Me lleno el culo y chareo todo

Me lleno el culo y chareo todo
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Jenny went back to the center of the newly formulated circle and drew another card from the stack of names. "Malika!" A rush of nervous energy flowed down my throat and to my stomach. I stood up and went toward Jenny. Whistling ensued and more clapping. Comforted by this, I reached for the stack of activities and drew a card. "Stripteasing," shouted Jenny as she glanced at the card over my shoulder.

Mixed emotions swelled inside of me. On the one hand I was relieved that I wasn't going to have to rush into an activity that was, perhaps too extreme for me, such as Emily's one, but the other side of me was slightly disappointed too.

I wanted to do something extreme. Brushing aside my juxtaposing inner voices, I reached for the stack of cards to draw again. Someone shouted "For everyone!" It was Emily. "Yeah! For everyone!" "She's new! Introduce us all to you!" More voices in agreement and lots of nodding heads. I looked around, pleasantly embarrassed but smiling.

I was sure that I was red in the face and hoped that they would mistake it from the alcohol. Moving to the center of the room, I shouted with as much confidence as I could, "Got to give the people what they want!" Enzo turned up the music, a good bass pulsed through the room. Slowly I started to sway my hips back and forth to the beat of the music. My eyes darted to all the men and women watching me. I knew I would have the room's attention for the next while.

The Hispanic older man put two fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistle of approval. This spurned me on. I moved my feet in tune with the base, and slowly rotated my hips back and forth in a hula hoop motion, bringing up the palms of my hands to my face and hair.

I could hear some of the guys talking, she's so hot, why is this only her first time, the things I would do to her, look at those long legs.The compliments were never ending and my nerves started to disappear, replaced by a new, genuine confidence. I slid my hands over my breasts, down to my stomach and to my crotch.

I could feel my nipples regain their former hardness. Slowly I slipped off my silk top and twirled it around my head as if I was a cowgirl. More cheering and encouragement. I was getting really hot now and playfully tossed the top at Emily. More whistling as my red lacy bra and cleavage were in full view for everyone to enjoy.

I kept moving in sync with the music. I was mentally recalling as many of the seductive moves I could from past strip club visits and recreating them. My hands unclasped my belt and I let it fall down around my heels. I walked to the edge of the circle, close to the guests, playfully showcasing my body up close.

Some took advantage of this and I felt a few hands on my ass and my legs. I was loving this. Returning to the middle, I slowly lowered my body to the ground whilst pulsing my hips back and forth in a thrusting motion and caressing my breasts. My eyes found Alex. I was delighted that I could see a huge bulge in his pants.

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Scanning the room, he wasn't the only one. Standing, I positioned myself in front of Alex and slowly unclasped the side of my short skirt. Turning so that my back faced him, I removed half the skirt off so that the guests in front of me could see the front of my panties, but Alex could only see the black material covering my ass.

Shouts of delight rocked the room. I kept dancing, rubbing the skirt against my ass, right to left, slowly raising it higher and higher so that he could see the bottom of my ass cheeks. I then swiftly hinged forward.

The black couple in front of me could see my breasts hanging down, whilst Alex behind me, was being treated to a full view of my ass in lingerie. Straightening up, still pulsing to the music, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra. Spinning around to meet Alex's gaze, I let the fabric drop to the floor, my hands covering my hard nipples.

Our eyes locked. I could see that he wanted me badly. I wanted him to stand up and fuck my sopping wet pussy right there. My hands left my nipples and his eyes shifted, soaking in everything in front of him. I spun to another section of the circle. I didn't want to spoil him all at once. Swaying to the music, my red panties felt tight. I could feel my engorged clit pushing against the fabric and was sure that someone would notice the wet stain between my legs. Standing, I spread my legs wide, and, in a sudden motion, dropped my pelvis to the floor.

I was doing the splits, much to the delight of the crowd. Who knew yoga could be so useful I chuckled to myself. I pulsed there for a while, my pussy bouncing off the floor, then leaned back and spun on my ass so that I could lie back down. The circle had gotten smaller with everyone pulling their chairs closer. Undeterred, I lay there playeding with my breasts and sliding my hands across my body, my fingers into my mouth, biting them Finally, I reached down to my pussy, cupping it with both hands.

Holy shit! I could feel heat radiating off of it. Satisfied this was a sign to remove them, I lifted my hips and pulled my panties off my bum. Then I raised both my legs and glided my panties completely off. I was completely naked except for my high heels and hoop earrings.

