Homeless blowjob If you disregard your girlpal she will notice your

Homeless blowjob If you disregard your girlpal  she will notice your
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Ms. Fitch was a new teacher both at the school and to teaching. Fresh out of school herself and only twenty four years old.

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She was hired as a middle school substitute teacher and a playground monitor. Her first week she was overseeing the playground when she heard a young girl yell for help.


She had crawled into a new piece of equipment a hexagonal sphere with various sized holes all around it. She was inside the sphere and couldn't figure out how to get out. Ms. Fitch crawled into one of the holes barely managing to make it and could see what the problem was and verbally guided the little girl how to get out.

Once the little girl was out Alyson tried to get out but she couldn't move forward or back so she told the little girl to go get help. The little girl ran off and found a group of eighth graders and told them about the trapped teacher then went off to play.

The group of boys and girls went to where the teacher was trapped and seeing her predicament considered what to do. One of the thirteen year old girls saidyou know she is helpless and can't see anything from where she is stuck you boys could strip her and fuck her. The boys grinned at this and decided to use the young teacher as their fuck toy. The young teacher happened to be quite beautiful with smooth soft skin the color of burnished copper and a petite toned and fit body.

Her feet were small with bright red polish on her toes which matched the polish on her fingernails.

Alyson had long legs and a stomach that was flat with tight abs under a pair of nicely rounded and full b-cup breasts with dark half dollar sized aureoles topped by dark pink eraser sized nipples. Her arms were slender and nicely shaped with small hands with long slender fingers.

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Alyson's face was oval shaped with a chin that came to a rounded point. Her mouth was lush and full red lips covering perfect white teeth under a petite aristocratic nose. Her eyes were slightly oriental shaped and stormy sky blue under thin well maintained eyebrows and long eyelashes. Alyson's hair was a reddish-brown in color silkycleanhung down to her knees but normally kept in a long braid. Her real highlight was her ass and groin that was smooth and clean shaven with soft folds like the petals of a blooming flower lightly touched by dew and an ass with two perfectly shaped and plump cheeks.

Today Alyson had decided to come to school wearing a short silky black skirt and dark silky thigh high stockings with knee high black leather boots and a silver chain belt and anklet. Alyson wore a silkysheersleeveless collarlesswhite blouse she had also decided not to wear a bra but had put on a dark red lacy thong panties. The group of children gathered around Alyson's flailing legs and two of the girls grabbed her legs and yanked off her bootsrolled her stockings down her legs and offthen slid her panties down her legs removing them from her lower body.

This exposed her lower body completely to everyone's eyes and the group started playing with her lower body. One of the girls climbed up to the large central hole in the top of the sphere and dropped down into the center.


She then walked to Alyson hanging from the sphere and pulled her blouse up her torso and off then reached out one of the holes taking a rope with a padded cuff on the end from another girl and attached the cuff to her wrist which got pulled tight. This was repeated on the other wrist then she put a blindfold on Alyson.


The girls repeated this on Alyson's legs and ankles so she hung helpless and defenseless naked and spread eagled in the sphere. The boys took turns fucking Alyson's pussy and anusmauling her breasts and forcing their dicks down her throat.

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The girls also joined in molesting her bodyone of the girls even went so far as to push her hand into her lubricated cunt and then her asshole formed a fist and pounded her pussy and anus unmercifully punching into her as fast as possible until she was brought to multiple climaxes which all the kids tasted. Alyson sobbed between blow jobs realizing that the kids were recording her humiliation and that prison was probably in her future.

The kids left her hanging there until the last bell with new kids coming and using her throughout the day many of whom thanked her for taking their cherries and making them men.

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She discovered three months later that she was pregnant with two girl but would never know who the father was. The original group came by and left her loose after school and informed her that she now belonged to them and from now on she would always dress in a similar many as she had today only sluttier. She would keep her Saturday's free having a party for her student where she would be the sex slave for all of them.

Crying and taking in great gulps of air. Alyson shuddered at the bleak future she saw in store for her. Alyson quietly went back to her classroom and started to gather her things when the principal came to the door and told her she had been bad and sat down in a chair motioned for her to lay across his lap with her upper torso on her desk. He took out his stuff penis and when she lay down on his lap guided his cock into her pussy.

Each slap on her ass cheeks drove his penis deeper and deeper into her womb.


Alyson soon orgasmed from this rough treatment and he ejaculated then left her laying on her desk. Alyson finally gathered enough strength to pull on some clothes and return to her small apartment where she slept until the next morning when she was awoken by banging on her door.

When she went to the door and opened it she realized it was Saturday and the kids walked in to her apartment promptly stripped herforced her down across an ottoman and brought in two mastiffs one of which mounted her slamming his dick into Alyson's cunt and pounding it viciously.

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The other dog lay down in front of her and waited patiently for her to give him a blowjob which she started when two girls gave her a glare. She spent all of that day servicing animals that the kids brought to her and created videos of her having sex with animals.

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The best and worst was the snake they forced into her so that could watch it crawl into her abdomen displaying its length on the skin of her stomach as it moved in and out of her. The best was the snakes skin sliding over her clit caused her multiple massive orgasms, the worst was they recorded her enjoying have snakes fuck her. Finally Saturday was over and she curled up on the bed with two of her students spooning with her.

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Smiling satisfied she drifted off to sleep dreaming of having sex with an octopus.