Upskirt girlfriend rubbing her shaved pussy tube porn

Upskirt girlfriend rubbing her shaved pussy tube porn
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I was in my mid twenties, 6 ft tall pressing the scales at about 215 pounds and all muscle with broad shoulders slim waist and what several women at the time referred to as a cute butt. "Grin".

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I was at the time a police officer in a small department in a West Texas down. Since I worked the night shift almost exclusively there was not but one place in town to eat after 10:00 pm which was about the time my shift started.

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This being the case around 2am to 3am I would check out at the bus station restaurant for a meal break. They had good food and a couple young good looking friendly waitresses. I worked a five day or should say five night work week and stopped in almost every night. Over a six month period I got to know both the night waitresses quite well. Deena was a pretty little brunette with a very nice figure with perking breast I estimated to be about a 34-C, small waist, very sexy ass and legs.

Susan was almost a carbon copy of Deena except she had blonde hair and slightly smaller breast. They both had boy friends so I never pushed farther than just enjoying their company even though I secretly wished I could fuck either or both of them.

Yes, I had frequent fantasies of having hot wild sex with each of them and at times of having a threesome. I noticed at one point Susan started to get more flirty with me and would stand beside me and put her arm around my shoulders when asking if I needed any thing else. Every time she did this I felt a tingling in my cock.

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Still thinking she had a boyfriend I let it pass. Susan and Deena both wore tight little mini-skirts all the time. Susan's skirt was a little shorter than Deena's. Then it happened to my surprise and enjoyment Susan dropped a fork as she sat my meal on the table and turned her back to me bending at the waist to pick up the fork.

Her skirt raised about half way up her pretty little ass exposing her naked sex to me. My eyes were locked on that inviting little wet pussy and my cock started coming to attention.

Then I heard her say "Do you like what you see?" I looked up from her sex to find that she was looking at me still bent over and smiling. I turned about three shades of red with embarrassment. Getting my composure I said " What man would not like it?" She stood up pulling her skirt down she told me if I was man enough to handle it I could have it. Well needless to say we talk about getting together and set a date for my next night off duty.

My off duty nights were most always Tuesday and Wednesday since a force was so small we had everyone on duty or on call for the weekends for the weekend bars filled with oilfield workers. Tuesday took for ever to come around. I got ready wearing my denim wrangle jeans, white shirt, boots and silver belly hat. Since she still had a boyfriend even though as she said he very seldom satisfied her sexual needs. She said he was not up to trying new things to keep their sex interesting and she was bored with the same old thing all the time.

We agreed to meet at the bus station at 8pm.

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I pulled into the parking lot and waited not seeing her car. After about fifteen minutes I was about to drive off thinking she had stood me up. Then her car turned into the parking lot and my heart skipped a beat or maybe two.

She parked beside my car and she jumped out and ran to my car like a giddy teenager. Before I could get out of my car to open the door for her she jerked the passenger door open and slid onto the seat.

She giggled and said she did not think tonight was ever going to get here.

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There was very little to do in this small own but there was a walk in theater. I ask if she wanted to go to the movie.


She looked at me with a devilish smile and said " Hell no I want to go for a drive in the country." I was familiar with most of the ranches in the area from day working as a cowboy on most of them on my days off. The pay was not that great but it supplemented my police pay which was less than great as well.

We drove several miles south of town where I knew of a long ranch road where we would not be seen except maybe a game warden or night hunters. During the drive Susan kept reaching over and stroking my hard cock trapped in my jeans.

After enduring this torture a few times. I told her she could take it out if she wanted to play with it. She smiled and said " Not yet." I turned onto the ranch road of my choice and she started wiggling her ass in the seat like she was trying to get off. Her breathing got faster, her breast seemed to get bigger and her bra less nipples looked like they were going to pop through the thin blouse. My cock was so hard it was aching. I drove a couple miles from the highway and pulled over to the side of the dirt road.

I reached over putting my arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me kissing her passionately as my had slid up her leg touching her pussy which was dripping juices. Suddenly she pushed away from me opened her door. Jumping out of the car she said you can have what ever you want if your man enough to take it and she started running down the middle of the road.

I recovered from the shock, grabbed my handcuffs from under the seat and took after her like I was trying to catch fleeing burglar. I was in great shape and pretty fast for a man my size.

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I caught up to her fairly quickly pinning her arms behind her back as she screamed and struggled kicking her legs as if trying to get free. I cuffed her hands behind her back telling her to stop screaming. She screamed louder and I clasped my hand over mouth. I thought she was going to have an orgasm on the spot. I half dragged half carried her back toward the car. She kept struggling so I turned her facing me and picked her up draping her over my shoulder.

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Her hands cuffed behind her, head and shoulders dangling down my back, legs together and naked ass sticking up I pinned her to my chest with my right arm across the bend of her legs and forced my left hand between her thighs pushing a finger into her hot wet pussy. She squealed and her pussy drenched my hand as she moaned loudly. By the time we reached my car my cock was so hard it felt like it was going to rip the zipper of my jeans.

Standing her on her feet, taking a hand full of hair I spun her around forcing her to bend over the back of the car. Holding her down with my left hand I freed my raging hard on with my right. I pushed her skirt up over her hips tapped her ankles forcing her to spread her legs. I then stepped in between her legs aimed my cock between her pussy lips and rammed it balls deep in her.

Her head came up off the car trunk, she screamed and her pussy squirted over my cock and down our legs. Then she went limp grunting and moaning as I rammed in and out her until I shot loads of cum deep in her.

When I released my cum in her she screamed and her body shook while her pussy gripped my cock as she had a hard orgasm. I pressed against her and slumped onto her back and we just lay there with her having small orgasms milking my cock for every drop of cum she could get until I started going soft in her and she stopped cuming.

I removed the cuffs, stood her up, stripped her clothes off, walked her to the back door of the car. I pitched her clothes in the front seat and helped her lie on the back seat as I stripped naked and joined her. We lay on the back seat, kissing and exploring each others body. While we cuddled and played with each other she told me that her biggest fantasy has always been to be kidnapped and used as a sex toy for the pleasure of a strong dominant man.

She then kissed me and thanked me for making her fantasy come true. We made love again, dressed and I took her back to her car. She kissed me and then giggled telling me the next time I should fuck her in the ass too.


Well that is my true story and there was several other episodes until she moved away. I was left with a very happy memory and yearning to find another like her.