Fucking the neighbor big tit bikini teen

Fucking the neighbor big tit bikini teen
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My dearest, Sometimes I sit here, late at night, reading so many sexual thoughts. People share so many things. There are threesomes, blowjobs, first time anals, rapes, and so much more.

As I read, I can picture you and I doing these things together, over and over. I can feel myself getting wet just telling you about it.


I love you so much, and there are so many things we could do together. I feel so inspired by these things that I read.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch me caress another woman, to kiss her softly, make my way down to her belly, lightly flicking my tongue on her skin. And then to make my way down to her dripping pussy, taking in her scent, looking to you for approval, and then taking her into my mouth, licking up her juices, savoring every minute, and making her scream in pleasure.

Or would you rather a scene with another man, you could watch as he ate me, and then jerk off to the sight of him pounding into my pussy with his cock. Then you could take it a little further, smiling as you enter my tight little ass from behind, getting into a pounding rythm with him, making me squirt all over both of you.

There are so many thoughts in my mind.

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All I think about anymore is you and I, doing things that nature probly didn't intend for humans to do. What if I just came home one day and stripped naked without saying a word, ripped your clothes off, and started sucking your cock furiously.

Then I could bend over and offer you the choice of my cute little holes, just waiting for you to sink into one of them. Begging you to give it to me, and give it to me now.

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I also thought it would be quite inviting of me to 'accidently' pack some nude pictures of me in your lunch for work, how would you like that? Would that give you the inclination take me hard and fast as punishment for getting you so excited, knowing that you would have to wait to have me? I think it would be sweet if you would tie me up and blind fold me.

Then I would be at your mercy. If I got to loud, you could just stuff my juicey panties in my mouth to keep me quiet. Ahhh, but it is getting late, and I must retire now. With lusty dreams already brewing, I lay down beside you. Your breathing is heavy and even. What if I just reached around you, softly, to not wake you. I could quickly slip my well trained hand down into your boxers, and lightly stroke that beautiful cock of yours.

What would you do? Would you keep on dreaming as your cock grew and grew in my hand?

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Would you wake quietly and reciprocate with a few of your own skilled hand moves? It could go either way, so I start to think that I could just take care of myself, just this once. My pussy is so hot, it would be a shame to just go to sleep like this. I could just slide my hand right down to my hot little box, and find that sweet spot, and slowly start to rub it.

Then faster, and faster, then slip down to my drippy hole.

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Your breathing is soothing as I contemplate my options. I would quite enjoy a few fingers in my hole right now.

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Slide them in and out, and in and out. Ohh, all that juicey cunt just begging to get off. The climax would be earth-shattering, it has been so long since we fucked, at least two days. My breath would quicken as my pussy spasmed and tightened around my hand.

Then I could suck all of that juice off as I drift off to sleep. Tonight, however, I will choose to only dream of these things. I shall await your reply, and your thoughts.


I hope you have enjoyed mine.