Teengirl pisst auf Dildo und dann fickt ihre Fotze

Teengirl pisst auf Dildo und dann fickt ihre Fotze
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Somewhere on the outskirts of a university town in the Midwest, Noah and his 21-year-old wife, Mia, lived this almost idyllic life. They were both seniors in college, both with great jobs lined up and a bright future. Everything should have been perfect, except for Noah…it wasn't. And the reason for it would have been comical if it weren't for the fact that he loved Mia so much. Too much, maybe. This night of depravity wouldn't have been possible without that love, strangely enough.

It was all for one simple reason. Mia's fantasy. Her rape fantasy. Noah could never forget the night after they were married, just a few months ago. He'd held her in his arms after they'd made love. She'd snuggled up against him, softly kissed his muscled chest, and whispered words he'd never expected to hear in a million years. 'Noah…I have a confession to make. I've always fantasized about being…raped.' 'Sweetheart, are you serious?' The beautiful, slender blonde girl just nodded.

'Yes, Noah.

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I know it sounds twisted, but it's true. Ever since I turned 15, I've had this fantasy where strong black men break into my house and rape me over and over, abuse me…like a plaything. And…and part of the fantasy is that my husband is helpless, forced…to watch. It's sick, I know.

But…ugh, I don't know why I'm telling you this.' Noah had stroked Mia's hair and kissed her softly to ease her anxiety. 'It's okay, baby. I'm not going to judge you. I didn't marry you to 'fix' you. I married you because I love you just the way you are. I love you for YOU - glorious imperfections included.' Now this was the conversation still echoing in Noah's head as the 6'0 tall, handsome college student took the homemade lasagna out of the oven and called up to his wife to come down for dinner.

Tonight was THE night, and she had NO idea. He had hired three strong young black men to fulfill Mia's darkest fantasy. Noah couldn't believe it was happening, even though he'd planned it. Yes. This was IT. "It's about time," Mia huffed, giving him a pouty look as she came down the stairs. God, she looked so cute when she pouted. Tonight she was looking even sexier than normal too.

The gorgeous blonde girl had luxuriant hair which flowed halfway down her back. Mia's big breasts strained underneath her peach-shaded blouse. Exercise shorts clung just barely to her lean hips.

She loved to exercise, to run, to work out, and it showed. Her muscular young body shone not just with youth, but athleticism. Sometimes Noah felt like the luckiest man alive. The doorbell rang. Mia frowned. Her cute face looked confused. "Are we expecting someone, babe? Did you invite Julie and Drake over?" Noah played dumb. "Nope. No idea. I'll go get it. Mind getting us some drinks and the table ready?" "Sure thing," Mia replied. Mia hummed a catchy song to herself as she set the table.

She filled their glasses and took a cold beer out of the fridge for Noah. Then the pretty young wife put the silverware out, the napkins…turned around. That's when her mouth nearly hit the floor. She didn't want to believe her eyes as fear gripped her heart and thrashed it around like a dying animal. "Noah!" There were three muscular black men in the kitchen with Noah. One of them was incredibly tall, at least 6'7. He looked the scariest, with tattoos winding up and down his bare arms.


He held a handgun to Noah's head. The other two were still big, one was 6'4 and the other had to be 6'2. The mid-sized intruder had a scar on his left cheek and the shortest one wore a knit beanie on his head. "Don't try anything or we put a bullet in his head," the leader growled. Mia's fists clenched. "Please don't hurt him. What do you want?" But already, as she said it, Mia had a sinking feeling that she knew exactly what they wanted.

The tall one, also the leader it seemed, grinned with a look of malice. "The name's Deon, but you can call me 'Master,' bitch, and these are my friends Cameron and Emmett. We came here to PARTY with some hot pussy tonight. YOUR pussy." So saying, Deon motioned to Emmett, the shortest intruder. He was carrying a duffel bag, which he dropped to the floor and opened, taking out a pair of handcuffs.

Mia backed away, glancing furtively at the door to the patio in back. Cameron was already on her in a heartbeat though. She squealed as he grabbed her. "Let's get these clothes off, cutie. You won't be needing them anymore." Mia shivered as Cameron literally tore her shirt off. Then he yanked her shorts down. She was in her bare feet.