Every man and woman in that room was devouring me with their eyes and I loved the attention. I wasn't finished. Not yet. Still on the floor, I spun back so that my pussy was facing Alex. I kept my legs in the air and slowly began criss-crossing them over one another, moving my legs wide apart in between the crosses so that my engorged wet pussy was on full display for him. He was breathing hard, a wonderful, hungry expression on his face as he looked at me in amazement. I got on all fours and began to crawl towards him, stopping only a few inches in front of him before I rose to my knees.

I could see in his face he was doing everything in his power not to stand up and take me there and then.


Enjoying that I was having this effect on him, I leaned back slightly so that my bum was on the back of my heels. Without even thinking twice about it, I slid my hands over my breasts and down towards my hungry cunt. I began rubbing my sensitive clitoris vigorously, my pussy juices making my fingers glide effortlessly.

Alex was now grabbing his groin. Thrilled that I was getting him so aroused, I slipped two fingers through my tight slit and pulled upward as I bit my lip in a mischievous grin.

His eyes never left me. I longed for his hands on my body, craved for him to rub my ass, teas the slit between my legs.caress my breasts. As if my mind had been read, I felt a pair of hands grab my breasts and squeeze. They weren't Alex's hands.

Emily. That sly fiery girl had slipped from her seat. She was crouching behind me, her own bare breasts against my body, her hands squeezing and massaging my aching tits. Although pleasantly surprised, I was a little bit disappointed that she had beaten Alex to the punch. I leaned back and gazed into her blue eyes, completely oblivious at the time to the loud roar of approval from the other guests.

One of Emily's hands found its way to my crotch. Brushing against my hand, she started to stimulate my clitoris, whilst my fingers kept stroking the moist insides of my pussy. Standing, Jerome, the black gentleman was now at my side. Although still wearing a shirt and tie, he had no pants on.

He had a long, albeit slender uncircumcised penis that was fully erect. Rather than shoving it towards my face, he offered a hand and I took it, as he hoisted me up.

He led me to his thin wife, Chantelle, and demanded that I get on my knees. His soft voice made the demand seem more like a request and I obliged. She already had her panties off and her legs were spread wide.

She had pulled her bra down so that her small tits were showing, her dark large nipples perky and proud. "Taste her," he urged as he grabbed my hair. I buried my face between her legs, nibbling on her clitoris, and sucking on her succulent engorged lips.

I knew everyone was watching and amidst the shouts of approval and the noises she was making I starting to really crave cock. Fingers. Tongues. Anything that could satisfy the intense urges I was feeling. Much to my surprise, the man's wife came rather quickly, much to his and her satisfaction.

But I had no time to admire her facial expression, as her husband lifted me up and carried me over to the dinner table in the middle of the room. He placed me on table so that I was on my back. The ledge was just high enough for his hips to align just above my own.

I'm about to get fucked senseless in front of all these people! They were all watching, fully engrossed in the spectacle. Emily re-appeared at my side. Our lips met, tongues dueling one another for supremacy.

I could feel my legs being spread wide open, my legs straight. He then entered me. Holy shit it felt good! He was directing his penis downwards slightly, pressing right against my deep spot and rocking his hips sideways, as if he was painting the bottom half of my pussy in broad strokes. With his hands gripping my 6 inch heels, Jerome started to pick up his pace.

I went back to devouring Emily's hot mouth, groaning as my pussy was being filled by this man's cock. The thrusts came harder, and deeper. His balls were slapping at my asshole as he did so. I was being pummeled hard and fast and I loved it. Still making out with Emily, I felt her hand rubbing my clit.

I was getting stimulation from his cock inside me, his balls striking my asshole, and Emily rubbing my clitoris. I then felt a hand on my breast, then a mouth sucking on my nipple. Then someone unfastening one of my shoes as the black man's grip shifted to my calf.

Confused I opened my eyes and looked around. All around me were naked bodies!! I had 4, fully erect cocks around me of varying sizes and shapes. One was on the smaller side, two were average, and the last was Enzo's proud large member. And it wasn't just men around me! NO. I had five naked women around too! Emily, the cute Thai Tina, the Korean, the black woman Chantelle, who just ate out, and Jenny!

10 fucking people around me!! My pussy started clenching and I came immediately upon realizing I was the subject of a gangbang. A full stream of hot sweet fluid erupted out of me, completely soaking the black man fucking me, as well as the two other people next to him. As my body convulsed in pleasure, I heard more cheering!

But they weren't done with me. Jerome must have been so aroused at this that he hovered his shaft over me and in two quick strokes of his own hand, his cock spewed all over my stomach. Eagerly, his wife licked it all up, gliding over my stomach with her large tongue before planting a long deep kiss on me. With my eyes closed, I could feel a plethora of things, as if they were all magnified.

