Cute Cam Girl Butt Fucking And Sucking

Cute Cam Girl Butt Fucking And Sucking
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection. --- The Third Wheel (MF, 1st, cons, exhib, preg, reluc, safe, F-solo, voy) by Krosis of the Collective --- Author's Note: The board game the students play in this story is inspired by the computer game the protagonists play in Wollstonecraft's Party.

--- It was our freshman year at (name removed) University. What? Oh, sorry.I can't have anyone tracking this back to me because of what I did. I've changed our names, too.

My new name will be.umm.Danielle. Yeah! Dani for short. I like being a Dani! My cousin.umm.damnit, coming up with names is hard.Haley? Yes, my cousin HALEY and I were roommates, and newly arrived at the school. Our parents dropped us off, and after some quick goodbyes in the dorm lobby we pulled our luggage into our new room. The room was as small as could be expected, with a bunk bed for us and a door leading to the bathroom. There were 2 desks and.another bed? The toilet flushed, the bathroom faucet ran and a few seconds later a raven-haired girl our age walked in from the bathroom, drying her hands.

Her face lit up with a smile when she saw us. "Haley!


Dani! You're here!" Okay, first, let me warn you that stating the obvious like that is par for the course for this girl. Oh, I guess you need a name for her. How about Mindy? That sounds vacuous enough, doesn't it? Our other cousin Mindy had also registered for (name removed) University. What we didn't know, however, was that she had specifically requested to be in our room, and instead of MENTIONING IT TO US, the school just put us together.

This was a banner year for the school, with a 15% higher student population than the record, so things like that just got pushed through to save on space.

Still, we were pissed. We tried to convince the school to put her somewhere else, but there was no room, anywhere. What was worse, in addition to Mindy's stupidity, she and her family were total party-pooper, goody-goody Christians!

We weren't going to be able to have any fun while she was around! Haley and I had dumped our high school boyfriends at the end of summer break because the University was so far from our hometown, and we wanted to party hard. We did our best to make Mindy feel unwanted, but she was just so damned easygoing, and thick besides!

She just didn't get was like ignoring a puppy, y'know? She was so anal retentive she put labels with our names on the desks and beds, and even on the drawers in the bathroom. We made do. Haley and I are very much alike -- like sisters even though we're cousins -- and we liked to hang out together. We went to parties and had lots of fun staying overnight at guys' places while Mindy remained in the dorm room, studying.

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Weeks went by like this, and then came that fateful night when I brought Gary back to our dorm. He lived off campus and I just couldn't wait to jump his bones, so we slipped into the room and then into my upper bunk. It was late so Mindy was sleeping (Haley was out at some guy's place) and I told Gary we had to be quiet. I should describe myself here, since at that point I got naked as my clothes flew everywhere.

I'm blonde, tall (5'10") and curvy -- I have been described as a goddess by some -- and my voice can get loud when I'm excited. Yeah, I wasn't thinking. Gary went down on me after my panties took flight and I was still fumbling with my bra. I think Mindy may have woken up a little on my first gasp, and then she woke all the way up during the moaning that followed. Gary brought me to a near-screaming orgasm, and then clambered up to start to push his hard cock into me.

"Con--condom!" I managed to hiss through my orgasm-induced haze. By this time Mindy was watching us in the dim light of the moon shining through the window, although I didn't know, and frankly wouldn't have cared if I had. Gary made an annoyed sound (typical man!), grabbed his pants and extracted the "jimmy hat." I made sure he put it on before I pulled him into me.

Gary, bless him, kept his moans quiet. I didn't. His expert thrusting hit my G-spot nicely, and his pelvis rubbed my extended clit just right. He must have brought me to 5 orgasms before he started really pounding me hard, and then he groaned loudly as he thrust home. I could feel his condom-covered prick throbbing inside me and I came hard one last time. As we came down from our mutual cum we could hear Mindy gasping in her bed.

