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Sexy model does ohmibod show
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My Guilty Sister Pt.4: Mommy's persuasion I was really angry with my sister. That bitch has tied me to her bed then fucked and sucked me! I was determined to show everyone the tape of Carla sucking and fucking the whole soccer squad.

After being dominated by Carla I went to my room humiliated thinking the best way to show everyone the tape. In the end, I decided, rather than emailing it, I would pass it at the giant screen that was at the cafeteria. Victoria was in charge of the displaying so there wouldn't be any trouble putting the tape there.

The following morning I went to school very early, even before my sister had woken. I found Victoria already at school, she was a good student so she always got early to school. "HI Victoria." She spun, and smiled when she saw it was me.


"Hi! So, how's your sister after what happened yesterday? She must be quite embarrassed." "I guess she'll get away with it, as always. But enough of my sister, I need to talk to you." Her smiled went even bigger as she got closer to me. "Hum, and what can I do for you?" "I need to display something at the cafeteria's screen. Can you arrange that?" "Maybe, but what will I get in return?" "What do you want?" She put her hand inside my jeans and slowly began stroking my cock.


I began to laugh. "When and where?" "This afternoon, after school. My house. Don't be late." The day passed slowly. I barely saw my sister, which I was glad for.

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After school I ran to Victoria's house. When I arrived, I stopped a bit to catch my breath then rang the bell and soon she answered. My jaw dropped and I let out a soft moan. She was standing behind the door, her legs exposed by plaid skirt that hang low on her waist.

Her flat stomach was exposed to just below her tits where a tight white button down shirt strained to contain her large breasts. The shirt was completely buttoned and had short sleeves that stopped just after her shoulders, to complete the ensemble she had on a black tie that was loose around her slender neck and ended a few inches above her navel. She was like those horny school girls of any boy's dream. "So do you like it?" "Wow…" "Well come in.

" We went straight to her room and she locked the door and turned to me. I started softly kissing her and caressing her voluptuous tits. I kissed down her neck slowly and worked my way to her left nipple. I laid her on her bed and move to her right tit and started sucking her nipple.

I inserted my finger in her pussy and rammed it hard. She moaned while I sucked on her clit. After some of this playing she pulls me back on the bed and takes my raging hard on into her mouth. She starts sucking me slow, working her hand up and down my shaft as she licks the head with her tongue. She then goes down and deep throats my cock. "Oh, fuck my mouth now!" while with her other hand she starts playing with her asshole.

As I am pumping my cock in her mouth she works her finger in her ass and starts moving it around. She takes her free hand and grips the base of my cock tightly and starts moving it up and down ever so slightly.

The feeling is incredible and I couldn't hold back anymore so I started cumming in her mouth. The first string of cum shoots straight down her throat.

She pulls back and tells me to cum all over her face and chest. I shoot more strings of my hot sticky cum all over her face and on her tits. Then I rolled her over and began fucking her. First slowly then going even faster and harder. "Oh I want more cum! Please give me!" I was so aroused I didn't last long and let her sucking all the cum from my cock.

After all the sex, she came on my chest and whispered to me "Now you can use the cafeteria's screen for whatever you want. Just fuck me like this while in a while ok?" I nodded, got dressed and went home.

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The following day I went to school with the tape determined to expose everything at the cafeteria. When I reached school my mobile rang. It was my mother. "Peter, I need you to return home right now." "Mom, if I go I will miss classes." "Don't worry, just come here." I went home, thinking my revenge would have to wait a bit. I got home and went for the living room. "Mom! Where are you?" "Upstairs!

I am in my room! Come here!" Puzzled, I went upstairs to my mother's room and found her laying on the bed, fully clothed. Carla got her fantastic appearance from our mother, Veronica.

Brunette, curly brown hair, just a bit shorter than me, with a D cup and great ass, my mom was 37 years old, and she had Carla at 20 and me at 21.

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She was a vision on her bed. "Mom, what do you want?

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I have to go to school." "And you will. But first you have to promise me that you won't display your sister's tape." "WHAT!?" My mind went berserk! How did my mother know about that? "Mom!" "Peter, promise me you won't do that." "She's a slut!

You saw the tape!" "At her age I was like that.

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It's natural." My jaw dropped. My mother, a slut as well? "Look, hat must I do for you not to do that?" I saw where this was heading. My mother, a slut? Well let's see about that. "Well, you can do to me what you say you used to do to guys at Carla's age." She smiled with seduction and said "I knew you would say that" while she was unzipping my jeans and started to give me a blowjob. God she was a great sucker!

Her eyes looked at me with pure lust awhile her tongue darted around my cock, occasionally doing some deep throat. She was a professional so I didn't last long, and soon I was cumming in her mouth, with my mother sucking and swallowing like hell.

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Then she rose up and kissed me, making me tasting my own cum. "So, now you want to fuck me right?" "Hell yeah mom!" She stood on the flour on her fours and looked at me.

"My pussy is so wet for you Peter. Fuck your mom hard, make her cum." I rammed her pussy hard and fast, driven by a wild sex appetite, as well as grabbing my mother's tits. "Oh you are sooooo big in your mother's cunt, oh fuck me Peter!" "Yeah mom, do you like your son to fuck your pussy from behind?


What would dad say?" "Fuck dad, I just want you to fuck me, oh, oh, OH!!" Oh my God, my mother pussy felt so tight and great around my cock, I could feel it milking my cock, trying to make me cum fast. I pumped her as fast as I could and soon I was near cumming. "Oh mom I am almost there!" "Cum inside me, inside baby!" "Mom, I am cumming!" "YES YES CUM INSIDE YOUR MOTHER!" I felt my cock twist and cum jetted out of my cock deep inside my mother's pussy.

I kept pumping her pussy, so horny I was. Soon we two collapsed on the floor. "You know mom, you still haven't persuaded me." "Oh, so I guess I'll have to do better next time." "You bet your ass mom!" "Now go wash yourself and go to school.

I better not miss your next morning class. And leave the tape in your room." "Ok mom." I went to the bathroom with a huge grin, leaving my mother on the floor smiling, with a pussy full of my cum.