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It took only a moment to step out of them. Now she was just in her lacey pink bra and panties. Cameron looked her up and down, admiring the girl's curves. The cleavage her breasts offered as they strained behind the skimpy bra left little to the imagination. She couldn't believe it. Shame turned her cheeks a bright red. "Bring that slut upstairs, Cam." Now Deon turned to Emmett. "Cuff the husband and help me drag his ass upstairs to join in the fun too." "Let her go," Noah shouted, playing his role perfectly.

He knew Mia had no idea he was in on this…but he also knew that for the rape fantasy to work for his wife, it had to seem real. Fully real. Noah made as if to struggle as Deon and Emmett dragged him up the stairs. He could hear Mia's whimpering as Cameron manhandled her up the stairs right behind them.

The three black men shoved the young couple into the master bedroom. All three intruders wore black tees, pants, and boots. Deon pointed the gun at Noah. "Take off your clothes, pretty boy. Show your wife the goods." Noah stuttered. "N-no please. You can't do this." Deon's rugged, angular face flared to life as his eyes bulged.

"Oh, believe me, white boy. I AM doing this. Now you going to take off your clothes OR…" he walked over suddenly and thrust the barrel of the pistol against Mia's left breast, "OR you want me to pull this trigger?" Noah put up his hands, looking panicked. "No! Please, stop. Don't hurt her. I'm doing what you asked. Look." He swiftly undressed. Now it was Mia's turn.

Deon turned to the pretty girl. She was practically trembling…yet part of her felt a strange rush of something she didn't even want to acknowledge.

Arousal? No, it couldn't be. Deon's free hand reached around, unhooking the girl's bra strap. He watched, licking his lips as the bra fell away, revealing two perky breasts.

He then pressed the barrel of the gun until it slid underneath the waistband of her panties. "Please…" Mia groaned, her eyes filled with terror. Slowly, with a touch of seduction, the tall black man used his gun to slide the pink panties down to Mia's ankles.

Then he stood back up, waving with the gun.

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Mia knew what he wanted. She stepped out of the panties, now totally naked in front of these strange men. These intruders in her house. The fact that they could do anything to her and her husband should have just terrified her. It did…but it also had another effect. A traitorous, almost obscene influence. Mia found herself turned on by this awful ordeal.

Her secret rape fantasy was breathing unexpected life into her libido. 'No. This is a nightmare. I have to escape,' she reminded herself.

Now the nightmare became suddenly more real. "OK, little slut. Now we going to show you OUR goods," Deon growled. He, Cameron, and Emmett proceeded to strip out of their clothes. All three were muscular young men, 18 or 19 years of age. Deon was not only the tallest, he also seemed the most ruthless. He motioned at his two companions.

"Tie hubbie to the chair right there. Let him watch as we fuck up his girl." Noah shouted 'No!' as the two men went about their work. Soon poor Noah was tied naked to the chair, his wrists bound to the armrests while his ankles were tied to the chair's legs. Meanwhile Deon had his arm around Mia. He was idly fondling her left breast. He gently pinched the girl's left nipple as she moaned.

"Please…let my husband go. I'll do - I'll do whatever you want, just please let him go." "Shut up, bitch. We KNOW you'll do what we want. That's already a given," Deon growled. He handed his gun off to Emmett. Then the towering, muscular young black man reached around with his free hands, cupping Mia's breasts. "Oooohh, I like these soft titties, girl. We going to have a lot of fun with these." Mia shook her head.

"No. Please!" Because he couldn't resist, Deon slid a hand down between the girl's legs. Her pussy was freshly shaved. She'd been planning on having sex with her husband tonight. Deon relished the feel of her squirming as his hands brushed the too-sensitive skin. Then he grazed her clit with his finger. She trembled in his arms. Made a tiny sound that sounded suspiciously like a moan of pleasure. Then he dipped his fingers into her sex.

What he found there surprised even him - even though he knew exactly what he'd been hired for. Deon drew his fingers away from Mia's sex and held them up to the light.