We hadn't heard her masturbating until we had stopped our own sex noises. She either hadn't noticed we had stopped or couldn't stop herself, and then we heard her climax: "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Then all was silent. Gary gave me a peck on the lips and was gone. He knew the drill, and I knew the score. We'd have some fun some other night, or with others.

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Ah, university life. I didn't say anything to Mindy that night. I pictured her there, face red with embarrassment, as I passed into sleep.

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This could be fun after all. --- From then on I made sure to bring all my lovers back to the dorm. The guys seemed to enjoy being overheard, and when I brought one of them back while both Mindy and Haley were in their beds we heard both of them pleasuring themselves while we went at it. --- One Friday night I decided we'd have a group study session, just the three of us. I brought red wine.

Haley was all about the wine.Mindy took only a little convincing, wine being the blood of Christ and all, but soon she loosened up and we started to talk about boys. "Have you ever, y'know.with a guy, Mindy?" I asked as we sat on the floor. We both looked at her, questioningly.

She flushed with embarrassment. "Um, no; never." I pressed, "But you want to, right? I hear you playing with yourself when I fuck guys here." Her face turned scarlet.

"" "It's okay, sweetie. There's nothing wrong with those feelings." "But." "You're at university," I continued over her protests, "It's expected." She thought about it.

"Well, my mom did put me on birth control pills. She said that she wanted me to be safe, after she heard I was going to be rooming with you." Well, bless you, Auntie, you old bag, I thought to myself.

She thought I would be a bad influence on sweet, innocent Mindy?

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Oh, yes. Haley and I started to frankly discuss our sex sessions. Mindy had nothing to offer the conversation but listened intently. At one point she started to rub her thighs together, almost imperceptibly. I stood up. "I'm going to call Gary over right now. Haley, you call Aaron." I then whispered to her, conspiratorially, "And tell him to bring a friend." I moved my eyes to point to Mindy, who poured herself another glass, as if on cue.

Haley nodded, understanding. The three guys arrived quickly and Aaron covered for his buddy Jason's "unexpected" presence; that they had been hanging out when he got the call and it was a party, right?

Gary and Aaron sat down next to us and Jason started up a conversation with tipsy Mindy. She smiled uncertainly at him. Some more wine followed, plus some beer the guys brought. Gary and I and Haley and Aaron were making out, and Mindy was watching, unsure what to do. Jason moved closer to her and took her hand. She started, but didn't pull away. Jason moved his head close and whispered something to her. She giggled. Very nice, Jason, I thought. Aaron's hands were now under Haley's shirt and were massaging her huge mams.

Oh crap, I forgot to describe Haley! She's brown haired, kinda short and curvy, almost Rubenesque; the kind of woman who's probably going to be fat when she's in her middle age, but at this age had the bazoombas to get the guys' attentions.

Mindy, in contrast, was of average height and a bit slim, although she had nicely sized breasts too, from what you could tell with the baggy clothes she wore. She was pretty, in a simple kind of way. Jason thought so, anyway, and he kissed her hand. How sweet (blech)! At about that point I lost track of what happened with them as Gary ripped open my shirt, pulled down my bra and devoured my nipples.

I gasped and pulled his head to my chest, eyes closed. Things progressed quickly from there. Unlike with our normal voyeuristic show, the lights stayed on.

As Gary took me up to my bunk and started inserting his condom-covered cock into me I noticed that Mindy and Jason were making out now. I could hear Aaron and Haley already fucking below us. Mindy's eyes kept roving back to our bunk beds as she made out with Jason. I lost track of them again as Gary started to fuck me hard. Knowing that sweet, simple Mindy was watching spurred both of us on, and we made a production out of it. From the sounds below, Haley and Aaron were of the same mind.

Gary thrust and thrust, and I was cumming almost continuously. I don't know how he held out, but after 15 minutes I pushed Gary back and got on all fours. Jason now had his hands on Mindy's breasts through her shirt and was kissing her neck. Come on Jason! We're hitting home runs and you're still at second base?!

