ExxxtraSmall Petite Teen Teases Spanish Pool Boy

ExxxtraSmall Petite Teen Teases Spanish Pool Boy
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My standard disclaimer, all stories take place on a different earth, where the orbit is 3 times ours, making ages 1/3 what they are on earth. And where the age of consent is thus 6.

Her red hair bounced and seemed to flow in rapid waves as he rapidly thrust in and out behind her. She held her head low, and he held her hips from behind, making wet, sloppy noises as the musky scent of her pussy filled the air. I could feel the softness of her hair as it cascaded over my thighs, pleasant and sexy. He had been going at her for at least 5 minutes, and had already cum at least twice, the evidence pooling below her. His small body almost disappeared behind her round hips, but his face showed the considerable effort he was putting in to each and every thrust.

She let out long soft moans that seemed to eminate from somewhere deep inside her, somewhere her children should not be. I spread my legs wide for her, her face mear inches from my pussy, I was hot and wet, and it felt like my clit was going to erupt.

I could tell she turned her head to look at it, I could feel her breathing on it, it aroused me even more, if that was possible. "You said you would lick me Mommy." I told her, trying not to sound as desperate as I was, I wanted this so bad. "Yes baby, Mommy's going to make you happy tonight." she said, tilting her head up to me slightly.

She slowly, painfully slowly, lowered her head, and her lips met mine. Her lips were soft and warm on my bare skin, her tongue licked me up like firm, wet silk. It had been a very boring week. School was boring, the kids at school were all stupid, my little brother was boring and stupid. I was looking forward to the weekend, even if it ment spending more time with the family.

Mom had been acting a bit odd all week. I figured there was someone at her firm she was trying to get the attention of. She kept dressing more and more sexy as the week went on. It looked like she was headed to a club by the time today, Friday rolled around. Short skirts, tall heels, and blouses that showed way too much of her 'girls'. She was also a lot more affectionate to William and me.

Hugs that lasted longer than I liked, and she hasn't kissed us on the lips like that since we were little. More boring and stupid after I got home from school. Talked to Melissa for a while, but mostly it was just me and William waiting for mom to get home and make dinner.

Mom got home but seemed frustrated, not at me or William, just somehow like there was something that she needed to get done, but couldn't find the time to do it. I tilted my hips to her as William continued to pound away at her, she moaned loudly as she licked at my slit. I shook and squirmed almost uncontrollably, it was hard to keep still enough so mom could keep mouth on my pussy. Soon her licking and William's thrusting were matching, her beautiful red hair bouncing as he pushed her face to my cunt with a furious rhythm.

I was losing control, I was making sounds that I didn't mean to, sounds I didn't know I could make. She would lick me up and down, back and forth, and when she hit my clit it made me make more sounds. I could see William's face, and he was cumming again, he stopped thrusting, pushing his hips hard in to her ass, putting it all as deep as it would go.

This made mom moan loud in my pussy. Mom went to making dinner right away, and I was hungry. It seemed to take longer than usual, but I was glad when it arrived.

Dinner was nothing special, but somehow it tasted extra good tonight. We weren't 2 minutes in to dinner before William dropped his fork, this seemed right about on time for him. After fumbling around he came up very red faced, while mom sat reading something from work. He did it again. He came up red again. I gave him the evil eye, I didn't want to upset mom in her mood. He signaled me to look under the table. When I looked I didn't see anything, then I looked over toward mom.

Her skirt had accidentally ridden up and I could see all the way to her panties, well I could have if she was wearing them, what i saw was an orange triangle of curly hair.

I popped up. William kept dropping things, even more than usual, I finally had to kick his shin to get him to stop, mostly because I wanted to look again.

It made me feel funny to see it, like something tingling in my belly. She started licking just my clit, it felt so good I couldn't catch my breath and my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. I could feel her hand touch my pussy, and I thought I would scream, she rubbed it around my hole, and it felt so nice. She rubbed around my butt hole too, that shocked me, but felt nice, naughty and nice all at once.

My hips began to twitch as she licked, every lick caused me to push in to her. She brought her finger to my hole again, and slowly pushed it in, just a little, to where it ends. She just kept rubbing me gently and licking my clit until I couldn't take it anymore, my body betrayed me and I lost control of it, it froze up and i couldn't hardly move.

"Mommy, it's …" "Mommy, I.I…" I tried to talk. "Mommy what's ha&hellip." my voice seemed small and weak at first, then I lost control of it as well.

