Vanelaosita en tu honor quiero terminar en ti

Vanelaosita en tu honor quiero terminar en ti
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It's a warm summer morning, birds outside tweeting away, neighbors being friendly to one another, the bright summer shine casting through the tiniest crack of the curtains, what more could you ask for? I wake up to my alarm on my phone, blaring into my ear. "BRRRRING BRRRINGG. BRRRRING BRRRRING" "WAKE THE FUCK UP PIA! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE" I check the time on my phone.

It's 7.30am.

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Fuck. We need to be at the airport by 9 at the latest so we don't miss our flight I jump out of bed, put on my dressing gown and run straight to the bathroom and twist the doorknob. It's locked.

"Hurry up! Who's in there?!" "It's me, can't you wait!" That's my sister, Ashlee (or Ash), the single most annoying thing in my life, she's two months younger than me but she acts like a fucking five year old all the time.

She always was competitive in sixth form too, she was always trying to one up me in every way she could, including stealing men from me and it sucks.


We basically look the same, the only thing is her boobs are way bigger than mine, and that's always what men want. Other than that we are all the same, both have the same brunette hair, the same body (being relatively skinny), same ass size, height (roughly 5"10 FYI) EVERYTHING ELSE! BUT SHE JUST HAS BIGGER BOOBS AND THAT STEALS EVERYONE FROM ME!

But it doesn't even matter, we are both going separate ways when we go to university, so I can finally have no competition, other than other girls obviously. Click! I hear the door unlock and open to my sister, with towels on her head and on her body, showing the pasty skin on her wonderfully smooth legs and the cleavage being shown from her huge boobs.

So fucking lucky. "There you go, now hurry up or we're going to be late" Ash says "Well, maybe if you hurried the fuck up, we can finally get there on time!" I shoved past her and quickly went to the toilet. After finishing my business, I looked at myself in the mirror.

"You're beautiful the way you are, don't let anyone stand in your way." I strip down naked flinging all my clothes into the wash basket. Again I look into the mirror, showing the reflection of my body into it, with my perky breasts and pink nipples out in the open, finally being able to breathe after wearing a t-shirt all night.

"Oh thank fuck" I start to pinch my nipples and fondle my own breasts.

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My nipples getting harder by the second starts to shoot up, like they are begging for someone to finally caress them in a way that would make them satisfied. I start to lick the rim of my nipples, and finally engulf the entirety of it.


The slightly sweet and saltiness of my nipple, which came from the light sweat from my restless night of tossing and turning in this summer heat. I slowly let out a light moan. As I'm about to start sucking my other nipple, there's a loud knock on the door. "ARE YOU FINISHED YET?" my mum bellowed "I'll be five minutes!" Shit, I thought you myself, I'll have to finish later.

I quickly hop into the shower and give myself a lather and rinse, just to get rid of the layer of sweat and B.O on the top layer of my skin. Within minutes I exit the shower. I look at myself again in the mirror and quickly look for the towel. After drying myself relatively well, I cover my body with the towel and run into my room.

Realising I spent a lot of time in the toilet, I quickly throw on a pair of jean shorts and a loose wooly jumper. I run downstairs, everyone is at the door waiting for me, my mum, dad and of course Ash.

"C'mon sweetie, we are going to be late" mum says in an innocent tone "Wait, what the hell happened to all that screaming you were doing upstairs? Why are you so calm now?" "What do you mean my screaming?

That wasn't me it's was Ash" "Hahaha guilty as charged! Was my impression of mum good?" "Oh man, it was amazing, you have to teach me that one day!" "I mean, we have a 2 hour plane ride, I can teach you then" My mum playfully slapped Ash on the arm, "Oh no you won't" Everyone burst out into tears, my mum confused questioned what we we're laughing at. You guys know the sassy "oh no you didn't", imagine that, that's what we were laughing at.

We all exit the house and jump into the car "Everyone double check, before we leave have you got your hand luggage, phones, wallets, chargers, headphones, entertainment, cloth." "Yes Dad" we all say in unison "Alright then off we go!" We begin the car journey to the airport.

About 10 minutes in, we are on the motorway.

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There's something about the motorway and all the greenery that makes me feel really relaxed. I look around the car to see my mum completing a crossword, my dad focused on the road and my sister slowly drifting to sleep.

I ask dad to turn the music down as she is going to sleep. I'm such a caring sister aren't I? About another half an hour goes past and everyone is wide awake, chatting about the adventures that await for us as we go to the airport "Are you guys excited?" Dad asks "HELL YEAH" I shout "FINALLY LEAVING THIS COUNTRY WOOHOO" I look around to glaring looks from everyone, straight faces, on the brink of looking angry.

"Did I say something wrong or." Everyone bursts out laughing "Oh! The look on your face hahahahahaha" Ash exclaims This laughing went on for what felt like hours, but we then finally arrived at the airport. After looking at the time, it was 8.45am which meant we had to run to check-in and sort out all the details on our tickets. INTERCOM: CAN ALL PASSENGERS ON FLIGHT 845 TO CYPRUS FOR THE 10.30AM FLIGHT PLEASE GO TO GATE 6 "THATS US GUYS, COME ON QUICKLY" Mum shouted We all start sprinting down to the gate, and we arrive in a few short minutes.

We are all panting, gasping for air like dogs. We hand in our tickets and rush to our seats. I sat next to Ash, while mum and dad sat next to each other. Ash was practically jumping out of her seat "oh I can't wait, I can't wait Pia, have we left yet?" "Calm down Ash, we've just sat down" "But I wanna go now" "Yeah we will, but the pilot normally waits atleast half an hour before taking." My face went white.

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The plane was slowly starting to move. "Before taking what Pia?" "Taking off, but why are we leaving so early, I've had no time to prepare. Ash help I'm so fucking scared." Now here's a secret, I fucking hate planes Like so fucking much So when we were about to take off, I was scared shitless So as the plane was gaining speed, I grabbed onto my sister's hand, grabbing it tightly and looking at her straight in the eye And we got closer.

And closer.