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Gary shoved himself back inside me and all coherent thought was lost. After I came for the umpteenth time and Gary finished off I looked over again. Jason had his hands in Mindy's pants and she was cumming too, watching us. When she was done she gave Jason his hand back, kissed him, and ran into the bathroom. The fun was over.

Damnit. --- The next morning I found something very interesting on the Internet, took a picture of Mindy's birth control pills that I had found in the bathroom, and made some calls. By the next day I had in my hand the most amazing fake copies of her brand of pills, and these ones had a little extra something-something to get her into the mood, as well as some natural babymaking hormone boosters.

The black market at (name removed) University was rocking this year. By lucky coincidence (or maybe not, since I've heard that female roommates synchronize periods), Mindy had just started taking this month's supply a few days earlier, so I took a few out of the babymaking pills to match, tossed them into the toilet, and swapped the fake case for hers.

I couldn't find where she was keeping her extra pills, if there were any, so could only replace the one case. The real ones I put into my drawer, after taking one. Waste not, want not, I thought to myself. I decided not to tell Haley about the switcheroo. She hated having Mindy here too, but I figured she wouldn't go for something like this; better to save my favorite cousin the guilt. If all went well, Mindy would be pregnant, disgraced, and gone within a couple of months.

--- The next Friday night we had another "study session." It went a lot like the previous week, but Mindy had been taking the "tingle pills" for a week and had been drinking more this time, so she was a lot more relaxed when the boys arrived. She was happy to see Jason, and they started kissing even before we did. Once again Haley and I brought our boys to our bunks while Mindy and Jason remained on the floor.

I wanted to get a good look this time, so I pushed Gary onto his back and started to give him head. When I looked at Mindy I saw Jason's cock was out, and Mindy was masturbating him with her hand. As they kissed he awkwardly tried to pull her jeans off but she pulled away so he couldn't. She didn't stop whacking him off, though.

When he tried again she broke their kiss. "I've never.I can't." she stammered. I called out to her, "Mindy, honey, it's okay. You're in charge. Watch what I do," and I made sure she saw as I lined Gary's hard prick up with my vagina. "Mmm." I groaned as I sank down, ever so slowly. Gary was shaking as I finally hit bottom. Holy shit did that feel good! I looked at Mindy. She stood up, slammed back the rest of her beer and then pulled her jeans and panties down.

I couldn't believe it!


She straddled Jason, lining up her noticeably wet hole with his stiff (but disappointingly not very big) prick. As I bounced on Gary's cock Mindy rubbed Jason's cock head around her pussy lips, and then sank down on it a bit. I heard her groan, and then push down a little more. Jason seemed in absolute heaven. Well, why not? Fucking a drunk virgin, and without a condom? Gary and Aaron were probably jealous because they had to wear protection. Which reminded me.

I pulled off of Gary, looking down at his bare cock, shiny with my juices. He looked sheepishly at me. "I'm on the pill now," I whispered, "but it'll take a few weeks until I'm safe." He grabbed his pants, extracted a condom and disappointedly put it on.

I climbed on board and slipped him right back in. Mindy cried out, but not in pleasure -- oh, her cherry! Jason was holding her, keeping her from slipping down his cock any farther.what a sweetie!

I had paused in my bouncing to watch, and Gary started to thrust his hips up at me. I ground myself into his pelvis.mmm. Jason moved one hand down and started to play with Mindy's clit. She gasped and stopped crying after a few seconds of this. Finally after a minute or so she started to sink back down on Jason's hard penis, and cried out again when she hit bottom, only in pleasure this time. Jason whispered something in her ear, and she nodded.

She rose up about halfway and then sank back down slowly, making sure it didn't hurt. Jason kept playing with her clit and her breathing was getting quite heavy.

Soon she was bouncing up and down and Jason used his other hand to start removing her shirt and bra. Gary and I resumed fucking with gusto. He was incredibly hard from the show.