I screamed out not able to stop myself, strange primal sounds that I didn't understand as my pussy had a mind of it's own and pushed hard to her face. As I slowly ragained control of my own body, mom brushed the tangled strands of hair from her face and looked up at me and smiled in a most loving way.

I just laid there blissfully confused. I looked under the table again. I could see it changed, her legs were more open and there was wet spot forming. I knew what that was, mine does that too sometimes. After dinner, mom told us to go shower, we were so awestruck we did exactly as told. William went first, and I went to my bedroom. I couldn't stop thinking about seeing mom's pussy.


I looked at mine, sad, pathetic, bald. I looked at my boobs, or at least where they should be, just two pink dots. Two hard, pointy pink dots. I showered after William, but all I could think about was mom's pussy. Afterwards I went down stairs to watch TV, maybe that will take my mind off what was between moms legs. It didn't.

When we came down stairs mom seemed to look at us funny. "I think I'll go shower too" She said, and headed off to her bathroom. She pulled my legs together and pulled me down to her. She stopped and put her mouth over my nipple, I felt embarrassed, not having any boibs like her.

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She sucked gently, then firmer before letting it go and finishing pulling me down. When my head was even with her, she kissed me. First it was gentile and motherly, then her lips parted, her tongue invaded my mouth, and it became so much more, I could taste my own pussy on her lips. She broke our kiss. "Could you lick mommy's pussy now?" She asked. I nodded excitedly, I wanted to taste her very bad.

She moved forward, leaving William's small erect dock pointing stright out, and rolled over on the bed. "Come here baby" she said to William, and he moved up beside her at the head of the bed. She spread her legs until her garters were stretched tight and her pussy was splayed wide to me.

I didn't know what to do, I just looked at the beautiful woman that lay before me. "Right here baby," she said, and she patted her cunt with a wet sound, "just like Mommy did for you." I moved between her legs and gazed and her cunt, it was messy with her motherly secretions and William's cum that still oozed from her, and I didn't mind, I wanted it all.

My mouth touched her pussy, and at first it felt foreign and wrong, and then it felt so natural and so right. I licked up and down many times, from her hole to her clit, back and forth, she started to moan again. I looked to see mother taking William's dick in to her mouth, she swallowed the whole thing, it seemed impossible.

When mom came down stairs, William noticed her and his mouth hung open, I looked over. I saw her disappear in to the kitchen wearing something I'd never seen her wear before. Long, white, and see through, I could see her butt clearly through it. She had stockings and that thing around her waist to hold them up, and tall high heels that looked very sexy.

Even the way she moved looked sexy. I wished I could look that good. She came out of the kitchen and looked even better. I was so jealous of how mom looked, she had boobs, and hips, and looked sexy, where I just look dorky.

I want boobs so bad. I could see right through the front, except her tits, and I soon noticed she no longer had that patch of orange hair, I was kind of disappointed.

The part the covered her boobs was solid, but split down the middle, and I could see a nipple poking out of each, they were just the right size, and a perfect shade of pink. Mom walked like a woman who wanted something, and knew how to get it. She handed us each a drink, and sat between us, William hadn't taken his eyes off her crotch, I nudged him, but it only helped for a minute.

I drank the drink down, not sure I even tasted it, I was having trouble taking my eyes off those titties of moms. "Can I pick something?" she asked, not waiting for a reply, William handed her the remote. I tried to turn away when mom looked over at me, I didn't want her to think I was staring, but I think she wanted me to look.

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A few minutes later something from the pay-per-view started. I was licking up and down when I heard mom pull William's prick from her mouth like a lollypop. She put her feet behind my head.

"Here baby, let me help." and she used her legs to put my mouth where she wanted it. "That's good baby, suck mommy right there, suck,on the little hard part." So that is her clit I thought. I suckeled on it like a baby with a bottle, and mom began to moan softly.

I looked up to see William starting to cum, he got a funny look and then got real rigid. Mom kept sucking on his dick, even harder now, they both seemed to enjoy it. Again she removed william from her mouth with a wet sound. "We'll do more later baby, but mommy really needs something now."she told him, as I kept suckling her clit. "Let me have your hand Ginny." she said. I sat up and held my hand to her. "Good girl baby, good girl." She made my hand narrow, and positioned it at her pussy hole.