My right high heel was now off. Someone was sucking on my toes. Another person was feasting on my swollen pussy. Each breast was being played with. Blindly, I reached my hands out and managed to grab two of the hard cocks around me and began jerking them off.

A stream of silent moans were escaping from me into Chantelle's mouth. We parted lips and I looked to see who was where. The Hispanic man, Eduardo, was sucking on my toes, his hands caressing my inner thigh.

Although odd to me, it was a good sensation, and I bent my leg so that he wouldn't have to crane his neck so high. At my groin, Jenny and Enzo were taking turns licking and sucking my pussy, teasing me with their fingers. Jenny was using the same technique that made me squirt the last time we were together.

I could feel the liquid building up. Cum spattered my face. To my left, one of the average sized men I was jerking off let out a deep sigh of satisfaction and disappeared out of my vision. The other man, on my right was the Nordic, Neil. Despite his smaller length, his cock was thick and curved upwards. He brought it closer to me and I took it between my full lips, sucking on it furiously, willing for him to cum inside my mouth.

My hands grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. Fuck he had a great ass; a "shaker," as I affectionally call them.

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HOLY SHIT. I momentarily released the man's penis from my mouth and thrusted my hips up violently, my toes curling inside the Hispanics' mouth as I let out a scream of pleasure.

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I had another squriting orgasm. Jenny's techniques were fool proof! With my body quivering, Enzo's cock pressed into my face from the side.

I had two cocks at my mouth now and took turns engulfing each of them. I kept my eyes open though, not daring to miss any more of my experience. I let out a squeak of pleasure and surprise as I felt a finger slowly teasing the rim of my asshole. It was the Korean girl. Her own lover, Eduardo, urged her on.

Having been satisfied sucking on my foot, he now positioned himself so that the head of his cock was now pressing against my slit. His girlfriends' fingers never stopped moving in circles over my anus. "Stick it in me," I managed to mumble, despite my lips around Enzo's circumcised head. I was thrilled when both Eduardo and his girlfriend obliged!

As he thrust his cock deep inside me, the Korean woman pressed her pinky inside my forbidden hole. I had already squirted so much, that my thighs were drenched. Some of my cum had flowed down to my asshole, and her pinky slid in with ease.

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Enzo's cock left my mouth with a satisfied pop sound, and I took advantage of the moment to look for Alex. He still wasn't here! Swiveling my head to the side, I finally saw him. He was still seated, looking at me. Those eyes. I didn't see any jealousy or malice.

He was clearly enjoying this, but I'd be lying if I said that it didn't bother me that he wasn't here, like all the other men in the room, desperately wanting to fuck my tight pussy. I wanted him. Brushing the thought aside for the moment, I returned my attention to the table.

Holy shit, holy shit. The Korean had pushed her pinky all the way inside me and I could feel it moving in slow controlled circles whilst her boyfriend abused my pussy, thrusting into me angrily. "Oh.My.GOD!" What had started off as a loud scream quickly trailed off into a high pitch, but silent scream, so that, by the time I had reached the word "God," I doubt anyone else but the two holding my arms could hear me.

I was lost in my own World, completely entrenched in the wave of warmth, desire, and extreme euphoria that washed over me as, for the third time that night, I came.

Is this what cock drunk feels like? Fuck, how much more liquid can I possibly have inside me?! I was shocked and surprised at just how drenched the floor was getting. I wanted more! I slowly came back to reality. It was then I realized that both my arms were being held, one by Neil, the other by Enzo. Tina and the Korean women were now each holding one of my legs to the side, encouraging the older Eduardo on. In this star like position, I felt deliciously open and vulnerable.

Emily's mouth was still doing wonders on my breasts. Jenny was still no where to be seen. Finally the Eduardo pulled out. Both the Thai woman, Tina, and his Korean girlfriend dropped to their knees, their mouths open, tongues out as he sprayed his semen all over their beautiful faces. Holy shit the Tina's tongue was huge!

And studded! Up to that point, I really hadn't demanded much, but found myself shouting at her to eat my pussy. With a look of surprise and embarrassed satisfaction, she obliged. Her tongue danced and twirled along my pussy lips, applying the right amount of pressure, the warm stud on her tongue adding an extra element of uniqueness to the experience.

Meanwhile, Enzo and the Neil's hands replaced Emily's on my breasts. Emily got on top of the table and lowered her soaking wet pussy onto my mouth. I sucked and licked, gorging myself on her juices. She let all her weight sink on to me now and started to gyrate back and forth.