I knew it wouldn't be long for either of us. I could feel the tingling start in my clit, moving inward, surrounding Gary's cock. God, it felt so good!

I thought about Mindy, possibly fertile right now with a bare cock in her virgin cunt, ignorant of the danger. I was so close. Mindy gasped and cried out as she came, her bra off but her shirt still on. Jason grunted, pulling Mindy down to grind their pelvises together. I pictured in my mind all the pent-up pressure in Jason's reproductive system blasting the sperm-filled semen up into Mindy's welcoming pussy with incredible force, and I came hard: "Auhh!

Yes! Fuck meee!!" Gary grunted as my spasming cunt forced him over the edge and he blew his wad. Haley and Aaron were right behind us as I heard them both cry out. --- The next night went much the same. Jason still wasn't able to get Mindy's shirt off before he finished fucking her.

Once again her possibly fertile cunt sucked up a load full of virile sperm and it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. --- Midterm exams took up a lot of our time the next week, but we all masturbated in our beds every night, not caring if our roommates heard us. Mindy was becoming a lot more comfortable with her sexual identity.

--- Another three weeks went by with weekends full of sex for all of us. Well, except for during our periods. We had synchronized our periods after all, and we were triply bitchy during that week. I was disappointed to see that Mindy got her period, but it wasn't all bad, as I would get to watch her possibly impregnate herself this next month instead. I made sure to swap out her latest batch of birth control pills and used hers again myself, once her new ones showed up in her drawer.

--- On the Friday during the next month's peak fertility time for us all, I wanted to make sure Mindy got good and drunk. I managed to get some tequila and we did shots, and then a newly-bought sex board game (Ride-a-Pole-y, a spoof on Monopoly) got the night off to a good start. I stole some chairs from the common room. Haley and Aaron sat on her bunk because there just wasn't enough room otherwise, and we used Haley's steamer trunk as a table for the game.

Mindy and Jason were holding hands sitting on her sweet! We'd see what we could do about that! We were arranged around the board like this: Mindy Gary --------- Jason | Trunk | Dani --------- Haley Aaron The game was indeed similar to Monopoly, but instead of paying money when you landed on people's properties you gave them pieces of clothing, or took drinks.

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Purchasing properties didn't cost anything; you just had to land on them. There were no houses or hotels; basic properties were gulps of your drink, intermediate properties were 1 piece of clothing, and the big ones 2 pieces. We all had 6 items of clothing (we let the guys wear their jackets, since they had no bras). If someone had some of your clothing and they landed on your property you could choose to get clothing back instead of taking theirs. Of course, the guys asked for their clothes back whenever they landed on one of the other guys' clothing properties, as did Mindy every time, but Haley and I wanted to see some skin!

Jason rolled an 8 and landed his piece on Broadwalk, which was owned by me. "That's TWO pieces of clothing, Jason.gimme!" I said, holding my hand out. I was already down to my pants and bra and he had my shirt, but. Jason pulled off his shirt and remaining sock with a flourish, leaving him in his pants (Aaron had taken the other sock earlier when Jason had landed on Virgin Avenue).

I wrinkled my nose as he handed over the sock, but then dropped it in front of me. In addition to the properties there were Pants (Chance) cards for the guys, and Chesty (Community Chest) cards for the women, which made the players do various naughty things when you drew them, depending on their state of undress. Many of the cards asked players to interact with other players, so the recommended setup for the game was to alternate the genders in each seat, as we had done.

So far I'd had to kiss Haley on the mouth, Aaron had to give me a backrub for 5 minutes, and Jason had to tell us how he lost his virginity (at age 15 to his babysitter!). Mindy didn't look happy to hear about that! Mindy landed on Pants/Chesty and drew a card. She looked around wild-eyed, so I took it and read: "2 items of clothing: give a lapdance to the player on your left for one minute." The lesser clothing items directives were even more sexually charged, but luckily for Mindy she still had her bra and panties after losing most of her clothes landing on several peoples' properties in a row in the last few turns.