They were glistening with feminine fluids. "Look what we have here, brothers. This little cutie is WET." Mia shook her head, denying it. "No. Get away from me." But she knew it was true. Her libido had awakened. She couldn't pretend otherwise anymore. The slender girl gasped as Deon picked her up like she weighed nothing and threw her on the bed. He proceeded to cuff both of her wrists to the rail along the headboard. Then he stood back, admiring her naked, prone body splayed out on the satin sheets.

"Please. You don't have to do this. Just leave. We won't call the police. We'll let you go if you just, if you go now," she whimpered. "Who wants to rape this slut first?" Deon growled. He looked at Emmett, then at Cameron. They both deferred to him. Meanwhile Noah was shouting for all he was worth. "Leave my wife alone!" He was really getting into the role now, doing his best for Mia.

All the while, he wondered. 'Is it true? Is Deon telling the truth? Is she wet already?' "Shut that white boy up," Deon barked. Emmett grinned.

"Oh, I'll do you one better, Boss." Emmett put the gun away. Then he took a wickedly sharp knife with an ivory hilt from his back pocket.

He then knelt beside Noah and placed the tip of the knife along Noah's scrotum. "Listen very carefully, white boy. I'm going to cut open your balls if you don't do EXACTLY what I tell you. Got it?" Noah's heart was racing now. 'Oh shit. These guys seriously get into their roles. They don't mess around. Holy crap.' Noah licked his lips, his mouth going completely dry. "Wh-what? I mean y-yes." "That's 'Yes Master' to you, white boy!" Emmett shouted.

He pressed the point of the knife and Noah felt the sharp point nick his scrotum. "OK, please! Please, I'll do whatever you say," he begged. Emmett's cruel grin was back in full force. "Good, white boy. I want you to say these words on constant repeat. If you don't, I'll cut your balls off. Understood?" Noah knew this was all part of the dark, decadent fantasy. Wasn't it? But the deadly look in Emmett's eyes unnerved him. "Y-yes Master." Oh god…he couldn't believe he'd just said that.

Meanwhile out of the corner of his eye he saw Mia splayed out naked on the bed, her supple cones so alluring, her pink pussy fully exposed, smooth thighs spread wide. Her breasts shifted as she breathed rapidly, her eyes glued to him…watching for what would happen next.

"Good, that's more like it," Emmett said. "Now here's what you're going to say constantly: 'Please fuck my sexy wife. Please fuck my sexy wife.' Got it?" Noah shook his head, but he said, "Yes. OK. I'll do it." He couldn't believe it. This fantasy was getting darker by the second. He began saying the words as he stared at Mia on the bed.

Deon had now climbed onto the bed with her. His gigantic cock had to be almost a foot long as it throbbed with eagerness, fully engorged. The huge cock swayed and bobbed as Deon shifted on the bed. Then he knelt down, sniffing Mia's exposed cunt. "Mmmm. I smell your cunt cream, little blonde bitch. Now I want a taste." "No! Please stop!" Mia moaned.

Her hands clenched and her head whipped back as she stiffened…as Deon's tongue began to lap gently at her sex. The black man's big hands caressed the girl's thighs as he ate out her pussy like the most delectable treat.

Deon felt her respond to his attentions, and it just drove him to be all the more fervent. He nibbled playfully on her clitoris. Then he licked around her labia. He took a deep breath of her aroused quim, stroking her mons with his thumb, before sneaking his tongue between her cunt lips, slurping loudly as she squirmed on the bed.

"Nooo&hellip. Oh god," Mia groaned. Meanwhile in the background Noah said those awful words. "Please fuck my sexy wife. Please fuck my sexy wife." He was all too aware of Emmett holding the knife right near his testicles. But he was aware of something else too…his beautiful young wife.

She had her legs spread wider to give Deon full access. He hadn't told her to do that, she'd done it of her own volition. Mia was clearly enjoying what Deon was doing to her - at least a large part of her was…and Noah realized with a shock that, well, it turned HIM on to see it happen. "Oooohhh…" Mia moaned. Deon had withdrawn his tongue briefly. Now he thrust two fingers into her snatch, pumping her slit with one hand as he sucked and slurped greedily on her nerve bundle.

