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Wet girl sex in public
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Carol Thompson and Cheryl Edwards were in the Transfusion Services part of the lab working on a difficult blood cross-match one Wednesday afternoon when they were interrupted. "Carol?" a man's voice softly asked.

It was Jim Andrews, the Lab Manager and Carol's immediate supervisor. "When You have a chance, could you please collect your quarterly reports and bring them to my office. I'd like to finalize them and get them in the system on time" "I sure will, Jim," she responded. "I'll be there in a few minutes." "Mr. Andrews isn't upset about the reports, is he?" asked a worried Cheryl.

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"Oh, no," responded Carol. "I just need to get with him and square some of the reports' findings before they are submitted" Carol smiled inwardly to herself. In reality, this was an alert provided by one of the men committed to relieving her hypersexuality problem.

Although Dr. Carl Stevens, an MD, was the Pathologist and actual head of the Lab, the real day-to- day operations were the responsibility of the Lab Manager. Jim Andrews was extremely competent and one of the hospital's most respected department chiefs.


He was also very well appreciated by all the med techs for his sound leadership and thoughtful supervisory techniques. He was several years older than Carol, a good-looking widower in his early 60s. He was close to six foot and solidly built, evidence of his committed exercise regimen.

He had a pleasant, smiling, warm face with his graying-blond hair cut fairly short, giving him a calm, reassuring appearance. Jim had worked hard to get to his position in the hospital's organizational structure.

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However, how he ended up as a med tech was somewhat interesting. After he graduated from high school, he and his parents felt he was not mature enough for college. Consequently, he enlisted in the Army. His ASVAB score was off the charts in those areas projecting an aptitude for the medical field.

This seemed to be in concert with Jim's high grades in Chemistry, Physics, and the other science classes he took in high school. As a result, after basic training he went through medical training as a 68K, Lab Specialist at Ft.


Sam Houston in Texas. Assigned to first Ft. Hood and then to Ft. Bragg, he realized that he'd found his future vocational. After his enlistment was up, Jim enrolled in the Medical Technology program at East Carolina University on the GI Bill. Four years later he graduated with honors and entered the med tech field as his profession. While at ECU, he met and subsequently married Maryanne Lewis.

The couple raised two children and were the perfect couple until Maryanne was struck down by cancer in her early 50s. Interestingly, Carol bore an uncanny resemblance to Maryanne and those people who knew both women frequently mistook them for sisters. Jim missed his wife terribly and redoubled his efforts at work as a diversion from the depression that occasionally overpowered him.

He also returned to school part-time and earned another degree in Medical Services Administration. He then began the transition from "working the bench" in the lab to an administrative role in the hospital. On this particular morning, Carol turned the work over to Cheryl and returned to her own office, picked up her quarterly files and left the lab. Exiting from the lab, the attractive mature woman walked down the main hallway in front of the lab and then down a secondary hallway towards Jim's office.

She checked the silent hallway for other people, then swiped her pass card and entered Jim's office. His office was much better appointed than Carol's spartan facility and featured a a larger desk, comfortable chairs and an inviting couch. Jim was standing behind his desk, gazing out over the parking lot toward the stand of trees beyond.

He turned at Carol's entrance and watched as she slipped off her lab coat. "Well, Carol, are you ready?" he asked in a soft, pleasing voice.

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"I certainly am," Carol responded, feeling herself getting even wetter in anticipation of the forthcoming sexual encounter. She thought that Jim was, quite frankly, a most handsome mature man. Carol was drawn to him, not just sexually, but with a sincere affection for the good-looking man as well. Even so, she was anxiously looking forward to the next few minutes of sexual release with great eagerness.

The two melded together in a lingering, loving embrace, as Jim gently pressed his lips to hers. She ardently responded with her own kisses for several moments and then began to prepare for the sensuous lusty action that was to follow. She reached down and nervously worked to release Jim's belt and unfasten his trousers.

As soon as Jim's trousers fell to the floor, the obvious shape of his now rigid cock was outlined against the fabric of his boxers. "Ohhhh," she thought, "I need that cock right now. I need it in me right now!" Jim, meanwhile had slipped Carol's white lab pants down, stripped them off and tossed them aside.

He immediately slid down her lacy panties and worked his fingers into her ever more soaked pussy, then ran his thumb up her slit to her aroused clitoris. Carol moaned in sensual pleasure as Jim worked his fingers into her slash, while she caressed his cock through the material of his boxers.


Unexpectedly, the attractive middle-aged lab tech dropped to her knees, and slid the waistband of Jim's shorts over and down off his rigid, unbending cock.