My Gary was the lucky recipient, and as he grinned at Mindy she looked at him as if he were the devil himself. I spoke up: "Come on, Mindy, or you're out of the game and have to leave the dorm until we're done. Jason will stay." Jason looked at his buddies, who were giving him the evil eye, and he hung his head and nodded.

Resigned, Mindy asked, "What's a lapdance?" There were simultaneous snorts from all 3 guys. Haley and I were expecting the question, given Mindy's inexperience.

"You have to sit in his lap and move around a bit," I offered. Gary was down to only his boxer briefs (damn those things look sexy on guys!), and he was tenting the front out nicely. Mindy got up uncertainly, stood in front of Gary's chair and looked down. "But.but his thing." I spoke up loudly: "You're both wearing underwear. Now DO IT!" She quickly sat down across Gary's legs, but not right in his lap. Gary wasn't shy, though, and reached around her waist, pulling her closer.

Mindy gasped as she felt his underwear covered hardness press against her panty-covered mound. She sat still, breathing heavily, eyes closed.

I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have done this if she hadn't landed on several drink properties over the course of the game, and the tequila shots she consumed before we began the game didn't hurt either. After a bit she asked, "How much longer?" "You haven't moved," I replied. "The minute begins when you start 'dancing.'" "Oh!" she responded, and then she started to shift left and right, which caused Gary's cock to rub across her sex.

She gasped and tried to scoot back, eyes wide. I got behind her and pushed her forward and down. I then lifted her arms. "Pretend you're on the dance floor," I whispered into her ear, "but instead of standing up you're sitting." Mindy closed her eyes and started to bounce a bit, which elicited a pleasurable hiss from Gary. She then gyrated her hips as she moved her arms back and forth over her head. Her breathing hot heavier again. Gary's eyes were all over Mindy's body.

Jason couldn't take his eyes off of the two of them, but he didn't seem jealous. Interesting. We let this go on for about 2 minutes.

Gary actually started to thrust his hips about halfway through, and Mindy stopped being shy about pushing her pelvis into his. "Okay, time's up!" I called out. I had to repeat myself before Mindy stood back up on shaky legs and returned to her seat.

She immediately grabbed Jason's hand again, but wouldn't look at him. Her face was beet red. The crotch of her panties was wet, and there was a matching wet spot on the front of Gary's underwear. After the next round had finished and Aaron had lost a sock (he had already lost his shirt) I had an idea: "How about we do a few rounds of just the cards, instead of moving around the board and maybe losing more clothes?" Mindy didn't want to lose her bra or panties, so jumped at that idea.

Everyone else shrugged or agreed. As the owner of the game, I took it upon myself to read the cards out for each of them.

It also gave me the chance to "embellish" the instructions a little, to get things going the way I wanted. I also set up an empty beer bottle on the board, spinning it to determine who would follow the instructions in order to keep it interesting.

First up was Jason. I picked up a Pants card and looked at Jason's pants. "2 items of clothing: Suck the nipples of the player to your right for 1 minute." That was Haley. She slipped her bra off, letting her sizeable jugs out to play. Everyone's eyes got as big as saucers.

Jason let go of Mindy's hand and went at the large mammaries, licking and sucking at Haley's nipples, which were surrounded by huge pink areolae. Haley grinned, closed her eyes and laid back on her bunk. This caused Jason to have to move forward to keep his mouth in place, his hips moving between her legs. By the end of the minute he was moving his hips a bit to get some friction between his crotch and her panties.

He returned to his seat with a big grin and bigger hard-on tenting his jeans, and Haley sat up all pink-faced but didn't put her bra back on. Nobody objected, not even Aaron. "Haley." I said, picking up a Chesty card. She was technically down to 1 piece of clothing, so I read that one. ".take a player of your choice down to 1 piece of clothing with just your teeth." My cousin Haley's not the brightest bulb either, you know? If we'd been on the same mental level she would have removed Mindy's panties, but instead she turned to Aaron, who was down to pants and a sock, and jumped on him.

