Busty amateur doggystyled at casting

Busty amateur doggystyled at casting
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COCO is a very attractive 30 year old single Asian woman living in a Dallas suburb. I chatted with her on a internet dating site and invited her to meet me at my gentlemen's club.

The dim lighting and musky smell of sex assaulted her senses, as her eyes struggled to adjust to the activity around her.


I'm holding her hand in the lobby, my grasp became a firm grip on her upper arm as I confidently led her forward. Her palms are damp and she tries to subtly wipe them on her dress while keeping pace with my long strides.

They passed through an octagonal room filled with couches, lounges, and pedestals -- several of which are occupied by passionately embracing couples in various states of undress. A sex swing is in use at one side of the lounge, and a massage table is occupied across the room. Her pulse has begun to keep beat with the Techno music that is playing in the background as they advanced through the maze of lovers.

Mounted high around the large space, there are scattered screens playing porn, presumably to encourage the mood through suggestion. Drawing closer, her breath hitches as she notices more activity surrounding this central area.

No walls contain the space; rather there are eight glass paneled rooms, some of which have deep red curtains drawn, others of which are wide open. In an 18th century themed room to her right, a shapely blonde woman is calling out in the throes of passion as her partner's mouth was buried between her thighs. Through the glass side wall into the room next door, there appeared to be a threesome getting started on top of an office desk in a space filled with dark leather accents.

Coco glances up at me as I lead her into this new world, her stomach clenching as she caught my hooded gaze taking in her shallow breaths and wide eyed stare.

Placing a possessive hand at the small of her back, I guide Coco into an empty room, dimly lit by wall sconces. As I close the door, Coco feels a small sense of relief. Had I left the door open, it would have been an invitation for other couples to join. For now, thick velvet curtains are drawn on the three glass paneled sides of the room, creating a private cocoon in which Coco gains her confidence. Vents high on the walls allows the sounds of neighboring activities to filter in, causing a pulse of arousal to go through her, as she feels her core clench in anticipation.

It had been too long since she has been with a man, and her body is taking the lead over her brain. The intensity of the situation is so much more than she had anticipated, despite her research. Doubts and uncertainty begins to take hold, as she realizes that her actions has led her here, however unintentionally.

Taking a deep breath, Coco examines the space that is bathed in filtered red light. Dominating the center of the room is a circular platform bed covered in black satin and matching pillows. To the side is a modern red chaise lounge that reminds her of a long tongue.

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An ornately framed square mirror covered most of the rear wall -- the only one that didn't open up to other rooms, but it still left the feeling of being watched. Swallowing back a wave of dizziness, Coco didn't allow herself to wonder what is stored in the dark chest in the back corner.

When she agreed to this "tryst" with this frustratingly domineering John Malone, it is fueled by liquid confidence and lust. Her research into the underground elite club scene had hit a dead end, and by pestering the ultra-elite Mr. Malone for information, she has no idea of the Pandora's Box that she has opened. Though the sexual tension between them has been mounting, she has never crossed the line with a professional contact before.

Now it is obvious that she is playing with fire, and she needs to decide if she is going to allow herself to be consumed, or run before getting burned. Turning to voice her doubts, her breath caught when she met the smoldering gaze of a 55 year old man in front of her. Gray hair framed equally dark eyes that stares back at her like she is about to be devoured. Coco blushes as she is struck with the desire to bury her hands in the sexy waves of my hair like she has seen the woman do in the other room.

She watches as I unbutton my black shirt, revealing an interesting signet tattoo that seems to be stamped over my heart. Stopping herself from reaching out to touch it, Coco wonders what the significance is of that intricate marking.

Suddenly, she becomes aware of me watching her as she stares at my hairy chest. Smirking, I confidently move towards her, capturing her mouth with mine as I cup her full breasts under her sundress. All thoughts in Coco's head scatters as she became consumed by my mouth working hers. My lips are soft as they caressed hers, the kiss deepening as she begins to respond with a need she hadn't realized she had. With each stroke of our tongues, Coco feels the room slip away as she holds on to me.

Breaking my mouth from hers, I methodically kiss down her jaw, throat, across her collarbones . creating a liquid warmth inside Coco that begins to spread outward in waves. Gliding my hands down her shoulders, I slip the straps down, freeing her breasts as the dress pools down by her feet.