She began to pull and my hand started to go in to her. I didn't think it would go very far, but it kept going in, next thing I knew, I was up to my wrist in mom. It was so warm, hot really, and so very wet. "Oh that's so good baby. Now I want you to fuck Mommy with your hand, go slow at first, then get faster. Do it while you suck Mommy's clit. You are making Mommy feel really good sweetie." she told me, and loved hearing that.

I started. I went back to sucking her clit, I started moving my hand in and out, just a couple of inches. I could feel things inside her, it was an amazing feeling to actually be inside mommy.

She started moaning louder and breathing faster. I was shocked, I looked at the screen and there were two naked girls kissing and rubbing each other. "Um, mom, what's this?" I asked, embarrassed beyond belief, but I couldn't turn away. "Its a porn movie." she said as if it was obvious, and I guess it was. "thought maybe it was sex-ed time for you two. Oh, this looks good." she followed up, pointing to the TV. I had never looked away. "I thought sex was a boy and girl." I asked.

"Often it is, but sex between two girls can be amazing too. And you can't get pregnant" mom explained. "Are you a lesbian?" I asked, I could hear the shock in my voice.

"No, you don't have to be a lesbian to like having sex with girls." she told us. "For a relationship, I like boys, but for just fun, good sex, girls are just as good." I watched as the two on tv moved and started licking other's pussies. They were almost as pretty as mom, with bigger boobs, and no hair like mom.

I think I see why no hair is good, if your going to be licking there. "What does it taste like?" I asked, I shocked myself, I mean I wanted to know, I wanted to try it honestly, I wanted to try moms now, but did I really ask that?

"Every woman is different." she said, [how many women has she been with I thought] "Some are more salty, some almost sour, some sweet. But all are fun to lick! See, she is licking her clit, it's the sensitive little bud at the top of your pussy. That's the part that feels best." She then shocked me in to silence, she pulled up her gown, and spread her legs. Then she used her hand to open her pussy lips, I was just stunned. "See, it's that little part right here." she said as she rubbed her finger in small circles over her clit.

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I could see the fluid building in her opened pussy hole, and feel it in mine. The smell of her pussy was exciting me just as much. I was moving my hand in and out with good speed now. I could feel what I think is her cervix as I pushed deep inside her, then coming out just past my wrist. I tried to match the speed to my clit sucking and licking.

Her tall heels dug into my neck a bit as she held me tight in her count. It only took a few minutes then her pussy got noticable warmer, and I thrust faster in her, and sucked her clit faster. Her hands came down and grabbed hand fulls of hair on both sides of my head and held me tight, there was no way I would have been able to stay with her clit otherwise, her hips were bucking and bouncing all over.

Then the thrusting stopped, and her pussy came up one last time, hard in to my face. Mommy screamed loudly at me."Eat me baby, eat mommy's cunt." And I did, I sucked on her clit and a hot stream of fluid bathed my chin and down part of my neck. It took a long time for mom to let me go, every few seconds she would thrust her pussy at my face a couple of times, moaning and gasping.

After a while, she let go of my hair, which was good cause it kind of hurt. She moved her leg from behind my head and I pulled off her sweet clit, in case you were wondering, she tasted sweet and musky, and it made me hot. I started to remove my arm from her, "Slowly." she cautioned.

I removed it slow, my arm now wet to the elbow, the bed soaked with fluids. "Can we do more?" William said. He hadn't spoken hardly at all the whole night. "Absolutely baby, what would you like." mom replied. "Do you ever rub yours." Mom asked. I must have turned beet red. "Of course you do, we all do." she added, this made me feel a bit better. "You have felt it get hard haven't you?" she asked. I nodded. I like to rub it in bed at night.

"Feels good doesn't it" she stated "This feels so good. " she continued, rubbing her clit. The room smelled of sex and lust, I wasn't sure which one of us was adding more to it. "I've never seen you dressed like this before." I told her, looking over the very sexy outfit she was wearing.

I would love to dress like that. "I don't very often, but it makes me feel real sexy. Do you like it?" she asked I was trying to come up with words to tell her how much I liked it, when William added from the other side " I think it's great mom." "I'm so glad you like it baby," she said as she turned to him "you like looking at me don't you?" Williiam blushed again, it was practically his natural color anymore.