Within a couple of minutes she used her mouth and teeth to unzip his pants and pull them down his legs, and then she spent another minute more licking at his cock through his underwear before pulling those down as well.

He stood up to help her remove them, and then he was left with one white sport sock. His rather handsome cock stood up proudly as he sat back down. I took another drink, shaking my head. That had been a damn hot display, what with Haley's soaked panties shaking at us all while she had undressed her man with her teeth, but it wasn't what I had wanted.

The next spin was Haley's as well. I embellished again, making it extra nasty to get back at her for being so stupid: "All players will hold you down while the player to your left." -- that was Jason -- "can touch you anywhere with only one part of their body for 2 minutes." Haley looked confused. "One part? What--? Wait.what was that about holding me down?" As one, we all (except for innocent Mindy) jumped on Haley, each grabbing an arm or a leg. On my suggestion we turned her over so her face was pressed into her pillows and her plump, panty covered butt was sticking out again.

Mindy replaced Jason holding Haley's right leg, watching Jason as he contemplated what to do. He looked at her questioningly. Mindy was really fucking horny by this point, and our voyeuristic adventures had expanded her sexual palette. She used her free hand to unzip her boyfriend's pants and freed his cock from the folds of his underwear.

"Go for it, stud," she growled. Jason clambered onto Haley's bed and poked his hard cock at her plump pussy, easily seen through her soaked panties. We heard a muffled gasp from her. Jason thrust his cock again and again at Haley's panty-covered pussy, his pre-cum transferring from the head of his cock into the cotton fabric, making it almost see-thru. Each thrust seemed to make the fabric stretch just a little more, until the very tip of his dick was pushing into her a little through it.

Just then I remembered that Haley wasn't on the pill, and even the pre-cum soaking through the thin fabric of her panties could get her pregnant! However, there was still a minute left, and what was happening was so fucking hot I wasn't going to say anything and possibly kill the moment. Jason stopped thrusting and used the tip of his cock to catch the edge of Haley's panties, pushing the fabric to the side and slipping the tip under it.

It was awkward, but his cock head was now touching Haley's outer pussy lips. I should stop this, I warned myself. Maybe.? Jason angled his pelvis, levering Haley's panties to the side with his cock and now the head was pressed right into her inner pussy lips.

We could all see how wet and engorged her pussy was. Haley exclaimed something but we couldn't make it out with her face pressed into the pillows.

Jason pushed.


We watched, breathlessly, as his cock sank into the folds of Haley's puffy pussy, her wet cunt enveloping his tool inch by inch. The pre-cum I was worried about before was definitely inside her pussy now!

"Was that two minutes?" Aaron asked, a bit forcefully. As Haley's sort-of boyfriend he did feel a bit proprietary about her pussy.

I silently thanked him for keeping Haley from getting spermed and agreed it was. Jason verrry slooowly pulled out of Haley's possibly fertile pussy. Once his cock had vacated her love tunnel her panties snapped back into place. We let her up. Haley was breathing very heavily and looked to have been sweating, though her nipples were as hard as rocks. "Wow, that was fucking hot!" she said.

By this point we were all as horny as wildebeests. "I liked that card," I said, "so I'll just shuffle it back in." There were no arguments.

I spun I decided to just read the card out without embellishment. "Remove one article of clothing and French kiss the player to your left," -- that was Aaron -- "for one minute." I wasn't about to remove my bra, so the jeans came off.

I downed my drink, sat next to Aaron and started snogging him, clad only in my matching blue bra and thong. Aaron turned out to be a pretty good kisser, and after about 30 seconds he had me hot and weak in the knees. He gently pushed me back on the bed, and then climbed on top of me.