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My fingers tease her nipples as I find her mouth again, kissing her in a thorough exploration before moving my mouth down to claim her hard peaks.

Coco's limited experience with a older man up until this point had done nothing to prepare her for the responses of her body and the overwhelming need that is burning through her at my touch. Coco moans as my mouth expertly works her nipples and my fingers travel down to caress her clit.

Though she has been skeptical, my instructions to not wear any lingerie under her dress has proven beneficial for her. Shyly placing her hands on my shoulders for balance, Coco arches both her back and hips towards me so that she can increase the contact with my skillful mouth and fingers.

Her head fell back in a gasp before I capture her lips again.

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My fingers continue to tease, keeping time with my tongue as I walk her backwards until her legs feel the satin covering of the bed. Laying her back, I pause to admire the view of her soft curves. My eyes never left hers as I gauged her reaction to the exposure.


Coco feels naked, displayed, and incredibly aroused. The rational part of her wanted to shield her vulnerabilities from this virile man, but her hips betrayed her as they begin to writhe under my heated stare. Before her thoughts can continue, I swiftly buried my mouth between her thighs, causing her eyes to flutter close as she groans loudly. My tongue laps her up as my fingers probe her wetness and easily slide inside to find her sensitive folds of pleasure.

Lost in desire, my head dips down to her core. She feels her pleasure mount higher as I masterfully took over her body and muted her mind.

Suddenly, her body reacts in a primal response as her orgasm explodes; causing an exquisite release of the tensions she has been holding inside for too long. She cries out, arching her back and grabbing handfuls of my gray wavy hair as she rode the waves of seemingly endless pleasure. As her moans begin to subside, I gently kiss the inside of both of her thighs before standing to quickly shed the black slacks that my full erection has been straining against. Authoritatively, I flip her trembling body over so that she is on her knees, with her glistening pussy open and ready for me.

My hard cock throbbing as I roughly sink myself deep inside her, causing them both to gasp as her tightness stretches to accommodate me. I growl as Coco pants as I sheathed myself fully and deeply inside her, filling her more than she has ever experienced. Her earlier inhibitions seem to have vanished in the heat of passion. Never has she felt so free and wanton! Always one to be in control of her situations, Coco is lost to me and my prowess.

Ass up, she reaches back to touch herself as she feels her pleasure mounting with each of my thrusts. I grab her hips firmly as I rode her hard, in a way that feels like I'm trying to satisfy a deep need.

Her breath begins to quicken as she works her clit. Her insides begin to tighten down around my hard cock as she lost herself again, calling out as she feels herself reach higher in a full body release.

Drained, she collapses on the bed, eyes shut as she came down from the aftershocks after having come with such intensity. I roll her onto her back as she became aware of my shaft, still hard and tall, pressing against her hip as I slid her up onto the bed.

I crawl up between her legs caressing my hands up the back of her thighs and under her hips as I lift her damp pussy up to meet my throbbing cock. Opening her eyes in surprise, Coco feels me slide inside her again, this time more gentle. It didn't seem possible that she can take anymore, but as I slowly roll my hips into her, she feels every delicious inch of me, and lets herself be taken over for the third time.

Moving with a slow precision, I thrust myself fully inside her welcoming warmth before withdrawing almost completely from her raised hips. I reach down and lightly flick her swollen clit, seeming pleased at her sudden intake of breath. She feels my hard length deep inside her once again before my cock pulls out completely.

With a low growl, I swiftly raise her hips higher to meet my mouth as I kneel before her. Supported only by her shoulders on the bed, her body continues to respond to my sensual assault as my tongue traces slow, wide circles around the over sensitive pleasure zone.

She feels helpless with her legs thrown over my shoulders, but can't help submitting completely to me who has taken over her senses. Reaching back over her head, she grabs the edge of the mattress to brace herself against my lapping, torturous tongue. Eyes closed, she moans at the overwhelming sensation of it all. As suddenly as I had begun, my mouth stopped as I lowered her hips down to meet my hard, throbbing cock.

Slowly easing into her, my hands slide over her ass and up her back, lifting her torso up to me, forcing her to ride astride my hips. Sitting on the bed as Coco's legs wrap around my back, my hands grip her ass to guide her pussy up and down my slick cock. Finding herself staring into my tumultuous eyes and considering the secrets they conceal, she revels in the fullness of me inside her.