Her tiny clit was getting hard, like a little pebble, as he battered it with forced sensations. The sounds of her fluids trickling into Deon's mouth enhanced the slurping noises as he continued to feast on her sex. His fingers rammed harder, deeper, as her breasts rose and fell with her quickening breaths.

"Please…stop!" Mia all but wailed. It wasn't a genuine request though. It was more like a plaintive cry of denial…as if she was telling her own libido to stop too, not just her cruel captor. Deon ignored her pleas as his mouth worked harder…and much faster. He rubbed the walls of her cunt with his fingers and squeezed on her clit ever-so-gently between his teeth. He slurped on the pearled nub more fervently than ever as his two fingers flew forward into her moistened slit with brutal plunges.

Then he felt her body writhe on the bed. The lithesome blonde moaned as her cunt convulsed in Deon's face. The girl's fluids ran down, coating his tongue completely. More fluids stained the sheets as the girl rode out one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

He kept licking at her clit as the girl's wrists rattled inside her handcuffs. "Please, I'm so sensitive down there. Stop. Stop!" she moaned. But Deon ignored the pretty girl and just kept licking until he was satisfied he had vacuumed up most of her fluids - at least what hadn't soaked into the bed sheets.

Then he scooted up. He loomed over her, looking down at her cute, innocent face. His cock-head swayed a little, poised just beyond the entrance to her vulnerable, helpless opening. Mia was still shuddering in the aftermath of her orgasm.

She managed to look down. Her eyes widened as she saw how close his cock hung, nestled just at her cunt lips, which seemed to be just beckoning for his cock to enter. "Well, little cunt? Did you enjoy your first orgasm of the night? I heard 'stop' but I saw something else." "Go…away," Mia said, biting her lip as she heard the humiliating voice of her husband in the background.

Deon's eyes roved over Mia's perfectly sculpted body as Noah's voice sang sullenly in the background. "Please fuck my sexy wife. Please fuck my sexy wife." There was a loud smack as Emmett slapped Noah.

Not enough to really hurt, just to startle him. "Say it with FEELING, white boy. Or I'll smack you harder next time." Mia whimpered as her husband resumed, saying the words with conviction now. Deon's huge testicles swayed as he nudged the tip of his cock at Mia's cunt lips…not quite invading her intimate slit.

Not yet. "Please fuck my sexy wife," Noah groaned. "Please fuck my sexy wife." "Don't worry, white boy," Deon said suddenly with a dark chuckle. "We getting around to that, now aren't we, cute bitch? Oh yes…" He eased his hips forward, groaning as his cock knifed through Mia's tight snatch. She groaned as she felt him fill her COMPLETELY.

Then he began a slow rhythm, quickly building up speed. She felt his cock slide through her like a battering ram. She felt her insides twinge and shiver around his girth. Her pussy seemed to instinctually squeeze his cock, almost lovingly, almost excitedly, as if her cunt had a mind of its own. "AHHH!!!" Mia couldn't help it. Deon grabbed her by the hips and pulled her body down to meet his savage fucks. The bed shook, the mattress shuddered as the smacking sounds of their coupling filled the room.

Deon's rough thrusts made the whole bed sway as he fucked her without mercy. Mia felt her wrists straining in the handcuffs as Deon pulled her pussy snug to meet his hard fucks. The cuffs chafed, digging into her wrists each time she felt Deon's elongated shaft penetrate her until Noah could only see the black man's testicles showing. "AAaaa! It hurts. My wrists," Mia moaned.

But her pussy was ready to gush all over Deon's shaft. She knew it and part of her was so ashamed. The rest of her no longer cared. "Uh! Uh! UH!! UH!! Shut up, little slut. You're enjoying this plenty. Take my cock up your fuck-hole and appreciate a real man's cock for once. My dick's a whole new breed - not like your husband's little 7-incher, is it?" Deon said with a growl. He waved over at Cameron and Emmett. "Come join the party, guys.

This bitch wants more stimulation I think." Mia's mouth fell open. Her eyes glazed over with lust as she looked down and saw Deon's thick, throbbing shaft vanish inside her pussy. 'I can't believe this is happening. This is so wrong.

