Blonde babysitter is going to make it all rig

Blonde babysitter is going to make it all rig
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The 4 passengers board the elevator to the 11th floor of thier office building. Unknown to them this will be a very painful and pleasing ride. The Cast: 1. The thin, black, 5 foot 8 man.

2. The beautiful, plump, white BBW, with huge natural 38g tits, and a lush huge white ass.


3. The white executive (CFO), handsome, respectful, and about 6 foot 5. 4. The black, tiny, ugly executive assistant to the CFO, wearing a tight white skirt. When the elevator doors close the white woman tries to avoid contact with the black man and as she realizes there is no service, puts her phone in her bra (revealing a bit of her huge white tits). As they start to go up, the elevator jerks to a stop, and the black man falls intentionally close to the white bbw.

She feels his big limp dick through her loose red dress. He laughs and she says "excuse me sir. get off of me." Before moving away he wiggles his cock into her ass a bit. "Hey hey, don't get your slutty britches in a bundle, we are going to be here a while." The white man steps up for the busty BBW- pulling the black man off- "hey bud, I'm the CFO here, Jon Sacks, don't fuck with her." "Thanks the white BBW says." So what are all your names?

She keeps talking trying to pass the time. Her top is soaked from the rain. Each time she breaths her Big Boobs Show a bit through her red top. "Is anyone else nervous in closed spaces?" the black woman asks. Everyone other than the white woman nods no. The black woman searches for her inhaler in her purse on the floor. Revealing her tight black ass to her white boss. He tries not to look but gets caught by the black man.

"Hey white boy's checking out your ass, hoe." He turns red, "I can't lie Nikki, its a nice ass" smiling. "How long are we going to be stuck in here?" the white BBW asks. "My name is Amy" she says. "Nice to meet you, you fine white slut, Mac's my name, my big friend is called Ana." He says brusquely, pulling out his black cock.

The White man and black woman look at each other, shocked by what is going on. "Well, I don't know how long we will be in this fucking broken elevator, but my cock is 10 hard black inches long." He smiles starting to stroke it.

"Sooooo you big white slut, have you ever had a big black cock before????" Mac asks, stroking faster by the minute.

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"I will never, ever please a nigger like you. Not even in this elevator. Please get him away from me she begs the other two riders." The black woman is now teasing Jon, since he likes her ass so much.

Jon tries to help her but Nikki pulls him back, his crotch on her small black ass. "You need to focus on me cracker. I know you dream about me." … "Do you stroke your cock while you are in your office, thinking of me, my tight black lips?

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He pauses… I can't… … "Amy, keep resisting." Jon says under a strained voice. As he finishes, he hears his zipper going down. "Stop this Nikki." "I will fire you if you don't stop at once." He gets free and moves to Amy.

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"Its ok, I'm here now" Jon says. "Back off you dirty black rapist, she doesn't want you. She obviously has a preference for handsome white men, and last time I checked, that's not you!" he laughs.

Amy laughs behind Jon, "you tell him Jon." Jon is attacked by Nikki, as she jumps into his arms, ripping his suit off. "Nikki, I'm sure the elevator will be fixed soon, please stop this behavior." "I don't care, Jon!!!! I want to see your big white cock… NOW!!!!" "I haven't been fucked in such a long time… I'm so horny." She says as she begins to gyrate her black hips on Jon's crotch.

Amy notices Jon's legs buckling a little as he starts to succumb to the black succubus.

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"Jon, please, please fight it, I will suck you off… just don't fuck her and let Mac fuck me… please, JONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!" Amy begs, hitting Jon in the face and back. Amy yells, "why did I have to get stuck in this elevator with two black people, why not John Travolta, or Charlie Sheen even?" The elevator stays stuck.

Mac keeps stroking his black monster cock as Nikki moves Jon out of Mac's way. He is still limp but growing rapidly in his own strong hand. He starts moving closer to Amy, letting his black muscle hang heavy between his muscular legs. Hey hoe, I know a girl, Laura, who was just like you, nice big white tits, and a firm huge white ass.

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She vowed to never suck my black cock, but when she saw and felt its massiveness she did more than suck it- I gave her the ride of her life… She calls me now." Mac smiles. "I don't care." Amy resists.


"I'm not a slut, when I get out of here I am going to have you charged with sexual assault." Amy is forced to look down at the big black limp cock by Mac's hand. As she sees it for the first time, she feels a tingle in between her plump legs To be continued- please post comments :) Yours Truly, <3 NeighborhoodBBW