Having tried to break through my protective façade for a week, it dazed her to find herself so intimate with me, who still feels like a stranger to her.

Even more bizarre is that she can't bring herself to worry over her sudden lack of modesty as she engages in sex with me. It just feels like so much more. Enjoying the view and ride, the slightest move stirs her from deep within. She lets her hands explore my hairy chest, tracing across the signet and around to my back, letting her nails lightly scratch down my spine.

Emboldened by the moan this evokes, Coco begins to move her hips in a deeper rhythm with me, and bent her head to kiss along my jaw line and down the tensed muscles in my neck. With a growl, I buried my fists in her long dark hair, pulling her head slightly back to take her lips in a commanding kiss. My tongue plunges inside her mouth, allowing her to taste herself on me, a sensation that ignites a new boldness inside of Coco.

Her tongue met mine, just as her hips met mine, thrust for thrust. Panting with desire, she places her palms against my chest and gently pushes me back, until I'm lying back on the bed staring up at her straddling me, my hard shaft still embedded deep inside her. Brazen with passion, Coco rose her hips up from my cock, allowing just the tip to remain inside, pausing, searching my face, bathing in the raw sexuality of this powerful man.

She arches her back, causing her full breasts to rise up before she swiftly drops down, burying me to the hilt. Evoking a deep moan of pleasure from me as I reach up to cup her tits, Coco repeats the slow ascent, followed by a fast fullness deep inside her.

Coco rode me, and she can't have imagined the pure, unadulterated pleasure that she feels. Her eyes fluttering down and found me regarding her with desire as my hips begin to buck beneath her. My rhythm starts slow as I rock her above me, caressing the underside of her breasts as they bounced along with my thrusts.

I begin to build momentum, and Coco has no other choice but to ride my heated flesh in time with my needs, allowing me to control her mounting tension, from below. As my hips reach a frantic pace, I reach down to press on her swollen clit. The mere pressure from my fingers is enough to trigger the explosion that has been gathering and building deep inside her.

Coco threw her head back with a scream as her body splintered around me. I buried myself fully inside her warmth, allowing her pleasure to milk my cock in a release that drains me. Reaching up, I clutch her down to my chest, both of them heaving with deep breaths as our bodies melted together.

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Through a haze, Coco feels me envelop her in my arms as she lay on my chest. She feels me kiss the top of her head, as she struggles to catch her breath.

They are still joined together, though my presences is less demanding as the pulsing fades. The control that I had wielded over her body is a shockingly welcome domination. Never before has she felt so entirely consumed or empowered. Her mind is reeling just as much as her spent body, but she is at ease. With a sigh, Coco kisses my chest as I lightly rub her back. Lifting her head, she met my sated gaze and knew, without a fraction of a doubt, that she wanted to see me again.

I got up telling Coco to relax and rest that I would be back in a few minutes and I left the room. Coco finds herself eager to pull open my shirt and run her fingernails over my body again. My eyes roamed over Coco herself again. She twists away from me to pick up her wine glass and give me a brief view of her ass. Glass in hand, Coco positioned herself so that she is lounging lengthwise on the bed, leaning against a large pillow. She took a sip of wine stretching her legs across my lap. Coco took another sip of her wine placing it on the table behind her.

She flexes her toes leaning back farther so I can get both thumbs onto the sole of her foot. " Goddamn, that feels good," she admitted, letting her eyes slip closed as she sinks deeper into the bed. She feels her legs slip off my lap and before she can react, I'm on top of her, my mouth covering hers as my hands press her against the bed.

She curses herself for relaxing and allowing me to take the initiative again. She attempts to pull herself up, but I'm too strong and I'm using my weight to pin her down.

She feels my cock, hard and throbbing again, through my pants, pressing against her pussy through the thin material of her dress. Her mouth opens in protest and my tongue slides between her lips. Coco shudder as I press her deeper into the bed.

Coco decides to make the most of the situation. She is going to have to ride out the storm and wait for an opportunity to leave. The more energy and passion I expend, the easier it will be.

She slithers her body beneath me until she is completely on her back. She runs her fingers through my hair as we kiss, sucking gently on my tongue whenever I slip it between her lips. Her hands trailing down my back until she reaches my ass. She cups it with both hands and squeezes, pulling me harder against her. She moans softly into our kiss as I begin to rock my hips into her. Despite losing the initiative, Coco is pleased with how things were progressing.