Poor Noah!' All these thoughts swirled through the young woman's mind. And yet…and yet she had never felt more alive. Mia had never felt more aroused, ever. Now, as Mia felt the cruel cock pounding her pussy like a ruthless machine, she watched in shock as the other two black men knelt on either side of her.

Her nipples were hardened pink buds, fully aroused as Deon's cock slid inside her for the hundredth time. She gasped as Cameron took one of her nipples into his mouth. Emmett took the other nipple between his lips, sucking hard on her breast. Meanwhile Noah got the most obscene view ever: his beautiful wife tied face-up on the bed. He could only see Deon's muscular buttocks clenching as he thrust his manhood deep into his wife's soft folds. He couldn't even see the cock that was raping his wife, only Deon's testicles jostling constantly as he penetrated her.

It was so wrong, and Noah would have been having second thoughts of hiring these psychos except for one thing: it turned Mia on, and, to his shock, he was starting to realize that she wasn't the only one. The next fifteen minutes were a long series of moans, cries, and grunts. Mia's slender body felt completely exhausted by Deon's constant fucks. She clenched up around his shaft, her body filled with lust as the other two men sucked on her tits.

"Please, ahhhh!!!! Be gentle," she groaned. It was like begging for a miracle. The men ignored her and kept assaulting her body with more stimuli than she could handle.

Soon she realized she was about to come again. Her hands clenched up again. The smell of her cunt cream practically filled the room. She'd never felt so sexed up before…she just wanted Deon's cock pounding harder, deeper inside her, filling her to the hilt like a sword thrust into the tightest sheath. The sensations as his cock ricocheted along the walls of her pussy, it drove her over the edge and then flung her into the abyss. "Oh fuck! Fuck me. Fuck my pussy!" Mia moaned. Now she was beyond help.

She didn't even care anymore that poor Noah was groaning 'Fuck my sexy wife' while he sat tied to a chair across the room, completely helpless. She just let the libido take over. She sighed, then moaned louder. "Uuhhhhh!! Oh god. Stretch my pussy, you bastard. I don't care, just fuck me." "What did you say, slut?" Deon slapped her across the face - not hard enough to cause any damage, just to startle her.

She blinked, looked up at him as his hand closed around her throat. He held her by the throat now as he jammed his cock in deep.

He fucked her like an animal, loving the way her breasts jiggled each time his cock flew to embed itself in her soft flesh. The bed shook like an earthquake had erupted underneath. "Tell me, again, bitch. BEG for it, you whore." Deon tightened his grip around her neck, but not enough to choke her. He stared intently into Mia's blue eyes as the slender, naked captive looked up at her muscular rapist.

"Fuck me, Master. Fuck my tiny pussy with your huge, hard dick. I want it inside me. I want it raping me so hard," she sighed, feeling a renewed sense of shame as she thought of her husband. Then it came. Deon's face scrunched up with a look Mia couldn't even describe.

His muscle-ripped torso wound up tighter than a coiled spring as he grunted - loudly - like some primal beast. "UHHH!!!! UGGHHH!!!" Deon grunted like a bull emptying gallons of seed. It may not have been gallons, but to Mia it felt like it.

She felt thick ropes of cum spew inside her sex as the long, dark shaft throbbed and pulsed deep in her slit. "I'm filling that fuck-hole good, little bitch. FEEL me fill you up," Deon groaned.

He leaned forward as the other two men drew back. He collapsed on top of her as his cock twitched in the final throes of his release. Mia sighed, feeling restless and a twinge of disappointment because she hadn't quite reached her second orgasm. Deon's warm bulk pressed down on her. His hand curled around the back of her head, gently pressing her face against his chest as he breathed heavily into her ear.

"Well, bitch? Did you like your first taste of black cock? Hmm? Tell your Master how grateful you are." Mia's beautiful face turned uncertain. "Y-yes Master. I am so grateful for your cock. Thank you for fucking me." She must not have been convincing enough, because Deon frowned. "Did you hear that, white boy? Your slut didn't sound too sure of herself. I think we need to give her some motivation to act more cheerful, don't you?" Deon slowly pulled his manhood out of Mia's tainted sex.