She groaned in delight as his cock appeared and she quickly grasped the shaft, covering it with eager licks and excited kisses. Like so many times in the past, Carol realized that she was losing complete control of her emotions, just as she always did in these circumstances. Jim's pre-cum had already begun to ooze out the tip of his cock and she slurped it up, anxiously seeking more.

Within moments the pretty older woman had Jim's cock covered with a slick mixture of his pre-cum and her glistening saliva. Satisfied with her preparations, she consumed his swollen cockhead past her enthusiastic lips and began to suck with a serious and demanding urgency.

Carol devoured half of his cock on the first suck, but after the second she could feel the head of his dick actually probing her throat.

She eased back to his cockhead and focused her actions on maximizing his pleasure with her talented mouth while Jim groaned his approval of her efforts. Before she could bring him to orgasm, however, he pulled back and pulled Carol to her feet. Guiding her to the couch facing his desk, he forced her to lie back on the cushions. "I need to get a good taste of your delicious pussy first, Carol" Jim said hungrily.

Carol sat back, spreading her legs wide while she ran her fingers through her anxious pussy. Incongruously, while she was naked from the waist down, she still had on her knit shirt, bra, and her white hospital shoes. Jim dropped to his knees in front of the sofa, eagerly dipping his face in Carol's waiting slash.

He kissed and licked his way up and down her crease several moments and then impatiently sucked at her hard, throbbing clitoris. This sent thrilling surges of energy throughout Carol's body, causing her to quiver and shake in sensual delight.

He concentrated his oral caresses on her clitoris, while he thrust his fingers in her increasingly soggy cunt. After a few moments he gripped her hips in each hand and forcefully dove back down to her swollen, dripping pussy.

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Carol could feel a massive orgasm building as Jim energetically consumed her pussy. A mask of uncontrollable desire tumbled down over her licentious mind as she was experiencing an intensifying rise toward her long-awaited climax. Finally, Carol reluctantly pushed Jim's head away from her slash, and pleaded, "No, Jim! No! I need you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me hard! Fuck me and make me cum!" Jim was more than willing to satisfy the pleadings of this desirable woman.

He had an incredibly rigid shaft and he was certainly ready to saturate Carol's pussy with his semen. Crouching in front of the low sofa, Jim bent forward, grasped his shaft and rubbed his cockhead against Carol's luscious lips.

Moments later he thrust forward without hesitation, plunging deep within her pussy.

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He stroked in and out, quickly establishing a forceful and steady rhythm. The pair of lovers moaned eagerly, as his first strokes were followed by others in rapid succession, matched by Carol's firm counter-thrusts. Jim grasped her hips as he began to drive his throbbing cock ever deeper into her tightening cunt. In response to his actions, Carol squirmed and twisted her hips, endeavoring to consume every inch of his plunging cock as deep as possible.

Carol lifted her legs, wrapping them around Jim's back, as she urged him on. "Fuck meeee!" she wailed in encouragement as Jim pounded her into a condition of absolute sexual frenzy. She enveloped his neck with her arms, pulling him to her as they fervently kissed, thoroughly enjoying Jim's cock as it penetrated her again and again.

Jim's breathing began to become increasingly ragged and the tempo of his thrusts intensified as he approached orgasm. At the same time, Carol was getting ever closer to her own enormous climax.

The lovers were completely committed to giving each other pleasure beyond belief as they grew ever nearer a mutual orgasm. All of a sudden, Jim groaned, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum, Carol!" He thrust into her with a final few deep strokes, then held himself firm and climaxed in a turbulent flood of his semen. He blasted stream after creamy stream of his foaming hot cum deep in Carol's pussy, moaning in his delight. Almost immediately, Carol followed with her own overpowering orgasm, wailing in complete sexual release.

They tightly embraced each other as their collective orgasm coursed through their bodies, gradually slowing and subsiding. Moments later, Jim scrambled onto the couch, forcing his glistening cock toward Carol's mouth.

"Clean it off, Carol," he directed and urged her to cleanse his glistening cock with her luscious mouth.

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Carol didn't hesitate, quickly consuming his slowly withering rod. She enjoyed the slick love juices that covered his shaft as she licked and sucked Jim's cock clean of the results of their combined orgasm.