She might be pinned down, but my kisses and grinding are already gaining a sense of urgency. Coco is excellent at manipulating her way out of situations. " Don't fuck me again? My pussy is sore and I need to leave." she purrs into my ear as she slowly tries to push me back, I grab my cock guiding its tip until it presses against her pussy, only the thin fabric of her dress separating them.

" Please, John I can't have you inside me again." Coco whispers. " She writhes her body beneath me with feline sensuality. I surprise her for a second time. I suddenly stood up and pulled Coco to her feet. She sways slightly, trying to regain her balance, but before she can do so, I lift her off her feet.

I slowly lower her down onto my cock and she digs her fingernails into my neck moaning as I roughly enter her fully.

My cock feels perfect inside of her and she bites into my shoulder as I begin to fuck her again, standing in the center of the living room with my hands tightly gripping her ass. Coco is truly at a disadvantage now, wondering if I know it. She can't do much to control the situation from here.

I easily lift and lower her body on my cock as I buried my face in her neck, licking and nibbling as I fuck her. Coco feels an orgasm building up inside of her. She wraps her legs tightly around my body whispering into my ear, " Yes, baby. You're going to make me cum. Don't stop. Fuck me harder. Faster. Don't stop." I obliged and Coco smiles to herself. I can't last long at this pace. She let the orgasm roll over and out of her like a wave, screaming my name and clutching my body as I fucked her with wild abandonment.

She drew it out as long as she could, waiting for the change in my breathing as her climax pushes me over the edge, but it didn't come. She opens her eyes and sees a grin of smug satisfaction on my face. " You didn't think it would be that easy, I hope," I said as I step out of my pants and carry her into the bedroom, never once allowing my cock to slide out of her. " Of course not," Coco lied, as I laid her down with her ass on the edge of the bed as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy while I stood looking down at her.

" I'd be very disappointed if you were finished after only making me cum once," she added, with a challenging glint in her eye. Coco has near perfect control over her own orgasms. She has let herself cum earlier thinking that it would drive me over the edge, but she can hold herself back indefinitely while I expended all my energy attempting to fuck her to yet another climax.

She reaches down between her legs rubbing her wet clit as my cock slides in and out of her. " What do you say?" she asked innocently. "Are you up for it?" I answer by leaning over Coco kissing her passionately while thrusting my cock fully inside of her. She gasps at the sudden explosion of sensation emanating from deep within her as she tangled her fingers into my thick hair.

I begin to thrust my cock in and out of her with renewed enthusiasm as we engaged in a secondary battle of passionate kissing, each attempting to draw the other's tongue into their own mouth. My rhythm never faltered, pulling my cock almost completely out before filling her entirely, over and over again.

Coco reveled in the pleasure of a worthy opponent. After what feels like an eternity, I broke off the kiss slowly sliding down her body, withdrawing my cock one inch at a time. I cover her neck with my lips, tongue, and teeth; kissing, licking, and biting. With only the head of my cock inside of her, I attack her breasts. Coco cries out in pleasure as I suck hard on each nipple in turn, the head of my cock throbbing inside her with my heartbeat.

She whimpers slightly as the thick head of my penis finally pulls free of her pussy. I continue downward, kissing and licking her flat stomach, my hands kneading her breasts.

Reaching up, I caress the line of her jaw brushing my fingers over her lips. Coco eagerly caught one of my fingers with her tongue pulling it into her mouth, sucking on it hungrily. I pull my finger from her mouth sliding my hands down the length of her body then slipping them beneath her ass. I squeeze firmly as I slide my tongue inside of her wet pussy.

Coco draws in a deep, shuddering breathe arching her back. She grabs handfuls of my hair pulling my face harder into her as she squeezes her thighs together against my face. As incredible as it feels, Coco knows she can't let this go on for too long. This isn't going to wear me out, nor is it likely to hold me in the frenzy of lust that is necessary for her to win.

Coco begins to raise herself to a sitting position as she works out how best to turn this around, but I force her back with a firm hand on her breast just as I took her clit between my teeth and slipping a single finger inside of her.