He motioned at Cameron and Emmett. "Bring the hubbie over here. I have a special job for him." Emmett and Cameron followed Deon's lead.

They untied the husband's wrists and ankles.

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The young man's limbs were so stiff he could only stumble awkwardly as they yanked him towards the bed. Then they re-cuffed Noah's wrists behind his back as they thrust him to his knees near the foot of the bed. "What…what do you want me to do?" Noah said, voice dripping with fear. Then he saw it. His gorgeous young wife's slit was oozing the black man's cum. There was so much of it, milky-white goo that painted her labia and still seeped from her gaping cunt.

It was so obscene Noah almost couldn't believe his eyes. He'd never tasted another man's cum. He was pretty sure he didn't want to. Yet…if this enhanced the rape fantasy for Mia, for the girl he loved, then he would gladly do it. Judging from her fascinated look as she just lay there, without speaking, without begging their captors NOT to torment her husband, that told Noah everything he needed to know.

'I'll do this,' he thought. 'I'll do this for her.' "Get busy, white boy. We have a special mission for you: it's called clean out your wife's messy pussy. Get your tongue in there, fool." Deon's hand grabbed the nape of Noah's neck and thrust his face into his wife's crotch.

Noah immediately smelled the strong scent of his wife's aroused fluids and the musky, more masculine scent of the man who had just raped her. Noah tentatively flicked his tongue around, scooping up some of the fluids. Fortunately he also snagged some of Mia's juices, which cut the salty tang of the male cum in his mouth. It tasted odd, but not…awful. He kept flicking his tongue inside Mia's love-hole.

He dutifully licked, sucked up, and slurped up whatever stray fluids he could find - whether masculine or feminine. Then, licking his chops, he drew his face back from her now glistening cunt - her cunt glistening from his saliva alone. "Who wants this slut's most fuck-able hole next?" Deon asked. Noah tried to pull away, but Deon held him fast. "Don't move, white boy.

You get to stay right here. We're going to let you watch the next rape of your slut-wife with a front-row seat. We're just considerate like that." Cameron moved over onto the bed now. Noah got a close-up view of Cameron's swaying shaft and testicles as the young man positioned himself between his wife's legs.

Noah's face was inches from Cameron's penis as his bulbous cock-head nestled between Mia's cunt lips and suddenly pushed forward. He saw Mia stiffen as she felt his cock slam into her slick passage.

Mia moaned and the fucking began in earnest.


Cameron's body moved in a blur of motion as he pumped Mia's cunt like a man on a mission. The bed jostled as he fucked her savagely, though not quite up to Deon's level. Meanwhile all Noah could do was watch. He could see his wife's pussy penetrated with each brutal fuck. This was insane. He couldn't believe it. Soon enough, he heard a sound. Mia was crying out. 'Oh no…is she hurt?' Noah thought, frantic.

And then he realized - No. She was coming…hard. Her cunt must have been gripping his shaft for dear life, convulsing wildly, because Mia's legs thrashed and she nearly kicked Noah in the face. The scent of her cunt cream wafted to his nostrils as Noah felt his own cock harden with desire.

Then he watched, listened, as Cameron grunted his release. The man's buttocks clenched up just so, and his guttural, drawn-out cry ended in spurt after spurt of spunk coating the insides of Mia's womb. "Nooo," Noah huffed. "Stop raping her. Please let us go." He watched, showing a face of misery as cum leaked out of his wife's thoroughly raped snatch.

Of course he was still playing his role for Mia's benefit. To be honest, the sight turned him on a little, even though he was concerned and shocked by his own reactions by this point. 'It's a good thing she's on birth control,' he thought. With these virile, black cocks, there was no telling how easily they could have impregnated her otherwise.

No sooner had Cameron withdrawn his now softening prick from Mia's pussy, Emmett took his place. It was somehow appropriate that the shortest of the three black men also had the thickest cock. Without so much as letting Mia catch her breath, he settled between the lithesome girl's legs and began fucking her with a merciless rhythm. "Uhh! Uhh!! UHH!! She's so fucking tight," Emmett groaned.