"I like it when you look at me like that." she told him, directing his eyes from her pussy to the movie where a man entered and had his dick in one of the women. "That's how boys and girls have sex." She stated "he puts his cock in her pussy, and eventually he'll cum." William stared at the screen. "the opening in the pussy is right here." she said spreading her legs again, and began to finger herself for him to watch. The next scene was soon on, and it started with a standing woman in a wedding dress, while a groom and bridesmaid licked and sucked her tits.

"What would you like to do my baby boy?" mom asked, his hardon pointing to her face. "Can I put it in you again?" he asked in a timid voice. "You want to fuck your mommy some more?

" she asked with a wicked grin. He nodded and smiled. "Let's try something special. Remember in the movie when the man put his dick in the girls ass?" he nodded. "Want to do that to me?" he nodded again. Mommy lay on her back lifted her knees high to her chest, straining the garters, then out wide. She reached down, grabbed his shaft and brought it to her ass as I watched, she smiled at me.

"Go slow at first, then I'll tell you when you can go fast, ok?" mom instructed.

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"OK mommy" he said, and he immediately started to push in. It slid in readily in one long push as his hips came to rest on her upturned ass. Mom continued to hold her legs behind her knees wide and high, she looked so hot and sexy.

"A little faster now baby." she told him, and he started to thrust in and out of her ass. "Ginny honey, want to come sit on mommy's face so I can eat that sweet pussy of yours again?" I was so flattered she wanted my pussy, she wanted to eat me again. "Do girls like their boobies sucked?" William asked.

"I know I do." mom said, "that's why this nightgown has these openings." as she pointed to the slits that allowed her perfect pink nipples to poke out. They were hard and I wanted them so bad, but then she offered them to my idiot brother. "Would you like to suck on them?" she asked, he quickly nodded.

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"How about you Ginny?" "I don't know, I've never had mine sucked." I said, I knew what she was asking but my feelings were hurt she didn't offer me first. "Would you like to suck mine?" and with that she gave me the most sexy, seductive look, and I melted.

I never answered, I just learned forward, opened the satin slit the cup, and engulfed it. "Easy baby girl, not so hard. Softly, and mostly on the nipple." she instructed. I eased up.


At some point William latched on to the other. I found myself wishing these were still full of milk, wanting my mommy to nourish me, to have my mommy inside me. William was pounding his small dick in her ass with abandon, and mom seemed to enjoy it. I swung one leg over her head, my bald pussy a few inches from her face. "Now Ginny, when you sit on someone's face so they can eat your pussy, drop your cunt slowly down to their mouth, and use you hands to open your pussy for them." she told me.

I did as instructed, I used both hands and spread as wide as I could without it hurting too much. I wanted it wide, I wanted her inside me, way up inside me. She opened her mouth and her tongue emerged, I dropped my little hole right on it.

I know it was my clit that made me feel so good before, but I wanted her inside me now. I wiggled on her mouth, trying to get her in me more and more. I could feel her tongue in my cunt, but I wanted it deeper. William's pounding was making mom shake under me. Finally, after his second orgasm in her beautiful ass, he pulled out and was done for the night. Mom told him he needed to clean her ass, and it was the nastiest, most erotic thing ever, watching him lick his cum out of her ass.

When he was done, mom lowered her legs, and went to work on my clit. Licking at first, the sucking like a baby on nipple.

It took less time this time, my hips began thrusting on their own. Mom reached up and started rubbing my nipples, and that pushed me over. I reached down and grabbed her hair, and held her hard on to pussy, I wasntmletting this go. She ate me faster and faster. "Mommy, oh fuck mommy, oh fuck mommy, fuck mommy&hellip." I screamed out loud, every 'mommy' got louder.

Something about yelling "mommy", as I came made it even better. Mom's hand shot between my legs and began rubbing me through my pajamas, it felt incredible, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I was stunned momentarily, but I opened my legs for mom as I regained my composure. I made some sort of involuntary noise, when her hand snuck under the waistband of the pjs.

Her hand felt so warm against my bare skin, I was embarrassed at first, I didn't even have any hair between my legs yet, I thought she must hate it. I then remembered hers was all gone now too, so maybe it wasn't all bad. I opened myself as much as I could to her, and her hand ran all the way down, even to the spots past my pussy, then back up again. I was in speachless bliss. I noticed she was also rubbing on William, his small dick hard, and standing stright up.

