Älteres Ehepaar Sharing vollbusige Redheaddame vintage f70

Älteres Ehepaar Sharing vollbusige Redheaddame vintage f70
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He had me dressed in probably my shortest miniskirt I owned and no panties were allowed. Thigh highs, which were ok and no bra with a very low cut tank top and sandals. When I asked where were we going he told me just for a ride.

The sun was setting when we left the house and I commented on how nice it looked.

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He commented on how I really looked like a slut and how he may surprise me before the night was over. I asked if that was why he wanted me dressed this way and he laughed. Seemed that all I had really was clothes that made me out to be a slut and he wanted me dressed like this. We were driving toward the river and I thought it was to watch the sunset.

There was to be a full moon that nite he told me and he wanted to enjoy the night. When he made what I thought was a wrong turn he said he could always turn around and within a few more yards he was pulling up to a house I didn't recognize.

He was from a nearby town originally although he had a lot of friends here he said.He parked and told me to go to the front door with him.


I wasn't going to sit in the car dressed the way I was especially when I didn't know when he'd be back and besides I didn't really trust him. As we approached the door it seemed to know when to open, a hand reached out and grabbed me and he helped push me in.

The hand belonged to a black man and the next thing I saw where two others in the front room with sneers on their faces. "Who she belong to" one of them asked. I thought "What ? What the hell was that supposed to mean"? My hubby said I was an old ex-girlfriend who wanted to get into the business and he thought this would be were a good intro would be.

I whispered "what business"?


He looked at me and said not really a business but the pleasure of trying some black. I was horrified. How could this be happening? I asked him if we could be excused a minute and he took me towards the bathroom. Before we actually got there he shoved me into a bedroom and there was another black man there too! black men and a hubby who lived on the edge with me as his home made slut.

He told my hubby to go get the others he'd get me ready.Whem I asked what "ready" meant he told me to think about it. Soon we were joined by the other three black men and I wa s being held by my wrists as I heard my hubby say that I was all theirs for awhile. I was afraid now and wanted to run but it would be no use. I had told my hubby about a fantasy I had of doing a black man and I never imagined he would allow it to happen but to be a gang-bang of four! My nipples were hard and I was told to get ready by removing my top.They saw my hardened nipples and were making lewd comments about wanting this, getting horny, going to love it, etc.

I offered no resistance as they were all in various staages of undress and I was seeing big black cocks everywhere I looked.


I had one in my mouth and one each in a hand and my hubby was saying "there you guys go, have fun"! It didn't take them long to switch cocks in my mouth as I felt large hands fondle my exposed tits. They were pinching and pulling my nipples when one ordered me to the bed and soon I was tied there with my legs spread wide.

I was raped by each of the four black men, one at a time and sometimes with a pussy juice soaked cock slipping into my mouth. There was the first climax exploding from my pussy and soon followed by the second.

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This made all them extremely happy as now it was a questtion of how many times I could cum. My hubby told the group that I'd like that for sure and that he'd be back. I said "What"? He said get on my knees and suck him. I said "No thank you. I have the largest cock in me I ever had ", and to tell the truth all four of these men were all but identical in length and thickness.

I told him he planned all this and when these studs were done with their gang-banging me he could eat their cum from my pussy.

He said if that's what he got that'd be fine. When one of the men got off me the next was telling me to first suck his cock, lick his balls, then if he wanted me doggie that'd be the position which allowed another cock to be jabbed into my mouth and throat fuck me.

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I was never fucked like this even when my hubby had me use three different dildos on the webcam. This was a gang-bang not soon to be forgotten.

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I told my hubby between cocks that too bad he didn't get this on a DVD because maybe he could learn something. He was probably thinking he already had learned a lot that night, that : A.

I'd do anything to make him happy B. I evidently wasn't afraid of anything C. And last four huge, hung black men really made me multi-orgasmic and I looked great so used. As we were on our way home he asked if I felt like stopping at a bar for a drink and I asked if maybe he thought I wanted more yet! He was taken back by this and asked if I was serious.

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I told him "it's up to you, do want you want, but you better be sure to eat the cum out of me right now as there is more dribbling on the car seat. What a mess I made!