"Do you like the sound of me fucking your wife, white boy? Hmm?" Deon and Cameron glanced down to see Noah's stiffening cock. Deon grinned as he knelt beside Noah with the knife Emmett had brandished earlier. He brushed the flat of the blade up and down the length of Noah's cock. "Oh yeah, Emmett. I'd say you fucking his wife is really doing it for him. He's getting harder than a slab of granite.

His cock's a mile high." Cameron and Deon chuckled even as Mia stiffened at that revelation. Mia's young body could only take so much. She squirmed, writhed, and moaned beneath Emmett as he plunged his shaft between her thighs.

He cupped her breasts as he fucked her, squeezing them roughly and then pinching her nipples as she cried out.


"OW! Please! Be gentle!" But part of her liked it rough, even if she found it disconcerting to be so abused. Her nipples were so sensitive right now.

She moaned as Emmett leaned over, sucking and then biting each of her nipples. "AAAHHH!!! Please stop," she wailed. But he didn't stop. He was in control and he reveled in that power. Emmett reached over to the opened duffel bag besides the bed and drew out a long, black rod - a riding crop.

It had a flattened point with a sharp edge. He proceeded to smack the crop down on Mia's finely shaved pubic area just above her clit. An explosion of sensations shot through her cunt, radiating outward in all directions. The girl cried out as a sudden climax tore through her pussy. "UHHH!!!" She was totally unprepared, shocked.

Appalled that the sudden debasement of being smacked and so humiliated had brought her to orgasm. Emmett continued to use the crop on her, smacking her supple cones lightly, teasing her as he fucked her. He even used the riding crop to gently smack her on either side of her face as he ordered her, "Look at me, little cunt. Look me in the eyes while I fuck your little wet PUSSY!" Finally, when Mia wasn't sure she could stand it anymore, Emmett bellowed in the moment of ecstasy.

He dropped the riding crop as a wave of cum surged into the helpless girl's loins. Mia sighed as she felt him pump her full of warm, sticky jism. Her pussy ached from being fucked so ruthlessly, but she almost didn't care. She'd had three orgasms…all of them beyond incredible.

The girl lay completely limp, panting. Her eyes were glazed over in the aftermath of euphoria. Her cunt felt sated even as she felt the rivulets of Emmett's and Cameron's combined fluids beginning to trickle out of her brutally raped snatch. "Please…will you let us go now?" Noah begged. He closed his eyes, unwilling to look any longer at the cream pie that glistened along his wife's cunt.

"Why would we do that when we have more fun games to play with you two?" Deon murmured. So saying, he thrust Noah's face back into his wife's crotch. "You know what to do. Show your sexy whore-wife how much you love her.

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Purify that pussy with some tongue action." Noah groaned, lapping up the remaining cum from his wife's sore slit. He noticed every twinge and shiver as Mia felt her husband's tongue tenderly lave out her intimate folds. 'Oh god,' Mia thought.

'That feels so good.' She almost came again, just from the arousal as she felt her husband's loving attentions. Finally, after Noah was coughing from swallowing the last of the men's cum, Deon inserted his index finger into Mia's love-hole and gently caressed her inner walls. "Ahhhh! What are you doing?" Mia cried. Deon withdrew the finger, sniffed it. "Just seeing how filthy you still are, slut.

Good job, white boy. Cameron, give him his reward, will you?" Suddenly Noah felt a hand put a cloth with some strong-smelling chemicals right over his nose and mouth. He heard voices as he became suddenly dizzy. His vision blurred.

"Damn, white boy. You went to town on that pussy. You like eating out a black stud's cum from your wife's fuck-hole, don't you? Well, don't worry.

The next part of this night is going to be even more memorable. Oh yeah," Deon said as Cameron and Emmett chuckled in the background.

Noah heard Mia's whimpers and pleas for them to let them go, and then the world…went black. THE END… FOR NOW. ****************** I hoped you liked the story. Remember, never be afraid to indulge your fantasies - the darker or kinkier the better. Please comment if you'd like. Tell me which direction you'd like me to take the story and I'll try to oblige.