauline. It didn't take Desiree very long at all to get her tongue and fingers into Pauline.

She knew exactly what she was doing…getting some great pictures for the Internet. Guys just love to see two girls together and not just the same two every time either. Pauline was certainly into it and probed Desiree's pussy too. Soon they were lying on those expensive dresses in a sideways sixty-nine so that I could get all the action at both ends.

After Pauline had an orgasm she shoved the neck of the Champaign bottle into Desiree's pussy. Of course it had some Champaign in it and it got all over one of the dresses. Well that put an end to their fun.

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Pauline quickly got dressed and rushed out with the dress to get it cleaned. Luckily they have their own dry cleaning machine in the building for just such emergencies. Desiree had three more sessions that day but none with dresses like that first session.

However, Desiree made everything look good. Pauline was invited to our house after work so that the two girls could pick up where they had left off. My wife was pleased to see Pauline there and helped me get the two girls into the swing of things. My wife joined in too and even I got to participate by fucking Pauline. Everyone had so much fun that the two girls spent the night and slept in the guestroom together. In the morning Desiree was off and running before Pauline woke up.

Pauline just casually walked through the house naked looking for some action. She found it too. My wife was in the shower so Pauline joined her while I took pictures. After that I got in with Pauline and received a very nice blowjob.

She didn't know about the Internet web site at first but then she was willing to come back again and bring some of her girlfriends for a real lesbian orgy. Not that the girls were lesbians or anything because they all liked a good stiff cock too. Okay! I spent most of that week getting things organized and up and running. Within days of opening up the site to subscribers and putting the word out we had a hit on our hands.

Everyone loved Desiree and her girl friends. The weeks after that I was kept pretty busy taking pictures and putting them up. Between Desiree, my wife, and Pauline we had a steady line of girls willing to pose nude and have sex with Desiree.

She was so beautiful that even women wanted to make love to her.

She let a few guys fuck her too but she could quickly see that her subscribers didn't want other guys to fuck her. They wanted the illusion that they might have her someday. She reeked of that sweet innocent girl next door type and we couldn't sell it any better than that.

Men aren't threatened if the love of their life makes out with another girl. In fact it turns most guys on. The End My Sister-In-Law Runs 301