I could feel his hard, bare cock poking at my pussy through the thong's fabric as we tongue kissed. It felt really good. Too soon, it was over and I went back to my seat. The bottle then pointed to Jason. This card was interesting: "Take off 2 pieces of clothing. Every player of your gender, move 2 seats to the left." After Jason removed his pants and underwear, leaving him with nothing but his hard-on and a smile, the boys moved.

After they settled down none of the girls had their boyfriends next to them anymore: Mindy Aaron --------- Gary | Trunk | Dani --------- Haley Jason This ought to be interesting, I thought. Next up was Aaron. I decided it was time for Mindy to get spermed, but my mind was still a bit fuzzy from dry humping Aaron. Lying about what was on the card, I used a variant of the one I had used on Haley.

"All players will hold down the player to your left and you can touch them anywhere with only one part of your body for 2 minutes." The room went still. I looked at Mindy. For some reason she didn't look afraid, just.predatory? Then everyone jumped me. What the fuck?! And then I realized: Mindy was to the left of Aaron only because I was looking at her from the front.*I* was the one on Aaron's left! I was quickly immobilized.

They carried me to Haley's bed and pushed my face into the pillows. I felt Aaron behind me, not wasting time like Jason had with Haley, his cock head nudging my thong aside. I felt his hot, hard cock easily push into my dripping pussy. It felt so fucking good without a condom! I wasn't worried, as I had been using Mindy's birth control pills for almost a month-and-a-half by this point. This was the first time Aaron got to fuck any woman unprotected, though, and he was going to make the most of it.

He pulled back and then pushed back in forcefully. I grunted.

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I was really wet but he had a good sized cock, plus he had been turned on by our recent dry humping and all the other sexy things that had happened that night. His pre-cum and my pussy juice quickly lubed everything up, and he was able to get a good rhythm going.

I realized that the hands on my legs and hips were pushing and pulling me as well, but they were the other peoples' hands so Aaron wasn't breaking the rules.he was still only touching me with his cock. My orgasm came on me fast. The hot things we had done that night had primed me, readying me for this.

I screamed into the pillow as I came hard on Aaron's cock. In response his cock started to piston into me and a few seconds later I felt hot man seed splash my insides for the first time in my life. The delicious warm feeling extended my orgasm and by the time it had finished I was shaking. So intense! Aaron pulled out and they let me up. My thong was no barrier to the cum running out of my pussy, and everyone saw it. "Er, Dani," Haley said, looking at the seed spilling out of me, concerned, "will okay?" I smiled.

"It's fine. I've been on the pill for a month now." Everyone looked relieved. Haley smiled. "Me too! Well, not as long.about a week-and-a-half." Oh good, I thought. Soon we'll all be able to fuck unprotected, though only two of us will get away unscathed. Heh heh. Unsteadily, I made my way back to my seat, Aaron's cum running down my legs. I spun the bottle again, and this time it was Haley.

I just read what was on the card this time: "Give a two minute lapdance to the person on your right." That was Jason now. Haley got up and sat in Jason's lap. His bare hard-on pressed against her panties and her sizeable boobs were in his face.

She started grinding. After a few seconds of this, while Haley couldn't see because her boobs were in the way, Jason gently moved her panties aside so his hard cock could rub directly against her pussy lips.

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The skin-on-skin feelings drove Haley mad with desire, so she started moving her hips in different ways in order to make it feel even better. Finally, she raised herself up so that the tip of his cock bumped her clit as she came back down.

That felt the best! After a few more of those bounces Jason's cock slipped inside her hot wetness. Both of them groaned in pleasure as Jason bottomed out within her. Haley took a moment to get used to the sensations. Like me, she had never had sex without a condom before, and the feelings were overwhelming.

She kissed Jason passionately and started to bounce on his hard, bare cock. The rest of us couldn't be sure of what was happening. Haley still had her panties on but the way she was bouncing in Jason's lap.were they fucking? I craned my neck to get a better look but couldn't tell. One minute to go. 30 seconds passed. They really looked like they were doing it, so I got up to confirm.