Coco moan in pleasure closing her eyes. She can enjoy this, she decides, and I have a talented tongue. Eyes closed, Coco writhes as I tease her clit with practiced precision. Coco lost track of time when she feels the orgasm welling up inside of her again. She expected me to grow frustrated with my inability to bring her to climax with my tongue and be forced to change tactics. I persevered and succeeded in bringing her this close to an orgasm without her realizing it.

Coco weighs her options concluding that there is no benefit in fighting it. On the other hand, allowing me to bring her to a thundering climax can give me false confidence she can use to her advantage. With the decision made, it is like a switch has been flipped in her mind.

The orgasm builds rapidly inside of her, swelling with every passing moment. Coco begins to writhe faster and each breathe is accompanied by a low moan. My hands seem to be everywhere at once; pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit, squeezing her ass, brushing over her lips and caressing her face. Coco's cries grow louder as she tightens her grip on my hair.

In the instant before she came, Coco opens her eyes looking down at me to find me staring right back at her as I slide my tongue in and out of her. All she sees in my eyes is confidence.

The orgasm strikes her like a lightning bolt. Her body shaking as she cries out in pleasure. It feels as though every nerve in her body has been elevated to a new level of sensitivity. Every time my tongue touches her clit, she feels a bolt of pleasure shoot through her. Coco struggles against the instinct to beg me to stop. I loop my hands around her legs, making it impossible for her to escape my hungry mouth. She can't allow me to sense that I'm getting the better of her.

She closes her eyes focusing on controlling the unending tide of pleasure flowing through her from the touch of my hungry tongue. I can handle anything he dishes out, Coco thought to herself. And then it will be my turn. Just as Coco begins to bring herself under control, I act. She has instant relief as my tongue finally slips out of her dripping pussy, then a heartbeat later my cock slams inside her with such force that she cries out in a mixture of shock and unexpected pleasure.

Coco watches me through half closed eyes as I stood at the edge of the bed, holding one of her legs in each hand as I thrust into her with force, over and over again. Sweat beading between Coco's breasts and covering her body with a slick, glistening sheen.

She stares at my bare chest.


It is hairy, covered with sweat. She wonders, for a moment, when I had taken my shirt off, it is difficult to hold a lucid thought in her head under the onslaught of my throbbing cock. Coco knows that she needs to take control soon, but she is nearly helpless. I controlled her from the beginning, giving her two incredible orgasms, and is fucking her relentlessly. If I finish now, on my terms, she won't be able to claim victory over me. I can make a case that I defeated her, she realizes, though it wouldn't be true.

For the first time in her life, Coco feels doubt. She desperately struggles to focus her thoughts and shut out the never-ending waves of pleasure that threatens to drown her.

Her eyes keep being drawn back to me. I'm incredible for a older man. My muscles are taut with exertion. In between each thrust, I pull nearly the entire length of my monster cock out of her before ramming it back home. She stares at it, fascinated, and all thought slips away from her again. Coco came slowly out of her daze to find herself on the verge of another orgasm. She glances at the clock on her bedside table, distractedly.

How long have I been fucking her like this? She blinks in confusion looking at the clock again. It isn't possible, she thought. The force of the orgasm building inside of her can not be denied. This time Coco fought it with everything she had. She focuses all of her will power and determination, drawing upon all her experience. She raises her eyes slowly finding me staring directly back at her, just as she had expected. The determination in my eyes matches her own.

I feel no doubt. I'm confident in my inevitable victory. Her resolve shatters beneath my gaze as the orgasm washes over her like a tidal wave. Instantly, my full weight is upon her, as I drive my cock in and out of her furiously as she came, screaming and clawing at my back. Emotions pouring out of her, overlapping and conflicting. Hatred battling with lust.

Respect with anger. Pleasure with renewed determination. And all the while I fuck her, forcing the orgasm out of her.

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" You've lost, Coco," I whisper in her ear. " All you have to do is admit defeat and I'll stop." Coco is very impressed with me. She writhes beneath me running her hands over me.

" Stop?" Coco answers between panting breaths. " Surely you won't stop without giving me a chance to suck that amazing cock of yours," she continues. " I haven't even gotten a taste, yet." Once she got me in her mouth, she can finally take control. She knows I can't resist the chance to defeat her with my cock in her mouth.

I pull my cock out of her pussy as Coco's confidence soars. I have been a worthy opponent, after all, now I'm finally playing into her trap. The moment my weight is off of her, she will have me on my back and she won't relent until I'm begging for mercy. Once again, I out play her. I pin her hands above her head, slowly sliding my body along hers, straddling her torso. My cock, burning hot and wet with the juices of her many orgasms, gliding up her stomach.