Oddly, she experienced another near-orgasm just from the mere act of cleansing his cock itself. When they finally settled back to earth, Carol exclaimed, "Oh, my! Wow!" as the mature couple laughed like horny teenagers. Carol felt Jim's cum oozing out of her well-fucked pussy, and she reached between her legs, scooped up a dollop of cum and rubbed it over her lips and into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she whispered, "Delicious!" Carol looked at the clock on the opposite wall and realized that they still had several minutes before she needed to return in the lab. She gazed intently at Jim's partially hard cock as they sat next to each other on the couch, recovering from their earlier efforts. She gently wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to slowly, lazily, fondle him as they shared a long and leisurely kiss.

After she had caressed him for a few minutes, Jim slid back to the floor between Carol's legs, reached under her hips and dove his face into her luscious pussy. This sent Carol surging toward yet another orgasm, as Jim consumed as much of their combined juices out of her soggy cunt as he could. Carol was overwhelmed that Jim always did this after each encounter.

She'd never had a man who was so anxious to eat her out after he'd just filled her slash with his hot cum. She gazed contentedly at Jim's bobbing head as he ardently caressed her pussy with his mouth, sending surges of renewed passion surging through her trembling body. Before she could climax, however, she shoved him back. "No! I want you to fuck me again," she said anxiously. "Let's do it on the floor," she demanded, pushing Jim onto his back, hungrily aware that his re-energized cock was rigid and nearly ready.

Carol grasped his firm, unbending shaft in her hand and began to resolutely stroke his cock, preparing him to fuck her once again. She twisted her body around, straddling his face with her thighs as she sucked his cock into her mouth once more.

She impatiently took it completely in with one long plunge, as Jim wrestled for control of his surging emotions. Carol began to work her luscious lips up and down on his shaft as Jim once again used his tongue and lips to caress her impatient pussy. The building waves of pleasure surged back and forth between the two as they once again surrendered themselves to carnal lust. Carol had just about reached her climax when she reluctantly pulled herself away from Jim's probing tongue, and moved down to straddle his hips on her knees, facing away from him.

She reached down and firmly grasped his shaft with one hand and directed his cockhead to her oozing cunt lips. With a prolonged, contented groan, she eased the shaft into her slit, impaling herself on his rigid cock.

Carol immediately began riding Jim as if he were a stallion, her body writhing up and down in a frenzy of sexually-driven activity. Almost immediately, Carol felt her imminent orgasm as it rushed through her body and she crushed downward on Jim's cock as the sensual waves of her nearing climax raced through her.

Carol mind was swirling with the absolute carnal pleasure that she was experiencing. Throughout her life Carol had thought she had known what sexual pleasure was all about, but now her insatiable body demanded ever more of this experience. Jim felt the surge of his own powerful orgasm as it boiled up. "No," he thought, feeling a sudden need for domination "I want to be in control!".

He roughly pushed Carol off his cock, forcing her downward onto her hands and knees. As he slipped behind her, Carol curved her back downward and thrust her ass upward his pelvis. She excitedly extended one hand under her body to spread her pussy lips wider, inviting Jim to penetrate her with his throbbing cock. He needed no added encouragement as he thrust forward probing her ready pussy and then driving his shaft in to the hilt.

Carol's head rolled from side to side as she surrendered herself once more in total erotic passion. She was nothing more than a lustful beast, a wild animal in heat shamelessly being fucked and still demanding more. Jim gripped Carol's hips as he thrust his pounding cock ever faster and deeper into her seemingly insatiable pussy.

Her slash was oozing as her steaming juices trickled down her thighs. The two of them were flying off a cliff, plunging toward a fantastic finish. Ultimately, Jim reached his limit; Carol's ravenous pussy had pushed him to the absolute limit of self control.

His semen burst out and he inundated her shuddering, grasping pussy with his hot, sticky cum. Carol wailed as her own consciousness dimmed and the waves of sexual release swirled through her body while Jim moaned and trembled as the last of his semen flooded her saturated slash. The couple sighed as they struggled to recover from the strenuous actions of this final sexual encounter.

Several long minutes passed before Carol finally looked up at the clock on the wall. She suddenly realized that she need to get back to the lab before her absence became excessive. She wobbled to her feet and kissed Jim lightly on the lips. "Time for me to freshen up," she giggled. She hustled to gather up her panties and white lab pants and then slipped into the tiny bathroom attached to Jim's office.

Jim smiled, using a towel to partially clean himself during her absence. Several minutes later, the beautiful mature woman emerged from the rest room, fresh and absolutely glowing as they kissed again and Carol savored Jim's warm, tender kiss.

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After this final show of affection, Carol slipped on her lab coat, left the office and hurried down the hall toward the lab, a satisfied smile on her face.