Then just as quickly, and wonderfully as it started, she stopped and we watched the tv somemore. I think my disappointment showed even more than I wanted. As we watched the people on the TV having sex, I sat close to mom, she would caress my nipples through the fabric, again I was embarrassed at first, not having anything like she did, but it felt so good, and she seemed to like doing it.

I dont think my nipples had ever been this hard, they almost ached for something, something I didn't know. She would pinch and squeeze her own nipples and boobs, it was really exciting watching her touch herself, just like I do sometimes.

After William left, I figured he went to sleep for the next week, as evidence of many orgasms puddled on the bed, I went to get a glass of water. When I returned, mom was sitting on the bed and I sat between her legs, leaned back against her, I could feel those perfect breasts against my back. Mom finally too her heels off, I was jealous and wished I could wear shoes like that. I tried one on, it was too big, but I liked how it made me feel, sexy and horny, maybe the shoes didn't have anything to do with the second one.

Mom brought her legs over and inside mine, the silky stockings felt so nice on my legs, so smooth and sexy. As she used her legs to open mine up, I turned and looked at her, the wicked smile on my face mirrored on hers. She kissed me, and this kiss was never a mother - daughter kiss. I pulled her hand down between my legs, and put one finger just in my pussy. I wanted her inside me, I wanted that intimate connection like when I was inside her, but only a tiny bit fit in me, I was so frustrated.

"This is your hyman, when you first have sex with a boy, he will break through this, and then you are not a virgin anymore." mom told me, as she gently rubbed what I thought was the end of my vagina. "You don't get that back, so make sure it is with someone very special." I brought her other hand down and put her fingers to rubbing my clit, and it all felt so wonderful.

If that darn hymen wasn't in the way it would be perfect. Mom seemed to have had all she could take. She pull her gown up, spread her legs, one going over mine, and started fingering herself right there. First I saw one finger disappear in side her, then pounding away at herself with fast, hard thrusts. I can't even get one all the way in me. It was so hot watching her do this to herself, pleasing herself in front of us. A second fingered vanished in to her pussy, and she picked up speed, the sounds of her moaning and grunting were almost as loud as the wet slapping sounds coming from between her legs.

Three fingers, I didn't know that was possible. Faster and faster she went, until her other hand came to help, and began rubbing her clit. She scooted down on the couch, her butt hanging off the edge now, but she never slowed. The moaning and grunting had merged in to one long groan, getting louder it turned in to a scream. Her hips started thrusting up and down wildly in the air, the wet sounds and musky scent filled any air space her screaming didn't, then several small jets a fluid squirted from her body, falling to the floor in an elongated puddle.

As her breathing came back to just rapid, and the last echos of her screams faded away, William and I were still in awe. It was the most erotic and sexy thing I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. "That my sweeties, it what a real orgasm looks like." Mom said, breaking the silent sexual trance William and I were in.

She stood, pulled the nightgown over her head, and it dropped on the floor near the puddle she had just made. She stood before us in only her stockings and heels, looking better than any movie star, ever. "Would you two like to come to my bedroom with me and have a few of those yourselves?" She asked us. I beat William to the stairs, but not by much.

We ran to Mom's bedroom, climbed on the bed naked, our clothes vanishing somewhere between here and there, and waited for her to join us. Mom seemed to know exactly what I wanted, and she took over. I held my hands over hers, feeling her work me. We never stopped kissing, as she rub ed my clit and masaged my virginity.

As my body surged on, I could hear loud moaning and heavy breathing as if it were coming from someone else. Our kiss didn't break until my panting and moans made it impossible to stay together. I could feel my next orgasm coming soon, my hips had a mind of their own, thrusting wildly in the air, heart pound so hard I could hear it, and heat building between my legs was incredible. I wanted mom kn my, not rubbing me, not just touching inside, I wanted her all in me, i needed her all in me.

No future boy would have it, it would be hers. Orgasm eminate and unstoppable, I kissed her hard, tongue filling her mouth as much as possible, and a wave of euphoria crashed over me, body quivering and twitching, I pulled her hand hard in to me, her finger ripped through and I lay there shaking.

The pain was mixed with an amazing orgasm, and it felt right. I lay my head on her chest and let the orgasm wash away from me. Epilog Mom gave us the "don't tell anyone." talk, like I would go around talking about sex with my mom. I have never regretted giving mom my virginity, boys come and go, but my mom I'll love forever.

Yes we had sex lots after that, and still do, she's the hottest cougar in town, and love that I get to have her.