I pause when my cock slides between her breasts and I grin down at her, tauntingly. " You want my cock in your mouth, Coco?" I ask. " Are you sure you can handle any more of this?" Coco didn't answer. She only stares up at me defiantly, daring me with her eyes. I smile down at her. " It won't be long now," I boasted as I begin to rock my hips back and forth, rubbing my cock between her breasts. " The next time I take you, I'm not going to stop until you give up." When Coco didn't rise to my bait, I move farther up her body, positioning my knees on top of her arms, pinning them down freeing my hands from holding her wrists.

My cock stood straight out from my body, the shaft less than an inch from her mouth. I begin to slowly stroke my cock with my right hand, while my left slips down her body behind me until I reach her pussy, wet and hyper-sensitive. Her lips part in a moan as I slip a finger inside of her and I force my cock into her mouth. She struggles not to gag as I bump the back of her throat. I curl my fingers through her hair until I have a tight grip and begin to thrust my hips back and forth, pulling her head to meet my every thrust.

Coco wriggles in a futile attempt to free her arms, she is trapped. She concentrates on controlling her breathing and riding out the storm. Every time she opens her eyes, she finds me staring directly back down at her. She can't even suck my cock properly. She is helpless as I force myself into her mouth again and again. Coco realizes I'm trying to break her spirit.

I have her in a completely submissive position. I can keep this up as long as I want and there is nothing she can do about it. Coco feels her resolve beginning to weaken again. Her mind threatening to panic from the inability to move and the unceasing humiliation of having my cock forced into her mouth against her will.

With a exertion of will power, Coco plays the last card she has available.

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She forces herself to relax, muscle by muscle, as the pressure of having her arms and chest trapped seems to lessen slightly. Coco knows she can't fake me into thinking that she is enjoying this.

If she wants to manipulate me, she will have to make herself enjoy it. She has to turn this from my humiliating domination of her into me giving her exactly what she wants. Coco closes her eyes sinking into her imagination.

She begins to re-live each individual memory of her sexual domination. Coco moans deep in her throat and begins to squirm beneath me, rubbing her legs together and twisting back and forth.

Distantly, she is aware that I'm speaking to her again, she is lost in her memories. I thrust into her mouth with increasing ferocity, Coco only moans and writhes all the more.

Suddenly my weight is gone from her chest. Coco blinks in surprise taking her first deep breath in what feels like hours. She begins to sit up, but I have other ideas.

Dragging her roughly by a fistful of hair I pull her off the bed onto her feet before spinning her around forcing her to bend over the side of her bed.

I yank her head back as I lean over her, angrily whispering, " This is the part where you beg me to stop." I roughly force my cock into her pussy and begin to slam my hips against her ass as I force her head down against the bed. Coco has never been fucked like this before.

I'm just too strong. Too relentless. Too good. Beads of sweat funneling down her breasts dripping onto the bed from the tips of her nipples.

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She desperately tries to slip back into her memories of the past, but it is impossible. All she can think about is my cock slamming into her again. She has never been with a man that is this rough and relentless, her pussy is stretched and sore from the length and thickness of my cock.

How much longer can he last? How much longer can I? She cries out as I tore another orgasm out of her body. Coco turns her head slightly to look at the mirror hanging opposite the bed to see if I show any signs of weakening or tiring.

I'm watching myself in the mirror, too, unaware of her gaze. I'm sweating too, she notes with small satisfaction. I have one hand on her ass while the other holds her head against the bed. I'm smirking at my reflection, basking in the glow of my dominance. She watches as my mirror image gives her ass a casual slap reaching around to cup one of her slick breasts. Will power flows back into Coco. She will never let this bastard defeat her, she decides.

There is nothing she can't take, and no one that can defeat her. Coco begins to sway her hips slightly from side to side, pushing back against my cock to match my thrusts. When I look at her in the mirror, I find her staring back at me defiantly. My rhythm falters for a moment and without hesitation Coco assumes control, thrusting her own body back and forth against my cock, faster and harder than I had been fucking her. " I need more, baby," she moans, her voice dripping with lust.