Sure enough, I saw Jason's slick penis penetrating Haley's pussy on one of her more energetic upward bounces. Haley cried out as she started to cum. "Jason!" I hissed.

"Don't cum inside her!" Easier said than done. Jason knew what I meant; that he might get Haley pregnant, but her pussy was gripping and sucking on his cock as she came hard. He gritted his teeth and pinched off his prostate as best he could, and attempted to lift Haley up so he could quickly withdraw. Unfortunately, just before he was able to pull out, a spurt of cum shot out of his cock, to the back of Haley's vagina.

He then shot the rest of his wad onto Haley's stomach and pussy lips. Haley groaned as she finished her orgasm, shaking as she held on to him. Worried, I asked Jason, "You pulled out in time, right?" Jason didn't want to wreck the mood or worry anyone, so he lied: "Yeah, I didn't cum inside her." We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Haley was on the pill, but hadn't been long enough to be assured of protection. I was a bit worried about the sperm that Jason had shot onto her pussy lips, but the real danger was already working its way inside the depths of her fertile young pussy. The bottle spun again, this time pointing to Gary. Both Haley and I had been fucked (and had sperm shot inside us, though I didn't know about Haley at the time), and Mindy was still unfucked.

That had to change. I decided to pretend that I had pulled the awesome card again: "Gary, everyone will hold down the person to your r--" Oh shit, I had almost done it again. ".rLEFT, and.well, you all know the drill by now." Mindy leaned forward, finally catching on. "Hey, let me see that card." Nobody else cared whether I had been cheating by this point.

We all descended upon Mindy, holding her down, pressing her face into her pillow. We heard her muffled cry as Gary's hard cock defty pushed aside her panties. He easily penetrated her sopping pussy, eliciting another cry from her. Gary was the only guy who hadn't cum by this point so he pounded Mindy hard. He was approaching his release with a minute to spare when Mindy came hard, moaning into her pillow, her body shaking.

The feel of her fertile pussy pulsating around his overstimulated cock sent Gary over the edge, and I actually came a little thinking about my boytoy possibly impregnating the unsuspecting little idiot.

--- Turns out all three of us girls were idiots. At the end of the night we had swapped partners again so Jason went to bed with me, Gary with Haley, and Aaron with Mindy and we all fucked again before falling asleep. I didn't know if Haley got any more sperm in her that night, and didn't really care.

I really should have. --- A few weeks later, none of us got our periods. I was really worried about Haley, and asked about the birth control pills she had been on. "Oh, those?" she replied, smirking, "I stole them off of Mindy when I replaced hers with fakes." My blood ran cold. If she had replaced Mindy's with fakes and used the real ones, and *I* had done the same.

I grabbed her by the collar. "Which day? Which day did you swap them?" We eventually figured it out. I had replaced Mindy's birth control pills last month, so that month I had been using real pills, and then this month Haley had taken Mindy's real pills, and then later that same day I had taken Haley's fake ones for myself, thinking they were Mindy's real ones, and replacing them with my fakes. Mindy had been taking fake pills with babymaking hormones for 2 months so her pregnancy was inevitable.

I had taken Haley's fakes this month, the fertility hormones countering the previous month's real pills, and Haley had only been on the real pills for a week-and-a-half when she had gotten spermed while playing Ride-a-Pole-y. We had probably all been impregnated that night, and since we had swapped partners there was no way to know who the fathers were! I know what you're thinking: why wouldn't forward-thinking ladies such as us just go get morning after pills, or abortions?

Unfortunately, we live in one of those States where you can't get those pills, and you need the father's permission to get an abortion. When the guys found out they just took off, so that wasn't possible. In the end we all had to leave the University in disgrace when our conditions became obvious.

Haley's and my family disowned us. There was no place for us to go, except. --- We walked into the small house that was our new home and put down our luggage. There was a light thumping sound approaching from the hallway, and then. "Haley! Dani! You're here!" Always with the obvious, Mindy.