Französisch Amateur je Trompe ma femme 4

Französisch Amateur je Trompe ma femme 4
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Please comment guys and gals. I do appreciate them and they will help out on future stories. Enjoy. After we both got up and took our separate showers we headed out to the new arcade in town. Noel had told me about it before I came down and it was a cool sounding idea. The owner had set up Xbox 360's, PS3's, Wii's, and pool tables instead of the normal arcade style games and charged $5 and hour to play what ever you wanted to.

He had almost every game for every system and if he didn't have one you wanted to play he'd go get it, just for you. Nice guy, I hoped that he started getting more business once the school year began because it was a fun place to go hang out. We spent the first half of the day there before going to get lunch and coming back.

"Hey lets play Mario Cart Wii!" she said as we looked at the extensive collection of games. "Alright, sounds good." I said grabbing it from the shelf and walking over to one of the two Wii's.

We grabbed two bean bag chairs and got comfortable then tried to decide which characters and carts we wanted.

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I settled on Luigi and she picked Daisy, we didn't know any of the tracks so we picked one at random. It was pretty fun, the steering was responsive though our skill wasn't up to par, we both kept falling off the track where there was no guard rail and a sudden drop.

I glanced over at her now and then and stole looks at her. Her low cut shirt hugged her breasts and made me want to slide my hand right down it and cup one of her beautiful breasts. "Man, I'm doing worse that you." I said as I fell off the track for the tenth time and she passed me. "HA, that's cause you suck!" she said.


We played for a several more hours then headed back to her apartment to get some dinner. She made a quick stir fry while I flipped though the channels to see if anything was on. There wasn't really but we watched some stupid show while we ate. I took our dishes into the kitchen and rinsed them before putting them in the dishwasher. I sat back down next to her just as a decent movie came on.

I stretched my arms along the back of the futon, just trying to get more comfortable. She sidled up next to me and lay her head on my shoulder, looking up at me with a look that I had long ago come to know meant "I'm yours." I brought my arm around her and let my hand rest between her breasts; looking down at her I tilted my head and kissed her. She broke our kiss after a moment.

"I'm not looking for a relationship right now…you know that right, none of this means anything." She said. "I know, I don't want anything right now either." I replied. "Well what are you waiting for then? Let's have hot meaningless sex." She said melting back into my embrace. I cupped her breast and kissed her again. She unbuttoned my pants and reached into them taking hold of my half stiff dick.


I gently squeezed and massaged her breast as she stroked me and we kissed. Now it was my turn to break our kiss when I pulled my hand from inside her shirt to lift it up over her head.

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I undid her strapless bra and then tossed it to the floor as I pushed her onto her back. I tore off my own shirt then unbuttoned her shorts; she pushed her shorts and underwear down off her hips and I pulled them both off, dropping them on the floor.

She now lay naked before me, her full breasts, smooth stomach and toned legs made me take pause for a moment to take in her beauty. "What?" she asked. "You're beautiful." I replied. She blushed and I lowered my face to her lightly haired pussy. I slipped one then two fingers into her as I licked and nibbled on her clit.

Almost immediately she began to breathe deeper and moaned softly. I moved my fingers faster and faster in her as I sucked and nibbled on her clit. She grabbed my head in both her hands and held it close to her now soaking pussy.

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A few minutes later her legs grabbed my head along with her hands and her whole body tensed and flexed. "ooooOOOHHHH&hellip." She groaned as she came. She released my head from her death grip as she came down. I lifted myself up from her and pulled off my shorts and underwear tossing them to the floor.

I wiped her juices from my mouth then leaned over her kissing up her stomach to her breast.

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I sucked on her nipple as I played with her breast, enjoying its softness. She reached down between our legs and took my cock in her hands, guiding it into her wet cunt.

As soon as she had the tip of me in side her I thrust forward, driving my cock deep into her. "OH!" She exclaimed.


I sat up and grabbed her legs holding them up and out between us as I fucked her. She reached above her head and braced her self on the arm of the futon, her mouth wide open, forcefully exhaling every time I rammed my hips forward. "Oh. Oh. OH! Oh." She panted and moaned as I leaned over her. Her breasts shook and bounced every time my hips clapped against hers. I let go of one leg and rubbed her clit. She moaned loudly at that. I felt myself nearing my peak and let go of her other leg, leaning over her and placing my other hand behind her head.

My chest pressed against her breast as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. My face was inches from hers as we stared wide eyed into each others eyes. As we held tightly onto each other I slammed my hips into hers while still rubbing her clit.

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"Oh…" she moaned a final time as every muscle in her body tensed, gripping me tightly. Not just with her arms and legs either, her cunt clenched around my cock, flexing rhythmically. That sent me over the edge and I came in her, burying my dick all the way into her. We stayed like that, both of us in a state of bliss, unwilling to move for the moment. "God. You're still the best to me." She said. I cocked my head in surprise, "Really?" I asked.

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I was flattered. I had never had any complaints from my sex partners but I wasn't arrogant enough to think I was anything too special. "Yeah, really." She said absently, not noticing how interested I was in it. She unwrapped her arms and legs from around me and I slid off to lay beside her. She turned her back to me and then pressed against me and I pulled the blanket sitting on top of the futon over us. We snuggled up and lay there for a long while, she finally drifted to sleep but I lay there with a smile on my face for a while longer before joining her in dreamland.

'I'm her favorite huh? Well that's pretty cool.' I thought to myself. That night I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face, grinning like an idiot at the compliment I had just received. To be Continued?