" I need you to give me more." I pause uncertain for a moment, then answer with renewed vigor. Coco instantly matches my intensity then pushes harder. " Yes!" she screams. " More! I need more of your cock, John!" My eyes lost focus for a moment and I suddenly pull out taking a step backwards, my chest heaving. " No," Coco whines. " I haven't had nearly enough of you, yet. I need more, baby. Give me more." She reaches behind her finding my hard cock. It gives a lurch as her warm hand curls around it and she feels a dribble of pre-cum leaking from the tip.

She moves herself backward slipping my cock back into her pussy with a sigh of contentment. " Now, give me more!" she demands. To my credit, I tried, but I'm focusing all of my concentration on not cumming while Coco did everything in her power to make that impossible. She changes her rhythm and movements constantly, fast and shallow, slow and deep, then fast again.

She has me now, she knows. She didn't intend to let me off easily. She twists her head around looking at me over her shoulder. " Look at me while you fuck me," she demands as my eyes obediently lock onto hers. She holds my gaze like a vice as she drives me closer and closer to the edge. " Don't cum," she orders. " I'm not nearly done with you." I suddenly pull out of her stepping backwards. " Wait. I just need a second," I said lamely. Coco didn't give me time. She is on her knees with my cock in her mouth before I'm done speaking.

I groan loudly stepping away from her, backing into a wall. Coco chases me like a predator closing in for the kill. " Stop, Coco," I hiss, but Coco has me back in her mouth. She sucks my cock in a frenzy of passion, moaning constantly. Her hands move over my body, pumping the shaft of my cock as she sucks, squeezing my balls lightly as she runs her tongue along its length, gripping my ass as she takes the entirety of my cock into her mouth. She feels my body go rigid as I push her away.

All my confidence has drained away in a matter of seconds. I look smaller now. Weaker. Coco stood up before me and put her hand around my throat. I look back at her with a mixture of confusion and fear. She smiles sweetly guiding me back to her bed, pushing me onto my back climbing atop me to straddle my hips.

" Wait-" I begin, but she is already astride my cock. She digs her fingernails into my chest and begins to ride, slowly at first, sliding her pussy along the entire length of my cock with every thrust. I make one final effort to push Coco off of myself, but she grabs my wrists pinning them over my head, dangling her breasts in my face as she continues to ride me.

He came immediately, bucking wildly beneath her, simultaneously cursing her and crying out her name in ecstasy. " You better be good for more than one time," she warns me as my moans subsided. She feels me beginning to soften inside of her so she clenches down with her muscles, clutching my cock inside of her.

She rubs her own breasts tauntingly and wiggles her hips as she gives me a challenging look. My cock quickly grows hard again, I'm unable to put up any kind of fight as Coco proceeds to fuck me unceasingly for what must have seemed an eternity to me.

An hour passes before I finally admit defeat begging for Coco to let me rest. Coco spins around to face away from me and watches herself ride me in the mirror while she rubs her clit and pinches her own nipples. She makes me repeat myself several times and didn't stop until she has made herself cum one final time, informing me that she has to do it herself since I can't keep up with her.

When she finally releases my cock, it flops to my belly, immediately growing soft and shrinking. A pity, she thought to herself. It is such a fine cock. She turns and sat on my chest, smirking down at me. " I won," she announces. I nod wearily. " You did," I admit. " You were good," she told me cheerily. " But I'm better. I'm the best you've ever had. Say it." I stare back up at her.

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Coco frowns down at me. " Tell me I'm the best lover you've ever had," she orders, bristling. " Sorry, Coco," I said. " I've had better." Her hand cracks across my face, leaving a bright red imprint. She has never struck someone like that before. It isn't the insult that hurt her so badly. It is the truth in my words. " Who?" she whispers. I push her off of my chest and stood up, rubbing my face where she had slapped me.

I walk out of the room and begin dressing. Coco follows me, naked, into her living room. " Who?" she demands. In answer, I reach into my pants pocket and drew out a small blue object, holding it out to her.

Coco took it from me. It is a small plastic rectangle, similar to a computer thumbstick, but she has never seen anything quite like it. " What is it?" she asks, forgetting her anger in wonder, as she rotated the mysterious device between her fingers.

" It's a key," I replied. " Go to 13169 Grey Rd. on Friday night at 9. I want to see you again." " Again?" Coco whispers, her words tremulous with emotion. I left without answering.