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I flung my hands up and fondled her perky white breasts. Her tasty pleasure box, started to leak juice all over my chin, and it dribbled down my neck and pooled onto the table. A loud scream of pleasure and euphoria erupted from Emily's petite frame, and I knew she had climaxed. Trembling with satisfaction, she rolled off of me, bent over, and gave me a passionate kiss.

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"You were wonderful," and, like an innocent child, she skipped back to her seat. Tina had finished orally stimulating me. She stood up and, on all fours, started crawling on the table over my body.

Up close, I could see she had a tattoo on her shoulder, several body piercings, including her navel, multiple rings on her fingers and an anklet. My hands wrapped around her and I pulled her body close. I could feel her whole body; warm, smooth skin, breasts brushing against mine, her extremely long nipples, a line of groomed pubic hair.

She felt wonderful. I just had to get a taste of those nipples. Eagerly I groped for her breasts and managed to sink my teeth into a nipple. She let out a squeal of pleasure and laughed. "You like those do you?" She teased and pressed her breasts together.

Without warning, I could feel Enzo's massive cock thrust into me suddenly. I groaned loudly and pulled the Thai girl close to me. She peppered my neck with kisses and began whispering in my ear "You like his fucking big cock inside you don't you? Huh? You like that, you pretty little slut. You like all of us taking turns fucking your pussy, huh?" Enzo's thick dick was stretching my pussy wide. I clawed into Tina's back savagely, much to her liking. She pushed my shoulders down on the table and began rubbing her tits against my face, pressing them hard against my mouth and nose.

Enzo suddenly grabbed my legs, and pushed them towards my head. Tina let out a shout of surprise. Her hips, having been on my stomach, had now slid down so that my mouth was directly under her pussy. "Hold her legs back." Enzo demanded.

Giggling, she locked her elbows over the back of me knees and pulled back. Like a wrestler, she had me pinned down, her cunt on my mouth, my legs curled back, and my ass pointing upwards. Out of nowhere Jenny arrived and quickly grabbed my hands. Pulling my arms so that they were parallel to the table and above my head, she shoved my wrists together and quickly tied a knot with a silk scarf.

So thats why she was gone all this time! I didn't fight back. "I remembered you got off to something like this last time," Jenny said, beaming as she repeated the knots all down my arms with three other scarves. I let out a series of approving mumbles into the Tina's pussy. She squirmed in delight at the vibrations it caused. There I was.

Lying down on top of my dining table, a beautiful small Thai woman straddling my lips with her pussy, my arms bound together tightly over my head, and my legs being pulled back.

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Enzo had pulled out of me. Neil, who I had completely forgotten about, got on top of the table. Everyone watching gave a huge cheer. My gangbang started with 10. Now, the Neil, Enzo, and this lovely Thai creature on my face were all that remained.

Jenny, along with the rest of the participants were in their seats looking on. Tina gazed into my eyes. "My husband's turn to fuck you, you pretty slut. Now, its your turn to please me. Eat my clit. Eat that tight little pussy," she moaned. I did as I was told, taking her ballooned clitoris in my mouth and pulling on it with my lips. Neil squatted over me. Slowly he pushed his cock inside me. What. The. Fuck!! I knew he wasn't as long but in this position, with my ass pointing upwards and my legs being pushed close to my face, he felt absolutely incredible!

His thick girth stretched my hole wide, and with the curved shape of his cock, he managed to rub against my G-spot in an unbelievably delicious fashion. He picked up his pace, plunging down into me.

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His hands were over his wife's breasts, clutching them tightly. I let out short spurts of moans in synch with his G spot stimulation.

He kept pushing, faster and faster. My pleasure was mounting, I felt like my pussy was about to explode each time his curved cock pressed up into my G spot ridges. He stopped, the full length of his member buried inside me. I could feel my vagina wrap around his cock, hugging it tightly. My tongue tirelessly licked and sucked at the folds of his wife's slits.

In one unexpected movement, Neil pulled out. The sudden gap in my pussy, forced me to contract my pelvic muscles, the pressure was too much, and I felt a wave of pussy juice erupt deep within me, fire its way out. Neil had cum all over my ass and pussy lips at the same time. I moaned and shook and clenched my toes. Tina, knowing that I had climaxed along with her husband unleashed a stream of her own pussy juice and it rained all across my face and into my mouth. Fuck she tasted sweet!

