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Wild threesome with a lewd doxy hardcore groupsex
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I invited some friends over for some drinks, and we had a nice party time. One of my old friends, lets call him Daniel was there, I've known Daniel for like 10 years and he have always been a good friend to me. He is living in another city, so I agreed that he should sleep at my place, and in my head, that was on the sofa. The whole day i've had a sore shoulder, so at the party Daniel asked if he should give me a massage, and of course I said yes!

He sat down on the backrest on the sofa and started massaged me, for a long long time. After some time his hands moved longer and longer away from my shoulder, he started massaging my back, my neck and cuddle my arms. At some point one of my other friends wanted to show some YouTube clips, so all eyes was on the tv, and no one was looking at me and Daniel. At that point he started cuddle my neck, my cheek and then further down to my breasts. He did a quick grope, and then up again a couple of times, until his hands just went under my bra and he began fondle my breasts and nipples.

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I was drunk and paralyzed, so i didn't say anything, i didn't know what to say. When the clips on the tv was done, he stopped. When the party was over and the last guest went home, I was so drunk I almost couldn't walk, so Daniel helped me to bed. I remember rambling to Daniel: "I know what you are doing, don't try and make a move! You are sleeping on the couch" He laughed "of course".

I sat down at the end of my bed with Daniel just in front of me. I don't know why, I didn't think.

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I just opened his pants and gave him a blowjob, licked his balls and grabbed his ass. It turned out that daniel had a very big cook, I almost couldn't have it in my mouth. I laid down and he fucked me good! After Daniel fell asleep next to me. I almost couldn't sleep, because my pussy was hurting after that huge cook. The next morning a woke up with him groping my ass and my tits in my sleep.

I just ignored him, but today im still thinking, should I have fucked him again?


Later that day, I was in a pub with some friends, and we were just drinking some beers and having fun. Now I don't remember how we came to talk about it, but one of the guys claimed that while it could be hard for guys to pick up girls, it is always easy for girls to pick up guys.

He claimed that a normal good looking girl could just point some random guy out, and take him home.

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Me and the girls didn't agree, so it ended up in a longer discussion. In the end we decided to test it out, and as I was the only single girl, I was the one to do the testing. What I had to do was, that every time a guys was passing our table, I had to stand up, find out if he was single, and if he was, score him with a max of 3 questions. The first guy was a handsome young man i a suit I think he was in his 20s.

I fronted him and asked "Are you single?" - No, he said a bit surprised, "would you fuck her anyway" one of my friends yelled! (stupid idiot) No!

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said the suit, before he walked away. (That was sooo fucking embarrassing!!!) The second guy a tall buff guy in a t-shirt in his 30s. Clearly working out a lot.

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I fronted him, and asked "are you single?" - Yes, he said, "Do you have a job?" Yes, "what is your name?" Peter, he said. I didn't know what to do next, so I just kissed him, and asked if he wanted a beer, he said yes and sat down with us.

We told him of how all of this came to be, he laughed and then the discussion started all over again.

After a few beers and a few hours, I wanted to see if I could get this big guy in the bed. You know, im a small girl, and he was huge compared to me, that is quit a turn on for me. I put my hand on his leg and whispered: "your place or mine?" - My place he said. I moved my hand up between his legs and said "Now!" We walked out and got a cab. We were teasing each other all the way in the cab "I want to lick up all your body" he said, "I want to suck your cock" I replied while biting in his ear.

The door has just closed behind us when he took of my coat. He was standing behind me and put his arms around me and kissed my neck. And when I started sucking his finger, he literally ripped my clothes off. Still behind me and with one arm around naked me he led me in to his bedroom, and at the same time he managed to take his pants off. When we got in there he took his arm away, and I turned around, got down on my knees and took his cook in my mouth.

I felt it growing in my mouth and I started banging my head back and forward sucking him like his tiny little servant. Hi took off his t-shirt and graped my hands and started sucking my fingers. Now I felt I was just hanging there, on this big guy and sucking his cook.

He kept holding my arms up with one hand, took his other hand behind my neck, directed my head back and forward. It felt so good, I felt like the floor was getting wet from my pussy and I started groan with his dick in my mouth.


He lifted me up and put me down on all four on his bed and started fucking me hard doggy style. My head banged down in the pillow and I took one hand under me and grabbed his balls. It was soo good! I felt my body heat up and I couldn't do anything but yelling/screaming "DON'T STOP!!! DON'T STOP!!!" After a long (looomg loooong) time of fucking I needed some water.

He pointed me to the kitchen and I went out to get some water. While I was standing there, breathless and sweaty, he came out to me. I asked what's up? And he came over, lifted me up on the kitchen table, hold my legs up and started fucking me again, untill he moaned "im gonna cum, im gonna cum!" I jumped down of the table and took his cook in my mouth, one hand on his ass between his legs, and one on his balls, and then he came in my mouth.

This morning I woke up next to him, looking at him while he was sleeping, thinking; Well I guess my friend was right. Girls can just pick up a guy and score. And thx for that. This was the best sex I've had in a very long time! <3