All three of us had cum within moments of each other. Tina slid off my face as her husband got off the table. I couldn't take another cock. I was done. Spent. My pussy was leaking everywhere, and I was exhausted. I had cum 4 times, each one more violent and wonderful than the last.

Suddenly, I was flipped over onto my stomach! Enzo grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him. I let out a loud yelp. The table was covered in female ejaculation, and I slid easily towards him. He only stopped pulling once my hips and ass reached the edge of the table. My toes touched the floor.

Tina, almost instinctively, reached out from the opposite end of the table and pinned my already tied and helpless arms down. I heard Enzo breathe "Just one final cock for you baby," into my ear. "You don't understand." I panted "I'm spent, I don't -" my voice cut out and I let out a loud, incoherent noise. Enzo's penis throbbed inside of me.

He pushed half of it in. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes tight as a mix of pain and pleasure sensations tingled up my body. Sensing my body relax a bit, Enzo pushed deeper inside of me. I shouted out a few, loud obscenities! Enzo grabbed my hair and pulled. My back arched as my breasts peeled off the table. Having been pressing into the table, they were wet and I could feel drops of female ejaculate trickle down my nipples.

Tina held my arms down strongly. I was tired and bound, but I could feel my insides starting to burn with more desire. I wanted this man to take me. I wanted him to pound me senseless, in front of all these people. "Tell me you like this," Enzo crooned in my ear. "I fucking love this," I cooed back. Tina had let go of my arms so that she could watch the scene from a different angle.

I didn't matter. I was still tied. "Your limit is greater than you think sweetheart," and with that, Enzo began to sway his hips back and forth, "I'm going to fuck you doggy until you cum again, and there is nothing you can do about it." He smacked my ass.

"You have been," he smacked it again harder "a very naughty girl." He smacked it again with an open hand, "and you need to be," another slap, this one echoing loudly "punished." "Punish me," I moaned in between breaths.

His one hand was now around my chin so that I was looking back at him. "What?" "Punish meeeee!" "What?!" "PUNISH ME!!!" He let go of my face, wrapped his hands over my shoulders and thrusted up and hard into me.

I let out a loud scream. Again, he rammed his member into me. Another loud scream. Finally, he started to pound me hard, driving is cock inside me like a possessed man, angrily fucking me.

I felt my breasts bobbing up and down with his heaves, my ass, rippling, the loud "clack clack" sound of his balls striking my clitoris, his cock thrusting up and deep. I let out another long moan of ecstasy.


Enzo pushed my head back down onto the table and continued to fuck me doggy. I don't know how long he fucked me there for. A blur of images danced before me, wave after wave of deep electric pleasure washing over my whole body. Finally, my pussy clenched up tightly and my abs contracted. The force pushed Enzo out of me and liquid gushed all on the floor as I climaxed uncontrollably.

My legs wobbled side to side, finally buckling, unable to support my weight. Enzo held me as I had my fifth orgasm that night, wrapped in pure, silent bliss. As I came back to Earth, Enzo gently lifted me up, hugged me and asked if I was alright. I was still in a daze, completely drunk on orgasms. Absolutely exhausted but very content, I smiled at the clapping and supportive comments from everyone there. "Yes. I feel great," I smiled up at Enzo assuringly.

He told me how fantastic I was, and Jenny quickly wrapped a blanket over me. I heard words of encouragement and praise continue over the applause I was receiving as Jenny escorted me to my room. In my room, Jenny generously heaped praise over me as I changed. I was tired and sore but oddly felt incredibly content and happy; almost refreshed. As I listened to Jenny recount her views of what had transpired and how "hot" the whole experience was watching I put sweatpants, slippers, and a plain tank top.

I didn't bother putting on a bra and promised myself that I would shower after everyone had left. The moment of privacy with her in my room felt comforting. She had brought tea and we drank in peace away from the party for a while. Jenny broke the brief moment of silence "Alex's eyes never left you." I chuckled, "no one's eyes did!" "That true, but I don't was different with him.

He looked really mesmerized. You definitely had some type of effect on him. All the other guys were looking at you with lust. Don't get me wrong! He was too, but I don't was just different. It was more." She shrugged and took another sip of her tea.

"I know it sounds corny but still. I thought I'd share my thoughts anyway," she added. I loved Jenny. Up to that point Alex's lack of participation in my gangbang troubled me, but Jenny's words were encouraging. It made me rethink the whole situation.

Maybe Alex didn't participate because he didn't want me to think of him badly? Or maybe he didn't want me to group him with the other horny men here or dismiss him as just another fuck? I knew I still wanted him and drank more tea.